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The new year is approaching and barely anyone in Chicago has thrown a club renaissance. Like why do y’all hate this…
09-12-2022 09:23
Theses Signs into Cherry Forest??? I could kiss Debrandon
09-12-2022 09:19
RT @zaheerah_raja: no unfortunately i cannot give you directions around the city i have lived in my entire life
09-12-2022 09:10
@keyon It’s a lie you know she known for that
09-12-2022 09:07
RT @digitalsxpphic: Sza sampling herself… WHY YES
09-12-2022 09:03
RT @makeupbyshaniah: gone girl. oh i lost it.
09-12-2022 08:49
RT @Fiyasohollywood: the armroll + the body spin combo Quavo was cooking lmfao 😭
09-12-2022 08:49
RT @finess3nce: NOODLE NECK
09-12-2022 08:42
RT @60sto70sto80s: The cast of the original Broadway musical "Dreamgirls" (from left to right) Sheryl Lee Ralph, Deborah Burrell, and Loret…
09-12-2022 08:42
RT @60sto70sto80s: Los Angeles, California (1987). Sheryl Lee Ralph stars in "Sister Margaret and the Saturday Night Ladies".…
09-12-2022 08:41
RT @heyhoneyrae: to experience me is a privilege
09-12-2022 08:41
Definitely took me back to Radio Disney😭
09-12-2022 08:40
her what bag??? Baby huh??
09-12-2022 08:40
Sza giving me early 2000s Hillary Duff/Avril Lavigne vibes with F2F hit me right in my childhood 😭😭
09-12-2022 08:39
RT @Noorthevirgo: sza knew i was tired of men so she’s dropping an album she’s so considerate fr
09-12-2022 08:36
RT @JuicyxChocolate: Smoking on my Ex Pack… OH SZA GETS GHETTOOOOOO
09-12-2022 08:36
RT @__kdash_: Receiving compliments while out with your man hit different, yes remind him he has a bad bitch
09-12-2022 08:36
09-12-2022 08:35
RT @temsszn: TEMS ?!?! I’M GAGGINGGGG
09-12-2022 08:33
RT @theashleyray: truly cannot wait for this
09-12-2022 08:33
Solana rapping?????????? Cmon ma’am!
09-12-2022 08:32
RT @JAYVERSACE: S.O.S by @sza out now ! “S.O.S” & “smoking on my ex pack” produced by me! love yu sis
09-12-2022 08:11
Low gone sound good in the car
09-12-2022 08:11
RT @shadowandact: The legendary Angela Bassett gets a well deserved standing Ovation while accepting her Lifetime Achievement award at the…
09-12-2022 07:57
RT @LookAtDustin: which one of y’all said that’s kim burrell getting the Heimlich maneuver on The White Lotus music
09-12-2022 07:56
I need a petition for literally any other company to buy hbo max cause @discoveryplus doing more damage than that U…
09-12-2022 07:55
Sweet Life and Fboy Island caught a stray too???? @discoveryplus Y’all some hoes
09-12-2022 07:53
RT @HerSelections: This what we gon be saying for renaissance videos too
09-12-2022 07:49
RT @itsKARY_: Pat Houston needs her ass whooped.
09-12-2022 07:48
Sandy real name is Alessandro?? #SouthSideOnHBOMax
09-12-2022 07:18
@bookaman3 Today! First two episodes just dropped
09-12-2022 07:11
RT @kennygotsoul: And then there was Christmas 💫🎄
09-12-2022 07:08
Zenobia gone have a fresh wig every episode okay! #SouthSideOnHBOMax
09-12-2022 07:08
Phaedra dating Giselle’s ex husband?????
09-12-2022 07:02
@itsachloething_ They have the cutest dresses
09-12-2022 06:56
South Side came back strong. First episode had me rolling
09-12-2022 06:54
RT @TheLexGabrielle: When the Beyoncé tickets drop, I’m not going to be scraping nickels together.
09-12-2022 06:42
RT @em_Lazzy: “I prefer when your hair is …” Me looking for when I asked
09-12-2022 06:40
RT @BtSquared2: This is a really good idea for a nonprofit org for single/low income moms. Keep the crypto literacy classes, and bring this…
09-12-2022 06:39
Looking like her mama!
