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@cobey3 @AnnaHorford Sounds like your excusing his tweet. I do not care what she said about LeBron getting fouled o…
30-01-2023 14:13
@TheJoeySwoll Quoting the famous @TheNotoriousMMA " who the [email protected] is Dat guy?" @TheJoeySwoll keep doing your thing…
28-01-2023 21:43
@meesquared1129 Thoughts and Prayers! That's heartbreaking. May she R.I.P.
28-01-2023 06:28
@Bastards_Boston Dominoes
27-01-2023 21:26
RT @ViciousVideos:
27-01-2023 16:35
@bcamlarson1 @ReggieWayne_17 @danorlovsky7 He was my favorite non Bear player. I always loved watching him play. Gu…
27-01-2023 11:23
@FirstdownX__Os @danorlovsky7 . Dan does the "Y" stay in to block or does he chip and then go? Or does it depend on the defense?
27-01-2023 11:16
@Timi_093 Didn't know and don't know you, I know now and I'm praying and pulling for you!! I have no doubt you will…
27-01-2023 05:39
@MattSchaefer_ @barstoolsports @c4energy Dude that's so right on. I was sitting down putting my socks on and some o…
27-01-2023 01:18
@barstoolsports @c4energy People that do not re-rack their plates,dumbells,etc. Put your shit away so other people…
27-01-2023 01:15
@danorlovsky7 @danorlovsky7 for some reason Dan I knew for a fact you were a 6. 😄
27-01-2023 01:10
@Chris_Grosse 5 and it's not even close!
27-01-2023 01:09
@TheJoeySwoll Ya this girl needs to get over herself. #dobetter
26-01-2023 20:47
@RickFOP86 R.I.P.❤
26-01-2023 20:43
0 51729
RT @ninaturner: This is not normal.
26-01-2023 20:41
@RyanDLeaf @DerwinLGray Keep doing your thing Ryan. I've walked down a few of the roads you have and I know first h…
25-01-2023 06:49
@RyanDLeaf @DerwinLGray @RyanDLeaf I know I don't have to tell you this Ryan because from where you came from to wh…
25-01-2023 06:46
@BaldyNFL @therealJL41 @dallascowboys @MicahhParsons11 @BaldyNFL Enjoyed all your breakdowns. Nobody does it better then you. Keep it up.
25-01-2023 06:04
@Thomas_Carrieri Very sorry for your loss.
25-01-2023 05:54
@Sonia_art9 Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day
24-01-2023 21:57
@spittinchiclets Oh he's "that guy" at the rink on Sunday afternoon open skate...
24-01-2023 07:27
@Fishing_Hockey @jordanryan694 @johnscott_32 @avrilanche @Ice_Cream_Cohn They've beaten the Avs twice this yr alrea…
24-01-2023 07:18
@stephenasmith About 5 seconds in i swear that was Steve Harvey holding that door.
23-01-2023 09:14
@Gbush91 @rosieb85 Very sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family!
23-01-2023 09:06
RT @KEEMSTAR: The guy is simply waiting to use the equipment. This woman should be ashamed of herself for this video.
22-01-2023 22:37
RT @MariaHorford: 😘💚
22-01-2023 15:41
@MadScientistFF Roads?!........ where we're going we don't need at roads!
22-01-2023 04:26
21-01-2023 08:20
RT @_Ricasso: @big_business_ Mans was ready to go to war in a knit cardigan
21-01-2023 08:08
@_Ricasso @big_business_ I needed that, thank you. This comment had me dying 🤣
21-01-2023 08:08
@bsp_13 He gets mad like this at the Grizz but Skip says so really really dumb shit and he he doesn't get half this mad.!?
21-01-2023 08:03
@MadScientistFF A stomach and a headache all in one!!
