j (@tumfreckle) — why are you so sodium radium potassium
RT @oishiepelhani: IT'S ALWAYS HIM 😭😭😭 #FourthNattawat https://t.co/TFUs3CVfSI
30-01-2023 13:12
and if i cry about this?? https://t.co/A17hHHlrfo
29-01-2023 22:55
my guess is that tinn moves in for a kiss but gun puts the notebook between them and teases him "i haven't won hot… https://t.co/odEl2KB6HF
29-01-2023 22:51
yo totally knows about tinngun HE KNOWS https://t.co/p0a4lAAJr6
29-01-2023 13:03
3am epiphany why does pond kinda look like kang haneul https://t.co/dmc5PXsMWx… https://t.co/dmc5PXsMWx
28-01-2023 22:40
RT @pastelsunset_: wthhh the student council was talking bout soap and tinn was already imagining this , he's so funny 🤣🤣🤣 #GeminiFourth…
28-01-2023 06:47
RT @talaypuen: "you are so whipped" #MySchoolPresidentEP8 https://t.co/vp0PvUgz4a
28-01-2023 06:40
RT @tujuhteen: this show so so unserious whtasdfyuj 😭 #MySchoolPresidentEP8 https://t.co/4DeMpfJh3h
28-01-2023 06:38
RT @knowingfrth: when i told you Tinn is the luckiest boy ever to have Gun, look at his sparkling eyes😭😭 he really speak 🥺 emoji #MySchoolP…
27-01-2023 21:25
the overdramatic soap opera editing and acting byeeeeee https://t.co/zk63ZaJQAe
27-01-2023 21:22
to have a friend like gemini would really make me feel so completely useless like he can sing, dance, act, play ins… https://t.co/lMO0snpNUM
26-01-2023 21:45
i love that the chinzhilla boys all actually had to learn their instruments for the show it's not necessary as a vi… https://t.co/b5irVBtxm2
26-01-2023 21:43
poor gem 😭 to be talented in everything but have to act like you aren't lmao a burden i would never be able to unde… https://t.co/7sB6809Gpu
26-01-2023 21:41
we also have gemini and satang's solo songs to look forward to 😍😍
26-01-2023 21:34
so many msp scenes they showed in open house open heart that we haven't seen yet i can't wait to see the final hot… https://t.co/4IE1Tp43fX
26-01-2023 21:33
he's just a baby 🥺 https://t.co/qrBRqMmsIq
26-01-2023 21:22
idk how they do it but so much of the dialogue in eternal yesterday just evokes a bone deep sadness in me that i can't shake
25-01-2023 21:32
RT @tumfreckle: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/cyBUiP7vmI
25-01-2023 21:31
25-01-2023 21:31
it's such a joy watching fourth act he's a master of micro expressions and the way he varies his tone in his line delivery is 👌👌
25-01-2023 20:07
RT @vsagisan: this scene, gun being disconnected(?) after hearing he was rejected and then he proceeds to say hes ok with the softest tone…
25-01-2023 20:04
RT @knowingfrth: BYE FOURTH IS SO UNSERIOUS😭😭 HE'S SO REAL FOR THIS #GeminiFourthXLTBL #GeminiFourth https://t.co/hyr3Nm6T8f
25-01-2023 19:40
RT @pastelsunset_: the way tinn keeps on looking at gun while gradually holding his hand, like he wants to see if gun is ok with it 🥺💕 http…
25-01-2023 17:39
@piratemaps anyway i feel like people are being overdramatic before the show has even aired i mean it might not hav… https://t.co/q1UeUNgUIL
25-01-2023 15:07
@piratemaps yeah it's so strange bc now they're backtracking?? i think the real problem is they feel like it doesn'… https://t.co/SGopUVnQnb
25-01-2023 15:06
🥺 https://t.co/0lSsBxzRHK
25-01-2023 11:16
@thedex1998 did i just manifest this omg thank you for telling me!! ✨
25-01-2023 08:46
blueming tms2 kp triage eternal yesterday like was there sth in the water how did all the best bls air in 2022 🤔
