tastycake3 (@tastycake3) — retired treatment social worker
@elissaben70 @mhdksafa Hope you get full recovery and have a blessed Holliday season❤😻
04-12-2022 21:42
RT @lindyli: From 1/1/2015 to 11/8/2016, the New York Times wrote *3,561 articles* about Clinton’s emails, many of which landed on the fron…
04-12-2022 21:41
RT @LowMaga: @GOP https://t.co/Grj3JPbJnV
04-12-2022 21:40
RT @GasBuddyGuy: BREAKING: For the first time in 669 days (Feb. 3, 2021), current #gasprices have just fallen below their year ago level, a…
04-12-2022 21:40
RT @DeanObeidallah: With Hunter Biden trending it's a perfect time to ask why did Ivanka Trump get a pass for profiting while in White Hous…
04-12-2022 21:38
0 100398
RT @POTUS: I just want to make a few things clear: The Holocaust happened. Hitler was a demonic figure. And instead of giving it a…
04-12-2022 21:38
RT @politicsusa46: The US is the only democracy on the planet in which Supreme Court judges have life tenure. These appointments are there…
04-12-2022 21:37
@AlisonBoxxer @Convict__TRUMP @POTUS And i haven't heard one person say thank you Mr. President Unfortunately when… https://t.co/J5JdtuNdbq
04-12-2022 21:37
RT @AlisonBoxxer: @POTUS https://t.co/NPQF6yRBUb
04-12-2022 21:34
RT @NotHoodlum: “As Christians, we found the Hunter Biden laptop photos disturbing.” - Jerry Falwell Jr. https://t.co/EoeavYXcYQ
04-12-2022 21:34
RT @AnitaLaLouise: @fwtoney A real risk? It's already a real fact.
04-12-2022 21:34
RT @TristanSnell: Donald Trump urging the “termination” of the Constitution is yet another instance of his participation in insurrection —…
04-12-2022 21:34
RT @theliamnissan: Ivanka Trump pocketed more money on one shady-ass Chinese handbag endorsement than Hunter Biden made in his entire life
04-12-2022 21:33
RT @Bryson_M: Hey America, beginning to think you have a domestic right wing terrorist problem
04-12-2022 21:33
RT @jzikah: @JoyceWhiteVance It’s absurd. The whole Republican Party is one giant atrocity. #AbsurdWars https://t.co/fab3gfV96e
04-12-2022 21:32
RT @AFLCIOGeorgia: We’ve got your back @ReverendWarnock! Let’s bring this home Georgia! #1u https://t.co/VnaCb0cT1y
04-12-2022 21:32
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: hey, remember when Hunter Biden got caught stealing from his own fake foundation and was forbidden from ever operating…
04-12-2022 21:30
RT @BettyBowers: “There is no room in the Republican Party for white supremacy.” —Mitch McConnell Apparently, they are full. Do they hav…
02-12-2022 01:08
RT @InternetHippo: Asking "Are rich people too rich?" is class warfare and wrong. But asking "Are poor people too rich?" is wise Economics…
02-12-2022 01:07
@TheTobster111 @TPM We knew this, they even put it in writing!!! Sadly there will be some very sad stupid seniors and their caregivers.
01-12-2022 04:24
RT @TheTobster111: Republicans Lean In To Threat Of Holding Debt Ceiling Hostage In Exchange For Social Security Cuts https://t.co/siUoqooT…
01-12-2022 04:20
RT @SenJeffMerkley: Two companies that've been accused of price gouging and putting profits over people combining their power is a recipe f…
01-12-2022 04:18
RT @beatmastermatt: As Dwight Eisenhower came across the Nazi death camps in 1945, he predicted that someday people would deny the Holocaus…
01-12-2022 04:16
RT @MyBoxerLuvMac1: 💔Atlantis💔 #NYCACC #157595 8y ▪️To Be Killed: 12/01💉 Sweet, Sr Sheppie. Handsome, timid gentleman's overwhelmed + prefe…
01-12-2022 04:13
RT @TomJumboGrumbo: He’s friendly, house/crate trained and knows all his commands, but Bandit #145424 is fearful of strangers and easy spoo…
01-12-2022 04:11
RT @ZJAyres: My story of medical misogyny is going to the doctors 5 times with "side pain" and being told it's "just period pain" or "IBS".…
01-12-2022 04:10
@ZJAyres @79topper There's a good reason what doctors do is called pratice!! We must all do our own research be your own advocate.