21-01-2023 08:00
@MadScientistFF 60
21-01-2023 07:55
@MadScientistFF 16
21-01-2023 07:54
@RealBobManning Celtics fans. Who gives a shit what he says?! Only thing that matters is that Celtics fans know wha…
21-01-2023 04:46
@kelsieswrites @ChrisSnowCGY @NHLFlames Absolute Warrior!! I have never seen someone fight and keep powering throug…
21-01-2023 04:40
@DraftKings I got the Ravens 4 times in a row.
20-01-2023 22:35
@DraftKings Who cares he's all washed up!
20-01-2023 20:02
@Authorityswitch @WWE @WWERomanReigns @HeymanHustle Happy Birthday
20-01-2023 06:26
@WWE @WWERomanReigns @HeymanHustle 🖕
20-01-2023 06:23
@DailyLoud So lucky and so thankful nobody got hurt. I don't know if I should be laughing as much as I am. Again thank God nobody got hurt.
20-01-2023 06:21
@toriyorgeytv @WSAZirr My bad. I prolly would of done the same thing as him. I was joking and only that because I k…
20-01-2023 05:44
@toriyorgeytv @WSAZirr Tim-" were you bumped down low or hit up high?" Everybody- " Tim she just got hit by an SUV what do you think?
20-01-2023 03:58
@Phrenilin Get Well Maddie!!
20-01-2023 03:50
RT @audiosand: My baby's cancer may have returned and my insurance, @Cigna, is refusing to help cover a PET scan so we can find out if it h…
20-01-2023 02:41
@EduCaptAmerica So sorry for your loss. Unfortunately I know the feeling. Mine passed right b4 Christmas and I thi…
19-01-2023 09:11
@MadScientistFF Cigarettes.
19-01-2023 08:56
@BallParkBuzz We were better off just keeping Pham instead of signing Duvall imo.
18-01-2023 21:31
RT @TimBruce: What in the world is this little fella? The duck version of a road-runner??
18-01-2023 09:29
RT @emilyljcave: One of my favourite memories and days, EVER. 🐻💛
18-01-2023 04:37
@BIGN98 @greenlight $4.99 in Ct so u would say that's not to bad.
18-01-2023 01:54
@Clijsterskim Not a huge tennis fan but was up late last night and was flipping thru and ended up on this match. An…
18-01-2023 00:23
@danorlovsky7 Idk @danorlovsky7 you might be asking for it!?
18-01-2023 00:17
@breadmanszn Thats heartbreaking. Im very sorry for your loss. R.I.P. to your Dad.
17-01-2023 22:48
@Brink_Thinker Dam onions, got me again!
17-01-2023 05:51
RT @Brink_Thinker: This is Bill Conner. His 20-year old daughter passed away. So Bill set out on a 2,600 mile bike journey to clear his hea…
17-01-2023 05:40
@NFerrara37 @PeterTenkrat Love Nick and what he brings to this Bruins team. B's were lacking that grit imo
16-01-2023 23:31
RT @SoxSpects: New Red Sox prospect Nixon Cueche signing his contract with the organization.
16-01-2023 08:17
@DreadsAndAries He says some crazy things. He literally let's whatever he's feeling come out of his mouth and somet…
16-01-2023 00:59
RT @tylermilliken_: Day 11 of a random Red Sox player and highlight: Mike Cameron (2010-2011)
15-01-2023 21:57
RT @lukesawhook: If Brock Purdy is the week 1 starter over Trey Lance next season I’ll shave my head Bookmark this tweet
15-01-2023 21:52
@JoJoFromJerz Absolutely 1000 percent No! Who in the world even thought of doing that?! Just my opinion thuoo
14-01-2023 10:06
@BornAKang My guy said "peace out" Hopefully his girl never let's him live that down. Glad nobody got hurt.
14-01-2023 05:12
RT @__taylordecker: Shoutout @FedEx for losing a perishable 24 hour shipment of a month supply of milk for my newborn, and responding that…
14-01-2023 00:04
@vastorus @DailyLoud What in the world? Did you not see the man flee and not listen to the officers directions. Not…
13-01-2023 06:30
@i_bigelow Happy Birthday Landon !! Enjoy your day Lil guy and many many more!! Great pic P.B.!!
