ʚ ິɞ (@yaraacampos) — ur a bitch
RT @kkaeceyy_9: S is for sister, i love my sister.
27-01-2023 05:31
RT @Divyansshhuu: its been “one of those of those days“ for like 3 years now
26-01-2023 23:02
RT @whitest_injera: was middle school just as bad for y’all as it was for me
26-01-2023 22:59
RT @Noorthevirgo: spoiling a man who won't ask u to be his girlfriend is crazy 😭
26-01-2023 22:26
one more nights rest
26-01-2023 01:37
imma always be my mom’s biggest hater
26-01-2023 01:15
RT @theonlymiyam: Toxic will never be cute to me. It's draining, it's unhappy, it's ugly. I don't want no parts.
25-01-2023 21:04
RT @jLaraaaa_: s is for starbucks, i love starbucks
25-01-2023 21:03
RT @apimpinnn: this nigga just put his card on my apple pay & uber😭🥰😻❤️💋⭐️ we upppp
25-01-2023 21:02
RT @sliitttt: behind every Beautiful girl there is deep rooted issues with their mother
25-01-2023 20:59
ice spice is just that bitch like sorry idk shes just cunt
25-01-2023 08:24
RT @kaliii: just a reminder that you’re that bitch. who’s really fucking with you? NOBODY
25-01-2023 08:10
girls shaped like a P are lowkey underrated like yes come here ms 36dddddd
25-01-2023 08:07
RT @whotfisjovana: https://t.co/Xlxbnf6k4Q
25-01-2023 06:50
@invis4yo @mariaxccampos shawn😭tewww funny
25-01-2023 06:49
RT @invis4yo: How men look at you when you remind them they have a girlfriend. https://t.co/55hhXaOiKU
25-01-2023 06:49
RT @KerlensB: I want better for myself
25-01-2023 06:47
RT @mariaxccampos: @yaraacampos this is SO true
25-01-2023 06:45
RT @mariaxccampos: @yaraacampos i miss you pookie 💔💔💔💔💔💔
25-01-2023 06:45
i am such a relationship typa girl
25-01-2023 06:29
@ShopCannaStyle ohemgee
25-01-2023 06:26
if u wasted 3 years of ur life u would be picky too.
25-01-2023 06:21
if he takes longer then 10 mins to reply to ur texts, why are u not completely turned off????? BLOCK HIM
25-01-2023 05:48
why are u as a man ordering starbucks
25-01-2023 05:46
go to therapy and heal from ur trauma
25-01-2023 05:42
ur absence didnt bother him so why would u think ur presence mattered?
25-01-2023 05:42
i dont think its fair how much one person can fuck up ur life
25-01-2023 05:24
@aryella01 i love u
25-01-2023 05:17
much rather not have friends at all then have friends that dont care abt u like r u dumb
25-01-2023 05:12
i hate when im venting to a dude and he replies by tryna find a solution like stfu and complain with me
25-01-2023 04:31
RT @IushwrId: maybe if i get a tattoo an change my hair i’ll feel better
25-01-2023 04:09
RT @invis4yo: The feminine urge to cry when you talk to your dad
25-01-2023 04:08
@mariaxccampos missing ur fine ass💔💔
25-01-2023 04:08
@kaliii ate
25-01-2023 04:05
RT @kaliii: he be feedin me pasta and lobstaaa, im ready to drop disss https://t.co/95FVBfV2iV
25-01-2023 04:05
RT @Noorthevirgo: I need attention 24/7 or imma just assume this is not working out
25-01-2023 04:03
RT @lunakimm: i love tulips
25-01-2023 02:39
@notmmariah i wish i was smoking all the time
25-01-2023 02:35
RT @notmmariah: s is for smoking,i love smoking
25-01-2023 02:35
RT @d1orxo: Me at 3am imagining the funeral of a person who's still alive https://t.co/hqC3f7JdAn
25-01-2023 02:30
killing myself
25-01-2023 02:28
RT @hoodfeelings_: yall be judging people for the same shit y’all do privately.