01-12-2022 04:10
@Jersey_Craig @cwebbonline Ah, more $$$ in keeping you sick then well😝
01-12-2022 03:25
RT @HowardA_AtLaw: Sigh: Yes, AR-15 stands for Armalite Rifle, but when your child is rendered so unrecognizable from dozens of bullets in…
01-12-2022 03:17
RT @Acyn: Cruz: There’s no responsibility Congress has that is more important than standing up to the fighting men and women of our militar…
01-12-2022 03:09
@Acyn @drb4eva Ah wow. Tells truth by slip of the lip😜
01-12-2022 03:09
RT @LiberalResist: And homophobia, xenophobia, fascism, nonsense, etc. https://t.co/zr9YBazvMH
01-12-2022 03:06
RT @HuffmanForNC: I'm not even following and I still see these tweets. Pepe is a white Supremacist hate symbol and here is Elon opening dis…
28-11-2022 16:42
RT @POTUS: My Administration is rebuilding our roads, bridges, and airports, replacing lead pipes, cleaning up pollution, providing afforda…
28-11-2022 16:42
RT @DeanObeidallah: Great job by @donlemon!!! Don Lemon refuses to let Ex-Trump Staffer white wash Trump's embrace of hate!! https://t.co…
28-11-2022 16:34
0 27235
RT @Strandjunker: Did you know? When Bill Clinton banned assault weapons in 1994, mass shootings dropped by 43%. After George W. Bush and t…
28-11-2022 16:33
RT @Walcandy1: @elonmusk https://t.co/N3lBjUTu0R
28-11-2022 16:32
@mutohd @kjblackhawk @elonmusk Great now i won't drink Cola anymore either!
28-11-2022 16:32
RT @TheRickyDavila: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a hero, a patriot and a well respected human being whose bravery knows no limit. The vil…
28-11-2022 16:30
RT @Walcandy1: @elonmusk https://t.co/SexpSucboJ
28-11-2022 16:30
RT @_NicoleNonya: Why do American voters permit politicians to take $ from HMOs & big pharma/DME companies? No other developed countries pe…
28-11-2022 16:28
@_NicoleNonya Why? Well short answer is (citizens united) that bill caused the take over of our government by the w… https://t.co/G5rAJfIxoT
28-11-2022 16:28
RT @B52Malmet: @AVindman Stand up and know millions are with you. This is not Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Yet.
28-11-2022 16:24
RT @GeorgeTakei: I’m calling on accounts big and small to uplift and amplify @SenatorWarnock in these coming weeks. If you see a post from…
28-11-2022 16:24
0 16095
RT @jasonhickel: The problem is not simply that capitalism produces too much, but that it produces the wrong stuff: SUVs, fast fashion and…
28-11-2022 16:23
@nathaliejacoby1 Yes me and I'm going to be 76 in February!!
28-11-2022 03:28
RT @Rschooley: Twitter’s starting to feel like a mall that’s down to a Macy’s and a Burlington Coat Factory.
28-11-2022 03:27
RT @votevets: It’s simple: @AVindman is pulled by a sense of service and what’s right—no matter if it’s @realDonaldTrump attacking him or @…
28-11-2022 03:21
RT @AVindman: I have never received something like this. We are experiencing a rise in hate, while many look the other way or seek to profi…
28-11-2022 03:20
RT @glennkirschner2: Some say the 1st Amendment means we have the freedom to spew hate speech likely to incite violence. Some say the 2nd a…
28-11-2022 03:18
RT @RBReich: From 1989 to 2019, typical working families saw a negligible increase in wealth. Meanwhile, the wealthiest one percent got $…
28-11-2022 00:52
RT @mmpadellan: The Proud Boys need to be designated as a terrorist organization. NOW.
