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RT @TLaTela: I mean… look at the material… *whispers* She’s an attorney… Bruh…
08-12-2022 21:09
RT @TLaTela: #TJHolmes #AmyRobach #GMA Chiiile… I suspect (hell, hope!) Marilee Fiebig is the mastermind behind hiring the Sherlock Holm…
08-12-2022 21:07
RT @FLMAN850: The private investigator when he caught TJ Holmes and Amy Robach slipping in public
08-12-2022 21:06
RT @ReecieColbert: I bet you TJ Holmes & Amy Robach were lying their asses off about having an affair, so one of their spouses said Imma ca…
08-12-2022 21:06
RT @teagan3333: one thing about amy robach is those cheating boots are always going to be at the scene of the crime
08-12-2022 21:03
RT @killedanother1: @cjgproduxions He's an a**hole and she loves it!.... Never lasts long
08-12-2022 20:52
RT @ImRonRoberts: @ClayTravis You can always tell when a person of color and/or the LGBTQ+ gets Justice. The HOWLS of “what about” from the…
08-12-2022 20:40
RT @kathy_sorahan: @cindimoreland @joes_talk @ClayTravis To love America is to be grateful when any American is returned home safely!! The…
08-12-2022 20:39
RT @janicepetix: @MattNelson9212 @ClayTravis A basketball player” who is a US citizen, arrested and sentenced to 9 years for carrying less…
08-12-2022 20:39
RT @TBInvestigation: An Endangered Child Alert has been issued on behalf of the Knoxville Police Department for 15-year-old Donovan Smith.…
07-12-2022 20:15
@elapostroph 🤣🤣🤣😂
01-12-2022 20:44
@ddanpereira You got that fn right!
01-12-2022 04:13
RT @ddanpereira: If any MAGA Republican tries to erect a statue for Ashli Babbitt or any other Insurrectionist then a group will destroy it…
01-12-2022 04:13
@ACTBrigitte But she GOT justice though. I'm confused.
01-12-2022 04:11
RT @Liz_Cheney: As Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep Paul Gosar speak at this white supremacist, anti-Semitic, pro-Putin event, silence by…
01-12-2022 04:10
RT @SundaeDivine: Ashli Babbitt was the same kind of patriot as Timothy McVeigh.
01-12-2022 04:10
RT @Dunbar71: Since Ashley Babbit is trending, this is your reminder that she was a domestic terrorist, who pissed on her own service recor…
01-12-2022 04:10
RT @scobie: THIS is the state of affairs in our industry and why, like some others, I don't shut up about it (despite the consequences). Wh…
01-12-2022 04:05
@Phil_Lewis_ Fire them both.
01-12-2022 03:58
01-12-2022 03:56
@Phil_Lewis_ Trifling
01-12-2022 03:54
@TVNewsNow Already looking uglier.
01-12-2022 03:53
RT @AdrienneLaw: @Phil_Lewis_ This is peak messy. Thoughts and prayers.
01-12-2022 03:52
RT @IAmCamero: Sorry folks, Kelly Rowland cannot be cancelled. Neither can Will Smith. Get over it.
29-11-2022 18:42
RT @spiderswarz: Grouping Letitia Wright and Will Smith with men who have been accused of sexual assault is disgusting and revolting. https…
29-11-2022 18:41
RT @mrLdavis: I’m never going to forgive y’all for carrying on like Will Smith shot that man.
29-11-2022 18:39
RT @Zakiyyah6: Disrespectfully. Comparing Will Smith slapping a dude at the Oscars to Harvey Weinstein's decades-long sexual assault of wom…
29-11-2022 18:38
RT @K1ngMalachi: men are experiencing a lack of intimacy - Gotta give @Trevornoah his flowers on this one!
