Stefania Serafin (@stefasera) — Professor @aautech and head of @melabcph. Researcher in VR/AR and sonic interactions. Mom from Venice, Italy.
@elonmusk it used to be now all my smart friends are leaving :(
21-11-2022 23:49
RT @lindanhulaursen: First time we gathered all the research group leaders for two days - it was so rewarding exchanging experiences 🙏 #d…
19-11-2022 11:08
Sounds Good - xyHt
18-11-2022 23:41
RT @BionicsInst: A revolutionary alternative to the cochlear implant? Read more about the device from Hemidiena that promises to create a…
16-11-2022 23:39
RT @timokissel: This is wonderful, and sorely needed - an app that rates places like restaurants by their noise levels (or, rather, lack th…
13-11-2022 10:49
12-11-2022 17:56
Student researchers work with ALS community to evolve DuoRhythmo music app for everyone | Windows Experience Blog
09-11-2022 21:37
Danish sound days is starting now @danishsoundtech #sound #tech
09-11-2022 11:19
@InstrumentsLab @ImperialDyson @c4dm Congrats !
09-11-2022 07:40
@timokissel Masterclass on the Metaverse. Double playing.
08-11-2022 23:34
Bass instinct: low notes really do get people dancing, research finds
08-11-2022 18:26
RT @MonashInfotech: #Academicfreedom drives the evolution of our world. Stand with scholars unjustly threatened or persecuted for their wor…
07-11-2022 11:35
RT @IntrovertProbss: People always tell introverts to be more talkative and leave their comfort zones, yet no one tells extroverts to shut…
06-11-2022 08:20
RT @csteinmetz1: I am excited to speak about our work DeepAFx-ST at CCRMA at Stanford as part of the DSP Seminar series tomorrow at 3:30 PS…
04-11-2022 21:48
02-11-2022 18:30
RT @gordonneuro: We’ve identified the Mind-Body Interface, a novel distributed network within human primary motor cortex that disrupts the…
31-10-2022 19:01
RT @AiCentreDK: 📢 Spend a day diving into to the world of VR/AR/XR and join us for our Event, How are we learning through XR?, on 11 Novemb…
31-10-2022 18:48
RT @GarrethTigwell: The #ASSETS2022 proceedings are online
31-10-2022 07:18
A mile in the patient’s shoes
26-10-2022 06:29
RT @EdTechMedic: Can't believe I haven't tried "Virtual Becomes Reality: A Stanford VR Experience" until today. It's amazing and a great in…
26-10-2022 06:14
RT @skeeva: The new HaptX G1 gloves let you truly feel your environment with real skin displacement, force feedback & sub millimeter hand t…
26-10-2022 06:11
RT @tribexr: Mixed Reality DJing launches on @MetaQuestVR Pro today. More info here:
26-10-2022 06:11
RT @fasttravelgames: VR musical sandbox @VrVirtuoso has been updated for the #QuestPro! You'll be able to mix the virtual with reality usin…
26-10-2022 06:11
RT @Scobleizer: Can the microphones “see” the room around you? Yes. At least enough to see so the AI can see it low light better, this pape…
26-10-2022 06:09
RT @Scobleizer: The future of audio is Silicon speakers. Yesterday I was invited to hear the future of audio on a visit to…
26-10-2022 06:08
The SIVE book is out, open access #sound #vr #metaverse #sonicinteractions @aaucreate @unipd
26-10-2022 05:38
RT @TheEconomist: Many of the world’s most liveable cities in the EIU’s survey this year are in western Europe
25-10-2022 21:58
RT @aaucreate: Lone Percy-Smith skal som adjungeret professor på Create styrke arbejdet med at hjælpe børn med høretab og deres forældre vi…
12-10-2022 09:43
Great technologies but these 100% scripted talks are mega cringe as my daughter would say #MetaConnect @RealityLabs
11-10-2022 22:15
@henocksays @wasbuxton @wgaver Please let us know what you think.
07-10-2022 07:46
RT @olliebown: Are you creating music with AI tools and technologies as part of your practice? Researchers at UNSW are investigating how th…
05-10-2022 21:20
@Rakpenguin63 No it is quite low. Average in UK is 8 to 10 per day.
01-10-2022 22:12
@Gege1979 @VLL_UCPH Congrats!!
