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RT @JiminGlobal: Jimin's "FACE" surpasses 60M streams on Spotify becoming the fastest album by a K-Soloist in history to do so! 👏 Congratu…
27-03-2023 06:06
RT @btschartsdailys: 📊| #JIMIN is currently the 2nd Most consumed Artist Worldwide! https://t.co/YPuplba4zH
27-03-2023 06:05
@HSinthebox @chartannies_7 he doesn't have ads.. and plus the members have a say in what they want or dont. this th… https://t.co/JxN7O71sSz
27-03-2023 06:01
RT @chartannies_7: The only thing Hybe did for Like Crazy was the remixes, like where is the promo?!? Where the playlists? Where is Radio?!…
27-03-2023 05:58
@jmadoreu @GeffenRecords @UMG @BIGHIT_MUSIC @HYBEOFFICIALtwt We demand radiospins and playlisting for Jimin… https://t.co/LvdIzrZp3y
27-03-2023 05:57
@jmadoreu @GeffenRecords @UMG @BIGHIT_MUSIC @HYBEOFFICIALtwt Hi @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords and @UMG you need t… https://t.co/ZNS47DHEGt
27-03-2023 05:57
@Angelin62703031 @stephsthv @thebtschart what after that???
27-03-2023 05:53
RT @btschartsdailys: Don't believe those predictions, they were wrong last time, SO PLEASE don't stop buying and streaming! GO GO !
27-03-2023 05:47
RT @JiminGlobal: #LikeCrazy by Jimin has reached 114 #1's on iTunes as Bahamas joins the list! 🇧🇸 Congratulations, Jimin! 🥳 #LikeCrazy_Ji…
27-03-2023 05:46
Hi @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords and @UMG you need to add "Like Crazy" by Jimin to the biggest Spotify playlists… https://t.co/BNdvQvnKRl
27-03-2023 05:46
@PJM_data @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords @UMG Hi @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords and @UMG you need to add "Like Cr… https://t.co/bo8By4xllp
27-03-2023 05:46
@PJM_data @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords @UMG Hi @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords and @UMG you need to add "L… https://t.co/8oAL38OZZB
27-03-2023 05:45
RT @PJM_data: Hi @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords and @UMG you need to add "Like Crazy" by Jimin to the biggest Spotify playlists like "Toda…
27-03-2023 05:45
RT @jmfolder: jimin's adlibs in like crazy stand out so much more in the UK Garage remix im obsessed https://t.co/L8yjg3beuv
27-03-2023 05:45
RT @pjmngallery: his cute lil face 🥹🫶🏻 https://t.co/2Vq9mCzmeS
27-03-2023 05:44
RT @stussyjimin: jimin painted “alone” 🥹 https://t.co/rpfM5nQlZS
27-03-2023 05:44
RT @PJM_vocal: “FACE” by BTS JIMIN has surpassed 60M streams on Spotify, its the fastest album by a k-soloist to achieve this feat on Spoti…
27-03-2023 05:44
RT @Pk_bts_land: BTS ' Jungkook , J-hope and Jimin are currently the Top 3 Kpop Soloists with the most monthly listeners on Spotify. https…
27-03-2023 05:39
3J !!!!! https://t.co/sFcLK2OECz
27-03-2023 05:39
RT @btschartsdailys: 📊| #JUNGKOOK, #JHOPE & #JIMIN are currently the Top 3 Kpop/Korean Soloists with the most monthly Listeners on Spotify!…
27-03-2023 05:38
didn’t yoongi say something like you’ll fall in love if you stare at jimin in the eyes for too long..😃 https://t.co/qDcFOKzVIu
27-03-2023 02:20
RT @JiminGlobal: Jimin sets a new record as the FIRST and ONLY K-Soloist in History to Debut 2 songs inside the Top 10 of UK Big Top 40 Cha…
27-03-2023 02:19