29-11-2022 18:33
RT @WithMalika: So Proud of ALL The Black Bloggers that spread the News for #Justice for Shanquella Robinson
21-11-2022 16:01
RT @freshzaz: Just saw Black Panther and I gotta admit, it’s really amazing. Also: 1. Ryan Coogler is indeed a top tier director 🙌🏾 2. Let…
20-11-2022 15:33
RT @c__ebenezer: Letitia Wright Photographed by me for The @guardian 🧚🏽‍♂️ Styling: Rudy Simba Betty Hair: @stefanbertin Makeup: @Kennet…
20-11-2022 15:32
@lebogangngweny2 It was that white jogger for me! I can't find a pic 😞
20-11-2022 15:31
@elonmusk You're such a clout chaser. It's gross. You're gross.
20-11-2022 15:22
RT @irishrygirl: @ZaleskiLuke @NormOrnstein @elonmusk Imagine being the richest man in the world and at the same time so desperate for atte…
20-11-2022 15:22
RT @ZaleskiLuke: @elonmusk The eight stages of Trump’s guilt: 1. “I didn’t do it” 2. “I didn’t do anything wrong” 3. “I didn’t do anything…
20-11-2022 15:21
RT @4HumanUnity: @RepMTG @elonmusk Well Marjorie, u can start by apologizing PUBLICLY to people who have lost loved ones to COVID due to si…
20-11-2022 15:21
RT @bentlightnvegas: @sowegaCat Rittenhouse has more in common with John Wilkes Booth. Misguided assassins taking the law into their own h…
20-11-2022 15:20
RT @TheTNHoller: PSA: Just because Elon is reinstating him doesn’t mean you have to pay attention to him.
20-11-2022 15:13
RT @ReallyAmerican1: Now that Trump has been allowed back on twitter, Never Forget why he was thrown off. Spread this everywhere. https://…
20-11-2022 15:13
RT @ImSpeaking13: Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist murderer and Republicans had him as a special guest of the House caucus yesterday.
20-11-2022 15:13
RT @WajahatAli: "Bruh, I destroyed Twitter. Bought an $11 billion site for 44 billion. Took out loans. Tweeted conspiracy theories. Hurt my…
20-11-2022 15:10
RT @_juicyanna: @Sayonical They already got me cackling
19-11-2022 18:10
RT @Jen_Dei: @Sayonical @TheLifeeOfTyree Before I come who all over there
19-11-2022 18:07
RT @kcjj_04: Baby we want that SAME ENERGY y’all gave Gabby Petito for Shanquella Robinson. News Anchors coverage down in Mexico, FBI agent…
19-11-2022 03:36
RT @gschoos: @TomFitton @elonmusk @Twitter
19-11-2022 03:34
RT @LaBeets50: This is pure unadulterated BS, Evangelicals, you used him as he used you. Key Evangelical Figures Turn on Trump: 'He Used…
18-11-2022 20:50
RT @RJLBeLoved: y'all see what's happening under the HE USED US trend right? evangelicals waited through all of the shameful displays for s…
18-11-2022 20:50
RT @axidentaliberal: @duty2warn All the evangelicals who excused his infidelity, cruelty, crass behavior, racism and callous incompetence…
18-11-2022 20:49
@aab050107 @duty2warn They liked it though. Noses wide open....from the pulpit even.