13-01-2023 06:11
@FightHaven The cheapest of cheap shots. No respect for shit like that. My opinion of course
11-01-2023 15:44
@FootbaIIism File that one under the I wasn't expecting that shit to go down. That spin move and burst outa the spi…
11-01-2023 07:02
@GetUpESPN @RealTannenbaum Well we know why he works for ESPN now instead of being a G.M still!!
11-01-2023 06:36
@AndyWhitworth7 So what do you use. Cables and resistance bands etc?
11-01-2023 03:05
@charleslenojr72 "#WPMOYChallenge "
10-01-2023 21:05
@charleslenojr72 #WPMOYChallenge
10-01-2023 21:04
RT @charleslenojr72: 🚨GIVEAWAY 🚨 Game worn white Leno Jr autographed jersey from the Cowboys game To Enter 1️⃣ Retweet 2️⃣ Comment #WP…
10-01-2023 21:02
@BriMarieD @MainTeamSports Ya it's not (obvi) but the second pair the one on the right kinda looked like you at fir…
10-01-2023 07:33
@MainTeamSports I swear I thought I just saw @BriMarieD in this Dance cam?! I must be seeing things
10-01-2023 06:43
RT @MainTeamSports: Wardrobe Malfunction on the Dance Cam (Knicks vs Bucks)
10-01-2023 06:38
@AddictSox Very sorry for your loss.
10-01-2023 03:32
@rob_mcknight Sorry for your loss.
09-01-2023 23:54
@the_lpc @SportsContent23 @MikeTanier Totally agree. Trainer is out there to help a injured player and Wyatt comes…
09-01-2023 19:18
RT @DailyLoud: They caught a police officer smoking that GAS ⛽️💨😂
09-01-2023 15:01
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RT @_MLFootball: Former #NFL RB Peyton Hillis remains in critical condition and in the ICU after saving his kids from drowning Thursday.…
09-01-2023 06:01
RT @ScottHanson: ATTN: NFL RedZone will begin a few minutes early tomorrow. (We will look in live at Buffalo as the @BuffaloBills have a…
08-01-2023 09:42
@BobbyBooshay713 I love it. Now just make sure you follow through on what you say..
08-01-2023 03:04
@chibigo72 Lol I see 👀 it
08-01-2023 03:01
@i_bigelow Damm bro that looks bangin..I know what I'm about to make now. Thx for the idea. Hope mine looks as good as yours..
08-01-2023 02:52
@HamlinIsland He'll yeah!!
08-01-2023 02:49
@FightHaven And another point for my man that got sucker punched. Hard part was over get your ass up and go out swi…
08-01-2023 00:15
@FightHaven Really wanna impress your girl and make a statement do it head up like a man. Don't sucker punch someo…
08-01-2023 00:13
RT @BristolCTPolice: Road Closure
07-01-2023 12:13
@justasisterfro2 I needed that laugh today thank you
06-01-2023 23:17
@w_terrence @w_terrence your reactions are priceless
06-01-2023 01:58
@safeman111 Very sorry for your loss
06-01-2023 01:23
@HeidiVoight Absolutely terrible. R.I.P Q
05-01-2023 21:35
@BoTilly So sorry for your loss man. Cheerish those memories!
04-01-2023 02:27
@mlbelites_ I'm without any doubt in my mind sitting dead red and still prolly swinging after it hits the catchers mitt.
04-01-2023 01:44
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RT @MCbets__: Share this video instead of the play This is the man and family were all praying for 🙏🏻
03-01-2023 22:33
@WooSox R.I.P. Maddie. Prayers to her family.
03-01-2023 09:22
RT @BristolCTPolice: Missing Juvenile
03-01-2023 09:19
@Thomas_Carrieri Like the positivity I really do bur it not even just this yr but the next couple yrs that they are…
03-01-2023 09:15
RT @memgrizz: a special Ja 1 delivery from @JaMorant 💙
02-01-2023 08:55
RT @PattyJahnks: 50 likes and this will be my new profile pic
02-01-2023 07:02
@iJordanMoore Idk who #24 is but dam he's not even trying
02-01-2023 06:09
@FirstLadyCris Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and many, many more!!