25-01-2023 08:23
RT @tumfreckle: oh no now i got myself thinking about tol aekkarin again my beautiful doe eyed boy who can do no wrong ever https://t.co/BN…
25-01-2023 08:20
RT @tumfreckle: if tol aekkarin has 100 fans, i’m one of them. if tol aekkarin has 10 fans, i’m one of them. if tol aekkarin has one fan, i…
25-01-2023 08:20
triage wasn't a comedy by any means but i swear all the show's funniest moments were thanks to tol
25-01-2023 08:12
thinking about him 💞💞💞💞 https://t.co/gc8uFXMQqv
25-01-2023 08:10
i can't help but compare with how reborn rich's jin yang cheol was a businessman too who prioritised profit over pe… https://t.co/hrrD0fvo38
25-01-2023 06:53
we can obviously see how much influence he has over his sons but those teachings alone aren't enough to keep jangga… https://t.co/S9Sazqpv4t
25-01-2023 06:49
we're all just supposed to believe he was an impressive man but this is only shown thru how the people around him r… https://t.co/Z5y4X0cOzM
25-01-2023 06:45
something i wish itaewon class did was show us more of chairman jang's brilliance and how he built jangga to become what it is today
25-01-2023 06:43
now that they've put up come closer on spotify when will they finally release gemini's version of city 😔
24-01-2023 21:34
just thinking about how much more hwang daseul was able to do with tms 2 and how much she was able to flesh out the… https://t.co/CX0VrvIOEq
24-01-2023 20:00
we need to know that they're not just gonna break up again after a year so seeing them put in the actual work to ma… https://t.co/TRUIhJgYPd
24-01-2023 19:55
what i love most about tms 2 is that we get so many moments to see them exist as a couple bickering, flirting, shar… https://t.co/cqLkTqf4QT
24-01-2023 19:52
they get it https://t.co/MmHmily3KL
24-01-2023 19:50
jiwoo saying he'll be his manager for the day only for them to end up switching seats bc the car's too big for him… https://t.co/lZdz1cTmE1
24-01-2023 19:42
but also me https://t.co/X7nSd2Zb9G
24-01-2023 19:35
me @ seojun and jiwoo after they get back together in ep 10 https://t.co/j6CPmS57z0
24-01-2023 19:27
you can always count on hwang daseul to write in interesting female characters who aren't just there as plot device… https://t.co/lD5NLTUZ5Q
24-01-2023 19:16
"in this world there's no perfect man or perfect love. it's just a matter of understanding and adapting to each oth… https://t.co/Zcz0OKB3ET
24-01-2023 19:09
why is we love b**** still trending......... girlies wake up
24-01-2023 17:25
@piratemaps also the sense i get is that the stans seem to be unhappy that it doesn't seem as focused on em's chara… https://t.co/0JZ7nmRMwQ
24-01-2023 17:24
@piratemaps so just based on the trailer? i mean it hasn't even come out yet 😭 it very much still looks like there'… https://t.co/fI30f81Z8Y
24-01-2023 17:21
just another day at stan twt i guess lol https://t.co/aj3Eeu5ynI
24-01-2023 14:13
idk but the gist i'm getting is that em stans are pissed bc soonvijarn didn't talk enough about them during the tra… https://t.co/gl1cmS2mEZ
24-01-2023 14:13
what's going on why is there drama over 🌙🐓
24-01-2023 14:11
i love msp ep 3 so much i think it's my fave one after ep 6 the slow dancing the fleeting eye contact the held brea… https://t.co/n54XuMgKdl
23-01-2023 12:12
well this didn't age well https://t.co/zTAaEU4PZ2
23-01-2023 08:37
RT @iuyawn: #TINN : heart eyes - #MySchoolPresident #Gemini_NT #TINN https://t.co/wAfW77PYMS
