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RT @SueSuezep: March 1990. In the olden days, we didn't take tory shite lying down These day's..........Meh...... https://t.co/Sg045Xzb0B
28-11-2022 23:56
RT @sashasimic: 28/11/1757: The birthday of William Blake: Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand o…
28-11-2022 23:55
RT @SueSuezep: #NeverTrustATory https://t.co/RS7YgoJYwY
28-11-2022 23:55
RT @andrewfeinstein: The public announcement of the launch of the Sheffield Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid on the steps of City Hall ✊…
28-11-2022 23:29
RT @sashasimic: 43 years of neo-liberalism.
28-11-2022 23:26
RT @buitengebieden: Dogs are the best.. 💪 https://t.co/AAjToObifV
28-11-2022 23:20
RT @RaggedTP: I’m enjoying the hypocrisy of US media criticising Iran and China on human rights issues... when the US has its very own ‘To…
28-11-2022 23:18
RT @1hakankapucu: There are times a quiet hug is the best thing to say. https://t.co/lfm8zK6eCr
28-11-2022 23:17
RT @Wat_the_deuce: Feck FIFA, I'm wearing my rainbow arm band 💪 😉 https://t.co/P2SlnTNxPt
28-11-2022 23:15
RT @LeftWingSociety: A protester has just pitch invaded holding the LGBT+ flag in Qatar. 🏳️‍🌈👏 https://t.co/sPXalMjBGS
28-11-2022 23:15
RT @SaulStaniforth: [email protected] was spot on here on @novaramedia tonight. Tories don't go into politics for 'public service'. They go in…
28-11-2022 23:14
RT @Wat_the_deuce: Dog gives a helping push 🐕 😊 https://t.co/750c6sTE6m
28-11-2022 23:13
RT @sashasimic: 28/11/1820 - Birthday of Friedrich #Engels. Revolutionary, activist, socialist theoretician and author. Friend and collabo…
28-11-2022 23:11
Henry Silva obituary American stage and screen actor who oozed menace in his many roles as the bad guy, heavy or vi… https://t.co/PIj5vQNwuf
28-11-2022 22:58
RT @PunKandStuff: 42 years ago today #SiouxsieAndTheBanshees released the single ISRAEL https://t.co/8yEc401MVR
28-11-2022 22:47
RT @weirdlilguys: gravity optional https://t.co/QvHPOOUSww
28-11-2022 22:47
RT @ucu: CALLING ALL NOTTINGHAM MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS 🗣️ Get in touch to reserve your place 👇 #ucuRISING
28-11-2022 22:46
RT @michael45982804: https://t.co/XPN0v9NbvU
28-11-2022 22:46
RT @ElRaynerista: Not sure I'm fully into these post-Brexit Quality Streets. https://t.co/6djK15z5E5
28-11-2022 22:46
RT @sashasimic: This is your work @SuellaBraverman Asylum seekers hospitalised with diphtheria as monthly infections rise by 50% https://t.…
28-11-2022 22:45
RT @David__Osland: @mowords Steady on, Maurice. It's only been 40 years since the idea of black sections first emerged, so just be patient…
28-11-2022 22:17
RT @mowords: Hardly a surprise that tomorrow the Labour Party is set to disenfranchise tens of thousands of its BAME members after the Ford…
28-11-2022 22:17
RT @ucu: Is there a more iconic colour than UCU hot pink? #ucuRISING
28-11-2022 22:17
RT @RedCollectiveUK: Sending love and solidarity also to Harry's son, who has taken over the reigns at @Harryslaststand. Please know that y…
28-11-2022 22:16
RT @RedCollectiveUK: Today marks four years since Harry Leslie Smith left us. Harry died, in 2018, at the age of 95. Before he left us, how…
28-11-2022 22:16
RT @ucu: Amazing stuff 🤩 The bigger picket line, the shorter the strike ✊ #ucuRISING
28-11-2022 22:16
RT @HeckinGoodDogs: Best Friends! https://t.co/ctat08TiYu
28-11-2022 22:16
Labour criticised for ditching commitment to start Black wing of party Members say new plan waters down 2018 pled… https://t.co/ImtaFf3Wrn
28-11-2022 22:13
Fuel poverty campaigners call for immediate ban on more expensive prepayment meter installations https://t.co/AT5J2lXbgb
28-11-2022 22:11