29-09-2022 21:03
@neokaplanis 😂😂
26-09-2022 23:14
I finally received a printed copy. Thanks again ⁦@wasbuxton⁩ to give me this opportunity. #auditoryinterfaces ⁦…
26-09-2022 09:10
25-09-2022 18:43
22-09-2022 18:37
The world's first trombone rhythm game is instantly a GOTY contender
22-09-2022 13:46
RT @OdedRechavi: Desk rejection
22-09-2022 11:32
There is almost a month to submit to our JAES special issue on audio for virtual and augmented reality:
20-09-2022 11:34
RT @MkeYoung: [THREAD] Who are the most followed scientists in Denmark? Here is my ranking for 2022, using a methodology that tracks Twitte…
20-09-2022 10:03
RT @MkeYoung: [13] Finally, full tribute goes to these scientists @sejer @AfricaBusPol @ruth_mottram @astrosmoelf @TScavenius @stefasera @s…
20-09-2022 09:58
Sometimes I miss Italy. Then this happens and I am lucky where I am: Italian politician demands ban on Peppa Pig ep…
11-09-2022 10:48
@twi_mar Looking forward to hearing what comes next for you. Must have been very difficult indeed.
10-09-2022 11:28
RT @Alex_Hofmann_: We are hiring a PhD researcher in the domain of investigating interfaces for live-electronics. More infos here: https://…
10-09-2022 11:22
@balandino_dd @AudioMostly @melabcph Nice to meet you Balandino. Thanks for coming to the talk :)
09-09-2022 20:15
Having fun with @OpenAI to create images for my @AudioMostly Keynote. I am a terrible drawer and their DALL-E tool is very impressive!
06-09-2022 19:37
RT @ValaAfshar: It is okay to change your mind when the circumstances have changed.
05-09-2022 23:02
RT @nataliepeluso: I've always wanted to see myself singing in slow mo for this reason 😱
05-09-2022 00:04
RT @hochsays: Seriously, this deserves more attention: Audacity on web - by @ahilss #webaudio #wasm
03-09-2022 17:06
@valmont_69 @TicketOneIT @mikasounds Si con il titolo: gestione pratiche di rimborso
01-09-2022 21:27
@mellody76 @GiraffeAndy I actually wonder how they can ensure better or same category for Verona when it is almost sold out....
01-09-2022 21:23
@tiibet_mfc Fell free to DM me if the refunding is confusing. The site is definetely not straightforward for non It…
31-08-2022 23:01
@tiibet_mfc Arena is still valid. The others need to be refunded.
31-08-2022 22:58
31-08-2022 18:31
RT @farkhatdinov: @HAID_conference 2022 day 2 recordings
30-08-2022 16:36
@noindent @HAID_conference @farkhatdinov Thanks !
30-08-2022 16:07
RT @DamianKastbauer: Procedural Sound Synthesis for AR/VR Panel @AES_AVAR2022 w/ a focus on Sound “Generation” and Sound “Processing” https…
30-08-2022 15:33
I hate the term Metaverse. I will talk about what I learned at ⁦@AES_AVAR2022⁩ .
29-08-2022 11:54
@noindent @ucl @HAID_conference @farkhatdinov Thanks :)
27-08-2022 12:03
@noindent @ucl @HAID_conference Any chance to remove the copyright issues so we can watch the video? I did not have…
27-08-2022 11:34
RT @InstrumentsLab: Giving a keynote at the @HAID_conference at 5pm BST: "Sensorimotor skill and cultural values in digital musical instrum…
25-08-2022 19:26
@patrickHartono @Adjorlu @AES_AVAR2022 Unfortunately @Adjorlu despite his danish passport was denied ESTA because he was born in Iran :(
25-08-2022 10:29
@patrickHartono @AES_AVAR2022 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
25-08-2022 10:28
@Sidrat2011 @AES_AVAR2022 Guidelines recommend to be 13:
25-08-2022 10:28
RT @noindent: Ready to welcome over 70 participants from around the world! @HAID_conference 25-26.08.2022 w/ @farkhatdinov @0noou0 Jacob Ha…
25-08-2022 09:51
Haptics Audio Interaction Design (HAID2022) is starting tomorrow. @razvysme and Francesco Ganis from @melabcph wil…
24-08-2022 21:12
RT @dorian_peters: My paper with 15 Heuristics (and 30 design strategies) for Wellbeing Supportive Design is now out! "Research-Based Guide…
24-08-2022 08:34
RT @PopBase:
24-08-2022 07:34
Random thought after @AES_AVAR2022 . I think the conference was great but I am quite tired of millennials asking me…
23-08-2022 09:10
@IAudioPodcast Nice episode since you asked about #wavefield synthesis in Denmark you can experience it here @melabcph
22-08-2022 19:28
Now that ⁦@AES_AVAR2022⁩ is over, remember the special issue on sound for AR and VR #sound #vr #ar #music #hrtf
22-08-2022 09:07
Why is everyone making fun of this? I find it quite cute… Maybe it is a good thing I work in Sound and not graphics…
19-08-2022 18:13
RT @candrew123:
19-08-2022 01:03
RT @EnzoResearch: Reopening the post for a 2-year Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Room Acoustic Modelling in the SCReAM project. Please for…
19-08-2022 00:44
@AES_AVAR2022 Thanks so much for the wonderful organization and hospitality. Looking forward to the next one !
