D 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 (@sometypeoftwink) — Gay-Black--22-Mariah-Free Speech 🇺🇸 Not a leftist
@woodsborosmiler @BrookerDOC @jimmyoutsold So no argument. Right
27-03-2023 00:53
@woodsborosmiler @BrookerDOC @jimmyoutsold Well first of all nobody doxed him..Second of all had he not been unprof… https://t.co/LVLdz81vac
27-03-2023 00:31
@chxse999x @deepseafiisher @LEATINF1LMS @jimmyoutsold He was filming content at work
26-03-2023 22:49
@babylonfeatbree @deepseafiisher @LEATINF1LMS @jimmyoutsold He was filming content at work
26-03-2023 22:48
@infamous1jaye__ @444_bby @jimmyoutsold Girl read the article. He was filming content AT work
26-03-2023 22:47
@woodsborosmiler @BrookerDOC @jimmyoutsold Girl he was filming content at work..
26-03-2023 22:47
@GockWielder @maggotpuppy And you're a man
26-03-2023 13:56
@maggotpuppy Please and there it is. The homophobia we've been waiting for. Like girl sit your straight ass down somewhere
26-03-2023 13:56
@masondeanxxx @noahwaybabes Too smart? 💀 Are you bi? Since when are your gay ass into pussy 💀
26-03-2023 13:52
@D3ckl4nd @maggotpuppy @odbyonce @GayGCjane But he's actually a man unlike her
26-03-2023 13:50
@Shaneese_Jesus @odbyonce @maggotpuppy @GayGCjane LMAO Girl who cares if it's transphobic. It's the truth. No gay men are fucking her
26-03-2023 13:50
@CITRUSKXNG @odbyonce @maggotpuppy @GayGCjane You're a woman..
26-03-2023 13:48
@sstinkies @odbyonce @maggotpuppy You mean that grown woman?
26-03-2023 13:48
@justcameron @LevineJonathan He was watching porn and jerking off at work. 😂 He was also had several unprofessional tweets.
26-03-2023 13:44
@justcameron He's hot tbh
26-03-2023 13:43
@callmeCash @justcameron Get a job
26-03-2023 13:43
@justcameron Yall need a job 😂
26-03-2023 13:42
@Mister_the_Frog @LevineJonathan He was jerking off at work
26-03-2023 13:41
@RhodesHambrick @LevineJonathan He bragged about watching porn and jerking at work.. It was deserved
26-03-2023 13:41
@Fredward_III @Oppiano_resurgo As it should
26-03-2023 13:39
@KyleKto @Christo78377124 @leobenjaminx And he's not at all
26-03-2023 13:22
@Gir_PupForm @FunSizedBryce You're the only homophobic person here
25-03-2023 15:06
Amazing thread https://t.co/X2dwcsX4Vh
25-03-2023 15:05
@FunSizedBryce Great thread @redpilledhomo
25-03-2023 15:04
@Gir_PupForm @FunSizedBryce It's exactly how it works.
25-03-2023 15:04
@Gir_PupForm @FunSizedBryce No actually he's factually correct.
25-03-2023 15:03
RT @FunSizedBryce: Also, I never had internalized homophobia before witnessing online radical trans activism and finding FTM 🌽 stars on Twi…
25-03-2023 15:03
RT @FunSizedBryce: The more I learned about what it means to be trans, a life of self inflicted medical problems is not glamorous and never…
25-03-2023 15:03
RT @FunSizedBryce: I followed FTM trans 🌽 stars on Twitter and was trying to convince myself that I was attracted to them because of intern…
25-03-2023 15:03
@FtMMonkey @inkedcub92 You and your husband are in a straight relationship
25-03-2023 04:24
@FtMMonkey @Artimues1 You're a woman
25-03-2023 04:24
@mrravenclawed I mean he didn't. Also if she personally doesn't have a problem with it then I don't
24-03-2023 17:18
@evitwt @MWithAK @idalisbriales @KennieJD Who cares? If she doesn't then move on
24-03-2023 16:55
I love how she's fine with it but twitter users are trying to convince her to be upset 💀 https://t.co/vinw9wZKx9
24-03-2023 16:54
@mrravenclawed Did the gay friend lie though 😭
24-03-2023 16:53
RT @DailyLoud: World Athletics Council bans transgender women from competing in female events 👀 https://t.co/godeDCfPdI
24-03-2023 05:59
@TheGayJaimes @jacobsbuthy @absolute_heracy He is a drag queen and I support. Thank you baby!