Thousands of extra cancer cases linked to deprivation in Scotland https://t.co/8wO2arUQwS
28-11-2022 21:57
BT announces plans to award pay rise to all but highest-paid staff in bid to resolve long-running dispute https://t.co/gjIAOC8EoQ
28-11-2022 21:57
Obituary Wilko Johnson, a one-off pub-rock legend, dies July 12, 1947– November 21, 2022 https://t.co/XlI0nbPSJu
28-11-2022 21:55
Ministers reportedly drawing up plans to draft in the army to plug gaps in NHS during looming strikes https://t.co/874ki0MRq2
28-11-2022 21:54
Pensioner, 80, left to live in room where 'asbestos was found' after British Gas visit Sheila Sneddon cleaned debr… https://t.co/KBQJGsDEY3
28-11-2022 21:53
Asbestos alert halts Salisbury River Park Project https://t.co/U8W8DdHxkz
28-11-2022 21:52
RT @sashasimic: 28/11/1820 - Birthday of Friedrich #Engels. Revolutionary, activist, socialist theoretician and author. Friend and collabo…
28-11-2022 16:30
Human-related predator that lived 340 million years ago dubbed ‘original T Rex’ Named Whatcheeria, it had huge raz… https://t.co/0Q1FnBGD6V
28-11-2022 15:59
Just Stop Oil block roads in new protest as police warn of two weeks of disruption Cars beep horns as protesters… https://t.co/wmIqGPx68U
28-11-2022 15:58
Parents hit by bills crisis making ‘impossible choices between nappies and food’ ‘My daughter is having to deal w… https://t.co/4JxqySb96X
28-11-2022 15:57
RT @sashasimic: @torysmasher Berlin.
28-11-2022 15:30
@sashasimic Great photo, where was that?
28-11-2022 15:18
RT @sashasimic: @torysmasher me and the boys... https://t.co/wtRfdeQLTf
28-11-2022 15:15
@sashasimic Me and Fred just hanging out. https://t.co/9pJNox5rbI
28-11-2022 15:14
RT @sashasimic: 28/11/1820 - Birthday of Friedrich #Engels. Revolutionary, activist, socialist theoretician and author. Friend and collabo…
28-11-2022 15:12
Anti-racism march to take place in Glasgow city centre today Human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar and the sister of She… https://t.co/js8GhnEC0P
28-11-2022 14:09
Nearly three million Scots worried about energy bills and cost of living https://t.co/khGWxcCmiN
28-11-2022 14:04
Struggling neighbours in Salford's 'biggest eyesore' face 'scandalous' rent hike - on Christmas Eve "A friend said… https://t.co/Ke5NZkFeKP
28-11-2022 13:55
Doctors' outrage as 'only non-fast food shop' at hospital is 'asked to leave' Have a Banana is based in Saint Mary… https://t.co/a9o8DkTbnS
28-11-2022 13:53
Shortage of beds saw critically ill patient transferred 24 miles to another hospital He died at the age of 35-yea… https://t.co/RMoMuYXJIz
28-11-2022 13:52
This is the side of the World Cup that Qatar would prefer you ignore To walk around Qatar is to be blinded by ligh… https://t.co/RbjiKzHIZE
28-11-2022 13:37
A hundred UK companies switch to four-day working week with no pay cut Proponents say the five-day week is a hango… https://t.co/XoWeNwRhsO
28-11-2022 13:34
RT @HeckinGoodDogs: https://t.co/BxvAUp9t6p
28-11-2022 13:19
RT @jonahsend: https://t.co/GlGswsILoO
28-11-2022 12:28
"BBC accuses Chinese police of ‘beating & kicking’ journalist covering Covid protests" On an NUS demo in London in… https://t.co/puHGRoaOlj
28-11-2022 12:27
RT @jonahsend: https://t.co/kyem6hMyjV
28-11-2022 12:12
Poorer women in UK have sixth-highest cancer death rates in Europe, WHO finds Those from deprived backgrounds are… https://t.co/zIrkbpKXaR
28-11-2022 11:52
Woman dying of lung disease ‘caused by mould’ urges action on rogue landlords Tenant, who is suing landlord in te… https://t.co/5jSLj4U704
28-11-2022 11:48
RT @Meish52: The country changing
28-11-2022 01:57
RT @automaticdog: @NoContextBrits https://t.co/huZja6Eqe9
28-11-2022 01:44
@automaticdog @NoContextBrits Mat Hancock taking defeat badly.