18-08-2022 23:24
RT @AES_AVAR2022: AVAR 2022 was a great success, with so many great people and presentations! Make sure to follow this account to get fres…
18-08-2022 23:23
HRTF measurements ⁦@AES_AVAR2022⁩ . They told me I have a small ear canal 😂😂😂
18-08-2022 19:54
Day 3 @AES_AVAR2022 . Today we are running a workshop on virtual and augmented reality in audiology with @Adjorlu…
17-08-2022 15:56
RT @AES_AVAR2022: Kicking off the Day 2 of AVAR 2022 strong with Dr. Véronique Larcher's keynote! Check out the tweet thread to get a peek…
16-08-2022 22:36
RT @AES_AVAR2022: Are you ready for Day 2? Tune in to the keynote and the post-keynote panel livestream! #AESorg…
16-08-2022 22:36
Best demo @AES_AVAR2022 : @gewang and his chicken sequencer.
16-08-2022 00:43
@patrickHartono @AES_AVAR2022
15-08-2022 11:43
@patrickHartono @AES_AVAR2022 Keynotes and panels are streamed online.
15-08-2022 11:42
Ready for day 1 @AES_AVAR2022 . Post-Keynote panel on procedural audio and poster on augmented reality to train mus…
15-08-2022 05:58
RT @AES_AVAR2022: So excited to see you all tomorrow! Breakfast bar and badge pickup begin at 8:00am. Check out the full program here:…
15-08-2022 05:52
RT @AnastasiaDevana: Well, it's been nice knowing you all
13-08-2022 22:36
RT @AES_AVAR2022: 📺We are livestreaming our keynotes and the panels on all days📺 They will be live on DanSound's YouTube channel:(https://…
13-08-2022 08:03
RT @tom_wilks: Bohemian rhapsody for postdocs: Is this a real job? Or more like a PhD? Caught in short contracts No chance of stability…
11-08-2022 22:54
RT @AES_AVAR2022: @selfon @stefasera (2/2) This panel will feature a panel discussion with experts in the immersive audio field. Topics of…
11-08-2022 09:21
RT @AES_AVAR2022: Following the Day 2 Keynote, panelists Agnieszka Roginska, Brian Glasscock, Joy Lyons, Patrick Flanagan, @selfon, @stefas…
11-08-2022 09:17
RT @AES_AVAR2022: On Day 2, Dr.Véronique Larchar, Director of AMBEO Immersive Audio, will be giving a keynote titled: XR From 9 to 5 (1/2…
10-08-2022 07:38
@mellody76 @mikasounds See you in Verona <3
09-08-2022 21:24
RT @AES_AVAR2022: @jmmjot @stefasera @AnastasiaDevana @selfon In this session, the panelists discuss the challenges for procedural audio sy…
05-08-2022 13:18
RT @AES_AVAR2022: After each AVAR 2022 keynote presentation, there will be a panel discussion. Following the Day 1 Keynote, panelists @jmm…
05-08-2022 13:17
RT @AES_AVAR2022: Did you know AVAR 2022 has 3 keynote speakers? That's right, one keynote for each day of the conference! Our first keyno…
04-08-2022 11:24
@tiibet_mfc @mikasounds With our without the puppy ? ❤️
31-07-2022 11:21
@elichulita @mellody76 I thought the same and it goes very well with the lyrics “who is going to love me now”
30-07-2022 22:47
@AnnaPol123 @tiibet_mfc @mikasounds The fear in your eyes when @mikasounds lowers the mic stand is priceless 😂😂
28-07-2022 21:19
RT @AES_AVAR2022: Exciting news! The program for AVAR2022 is finally live. Click the link below to check the conference schedule: https:/…