02-01-2023 05:30
@JLVsTW1 It is a very big deal and you should be dam proud of yourself
02-01-2023 02:09
@CubsZone Wow
02-01-2023 02:07
RT @BOSSportsGordo: Jeremy Swayman’s mask for tomorrow featuring Ted Williams and David Ortiz is freaking awesome
02-01-2023 01:26
@i_bigelow My boy is crazy!! 🐻 Down
01-01-2023 22:57
@Prettywoman721_ Very sorry for your loss
01-01-2023 22:53
@PrestonMitchum @kimKBaltimore That's what I'm sitting here thinking. I watched it a few times and the only thing…
01-01-2023 22:51
@HeymanHustle Take it down @HeymanHustle
01-01-2023 20:02
@michaeleaves Backtire Blowout!
01-01-2023 19:53
@SharpFootball What à douche
31-12-2022 22:37
RT @NatalieQueiroz1: This is Tony. On 04.03.16 Tony saw a guy ahead of him grab a person & start stabbing them with a 12 inch knife. He ran…
31-12-2022 15:04
RT @bigricanman: Rest in Peace @RSO Deputy Sheriff Isaiah Cordero who was shot & killed while conducting a car stop on 12/29/22. He was an…
31-12-2022 06:59
@weirdterrifying Oh helllllll no. I would be that one unlucky bastard that caught a Lil extra current and it would be curtains.
31-12-2022 06:58
@Malcolm_fleX48 Wait wtf is he trying to do.
31-12-2022 06:52
RT @Thomas_Carrieri: Won’t find a bigger Red Sox fan than Steph Curry.
31-12-2022 02:06
@rahsh33m Lady at the end!! My guy says we'll fuck you too then ! Funny stuff
31-12-2022 01:57
@CaptainSPC_89 Your a handsome young man. And not a piece of trash.!!
30-12-2022 12:24
@EdHand89 I think I'm gonna follow @DonOrsillo out to San Diego and just root for them. Don you got any room for a…
30-12-2022 06:40
@EdHand89 For a "Big Market" team and for a team that is consistently among the most expensive tickets in the MLB t…
30-12-2022 06:38
@BoTilly I'm really sorry for your loss brother. Thoughts and Prayers
30-12-2022 04:26
@DieHardWiscoFan Hope he gets better asap
29-12-2022 21:47
@gibigill So incredibly sorry for your loss!
29-12-2022 18:57
@DylonMcGregor13 I can't imagine the pain you and your family are goin through. I can't even try to put into words…
29-12-2022 04:20
@BornAKang Lmfao that's funny stuff. All with one hand while eating a cookie. Exucted a perfect pit manufure
28-12-2022 04:25
@Steve_Perrault Thats it. I'm boycotting this team. I'm a huge Red Sox fan throu it all but u can't charge the most…
28-12-2022 04:15
@dillondanis @dillondanis My guy, just do us all a favor and just Shut the Fuck Up!! Please for the love of everyth…
27-12-2022 11:54
@KristalDixon So sorry for your loss. 💔
27-12-2022 11:46
@adinross @adinross I would love to tell you but I wouldn't put it out there like that. Son's a huge fan I'll leave…
27-12-2022 11:40
@jakepaul @jakepaul who exactly is this guy and what's his deal? I've literally never heard or seen this guy before.
