Pascal Siakam Biggest Fan (@spicyphimself) — BIG FAN OF PASCAL SIAKAM. SIAKAM IS BETTER THAN YOUR ALL-TIME FAV PLAYER #NextLevel #WeTheNorth #LeafsForever
@MapleLeafs Bro saw mcdavid hit 60 and his going off now
24-03-2023 03:14
RT @crazyclipsonly: Famous rapper 6ix9ine beating brutally beat in LA Fitness locker room 😬
22-03-2023 15:51
@DontHateRah @LegionHoops 19-20 Giannis deserved imo
21-03-2023 21:51
RT @fakenewshaterr: @cmasisak22 For someone against Pride Night, Reimer seems to love it when guys go 5 hole on him every game
19-03-2023 01:18
16-03-2023 02:11
RT @RedLightning420: This is insane levels of hating 💀💀
28-02-2023 02:39
@SinemRawr @PierreVLeBrun Didn’t know Jeannot was worth the whole city of Tampa….
27-02-2023 04:36
RT @DailyLoud: This generation so lost… they made fun of him for having a “job”
27-02-2023 02:08
RT @vidsthatgohard: It’s over if these hit the streets
27-02-2023 01:46
RT @LegionHoops: Brandon Miller appeared to pretend to be frisked during today’s starting line-up introductions. 😳
26-02-2023 02:40
RT @StrangestMedia:
25-02-2023 23:29
@fanspo @JakeAndHoops Lots of there draft capital is gone so even if they wanted to tank, it would be really difficult for them to build
25-02-2023 22:41
RT @StoolFootball: Mason Greenwood & Harriet Robson are expecting their first child…
25-02-2023 22:20
RT @notvalclover: Yall are way too comfortable recording strangers in public who are doing literally nothing wrong
25-02-2023 04:40
RT @RobertIrwin: Happy birthday, Dad ❤️
24-02-2023 18:16
@FamilyFeudCa @CBC @gerrydee Go GET EM MS ELLIOT
24-02-2023 18:14
RT @tavmarnythews: Bro Matthews just destroyed Sammy😭
24-02-2023 08:18
RT @ziephus:
24-02-2023 05:10
RT @uncensoredpromo: He took his bitch right in front of him 💀
24-02-2023 05:09
RT @sweetanita: If you hate men playing games don't date a gamer. This is abuse. If a guy walked in and and threw my nail polish in the bin…
23-02-2023 19:30
RT @vidsthatgohard: Finger in the ass might be the most outrageous thing I’ve seen in a fight
23-02-2023 18:15
RT @pskills43: Yoooo pascal shakeem is crazy 😳💀
23-02-2023 07:00
RT @alexinsix: That first Giannis shoulder to the chest gonna feel like a shotgun blast
23-02-2023 04:07
RT @LailaMickelwait: P*rnhub verified a 15 yr old who was missing for a year into their “ModelHub” program. She was found being raped in 58…
22-02-2023 20:25
RT @slvppy: hidden tweets are the dark web of twitter
22-02-2023 01:49
RT @fightcomps_: Bro sucker punched and got himself knocked out in a elevator 😂
21-02-2023 23:06
RT @JeanieBuss: @BronGotGame Here is an example of the harassing messages. As I’ve said on this platform before, everyone is entitled to th…
21-02-2023 21:04
@Danny_Desire Lmao Sasuke whoops his ass low diff...
21-02-2023 06:36
21-02-2023 04:56
RT @TheNBACentral: “I’m not discussing any of that backlash. I don’t care. That’s my life, that’s my personal life, and I’ll deal with that…
20-02-2023 22:10
RT @PardonMyMeme: Mac McClung tonight
20-02-2023 06:22
@LegionHoops @NBATV
18-02-2023 23:33
RT @barstoolsports: In the DR Congo, a women’s team chased and beat up a ref that did not award them a penalty kick while trailing 5-1 @Sto…
18-02-2023 21:25
RT @LAKings: @AnaheimDucks pheonix copley has as many wins as you have all season
18-02-2023 19:16
RT @xJahstin: poor lil man had his moms rose vibrator stuck to his eye 😭
18-02-2023 04:43
RT @notcapnamerica: “Racism will go away when all the old people die off”
17-02-2023 17:23
@zitesen @espn wtf wrong with you man
17-02-2023 08:55
RT @crazy30secs: he had the right to throw hands!