27-11-2022 20:49
RT @JimWrig08299591: @RepGosar https://t.co/1KOyfVL51Z
27-11-2022 20:46
RT @lindyli: Elon Musk just said: “Any incitement to violence will result in account suspension” Who wants to tell him what Trump did to o…
27-11-2022 20:00
RT @GavinNewsom: The @GOP version of “freedom”: - ban books - limit speech - live in fear of gun violence - take away your healthcare deci…
27-11-2022 19:59
@davenewworld_2 @fangpusskins Indeed Just ask yourself if you can name one food not wrapped in or containing some… https://t.co/4ipflJDvrM
27-11-2022 19:55
RT @davenewworld_2: Sperm counts have dropped by about 62% worldwide in 45 years. Corporations will blame smoking, or obesity, or sedentary…
27-11-2022 19:53
RT @PatRyanUC: Exxon Mobil reported $17B in profit last quarter alone. The highest profit reported by an oil and gas company in history. Ye…
27-11-2022 19:51
RT @TheSundayShow: "Running a football does not make you a political person, even running a TV show does not make you qualified to run for…
27-11-2022 19:45
RT @WholePlateWay: @Logically_JC The US Supreme Court is comprised, corrupt and illegitimate. https://t.co/5X2By981nt
27-11-2022 19:45
@Logically_JC He should know because he's already doing it😡
27-11-2022 19:44
@007__NIL @atrupar @MsMich6 Both!
27-11-2022 19:41
RT @AZDem_w_Dogs: @RepTonyGonzales @HouseGOP Inflation is global and the gqp voted against every bill that sought to ease the hardship on A…
27-11-2022 19:38
RT @FROsunLiberal: @RepTonyGonzales @HouseGOP Inflation is global. Price gouging is too. Why are corporations making record profits? Becaus…
27-11-2022 19:37
RT @MeidasTouch: @elonmusk One totally normal and kind party. https://t.co/rgOFUg0gfZ
27-11-2022 19:35
RT @rn_wing: @RepTonyGonzales @HouseGOP I’ve been waiting for this plan, but all I see is “Hunter’s laptop”. I’m hoping that’s not the plan…
27-11-2022 19:33
RT @RobertDimickJr: @RepTonyGonzales @HouseGOP Do share the plan! We're on the brink of more homelessness, and you clowns are worried about…
27-11-2022 19:33
RT @fwtoney: 1 dead, 5 injured, in Atlanta mass shooting: report https://t.co/wnZGNKpm2i This is getting so common place...did anybody no…
27-11-2022 19:33
RT @Sharlene_Baker_: OMG!!! THE CRUELNESS OF PEOPLE! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
27-11-2022 19:32
RT @official_wins: #Georgia Heard Herschel Walker’s agenda? He’s talking VAMPIRES👇 I’m NOT wasting tax $ on this fool’s salary wasting…
27-11-2022 19:31
@ReverendWarnock And what's even more insane is some (apparently) sane people will vote for that clown😳😳😳
27-11-2022 19:31
RT @ReverendWarnock: Georgia deserves better than Herschel Walker. Vote today or as soon as you can! Visit https://t.co/lzN6iu3pOH to find…
27-11-2022 19:30
RT @mmpadellan: @elonmusk Dude, Democrats are fighting for the poor, people of color, choice, voting rights, education, the environment. K…
27-11-2022 19:29
@davidhogg111 @JackRayher And sadly more deaths😩😭 Apparently the gun lobby and the politicians they support don't m… https://t.co/VRCCIl7Dx4
27-11-2022 19:27
RT @davidhogg111: It will take time, persistence and sacrifice. But we will end gun violence.
27-11-2022 19:25
RT @blueheartedly: Who thinks mega churches should be paying taxes?
20-11-2022 17:34
RT @NoLieWithBTC: Merrick Garland just appointed a war crimes prosecutor at The Hague to investigate Trump.
20-11-2022 05:31
RT @_NicoleNonya: Voters regardless of party needs to come to terms with American citizens (who have a pulse) needs to get rid of super pac…
20-11-2022 05:31
@PuckNews @DylanByers I agree not worth watching since they put that rightwingnut in charge producing rightwing garbage!
20-11-2022 05:30
RT @kinley_brenda: Price of crude oil falling 18% over past 2 mths, bringing cost of gasoline down Shipping prices are also coming down to…
20-11-2022 05:23
RT @amyklobuchar: This is completely and utterly out of hand. While there are many potential solutions, here’s one that the Court could ad…
20-11-2022 05:21
@vietthanhsports Slime everyone of them!!!!!!!!!
