MLS ❖⁴ˣ⁴ (@solarjade14) — Selena Gomez saved my life ❤️ Twice & MAMAMOO & Little Mix 💪🏻 Dickinson 🌋 wlw ships 😍
RT @thebluebearies: 💙: this person is here to explain the album in detail, ah there! she’s here. bcos of comeback, she’s dressed prettily,…
29-11-2022 04:18
29-11-2022 04:14
RT @crierheart: new comfort edit unlocked
29-11-2022 04:14
29-11-2022 04:11
RT @MTVBooks: Watching #WarriorNun for the plot ⚔️ Based on the Warrior Nun Areala comic books by Ben Dunn
29-11-2022 04:11
RT @mariyyum: Mozzarella stuffed pull apart bread ⏲🎞 ultimate comfort recipe
29-11-2022 03:08
RT @THEECLASSICMAN: Guys, they done gave Megan a verse 😂😂😂
29-11-2022 03:02
RT @sapphicslike: power couple
29-11-2022 02:46
RT @fruitysilva: ava’s hair in the s1 finale will always have me on my KNEES
29-11-2022 02:46
RT @netflix: After trying one take where she didn’t blink, Tim Burton was so enamored with the result he told Jenna Ortega not to blink any…
29-11-2022 02:46
29-11-2022 02:43
RT @thebestofjade: constantly have this jade on my mind
29-11-2022 02:43
RT @leighannescass: Love a girl right explicit version??? Omf???? Little Mix are swearing left right and centre this feels so violent????
29-11-2022 02:43
RT @xiaotingflwr: this is very “ava wearing the crown of thorns” coded iykyk
29-11-2022 02:43
RT @okthatsettlesit: together they got one brain cell and that's why we love them 💘 #WarriorWun #RenewWarriorNun #Avatrice…
29-11-2022 02:42
RT @mixermanagement: An explicit version of Love a girl right from Little Mix’s 5th album LM5 has been leaked! What do you think of this ve…
29-11-2022 02:42
RT @believerofonce: Jokes aside, I then recall that even if Ava is essentially invincible and can heal, SHE STILL FEELS THE PAIN. If she do…
29-11-2022 02:39
RT @tays_chick: Boyfriend reveal
29-11-2022 02:38
RT @whytfurehere: i feel like she's so kissable
29-11-2022 02:37
RT @sapphicpov: mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy???
29-11-2022 02:37
RT @forgotsemicolon: this is sooo
29-11-2022 02:37
RT @JustHustina: Yasmine and Lilith sending Camila their Be Real 😆 #WarriorNun #RenewWarriorNun
29-11-2022 02:36
RT @cloudleigh: Explicit Little Mix was alive and thriving
29-11-2022 02:33
RT @tays_chick: You can actually feel every bit of pain Ava is feeling as she leaves Beatrice. Alba Babtista is THAT actress! #WarriorNun h…
29-11-2022 01:24
RT @sapphosz: all the build up and tension that led to this kiss is what makes this scene for me
29-11-2022 01:23
RT @NetflixGeeked: through the good times and the not so good times 🥲
29-11-2022 01:23
29-11-2022 00:44
RT @zwanheda: they set the bar so high
29-11-2022 00:44
RT @filmsbygays: history was made
29-11-2022 00:42
RT @NetflixFR: 🖤
29-11-2022 00:33
RT @Foivechxn: Imagine people spoke about football the way kpop fans speak about idols and groups
29-11-2022 00:12
RT @CheNetflix: Cómo empezaron / Cómo siguieron
28-11-2022 23:21
RT @moonyriot: Thats it im pulling the trigger
28-11-2022 23:21
RT @suehuntd: wait i did a compilation of ava saying fuck in s1 SHE'S SO
28-11-2022 23:15
RT @sapphosz: their girlfriend behavior here is adorable as hell
28-11-2022 21:38
RT @sapphicpov: just alba baptista and kristina tonteri-young, my beloved meow meows
28-11-2022 21:37
RT @petitelecomte: she's an angel your honor
28-11-2022 21:28
RT @mommywheein: Red Velvet, Gfriend and Mamamoo will forever be the third gen’s holy trinity
28-11-2022 17:47
RT @juliettesfang: fell first fell harder
28-11-2022 16:19
RT @sapphicslike:
28-11-2022 16:09
RT @filmsbygays:
28-11-2022 16:09
RT @tays_chick: The hand placement ohh god 😩
28-11-2022 16:07
RT @sapphiclakes: I remember how we freaked out when Alba posted that picture out of nowhere, good times
28-11-2022 15:56
RT @filmsbygays: the sapphic urge to glance at a pretty girl and then avoid eye contact at all costs
28-11-2022 06:38
RT @sapphicslike: them #RenewWarriorNun
28-11-2022 05:36
RT @RED3CORAT3: beatrice is so quick to respond jesus she is WHIPPED
28-11-2022 05:35
RT @filmsbygays: “i love these movies for the plot” the plot:
28-11-2022 05:34
RT @wednesdayaddams: Dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Along with gravedigging, conducting autopsies, and glaring uncomfortably.…
28-11-2022 05:32
RT @heroinadolixo: levariam uma chave da alba baptista?