23-01-2023 08:37
RT @talaypuen: My school president episode 8.... ? 👉👈 I'm begging plz.... https://t.co/eXykT5wsuM
23-01-2023 08:36
i notice this esp the more i talk with my parents and see the way they consume media it's not wrong just more super… https://t.co/BXIaMT7cPR
23-01-2023 07:06
i feel a key difference between our gen and the gens before us is that we spend a lot more time with our thoughts a… https://t.co/rF0hKCUr2g
23-01-2023 07:02
RT @ertheworld: “ i love you ” ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ “ why are you so sodium-radium-potassium ?” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ #MySchoolPresidentEP7 https:…
22-01-2023 23:04
gimme ep 8 now 😭 https://t.co/wFyv7b5sEw
22-01-2023 18:06
RT @ultsnorawits: gun being shy compilation.mp4 https://t.co/scknQ9dAsY
22-01-2023 09:21
gemini has a quintessential 2000s boybander voice and i love it 😭 https://t.co/W8bAQ0DBFo
22-01-2023 09:20
i have a lot of issues with itaewon class on a whole but rewatching it just reminds me again that she's probably like 70% of it
21-01-2023 19:48
and we're all just supposed to let it slide bc she already admitted from the start to being a bit of a sociopath.. girl no
21-01-2023 19:46
i honestly don't think i've ever disliked any kdrama lead as much as i dislike jo yiseo a spoilt brat with no compa… https://t.co/5CcjvBl2zy
21-01-2023 19:45
win voting to keep the no dating rule to focus on music only for them to reveal it's actually bc he's horrible at i… https://t.co/ddyhbajDkB
21-01-2023 15:34
brain think about anything other than tinngun challenge
21-01-2023 04:40
21-01-2023 04:39
@piratemaps stop 😭😭
20-01-2023 22:54
is msp technically the best show ever made? no but there are shows out there that check all the boxes but don't eve… https://t.co/x4PBh6bLMd
20-01-2023 22:12
they did this just for meeeee https://t.co/nyQOG4PdPb
20-01-2023 22:09
@maocalz they have so much fun together 🥺
20-01-2023 16:34
hwang daseul is just brilliant like she gets it she really gets it
20-01-2023 07:51
seojun saying "can you stop tormenting me don't u have any pride" in character only to switch phones and call up hi… https://t.co/VsZMMcfRX8
20-01-2023 07:51
@piratemaps OUR SONS 😭😭
19-01-2023 19:37
satang going "show us we can't picture it" has me on the floor lmaoooo https://t.co/lOlw14Nnt6
19-01-2023 16:18
RT @forceboook: moonlight chicken hasn't even started yet but i can tell heartliming will be the only thing i'll be able to think about for…
19-01-2023 16:06
and from that point on everytime gun brings it up it's just to get tinn to admit his feelings bc he already knows t… https://t.co/OoorQZxEjV
17-01-2023 04:38
he wasn't sure at first so he was like "no way it can't be.." but then tinn said the line about loving the song and… https://t.co/zvwK7TLJ48
17-01-2023 04:36
i think this whole realisation scene is also him knowing 100% now that it's him that tinn has been referring to the… https://t.co/XrWLJoWQiP
17-01-2023 04:34
and the way this scene cut into the closeup of the scrabble tiles spelling out "broken" and tinn wailing into the p… https://t.co/UEfqMwOD7p
14-01-2023 04:46
RT @talaypuen: Tinn is just like me fr... dramatic ass #MySchoolPresidentEP6 https://t.co/vdLJMc4dju
13-01-2023 21:36
not the scrabble tiles spelling out broken he really dealt with his grief by playing scrabble my heartbroken nerd 😭… https://t.co/gZrYQ7Y4Q6