08-12-2022 23:27
@BET know y’all worth and give us some good content. Pick it up😭
08-12-2022 23:10
RT @witti_indi: I’m fully a Grinch sympathizer. That entire town bullied him literally his entire life!! He was in his villain era for good…
08-12-2022 22:47
RT @luvinflix: when you’re on the aux in the car and your weird music favourites accidentally start playing
08-12-2022 22:46
RT @galactamelanin:
08-12-2022 22:45
niggas woke up on this Thursday and chose disturbance
08-12-2022 22:42
RT @Dreadful4Tymes: LMAOOO “Tory Lanez was about to buy NBC”
08-12-2022 22:40
RT @abbottnocontext:
08-12-2022 22:40
RT @TEXASTITTIE: if janelle back in the studio then everybody should be scared i’m sorry
08-12-2022 22:39
RT @LookAtDustin: I love eating breakfast.
08-12-2022 22:33
RT @AriLennox: Hey my loves!! I wanted to give you something special for being so good to me this year. My rendition of "My Favorite Things…
08-12-2022 22:14
“This is your kid”
08-12-2022 21:56
RT @cedfunches: Our society went downhill after closing these stores: Hollywood Video Circuit City Sam Goody RadioShack (speaks for itsel…
08-12-2022 21:55
RT @kennygotsoul: This is an actual visual of ideas turning into reality. Keep creating; it all ends up making sense 💡 Song: “Get High, G…
08-12-2022 21:54
RT @JoeGoldberrgg: @torylanez
08-12-2022 21:53
@torylanez You was the one forming the weapons!🤣🤣
08-12-2022 21:51
The choreography for this video is hard af. Imma learn it
08-12-2022 21:50
RT @HobbyistPlant: In love with these mugs 🌿
08-12-2022 21:40
@nap_thats THE ONE okay!! The real ones been knew
08-12-2022 21:39
RT @KevCoke6: It's crazy to me that we had better and more diverse Black representation on network TV and film in the 90s/early 00s than we…
08-12-2022 21:38
@brillsmusic @BDTRELILBROTHER That’s what slap ya mama is for
08-12-2022 21:36
I hate it
08-12-2022 21:35
I gotta watch Kim Fields’ season of rhoa again cause I just realized her and Kenya have worked together before! She…
08-12-2022 21:35
@PorterhouseLA @HerSelections Touché
08-12-2022 20:28
That’s cause y’all don’t be playing this one but we do in my house
08-12-2022 20:26
RT @OfficialSampson: The black church needs to hear it.
08-12-2022 20:25
RT @therobmilton: - if I can’t say a word.
08-12-2022 20:24
RT @WrittenByHanna: This is literally the most insane moment in Black cinema 😭😭
08-12-2022 20:22
Monica showing us how she got William!
08-12-2022 20:20
RT @ziwe: i asked amber riley about her famous coworker
08-12-2022 20:18
RT @TheJessieWoo: Wait a minute. Celine Dion might not ever beat the “she belongs to Jamaicans” allegations.
08-12-2022 19:49
I need “you gotta be at least two something to do something” on a shirt. That’s real thick territory you ain’t real…
08-12-2022 19:48
RT @JasmynBeKnowing: I want to start a thick girl workout group. You gotta be at least two something to do something.
08-12-2022 19:46
RT @jawnnthadonn: Before i give up on anybody. I try , try , try & try until i can’t nomore.
08-12-2022 19:45
RT @60Minutes: In 2010, 60 Minutes reported on how DEA agents captured Viktor Bout, who's been called the "Merchant of Death."…
08-12-2022 19:42
RT @sakisavavi: Let people misunderstand you. There’s power and protection in that
08-12-2022 19:31
@ExquisiteWill Mine shit🤣🤣
08-12-2022 19:31
RT @BadBitchCarta: Me testing Apple Music’s new karaoke feature
08-12-2022 19:24
RT @realshakaylat: baby the cap be just as melted as the lace!!!!!!
08-12-2022 19:23
RT @DrIndyEinstein: pay attention to your cravings - they’re revealing a lot about your spiritual state + your mental.