18-11-2022 20:48
RT @duty2warn: It wasn’t his rapes, racism, or Russian collusion, nor his corruption, cruelty, or signs he is the antichrist that made evan…
18-11-2022 20:47
RT @Full_Metal_Ray: y’all know y’all can say justice for shanquella robinson without posting the video of her fighting without any clothes…
18-11-2022 00:20
RT @sharkyrae: The investigation of Shanquella Robinson death should be getting much more attention! Y’all did for Gabby Petito! There NEE…
18-11-2022 00:20
RT @ThatDorkyChickB: Because they all should get exposed. #shanquellarobinson
18-11-2022 00:19
RT @RollingStone: The death of Shanquella Robinson, a Charlotte hair braider who died on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is now under inv…
18-11-2022 00:19
RT @prettymiss85: @ThatDorkyChickB
17-11-2022 23:45
RT @JFeinsteinBooks: I wish I could say I'm surprised by the lack of sympathy--and outright anger--directed at Brittney Griner. She committ…
17-11-2022 23:27
RT @airie_b: I haven’t trust Michael Ealy since he threw his kids out the window 😒
15-11-2022 17:39
@GovernorVA @UVA I went to an "event" over the weekend. It was a wedding. Smh shameful
14-11-2022 23:04
@AudioVisualJP @KjStarwalker Firstly I was speaking about Shuri. Secondly AND THE POINT THAT WENT OVER YOUR HEAD...…
14-11-2022 23:00
#BlackPanther2 was very good! Can't wait for the next entry to the series! #RyanCoogler
12-11-2022 01:59
@KjStarwalker You do know that BP doesn't stay the BP in the comics right? Relax
12-11-2022 01:55
RT @ThatNecaElectro: Big billion dollar corporate bail out: Good Student loan debt relief for broke college kids/grads: bad Women’s right…
11-11-2022 20:39
RT @overeactingCY: How miserable of a person do you have to be to take a victory lap on social media because millions of people no longer h…
11-11-2022 20:39
RT @JDCocchiarella: When Lauren Boebert loses, America wins.
10-11-2022 03:39
RT @meena: WES MOORE!! Maryland's first Black governor, and only the third Black governor elected in any state in US history.
10-11-2022 03:36
RT @ReallyAmerican1: @joncoopertweets Republicans are the party of “if you can’t win, change the rules”
10-11-2022 03:30
RT @AttorneyCrump: WOW! This young girl’s heavenly voice is UNREAL! She truly has a gift worth singing about. #BlackGirlMagic 🙌🏾 https://t.…
10-11-2022 03:05
RT @AttorneyCrump: Instead of helping Brianna Grier with her mental health crisis, Hancock County Sheriff's (GA) deputies took her into cus…
10-11-2022 03:04
RT @AttorneyCrump: A DA’s Office in Georgia has decided not to pursue charges against the officers who let a mother suffering from a mental…
10-11-2022 03:01
RT @FOX13Memphis: BREAKING: Slavery has officially been banned as punishment in Tennessee.
09-11-2022 19:44
RT @ajplus: BREAKING: Alabama voted to fully abolish slavery, cutting racist language from the state constitution, including language that…
09-11-2022 19:43
RT @unstorenp: Tennessee voters officially ban all forms of slavery in the state
09-11-2022 19:43
RT @fred_guttenberg: Marco is a do nothing fraud. He should be fired. He has used horrific gun violence in Fl at Pulse and Parkland, wher…
09-11-2022 04:16
RT @MarkHamill: Couldn't agree with GOAT @StevieWonder more! PLEASE Georgia, vote for the ONLY qualified candidate for Senator on you ballo…
09-11-2022 03:52
RT @ReverendWarnock: Folks, if you're in line before polls close, stay in line until you can vote!
09-11-2022 03:52
RT @ReverendWarnock: The people of Georgia deserve better than Herschel Walker. He's neither ready nor fit for this job.
09-11-2022 03:51
*Not I.
09-11-2022 03:50
Please be sure to vote! Vote Dem because those other people are insane. Who has the time for that? No I. #ElectionDay
09-11-2022 03:21
RT @santiagomayer_: Gen Z is about to end the careers of several Republican politicians. They pissed off the wrong generation.
09-11-2022 02:46
RT @kylegavine: @beyzhive
08-11-2022 04:39
RT @IChoseViolences: Winnie Harlow doing the CUFF IT challenge as Michael Jackson
08-11-2022 04:31
RT @YesWithAn_L: only cuff it challenge that matters
08-11-2022 04:30
RT @IChoseViolences: Work vent with CUFF IT 😂😂😂
08-11-2022 04:26
RT @TheGreatIsNate: The Gospel “Cuff It” remix is sooooooooooo 😭 PLEASE get into the backgrounds!!!