25-01-2023 02:27
RT @ThaReal_TRedd: i’ll get my bitch anything she want, she my bitch. My responsibility
25-01-2023 02:25
RT @adoreanise: ion want no nonchalant nigga…
25-01-2023 02:25
RT @CosmasLungu9: @777jorgeivan https://t.co/PL7cgSHTlA
25-01-2023 02:24
RT @caaeliuss: @777jorgeivan i mean https://t.co/K07deGBB8n
25-01-2023 02:24
RT @nanisxo: “get ready I’m gonna pick you up“ >>>
25-01-2023 02:23
RT @lunakimm: babe your chain is turning green, is it a mood necklace?
25-01-2023 02:22
RT @Dulxceprz: P is for peace, I love peace. I wish it was peaceful all the time.
25-01-2023 02:18
RT @BigQadi: Dating is for people that have their life together. What’s your business dating if you’re fighting demons...and losing
25-01-2023 02:16
RT @alyssaxtrevino: 💖💖💖 https://t.co/Ynai56Xp6v
25-01-2023 02:13
RT @adoreanise: i stop myself almost everyday from making a tweet that’s gone stir the pot😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
25-01-2023 02:09
RT @interntsprite: nobody wants 2 throw rocks at windows and confess their undying Love anymore
25-01-2023 02:09
RT @itsnotjazminn: @ElizabethRiosS4 bc he should be paying attention to me 24/7
25-01-2023 02:08
RT @chydollyyy: won't no ngga that don't pay for sht get on my nerves I can tell you that
25-01-2023 02:06
RT @lunakimm: my problem is i think everyone’s lying to me lmao
25-01-2023 01:58
RT @itsnotjazminn: if you miss me why aren’t you at my door with flowers??
25-01-2023 01:58
the way this mf just ripped out my heart with just a sentence is crazy😭
25-01-2023 01:56
RT @pyschodior: I never met a pretty girl who was mean to other girls
25-01-2023 01:31
RT @izzyhatesyoux: dont care + boobs bounce when i walk
25-01-2023 01:31
RT @bbyevelina: still waiting on my “will you be my valentines” text
25-01-2023 01:30
RT @noty3ss: i am no man’s peace. i wake up with a question
25-01-2023 01:29
@notrgulr nah this is cray
25-01-2023 01:27
RT @aliyahInterlude: i h8 when guys get mad when there’s gloss on the blunt, like you knew i was a bad bitch before i came here, dnt be act…
25-01-2023 01:26
RT @Azsocute: @juhvanci I would rather eat a jean jacket
25-01-2023 01:24
RT @niyelyse: oh & that nigga ain’t nonchalant, he just don’t like u
25-01-2023 01:19
RT @khilanii: idk bout Y’ALL but I like talking to my friends everyday 😭😭 idc if im not your man. bitch i said hello!
23-01-2023 17:25
RT @Kheumani: It’s super weird to talk about your friend business to your boyfriend, y’all tweaking lol
23-01-2023 17:05
RT @sweetener_bot: if it ain’t one thing, it’s another
23-01-2023 05:56
my parents are so embarrassing when theyre mad 😭
23-01-2023 04:53
RT @toohighforthiis: “sorry i’m busy” (listening to music in my room)
23-01-2023 02:30
the way everytime im home alone i feel the urge to do a new piercing on myself
23-01-2023 02:16
RT @slimtistic: i truly hate hearing the “u dont need to get all dressed up” remark..
22-01-2023 07:44
RT @sweetener_bot: when you try to come for me i keep on flourishing
22-01-2023 07:43
RT @THEEPROBLEMCEE: You cannot hurt my feelings do you know what my ex did to me? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
22-01-2023 07:40
@mariaxccampos crying.