@LilyxGOT7 @Nikie9door But the thing is a wedding isn’t just sudden, he already had it planned so regardless it mus… https://t.co/yb7ElOiI9B
27-03-2023 02:18
RT @PJM_data: "FACE" by Jimin has surpassed 60 MILLION streams on Spotify! 🥳 It's the FASTEST album by a Korean soloist to achieve this fe…
27-03-2023 02:12
RT @BTSxUKCharts: 🥹🥹🥹🥹 https://t.co/pfASOgRjZ5
27-03-2023 00:50
RT @jinniesarchives: baby seokjin with his cool outfits https://t.co/dw54TfmOA7
27-03-2023 00:46
RT @FallonTonight: ICYMI: @BTS_twt’s #Jimin performs “Like Crazy” off of #Jimin_FACE 🎶 #JiminOnFallon https://t.co/NlbNtxcoiq
27-03-2023 00:30
RT @PJMYLAND: i love my happy baby ♡ https://t.co/M6QbOtOKc1
27-03-2023 00:21
RT @95PJMOON: crying https://t.co/Tyw76ozyZ9
27-03-2023 00:21
RT @Pk_bts_land: Jimin (9.1M) is now the 7th Kpop/Korean act with the most monthly listeners on Spotify surpassing TXT, LISA and LE SSERAFI…
27-03-2023 00:20
RT @stussyjimin: he did his baby jimin pose 🥹 https://t.co/qRU6De6snz
27-03-2023 00:19
RT @chartdata: #JIMIN's "Like Crazy (Deep House Remix)" has reached #1 on US iTunes. https://t.co/QOd5RjCGiL
27-03-2023 00:19
RT @PJM_data: "Like Crazy" debuts at #4 on the UK Big Top 40 Chart, making Jimin the ONLY Korean soloist to have (2) Top 5 hits this DECADE…
27-03-2023 00:18
RT @chartdata: #JIMIN's "Like Crazy" aiming for top 10 debut on this week's UK singles chart. It would become the highest debuting song by…
27-03-2023 00:18
RT @pjmngallery: THIS VIDEO OF JIMIN 🍞😭 https://t.co/NFQboCGZlY
27-03-2023 00:17
RT @PJM_data: ALL 5 "Like Crazy" tracks are currently charting inside the TOP 8 on US iTunes 🔥 🇺🇸 2. Like Crazy (Deep House Remix) 3. Like…
26-03-2023 19:30
RT @btsinthemoment: 🐥 ah pixid was released. everyone, have you seen it ? i havent seen it yet because i was recording. ill have a watch on…
26-03-2023 19:29
RT @stussyjimin: jimin dancing to set me free pt.2 (at home/cleaning ver.) https://t.co/C0ToF4V9ct
26-03-2023 19:29
RT @PJM_vocal: JIMIN : CUTIE LOVELY SEXY https://t.co/s1wixaAibW
26-03-2023 19:29
RT @btschartsdailys: 📊| #JIMIN becomes the FIRST and ONLY Kpop Soloist in History to reach Top 5 on the Spotify US Charts! https://t.co/pJP…
26-03-2023 19:28
RT @PopBase: ‘Like Crazy’ by Jimin rises to a new peak of #5 on US Spotify with 973k streams. It also charts at #3 on Global Spotify with…
26-03-2023 19:28
RT @JlNSONYEONDAN: Ah so the story about BTS chant was, after the perf had ended ARMYs were chanting PARK JIMIN PARK JIMIN, but Jimin guide…
26-03-2023 19:27
RT @bts_bighit: Jimin 'FACE' Emotion Of The Day @ (https://t.co/whn1wTNoSn) #지민 #Jimin #Jimin_FACE #EOTD #Emotion_Of_The_Day https://t.co/…
26-03-2023 19:27
RT @144pjimim: "I got through hard times thanks to them, I want to return the love because they gave me so much now I want to be their sour…
26-03-2023 19:26
RT @Koobidivines: If we keep LIKE CRAZY streams above 4M daily we can make it most streamed song of 2023 in next 3-4 months!! Please run 2…
26-03-2023 19:21
RT @Pk_bts_land: All Tracks of FACE remains in Top 10 of Spotify South Korea Daily Chart! 🔥🔥🤯 https://t.co/zDNCEnLT9G
26-03-2023 19:20
RT @Pk_bts_land: I AM SO PROUD OF JIMIN https://t.co/dTZXzmFyVz
26-03-2023 19:20
26-03-2023 19:19
RT @miiniyoongs: 🐥 seeing these types of reactions, maybe i should do more dances like this. your reactions give me strength
26-03-2023 19:16