23-03-2023 19:01
@semenespionage @Brandon70475377 @ValdenebroJuan @noahwaybabes But does it make sense for me a non jewish person to… https://t.co/wYWvPhKQ61
23-03-2023 16:54
@semenespionage @Brandon70475377 @ValdenebroJuan @noahwaybabes I new identify as jewish. Yes it doesn't make sense but that's my identity
23-03-2023 16:42
@semenespionage @Brandon70475377 @ValdenebroJuan @noahwaybabes You're bisexual. Gay is same sex attraction.
23-03-2023 16:16
@semenespionage @Brandon70475377 @ValdenebroJuan @noahwaybabes Noah is a mutilated woman. Lets be serious
23-03-2023 15:51
@AWilsonHolmes I'm not forcing, I'm suggesting
23-03-2023 15:17
@TheGayJaimes @jacobsbuthy @absolute_heracy You mean drag queen? I support him
23-03-2023 14:13
@AWilsonHolmes Girl what? Never speak again. Thanks
23-03-2023 13:05
@leobenjaminx @MooseMooter I really need you chronically online white gays to shut up. Stop constantly trying to ad… https://t.co/EpD6ujWcCL
23-03-2023 04:56
@AWilsonHolmes Greysexuality isn't real you loser
23-03-2023 04:53
Defending a fake sexuality 💀 https://t.co/tXS7JlJC04
23-03-2023 04:53
@AWilsonHolmes @xietra @BlackLanterrn Because it's not real bro. This is exactly why they're trying to take away ou… https://t.co/9W1jiMXnFM
23-03-2023 04:52
CLEAR THEM https://t.co/H2oT8rXuli
23-03-2023 04:50
@Christo78377124 @leobenjaminx Right....His white ass is pretending to be oppressed for attention
23-03-2023 04:49
@hcmcmart @leobenjaminx Girl go touch grass. That man said a whole bunch of nothing
23-03-2023 04:47
Do us all a favor and never speak again https://t.co/vmkgjz8a1m
23-03-2023 04:47
RT @Athimbos: homosexuality and heterosexuality always existed in practice where shit like greysexuality is not even a sexuality in the fir…
23-03-2023 04:46
@redpilledhomo @redguttersnipe @imtiredtomorrow Like clockwork. https://t.co/sYXybRJQsh
23-03-2023 04:34
@TheGayJaimes @jacobsbuthy @absolute_heracy It's a funny gif
23-03-2023 04:32
@LinusKoehring @odbyonce @_kingofproduce_ No need for a pun. Linus is funny enough 😂😂
23-03-2023 02:25
@LinusKoehring @odbyonce @_kingofproduce_ Judging by your face Linus I can tell most gay men aren't looking to inte… https://t.co/l3hrczulBK
23-03-2023 02:04
@LinusKoehring @odbyonce @_kingofproduce_ Gays can still be terfs lmao. Also your name is Linus. That's the most embarrassing thing here
23-03-2023 01:56
@LinusKoehring @odbyonce @_kingofproduce_ That's a woman. She definitely looks like one
23-03-2023 00:59
@odbyonce @madtallicayeah @whozbutt That btc blocked me
23-03-2023 00:59
@Larzonia @hairy_hash Marsha P was a gay man and drag queen. You're the one here needing to be educated. Furthermor… https://t.co/8iPtUOfvG3
22-03-2023 13:09
RT @redpilledhomo: Another gay man was hounded off this site by a rabid cancel mob for daring to want to #DropTheT. Yes, these clowns patro…
22-03-2023 06:42
@redpilledhomo The fact that he's celebrating bullying someone off of twitter is crazy. How can he possibly think h… https://t.co/6OyuX90NWR
22-03-2023 06:42
@dylan85089705 @hairy_hash And who cares?