18-11-2022 04:58
RT @vietthanhsports: 'I want to be a werewolf': Joe Scarborough rips Herschel Walker for 'rambling, incoherent' campaign speech https://t.c…
18-11-2022 04:55
0 18655
RT @Victorshi2020: BREAKING: Donald Trump just said that if he becomes president, he will “immediately demand voter ID, same-day voting, an…
17-11-2022 00:40
@shannonrwatts @smilingoutloud2 @amyschumer You left out the 🐕 and Thomas😳😳but maybe just ask the wisest one. In this case it the dog!
17-11-2022 00:37
0 30812
RT @shannonrwatts: What Mehmet Oz means when he says abortion should be between "a woman, her doctor, and local political leaders." #PASena…
17-11-2022 00:32
RT @mmpadellan: It is obscene to me that trump stole classified documents and incited insurrection, and everybody is talking about him anno…
17-11-2022 00:30
0 41337
RT @AyoTristan: That man attempted a coup and they letting him run for President again. There's stricter rules at Planet Fitness.
17-11-2022 00:30
@nathaliejacoby1 https://t.co/zPrDiQJ1gj
16-11-2022 22:48
@jgundam83 @owillis And the idiot white people who vote for that (human??)!!!!
16-11-2022 20:01
RT @jgundam83: This should be apparent to anyone with the barest shred of common sense but alas here we are. Herschel Walker's Vile Campa…
16-11-2022 20:00
RT @A_NHDogLover: My Twitter account was suspended after I tweeted the protocol for medication abortion. Theysaid I was 'promoting self-har…
16-11-2022 19:57
RT @smc429: It's time to remove Clarence Thomas (and his wife) from the bench. If the Democrats don't do something, soon he will, first.
15-11-2022 21:21
RT @sobotka_paul: Nancy Pelosi counts to 118 better than any human alive - she is the most adept wrangler and strategist in the house - let…
15-11-2022 21:19
RT @lindyli: In case you were still in the dark about Elon Musk’s intentions… He just verified neo-Nazi white supremacist Richard Spencer,…
15-11-2022 21:17
RT @kevinwitvliet00: Any last words for Kari Lake?
15-11-2022 21:13
@kevinwitvliet00 @mycatsmom99 Bye Bye miss big LIE!!!
15-11-2022 21:13
0 13368
RT @QasimRashid: This holiday season Twitter fires 4K workers, Amazon fires 10K workers, & Facebook fires 11K workers—all while US Billiona…
15-11-2022 21:11
0 26874
RT @MovieHooligan: Musk declares something he knows nothing about, is corrected by an employee who explains the problem, and then fires tha…
15-11-2022 17:56
RT @crassiux: DO NOT CONCEDE is trending lol maga tears taste so good https://t.co/zmKhJY7wZU
15-11-2022 17:54
RT @PFleeceman: Do not concede is the new....WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! MAGA TEARS BABY....MAGA TEARS Kari Lake is a LOSER!! @KariLake
15-11-2022 17:52
@January6thCmte @IslandGirlPRV DOJ GET TO WORK NOW!!!
15-11-2022 17:50
RT @January6thCmte: Former President Trump has refused to comply with the Select Committee’s subpoena requiring him to appear for a deposit…
15-11-2022 17:49
RT @jbirch_12: Such a good morning, isn’t it? Please take a moment to watch Obama talk about a 'special leader' Then if you live/vote in…
14-11-2022 15:39
RT @mommamia1217: This is an incredible point. Consider this: Mitch McConnell stole a Supreme Court seat. It is that Supreme Court, that…
14-11-2022 15:39
RT @MarkJacob16: Hey, @CNN, Here’s a thread with questions you can ask Mike Pence during your town hall with him Wednesday night: 1. You kn…
14-11-2022 15:38
RT @TomJumboGrumbo: Peach Fluff #155460 is very sick with PNEUMONIA and NYCACC has been killing pneumonia dogs with little notice. She is a…
14-11-2022 15:38
RT @TheRickyDavila: I won’t apologize for saying that I see gerrymandering as voter fraud and it should be a federal crime. Cheating and vo…
14-11-2022 15:37
RT @FPWellman: @RepMTG Are we allowed to talk about using your “campaign vehicle to pick up your married boyfriend” from the airport now, M…
14-11-2022 15:37
0 15008
RT @equalityAlec: THREAD. A 70-year-old man has died in the downtown Houston jail because he couldn't pay $500 cash. No media outlet has de…
14-11-2022 15:37
RT @realTuckFrumper: MAGA Singer Travis Tritt Unloads on Democrats and the Media for ‘Driving DeSantis and Trump Apart’ https://t.co/Ja7LsF…
14-11-2022 15:35
@realTuckFrumper Who???? I thought he retired to florida back in 2016😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
14-11-2022 15:35
0 12551
RT @lindyli: CNN just aired a glowing segment on Casey DeSantis The New York Times just ran a puff piece on Casey NYT did a fawning piece…
14-11-2022 15:33
@lindyli @NHarris5758 Because they are owned by Murdoch!!!$ Just look at how they put a zipper on Don Lemons mouth😩😭😩
14-11-2022 15:33
RT @BettyBowers: @RepMTG Honey, if Democrats could *really* control the outcome of elections, your ass would have been the first to hit the…
14-11-2022 15:31
RT @BagdMilkSoWhat: Missed a spot! @KariLakeWarRoom @karilake https://t.co/vTOOKl94HW
14-11-2022 15:30
RT @KIResists: Elon Musks handling of a Twitter is like a hotel manager green lighting a rock band to trash a hotel room. We will never get…
14-11-2022 15:30
RT @DumondVince: Please Mr. Garland make it happen.