17-02-2023 08:03
RT @FightVids21: Bro started crying 😭💀
17-02-2023 08:02
RT @ThemFightVideos: Guy Stabbed in a fight #fightingvideo #fights #gore #stabbing
17-02-2023 07:54
RT @ButtCrackSports: Kendrick Perkins got confused for LeBron by a couple on Facebook 😭
16-02-2023 05:44
RT @piersmorgan: Sam Smith needs to shut up.
16-02-2023 03:49
15-02-2023 17:27
RT @upblissed: thought he was bout to send messi to god the way he reached for his phone😭😭
15-02-2023 01:43
RT @Kaimafiaupdates: Wtf😭😭 Deshae was lost💀
14-02-2023 04:12
RT @SchoolFights4U: the music in the background music makes this much more funnier
13-02-2023 21:09
RT @KrangTNelson: you look like one of those little cartoon pigs you see outside of bbq restaurants
13-02-2023 04:11
12-02-2023 07:05
RT @PopBase: Lightning strikes Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
12-02-2023 03:26
RT @vidsthatgohard: Bro licking booty sweat in broad day ??? ☠️
12-02-2023 01:36
@RyB_311 COOK
12-02-2023 01:33
RT @oldnbatweetz: Adam Silver writing the script for this years Trade Deadline
10-02-2023 04:01
RT @NHLFlames: At approximately 6:00 p.m. ET, Wednesday, February 8 in Detroit, MI, while riding a scooter on his way to dinner, Flames def…
09-02-2023 20:24
09-02-2023 03:14
RT @elijahhsucks: Knowing Kareem that nigga gonna die tomorrow so he can take away from Lebrons moment
08-02-2023 08:21
RT @TheNBACentral: “Fuck…” - Bron 😮‍💨
08-02-2023 08:14
RT @SchoolFights4U: he got knocked out…
08-02-2023 06:54
RT @toonsgowild: SpongeBob came to the hospital with flowers and bro still wanted to fight him😭😭😭
07-02-2023 21:48
RT @Dexerto: Twitch chat bullies streamer for playing Hogwarts Legacy to the point of making his girlfriend cry
07-02-2023 17:59
RT @HumansNoContext:
06-02-2023 08:06
@Raptors @yungsmoove21 W caption
06-02-2023 02:30
@youngchris_97 @Nick570_2X @TheHoopCentral You buggin…..
05-02-2023 04:53
@LegionHoops @SpectrumSN Nah it’s much harder to hit homeruns than score points respectfully
05-02-2023 01:00
@aiden__23 @wstgoat7 @thisvideobot
04-02-2023 23:06
@ZaknaIdo @ESPNFC Not the time dumbass
04-02-2023 22:31
@reporterchris Rare Bettman W
04-02-2023 22:30
RT @FriedgeHNIC: NHL officially announces Toronto as host of the 2024 All-Star Game
04-02-2023 22:06
RT @nojumper: Mother presses criminal charges after her 9-Year-Old daughter gets viciously assaulted on the school bus by two boys https://…
04-02-2023 09:53
@actavat3d @LegionHoops @SendMeThisVideo
01-02-2023 08:49
RT @FightHaven: Kobra Kai style brawl breaks out at school before homeroom...
01-02-2023 00:32
@LegionHoops @hoopshype No one ever thought Westbrook would be that good back then. Happy for him
01-02-2023 00:05
@KawhiNewEra @TheNBACentral @ChrisBHaynes @WireHoops I mean they can have Fred if they want
31-01-2023 02:17
@NHL @NYIslanders @BoHorvat @Canucks What a trade for the islanders holy
31-01-2023 02:12
@Media_Sens ALS is a bitch man. Prayers up 🙏
24-01-2023 17:04
@JalenPrime @TheHoopCentral Only 9 mins tho
24-01-2023 05:13
RT @SocialistMD: 🚨URGENT — my cousin Mahmut, 45, a healthcare worker in Turkey was mandated to take Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, 3 days later…
23-01-2023 18:40
RT @grindfacetv_: Man was exposing his 🍆 to women and children @ antwonegreenwood
20-01-2023 17:32
RT @RespectfulMemes:
20-01-2023 02:11
RT @amazingmap: The Northernmost part of Brazil is closer to Canada than it is to the Southernmost part of Brazil
18-01-2023 21:29
RT @namesoun:
17-01-2023 08:48
RT @stats_feed: Earth's oceans contain an estimated $771 trillion worth of gold.