RT @btsinthemoment: 🐥 'even if its for a short amount of time, please do a live often' i was thinking to do so, i didnt know that i could d…
26-03-2023 19:16
RT @95PJMOON: alone. https://t.co/2uLcOuiEkH
26-03-2023 19:14
RT @95PJMOON: he’s so cute omg https://t.co/14HtBoOn6I
26-03-2023 19:13
RT @btsinthemoment: 🐥 my eyes arent swollen. ive just taken off my makeup, my eyes are like this originally. maybe its because im a bit tir…
26-03-2023 19:13
RT @stussyjimin: jimin in bed moving his arms to FACE-OFF 😭 https://t.co/1UjfMw3opW
26-03-2023 19:12
RT @JIMIN_INDIA_: Congratulations 🥳 Like crazy (UK Garage Remix) has charted at #1 on iTunes India chart 👏🔥 Thank you so much everyone wh…
26-03-2023 19:11
Hi @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords and @UMG you need to add "Like Crazy" to the biggest Spotify playlists like "Tod… https://t.co/3bSXk4tJj1
26-03-2023 19:10
@BTSEMPIRES Hi @HYBEOFFICIALtwt @GeffenRecords and @UMG you need to add "Like Crazy" to the biggest Spotify playlis… https://t.co/2icOpHPyz0
26-03-2023 19:10
RT @shyjjmn: The way when he saw the rest expressing their feelings he deleted what he's typing and he just listened... I'm so crying https…
26-03-2023 19:07
RT @pjmvelvets: you guys.. he’s got such a good boy smile.. https://t.co/zP4qWQqO59
26-03-2023 19:05
RT @JlNSONYEONDAN: Someone in the crowd said they want a solo concert and Jimin replied he can’t because there’s not enough songs. Then ano…
26-03-2023 19:04
RT @btsinthemoment: 🐥 'i want to become a 'like crazy' dancer jimin-ah' kekekeke thats so funny. everyone, ive warned you a couple times th…
26-03-2023 19:03
@yoonminpillow @facesofjm @itboypop https://t.co/8GwbuNJR3y
26-03-2023 19:02
RT @itboypop: EVERYONE jimin is working so fucking hard for these shows and to give him a win in them we really really need to step up our…
26-03-2023 18:58
RT @miiniyoongs: 🐥 i didnt know how to do the live on my phone, but i figured it out yesterday or the other day
26-03-2023 18:58
RT @Pk_bts_land: Fastest Songs by Kpop Soloist to Reach 10M on Spotify (days): #1 Left and Right — 2 #1 Dreamers — 2 #1 Set Me Free pt.2…
26-03-2023 18:56
RT @winnttaebear: i literally do this when im cleaning my room https://t.co/NFS3WJeBfC
26-03-2023 18:56
RT @libraldols: Do you believe that? Jimin is the first Korean solo artist in history to reach Top 5 on the US Spotify chart, overtaking "A…
26-03-2023 18:56
RT @BTStranslation_: 🐿️ it's jjyamanie! 🐿️ you've worked hard~ 🐿️ when are you going to (play) Sand Castle? 🐥 Sand Castle? I can do that an…
26-03-2023 18:55
RT @btsinthemoment: 🐥 yes everyone, thank you for liking my album 'face' so much and i have a couple days of promotions left. i have a reco…
26-03-2023 18:54
RT @PJM_data: YTN News reported the great success of "Set Me Free Pt.2", mentioning #1 on iTunes in 110 countries, and #1 on the Japanese O…
26-03-2023 18:53
RT @JAMJAMPICS: jimin being the actual representation of us at home while we keep our playlists running https://t.co/l3O0m23c7w
26-03-2023 18:52
RT @jeondaissy: something about jimin’s smile these days https://t.co/aLVxVmgN2N
26-03-2023 18:52
RT @miiniyoongs: 🐥 thank you for liking like crazy and the face album so much and theres a bit more promotions left and ill work hard. take…
26-03-2023 18:51
RT @winnttaebear: 👤 hi jimin i'm taehyung's wife! 🐥 yeah nice to meet you, sister-in-law! 👤 hello, I'm Min Yoongi's wife! 🐿️ hello! hello…