28-11-2022 04:42
RT @filmsbygays: idk who needs to hear this (me) but you actually need to talk to a girl to get a girlfriend.
28-11-2022 04:39
RT @RED3CORAT3: the way alba and kty are laughing about it whilst saying lines that are in character im so done
28-11-2022 02:01
RT @sapphicslike: alba baptista saying "sexy nuns with guns" on a loop
28-11-2022 01:55
RT @mxepvt: this outfit alone is responsible for my homosexuality
28-11-2022 01:42
RT @RED3CORAT3: this on repeat
28-11-2022 01:41
RT @udinovsnico: whoever did the wardrobe for ava this season deserves a raise because she looks so confident in it and it fits her and her…
27-11-2022 22:15
27-11-2022 22:15
RT @NetflixFR: Le duo Avatrice, à consommer sans modération. Warrior Nun saison 2, c’est dispo.
27-11-2022 22:06
RT @wlwfiIms: the handmaiden '아가씨' (2016) dir. park chan-wook
27-11-2022 19:01
RT @WNshots: the smile that made us fall in love with (yes, also made beatrice fall harder)... WATCH WARRIOR NUN y'all…
27-11-2022 18:59
27-11-2022 16:31
RT @forgotsemicolon: the fact that the writers room had season 2 fully written out before even the first season of warrior nun released is…
27-11-2022 09:44
RT @heroinadolixo: watch warrior nun
27-11-2022 09:43
RT @wenclaih: Wednesday being a big softie with Enid, a thread 🧵 [Don't show her this] #wenclair #wednesdaynetflix
27-11-2022 09:42
RT @sapphosz: avatrice slowburn was so worth it
27-11-2022 09:39
RT @sapphosz: so ava was dressed like this for work every day?? girlie was dressing UP
27-11-2022 09:39
27-11-2022 09:37
RT @shelbaldswife: so simon asked netflix to post the bloopers but they straight up said no? for no reason? the fuck #WarriorNun #RenewWarr…
27-11-2022 09:36
RT @lexiescarina: sooo i drew avatrice 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️ #WarriorNun #RenewWarriorNun
27-11-2022 08:01
RT @sapphicslike: this video
27-11-2022 02:41
RT @filmsbygays: being gay isn’t a choice. it’s a game and i’m winning.
27-11-2022 02:36
RT @tays_chick: The way Alba jumped, she's Ava fr
27-11-2022 02:32
RT @sapphicslike:
27-11-2022 01:12
RT @sapphosz: the fandom spreading the word of warrior nun
27-11-2022 00:59
RT @sapphosz: something about the way bea is wiping away ava’s tear makes me melt
27-11-2022 00:57
RT @crymeajuice: ok but two years ago nothing could have prepared me for the way ava looks and acts in season 2; her priority was not to sa…
27-11-2022 00:37
RT @sapphosz: ava really only had eyes for no one else but bea
27-11-2022 00:28
RT @poetussy: whoever decided to put yellow lighting here did gods work
26-11-2022 23:59
RT @__avatrice__: did someone say prettiest smile?
