Vee Chick (@veec2014) — IT is my thing
@sal_castaneda So, how was it? Asking for a friend.
29-11-2022 05:20
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen!
25-11-2022 17:51
@PatriciaHeaton Candied yams, my sister is making the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving
24-11-2022 22:23
@SPaulsonKTVU Good morning Steve. I'm getting ready to make candied yams to take to the family Thanksgiving. I'm g…
24-11-2022 17:47
@RoGonzalesTV That is one of my daily prayers my friend.
22-11-2022 04:25
@RoGonzalesTV I think instead of a sherbet sunset it looks like a candy corn sunset
19-11-2022 04:23
@RoGonzalesTV I noticed that! You look great. Have a wonderful day.
17-11-2022 15:35
@RoGonzalesTV Great to see you on KTVU right now. You look great!
12-11-2022 03:36
, @SPaulsonKTVU Good morning! Cold here this morning in San Ramon.
11-11-2022 16:22
Good morning Steve. It is downright chilly this morning in San Ramon. Brrrr.
11-11-2022 16:19
@RoGonzalesTV I love that verse! How is your wrist?
06-11-2022 18:22
@abc7newsbayarea Yes, we voted for it and it needs to be changed!
04-11-2022 15:24
@SPaulsonKTVU Good morning, Steve. 36 in South San Ramon.
03-11-2022 15:16
Cold morning in Ramon.
03-11-2022 15:14
@RoGonzalesTV @KTVU Roberta, did you break your hand again?
01-11-2022 00:21
@MartyMakary Where is the data for the test results of the latest vaccine? How long was it tested?
19-10-2022 05:25
@jk_rowling I'm anxiously waiting for the November release of the next Armand Gamach book! I love those books!
14-10-2022 16:08
What happened to Masked Singer last night?
14-10-2022 01:50
@RoGonzalesTV Well I love seeing you there also!
13-10-2022 15:09
@MartyMakary Where can we find confirmation of this? And of the test data on the latest vaccine?
13-10-2022 14:59
@RoGonzalesTV I'm watching now and I see you are in for Steve.
13-10-2022 14:57
@RoGonzalesTV I always liked her.
12-10-2022 22:05
@Jim_Jordan Nope
12-10-2022 17:47
@BuckSexton It is all about the money!
12-10-2022 15:39
@BillMartinKTVU Now that is funny!
23-09-2022 15:30
@BlackBerry Yay, Sarah!
23-09-2022 03:42
@RoGonzalesTV I love your daily verses!
22-09-2022 15:48
Can anyone confirm that schools are teaching young kids about choosing the gender they want and not telling kids' p…
08-09-2022 08:27
@RoGonzalesTV I would have thought they would keep it open during a heart wave
05-09-2022 23:52
@RoGonzalesTV Amen and thanks.
05-09-2022 23:50
@2500ccOfManhood @NSFVoyager2 @NASAVoyager Thanks for letting me know. Althoug it would be awesome just to see that blackness!
01-09-2022 23:02
@RoGonzalesTV Amen
01-09-2022 22:56
@RoGonzalesTV I'm so glad to see you now on KTVU. I remember meeting you at Evelyn and Jorge's several years ago.…
31-08-2022 17:37
@NSFVoyager2 @NASAVoyager When will we see pictures from Voyager?
30-08-2022 15:58
@elonmusk That is funny!
19-08-2022 16:34
@sal_castaneda That is so sad
13-08-2022 18:49
@CityofSanRamon How do we reserve access?
09-08-2022 15:09
@RoGonzalesTV I wanted to do that but was concerned about the price. I loved your story though. I may look into this again.
09-08-2022 15:04
@SPaulsonKTVU Very slight drizzle now in San Ramon
29-07-2022 16:12
@sal_castaneda Yes that is also how I learned to drive
26-07-2022 16:14
Fog trying to get into San Ramon this morning.
21-07-2022 17:41
@SPaulsonKTVU black cherries do need a pollinator near by according to Google.
28-06-2022 14:53
@DegreaseNeil How device captured this great photo? I did capture Saturn with my Samsung phone.
17-06-2022 18:52
@DegreaseNeil How big was the piece of plastic?
17-06-2022 18:48
@PaulMSmithPhoto @NASAEarth What is TLE?
01-06-2022 15:45
@SPaulsonKTVU Yay!
27-05-2022 17:39
@KTVU Can we find a use for goose poop instead of killing them?
17-05-2022 22:22
@SPaulsonKTVU Please tell me the awful wind has moved on. That just stirs up too much "stuff" in the San Ramon air!
12-05-2022 16:27
@SPaulsonKTVU Can you use your magic to block the wind in San Ramon?
06-05-2022 15:33
@SPaulsonKTVU Everything outside here in San Ramon is wet! My flowers are thanking you.
06-05-2022 15:32
@SPaulsonKTVU Ok, I'm tired of the wind and how it messes with my allergies. I'm hoping for calm days ahead. Any chance of that?
02-05-2022 15:39
@NASAExoplanets @NASA Shouldn't this be 1300 light years? Earth's moon is 238,900 miles from earth.
29-04-2022 21:55
@SPaulsonKTVU Yes, we missed you and we are glad you are back!
25-04-2022 16:04
@KTVU So sad
01-02-2022 00:27
Prayers for Regina King.
25-01-2022 22:46
I miss Daria Folsom on KRON4. I like her cheery attitude. I hope she is well.
24-01-2022 17:35