22-01-2023 07:39
RT @ElizabethRiosS4: Hand written letters >>>
22-01-2023 07:18
hes useless
22-01-2023 06:42
RT @ayeejuju: you ever look at a text and think fuck you
22-01-2023 05:50
i need to stop taking everything personal
22-01-2023 05:42
RT @ayeejuju: boobs gotta be god’s greatest creation
21-01-2023 23:47
RT @hott3stmilff: i’m a WHORE for blush
21-01-2023 22:51
21-01-2023 22:47
RT @paulawest_: eating food from starbucks be like wow that 3d printed sandwich was so good
21-01-2023 22:45
@jonetaw so real
21-01-2023 22:44
RT @jonetaw: Stay away from people that won’t stand up to their parents and I’m so serious right now
21-01-2023 22:44
RT @elefaantzz: men crying on the internet over not getting sex after flying a girl out is tooooo funny to me
21-01-2023 10:17
RT @1BigWobbz: Looking like what? Lol y’all niggas don’t be around women and it shows
21-01-2023 10:12
omfg i cant stand sleeping sober
21-01-2023 10:10
i wanna ghost everyone
21-01-2023 08:37
RT @invis4yo: this or nothing >>> https://t.co/bOUOILVMwj
21-01-2023 08:32
21-01-2023 07:59
RT @RememberTiff: @khilanii I just be like https://t.co/Ucc2DUAebB
21-01-2023 07:54
21-01-2023 07:53
i have a shopping addiction
21-01-2023 02:46
i love partynextdoor w my whole left tit
21-01-2023 00:51
RT @iUsedToBeADuck: scrambled eggs for breakfast 😋 https://t.co/t6fmMh580X
20-01-2023 23:30
RT @genmnz: i’m gonna start telling guys “i know a spot” and take them to therapy
20-01-2023 22:40
RT @TarotByBronx: This was my song tho 😅 https://t.co/ZhM2iz8EYS
20-01-2023 22:39
he looks like the kid from wonder
20-01-2023 22:39
@Noorthevirgo “focus on work” yea better see u as the president
20-01-2023 22:38
RT @Noorthevirgo: if you leave me to “focus on school” i better see ur ass in harvard
20-01-2023 22:37
RT @23luvr: the sluttiest thing a man can do is be emotionally available
20-01-2023 22:31
the sluttiest thing a man can do is getting drunk
20-01-2023 07:23
RT @PISCESPRADA: oh my god there are so many books to read and instruments to play and languages to learn and people to meet and songs to h…
20-01-2023 06:34
RT @sweetener_bot: steering clear of any headaches to start
20-01-2023 06:33
RT @noty3ss: the urge to never be seen again
20-01-2023 06:25
RT @Oddsbodikins: @tyler02020202 me after not smoking for 50 minutes
20-01-2023 06:14
RT @ElizabethRiosS4: When he calls me a crazy bipolar b!tch when I am a crazy bipolar b!tch
20-01-2023 06:13
RT @loveIythot: girls would rather do a whole manifestation ritual instead of texting you first
20-01-2023 06:13
scared shitless to get my spine tatted
20-01-2023 05:19
RT @emmaa1111_: iMessage over Snapchat any day
20-01-2023 04:02
RT @ghostijn: being a gay teen is so awful.
20-01-2023 03:42
RT @iamcardib: Sad girl winter
20-01-2023 01:35
RT @lowkeyalbert: Stop dating and healing at the same time.
20-01-2023 00:28
RT @throwbackagb: Happy heavenly birthday to the amazingly talented Mac Miller🤍 https://t.co/RoAJ1phmiK
20-01-2023 00:00
RT @piinkimi_: hello kitty crystals https://t.co/JkxiYZ9xwk
19-01-2023 23:56
RT @invis4yo: me: im not a jealous person also me: https://t.co/saPIsU99Os
19-01-2023 08:33
RT @piinkimi_: hello kitty mug https://t.co/L6K9OiLbsc
19-01-2023 08:29
RT @kbetvncourt: Heart bouquets are just 🥹😍 IG: beta.bouquets https://t.co/XReE0jQSCX
19-01-2023 08:02
RT @Alannized: MEN is short for MENTIRISO.
19-01-2023 07:59
RT @sweetener_bot: it feels so good to be so young and have this fun and be successful, i’m so successful
19-01-2023 07:58
RT @smangie831: The best revenge is none. Heal, move on, and don’t become like those who hurt you.