22-07-2022 23:08
Spatial User Interfaces (SUI) deadline is coming up soon:
18-07-2022 20:38
RT @nordsmc: The Weird, Analog Delights of Foley Sound Effects via @NewYorker
17-07-2022 12:17
With Sign Language and Sound, an Artist Upends Audience Perceptions
11-07-2022 14:40
This illusion, new to science, is strong enough to trick our reflexes
29-06-2022 15:47
NordForsk launches Impact Report 2022
23-06-2022 10:59
@tiibet_mfc Haahah looks like my zumba Class 😂
19-06-2022 15:52
@twi_mar I am so sorry :(
19-06-2022 15:49
RT @alexarje: There are some really nice (online) workshops coming up at @nime2022. Great opportunity to learn some new #musictech tricks a…
17-06-2022 10:57
@wasbuxton ❤️now I am speechless but I should frame this twit in my office and look at it everytime some incompeten…
17-06-2022 09:50
My best Twitter experience so far. Some years ago @wasbuxton asked who wanted to complete his Auditory Interfaces b…
16-06-2022 10:52
Anyone can reccomend a good book / paper on brain plasticity and / or development ? #brain #neuroscience #plasticity
13-06-2022 17:27
@holdinyourdrink @mikasounds @officialFandP Cool I will be there too ❤️
12-06-2022 22:13
09-06-2022 13:17
3D Printing With Sound, Directly via @hackaday
03-06-2022 12:02
RT @nime2022: We are looking for a few more Student Volunteers to help us deliver NIME 2022 (28 June - 1 July). Each SV will work for a max…
29-05-2022 14:38
@DavLedo @twi_mar Great sketching skills ! Reminds me of Bill Verplank
20-05-2022 12:49
RT @alexarje: Associate Professor in music technology @UniOsloHF
09-05-2022 23:34
Teenagere er programmerede til at ignorere deres mor
09-05-2022 14:35
@MikaFanClub @alecattelan @LauraPausini @mikasounds @GiulioChelli @mikasounds looks much better without all that Photoshop :)
01-05-2022 19:05
RT @AES_AVAR2022: Great news! The deadlines for submissions have been extended⏰ Précis or Full Paper deadline: May 15, 2022 Tutorial or Wo…
30-04-2022 12:08
RT @MikaFanClub: The Sound Of Europe #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022 @mikasounds songlist via @AppleMusic…
29-04-2022 09:58
@tiibet_mfc @holdinyourdrink I am sorry hope you do not have the same bad reaction I have with fish :(
28-04-2022 11:25
Our Sonic interactions in virtual environments edited book is available Open Access here: ⁦@aaucreate⁩ ⁦@aautech⁩ ⁦…
28-04-2022 10:20
@jakobeglarsen @per_baekgaard @T061a5 @nielshbp @EriksholmRC Thanks for inviting me and congrats to Alessandro and all the supervisors !
27-04-2022 22:20
Il bordello bello della Biennale Arte, e lo spazio da riprendersi via @RollingStoneIt
26-04-2022 10:20
@jesflres me, my partner and my dad.
24-04-2022 11:33
24-04-2022 11:18
Music improves wellbeing and quality of life, research suggests
24-04-2022 10:23
@tiibet_mfc @mikasounds Those colours ❤️❤️❤️
23-04-2022 21:43
Sunshine in Nordhavn. Travelling to Aalborg for the ⁦@aaucreate⁩ department seminar.