13-01-2023 20:06
PLSSSS i'm not sure this is what texas fried chicken had in mind when they said they wanted a ppl scene in this ep 😭 https://t.co/n913ADUeC7
13-01-2023 19:38
this bout to become a fanpage for fourth's acting i fear https://t.co/5CF7Z3P7K7
13-01-2023 19:24
the way he looks on so intently like he's processing every word and the small breath he lets out before saying his… https://t.co/OLa2xsYyIb
13-01-2023 19:21
99.9% sure "even my bed hates me" was an adlib by gem lmao https://t.co/2XT0to0I6D
13-01-2023 19:00
tinngun was giving me tehohaew energy in a few of the scenes this ep but i won't say it 🤭🤐🤐🤐
13-01-2023 18:56
this scene 💔💔💔💔💔 fourth's eye acting 💗💗💗💗💗 https://t.co/D4FNYlGhix
13-01-2023 18:53
13-01-2023 18:44
i just adore everyone sm and the friend dynamics is just right 👌 love this silly little show and my silly little boys
13-01-2023 18:42
when the band was teasing tinngun bc of the surprise kiss tiw was more concerned about tinn bc tinn was literally j… https://t.co/ohoOxuk1Tl
13-01-2023 18:41
tinngun dancing around the topic the whole ep even tho they both have a feeling they already know the answer and th… https://t.co/iBCLqj6ccw
13-01-2023 18:26
tinn was so real for this https://t.co/KPpQEiTfEC
13-01-2023 17:55
so thankful for the free serotonin msp provides every friday ✨ https://t.co/MN5CmeMuFt
13-01-2023 17:51
did they just pull a cherry magic 😭😭 https://t.co/rteru2Q1fu
13-01-2023 17:50
RT @intuyin: #TINNGUN: i pretend you're mine, all the damn time ─ #เจมีไนน์โฟร์ท #MySchoolPresident https://t.co/P6nQ1pnaAG
11-01-2023 07:54
fourth's micro expressions!! he's seriously so talented gmm's next it boy i think
11-01-2023 07:31
RT @jitarapuen: you ever look at someone and wonder, what’s going on inside their heads? https://t.co/gYFrHxSm5I
11-01-2023 07:29
RT @oselujaeten: tms nation's crybaby https://t.co/ctwaCaUKrb
11-01-2023 07:28
literally cannot wait for chinzhilla version of tilly birds!!!!!!! ep 6 come faster https://t.co/VvCzzRwaXX
08-01-2023 13:04
RT @oishiepelhani: Gun's confused gay era is coming 😌 ig เพื่อนเล่น ไม่เล่นเพื่อน (Just Being Friendly) will be the next song. From the lyr…
08-01-2023 13:03
wait the chinzhilla merch is so cute actually https://t.co/DuZef4k6SO
08-01-2023 12:56
RT @heartliming: #CHINZHILLA : boys will be bugs 【 #MySchoolPresident #MySchoolPresidentEP5 】 https://t.co/b5zzK0fjc0
08-01-2023 12:45
RT @talaypuen: #tinngun: you make me love you #myschoolpresidentep5 #geminifourth #เจมีไนน์โฟร์ท #MySchoolPresident https://t.co/dlB3Hl…
08-01-2023 12:39
msp ep 5 ending mood https://t.co/uIsg0MWdvy
08-01-2023 12:37
RT @knowingfrth: I'm so proud of him not gonna lie @tawattannn. every time I see Fourth he always outdo himself and it really comes full ci…
08-01-2023 12:32
RT @talaypuen: the acting here tho... his voice cracking and all... whos crying..... me #MySchoolPresidentEP5 https://t.co/Tdb448YY9h
08-01-2023 12:31
hmmm the acting in nlmg is not giving and it's a shame bc visually it's beautiful
28-12-2022 09:11
me @ me bc we have to wait till next year for msp ep 5 😩 https://t.co/qAzSCHku8K
27-12-2022 10:07
RT @talaypuen: Their height difference😞💔 https://t.co/P3CepZ5MXS
27-12-2022 10:06
out of my recent watches nothing has made me feel as deeply as eternal yesterday and first love hatsukoi did 💔
27-12-2022 07:59
choco milk shake ✅ reborn rich ✅ alice in borderland 2 ✅ summer strike ✅