26-03-2023 18:51
RT @90symn: new favorite jimin clip https://t.co/qg5l0GZVnn
26-03-2023 18:51
RT @shyjjmn: a compilation of jimin trying not to laugh the whole episode https://t.co/0mLuUhfSmB
26-03-2023 18:51
RT @UnrivaledPJM: Jimin now occupies the number 2 spot surpassing the weeknd at Global Digital Artist ranking after the release of his firs…
26-03-2023 18:50
RT @taebokkiii: Jimin live on his way home ♡ https://t.co/M7TdghRa2x
26-03-2023 18:50
RT @PJM_data: "Like Crazy" has surpassed 10 MILLION streams on Spotify! 🎉 It ties the record as the Fastest Song by a K-soloist to achiev…
26-03-2023 18:50
RT @PJM_vocal: Noo, one K-ARMY said they want a jimin solo concert & he said he can’t because there’s not enough songs !!! NOOOO I WANT A…
26-03-2023 18:50
RT @JlNSONYEONDAN: Jimin was saying how he isn’t the type who’d host conversations in this kind of setting. When he’s with members someone…
26-03-2023 18:49
RT @JlNSONYEONDAN: This op also said they’re emotional because Jimin keeps mentioning BTS, he lead a BTS chant, he talks about BTS getting…
26-03-2023 18:49
RT @PJM_data: "Like Crazy" is the FIRST and ONLY song by a K-Pop soloist to reach the TOP 5 on the Spotify US Daily Top Songs chart! Congr…
26-03-2023 18:48
RT @jmnpromise: she's so real for this https://t.co/tlFeCZ1dEb
26-03-2023 18:48
RT @JiminGlobal: One of the fans on PIXID is a Jimin-biased! She is using a Jimin (Winter Package) Griptok and she’s also wearing Jimin’s…
26-03-2023 18:48
RT @miiniyoongs: 🐥 * reading comment * you want to become a like crazy dancer?? ahahahaha
26-03-2023 18:48
RT @btsinthemoment: 🐥 ’hi jimin-ah, im taehyungs wife', yes, its nice to meet you sister in law
26-03-2023 18:48
RT @stussyjimin: jimin’s dimple <3 https://t.co/0LyWWDhx08
26-03-2023 18:47
RT @Pk_bts_land: JIMIN is currently the 2nd Most consumed Artist Worldwide across All digital platforms, surpassing The Weekend He is the…
26-03-2023 18:47
RT @PJM_vocal: OMG JIMIN becomes the first and only Kpop soloist in history to reach top 5 on the US Spotify charts , with 973,287 streams…
26-03-2023 18:46
RT @miiniyoongs: J-hope Comment on Jimin Weverse Live 🐿 when are <you/we> going to do <the> sandcastle <game>? https://t.co/oqJDtdQWjF
26-03-2023 18:46
RT @weejimin: we only see Jimin like this lately and I can’t even begin to explain how happy this makes me 😭 https://t.co/2i3LwiJyMl
26-03-2023 18:45
RT @chartdata: #JIMIN's "Like Crazy" reaches a new peak of #5 on the US Spotify chart with 973K streams.
26-03-2023 18:45
RT @jmnpromise: jimin - set me free pt. 2 baby version 😭 https://t.co/l67BQ9TKu4
26-03-2023 18:45
RT @chartdata: Five versions of #JIMIN's "Like Crazy" simultaneously chart in the top 10 on US iTunes. https://t.co/6iA7t9SOAk
26-03-2023 18:44
RT @PJM_vocal: WOW , JIMIN is currently the 2nd Most consumed Artist Worldwide across All digital platforms, surpassing The Weekend , He is…
26-03-2023 18:43
RT @jmnpromise: 우리지민🐥걷는것도👣뽀짝뽀짝👶🏻천사인지👼요정인지🧚‍♂️아니면🙅‍♂️병아린지🐤형아챙겨💦동생챙겨💦친구챙겨💦아미챙겨💦다정보스✨노래잘해🎶음색쩔어👍댄싱머신🕺우리애기🧶성격은❓완전쾌남 !! 노력은 !? 이길자신 없어❌ 치미아빠🖤 건들이…
26-03-2023 13:50
26-03-2023 13:49
RT @JlNSONYEONDAN: Jimin was wearing the same mv outfit for like crazy and at the end he took off his jacket and showed armys his moon tatt…
26-03-2023 13:48
@icanhackedfrJK @DrSquishy @btschartstudio ok and what do you want me to do with that info?