22-03-2023 06:37
@Larzonia @hairy_hash LGB without the T 😘
22-03-2023 06:37
@Macus1896 @hairy_hash You're literally a man. He's not a bigot for seeking the truth
22-03-2023 06:36
@delusionalhulk @Bluewolfdude Why is your fat ass celebrating bullying someone off twitter. Put that effort into joining a gym
22-03-2023 06:35
@louiesunflores @delusionalhulk Your ugly ass is weird
22-03-2023 06:34
@AngelCMYK @delusionalhulk @chemalbaladejo It's just a show
22-03-2023 06:34
@dragmetofilth @delusionalhulk Because you weird ass bitches attacked him 😂
22-03-2023 06:33
@delusionalhulk @KiNGMyStEriUs_J Nigga your ugly ass really needs a job 😂 Like this is embarrassing
22-03-2023 06:31
@delusionalhulk Get a fucking job you loser
22-03-2023 06:30
@yungleoalpha @transmascfag You're not even gay. You're bi.. @yungleoalpha
21-03-2023 12:44
@DCenchanted @dsvers92 R u bi?
20-03-2023 08:20
@dsvers92 Ew bro wtf. Why a girl
20-03-2023 08:19
@athletic_daddy @GayGCjane @Turn_Nutz Bro we can tell you're straight
20-03-2023 07:44
@Fydofox @femboyJonahNsfw @odbyonce No I haven't voiced an opinion. Like I said. Speaking facts is different than v… https://t.co/nKOVNwUWjD
20-03-2023 01:26
@Fydofox @femboyJonahNsfw @odbyonce Yes you're delusional @Fydofox Biologically you're a heterosexual couple. It re… https://t.co/Lp34Zmv87F
20-03-2023 01:24
@Fydofox @femboyJonahNsfw @odbyonce It takes 2.5 seconds for me to say the facts. I'd even say the obvious. Yes I s… https://t.co/meLj183Soi
20-03-2023 01:19
@odbyonce @Fydofox @femboyJonahNsfw Right 😂😂 Nobody in public would ever see them as a gay couple
20-03-2023 00:34
@ftmboy_nsfw @Fydofox Straight
20-03-2023 00:28
@Fydofox @femboyJonahNsfw @odbyonce I'm assuming you don't know the meanings of naive and stupid are @Fydofox Stupi… https://t.co/67oVZW7awd
20-03-2023 00:28
@prettylily69 I wish I never clicked on your profile 😭 You truly have brain damage
19-03-2023 21:52
@Fydofox @femboyJonahNsfw @odbyonce @Fydofox Like how delusional do you have to be to think you're in some form of… https://t.co/40Ceo4J5uq
19-03-2023 21:24
@Fydofox @femboyJonahNsfw @odbyonce Girl shut up. As an actual gay man I think I know pretty damn well what's gay a… https://t.co/qeufKcFaXh
19-03-2023 21:22
@haunting_dr3ams Damn so you choose to be broke? That sucks. Get a better paying job. You are a woman lmao.
19-03-2023 20:22
@haunting_dr3ams Damn L adopted parents 😭 Unwashed ass? Girl you look like your coochie reeks of cottage cheese. Mo… https://t.co/W5FSTd26So
19-03-2023 20:19
@haunting_dr3ams Please learn what an actual genocide is you moron. Nobody is trying to kill you troons
19-03-2023 20:17
@haunting_dr3ams You said this is your job. Sex work. Meanwhile you barely have any followers and nobody is subscri… https://t.co/VsCddfWAv9
19-03-2023 20:16
@haunting_dr3ams Shit that makes sense. You're being raised by people that should've been sterilized long ago 😂 Tra… https://t.co/uWVhGritGL
19-03-2023 20:13
@haunting_dr3ams 273 followers. You're never getting that surgery at this rate mama!
19-03-2023 20:10
@haunting_dr3ams I'm not paying for any of that girly. Get a job. You're a woman.