21-04-2022 07:07
Join us today @dkdm for our workshop on musical training for hearing impaired individuals. #nordicsmc @aautech…
19-04-2022 11:34
Seven flights in the last two weeks and not a single person offered help to put or get the suitcases from the overh…
18-04-2022 16:37
RT @videnskabdk: Hvorfor er vores stemmer forskellige?: Er vores stemme lige så unik som vores fingeraftryk? #sundh…
15-04-2022 18:51
@holdinyourdrink Looking forward to seeing you in NY <3
30-03-2022 17:15
RT @phtoiviainen: Interested in working with us? We have two open tenure track professorships! See details in comments. #musicscience @Musi…
30-03-2022 07:03
RT @khornbaek: If you are working on a @ACMUIST submission on haptics/HCI, attended @ieeehaptics, or are going to @sigchi to demo new tech…
25-03-2022 10:22
RT @melabcph: Congratulations to our two talented MSc students Cristian Patras and Mantas Cibulskis, and supervisor @hr_nilsson for winning…
16-03-2022 09:37
We are launching the Sonic Interactions in Virtual Environments book on Saturday during @IEEEVR Register here:…
09-03-2022 10:11
RT @sciam: Maria Agnesi was the first woman to write a mathematics textbook and to be appointed to a university chair in math. #WomensHisto…
03-03-2022 15:37
We can support travel expenses, accomodation and living expenses for the duration of your visit. If you are intere…
02-03-2022 16:42
Are you or do you know a young researcher or practician from Ukraine working in music technology, production or rel…
02-03-2022 16:41
If you are interested in developing novel music technologies for health, art and culture, you should join our Sound…
26-02-2022 15:15
Stroke Rehabilitation Through Music
21-02-2022 12:00
Here we are.
09-02-2022 18:03
Looking forward to develop more sound and music computing technologies for children with hearing impairment togethe…
08-02-2022 13:31 via @wired
07-02-2022 17:06
Remise des prix science ouverte du logiciel libre de la recherche
05-02-2022 20:20
05-02-2022 17:13
RT @WFMU: Okuda Hiroko, the woman who programmed the Casiotone preset that became the foundation for the “Sleng Teng” riddim that revolutio…
04-02-2022 00:46
RT @BelindaLangePT: Are you using #VirtualReality technology for #education, #training, #entertainment, #clinical or #research? We would re…
31-01-2022 14:34
RT @acousticsorg: Different neuroimaging tools can help us discover how our brains selectively listen to one voice in a crowded environment…
19-01-2022 21:39
@kentbye @1210sounds great interview looking forward to the book :)
18-01-2022 14:47
In the cover @ingdk : Denmark is strong in Sound Technology. How ironic.
16-01-2022 21:11
An interactive Doja Cat music video can introduce you to programming via @Verge
16-01-2022 20:31
Very honoured to be a collaborator in this important @ERC_Research project combining numerical simulations and pre…
14-01-2022 16:12
52 Places for a Changed World Chioggia first?
13-01-2022 00:47
@LadyMeeks @netflix @mikasounds Noooo such a trashy song does not deseve such a cool song :)
12-01-2022 23:26
@Praeludio @BBC_Culture I have still not received it 😱😡… maybe because I ordered the left hand version? It keeps be…
09-01-2022 11:38
RT @aaucreate: Congrats Ali Adjorlu @Adjorlu: Teacher of the year at TECH! Chosen by the students - and very well deserved👏👏 We are so prou…
07-01-2022 18:48
RT @WiltsHub: Want to know more about how technology is transforming access to music education? Learn how virtual reality is transforming m…
06-01-2022 17:52
We are organizing a VR sound workshop @melabcph @aaucreate @aautech together with @danishsoundtech. Join us on Feb…
05-01-2022 12:27
RT @Adjorlu: If you are interested getting started creating soundscapes in virtual environments than signup for our VR workshop at the @mel…
05-01-2022 12:25
Congrats @Adjorlu
05-01-2022 00:58
@aautechdekan Vi er så heldige at have @Adjorlu i vores lab @melabcph
05-01-2022 00:55
RT @aautechdekan: Sådan🙂 Flot anerkendelse til Ali Adjorlu, som lige har modtaget den vigtige titel som årets underviser på TECH. Særligt b…
05-01-2022 00:53
RT @DrKevinBuffardi: Glad to see ACM now has our article up with open access: "Evidence for Teaching Practices that Broaden Participation…
04-01-2022 11:16
RT @MakeEd_EU: One of the best things to do in 2022 for researchers and practitioners in #computing #design #making in #education 👉 partici…
03-01-2022 13:32
RT @bookauthority: Bravo @stefasera! Your book "Sonic Interaction Design" made it to our list of best Interaction Design books of all time!…
29-12-2021 11:42
@phtoiviainen @minnahuoti @SuomenAkatemia @MusicPsychJYU @uniofjyvaskyla Congrats !!