26-03-2023 13:41
@icanhackedfrJK @DrSquishy @btschartstudio cry
26-03-2023 13:40
RT @JlNSONYEONDAN: ㅠ Jimin cried reading what fans wrote about how fangirling have helped them through the hard times, im crying too ah htt…
26-03-2023 13:39
RT @taebokkiii: Jimin tearing up after reading the messages of the fans telling how their idols helped them during the toughest times 🥺😭 ht…
26-03-2023 13:37
@itsprodjm green shirt wasnt playing around😭
26-03-2023 13:37
RT @winnttaebear: LOL 😭 https://t.co/F80BFZ7rv9
26-03-2023 13:36
RT @stussyjimin: a photo with jimin 🥹 they’re so lucky https://t.co/P4oCrTthXy
26-03-2023 13:33
RT @stussyjimin: jimin got teary when he was reading the comments about how much being a fan means to the people in the chat 🥺😭 https://t.c…
26-03-2023 13:32
RT @PJM_vocal: Nooooooo jimin got teary reading how much being a fan means to people 😭, HE IS SO PURE https://t.co/6sJinx5KYj
26-03-2023 13:32
RT @bts_bighit: [#오늘의방탄] 픽시드? 아이! 내가 나가면~ㅎ😏 바로 걸림😳 아미 여러분들의 마음을 느껴볼 수 있던 즐거운 시간이었습니다🥰 #오늘의지민 #Jimin #지민 #BTS #방탄소년단 #Pixid #머리를모아 #마서울사람다됐네…
26-03-2023 13:32
you’re telling me.. jimins ‘like crazy’ dance practice only gained 300k in 8 whole hours???? oh youtube the day will come. outrageous
26-03-2023 12:40
RT @lcheeryart: Park Jimin https://t.co/y7YjxLQsvh
26-03-2023 11:26
RT @PJM_vocal: Jimin was talking about yesterday how all members ate together , He said the members miss ARMYs so much so & army replied “w…
26-03-2023 11:25
RT @PJM_vocal: K ARMY said Jimin wearing the same outfit for he used during like crazy mv and in the end he took off his jacket and showed…
26-03-2023 11:25
RT @PJM_vocal: JIMIN SEND A TEA TRUCK YESTERDAY & TODAY A HOTDOG TRUCK , THE LETTERS SAYS “ with my heart for ARMY all night long Jimins…
26-03-2023 11:24
RT @PJM_data: In Singapore "Like Crazy" is occupying the entire top 5 of the iTunes chart! The rest of "FACE" is occupying positions 7-11,…
26-03-2023 10:38
RT @PJM_data: "FACE" debuts at #1 on the Japanese Oricon Daily Album Chart 🥳 The estimated number of sales for the album is 222,120 🤯 Con…
26-03-2023 10:13
@FaceOfJimin @OnAirRomeo @MostRequestLive @BTS_twt Hey @OnAirRomeo and @MostRequestLive, could you please play… https://t.co/s6ANUJPyHX
26-03-2023 10:13
RT @BTSEMPIRES: Omg y’all add the other tracks from face to your playlists 😭 Don’t ditch smf2 and the bsides I beg!
26-03-2023 10:11
RT @btschartstudio: “FACE” by #JIMIN (19.6M) becomes the biggest album debut by Kpop act on Spotify in 2023, surpassing “The Name Chapter:…
26-03-2023 10:10
RT @UnrivaledPJM: Philippines wow all top ten were from Jimin 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/YDoojrC496
26-03-2023 10:10
@parkjimin_95103 @jminharu @PJM_vocal no YouTube is just massively deleting his views. just as hanteo was playing with his sales
26-03-2023 10:10
26-03-2023 10:09
@CutieLovelyJM @voteforpjm thanks but how do I vote for jimin? I don’t see the voting thing
26-03-2023 10:08
@voteforpjm how?