27-12-2022 07:57
RT @REALLYREVIL: untouchable mayhaps https://t.co/2QUQ2oUBOQ
26-12-2022 18:42
RT @talaypuen: What is he looking at ⚆ɞ⚆ https://t.co/dS3JIwGFkN
26-12-2022 14:28
a most excellent tweet https://t.co/qKYeFBTY5q
24-12-2022 11:38
RT @talaypuen: #tinngun: must be true love #myschoolpresidentep4 #geminifourth #เจมีไนน์โฟร์ท https://t.co/kVAlZ8VPfO
24-12-2022 11:35
@piratemaps and i love the way gun is keenly observing tinn's reaction to what he said
24-12-2022 07:18
stopppp the pinky holding was the cutest thing ever 😩😩😩😩😩 https://t.co/QngedKylSu
24-12-2022 00:43
he's flirting with tinn so blatantly now oh my god https://t.co/v0byLydIGk
24-12-2022 00:10
tiw really said people in love stink https://t.co/O2Mypp04P4
23-12-2022 23:58
tinn holding onto gun's cupcake for him while he plays around at the science fair is bf behaviour 🥺 https://t.co/MGh4an6oKl
23-12-2022 23:46
it's the red ears and gun glancing at tinn's lips for me 🤧 https://t.co/Z13VHyDjKZ
23-12-2022 21:51
me waiting for the day gmmtv finally delivers a well executed action sequence https://t.co/0ZIp10w5uk
23-12-2022 11:16
i'm behind on all my shows and aib s2 drops in less than 6 hours https://t.co/KFFGBYg45g
22-12-2022 05:19
strongberry really said ep 11 is for the fans.. and we thank them for their service <3 https://t.co/oh2QwEV3tq
20-12-2022 20:22
milk and uncle making the most awkward small talk ever after that amazing kiss is sending meeee https://t.co/YNYDfCtYmK
20-12-2022 20:14
it's always the pulling away shot for me!!!! milk skipping the niceties and going straight in for a kiss after 2 ye… https://t.co/s4oPbxDUd2
20-12-2022 20:07
why is he so pretty https://t.co/x7AN17ZOdq
20-12-2022 19:30
people hyping up shows so much before it even releases and then crickets when it finally comes out and turns out to… https://t.co/UacXAqZJEC
20-12-2022 09:39
@piratemaps lmao it took me awhile to warm up but ep 3 did it for me!!
18-12-2022 21:56
eternal yesterday ✅ flower of evil ✅ cw: reborn rich, summer strike, alchemy of souls, warp effect, nlmg, 10 years… https://t.co/EScqv3AXzD
18-12-2022 18:44
the ending of my school president ep 3 was so cuteee gun finally catching feelings 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
18-12-2022 01:57
how do they always find the perfect sound effect to punctuate each funny moment 😭😭 https://t.co/CyIGVDK0D8
18-12-2022 01:18
not me actually watching this scene a million times the sound effects paired with their facial expressions i am on… https://t.co/EqV8qz7FSN
18-12-2022 00:57
new reaction meme just dropped https://t.co/J1ke9h9SpJ
18-12-2022 00:37
tinn trying to play hard to get and failing within 0.00001 second is 100% clown behaviour https://t.co/bvHvqLdHAP
18-12-2022 00:26
now that i've seen 10 years ticket it's really making me wonder why we've been settling for such subpar lead acting in most of gmmtv's bls
17-12-2022 21:24
the only thing i'm a little on the fence about is them implying that plu likes kongkwan romantically bc idk how lon… https://t.co/4a073j92zt
17-12-2022 21:03
the child actors were all so good and i swear the boy they chose to play the young version of off's character was just spot on casting 👌👌
17-12-2022 21:01
i was already half sold by the trailer but i'm really excited about how the rest of 10 years ticket will play out i… https://t.co/yJP5S6WlAf
17-12-2022 20:59