28-11-2022 01:43
@We_Like_Dogs Lugs
28-11-2022 01:39
RT @michaelscat2: I told her she can't have any more treats tonight. Should I be worried? https://t.co/dMi0wmQZcC
28-11-2022 01:38
RT @Loriagne2: THANK GOD FOR THAT! WANCOCKS OUT.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
28-11-2022 00:57
RT @duduschka: Days of hope... https://t.co/K8T5qgqqZM
28-11-2022 00:57
RT @weirdlilguys: not impressed https://t.co/YoOcr3HE11
28-11-2022 00:50
RT @JeremyBeecham: Latest Tory triumph. England is now suffering the worst ever delays in the ambulance service,The Observer reports
28-11-2022 00:35
RT @Yoda4ever: Cat patiently waits while grandma fixes his favorite toy...🐈🐾🧸 https://t.co/WuzoLMc7sF
28-11-2022 00:34
Just Stop Oil expected to begin two weeks of action in London from Monday Scotland Yard believes environmental ac… https://t.co/RVFe7V8DMa
28-11-2022 00:15
RT @ArgyleLoz: I'm a veteran of 22 years service, i assist my fellow veterans (most of them badly injured) to get what should be theirs by…
28-11-2022 00:13
RT @docrussjackson: Please can Fiona Bruce stop doing #bbcqt, & stick to #antiquesroadshow? https://t.co/OQEIg6DYqn
28-11-2022 00:12
RT @buitengebieden: Work smarter.. 👌 https://t.co/7X65IVdJw9
28-11-2022 00:12
RT @Yoda4ever: An attempt was made...🐈🐾🐶😅 https://t.co/uw7KLyU0hs
28-11-2022 00:11
RT @windlerob: @michaelscat2 @torysmasher I'm with you...she had 15 years of being with you...that's the reply. I lost my 17 year old dog i…
28-11-2022 00:10
RT @Juliadoe51: If the US insurance based model of private health care is more costly for the govt. and leaves millions without healthcare…
27-11-2022 23:53
RT @_leftisbest: jeremycorbyn: Humbled to receive the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage from Trinity College Dublin Philosophical Society fo…
27-11-2022 23:52
RT @Parody_PM: Remember to join in the free personality test tonight. Simply watch I'm A Celebrity and if you find yourself voting for Matt…
27-11-2022 23:50
RT @MattJCording: @ANGELIN29187586 @Ravidranting He should be in prison! https://t.co/qDKV6KsGiq
27-11-2022 23:50
RT @michaelscat2: Yesterday, we had to euthanize our 15 years old cat because of kidney failure. She was my best friend and was always ther…
27-11-2022 23:49
How Cottonopolis was stitched up Against the Manchester Model The last 20 years have seen Manchester become the po… https://t.co/8QZ987VFy8
27-11-2022 23:47
RT @CantreBreiniol: @_isaacrose @tribunemagazine Thank you for this. Your #RentierCity moniker equally applies @cardiffcouncil It’s an epid…
27-11-2022 23:39
RT @CameronBoyle_95: @_isaacrose @tribunemagazine An outstanding piece, Isaac! As a GM resident, I've always been curious about what's dr…
27-11-2022 23:39
RT @_isaacrose: “Somebody’s murdered Manchester and not told me. Somebody’s taken it to the dogs — ripped from it a history” (Mark E Smith)…
27-11-2022 23:39
RT @sashasimic: @socialistworker https://t.co/y71rJYyIif
27-11-2022 23:32
RT @windlerob: @Keir_Starmer What are you doing about this?... asking for a skint nation.
27-11-2022 23:27
RT @ANGELIN29187586: Anyone saying oh matt hes so nice, is like saying harold shipman was a good doctor https://t.co/f6zvoLD1cA
27-11-2022 23:27
RT @DaveWardGS: I NEED EVERY FOLLOWER TO RT THIS Your local postie is facing the most important week ever. They are facing intimidation,…
27-11-2022 23:26
RT @sashasimic: @torysmasher @SuellaBraverman Think we know what they mean...