26-03-2023 09:21
RT @charts_k: It's gon' be a good night🌙 #LikeCrazy https://t.co/VrO1kENebQ https://t.co/H9srThGA6u
26-03-2023 08:21
RT @95PJMOON: his moves. https://t.co/ArSnxqtosx
26-03-2023 08:20
RT @btslyricistt: alone, jimin https://t.co/lIvGXZnOvL
26-03-2023 07:27
RT @PJM_data: Jimin’s Spotify account has surpassed 400 million streams! 🥳 Congratulations Jimin!! 👏🎊 #Jimin_FACE #지민 #JIMIN @BTS_twt htt…
26-03-2023 07:26
RT @PJM_data: "Like Crazy" charts #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song chart for a second consecutive day 🥳🔥🌎 Congratulations Jimin!! 👏 #Jimi…
26-03-2023 07:24
RT @jmnpromise: "FACE" by Jimin album cover FACE Like Crazy remix https://t.co/m66MZcn3tO
26-03-2023 07:24
RT @btschartstudio: Biggest album debut by Kpop act on Spotify in 2023 #1 FACE - 19.6M (NEW) #2 The Name Chapter: Temptation - 9.4M #3 Rea…
26-03-2023 07:20
RT @btschartsdailys: Streams all versions of #Like_Crazy NOW ON SPOTIFY 🚨 https://t.co/K40XObXFRT https://t.co/WYTyC0GFJm
26-03-2023 07:18
RT @ROCKSTARJIMlN: ❤️‍🔥 https://t.co/1Zek4SQ6pV
26-03-2023 07:18
IT'S SOOO GOOD WTF https://t.co/nsZTcW3ffw
26-03-2023 07:18
RT @btstatsreminder: RM now has 211 credits KOMCA credits and remains as the youngest most credited Artist! #RM211KOMCA CONGRATULATIONS R…
26-03-2023 07:17
26-03-2023 07:17
RT @FaceOfJimin: The Grammys are aware of Jimin's prowess as he has proven to be a massive success both domestically and internationally wi…
26-03-2023 07:09
26-03-2023 07:08
RT @charts_k: "Like Crazy (Deep House Remix)”, “Like Crazy (UK Garage Remix)”, and "Like Crazy (Instrumental)" by @BTS_twt Jimin out now!…
26-03-2023 07:07
RT @PJM_data: A stunning Jimin AD promoting "FACE" is currently showing in the 9TO9 CUBE displays consisting of 18 vertical column LEDs (72…
26-03-2023 07:07
RT @chartdata: #JIMIN's "Set Me Free Pt.2" debuts at #3 on the global YouTube songs chart with 48 million streams, the top new entry.
26-03-2023 07:07
RT @PJM_vocal: PARK JIMIN THE JUMP ??????? THIS IS ALL HIM ALONE DOING !! https://t.co/3iy3efJkfg
26-03-2023 05:35
RT @bts_bighit: [공방공지] Mnet MCOUNTDOWN 사전녹화에 참여하는 ARMY 여러분들은 아래 장소로 모여주세요! https://t.co/kbktw5gFxb
26-03-2023 05:35
RT @chartdata_twt: .#JIMIN’s “Like Crazy” breaks the record for 'The Biggest Solo Song Debut' by K-Pop soloist in Spotify Global Chart hist…
26-03-2023 03:33
RT @EgosShadow7: I just realized that Jack In The Box, INDIGO and now FACE ...all debuted on the spotify charts around the numbers LY:Answe…
26-03-2023 03:31
RT @thebtschart: Jimin is now the 3rd most consumed artist globally across all digital platforms, surpassing Miley Cyrus. https://t.co/3187…
26-03-2023 03:30
RT @pjmfilmz: HELOO?!?!?! why did i not realize this before?? jimin has played it before many times 😭😭 and jimin even has keyboard credits…
26-03-2023 03:30
RT @btschartstudio: “Like Crazy” by #JIMIN now becomes the most #1 song by Korean/Kpop act on iTunes Worldwide in 2023 so far, surpassing “…
26-03-2023 03:30
RT @PJM_data: “Like Crazy” breaks "Set Me Free Pt.2" record as the BIGGEST solo debut by a K-pop soloist on Spotify in HISTORY 🔥🥳 The song…
26-03-2023 03:29
@icanhackedfrJK @DrSquishy @btschartstudio except they all had autotune on in run bts and jm used it for artistic p… https://t.co/lEYGloCH3g
26-03-2023 03:28
@Adar20744600 @DrSquishy @btschartstudio which two collabs?
