syd🖤 (@sydneybowbidney) — intp | scorpio☀️,cancer🌘, aries🌅| she/her
@Skeppy PP?
11-11-2022 01:34
@just_dj_5 @dreamwastaken thought the same thing, but much love to them <33
19-10-2022 03:50
RT @ranaltboo: Me at the void
03-10-2022 03:38
RT @tommyinnit: @Ranboosaysstuff It would be a Baller move if you face revealed right now
03-10-2022 03:36
@ohmyelio this is why I have trust issues
03-10-2022 03:34
@notrllyastanacc its absolutely terrifying
03-10-2022 03:31
@dreamsmassivepp OMG STOP
03-10-2022 01:34
@ohmyelio YAYYAYAYA
03-10-2022 00:25
RT @Knnnp_: Fist day of drawlloween Scarecrow + Dream #dreamfanart #Drawlloween2022
03-10-2022 00:18
03-10-2022 00:06
RT @veesdreaming: petition for fans to post their reactions to dreams face like the ccs because it would be awesome and i think he’d love t…
02-10-2022 22:43
@sootmk0 I- why?
02-10-2022 21:37
RT @drmful: jawline, green eyes, freckles, white teeth, fangs, wavy dirty blonde hair, mullet, stubbles.. did i miss anything..
02-10-2022 19:59
@JackManifoldTV @LilNasX jack this is just getting sad at this point
29-09-2022 02:38
@thefloatie the lava hole rising one, the mob morphing, and the green gas, also I don’t have mercy I just wanted to flex 🙃
27-09-2022 03:21
RT @mellohies: @tmmyAww 1. no boomers 2. no zoomers 3. no weebs under the penalty of death (im looking at you phil) 4. no marvel stans 5. s…
26-09-2022 05:15
@QuackityMerchh oh no
25-09-2022 02:51
RT @WolfyTheWitch: "I'm straight" "I'm gay" ok and??? I am creation both haunted and holy??? made in glory??? even the depths of the night…
24-09-2022 15:30
RT @yangdamii: if you unsubscribe to technoblade, you are going to hell. i will personally make sure.
24-09-2022 04:06
RT @endpoembot: take a breath, now. take another. feel air in your lungs.
22-09-2022 21:11
RT @endpoembot: sometimes the player dreamed it was other things, in other places. sometimes these dreams were disturbing. sometimes very b…
21-09-2022 14:54
@drmthinks this is what I first thought about tbh and him laughing
19-09-2022 19:48
19-09-2022 00:49
11-09-2022 00:56
08-09-2022 20:52
RT @jschlatt: RIP Queen Elizabeth. I want to reiterate that I had absolutely nothing to do with this
08-09-2022 20:46
RT @m1zu_ren: Can't really afford that one necklace I saw, so I did this one instead. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD o7 I miss Technoblade https:…
08-09-2022 20:36
RT @Brumin__: With one third of Pakistan submerged in water, the country continues to be deeply affected by the floods Millions have had t…
06-09-2022 23:45
RT @WolfyTheWitch: pesky bird #grianfanart
06-09-2022 19:04
@__h3llboy__ excuse me???
05-09-2022 01:26
@gnfbootie29 @Piso_Updates @pisolive @tomsimons never done before???
03-09-2022 03:29
@QuackityMerchh EXCUSE ME
30-08-2022 22:06
RT @PetSmart: RT if you thought it was Pets Mart
30-08-2022 18:39
26-08-2022 02:04
@_notthatduxck @LasNevadasReal @QuackityMerchh I SECOND THIS
25-08-2022 00:47
@WolfyTheWitch YES PLS
20-08-2022 17:58
12-08-2022 07:02
@avimates yes, and a lot of them
11-08-2022 21:57
@theatersbi @ArtRaychu @WilburSoot @Nihachu No i think they mean from his latest stream like the most recent one
11-08-2022 20:52
RT @aishalovesbooks: she's a 10 but has social anxiety and likes to read books rather than talking to people
22-07-2022 21:29
RT @endpoembot: and the universe said the darkness you fight is within you and the universe said the light you seek is within you
15-07-2022 02:39
RT @endpoembot: no. it has not yet achieved the highest level. that, it must achieve in the long dream of life, not the short dream of a ga…
15-07-2022 02:36
RT @endpoembot: and the universe said the darkness you fight is within you
15-07-2022 02:35
@sIeepyboitechno I was in denial for a day and then the anger kicked in and that was 4 days ago, i’m talking it out…
06-07-2022 02:13
RT @Dream: I just heard somebody light off fireworks at 9am, you had a whole ass DAY yesterday wtf happened
05-07-2022 18:31
@SummoningFailed Aye, i’m thinking a sword with techno quotes around it
02-07-2022 15:54
RT @In_fernal_MC: I'm sorry, I just can't stop thinking Technoblade really refused to rest until he found the words to say goodbye to us.…
02-07-2022 05:19
RT @Nihachu: I wanted to take a step back and collect my thoughts when the news dropped yesterday, I don’t do well with grief. He really m…
02-07-2022 03:27
@drmthinks love u dream <3333
02-07-2022 01:19
@ohmyelio my mom had no clue of my support for the dsmp. but I ran downstairs sobbing and she immediately held me a…
01-07-2022 15:11
RT @sophietexas_: For Techno’s community. He loved you so much.