08-12-2022 18:11
RT @Foivechxn: This is the most beautiful and powerful speech I’ve ever seen. I love Lizzo so much
08-12-2022 18:10
RT @ArchiveAfrikka: 7th Ave , Harlem 1970s.
08-12-2022 17:59
“Hell naw fuck a hoe” LMFAO I hope Holla is doing well
08-12-2022 17:54
RT @theineffability: i just known whitney would’ve supported will after the slap! mother loved a lil fight 💀
08-12-2022 17:42
RT @MsJillMJones: In tha lab with a pen and a pad.💃🏾💃🏾 Return of the Mack(‘s) 😜 @keeshasharp
08-12-2022 17:41
RT @niyahkaee: Twitter come on I know you guys have y’all ways. Please take time to read this and repost EVERYWHERE!
08-12-2022 17:41
RT @Tea_witdre: “Yeah Candiace you wish you had a representative.” The audience:
08-12-2022 17:40
RT @EricDonte: tory lanez might not be in jail today but that’s why i love tomorrow
08-12-2022 17:40
RT @nochillnonge: stop shes so cute 🥹🥹🥹🥹
08-12-2022 17:12
@dm__ricky He put his whole foot in that album for it not to get recognized and that makes me so mad
08-12-2022 17:10
RT @CandeeNation09: #rhop lmaoooo read after read after read after read @bravouniversity
08-12-2022 16:45
RT @ANGELBABYABEL: The weapons and tongues rn:
08-12-2022 16:42
08-12-2022 16:38
That look Gregory gave Janine…woulda folded like origami. #AbbottElementary
08-12-2022 16:37
@PorterhouseLA @HerSelections Well that can’t be the case cause then she say “I wanna go where nobody’s been” and S…
08-12-2022 16:29
Good cause the whole “be who you are and tell the truth” shit to save the world was terrible. Like straight to tv t…
08-12-2022 16:26
@keyon Yes🤣🤣🤣
08-12-2022 16:25
Brittney Griner is finally coming home
08-12-2022 16:24
RT @afirahs: 🥒🧖🏿‍♀️🧘🏾‍♀️
08-12-2022 16:23
RT @ShermanDesselle: Today makes two years since my sister Natalie passed. It’s never easy, but to know she’s doing far better than any o…
08-12-2022 16:23
RT @Stylish_Bloke: His contract must of been coming up, cuz he went hard for no reason
08-12-2022 16:23
RT @CocoJonesHQ: Coco Jones singing “I Wanna Be Down” by Brandy
08-12-2022 16:21
@NPR I urge y’all to go back and listen to Kenyon Dixon’s Closer or the deluxe version. It deserves a best R&B spot
08-12-2022 16:19
Kenyon Dixon should’ve been on this list as well
08-12-2022 16:18
RT @BrandoAKing: This Deion Sanders situation is wild if true.
08-12-2022 16:15
She said y’all better mf vote 🤣
08-12-2022 16:12
It’s funny you would say no weapon formed against you when you was forming the weapons. Man go to jail🤣🤣🤣
08-12-2022 16:11
RT @lilmiss_jordan: I wish we lived in a country where this was standard care. The bare minimum. Please put my tax dollars to this.
08-12-2022 16:02
RT @sta_schemin: IYKYK
08-12-2022 15:58
@discoveryplus whatever y’all doing to hbo max you need to undo. We liked it the way it was and we don’t want y’all…
08-12-2022 09:23
RT @Keen_Man: Hit Different Hive, stand up!
08-12-2022 07:10
RT @1Rylic: So we all agree these are the best movie and album of 2022
08-12-2022 06:56
The best butter
08-12-2022 06:56
RT @psychonegraut: Hypoghetticals gettin outta hand now-
08-12-2022 06:55
RT @bradleyberdecia: this is how you make a character entrance
08-12-2022 06:55
We got motionnnnnnn #AbbottElementary
08-12-2022 05:36
@ellameno @MediumSizeMeech I swear I thought it was Raven at first🤣
08-12-2022 04:20
@tressiemcphd @MediumSizeMeech I strongly feel it’s Gwen stefani
08-12-2022 04:19
@MediumSizeMeech Jessie J🤣
08-12-2022 04:19
@PeterDredd That bag is 280 pls find something to do.