26-11-2022 23:58
RT @filmsbygays: fell first fell harder
26-11-2022 23:57
RT @sapphiclexi: i'm always gonna be here #warriornun #avatrice
26-11-2022 23:54
RT @sapphicslike:
26-11-2022 22:17
RT @udinovsnico: you don’t understand how important that is for me
26-11-2022 22:12
RT @_NoamH: Maybe this just didn’t cross my timeline, but I haven’t seen anyone else touch on the way these lines were delivered exactly th…
26-11-2022 21:52
RT @sapphiclexi: name an iconic and badass wlw couple and why is it #avatrice
26-11-2022 21:50
RT @reneclips:
26-11-2022 21:49
RT @sapphicslike: this video
26-11-2022 21:46
RT @netflix: Never say Beatrice didn't warn you...
26-11-2022 21:45
RT @Bb_menita: sharing this intended detail in my edit, there's a space in bea's right side to depict ava's absence when she's leaving the…
26-11-2022 21:45
RT @sapphicslike: ava silva #RenewWarriorNun
26-11-2022 21:41
RT @filmsbygays: THIS IS CINEMA
26-11-2022 20:55
RT @kpopsapphic:
26-11-2022 20:00
RT @kieutouinspace: it was in fact not that funny but babygirl was drunk
26-11-2022 19:59
RT @nunsavatrice: They’ve kinda ruined any future relationship I could’ve had cause is it really worth it if it’s not like this?? https://t…
26-11-2022 17:00
RT @petitelecomte: ohmygod the lip bite pls ava was so excited for bea to come with them like girl get up 😩
26-11-2022 16:59
RT @petitelecomte: oh she was down BAD
26-11-2022 16:58
RT @RED3CORAT3: no it’s not funny actually it’s serious
26-11-2022 10:01
RT @bitch4beatrice: I have never bookmarked a video so quick
26-11-2022 09:59
RT @Netflix_PH: kapit, sis #WarriorNun
26-11-2022 09:58
RT @reneclips: her eye smile 😭
26-11-2022 09:57
RT @jordynbtw: can we talk about how Ava starts to pull away and Bea pulls her right back 😭😭
26-11-2022 09:57
RT @astersletters: camila is so real for going through a whole journal filled with hundreds of stories just to pick the fruity one https://…
26-11-2022 09:56
RT @wlwyearnbot: in this life or the next
26-11-2022 09:54
RT @sapphiclitbot: I shall think of you at sunset, and at sunrise, again; and at noon, and forenoon, and afternoon, and always, and evermor…
26-11-2022 09:54
RT @lezbisch: ava always knew how bea felt, but she never pushed. she was happy taking the small moments bea would let her, the stolen touc…
26-11-2022 09:52
RT @sapphosz: their domesticity this season is something that can be so personal
26-11-2022 09:51
RT @zwanheda: “it gets progressively gayer as we go on, as life usually does”
26-11-2022 09:50
RT @NME: Fans are calling for a third season #WarriorNun
26-11-2022 09:49
RT @blasphemusdeus: you cannot tell me that ava n bea didn't sleep in the same bed at jillian's. that ava didn't cling to bea when she had…
26-11-2022 09:49
26-11-2022 09:49
RT @misandristluvr: idk if a girl kissed me w tears in her eyes then started caressing my cheek as our foreheads touched i'd just let the w…
26-11-2022 09:49
RT @BeaIsBadass: Beatrice cannot let Ava go and sacrifice herself, she's been pushing her fear aside but hearing Ava's words terrify her. S…
26-11-2022 09:26
RT @juliettesfang: i need avatrice kiss injected into my veins
26-11-2022 09:23
RT @filmsbygays: sapphic culture is jumping from one wlw couple fixation to the next to heal your inner child and fill the void of the roma…
26-11-2022 09:22
RT @juliettespuppy: we all thought they were gonna kiss here but we ended up with ava smelling bea’s neck and personally i think we were bl…
26-11-2022 09:21
RT @eIIiealves: she gets it so bad i fear
26-11-2022 09:20
RT @marshmyouillow: #WarriorNun broke the former netflix record with 5k user audience ratings so @netflix the least you could do is idk let…
26-11-2022 09:20
RT @sapphicsonfiIm: can we talk about the earring tho
26-11-2022 09:19
RT @zwanheda: lives changed forever after this iconic kiss.