21-12-2021 13:15
@aaucreate Thanks and congrats to all the wonderful @melabcph colleagues involved :)
20-12-2021 20:52
RT @benhayesmusic: Andreas Jansson set out to do something I know all too well to be very difficult and... actually pulled it off! 🤯 His a…
20-12-2021 18:40
20-12-2021 18:39
20-12-2021 17:51
Happy we are one of the funded projects to work on musical instruments reconstruction with the Danish music museum…
20-12-2021 13:57
RT @melabcph: Interested in sound and VR? Join us at 7th @IEEEVR workshop on Sonic Interaction in Virtual Environments (SIVE 2022). CFP👇 h…
20-12-2021 13:10
@jonathan_mccrea Ludo
17-12-2021 14:14
RT @HanoiHantrakul: Realtime, low-latency and on-device ML audio synthesis! These TikToks using our brand new voice change effects made my…
17-12-2021 12:49
@patrickHartono yes
13-12-2021 20:01
RT @alexarje: Professor Rolf Inge Godøy at @UniOslo_RITMO will retire next year. We invite for an international seminar on the topic of #so…
13-12-2021 17:29
@mikasounds @XFactor_Italia @coldplay @thisismaneskin @Fellowmusic_ When Fellow is out and Denmark is in semi lockd…
10-12-2021 00:24
@mikasounds @XFactor_Italia @coldplay @thisismaneskin @Fellowmusic_ Underwater was amazing ❤️❤️❤️
10-12-2021 00:16
RT @sejer: Teaching Participatory Design to students or interested in conducting PD yourself? In our new book, we address 11 core question…
07-12-2021 21:06
The anechoic room at the Prism center in Marseille. Lots of interesting research going on on simulation, perception…
07-12-2021 10:07
05-12-2021 11:41
RT @khanaziz84: Co-first authorship order was determined through a mushrooming contest. 😂
01-12-2021 20:31
RT @hhhhhennies: I'm speechless. A colossal loss.
01-12-2021 20:31
I am extremely honoured of being the recipient of the 2021 Danish Sound Award received during Danish Sound Days. Th…
24-11-2021 21:46
Happy to announce we are hiring a postdoc ⁦@NordForsk⁩ ⁦@nordsmc⁩ ⁦@aaucreate⁩ ⁦@aautech⁩ ⁦@melabcph⁩
17-11-2021 11:32
RT @SonyMusicPubUK: Happy birthday to the one & only #GraceKelly! Celebrating the day & marking our #SMPSongsSpotlights with @mikasounds’…
13-11-2021 11:22
RT @nordsmc: The musical gesture toolbox for Python can be found here:
11-11-2021 18:33
RT @alexarje: Karolina Prawda kicking off the first session of #NordicSMC2021. In Oslo? Join us at the local hub @UniOslo ZEB 103 https://t…
11-11-2021 16:17
Some of the Nordic hubs ready to present ⁦@NordForsk⁩ ⁦@nordsmc⁩
11-11-2021 15:11
RT @alexarje: Exploring audio programming in JUCE in the @nordsmc workshop at this year's Nordic Sound and Music Computing Conference. http…
11-11-2021 12:29
Two out of three research finalists at Danish Sound Day come from our lab: a very talented group of Medialogy stude…
11-11-2021 10:16
RT @alexarje: Looking forward to the 2nd Nordic Sound and Music Computing Conference 11-12 November. Online + local hubs in the Nordic capi…
10-11-2021 09:28
@urinieto @Women_MIR @dorienherremans @KatAgres @emmenru @NicholasJBryan @HanoiHantrakul @JakeDrysdale6 thank you for the invitation!
09-11-2021 13:14
RT @Women_MIR: A HUGE thank-you to all the speakers for joining this year's WiMIR Workshop! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 @dorienherremans, @KatAgres, Tian…
09-11-2021 13:14
@AnatoleLecuyer @TEDxRennes @AssoBidl Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I did not know the COVID experiment :)
08-11-2021 21:30
RT @AnatoleLecuyer: La vidéo de mon talk au @TEDxRennes est en ligne ! Merci encore aux organisateurs et aux bénévoles de l'association @A…
08-11-2021 21:29