19-01-2023 07:58
RT @melifflores: I have Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, and Disney plus and STILL don’t know what to watch...
19-01-2023 07:54
RT @JadeDaGem: idk who needs to hear this but u can be a bad bitch without comparing yourself to the next bad bitch. the “atl bad bitches a…
19-01-2023 07:53
RT @ortizz_12: I think it is time for a tattoo
19-01-2023 07:47
RT @aaguccii: maturing is realizing you can’t be friends with someone you were in love with
19-01-2023 07:47
RT @swervjoy: If yo nigga make u pay for weed. He hate you!
19-01-2023 07:45
RT @invis4yo: When your period comes and you're like ohhh that's why i was planning my suicide
19-01-2023 07:38
RT @iUsedToBeADuck: useless😭😭 https://t.co/fy1bKhIgvr
19-01-2023 04:58
RT @Asmall4_: If you’re not saying what you want, how is anyone suppose to know?!
19-01-2023 04:56
RT @Z_Maa_: niggas always got money until they your nigga.
19-01-2023 04:56
RT @momentsofence: crochet flowers 💐 https://t.co/MUjvpmJ5Dk
19-01-2023 04:56
RT @noty3ss: i am nobody’s ex. i will sue you for defamation of character
19-01-2023 04:55
RT @luvinflix: Me trying to argue without crying. https://t.co/F9wdgCPgMv
19-01-2023 04:55
i hope they die tbh😊
19-01-2023 03:36
RT @livewithnoregrt: i deserve more. that’s my final answer.
19-01-2023 03:35
im going insane
19-01-2023 03:35
i need to stop entertaining ppl that dont give me money
19-01-2023 03:33
i just love cutting ppl off like the block button is my best friend fr
19-01-2023 03:24
this is why im lesbian tbh https://t.co/bT3iltEpUi
19-01-2023 03:11
RT @Teamoney901: This nigga pregnant
19-01-2023 02:49
RT @pyschodior: When he finally does that one thing that makes me lose complete interest https://t.co/XjPzx9p4A0
19-01-2023 02:45
RT @ib_2cute: 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/Uy0tq3mQac
19-01-2023 02:45
how u gon have a bf and not beat on him when he dont give u nothing for valentines day??
19-01-2023 02:43
my therapist is my bestie tbh
19-01-2023 00:35
18-01-2023 22:23
RT @itsnotjazminn: i know you miss me
18-01-2023 22:23
RT @TinkDaBrat: That JOB is coming! That CAR is coming! That HOUSE is coming! CLAIM ITTTTT
18-01-2023 22:22
RT @itsnotjazminn: if i delete pictures of you off my phone you’re a diff type of dead to me
18-01-2023 22:18
im literally just being a teenage girl like let me be dumb and delusional
18-01-2023 21:35
i cant stand how entitled cancer men are like u fr think i owe u the world for what??😭😭
18-01-2023 21:34
RT @aliyahInterlude: 7th grade was so ass, like how do i still remember how much i hated it
18-01-2023 09:46
RT @WELOVECHRISEAN: @bluefacebleedem You must be the 20 cause…
18-01-2023 09:44
RT @icespicee_: https://t.co/tiyn38b7dQ
18-01-2023 09:42
RT @wishtobelo1: a relationship with no sex is also okay.
18-01-2023 09:42
RT @qglezzz: “you’re so pretty” okay so why isn’t your card on my starbucks app
18-01-2023 04:37
RT @invis4yo: Not commenting on your girls stuff is weird I want my man barking in my comments
18-01-2023 03:35
RT @itswords_: physical touch 🤝🏼 quality time
18-01-2023 01:44
RT @samiraamarie: girls who never compliment they friend is just weird
18-01-2023 01:44
RT @toohighforthiis: “that’s just how i am” bitch u suck fix it😭
18-01-2023 01:41
RT @23luvr: I DELETED OUR OLD MESSAGES https://t.co/1p24lmU5Ai
17-01-2023 09:23
RT @ThegirlJT: 5-5-5= ?