08-11-2022 04:23
RT @KevOnStage: When your church flips “Cuff It”.
08-11-2022 04:22
RT @shannonsharpeee: Kevin Hart Halloween costume has me crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
08-11-2022 00:11
RT @secretmars: @JimbrowJim @WKRN Bye Felicia, worry about your own body from now on
07-11-2022 16:17
RT @WKRN: Davidson County DA said he won't prosecute abortion cases despite the new law that life begins at conception and a total ban on a…
07-11-2022 16:16
RT @OK_Dumbass: @FoxNews Kid Rock knows fraud first-hand.
06-11-2022 15:46
RT @NYPaingers11: Yo Kid Rock is truly a National embarrassment. Rich kid grew up here trying to run around like he’s a poor hillbilly; aft…
06-11-2022 15:45
RT @4C_Blue: @KidRock She has the ability to take in new information when a person reveals who they really are and change her mind about so…
06-11-2022 15:45
RT @Nick_Pettigrew: Kid Rock has built an entire career based on a dirt-poor redneck persona, despite being a comfortable middle class kid…
06-11-2022 15:45
@harleypasternak @Yahoo I def don't support Kanye but if that ish in that text is accurate (probably is) then you a…
06-11-2022 15:34
RT @sharonmwinner: @ericareport
06-11-2022 01:55
RT @ericareport: BREAKING: The membership list of the white supremacist Oath Keepers leaked — and it includes over 80 Republican politician…
06-11-2022 01:55
RT @trectrl: @parkwood @Beyonce you think this is a game
06-11-2022 01:46
RT @trillixns: @parkwood @Beyonce imagine how tired we are…
06-11-2022 01:43
RT @badizozo: @parkwood @Beyonce Reneigh After a century of waiting for the visuals
06-11-2022 01:43
RT @dev_ilmoon: @duckedoffso @_TooUnderratedX @PlayboiGazoo 😭😭AYE how is T-Pain not more celebrated?? This man's voice is otherworldly!! Al…
06-11-2022 01:21
I see @TPAIN trending and I'll take this moment to once again say his voice is golden. I need the TPain blues album asap. #angeltones
06-11-2022 01:16
RT @ADW_esq: Drake ruined a great project with a adding a throw away line dismissing violence against a black woman. I’m not sure why rappe…
05-11-2022 16:16
@TBInvestigation That's great! Any word on once missing then found murdered in Wilson Co. #MayaFuller ?
05-11-2022 16:15
RT @VABVOX: So they're purging Black women at MSNBC again? Tiffany Cross is out immediately. Joy Reid may be as well. Right before the ele…
05-11-2022 02:24
RT @JoyAnnReid: You won’t find a better explanation of Stephen Miller, the hateful white supremacy he swims in, and the Republican Party th…
05-11-2022 02:24
RT @WajahatAli: White nationalist Tucker Carlson hits Tiffany Cross recently and accuses her for fueling a "race war." She get deluged with…
05-11-2022 02:24
RT @wassaname__: @rapalert6 “She said u asked where she going why u in MY business”
03-11-2022 20:12
@No1too @ItsDessAgain @NICKIFOREVERFAN @rapalert6
03-11-2022 20:11
RT @TeaPainUSA: Let. This. Sink. In. There was an assassination attempt against the Speaker of the House and the Republican Party will not…
01-11-2022 06:44
RT @mirandayaver: Today in Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, I'm teaching an 8-1 Supreme Court case that invariaby lead…
01-11-2022 06:43
@nippyooc Impossible! 🎶🎶🎶
01-11-2022 06:36
I do wish that they would not have had Agatha caping so hard for Sophia. Sophia was at best a half decent friend. S…
30-10-2022 04:09
The Britney edit!!! Ahhh #TheSchoolForGoodAndEvil
30-10-2022 04:02
RT @keyon: I love a fun story that deals with fairytale classics. Bring me MORE and MORE. I think we should never stop creating things like…
30-10-2022 04:01
RT @joltsarchive: sophie barging in with the loudest bass in the school for good and evil reaction video
30-10-2022 04:01
RT @WYLIEF4IRY: the school for good and evil was movie theaters worthy actually
30-10-2022 04:00
#TheSchoolForGoodAndEvil is freaking amazing! Bravo!