07-12-2022 22:31
@FinesseEness It’s nice cream
07-12-2022 21:35
RT @GlamazonJay: Idc how y’all feel about ring cameras and what law enforcements can do with it. Our girls are coming up missing in then ai…
07-12-2022 20:28
RT @InsideHBCUFball: You just can't "give back" to overcome this! People love to point out what HBCUs don't have but look straight past the…
07-12-2022 18:16
RT @xxoorita: Sza album has 23 tracks… prepare to be sick of me
07-12-2022 18:10
RT @therobmilton: - y’all got your parts ready?
07-12-2022 18:10
RT @MJFINESSELOVER: Janet Jackson’s erotic industrial rock/R&B classic “If” paired with this provocative choreography just gives off pure s…
07-12-2022 16:58
RT @ChildhoodShows: Rent was due and they made sure it was paid
07-12-2022 15:07
RT @DrillicaL: Why is no one talking about how nearly a dozen black kids have gone missing In Memphis since November … all ages 14-19. http…
07-12-2022 15:05
07-12-2022 15:05
RT @simplykosmic: BRING BACK UPN…talk about chokehold
07-12-2022 15:05
RT @theerkj: my time has come
07-12-2022 07:58
RT @jcmtr3: Today is not that day!
07-12-2022 07:54
& Rollercoaster???
07-12-2022 07:54
Chernin Shoe Outlet
07-12-2022 07:46
@kennygotsoul @SoundCloud Dream of me made it on the list😭😭🙌🏾
07-12-2022 07:45
RT @CerromeRussell: Amish weed probably all sativa. You gon build your own chicken coop for no reason. Be churning butter in your apartment
07-12-2022 07:34
Still one of my favorite dance breaks
07-12-2022 07:33
RT @DOP3Sweet: I’m extremely ok with them just being treasured by Black people.
07-12-2022 07:30
07-12-2022 07:27
RT @ShannonThornt_n: Critic’s Choice Awards
07-12-2022 05:47
@itsachloething_ You know who has one??
07-12-2022 05:47
What the hell do y’all mean. @HBO FIX IT
07-12-2022 05:35
RT @sza: On theme .
07-12-2022 05:33
RT @mselisee: Every time. Perfect.
07-12-2022 05:33
RT @cotton_candiee:
07-12-2022 05:26
@itsachloething_ Margiela???
07-12-2022 05:25
RT @60sto70sto80s: Afro Sheen advertisements circa 1971
07-12-2022 05:07
@Klinex @B7Album Not too much she’s a legend
07-12-2022 05:06
RT @sza: After a certain amount of repeating urself and no changes u gotta jus assume they don’t give a fuck .
07-12-2022 05:04
RT @koi_takleefff: Me: I should clean my room Me after picking up one sock:
07-12-2022 05:03
RT @FREAKYPRlNCESS: them: it’s not that funny me:
07-12-2022 05:03
I just wanna say you’re welcome and drop them visuals cause I listened to that album 945 times miss beysyay
07-12-2022 05:03
RT @RyanDestiny: :)
07-12-2022 05:00
RT @ninaturner: Insulin should be free. All healthcare should be free.
07-12-2022 05:00
RT @aliyahInterlude: chipotle is always super good or the worst meal you’ve ever had in your entire fucking life
07-12-2022 05:00
RT @tinaqueen_15: Saw someone on tiktok say “It is what it feels like.” And that’s the best advice to give anyone.