14-11-2022 15:29
RT @FROzenLiberal: I guess Nutmeg here is trying to take credit yet again for her father being a good man and yet she’s a federalist piece…
14-11-2022 15:26
RT @DavidBSamuels: @Logically_JC Carlin said it best: https://t.co/SmvbkOhGTI
14-11-2022 15:25
RT @TheRickyDavila: Handmaiden Amy Coney Barrett isn’t a judge, she’s a highly unqualified, disrespectful, feckless extremist who stole a S…
14-11-2022 15:24
RT @Roshan_Rinaldi: Comedian interviews Trumpster and asks: "Who would you rather have as President, Joe Biden or Vladimir Putin?"
14-11-2022 15:24
@KyivIndependent @Fog_0f_War Shameful and must be ✋!!!!!!
14-11-2022 15:22
RT @DeanObeidallah: On Tuesday, Donald Trump who attempted a coup and incited the Jan 6 terrorist attack is announcing his run for Presiden…
14-11-2022 15:21
RT @lindyli: Mike Pence is getting his own CNN town hall on Wed Casey DeSantis got her very own puff piece on CNN yesterday New York Time…
14-11-2022 15:21
@growlbiscuit @Route_60plus The Great Gatsby
14-11-2022 06:41
RT @KeishaBottoms: We are better than this Georgia. #VOTE https://t.co/pS5UJ4UdiO
13-11-2022 22:27
RT @CapehartJ: Coming up on ⁦@TheSundayShow⁩: ⁦@iamwesmoore⁩! https://t.co/M3cgGkDgHO
13-11-2022 19:01
13-11-2022 19:00
RT @Susanbenrue: @ReverendWarnock On it days ago Reverend. Let’s get you back to work for our country.
13-11-2022 18:58
@ReverendWarnock Come on Georgia lets show them we can do it again❤❤❤🎉
13-11-2022 18:58
0 11543
RT @ReverendWarnock: Text your family and friends! Let them know we've got to get back to the polls for Early Voting on November 28th.
13-11-2022 18:57
RT @DeaconBlues0: I can't believe the pundits. They are saying that Cortez-Masto wins the Dem Senate seat in NV, then the Dems have a 50 vo…
13-11-2022 18:56
@laura_cwe @RonFilipkowski Proof and facts don't count in maga cult😳
13-11-2022 18:54
RT @RonFilipkowski: Kari Lake supporters outside the Maricopa ballot counting center: “We the people are requesting the military to step in…
13-11-2022 18:53
@RonFilipkowski HAHAHAHAHA The insanity is great with the maga cult😀😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
13-11-2022 18:53
RT @DanRather: What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Apparently it’s going to Washington.
13-11-2022 16:49
RT @MaxwellFrostFL: Motivated now?
13-11-2022 16:49
RT @PadmaLakshmi: Dems have the Senate! Let’s keep that energy for @ReverendWarnock in Georgia Early voting starts Nov 28th!💪🏾
13-11-2022 16:47
@alfranken @BigIslandfarmer So happy Al but wish you were right there with them❤
13-11-2022 16:45
RT @alfranken: Dems stay in the majority in the Senate! McConnell can thank SCOTUS. Hoisted on his own petard!
