Paula O'Gilvie (@pdogilvie) — Mother of 4, including @bcoloyan and @EmOGilvie05, Lawyer, Apple pie Queen and Beantown sports enthusiast!
RT @elleduncanESPN: Stop showing Ossai. He effed up. He feels horrible. Leave it.
30-01-2023 06:26
RT @Boston_Diehards: Championship Sunday with no Patriots
30-01-2023 05:36
RT @WBBWorldWide: At this point a team better sign Breanna Stewart, Nneka Ogwumike and Courtney Vandersloot, bring Lauren Jackson and Maya…
30-01-2023 05:34
RT @BLS_Athletics: Boys 4x800 wins the State Coach’s Invite! Dennis Satchek takes 5th in the 1k! David Rivkin sets school record in the…
30-01-2023 02:30
@gemsinthegym Referees calls are all over the place at every level. Go thru the whole game and you will see that pl…
30-01-2023 02:27
RT @SASRIAthletics: ⁦@SASRIBoysHoops⁩ taking on ⁦@HydeSchool_Bath⁩ in the consolation game at the ⁦@BridgtonHoops⁩ Winter Classic https://t…
30-01-2023 02:23
RT @TeachHoopsBBall: “A lot of people notice when you succeed, but they don't see what it takes to get there.” - Dawn Staley
29-01-2023 17:36
RT @TheFungi669: Marjorie Greene: “If black people feel mistreated, why did they come to this country in first place?”
29-01-2023 17:34
RT @espnW: Trinity Thomas with her 23rd PERFECT 10‼️ @GatorsGym
28-01-2023 17:18
@Joeprince05 @Boston_Diehards It was the best feeling ❤️❤️❤️
28-01-2023 17:11
RT @Boston_Diehards: I miss this week being exciting for Patriots fans
28-01-2023 17:10
RT @LewisShine: If you do not expose yourself to champions, you can never be a champion.
28-01-2023 17:02
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RT @JoshuaPHilll: This is brilliant. Not allowed to work from home means not allowed to work from home!
28-01-2023 17:00
RT @jemelehill: So many of y’all in the replies were worried about my stomach overnight and this morning. I drank from a water hose growing…
28-01-2023 16:51
RT @ericareport: HOLY SHIT! The California State Bar is seeking to disbar John Eastman, one of President Trump’s attorneys who helped plan…
27-01-2023 23:50
RT @RobertGarcia: I just got appointed to the House Oversight Committee. You can bet that I am going to take on and push back on Marjorie T…
27-01-2023 05:17
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RT @ericareport: BREAKING: Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, disrespectfully called Senator Warren "Senator Karen" and said she remi…
26-01-2023 07:38
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: The Saints are at it again! Another national-level showcase for our players.
26-01-2023 02:45
@elizalian Did my part🧡
26-01-2023 02:42
@RealMrJuco Agreed!! His assist record has to compare to anyone that played right field.
26-01-2023 02:42
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RT @BadLipReading: Secret congressional codenames revealed during roll call #politics
25-01-2023 19:40
RT @RobertGarcia: Tonight is a great night for George Santos aka Kitara to resign from Congress.
25-01-2023 15:42
RT @lv_recruiting: The best rivalry series in all of Women’s Basketball!
25-01-2023 06:59
0 10985
RT @jason_koebler: Would you believe that egg prices are higher because a giant company decided they could make more profit by raising pric…
25-01-2023 06:58
@ALL_WEDO_ISWORK The Indian Deathlock. I believe Chief Jay Strongbow would do his War Dance before it
25-01-2023 06:55
@Boston_Diehards I'm loving this run!! Hope it leads to the
25-01-2023 06:51
RT @RepRobertGarcia: Members of Congress are elected to serve their communities back home, not to make money using insider information. T…
25-01-2023 06:49
@cac1969 @RepMTG @GOPoversight Yes she did!!!
25-01-2023 06:49
RT @cac1969: @RepMTG @GOPoversight Didn’t u get some COVID relief loans forgiven?
25-01-2023 06:49
@The9450 That was nuts!!! That Arkansas vs Vanderbilt game a couple days ago was also nuts but the stakes were not as high.