17-01-2023 07:20
RT @sicko34955223: bro regretted it #road #RoadRage #gun #shooting #hoodfights #fightvideos #fight #gore #gorevid #regret…
15-01-2023 11:12
RT @FightHaven: What do you think this fight was about?
15-01-2023 11:06
RT @bigassbrawls: Lmfaooo wtf 😂 #fightsvideos #fightpage #fightsvids #fightingvideos
15-01-2023 11:01
RT @brutalfightz: Bro can’t fight or shoot 😩👊🏽 #brutalfightz #fight #fightvideos #fightpage #FightVideo #fightsvideos #explore #viral http…
15-01-2023 10:54
RT @RogerWas_Taken: @HumansNoContext
15-01-2023 06:00
RT @BleacherReport: LeBron respects this towel boy’s hustle 😂💯 @brhoops
15-01-2023 05:52
RT @Sanjistars: What anime scene made you cry the hardest?
15-01-2023 05:51
RT @__inezz__: This ending will always make me tear up.
15-01-2023 05:47
RT @LayahHeilpern: It's not ok for Andrew Tate to inspire young boys to be strong, but it's ok for Cardi b and Nikki Manj to encourage youn…
15-01-2023 04:29
RT @ampaveli: Lmaoooooooo
14-01-2023 19:21
RT @iStealEBTCards: @TheNBACentral @sheridanhoops Remember when Karl Malone saw them children sitting courtside and turned into 2003 Kobe B…
14-01-2023 18:31
RT @jxys2x: I’m ashamed to be a blk man sometimes🤦🏾‍♂️
14-01-2023 05:49
RT @FightHaven: Just another day in the life in a mosh pit...
14-01-2023 01:28
RT @SonofaG52970937: @HumansNoContext
14-01-2023 01:24
RT @raphousetv2: Unk about to catch a case with those behaviors🥴😭⛓️
14-01-2023 00:42
RT @TwerpyDerpyDerp: @HumansNoContext
13-01-2023 20:25
RT @brfootball: Shakira didn't hold back 😳
13-01-2023 00:39
RT @FOS: BREAKING: Popeyes has signed Dieunerst Collin — "The Popeyes meme kid" — to an NIL deal. Collin is now a freshman offensive linem…
12-01-2023 03:58
RT @GhiwaOjaimie25: You can always dream ✨ 📍 Lusail Stadium
12-01-2023 03:54
RT @tize4PF: i’m 4 seconds in and already muted it
11-01-2023 05:57
RT @tize4PF: i agree with this statement and as a proud feminist i support women in everything you do 🤞🏾💕
10-01-2023 21:49
RT @keegotbanzz: ngl this nigga a creep
10-01-2023 02:38
RT @HamlinIsland: Headed home to Buffalo today with a lot of love on my heart. 🫶🏾 Watching the world come together around me on Sunday was…
09-01-2023 23:52
RT @nocontextfooty:
09-01-2023 21:54
RT @nocontextfooty:
09-01-2023 20:06
@MapleLeafs He never misses those
09-01-2023 05:23
RT @RawPornMoments:
08-01-2023 10:49
RT @weloveyouhassi: y’all remember this
08-01-2023 06:29
RT @kiracantmizz: what was he cooking
08-01-2023 02:22
RT @HamlinIsland: Putting love into the world comes back 3xs as much… thankful for everyone who has reached out and prayed. This will make…
08-01-2023 01:17
07-01-2023 23:53
RT @big_business_: Quavo's Takeoff tribute just fucked me up
07-01-2023 06:48
RT @ghostofkurta: He cooked Squidward for no reason lmfaooo
07-01-2023 05:55
RT @NostalgiaCity2: What are some of your favorite moments or line deliveries from the early seasons of Spongebob? Spongebob and Patrick…
07-01-2023 05:51
@whodatboyyyy @Kevohoop @LegionHoops 2018-2020 was really peak. 2021 was also really good too
04-01-2023 02:01
@KASHshtar @statmuse He dropped 70 tho?