01-07-2022 04:55
RT @dreamwastaken: fuck cancer. hug the ones closest to you
01-07-2022 04:43
@QuackityMerchh what now?
30-06-2022 00:56
@MrsSarahSimons @thatonejuliegir thank you, as a gay woman, I’m terrified of my future in this country…and I’m not even an adult yet :/
25-06-2022 03:04
RT @Nihachu: She’s a 10 but she’s just really anxious
24-06-2022 03:56
@tommyinnit @Quackity @charlidamelio whatever floats your boat, tom!
22-06-2022 21:06
RT @SpaceLiminalBot:
10-06-2022 13:58
RT @sniffalt: She/her but like in the way you refer to a boat
03-06-2022 19:41
@Nopedog_ @Uncle_Nasty_ MANIFESING IT RN
31-05-2022 23:59
@dreamsecretalt a little bit of everything
27-05-2022 04:37
@youtooz CROWFATHER!!!
05-05-2022 05:34
RT @youtooz: 1 of 1 2FT giveaway 🐦 rt + comment crowfather to enter! 1⃣ lucky winner picked friday
05-05-2022 05:34
@dreamwastaken shut up
01-05-2022 04:02
@tommyinnit @dreamwastaken duh there’s no other way
30-04-2022 01:43
RT @meliko_is_AFK: @B0NEBLOCK im of firm belief that people can only be ugly if their personality is ugly. someone is not conventionally at…
28-04-2022 04:40
RT @gloomy_artze: I agree -_- #ranboolive #ranboofanart #tommyinnitfanart #tubbofanart
26-04-2022 18:54
@tommyinnit @Ranboosaysstuff OMG LMFAO
25-04-2022 00:20
@ChoRatri @CORPSE @Corpse_Husband this is literally insane!!! so cool!!
22-04-2022 20:42
RT @ChoRatri: fuK u lol❤️ #fuKulol #STREAMFUKULOL #corpsehsbandfanart #corpsehusband
22-04-2022 20:42
22-04-2022 19:05
@dreamwastaken love ya dream <3
14-04-2022 21:21
@CORPSE Peer pressure
11-04-2022 22:55
@CORPSE this song. on spotify. now
11-04-2022 21:48
@Dream you guess?
11-04-2022 19:57
@dreamwastaken green, why do u ask?
11-04-2022 19:55
RT @dreamwastaken: “dream and his community are homophobic” our community is basically a 24/7 online pride parade, you’re welcome to join…
11-04-2022 01:48
@dreamwastaken @tommyinnit @hasanthehun @YouTube instead of propaganda, maybe you should stream
10-04-2022 21:37
@Dream didn’t happen
10-04-2022 21:33
@tommyinnit not possible
09-04-2022 02:00
RT @tommyinnit: giving away a full set of the merch to 5 people that like & retweet this. here are some dumb photos to make you Like me h…
30-03-2022 21:30
@ilyschlatt the fact that we even have to do something about it! like it shouldn’t be said in the first place wtf
28-03-2022 21:26
RT @AuthorTOBurnett: I’m sure the cat did this on purpose.
25-03-2022 02:02
RT @emmalangevin: shut the fuck up
23-03-2022 22:39
RT @Dream: I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows Twitter Philanthropist @Pulte and Me!! (If…
19-03-2022 19:38
@tommyinnit @Ranboosaysstuff LETS GOOO
14-03-2022 01:09
RT @ralphdeyforyou: Ryan Reynolds is a menace 😂😂😂 😂
13-03-2022 05:37
RT @lamiTWO: rt please!! /srs
26-02-2022 18:55
@Dream Hey king, I think it’s time for u to stop
18-02-2022 14:57
@tommyinnit @WilburSoot no
02-02-2022 01:02
RT @MrsSarahSimons: Thanks to those who've sent messages about my boy.❤️ We're in contact with him every day. He's v capable & has lots of…
01-02-2022 22:10
@AzzyHop @TubboLive @Technothepig @kfdmnews i agree as a native
19-12-2021 18:16
@PlanetDuckk your mom
06-12-2021 05:16
@banter why a pig?
28-11-2021 03:59
@moonetteandg OMG MY BIRTHDAY IS ALSO NOV 18!!!
18-11-2021 03:04
shoutout to @ChuckleSammy for making my shitty school days a little bit better <3
24-10-2021 00:54
RT @LVJYonline: Lovejoy - Pebble Brain (Full EP)
14-10-2021 04:50
@chureipai okay stop i’m gonna cry!!