07-12-2022 04:59
RT @tvonetv: A moment 🙌🏾 #RP: @thewrap/IG
07-12-2022 04:59
He reminds me so much of London Tipton. Just blissfully ignorant
07-12-2022 04:57
not a double entendre🤣🤣
07-12-2022 04:54
RT @THEMARlAHFILES: she’s giving
07-12-2022 04:52
RT @SylviaObell: Ima need y’all to start reinforcing the pros of motherhood cause the cons list getting too steep 😭
07-12-2022 04:27
RT @bodaciousbobo: I had to watch this TikTok TWICE cause the shade match of her foundation??? I thought it was gel omggg It’s Givenchy Mat…
07-12-2022 04:12
RT @iamluckydaye: Sup guys. I just came to say Candydrip Deluxe Tracklist is finally done. 12/9. Pre-save link in the bio 🍯🍀…
07-12-2022 04:08
RT @jamesearl23:
07-12-2022 00:39
One of these is not like the other
07-12-2022 00:21
RT @kekeupdate: “I’ve grown up with keke palmer 🥺🥺” mind you this woman has had the spirit of a 64 year old since she was 12 😭 https://t.c…
07-12-2022 00:15
RT @shes_rADIAnt: Cuff It x Wetter 😭 nah this is TEW good. It’s crack.
07-12-2022 00:14
I’m screaming
06-12-2022 23:54
RT @jcmtr3: Officially Sponsored. Insomnia Athlete @insomniacookies 🍪
06-12-2022 23:52
I need her to sing this live just for shits and giggles
06-12-2022 23:52
RT @alyahcs: if you’re in love with me and think I’m cute, JUST SAY THAT !
06-12-2022 23:50
RT @pradasunset: me when i remember my future depends on me
06-12-2022 23:49
RT @leightonswifey: OH SHE DID THIS FOR MEEEEE😭😭
06-12-2022 23:48
RT @Brieyonce: 90/00’s sitcoms w/ a ski or stuck in the snow episode >>>
06-12-2022 23:47
RT @marrakua: ***MISSING**** This Is CAROLINE BLESSING COOPER Last Heard From Her November 26th, 2022. Went To GHANA From The USA & Lives I…
06-12-2022 23:46
@Bl6ckBette They used to get leaked onto YouTube all the time back in her early career
06-12-2022 23:42
RT @VERONASFILMS: you know an actress from our childhood that we need to give their flowers? miss alexis fields! she was in everything and…
06-12-2022 22:49
I agree I can hear the bells
06-12-2022 22:49
RT @OliviaLilyMarks: I fully believe that Aubrey Plaza can beat every lie detector
06-12-2022 22:30
RT @_dimplehobi: @KennieJD These can’t be the men that Dolly begged Jolene not to take.
06-12-2022 22:27
@GudJob_B @dailybravomail You can’t compare the two lmao. One is a group trip and the other is someone’s graduation…
06-12-2022 22:21
Why somebody call this this fit a sickle cell bodysuit 😭 help🤣🤣🤣
06-12-2022 21:55
RT @TEXASTITTIE: she tore this up so bad and i’m not even joking y’all
06-12-2022 21:46
Rent was DUE do you hear me!?!?
06-12-2022 21:46
RT @Felz_: Finna put them hoes in my pocket one by one and walk carefully
06-12-2022 21:12
RT @Phil_Lewis_: Quinta Brunson is the cover star for Cosmopolitan's final issue of the year:…
06-12-2022 19:14
RT @HoodHealer: “When God is first, Peace is second.”
06-12-2022 19:13
RT @AllDayNicco: When our JOY can’t be contained, and why for…?!? 😉😄 @CriticsChoice THANK YOU for embracing the Culture and these stories…
06-12-2022 19:09
RT @chunkbardey: you expect me to get work done ?? in these conditions?? in this world?? where my socks feel weird???
06-12-2022 16:19
RT @thecimonalisa: Part of healing is recognizing our own agency, and being willing to sit with the discomfort it often takes to exercise i…
06-12-2022 16:02
RT @jrxdcruz: Candiace: “my God today” 😭 she’s hilarious!
06-12-2022 16:01
RT @Saweetie:
06-12-2022 16:00
RT @mehgabriel: “Love needs to stop whispering.” 🥹 sheesh! @violadavis 🤍
06-12-2022 15:37
RT @FWGRANDEE: smart? she destroyed every single bit of hype she had
06-12-2022 15:35
06-12-2022 15:34
RT @Yosnier_: 23 sza songs on friday... i used to pray for times like this
06-12-2022 15:29
RT @KiyoDandre: Why are you, as a grown ass sun going down at 4:45pm???
06-12-2022 15:28