27-11-2022 23:26
Ministers face pressure to explain PPE Medpro contracts decision Labour to ask how Michelle Mone-linked firm was a… https://t.co/7kj5G9fs18
27-11-2022 23:20
Real-terms pay cuts or financial justice: which side is Labour on? https://t.co/X8qmwpSjgV
27-11-2022 23:17
RT @buitengebieden: Garfield in real life.. 😅 https://t.co/B9bkjYvEHI
27-11-2022 23:14
@sashasimic @SuellaBraverman Ooops, a typo! That's the Morning Star, didn't notice. Unless they've had a change of policy!
27-11-2022 23:14
RT @sashasimic: @SuellaBraverman has blood on her hands...
27-11-2022 23:10
Arise Festival: let’s unite the left resistance After a summer of working-class fightback, the left itself must ste… https://t.co/suKpaXqWTd
27-11-2022 23:07
The Labour Party’s unjust attacks on its own members must be resisted ‘It’s time now for people to stand up and be… https://t.co/yUPm4fdx9o
27-11-2022 23:06
Striking ex-miners working at museum secure pay award after taking strike action https://t.co/eu2m1NxZXf
27-11-2022 23:05
Braverman facing calls to reign after man who died after being detained at Manston had diphtheria https://t.co/kh6uk6lkec
27-11-2022 23:04
Government ‘patronising’ struggling workers by refusing to negotiate as winter rebellion over pay goes on https://t.co/J1lRDysLyy
27-11-2022 23:02
Nicola Jennings on public-sector strike action – cartoon https://t.co/1JeuNVb2YB
27-11-2022 22:47
RT @TizBroken: I’m having a change today & working a late shift on the Emergency Assessment Unit. With 9 ambulances outside A&E I think it…
27-11-2022 22:21
RT @buitengebieden: So excited.. 😂 https://t.co/fl9MPJuMUL
27-11-2022 22:20
RT @Matthew82069336: In terms of repugnancy Priti Patel was a hard act to follow, but Sue Ellen Braverman has sunk to even worse depths. Ev…
27-11-2022 22:20
RT @ucu: Post-truth vice chancellors claimed our strikes had little support So here is a video or every picket, rally and march from last…
27-11-2022 22:19
RT @RaggedTP: Good Afternoon everyone and Welcome to the latest edition of #SocialistSunday ❤️❤️❤️ I'll follow back all like-minded sociali…
27-11-2022 22:19
RT @CEstateMedia: Good question https://t.co/ER0d4KKYwk
27-11-2022 22:19
RT @HeckinGoodDogs: Is that snack for me? https://t.co/kUG6ZU4Xml
27-11-2022 22:18
RT @mcmoffet: https://t.co/AkohwVSEoV
27-11-2022 22:04
We need a public inquiry into profiteering on PPE | Letters Readers respond to the Guardian’s revelations about t… https://t.co/eIwTcuIQR8
27-11-2022 22:04
Another broken pledge Keir Starmer rules out return of free movement between Britain and EU Labour leader says i… https://t.co/cBt8KUYQgC
27-11-2022 22:02
RT @BeckettUnite: • NHS Hospital Canteen: ‘Single Tuna sarnie’ costing £3.00 for nurses, paid for out of their own wage • Houses of Parlia…
27-11-2022 22:01
Forgotten photos show how Kenyan archaeologists unearthed secrets of their own country https://t.co/04GiQ9dcKy
27-11-2022 21:59
RT @HeckinGoodDogs: Faster, you two legger https://t.co/O1iyb7eaIY
27-11-2022 21:36
Brexit has worsened shortage of NHS doctors, analysis shows Exclusive: More than 4,000 European medics have chose… https://t.co/CBKmg0X10A
27-11-2022 21:25
RT @damian_from: How it started... How it's going... https://t.co/Phsf6Rvm7n
27-11-2022 20:56
RT @meatyard_jd: Time up for the oligarch puppets. STRIKE. RISE. REVOLT. SEDITION. ANARCHY. FREEDOM FROM THE IN- BREDS.