26-03-2023 03:27
@minieskies @H02273396 Still he is the most idol like member, he just does the jimin genre
25-03-2023 22:58
RT @PJM_data: "FACE" by Jimin broke the record for the BIGGEST Album Debut By a Korean Act on the Spotify Counter in 2023 🥳 🔥 Congratulati…
25-03-2023 22:56
@Jk_koookie_97 @DrSquishy @btschartstudio ur question doesn’t make sense
25-03-2023 22:56
RT @btschartdata: "FACE" debuts with 19,602,496 streams on Spotify! https://t.co/AQ1h6RjABV
25-03-2023 22:55
RT @FallonTonight: ICYMI: Jimmy is a #Jimin superfan. @BTS_twt #FallonTonight #JiminOnFallon https://t.co/okzXYzSVAd
25-03-2023 22:55
RT @jmnpromise: "I'm so happy about the fact I'm dancing which enables to share with other people. I want to be singer 'Jimin' from BTS who…
25-03-2023 22:54
RT @95PJMOON: this part. https://t.co/Ykn3gsdYyj
25-03-2023 22:53
RT @weejimin: is this anybody else’s favorite part because i’m GENUINELY OBSESSED the way he moves his fingers is so addicting??? https://t…
25-03-2023 22:53
RT @kchartsmaster: "Like Crazy (English Version)" by JIMIN of @BTS_twt debuts at #2 on the Global Spotify Chart (6,634,838 streams). https:…
25-03-2023 22:53
RT @stigmanoire: the difference between #1 and #2 is just some 650k streams we can give jimin that #1 if we work hard like we do on debut d…
25-03-2023 22:51
RT @Pk_bts_land: Biggest Albums Debut on Spotify Global Chart (Filtered Streams) : #1. Indigo — 20,667,597 #2. Jack In The Box — 17,91…
25-03-2023 22:51
@DrSquishy @btschartstudio except jms is not a collab.
25-03-2023 22:49
@Jk_koookie_97 @peachesmochy @DrSquishy @btschartstudio Ur weird
25-03-2023 22:48
RT @btschartstudio: Biggest song debut by Kpop soloist on Spotify (unfiltered) #1 Left and Right - 8.7M #2 Like Crazy - 7.9M (NEW) #3 Set…
25-03-2023 22:47
RT @syoogas: yoongi posted an almost ot7 photo 😭😭😭😭 he said tae and jimin were with just them abt 10 mins ago 😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/2x9FsHn55L
25-03-2023 22:47
RT @jiminperforms: obsessed with how jimin does the choreography so delicately yet so beautifully https://t.co/6zd6cQYXsl
25-03-2023 22:47
RT @90symn: this part is just so addicting https://t.co/wfTwP4QXcq
25-03-2023 22:47
RT @95PJMOON: prettiest dance line https://t.co/wj7wjHnXXn
25-03-2023 22:47
RT @jimiIoops: THIS IS CINEMA https://t.co/tRlRX5seOP
25-03-2023 22:46
RT @Army_Connect: The No 1 is likely going to do ~170K - 200K units. Right now we're projected for ~110K. It's not a small number & we have…
25-03-2023 22:46
RT @jmfolder: the way jimin MOVES.. serving cunt is serious business for him https://t.co/XjV7k5WKJu
25-03-2023 22:46
RT @chartdata: #JIMIN's "Face-off" debuts at #35 on the global Spotify chart with 2.46 million streams. https://t.co/Eixsiaztox
25-03-2023 22:45
RT @FJimindata: Jimin claims the biggest SOLO album sales in Japan with a Korean album. 'FACE' has become the most sold Kpop SOLO album o…
25-03-2023 22:40
RT @pjmngallery: pleasee reply and quote with: RECORD MAKER JIMIN JIMIN HISTORY MAKER https://t.co/vmJ9saezmm
25-03-2023 22:39
RT @headlineplanet: Jimin performing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (press pics by Ralph Bavaro/NBC) #Jimin_FACE #JiminOnFallon…