26-11-2022 09:17
RT @astersletters: the way it was miguel, yasmine and mother superion who were there when bea told ava she didn't want her to die and it wa…
26-11-2022 09:14
26-11-2022 09:14
RT @jordynbtw: she really does radiate top energy
25-11-2022 19:52
RT @NetflixGeeked: Beatrice proves time and time again that she’s a freewheeling, secret, ass-kicking nun
25-11-2022 19:18
RT @RED3CORAT3: you’ve reached a serotonin checkpoint. enjoy!
25-11-2022 19:10
RT @zwanheda: alba and kty gave us so much content i love them so much
25-11-2022 19:10
RT @zwanheda: remember when camila
25-11-2022 17:53
RT @posiesmani: SLAP ME
25-11-2022 17:52
RT @jysource: jeongyeon and team 96 dancing to pop everytime they beat nayeon😭
25-11-2022 17:49
RT @zwanheda: avatrice having one of the healthiest relationship… they literally communicate their feelings even when it’s hard. the trust…
25-11-2022 17:48
RT @yellowfier: whoever was in charge of warrior nun s2 costume department and put them in these clothes need their ass ate fr…
25-11-2022 17:46
RT @meltiesdream: ava really said titties out as soon as beatrice took her first shot lmao my girl was ON A MISSION #WarriorNun https://t.c…
25-11-2022 17:45
RT @WNshots: #WarriorNun: Symbolism in Season 2, this is insane
25-11-2022 17:44
RT @AuroraOhShit: The perfect shot ❤️ #Avatrice #WarriorNun
25-11-2022 17:32
RT @zwanheda: we didn’t talk enough about this girl, she literally gave us jealous ava and we didn’t thanked her enough.…
25-11-2022 17:32
RT @astersletters: I am once again saying simon is so sick for making ava selfless right when beatrice learned to be selfish…
25-11-2022 17:19
RT @tinysunbitch: i would like to personally thank whoever styled all the outfits in s2
25-11-2022 17:19
RT @sapphosz: this has gotta be one of the most iconic first kisses in wlw history
25-11-2022 16:24
RT @gaysinmedia: idk how to explain it but there’s just something about avatrice’s first kiss that i don’t usually feel anywhere except fro…
25-11-2022 16:23
RT @Lio_MDB: Si soy
25-11-2022 16:23
RT @zwanheda: wlw who open their mouths for the kiss >>>
25-11-2022 16:06
RT @Netflix_PH: Open to board the Avatrice ship ⛴️💕 #WarriorNun #Avatrice
25-11-2022 15:59
RT @villzins: #WARRIORNUN: The Cinematic Symbolism of Season 2
25-11-2022 15:56
RT @sapphicpov: read the lyrics!
25-11-2022 08:16
RT @evillanelle: ava using bea’s own words against her showing that 1. their first conversation was forever impressed in her memory 2. what…
25-11-2022 08:15
RT @Forbes: ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 Has Netflix’s Highest Audience Scores Ever As Fans Demand Season 3 Renewal https…
25-11-2022 06:19
RT @sapphicslike: avatrice
25-11-2022 06:18
RT @gaysinmedia: can't believe beatrice started season 1 losing a warrior nun and then ended season 2 losing HER warrior nun
25-11-2022 05:46
RT @sapphiclexi: damn this is so good 🔥
25-11-2022 05:44
25-11-2022 03:28
RT @zwanheda: “you could teach me how to dance and i could teach you how to drink”
25-11-2022 03:05
RT @reneclips:
25-11-2022 02:41
RT @sapphosz: woah the numbers this pulled in less than two days
25-11-2022 02:39
RT @juliettespuppy: they look so happy here
25-11-2022 02:38
RT @himbohomoe: #avasilva x me and your mama #warriornun #avatrice
25-11-2022 02:31
RT @undercoverfren: netflix give me that double renewal or istg 🥷🏼 STREAM WARRIOR NUN #RenewWarriorNun #WarriorNun…
25-11-2022 02:30
RT @zwanheda: don’t talk to me
25-11-2022 02:29
RT @NetflixGeeked: Season 1 —> Season 2
25-11-2022 02:29
RT @sapphicgaze: oh so they both closed their eyes when ava kissed her cheek i’m gonna throw up they’re so in love.