17-01-2023 09:22
RT @quan22x: ik y’all be sad af when y’all find out we all homeboys
17-01-2023 09:17
RT @23luvr: “i don’t cheat” ok??? the bare minimum??
17-01-2023 09:16
RT @ChriseanMalone: Stop tweeting
17-01-2023 09:12
RT @mariaxccampos: @yaraacampos fr
17-01-2023 02:52
RT @thatbitchht: "yOuRe PrObabLY TaLking tO SoMeOnE eLsE" im talking to myself, leave us alone
17-01-2023 00:56
RT @genmnz: there’s no loss.. u were a bum
17-01-2023 00:55
@kelechnekoff barf.
16-01-2023 23:31
RT @kelechnekoff: “Females” is always the giveaway.
16-01-2023 23:30
RT @tize4PF: what future did on solo isn’t replicable
16-01-2023 23:29
RT @LuthandoFuze: I wish buff niggas would understand that no one cares 😂
16-01-2023 23:29
u guys be hella ugly tbh
16-01-2023 23:28
RT @ahmaraforever: i love when a mf fuck up right before i was finna do something nice for them 😂
16-01-2023 23:28
RT @PoisonSpivey_: If yo nigga look single to the world, you should too lol… that’s fair.
16-01-2023 23:25
RT @DRESPITFACTS: Just because you love me, doesn’t mean I feel loved by you. Let that sink in.
16-01-2023 23:25
RT @pallnandi: Pedophiles aren't just old men touching up little kids, they're also your boy who's 23 going out with a 15 year old.
16-01-2023 23:22
RT @sofiaggonzales: i can buy myself flowers
16-01-2023 23:21
RT @queensaraaiii: If my daughter gets the same attitude I’m finished
16-01-2023 23:21
RT @vvsdolly: chasing a nigga is just something i aint finna do
16-01-2023 23:20
RT @lovergworl: No crying about lipgloss. You knew i was a bad bitch when you passed it to me. Man up.
16-01-2023 23:18
RT @xxoorita: idk y’all… shopping away the sadness gone eat everytime
16-01-2023 23:16
RT @bootymuncher28: ruins my mood when i say "girl" to a guy and he says "i'm not a girl" like damn babygirl relax fr
16-01-2023 23:15
RT @souljalaura: This hello kitty shit gets serious. Be ready to die behind it.
16-01-2023 23:15
RT @blazinwithbri: if you’re a weed smoker, it would help for you to be a tea drinker too.
16-01-2023 23:15
RT @aliyahInterlude: “i just killed my ex” https://t.co/ym9kSB3FNc
16-01-2023 23:15
RT @pimpkittyy: galentines day party where all girls come overdressed to eat heart shaped foods and drink pink cocktails 💌💐💕
15-01-2023 03:56
RT @babyariees: i automatically think things are cancelled wen it rains idk why
15-01-2023 03:56
RT @ghstnarii: @thearianahub touch it & thinking bout you
15-01-2023 03:54
RT @layxsnv: I decided I’m NOT working on my attitude, y’all need to stop playing with me fr
15-01-2023 03:53
RT @hannahcarlaaa: i find out everythinggggg🧏🏻‍♀️
15-01-2023 03:52
RT @isthatcesar: tattoos and new piercings are calling my name
15-01-2023 03:52
RT @PEACHYBLACKG0RL: had a bong hit for breakfast https://t.co/tIOp9kjo5Y
15-01-2023 03:45
@JacoreyThe @chuluzz stink😓
15-01-2023 02:25
RT @aliyahInterlude: jennifer coolidge is so strange but in a cool sexy way
15-01-2023 01:53
@chuluzz dating ppl that drink is the grimiest thing ever.
15-01-2023 01:51
RT @chuluzz: dating someone who constantly goes out every weekend is just unnecessary stress please .
15-01-2023 01:51
RT @47jessyka: break up with your situationship right NOW
15-01-2023 01:49