25-03-2023 22:37
RT @pjmfilmz: zero western collabs, zero radio play, zero playlisting and jimin debuted his entire new album on global spotify charts (high…
25-03-2023 22:36
RT @pipervkoo: home https://t.co/N5nJOTlFwj
25-03-2023 22:36
RT @kookminphotos: #JIKOOK: like crazy https://t.co/Ty89YQ6ZgN
25-03-2023 22:34
@callmeK_okay @ariminduo @PopBase You’re trying too hard
25-03-2023 22:32
RT @seokjinbit: Jimin: *outsells* kpop stans: ALL HE HAS ARE SALES Jimin: *outstreams* kpop stans: ALBUM HAS NO QUALITY Jimin: *getting…
25-03-2023 22:28
RT @pjm_streaming: SOUTH KOREA'S FAVORITE SON WHEN I TELL YOU 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/aeezigpWne
25-03-2023 22:28
RT @charts_k: [email protected]_twt Jimin's “Like Crazy (Deep House Remix)” and “Like Crazy (UK Garage Remix)” will be released March 26 (Sun) at 1PM K…
25-03-2023 22:27
RT @Pk_bts_land: Daily Top Artist South Korea 🇰🇷 #1. Jimin 🤯🔥 https://t.co/M0ahUpOCKg
25-03-2023 22:26
RT @stussyjimin: ‘FACE’ by Jimin has achieved 2,961,300 streams in its first 24 hours on Melon! Jimin will receive the Melon Hall of Fame "…
25-03-2023 22:24
@Rey_are_rey @Mrs_BTS26 @btschartstudio @BTS_twt girl no one cares.. scamtube deleted his views and sabotaged his mvs
25-03-2023 22:24
RT @PJM_data: “Like Crazy (English Version)” breaks the record for the BIGGEST debut for a solo song by a K-Pop Act in Spotify history 🥳🔥…
25-03-2023 22:21
RT @PJM_vocal: “FACE” BY BTS JIMIN debuts on Oricon daily album chart with 222k sales, making one of the biggest debuts by Korean album in…
25-03-2023 22:21
@tattsnstarcandy @Jikookloveeee @btschartstudio I doubt it.. if anything it should be higher since it’s a full album drop
25-03-2023 22:19
RT @chartdata: #JIMIN's "Like Crazy (English Version)" debuts at #2 on the global Spotify chart with 6.63 millions streams. It's his bigges…
25-03-2023 22:16
RT @PJM_vocal: "FACE" by BTS JIMIN had 2,961,300 streams in first 24 hours on Melon & he will receive the Melon Hall of Fame "Millions Albu…
25-03-2023 22:16
RT @charts_k: Jimin on Instagram https://t.co/TOs0HsIrqH https://t.co/7x2xkTE7k7
25-03-2023 22:16
RT @JlNSONYEONDAN: 'After the cold winter, we'll meet again on spring day' They truly got together again on spring day ㅠㅠㅠ https://t.co/yP…
25-03-2023 22:15
RT @kchartsmaster: "FACE" by JIMIN of @BTS_twt had 2,961,300 streams on it's first 24 hours of release on MelOn. It's the biggest debut by…
25-03-2023 22:15
RT @PopBase: ‘Like Crazy’ (English Version) by Jimin debuts at #2 on Global Spotify with 6.63 million streams. It also debuts at #6 on US…
25-03-2023 22:15
RT @lbaemin: #JIMIN- the debut stage https://t.co/FMN4ijM5yZ
25-03-2023 22:14
RT @miiniyoongs: [230325 Suga Instagram Story] 🐱 was together with taehyung and jimin(left 10 minutes earlier) https://t.co/4Lef1isKAc
25-03-2023 22:13
RT @miiniyoongs: [230325 RM Instagram Story] 🐨 💜 https://t.co/lRfMqIHqud
25-03-2023 22:13
RT @jmnpromise: jimin and kpop https://t.co/H27T12lpBb
25-03-2023 22:12
RT @chartdata: Biggest album debuts for Korean soloists in Spotify history: #1 Indigo, #RM 21.6M #2 Jack In the Box, #jhope 19.7M #3 FACE,…
25-03-2023 22:11