27-12-2022 11:38
@Thomas_Carrieri Plan? It's happening right before our very eyes
26-12-2022 23:30
@BornAKang $$$$$$
26-12-2022 07:50
@DailyLoud Here i am thinking a PS5 was good enough! Dam
25-12-2022 10:50
@chris_girard13 @chris_girard13 don't ever,ever sell yourself short man. She's obviously very happy with you and i…
24-12-2022 09:13
@FightHaven Fists and tities flying in that bout. When they both dropped into their stances I just about died laughing
24-12-2022 03:03
RT @TaylorLewan77: Time flys. Happy anniversary Josh
23-12-2022 11:09
@JamesCraigmyle Best thing I've seen all day
23-12-2022 03:36
@evanbam25 @BOSSportsGordo I get that point but not all deals are bad. I think we can all agree some of these core…
20-12-2022 23:08
@BOSSportsGordo Why does it matter if they are selling the team? Serious?? So if they sell dont they want a winning…
20-12-2022 20:28
RT @mlbelites_: Eric Gagne vs Barry Bonds. Cy Young vs MVP. Everyone in the stadium was standing and every player was at the top step of th…
20-12-2022 14:58
@FootballLearn1 Greatest!! Sweetness!! #34
20-12-2022 12:50
@ChrisHenrique This guy has shown us what he can or should I say won't do. If we all think he's going to get this d…
20-12-2022 12:46
@ChrisHenrique We gotta get Bloom outa here before he screws this up to. Just part ways with the guy. Call Theo up…
20-12-2022 12:45
@MadScientistFF 1
20-12-2022 09:22
@Thomas_Carrieri Well at least you know it's not just Chamasitis! I heard that's got a lot of Red Sox fans sick to…
20-12-2022 09:16
@BallParkBuzz Someone needs to get Bloom as far away from Boston as possible. Like nowhere near any important decis…
19-12-2022 23:56
@BOSSportsGordo @joonlee Ya don't say! I wonder why. This is literally spiraling outa control on a daily basis. Get…
19-12-2022 23:11
@michael_noel_ @JHJ44 @BOSSportsGordo @alexspeier He might do a better job honestly.
18-12-2022 12:14
@BillLeach15 @BOSSportsGordo @alexspeier Not a dam thing. Guy makes me sick. He literally sat back and watched thi…
18-12-2022 12:13
@BOSSportsGordo @hgomez27 We all know they haven't spent any money so they got plenty $$ to give him. Just when I t…
18-12-2022 12:06
@PinalCSO That's devastating. Thoughts and prayers out to Sheriff Lamb and his entire family. God bless his son an…
18-12-2022 02:47
@Thomas_Carrieri Frustrated? I past Frustrated weeks ago. This entire regime has to go. They obviously have no clue…
18-12-2022 02:43
@BOSSportsGordo None. Seasons over! What a joke.
18-12-2022 02:41
I'm so tired of the Red Sox acting like the Ray's. Your a big market team with tons of $$. Spend it. Wtf they sacke…
18-12-2022 00:43
@Ronnie_524 Very sorry for your loss.
16-12-2022 04:38
@SethPoling10 Good luck Seth. I don't know you but I'm sending you all my positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family!!
16-12-2022 04:36
RT @TheHoopCentral: "The Lakers stink. Y’all forcing us to show them all the time like they're going to be good…There's a conspiracy." - C…
14-12-2022 07:40
RT @chibbs_1: Watching this @celtics @Lakers game yes celtics blow them out !!!