03-01-2023 06:07
@ianmnovelli3 @cavs Bro dropped 61 points and you expect them not to tweet anything about it?
03-01-2023 05:53
@ianmnovelli3 @cavs Shut up man 🤦‍♂️
03-01-2023 05:52
@MK3800_ @TheHoopCentral Fr like bro dropped 58 points and they expect the account not to post it because of the incident
03-01-2023 05:47
@treyrevengeszn @RyB_311 @TheHoopCentral @LegionHoops It’s a different sport tho. There just doing there jobs. Prayers up for Damar tho
03-01-2023 05:42
@PlayoffPoole3 @TheHoopCentral I get what you saying but it’s an NBA account bro. There just doing there job
03-01-2023 05:30
@AsherLevy13 @TheHoopCentral Fair enough
03-01-2023 05:27
@funnysbr @rangersplswin @TheHoopCentral Bills player collapsed. It looks really bad
03-01-2023 05:25
@AsherLevy13 @TheHoopCentral Prayers to the Bills player tho
03-01-2023 05:25
@AsherLevy13 @TheHoopCentral It’s a basketball account bro
03-01-2023 05:24
@SportsCenter Nah bro got violated 💀
04-12-2022 04:43
@Iuuk96 @ESPNFC We?
04-12-2022 00:03
@ESPNFC That Martinez guy is being back Higuain memories
03-12-2022 23:57
@BronGotGame @LegionHoops @ChrisFedor Why. He’s just being humble
26-11-2022 21:08
@objreturnszn @LegionHoops @ChrisFedor Ratio
26-11-2022 21:08
@LuvvvDreww @TheNBACentral Flexing another man’s pocket is crazy
26-11-2022 19:48
@reporterchris ALS is a terrible disease man. RIP
24-11-2022 20:55
@MapleLeafs No way RIP
24-11-2022 20:55
@bobjoe44452 @Ant1SZN @RatioedByWest @BleacherReport he never said that his team was dominant...
24-11-2022 06:49
@BleacherReport How can you not have any football pic here
23-11-2022 21:44
@LuvvvDreww @LegionHoops Well not enemies but you get the point
23-11-2022 02:40
@LuvvvDreww @LegionHoops He was being honest. Jordan being soft led to them being enemies
23-11-2022 02:39
@NHL Ain't no way
21-11-2022 06:11
RT @ESPNFC: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both posted this photo on Instagram 😮📸 (via LeoMessi, Cristiano/IG)
19-11-2022 21:33
@Carti_Better2 @statmuse weird
15-11-2022 05:38
@statmuse NBA Twitter told me he was washed
14-11-2022 06:13
@KY_PDX Reminds me that 55 point performance by Dame.
14-11-2022 06:12
@Paytonisafraud @TheHoopCentral Sorry we ain’t trading him
11-11-2022 06:23
@KiLBJJ @TheHoopCentral @DaneMooreNBA he's right tho
10-11-2022 06:11
@BronGotGame @TheHoopCentral @DaneMooreNBA he's right
10-11-2022 06:11
10-11-2022 05:58
@Highway_30 Shut up
10-11-2022 00:43
@MapleLeafs @LGCanada Well can’t win every game. It was fun to watch tho
09-11-2022 05:34
@GoldenKnights GG y’all
09-11-2022 05:33
@statmuse Raptors fans wanted him gone btw
07-11-2022 04:15
@TheHoopCentral Lakers 😭
07-11-2022 04:15
@TheHoopCentral And all y’all raps fans wanted him gone lmao
07-11-2022 04:14
@Raptors Apologize to FVV RAPS RWITTER
07-11-2022 04:14
@Cosmic_RyanTTV @MapleLeafs I remember how pissed I was when Keefe moved Holl to the first pair. Boy has he looked…
07-11-2022 03:45
@MapleLeafs WALLGREN
07-11-2022 03:40
@MapleLeafs Beating Boston and Carolina while only surrending 2 goals? HOLY W
07-11-2022 03:40
RT @BNONews: BREAKING: At least 10 people shot outside bar in Philadelphia
06-11-2022 06:52
@MapleLeafs Boston is so annoying to play against holy hell
06-11-2022 02:50
@OpenGymAnunoby Scottie triple double despite not having the best game tonight. Not bad at all