25-11-2022 02:17
RT @juliettesfang: this outfit is such a serve
25-11-2022 00:22
RT @RED3CORAT3: need this to be the last thing i post tonight
24-11-2022 18:38
RT @filmsbygays: “i feel sorry for u all.....i am about to get sexier and hotter...and what is crazy is that i am already quite sexy and ho…
24-11-2022 18:28
RT @SimonDavisBarry: Ummm @netflix, I’d like to introduce you to @Forbes - I’ll just wait over here while you chat…
24-11-2022 18:28
RT @agam2864: I think this is the entire #WarriorNun fandom watching this scene😂
24-11-2022 18:24
24-11-2022 18:24
RT @astersletters: it gets progressively gayer as we go on, as life usually does - kty, 2022.
24-11-2022 18:21
RT @filmsbygays:
24-11-2022 18:20
RT @zwanheda: talented. brilliant. incredible. amazing. showstopping. spectacular. never the same. totally unique. completely not ever been…
24-11-2022 16:12
RT @undercoverfren: she was rooting for them since day one
24-11-2022 16:09
RT @jennaheadphones: Jenna talking about why Wednesday is a gay icon: “people want to see powerful women with powerful women” AHHHH https:…
24-11-2022 15:22
RT @gaysinmedia: #AVATRICE: will you find me afterlife?
24-11-2022 15:14
RT @RED3CORAT3: ava silva be both cute as fuck and what the fuck
24-11-2022 07:41
24-11-2022 07:40
RT @sapphicslike: elsa and honeymaren from frozen 2
24-11-2022 07:36
RT @wlwpphic: 😠
24-11-2022 06:31
RT @juliettespuppy: she has the most perfect side profile i’ve ever seen
24-11-2022 02:06
RT @netflixgolden: Beatrice is constantly proving that she’s a freewheeling, secret, ass-kicking nun
24-11-2022 02:06
RT @danimoo11: Warrior Nun discord edition! #WarriorNun #WarriorNunSeason2 #RenewWarriorNun
24-11-2022 02:05
RT @nocontextfooty:
24-11-2022 02:01
RT @NetflixGeeked: bc it wasn’t even six minutes in and we got this moment
24-11-2022 01:40
RT @sapphicgaze: avatrice fighting styles are similar bc bea trained ava and that’s how ava knew how to easily stop bea from putting the cr…
24-11-2022 01:39
RT @sapphicemisue: one year since emily love declaration for sue "I love you more than anything or anyone on earth, and you need to know th…
24-11-2022 01:39
RT @juliettesfang: alba baptista and kristina tonteri-young invented sapphic yearning
24-11-2022 01:35
RT @reneclips:
24-11-2022 01:29
RT @RED3CORAT3: best coming out scene there is.
23-11-2022 20:27
RT @sapphicslike: alba baptista #RenewWarriorNun
23-11-2022 20:16
RT @Blacknovaah: Good morning to my avatrice fam🤍
23-11-2022 20:05
RT @believerofonce: Folks gotta understand how Ava must have been conditioned to assess people in this manner. She was confined for most of…
23-11-2022 20:05
RT @netflix: The Warrior Nun cast has perfected the art of looking so damn cool while walking in slow motion
23-11-2022 20:04
RT @zwanheda: honestly i love the tension between ava and beatrice since s1 and how they developed their relationship in season 2. this is…
23-11-2022 20:04
RT @NetflixGeeked: Beatrice's face when she's near Ava 🥹
23-11-2022 20:02
RT @tays_chick: Beatrice probably thought Ava is that straight girl who's always really touchy 😭
23-11-2022 19:54
RT @zwanheda: they play girlfriends 🥰✨
23-11-2022 19:52
RT @filmsbygays: #ALBABAPTISTA: the hoes gon love this
23-11-2022 19:51
RT @filmsbygays: jenna ortega you are SO real for this
23-11-2022 19:34
RT @petitelecomte: mhmm head full of thoughts
23-11-2022 18:34
RT @avatricism: i feel like throwing up… much thought was put into avatrice and it’s fucking me up BADLY
23-11-2022 16:28
RT @filmsbygays: warrior nun has to break netflix’s wlw cancellation curse THEY JUST HAVE TO!
23-11-2022 16:27
RT @sapphicslike: avatrice’s first kiss
23-11-2022 16:26
RT @yyznaho: Ava's Ava's Will Byers era Eleven era
23-11-2022 15:39
23-11-2022 07:19
RT @tays_chick: Girlfriend behavior
23-11-2022 07:18