19-03-2023 20:05
@haunting_dr3ams Another chronically online insane person. 💀you definitely yell at strangers when they call you ma'… https://t.co/JFuahUZHeD
19-03-2023 20:05
@haunting_dr3ams LMAO. Girl you're a grown ass woman https://t.co/9Y3fKhAgS6
19-03-2023 20:00
@femboyJonahNsfw @odbyonce @Fydofox Shut up. Still a straight couple
19-03-2023 19:59
@haunting_dr3ams Sure you are girl
19-03-2023 19:58
@femboyJonahNsfw @odbyonce @Fydofox Yes they are. @Fydofox is in a straight relationship
19-03-2023 17:37
@haunting_dr3ams Another autistic girl HELP
19-03-2023 13:35
@venusvallentine @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 There is no ign… https://t.co/e2irWjDTLL
19-03-2023 13:34
@venusvallentine @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Successful? Not… https://t.co/g8jj6dZpkn
19-03-2023 05:59
@13FootMaster1 @FootFetishPapi @EJOnDemonTime U aint straight
19-03-2023 05:55
@venusvallentine @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Pls my parents… https://t.co/19ciHGxfHk
19-03-2023 04:03
@venusvallentine @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 I've made enoug… https://t.co/1GzWA3OBZl
19-03-2023 03:18
@venusvallentine @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Your parents ra… https://t.co/2zV7qiqSFQ
19-03-2023 03:07
@venusvallentine @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 It's still ther… https://t.co/oAAKSOHnjx
19-03-2023 02:59
@JeffersonThegay @0bsession0 @discotitties0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten Nawt him trying to convince ppl I'm ugly 💀
19-03-2023 02:54
@wonderbabywitch @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Because gay is… https://t.co/J13Ykd9KTv
19-03-2023 02:34
@wonderbabywitch @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Sorry sista. My bad 🫶🏽
19-03-2023 02:30
@wonderbabywitch @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Sorry miss girl
19-03-2023 02:28
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 They really wernt. Sylvia bar… https://t.co/8xSOBHTwQq
19-03-2023 02:28
@wonderbabywitch @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Which part does… https://t.co/tN5fYlbEhZ
19-03-2023 02:26
@Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Yes you are
19-03-2023 02:21
@Vetrazs @sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 You're delusional as… https://t.co/JMSo5Fl8yc
19-03-2023 02:21
@JeffersonThegay @0bsession0 @discotitties0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten 😘😘
19-03-2023 02:13
@wonderbabywitch @Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Shut up woman 💀… https://t.co/WG90Svup4Y
19-03-2023 02:13
@Vetrazs @sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Because she is a girl.
19-03-2023 02:09
@Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 This reminds me of when the stra… https://t.co/O4cJaNasqe
19-03-2023 02:09
@Vetrazs @sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Lots of girls are li… https://t.co/aD3jfUU9fh
19-03-2023 02:04
@Vetrazs @0bsession0 @HannDoesThings @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Niggas lying for attention. 💀
19-03-2023 01:58
@Vetrazs @sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 That's a girl. Always will be my dude
19-03-2023 01:57
@Vetrazs @0bsession0 @HannDoesThings @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Girl oral isn't sex. 💀 keep trying though
19-03-2023 01:56
@Vetrazs @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Mama lets stop lying LMAO
19-03-2023 01:56
@0bsession0 @discotitties0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten Man she looks trash. Like white trash hillbilly material… https://t.co/ONO63yvEUB
19-03-2023 01:50
@0bsession0 @discotitties0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten Your gurl literally shows half her face. And she's still… https://t.co/nuLGYD06YB
19-03-2023 01:44
@0bsession0 @discotitties0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten Damn I can't believe all these boys lied to me 💀
19-03-2023 01:41
@0bsession0 @discotitties0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten I don't have to attracted to women to know she she'd mid.… https://t.co/xoH4LLeAir
19-03-2023 01:40
@0bsession0 @discotitties0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten I'm an attractive black man. You're dating a MID asf white girl lol
19-03-2023 01:36
@0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten @discotitties0 Bro will be on his deathbed saying he's queer even though he'll never fuck a man
19-03-2023 01:35
@0bsession0 @discotitties0 @Brandon70475377 @grungek1tten Your girlfriend is mid as fuck.