14-12-2022 07:37
@justasisterfro2 Idk what either one of them said but I deff heard that bitch slap he gave him! 🤣
12-12-2022 23:43
@BOSSportsGordo @BBisntBoring Get Bloom outa here like now. He obviously has no plan to improve this team. I'm tire…
12-12-2022 22:11
@BOSSportsGordo @BBisntBoring I never encourage violence on anyone but how can this blow walk around Boston after s…
12-12-2022 22:08
@2StefanMoore Praying hard for you Lil guy!!❤❤
12-12-2022 07:53
@dvil14 Really sorry for your loss. Ours passed a couple weeks ago he was almost 20yr old. He was the best and I th…
12-12-2022 05:35
RT @kelsieswrites: Chris is off the ventilator and breathing on his own!!! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
11-12-2022 21:59
@CantH0IdMe Happy Birthday Aidan!! Enjoy your day & here's to many, many more
11-12-2022 19:28
RT @Mic4Hire2: @jfoster300 @kelsieswrites Someone who is well known and respected in the hockey community who is fighting for his life… thi…
11-12-2022 19:24
@BOSSportsGordo I'm so frustrated but my loyalty to the @RedSox will never waver. ALTHOUGH lately they have been te…
11-12-2022 19:15
@PeteAbe 🤮😭
10-12-2022 03:48
@Thomas_Carrieri You'd have to wait in a long line. I literally still can not believe the Red Sox screwed this up.…
10-12-2022 03:45
@kelsieswrites @ChrisSnowCGY @kelsieswrites sending u and @ChrisSnowCGY positive thoughts/prayers your way.Chris is…
09-12-2022 23:54
@BOSSportsGordo @coop_leon I'm so disgusted that it even came to this. I wanna unsee that first post of @DonOrsillo…
08-12-2022 21:32
@randyflagler @NBCOneChicago @WolfEnt Hey @randyflagler and @squad2tony !! Hope you guys are both doing well! Not s…
08-12-2022 05:07
@Absolunar I don't but ima start thou
08-12-2022 00:40
@MorissaSchwartz I would end up rear ending that truck within 5 min of being behind it.
07-12-2022 23:28
RT @CelticsLab: RT to wish Deuce Tatum a happy 5th birthday
07-12-2022 07:33
@sarah_graphix 11!! Looks great!!
07-12-2022 07:31
@chibigo72 Dam straight O!!
04-12-2022 20:53
RT @NHLBruins: [email protected]'s goal was on the power play! Retweet for your chance to win a quart of @GiffordsMaine Power Play Fudge.🍦 https…
04-12-2022 03:35
@chibigo72 Your my guy O but I'm gonna have to pass my guy!! Lol
04-12-2022 03:25
@1Dope_WhiteBoy @mlbelites_ I'm going on double digits and it gets me fired up every time.
04-12-2022 03:24
@Bobsmith1725 @mlbelites_
04-12-2022 03:22
@TimGraeb @mlbelites_ Seriously. I don't get what everyone is fusing about. Personally Augie had me ready to run t…
04-12-2022 03:20
@DrunkenTongue_ I'm so getting one of these. Send those little shits back to my Karen neighbor who likes feeding them all day.
03-12-2022 17:08
@ShannonNutt @addy_pez @ReelzChannel @RCSD @OfficialOPLive Happy Birthday
02-12-2022 05:27
@CleveTheBrown @CheapSeats411
01-12-2022 06:43
@ajdillon7 Congrats @ajdillon7 From a Bears fan!! Here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy for your wife and same…
01-12-2022 06:41
RT @tize4PF: this is crazy
27-11-2022 16:02
@mlbelites_ She deserves so much better!!
27-11-2022 08:26
@ZachAttackTV1 @FightHaven I just threw up in my mouth.
27-11-2022 07:46
@YoSynv @dope_fights_ I completely missed that shit. I just knew after he said it again that might as well have bee…
25-11-2022 09:13
@FightHaven Those punches hurt me just watching the video!! Don't mess with this man's mother! Or anyone's mother. Well deserved imo
25-11-2022 00:27
@NotHMCorgi So sorry. 💔.
24-11-2022 09:00
@RexChapman Ummm I'm no rocket scientist by any stretch but you don't need to be one to realize this man is a few s…
24-11-2022 01:31
@TweeetsOfDogs Happy Birthday!!
24-11-2022 00:52
@AlreadyTakin_20 F!!k Yeah!! That's awesome news!! Here's to continued health and happiness to him and your family!! Great news!!
23-11-2022 23:48
@FantasyPros CJ2K. Aka Chris Johnson!!
23-11-2022 20:04
@TheHoopCentral @zgvisualz1 East and it's not even close imo
23-11-2022 03:11
@squad2tony @Learnthingss @randyflagler Wow @squad2tony I feel like a fool now. I mean your literally right smack in the middle.
22-11-2022 22:38