22-09-2021 15:47
@cupidnap @sniffclip Done! <3
19-09-2021 01:57
@cupidnap omg thank you sm for doing this!! <3
19-09-2021 01:57
RT @cupidnap: karl merch giveaway <3 i’ll be giving away a hoodie to one random winner! rules: - follow me - retweet - be comfy w givi…
19-09-2021 01:55
RT @ErinMWinn: Emoji character designs (1/?)
15-08-2021 03:35
RT @drehangouts: rt if u stan dream or if ur a big procrastinator with fear of failure
27-07-2021 22:08
RT @hoeybug: I am no longer trying to be the good girl in anyone’s story. I’m the sexy, clinically insane villain with a tragic backstory a…
25-06-2021 04:42
RT @emmalangevin: happy #PanVisibilityDay 💖💛💙
24-05-2021 23:29
RT @Quackity: icarly without the car
07-05-2021 20:01
RT @Quackity: This is so unreal to me. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a kid, thank you guys so much for allowing me to do the thing…
04-05-2021 06:14
RT @Dream: I swear everything has a holiday now, I thought of this and googled it and tomorrow is “National Orange Peel Day” what the hell…
04-05-2021 06:13
RT @aliyahsimonee: no because ahs apocalypse is that girl
24-04-2021 01:36
@aliyahsimonee yes very true
24-04-2021 01:36
RT @xoHaliii: I seen how crocodiles look underwater and I can’t stop laughing 😭😂
20-04-2021 20:39
RT @quackity4k: 4.12.21
12-04-2021 13:44
@tommyaltinnit stay mad timmy
02-04-2021 01:36
RT @honkkarl: QuackityNotFoundWasTaken
29-03-2021 03:44
23-03-2021 19:43
@HSquack there on now :)
17-02-2021 08:31
@HSquack @ranaItboo me pls
17-02-2021 08:29
RT @estchiyu: I WAS ADVISED TO MAKE A SEPARATE POST FOR MORE DESIGNS/RECOLORS 👍👍 #TeamKinokoKingdom @honkkarl #KinokoFlag…
17-02-2021 07:55
RT @VLOGGUN: so like this? @honkkarl #kinokoflag
17-02-2021 07:51
RT @Regina85850032: #kinokoflag here its not the best but yeah
17-02-2021 07:43
RT @emily_mcyt: i made a flag hehe rts are cool :) i’m not a super great artist but this is pretty so <3 @KarlJacobs_ @honkkarl #TeamKino…
17-02-2021 07:30
RT @twkarlnap: have some rushed flags i guess #teamPuluPulu #TeamKinokoKingdom :D rts r cool idm
17-02-2021 07:30
@soupsuxz @honkkarl @KarlJacobs_ i love this one!!! It’s so good!!
17-02-2021 07:29
RT @Forsakenmoons: not me reusing the mushroom from the george painting 🏃‍♀️ anyway flag for #TeamKinokoKingdom
17-02-2021 07:28
RT @lilaforgot: RT IF UR ON #TeamKinokoKingdom WE WILL WIN
17-02-2021 07:28
retweet for #TeamKinokoKingdom
17-02-2021 07:19
RT @Ranboosaysstuff: The most important heart today is this one
15-02-2021 21:34
RT @Corpse_Husband:
11-01-2021 02:35
RT @Jack_Septic_Eye: @Sykkuno BINGUS
08-12-2020 19:16
08-12-2020 19:15
RT @JakeWebber9: NO NAME RT if u want one
10-05-2020 08:30
RT @EthanDolan: Working out with Grayson right now and this an actual thing that just happened.... Halfway thru our workout gray took his…
07-05-2020 09:29
RT @JakeWebber9: if the murder hornet comes in my home it’s his house now
04-05-2020 09:01
RT @larrayxo: can i follow some of y’all? retweet my pinned tweet :)
14-04-2020 00:02
RT @JakeWebber9: if i get corona i’m giving it to all of y’all we’re in this together❤️
07-03-2020 17:22
RT @OliverMoy: DM + Follow spree later on, who’s active rn?
01-03-2020 00:09
@EthanDolan love you ethan and always will no matter how you look💜
29-02-2020 03:11
RT @jimmyfallon: Congrats, Jungkook. I’m not mad, I promise. #BTSonFallon
25-02-2020 14:59
RT @SamandColby: episode 2 has such a weird twist... Get ready - 1:14pm PST 😈 #ShadowMan
21-02-2020 00:22
RT @SamandColby: hey guys so we are on crappy hotel wifi in london so we MIGHT not be able to post on time. But we will post soon!
21-02-2020 00:19
RT @GraysonDolan: Not gonna lie I’m pretty overwhelmed by the amount of love we’ve received today. Thank you to my friends, my family, you…
18-02-2020 22:33
#LoveFromSean 🤍
18-02-2020 03:25
@OliverMoy love you more
03-02-2020 23:23
@Rvosess ps i love him with all my heart🥺
09-12-2019 23:46
@Rvosess i mean the kpop star
09-12-2019 23:45
i’m angry rn my old account got locked so new i have to do this crap😤
29-11-2019 18:28