30-10-2022 04:00
RT @BerniceKing: One of the reasons many people fear and oppose teaching the full, honest history of the United States and world: “The par…
30-10-2022 00:20
RT @cmkinmia: I’m 100% behind all of the backlash Kanye has received for his antisemitic comments but why wasn’t he cancelled back when he…
29-10-2022 00:41
RT @AttorneyCrump: WOW! 4 years ago Brian attended a March For Our Lives protest to demand action on gun control. Now he’s recovering after…
28-10-2022 15:41
RT @davidhogg111: Over four years ago, Brian protested with March For Our Lives to demand action on gun violence in our schools and communi…
28-10-2022 15:41
RT @taylorpaquette: We cannot let this school shooting - one at a predominately Black high school - be ignored and dismissed because it hap…
28-10-2022 15:38
RT @MrErnestOwens: FACT: Before Kanye West was "the face of Anti-Semitism," he was one of the hip-hop faces of misogynoir, anti-Blackness,…
26-10-2022 15:08
RT @IrisTheeScholar: The best episode by far⚡️ ‘Upending the “Angry Black Woman” Myth’ with incomparable women: Issa Rae, Ziwe, and Profes…
26-10-2022 03:01
RT @SuccessSussex: M: Do you feel that you're allowed to be angry in certain moments? ISSA Rae: absolutely not... Because people are looki…
26-10-2022 03:00
RT @emilywallace615: @WSMV “Local business man thinks he knows more about infectious disease than team of world class doctors” Fixed it.
22-10-2022 13:53
RT @mr_m1ndset: The Seinfeld Episode That Will Change Your Life
21-10-2022 16:58
@dbooktician The key was to be in the driveway or under that street light closest to your house. I don't know what…
17-10-2022 00:42
@dbooktician ☠️
17-10-2022 00:39
RT @lmauricecpr: George Floyd didn’t die because of fentanyl, that racist overdose theory was used to smear his name in court. He died beca…
16-10-2022 23:30
@Kurrco Like?
16-10-2022 22:48
RT @anthonyvclark20: @Kurrco “Our ancestors weren’t enslaved like that.” “Jim crow didn’t oppress like that.” - Kanye West …….🤡
16-10-2022 22:46
RT @bernynite: @Kurrco Alright. It’s time.
16-10-2022 22:40
RT @_AllEyezOnZee: And George Floyd’s family should sue Kanye JUST like those Parkland families sued Alex Jones
16-10-2022 22:39
RT @aliastheaddikt: @noreaga When u got the klan rally at 12 but gota try to get the black fans back at 5
16-10-2022 22:35
@KyranAlexander @noreaga I'm "we". Since y'all free thinking cousins gonna be asking. F Koonye.
16-10-2022 22:32
RT @NitaLil: @JustinTinsley At this point can we just not discuss Kanye at all. He needs the attention. I'm also trying to understand how n…
16-10-2022 22:21
RT @ToneOnlyPhoto: Ray J with the wise words 🙏🏾
12-10-2022 03:06
@MegNev @StevijoPayne Yes lol I do
11-10-2022 23:18
RT @Istillwantapony: Since #ChloeCampbell will trend let’s take this opportunity to remember countless unaccompanied migrant minors have go…
11-10-2022 00:42
@CBSNews The news only covers certain looks and that's a shame.
11-10-2022 00:41
The media is so obvious and they don't even care. #ChloeCampbell #peoplearemissing
11-10-2022 00:40
RT @christoq: You don't have to make minimum wage to want to see it raised. You don't have to have kids to support universal childcare and…
10-10-2022 01:58
RT @cynfinite: HBO Max has a reality show called “Homegrown,” where Atlanta farmer Jamila Norman helps families who want to transform their…
10-10-2022 01:57
RT @ninaturner: The descendants of enslaved Americans deserve reparations. Period.