13-11-2022 16:44
@Endthemisery1 @Mthinking2 My heart and soul remains in NM unfortunately my body is in this backward state called V… https://t.co/Qroon2fO16
10-11-2022 18:02
RT @Endthemisery1: Can New Mexico get some love please? 💥 Governor D 💥 Both Senators D 💥 US Congress D 💥 Secretary of State D 💥 Attorney Ge…
10-11-2022 17:57
RT @ColMorrisDavis: A blue check mark used to mean a person had been checked out and verified as legit. Now it just means somebody got mon…
10-11-2022 17:56
RT @Craigipedia: I have to thank @chrislhayes for broadcasting the most satisfying 2-minutes of television I've watched today. A perfect en…
10-11-2022 17:54
@Craigipedia @chrislhayes Well gun nut bobatty was right and that wave drowned her❤❤❤
10-11-2022 17:54
RT @EileenMarieSar1: Republicans have no plan for the economy. The crime issue is due to no gun safety laws. Republicans do nothing. Just a…
10-11-2022 17:51
0 11246
RT @ReverendWarnock: Get your shoes on, Georgia! Time to get back to work.
10-11-2022 17:47
RT @JoeBiden: You heard the man. Pitch in for Rev. Warnock tonight!
10-11-2022 17:46
RT @EndTrumpismNow: Floridian Latinos continue to vote for people that would kick them out of the country if they could. It's unbelievable.
10-11-2022 17:45
RT @lindyli: Paul Ryan has long pushed to destroy Social Security His father died when he was a kid so Social Security survivors benefits…
10-11-2022 17:44
@RonFilipkowski @79topper As a 77 year-old i see that Republicans have no idea how determined a woman can be when y… https://t.co/c9UrUQ5sWt
10-11-2022 17:43
RT @RonFilipkowski: Maybe calling women who want reproductive rights “baby killers” wasn’t the best strategy.
10-11-2022 17:36
0 16775
RT @SethAbramson: America owes a debt of gratitude it can never repay to Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA), @RepElaineLuria, who courageously served…
10-11-2022 17:36
RT @Jersey_Craig: That is a dick, I know dicks, it’s a dick.
10-11-2022 15:43
RT @scottjshapiro: Elon Musk is the best advertisement for getting a degree in the Humanities
10-11-2022 15:42
RT @openargs: Please share this far & wide because EVERY vote matters in Colorado right now as we try to unseat Lauren Boebert - if your vo…
10-11-2022 15:40
@_metafizik Apparently that's what lemmings do😳
10-11-2022 15:40
RT @RepSwalwell: Please tell me what I’m missing here. What are we doing next? Putting patients in charge of their own surgeries? Clients i…
10-11-2022 15:39
RT @DeathMetalV: Texas: we're the most backwards state in America! Florida: hold my possum jerky...
10-11-2022 15:37
@donwinslow @Mthinking2 We love you Keep fighting you will find a way❤
10-11-2022 15:36
RT @donwinslow: A very good man who would represented ALL of Texas. https://t.co/jx1dYZlYNZ
10-11-2022 15:36
@Jersey_Craig @DebbieDoesTwitt With that said hope all are safe and the storm is small or passes them.
10-11-2022 15:35
@Jersey_Craig @DebbieDoesTwitt Best picture of Florida I've ever seen😳😝
10-11-2022 15:34
0 50568
RT @OmarRiverosays: My message inbox is being flooded today by racist Trump supporters who are outraged that I grew up in Mexico, moved to…
10-11-2022 15:23
@AmoneyResists HaHaHa Take your gun and go home!!!
10-11-2022 15:21
RT @AOC: Alright, let’s do this!
10-11-2022 15:13
RT @susanamason63: @JodieHMoss @ericareport @CarolRenza https://t.co/sbVjNCECZY
10-11-2022 15:13
@TrumpluvsObama @RedRobinNYC This is 2022 and we still have gerrymandering😳 How is this???? We must pass the voting… https://t.co/gJHcBLKPka
10-11-2022 15:10
RT @TrumpluvsObama: https://t.co/pqlnB8jwPD
10-11-2022 15:07
RT @DemocracyStorm: Let’s bring it home for @ReverendWarnock‼️ I’m attending Georgia Working Families Party’s event, “GAWFP Runoff Text Par…
10-11-2022 03:52
RT @amyklobuchar: Sounds like a good idea to me @ossoff @brianschatz ✅ DONE
10-11-2022 03:52
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Pennsylvania Democrats have won the majority in the State House. The news gets better. Meet who will become the first…
10-11-2022 03:50
@malcolmkenyatta @frank754 @JohnFetterman That's the kind of news that makes me happy to live another day.