05-11-2022 06:07
@Raptors Showed some great heart. Hope Siakam is okay tho
05-11-2022 06:03
@PascalMv tries to do so much sometimes holy
05-11-2022 04:10
@CookedByLakers @LegionHoops Bro said Lakers😭😭
05-11-2022 04:09
@OwnedByToronto @PascalMv that one wasn't that bad compared to the ones he got in Tampa/Bubble. People were bullyin…
03-11-2022 05:38
@Dukes3O5 @TheHoopCentral spicy* + ratio
03-11-2022 05:36
@PascalMv Can't believe this is my life fr
03-11-2022 05:34
@BronGotGame @TheHoopCentral ykb
01-11-2022 04:59
RT @Miu_ryy: Naruto phone wallpaper thread: 🧵🍥
01-11-2022 01:04
RT @tize4PF:
30-10-2022 22:57
RT @SaylupGG: Naruto Wallpaper Thread
30-10-2022 04:10
RT @SaylupGG: One Piece Wallpaper Thread
30-10-2022 04:10
@statmuse Most underrated C alongside Jonas Valanciunas
29-10-2022 05:59
@LeGoat00 @WhatGattusoMad @statmuse Again he could’ve had double digits if his teammates hit some of there shots. T…
29-10-2022 05:56
@RyB_311 There such a likeable team holy
29-10-2022 05:55
@WhatGattusoMad @statmuse Yea but he was passing the ball nicely tho. Could’ve had a double double if they hit there shots
29-10-2022 05:48
@BronGotGame @statmuse He didn’t shoot the ball well but he we was finding teammates. Could’ve had a double double
29-10-2022 05:48
@USeeMe1SeeU @TorontoDame @Raptors He was doing good before this game tho. Just a offnight from him tbh
29-10-2022 04:54
@ownhimwrath @statmuse Hype this ratio
29-10-2022 04:53
RT @TheUltGmr: Thank you, @elonmusk ! Feels great to be back. Hope all the haters and losers have missed me!
29-10-2022 04:45
@jared_account @Barry99999999 @MapleLeafs @LGCanada Also he saved us at the beginning of the game. The game could'v…
13-10-2022 05:00
RT @Yankees: 61 years since 61. Aaron Judge has written his name alongside Roger Maris in baseball's record books.
30-09-2022 04:04
RT @JomboyMedia: José Fernández passed six years ago today, but he left his mark on the game forever 💙
25-09-2022 21:37
@SiakamSpins @LegionHoops @RoadTrippinPod He ain’t hating he just saying the truth
14-08-2022 03:17
@BelieveInEmbiid @MLBNetwork @Padres Nationals aren’t going to be contending for a while so by the time those contr…
02-08-2022 19:08
@hevans_14 @MLBNetwork @Padres Yea I said he helped win DC a title……
02-08-2022 19:03
@BelieveInEmbiid @MLBNetwork @Padres Nationals got a good haul as well tho so W for both teams
02-08-2022 19:00
@hevans_14 @MLBNetwork @Padres Why? He at least help win DC a World Series?
02-08-2022 19:00
@dark_769_ This season*
24-07-2022 23:53
@dark_769_ Shouldn’t have made all star last season but he is still a amazing robin to a championship team.
24-07-2022 23:53
@fanspo @JakeAndHoops Even as a Raptors fan, the Spurs say no
20-07-2022 00:09
@DownBadCadeFan @dark_769_ @BammyBurner @BigFaceMerchant @BarthAdebayo Siakam was winning us more games carrying ou…
18-07-2022 20:13
@BammyBurner @dark_769_ @BigFaceMerchant @BarthAdebayo Siakam was carrying this team during the end of the season what are u on about?
18-07-2022 20:04
@chanodesigns @TaylorRooks @JaMorant @TeamMessi Messi doesn’t even know who Ja is 😭
14-07-2022 02:54
@andrewdifalco13 @LegionHoops @fliff Our team is in a good position without KD so we’re fine either way
04-07-2022 03:37
@andrewdifalco13 @LegionHoops @fliff You ain’t getting Scottie lil bro
04-07-2022 03:32