omg the actress who plays kongkwan's older sis in 10 years ticket identifies as bisexual the fact they have that in… https://t.co/1DPAM4LX98
17-12-2022 20:57
jaehyo dancing all the moves like it's his first time learning them is so funny to me
17-12-2022 18:53
somebody save jaehyo 😩 https://t.co/fIdKOYDyns
17-12-2022 18:50
watching the block b clips and jaehyo is really not about that idol life and i say that affectionately
17-12-2022 18:43
hmmm how is foe a 9.1 on mdl i cannot comprehend https://t.co/O2WmTrE8nY
16-12-2022 21:02
i hate it hereeeee will we only get to see it one month after it releases 💔
14-12-2022 22:03
midnight series teaser: 😁😂😍🤩💫💖😚☺🙂😌😙 coming soon to disney+ hotstar: 😠🤬😤😩👿😾😡🔪
14-12-2022 22:02
i love it so much that yeoreum actually rewears the same few clothing pieces makes it so realistic bc she did only… https://t.co/o5XL29KiCu
14-12-2022 17:30
never punched a bitch out but ep 7 of summer strike is making me want to https://t.co/zkXSrRJzY9
14-12-2022 14:53
RT @nyongdal4life: how introverts asked eo out 🤣🤣: #SummerStrike #SummerStrikeEp7 https://t.co/duOsJcRu5v
14-12-2022 14:32
his way of telling her to stop calling him mr. librarian and to start calling him by his name 🥺 https://t.co/RNp5H9XTsU
13-12-2022 07:51
i guess i gotta bow down to a queen https://t.co/C6jFeHyuUW
12-12-2022 19:51
p'jojo doing the most as usual https://t.co/T6J3cC9Tyt
12-12-2022 18:57
im siwan playing the kinds of roles i'd love to see war wanarat attempt 🤠 2 short kings of micro expressions with t… https://t.co/IJpPssYd7N
11-12-2022 13:06
not yeoreum mistakenly calling daebum "unnie" 😭😭😭 https://t.co/BYGNoJoz9Q
11-12-2022 13:04
yes same https://t.co/PQunMi0sS7
11-12-2022 12:58
reborn rich ep 10 ending mood https://t.co/QmBZje2uLp
10-12-2022 20:30
it's always "i like you" and never "i never thought i would fall for a man so i was surprised. but it didn't matter… https://t.co/07sWwwWV1c
10-12-2022 09:30
RT @blisanewblack: don’t touch me, i’m on my ugly crying session. https://t.co/NOy1yCH6L5
10-12-2022 09:30
not that a full face of makeup is bad but it's so refreshing to see a more down to earth look in a kdrama
09-12-2022 23:28
i really love how realistic they try to keep yeoreum's styling she repeats her clothes her hair's sometimes a mess… https://t.co/zTVpBXYhbv
09-12-2022 23:26
a show about a girl who quits her draining city life and moves out to a small town to do absolutely nothing for as… https://t.co/qBYlgAGJC3
09-12-2022 23:16
i knew summer strike would be my kinda show but i didn't expect to like it this much i love yeoreum a beautiful kin… https://t.co/P3Zx0XBL3g
09-12-2022 23:14
gyoeul is sooooooo cute 100% a paid actor https://t.co/SVjZlpWqEi
09-12-2022 23:12
RT @2521exe: Gyeoul’s parents #SummerStrikeEp6 https://t.co/Pq8ZlwkD1Z
09-12-2022 22:53
i was wary at first that siwan was gonna play daebum the way he did for seongyeom (nth wrong with that.. seongyeom… https://t.co/BkWcOTe6z6
09-12-2022 21:23
eternal yesterday ending with koichi's pov and how he fell for mitsuru is so bittersweet and perfect 😔 https://t.co/JWD6LgrU9z
09-12-2022 08:20
"i never thought i would fall for a man so i was surprised. but it didn't matter. as long as it's mitchan. i think… https://t.co/kI8k9LChpN
09-12-2022 08:13
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/cyBUiP7vmI
09-12-2022 08:08
breaking my heart https://t.co/GTDL5BLcwM
09-12-2022 07:58
these 2 always making me cry https://t.co/4d5KbCBJtO