27-11-2022 20:55
RT @JamieWebster94: Beautiful scenes. 👌 https://t.co/3xpL6kdHm6
27-11-2022 19:38
BT pushing Jeremy Corbyn's agenda. BT asks ministers to help pay for low-cost broadband for poorest customers https://t.co/uRFaQoFwQK
27-11-2022 19:32
UK’s trade export growth slower than EU, US and G7 countries under Tories Only Japan performed worse than the UK d… https://t.co/jmErcZdEYv
27-11-2022 19:29
RT @VickiTimms3: @S64Robert @ref_tm I just paid £46 for 3 coffees, a tea & a slice of coffee cake - admittedly it was in a dream, but nothi…
27-11-2022 19:25
Palestinian rights activists target Barclays Bank for its financial links with arms companies supplying Israel https://t.co/xh1xicaj4a
27-11-2022 19:20
RT @martingilhooly: Mum is 90 today and is going along very nicely… she would love a few like and retweets…😁 https://t.co/V3IdSfRmzm
27-11-2022 19:09
Freedom v authoritarianism HELEN MERCER recommends a book that explains the ruthless official manipulation of the c… https://t.co/pPSNhXYP4u
27-11-2022 19:09
RT @meatyard_jd: @torysmasher scandalous the council have allowed this to get this far.
27-11-2022 18:25
RT @suziegeewizz: A friend has just come back from visiting Palestine. Met up with her at the pub last night to hear all about it but every…
27-11-2022 16:53
RT @unionlib: Remember when the Executive Board of the United European Jews wrote a letter in support of Jeremy Corbyn? You probably don't…
27-11-2022 16:53
RT @conditionred7: Good Morning everyone and Welcome to the latest edition of #SocialistSunday ❤️❤️❤️ I'll follow back everyone who follow…
27-11-2022 16:52
RT @ArtCrunchy: @Normanjam671 This one Sir Norman? 🤣 https://t.co/xvQrMHeHgF
27-11-2022 16:52
RT @MPeakeOfficial: Stand by your Post! ✊
27-11-2022 16:52
Public sector pay rises cannot match inflation, says transport secretary. Wrong answer. Mark Harper raises likelih… https://t.co/CfoMBXTz6Q
27-11-2022 16:50
Former Tory chair joins rebellion over Sunak’s onshore windfarm ban Jake Berry is latest senior MP to urge prime m… https://t.co/tCSo571n9n
27-11-2022 16:48
Revealed: north of England train line vastly under-reports cancellations TransPennine Express uses ‘outrageous’ l… https://t.co/QEG5XexRJ2
27-11-2022 16:46
RT @Ellen95294495: This is a photo of my sister and workmate who both worked in a care home when Covid broke out. They have sluice bags on…
27-11-2022 15:48
RT @Mr_ReadingTown: Quite simple really . . . . . . . . 🤭 https://t.co/CIncfv81wB
27-11-2022 15:44
RT @NLhuntsabs: We've just packed up the East Essex Hunt by Shalford Green 🦊 Yet another week of violence from their drunk huntsman Gary T…
27-11-2022 15:44
RT @tomdouglas16: @GmaTuc @torysmasher Watch this
27-11-2022 15:43
RT @LKTranslator: BREAKING: Lawmakers have confirmed that if you find yourself in the dock for mass murder, you can simply eat kangaroo tes…
27-11-2022 15:38
Newcastle family tell of horror as mum, 80, left to live in room where 'asbestos was found' Pensioner Sheila Snedd… https://t.co/gc3YA2cp5I
27-11-2022 15:37
Dad, 38, found dead in street 'covered in substance' had been shot and was the victim of acid attack Police have l… https://t.co/BVgBPP389G
27-11-2022 15:31
RT @CWUnews: Everything King Charles says here is right. This is why we cannot give in. This is what we are fighting for. It is time fo…
27-11-2022 15:25
RT @reperioverum: @socialistsunday Happy #SocialistSunday everybody https://t.co/7z2DGbO4B1
27-11-2022 15:24
RT @GmaTuc: Jailed over group chat https://t.co/5NjKioXMaG
27-11-2022 15:23
RT @cooper9880: Up the workers! #JoinAUnion Happy #SocialistSunday ya lovely lot 👊 https://t.co/M9hxLLy9dw
27-11-2022 15:23
RT @godishomer: Home finally.. been a long morning as my drivers mate didn't turn in this morning. They forgot to ask for a volunteer to co…
27-11-2022 15:23
RT @Rachael_Swindon: Starmer’s New Low: 24 Hours of Inexcusable Shame New one from me https://t.co/tZ3tiYgVtt
27-11-2022 15:21
RT @Scotscouser: @Matthew82069336 @torysmasher All I can hope is that his apparent popularity is due to decent people boycotting the progra…
27-11-2022 15:19
RT @1kilroywashere: ' A year after the Owen Paterson scandal led to promises of stricter control politicians earned £5m from work on the si…
27-11-2022 15:19
Competence, what competence? Tory chancellors like Jeremy Hunt always spell disaster Look at the record, from Law… https://t.co/8mRS39SJ2P
27-11-2022 15:18
Fuel poverty measures freezing out poorest Britons New analysis reveals the least affluent need urgent government… https://t.co/KuvWh6eKip
27-11-2022 14:06
RT @RandolphTrent: @torysmasher Should mean prison if caught having a second job if you are an MP the end!