19-03-2023 01:33
@Brandon70475377 @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @discotitties0 No you're right boo. Doing a woman sounds nasty💀 Vagina looks so gross
19-03-2023 01:33
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 It's so funny because I guara… https://t.co/8IwiZ5Y163
19-03-2023 01:18
@0bsession0 @HannDoesThings @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Hann is a straight women. I r… https://t.co/pvzuHl54Xv
19-03-2023 01:17
@0bsession0 @HannDoesThings @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 I'm responding back to the in… https://t.co/2DBtbRmUSp
19-03-2023 01:13
@0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @discotitties0 LMAO. No way you're serious
19-03-2023 01:12
RT @0bsession0: @sometypeoftwink @Brandon70475377 @Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @discotitties0 I am gay! And I will continue to retweet wo…
19-03-2023 01:12
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 An actual person? Girl you're… https://t.co/ziIOA6tV2E
19-03-2023 01:08
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 LMAO. Go fucking cry about it… https://t.co/PNNhxTgOjB
19-03-2023 01:06
@0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @discotitties0 I'm so gay "Goes to retweet 10 naked wom… https://t.co/mpKVjgGocc
19-03-2023 01:03
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 You finally felt comfortable… https://t.co/2NXEKtKfUh
19-03-2023 01:02
@Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Damn terrible history teacher. Was she a… https://t.co/iyThBM4jQC
19-03-2023 00:55
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Damn that's crazy. But being… https://t.co/wWomR87thl
19-03-2023 00:51
@HannDoesThings @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Because you are babes 🫶🏽 It's… https://t.co/ZnMsv1IBF0
19-03-2023 00:48
@Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Your history teacher would throat punch you if she heard that!
19-03-2023 00:47
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Feel like outcast? Trust me y… https://t.co/yxdnLGbG7Z
19-03-2023 00:46
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Yes the fuck it includes stra… https://t.co/TDJOfIz1Sb
19-03-2023 00:44
@grungek1tten @Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Only two sexes
19-03-2023 00:43
@grungek1tten @Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Please stop conflating sex and gender. M… https://t.co/5UvZIwxSp8
19-03-2023 00:42
@Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 It' giving "I used wikipedia to help write this essay"
19-03-2023 00:35
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Yes lmao. As a gay man who gr… https://t.co/VhZCNgRRKm
19-03-2023 00:34
@Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 I know your dumb lightskin ass didnt jus… https://t.co/GWP9uNY1zK
19-03-2023 00:32
@grungek1tten @Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Intersex is not a third sex you dumbass.… https://t.co/jRKqFTTMGj
19-03-2023 00:31
@grungek1tten @0bsession0 @HannDoesThings @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Gender ideology ≠ Sexuality. Like what girl
19-03-2023 00:29
@0bsession0 @Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 "Pan" I love seeing all these pan men wh… https://t.co/2jfHKcSwBq
19-03-2023 00:29
@Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Baby it literally is how it works 💀
19-03-2023 00:28
@0bsession0 @HannDoesThings @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 This conversation with you gu… https://t.co/dtELBCTl64
19-03-2023 00:27
@grungek1tten @Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Bisexual means two sexes.. Again sexuali… https://t.co/a5URDgcEU1
19-03-2023 00:24
@0bsession0 @Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 That yellow man is not my own kind LMAO.… https://t.co/6wrrUq53IT
19-03-2023 00:21
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Oh so you're bisexual? Like I said. Two… https://t.co/EJV5hfGSBo
19-03-2023 00:18
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Reminder to touch grass you l… https://t.co/p42m7nHrVB
19-03-2023 00:15
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 They're really not. They're women. Espec… https://t.co/H59EK5knFC
19-03-2023 00:14
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Girl I forgot about you. What… https://t.co/toUsYyF5nB
19-03-2023 00:10
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 That was not directed to you...but I dou… https://t.co/SxnLQ98nge
19-03-2023 00:08
@grungek1tten @Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Actually it's completely factual, and a… https://t.co/WhoS9oZ0jD
19-03-2023 00:07
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Nice false equivalency. Ofc you would th… https://t.co/XUPVI0ssVY
19-03-2023 00:06
@Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 And you can still claim to be black whil… https://t.co/7g8HG6wCru
19-03-2023 00:04
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 His pale ass
19-03-2023 00:03
@0bsession0 @Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Bitches love talking about how much they… https://t.co/ic17ATbxkX
19-03-2023 00:02
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Being a man just requires a penis. Which… https://t.co/YC1X6ytw93
19-03-2023 00:01
@Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 I'm literally neurodivergent. I didn't c… https://t.co/QRTB2vKYa0
19-03-2023 00:00
@0bsession0 @Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 PLS Not this cracker saying that 💀 Freed from what?