10-11-2022 03:48
RT @malcolmkenyatta: We never have to see Pat Toomey or Dr. Oz again. 🫶 Our next US Senator, @JohnFetterman
10-11-2022 03:47
RT @JCTheResistance: @BryanDawsonUSA Verify your voted counted! https://t.co/coL7ysBdEE
10-11-2022 03:47
RT @BryanDawsonUSA: Why yes. It was Two Corinthians, wasn’t it? Tell me it’s not a dangerous cult. #TruthSocial https://t.co/ShmHRz5MUb
10-11-2022 03:46
@kjblackhawk @BryanDawsonUSA No! Sick puppys deserve help he's more like a sick Republican!
10-11-2022 03:46
RT @DeanObeidallah: Great line by Pres Biden in response to question about House GOP threatening to investigate him: Biden says he "can’t c…
10-11-2022 03:42
@IDAUSA @andibeth012 @Ivy_MiddletonUK @Ale6altrove @RobRobbEdwards @AnnelieMoser @XposeTrophyHunt @KelseyTuoc… https://t.co/VBuTCaXr3i
10-11-2022 03:42
RT @duty2warn: TO TRUMP SUPPORTERS: That uncomfortable awkwardness you're feeling today that you can't quite describe, nor seem to be able…
10-11-2022 03:29
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RT @JohnFugelsang: As A Christian, I remind you that Jesus was a gun-loving nationalist who opposed abortion, immigration, labor unions, ga…
10-11-2022 03:27
@justinbaragona We use to call this sour grapes i now call it sagging grapes!😜
10-11-2022 03:26
RT @ecreights: A year and a half ago I started working for @TimRyan and couldn’t be more proud of this fight. He gave everything he had for…
10-11-2022 03:24
RT @ChesterC0pprp0t: @mmpadellan Much love to the young generation of voters!! 🫶🏻 https://t.co/iCjvpktL3d
10-11-2022 03:23
RT @konekohouse: @mmpadellan Frisch’s lead is down to 60 votes. I’m terrified. I don’t reach enough people. Please ask Coloradans in her…
10-11-2022 03:22
RT @laurlovesyoux: @mmpadellan I’ve stopped listening to predictions and polls, it’s always SO off. They might as well stop doing them.
10-11-2022 03:21
@laurlovesyoux @mmpadellan They call landlines which only the old wealthy can afford to have. Most sane still funct… https://t.co/MYsbJBEhhI
10-11-2022 03:21
RT @snarkasticme: @mmpadellan @rickarchtx With heartbreaking losses in Ryan, Abrams and Beto, I hope the young voters don’t get discouraged…
10-11-2022 03:19
@LeanneBlumberg @WallStreetQuee2 @mmpadellan I've said it before and will repeat it tonight the young need to step… https://t.co/Wr72OB8OKu
10-11-2022 03:18
RT @Acyn: Biden: I especially want to thank the young people of this nation who I'm told voted in historic numbers again, and just as they…
10-11-2022 03:12
RT @glennkirschner2: introduced showing Greene participating in Oath Keepers operations wearing combat gear with Oath Keepers patches/insig…
10-11-2022 03:11
RT @Cha51brolll19: @Ldogls @alice4u2010 @GreatTammie @vaato5455 @OklahomaPatrio1 @PaulineFulham @zazzybritches @ldog562 @RegVickers @GDThor…
10-11-2022 03:10
@chickenproduc Sadly it's all about $$$ and what their repuken hubbys tell them to do!
09-11-2022 19:58
@ReverendWarnock @Ugomego We know you got this❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
09-11-2022 19:56
@AOC @Aprylsmithts Just hearing this gives me hope the world may still be around for my grandchildren❤❤❤ Congrats o… https://t.co/59R94ANKsJ
09-11-2022 19:51
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RT @AOC: The role of young people in this election cannot be understated. Turnout delivered on many of these races. By 2024, Millennials &…
09-11-2022 19:48