27-11-2022 13:58
RT @DBDUB69: Luna finding all her favourite little perches again https://t.co/9DmUUf2Elq
27-11-2022 13:58
Moonlighting MPs earn more than ever from second jobs, despite ‘crackdown’ A year after the Owen Paterson scandal… https://t.co/7Gg0aIWtko
27-11-2022 13:55
At the time, she suggested that the country did not have a “properly functioning legal system”, but told MPs this w… https://t.co/xiFmrlVpS8
27-11-2022 13:42
Revealed: Suella Braverman’s trips to Rwanda to teach government lawyers Exclusive: Home secretary visited country… https://t.co/vek0CMI4q6
27-11-2022 13:40
@sashasimic Life got worse from the moment Thatcher got elected.
27-11-2022 13:38
RT @sashasimic: @torysmasher But that's not true. At 62 I lived through recession and outright depressions most happening when the UK was…
27-11-2022 13:28
RT @ArtCrunchy: People are replaced by machines. AI. People are devalued. Scrapped. Paid a bare minimum. No Jobs or Shit Jobs. We need a fu…
27-11-2022 13:22
RT @RaggedTP: Good Morning everyone and Welcome to the latest edition of #SocialistSunday ❤️❤️❤️ I'll follow back all like-minded socialist…
27-11-2022 13:21
RT @Matthew82069336: Not only did he cause mass fatalities, Matt Hancock sort to profit out of people's deaths too. The only vote he should…
27-11-2022 13:21
RT @redrum57: While the Tories and pals where salting the contracts and monies in off shore banks and trusts,Partying and hiding the emptie…
27-11-2022 13:21
RT @ucu: Next Wednesday, 1pm. UCU's biggest ever rally. Be there. We're going to win this dispute ✊ #ucuRISING https://t.co/kY2mNo7OuQ
27-11-2022 13:20
Brexit has made Britain the sick man of Europe again The EU did wonders for the economy: that was why we joined. O… https://t.co/PoDUJqFTkK
27-11-2022 13:20
One in 10 UK teachers forced to do second jobs ‘to keep eating’ amid rising costs Monthly pay does not cover basic… https://t.co/LL4fg9WNlx
27-11-2022 13:18
Senior Tories demand Sunak ditches ‘mindless’ crackdown on overseas students Former universities ministers David… https://t.co/5lGPWwaNsY
27-11-2022 13:16
Child asylum seekers detained as adults after UK Home Office ‘alters birth dates’ Unaccompanied child refugees des… https://t.co/CInCJVuNDa
27-11-2022 13:15
RT @ElaineDyson1: #SocialistSunday DIY follow list. If you want more socialist followers, please reply, RT & follow each other, from the re…
27-11-2022 13:13
RT @IanMercia: These outrageous comparisons between Matt Hancock and Harold shipman are sickening. Shipman only killed 250. #ImACelebri…
27-11-2022 12:53
RT @AnneLaird31: Mark Harper Transport Sec on Sky. IQ of Chlamydia. Nob.
27-11-2022 12:52
‘It would be the death of culture’: Manchester’s Night & Day venue faces moment of truth Court battle over noise… https://t.co/kwEqZzU7ec
27-11-2022 12:35
GPs tell patients to ‘get an Uber’ as NHS ambulance delays hit record level Some practices in England are encourag… https://t.co/cfuOBKwIYq
27-11-2022 12:34
Universities condemned over threat to dock all pay of striking staff Queen Mary in London and Wolverhampton criti… https://t.co/OgDDMcIBtv
27-11-2022 12:33
Having 'Shadow Levelling Up' before your name is evidence that your party has lost the plot.