18-03-2023 23:58
@grungek1tten @Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 It's a joke babe.
18-03-2023 23:58
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Idk about that one. After seeing your de… https://t.co/NXxvB2j6av
18-03-2023 23:57
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 "literally pride began" It's… https://t.co/3Pgn9dui09
18-03-2023 23:56
@grungek1tten @Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Why did you type it like that? As if it isn't clear as day
18-03-2023 23:55
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 You said started by..Which isn't true. Holy shit
18-03-2023 23:54
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 God damn it I was off by one. Atleast au… https://t.co/2NK1WqR8qU
18-03-2023 23:53
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 GIRL pride was started to COM… https://t.co/7tqND05Ho2
18-03-2023 23:51
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Bro are you by chance autistic too?i'm s… https://t.co/fFyb4I0aAv
18-03-2023 23:49
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Girl you literally mentioned pride..
18-03-2023 23:48
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Your statement was pride was… https://t.co/6Ep2PmOu5o
18-03-2023 23:48
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 I agree. PRIDE began because… https://t.co/K2MOXpUVYF
18-03-2023 23:39
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 You act as if gay people shou… https://t.co/V4PT7V7LFz
18-03-2023 23:36
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Marsha P identified as a gay… https://t.co/Z8h90UC2MV
18-03-2023 23:32
@0bsession0 @Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Do white latino people not exist anymore… https://t.co/uE1y34iGcT
18-03-2023 23:31
@grungek1tten @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Please name those so called activist so I can laugh.
18-03-2023 23:30
@grungek1tten @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 The gays will be fine. I'll g… https://t.co/rO5nRrcICb
18-03-2023 23:29
@0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Yall are so sweet for trying… https://t.co/47XMEiarEX
18-03-2023 23:28
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Stonewall
18-03-2023 23:27
@HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @sourgingi3 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Are you one of those people t… https://t.co/jl7HOi8Z9m
18-03-2023 23:27
@grungek1tten @0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Jesus christ. This is why eve… https://t.co/mS37dnsweD
18-03-2023 23:26
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Seeing you say nigga almost seems like a slur light bright. 😂
18-03-2023 23:17
@0bsession0 @sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Wheres the man at? The woman laying on the bed?
18-03-2023 23:16
@Talltanandzesty @grungek1tten @0bsession0 @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 You're not meeting any twinks baby 😂 You… https://t.co/lkdbIjQEDO
18-03-2023 23:15
@HannDoesThings @sourgingi3 @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 She..Holy shit I think i've a… https://t.co/shCFvQp4b0
18-03-2023 23:14
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @blazeybabey_ @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Okay I'll give you that on… https://t.co/qT2ClaO47u
18-03-2023 23:13
@sourgingi3 @HannDoesThings @0bsession0 @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 You're a literal woman..No yo… https://t.co/3IgnHfc6Ys
18-03-2023 23:13
@grungek1tten @Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @blazeybabey_ @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 When did I say behave like… https://t.co/kCymvPaApw
18-03-2023 23:12
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @blazeybabey_ @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 Gay is strictly same sex a… https://t.co/vvYfnTfTbu
18-03-2023 23:11
@Talltanandzesty @0bsession0 @blazeybabey_ @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 We really don't have the s… https://t.co/73tuvKzKHy
18-03-2023 23:10
@0bsession0 @Talltanandzesty @blazeybabey_ @grungek1tten @Brandon70475377 @discotitties0 You're not even gay. You o… https://t.co/nX2VpQdutD
18-03-2023 23:08