09-12-2022 07:25
sh**ting stars ✅ first love hatsukoi ✅ connect ✅ adding director who buys me dinner, 10 years ticket and my school… https://t.co/fwG2KqIgmh
08-12-2022 22:43
just finished first love hatsukoi what a journey 🤧 guess i'm putting all my trust in female storytellers only
07-12-2022 18:50
RT @EmmaB_Videos: first love (2022) https://t.co/2lDU1WtPEC
07-12-2022 18:43
present day yae asking harumichi what he was like in hs not knowing that they spent most of it dating and in love this is heartbreaking 😩
07-12-2022 14:09
i love 2018 yae she's soooo beautiful and kind and radiates such warmth the actress is so gorgeous too 🥺
07-12-2022 10:38
not me crying like a fool bc yae learned to sign just so she could communicate with harumichi's sister 😭😭😭😭😭😭 i love her
07-12-2022 07:31
"what do you usually think about during the time between shampooing and conditioning" i swear dialogue in japanese shows hit different
06-12-2022 19:27
there's something so romantic about the fact that yae falls for namiki when they were in high school and then gets… https://t.co/2LOJfHYe9T
06-12-2022 19:15
hwang daseul u crazy for this one 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/nAtivdRuhZ
06-12-2022 07:02
gimme a full 12 ep series for these 2 i wanna know how they started liking each other how they balance idol life wi… https://t.co/0n6AmQqKIH
05-12-2022 09:01
these mini eps are equivalent to fic drabbles where it's literally just 1 scenario being played out with minimal dialogue and 80% kissing
05-12-2022 08:36
i've watched all the kiss x kiss x kiss clips i could find with my sleuthing skills and i can conclude idol kiss pt… https://t.co/58hWhqJc8d
05-12-2022 08:35
absolutely obsessed with his face!!!!!! https://t.co/ZBqkIkT5XP
05-12-2022 08:25
gotta love watching rich people suffer 😌
04-12-2022 19:45
i feel like a reason why it's doing so well is bc of the anti capitalism sentiment that the everyday citizen can al… https://t.co/f2rkcLf3av
04-12-2022 19:45
reborn rich is gr8 to watch with someone so we can talk it out and make sense of all the rich people business politics that's going on
04-12-2022 19:42
these 2 make me so sad not like a tears down my face crying kinda sad just.. sad :( https://t.co/KyO744zuFG
04-12-2022 11:38
if i make it thru the 1st ep of my school president let it be known that it's 100% bc of gemini as tinn
04-12-2022 08:30
omg tell me this blogshop model doesn't look exactly like war wanarat i'm https://t.co/FpbKm7MKmB
03-12-2022 18:54
i mean???? https://t.co/hV8wVm9Y0k
02-12-2022 08:31
dp director han junhee being involved as producer on weak hero class 1 makes sooooo much sense now i was wondering… https://t.co/07jGjsoCY2
02-12-2022 08:30
how does p'jojo even find the time to direct this masterpiece in between working on warp effect, dirty laundry and… https://t.co/On4smXWq1t
02-12-2022 07:41
GOING INSANE https://t.co/woSptjF2jk
02-12-2022 07:29
cw: reborn rich, sh**ting stars, weak hero class 1, eternal yesterday, choco milkshake, happy ending romance, flowe… https://t.co/ougzo1vQYO
29-11-2022 21:23
RT @seomoonjo: i feel insane i keep rewatching this like a sick person i need more park jihoon clips from weak hero class 1 to go viral htt…
29-11-2022 19:41
they better gimme my pining bodyguard trope or else 😩 https://t.co/gXxBxFsfYu
29-11-2022 16:49
absolutely vibin with this https://t.co/mK09CDlSRI
29-11-2022 16:42