10-10-2022 01:56
@IChoseViolences Prayers up little one! Kick cancers butt!
10-10-2022 01:46
RT @IChoseViolences: UAPB HBCU BAND performing CUFF IT during their Homecoming 🔥🔥🔥
10-10-2022 01:41
@IChoseViolences 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
10-10-2022 01:39
RT @itstarekali: I see CUFF IT becoming a black anthem like before I let go. It exudes happiness, community, and a good time
10-10-2022 01:38
Or if you have ANY information, you’re asked to call the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office at 615-444-1459, ext. 233.…
10-10-2022 01:30
The reward for answers in Mya's case has been raised to a total of 21k at this time. If you happened to have been i…
10-10-2022 01:30
Mya has supposedly been confirmed to have been seen at a club called Island Vibes in Antioch, TN in the overnight…
10-10-2022 01:30
Who Killed Mya??!! Whoever ended the life of this beautiful young lady needs to be found asap. "Mya Fuller from Mur…
10-10-2022 01:30
RT @MarkJacob16: Republicans seem to think Herschel Walker and Kanye West represent Black Americans. In reality, they represent white Repub…
09-10-2022 08:39
RT @ThePopTingz: Beyoncé’s “CUFF IT” has re-entered the Top 10 of the US iTunes Songs chart at #10.
09-10-2022 07:04
RT @FemaleRapRoom: Queen Latifah’s energy is so beautiful 💕 The look, the hair, her randomly singing Cuff It 😭😭😭
09-10-2022 07:02
RT @BadBitchCarta: CUFF IT re-enters the TOP 5 of UK Apple Music 🇬🇧at #5 (+1)
09-10-2022 06:59
RT @thecimonalisa: While Tia Mowry is trending, go buy from her cookware line Spice! Them pans are sooo good.
09-10-2022 06:34
RT @JoJoFromJerz: @RonFilipkowski These fuckers worship an entirely fictional motherfucking person. There is not one shred of fucking legit…
09-10-2022 06:30
09-10-2022 06:04
one place to another for major profit for the state but at a major loss for the families. #disenfranchisement…
09-10-2022 05:42
that the city never cared about putting there until the whole damn city was gentrified. Let's not even get into tho…
09-10-2022 05:42
Then to take that land and send a whole interstate swerving through it feet from their "new home". #tennessee y'all…
09-10-2022 05:42
It sure would be nice to be living on my family's ancestral land on a nice moonlite night like tonight. But for Im…
09-10-2022 05:42
RT @DanRather: Anyone wondering if it would take time for Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to settle into a new job, the last few days should…
05-10-2022 03:23
RT @PopCulture2000s: 11 years ago, beyoncé drops countdown💫
05-10-2022 03:19
RT @BeigeBastard: @emeeejadeee Now what if that lady tweet the link to the visuals in her bio Friday then what?