27-11-2022 12:24
RT @MannieQuinn1: If only Adolf Eichmann had had the chance to redeem himself on "I'm A Celebrity", eh? "You can't vote for him. He's basic…
27-11-2022 01:34
RT @battledinosaur: Tunisia fans have unfurled a massive "Free Palestine" flag. #TUNAUS https://t.co/LMbrAqGzgP
27-11-2022 01:33
RT @1hakankapucu: A handful of people cannot rescue all voiceless animals & people. So, we have to inspire as many as possible for a better…
27-11-2022 01:08
RT @MannieQuinn1: @MichelleMone https://t.co/y7oHjmipz8
27-11-2022 01:06
RT @michaelscat2: Scribbles needs drops in only one eye for the week, so this is what she looks like now. https://t.co/XTkVwOcJlP
27-11-2022 01:05
RT @weirdlilguys: stop FOLLOWING ME https://t.co/QzemMgo5tz
27-11-2022 01:04
RT @rickyricksmusic: Back in the day - Did you watch the 60's Batman series? (yea or nay) https://t.co/AqZgsobLs2
27-11-2022 01:04
RT @da1sy5ax: @I_amMukhtar @torysmasher @Viv_Savage_CFC
27-11-2022 01:03
RT @colinphoenix: Saturday attire… https://t.co/TqHcHfnGBb
27-11-2022 00:36
RT @socialistworker: Protesters supporting the revolt in #Iran marched to the #ASLEF picket line in York. Great to see this unity. #RailStr…
27-11-2022 00:36
RT @pollybirkbeck: Can we just appreciate for a minute, the fact I am wearing a 999 badge in a 1979 school photo? https://t.co/MhKLmePXZw
27-11-2022 00:34
RT @PhilMyers53: Oh no! The Japanese trade deal has collapsed Does no one want our kippers? https://t.co/uYoy3LI9zp
27-11-2022 00:31
RT @JettuJagga: @girlcat532 @michaelscat2 Oh, one of ours can shop online. We’ve had to hide our credit cards…. https://t.co/ILvr8lzcAg
27-11-2022 00:31
RT @michaelscat2: Why do cats bring their owners ''gifts'' of dead animals? https://t.co/pN3SzXMY3U
27-11-2022 00:30
RT @angie_karan: One cat is blind, so the other helps and guides on their way. This is what we all need❤ https://t.co/jZfafOICgO
27-11-2022 00:30
RT @rallentando17: Sunak says the nurses pay demand "unaffordable". Test and Trace £37,000,000. Mone £25,000,000 crony contracts profit. Mo…
27-11-2022 00:29
RT @colinphoenix: Really sad news. A hero. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
27-11-2022 00:28
RT @michaelscat2: I said goodbye to my best friend of 16 years today. I don't know what to do. https://t.co/9iQnuBkY64
27-11-2022 00:27
RT @yatesco: I’m starting to think that maybe there is no £350m a week for the NHS and maybe the red bus was a lie….
27-11-2022 00:05
RT @colinphoenix: Saturday tune… The Cramps - Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? March 1986, ‘The Tube’ If you’re around my age, you’ll no dou…
27-11-2022 00:05
RT @SlenderSherbet: The gradual realisation that a threesome isn't anywhere near as much fun as you'd imagined. #Caturday https://t.co/iP…
27-11-2022 00:03
RT @HeckinGoodDogs: Wait for it.... https://t.co/GoAxVyuU8M
27-11-2022 00:01
RT @MannieQuinn1: Imagine the fucking size of Dido Harding's yacht... https://t.co/ALOhN6gqaG
26-11-2022 23:59
RT @MarxMedia: Merry Christmas to postal workers Support the #CWU #StandByYourPost Happy #SocialistSunday https://t.co/wOzAJ1wqVr
26-11-2022 23:58
RT @sashasimic: #BlackLivesMatter
26-11-2022 23:57
RT @I_amMukhtar: This guy voted for brexit because his ex missus is Turkish. https://t.co/k2ZxD7Q6HO
26-11-2022 23:56
RT @PACrosthwaite: https://t.co/D764aj73Jz
26-11-2022 23:55
RT @IanMartin55: Happy Birthday Billy. https://t.co/X1NSHrRpYs
26-11-2022 23:54
RT @CWUnews: 👍 https://t.co/efO6RUo9ey
26-11-2022 23:54