05-10-2022 03:04
RT @stushbwoyjo: @emeeejadeee Beyoncé:
05-10-2022 02:58
RT @flakingbaking: @OmarRiverosays It won’t matter if Democrats don’t win the midterms. We are dealing with actual fascists with the GOP.…
02-10-2022 15:41
RT @shanlonwu: Hardly shocking that Trump would threaten Mitch McConnell by capitalizing the words "death wish" - dog whistle invitation to…
02-10-2022 00:11
RT @robertleomoore: @MeghanMcCain It's not because she's a woman. It's because she's a Republican. I mean come on, Lauren Boebert? Marjorie…
02-10-2022 00:05
@Ayhollywoood @Beyonce @BeyLegion @WeAreIvyPark
26-09-2022 00:24
RT @Ayhollywoood: 4. CUFF IT @Beyonce @BeyLegion @WeAreIvyPark #beyonce #RENAISSANCE #organziedchaos #vibes #Hollywoodmovement…
26-09-2022 00:23
RT @BadBitchCarta: Miss Viral herself! Cuff It
26-09-2022 00:19
RT @vidsbey1: Beyoncé's Black Is King film is a masterpiece
26-09-2022 00:18
RT @BeyonceManila: "Have you ever had fun like this?"Darius played Cuff It with his Saxophone 🎷Instrument!!! #CuffItChallenge #RENAISSANCE…
26-09-2022 00:18
RT @IChoseViolences: They ate the CUFF IT challenge with Hula 🔥🔥
26-09-2022 00:17
Say what y'all want to say but #TheWomanKing was amazing. #letsgotothemovies
25-09-2022 05:14
RT @Mutha4Ker: If the cops weren’t racist n homophobic Jeffery dahmer woulda been caught earlier
24-09-2022 22:34
RT @inactivenproud: there needs to be a show about how serial killers and other criminals dont be masterminds and actually get away with it…
24-09-2022 22:32
RT @zombief1ed: if this series does nothing else of good, i hope it causes joseph gabrish and john balcerzak to be hounded for the rest of…
24-09-2022 22:28
RT @CommunistsEgirl: The names of the two cops who handed a bleeding and nude child back to Jeffery Dahmer. Both were reinstated and one ST…
24-09-2022 22:28
Creepy Pastas are the only thing that get me through the work day. #randomtruths
22-09-2022 21:05
So my down the road a bit neighbor is flying an all black 'merican flag now. Anybody got a bead on that one. I know…
19-09-2022 00:06
RT @badguyshay: It’s been over 3 months since Break my soul and almost 2 months since Renaissance. Still no visuals… Beyoncé is stressing…
16-09-2022 07:15
@BrianPuspos OMG!!!!!!!! Yes. Yes. And Yes.
16-09-2022 07:10
RT @BrianPuspos: Beyoncé wedding dance. It was our wedding but my wife insisted to celebrate the queens birthday still.…
16-09-2022 07:08
RT @FairfaxCountyPD: #Missing 18yo Amira Bashir was last seen on 9/10 in the 7500 blk of Little River Tpke. She is 5’, 140lbs, w/blk hair.…
16-09-2022 07:05
RT @NeverNotBlack: @itsKARY_ If they wanna party with the queen they gon have to sign a non-disclosure! - Beyoncé That was NOT hyperbole. S…
14-09-2022 03:49
RT @SheerOpulence2: #1 cause of death for young black men is homicide. This shit deeper than PNB Rock & Dolph but yall on here making joke…
14-09-2022 03:26
RT @TonyHussein4: MAGA Republicans describe the mob that attacked the US Capitol as patriots. 5 people died during and following the attac…
12-09-2022 00:25
RT @TimHannan: The Republican Party is presenting US Capitol flags to people who defecated in the halls of the Capitol. This is who they ar…
12-09-2022 00:25
RT @MaryJaneJane58: Seeing the Kardashians go down the same time as the Trumps, is icing on my big ass celebration cake #KimKardashian
11-09-2022 20:19
RT @shante_DMV: that #kimkardashian will do ANYTHING for attention and to stay relevant. its really sick and she has a problem. i really wa…
11-09-2022 20:18
@her_khumalo These whores. We been knew. Ray was dumb to go along with this nonsense. Like he said though he saw th…
11-09-2022 20:18
RT @juicewrld6218: #Kimkardashian is a liar and a thief according to Ray J’s rant. She stole $800k from his mom and his sis! I’ve always fo…
11-09-2022 20:13
Burn it all down @RayJ #KimKardashian
11-09-2022 20:11
RT @GLAMstarrr: To pretend to be a victim of revenge porn & sex exploitation for years is just SICK . As a black woman , defending #KimKard…
11-09-2022 20:09
RT @just_tracee: Y’all, Sonja Norwood TRIED to tell us on Wendy years ago… You can tell @RayJ was still trying to protect the lie he agree…
11-09-2022 20:09