25-01-2023 06:46
RT @TheFungi669: Marjorie Greene: “If they can convict the Proud Boys of seditious conspiracy, they can do it to me, @laurenboebert, and @t…
24-01-2023 21:44
RT @cheriseb35: @SEBARoundball @UOrangemen Is there something similar for girls?
24-01-2023 21:38
RT @ILoveIowaBball: Caitlin Clark really is the GOAT
24-01-2023 06:41
RT @SASRIAthletics: Saints Middle School basketball takes on @WheelerWarriors !!
24-01-2023 06:39
RT @hoopism: So this dude can act like a 4-year-old and have zero repercussions, yet Angel Reese stares at someone whose shot she just bloc…
22-01-2023 08:14
RT @Khristina: The WNBPA is launching an investigation regarding the conduct matters of members of the Las Vegas Aces management. https://t…
22-01-2023 07:02
RT @TweetsbyCoachP: The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he said: “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in o…
22-01-2023 06:50
RT @Khristina: Dearica Hamby released a statement via Instagram on her departure from the Aces.
22-01-2023 06:47
0 14642
RT @wesleybonner: The devil works hard but Rio drag queens worked harder finding this video of George Santos in drag
22-01-2023 02:33
@UTCoachSam No it's not, especially when the refs are white men and the players are Black or Brown girls.
21-01-2023 07:28
RT @UTCoachSam: It’s ok for WBB players to show emotion on the court. #IsaidwhatIsaid
21-01-2023 07:27
RT @LewisShine: If you become great at scoring with your defense, you will win games.
21-01-2023 07:27
RT @BillyClapperBCB: 40 Minute Ball Handling Workout Complete Want a copy of it? Reply below with email or DM me
20-01-2023 01:48
@BillyClapperBCB [email protected]
20-01-2023 01:48
RT @SASRIAthletics: It’s game day for our talented middle school hoopers as they head to Rocky Hill @rhcdmariners for a 3:30 pm match-up.…
18-01-2023 06:24
RT @TweetsbyCoachP: Far too many coaches automatically equate yelling and screaming for good coaching and teaching.
18-01-2023 06:19
RT @RBReich: Richest 1% took home nearly twice as much wealth as the rest of the world put together over the past two years. Folks, this…
17-01-2023 17:14
RT @TweetsbyCoachP: "I remember how many of my players fought for a better life for themselves. I just met them halfway." - Pat Summitt ht…
17-01-2023 17:13
RT @MooreMaya: It’s official! So thankful to so many🙏🏽
17-01-2023 07:57
0 10009
RT @ericareport: AOC has called for the impeachment of Justices Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Coney Barrett for lying to Senators during their con…
17-01-2023 07:56
RT @mmpadellan: Start investigating the rich donors who supported George Santos and watch how quickly they flush his compulsive lying ass.
17-01-2023 07:56
RT @TweetsbyCoachP: You can be good enough to get a D1 offer while in HS and not be good enough to get an offer from a NAIA.
17-01-2023 07:55
RT @Mocurrie25: Toughest player to ever guard. Motor never stopped! Salute to one of the greatest of all time 👌🏾
16-01-2023 22:16
@SydJColson GOAT!!! How many more 'ship's could she have won???
16-01-2023 22:11
RT @LaChinaRobinson: Arguably the greatest starting lineup of any championship team in WNBA history is now retired. Honored to be in the ar…
16-01-2023 22:06
RT @RealMrJuco: Horrible . Absolutely horrible
16-01-2023 18:25
RT @RoseClassic: Tough move and great handle from @MaysenHill as @SASRIGirlsHoops hold a 13-11 lead after one over @ssfwbb at The Post #Ros…
15-01-2023 22:51
RT @RoseClassic: Beautiful feed from @ThaliaShepard04 to @ValleKaleigh for the bucket as @SASRIGirlsHoops takes a 22-17 lead over @ssfwbb i…
15-01-2023 22:51
RT @RoseClassic: Kickout from @cadencej21 to an open @EmmaArc4 for three has @SASRIGirlsHoops up double digits for the first time today as…
15-01-2023 22:51
RT @RoseClassic: Another @EmmaArc4 triple as her second half shooting helped @SASRIGirlsHoops pull away to knock off @ssfwbb here at The Po…
15-01-2023 22:50
RT @RoseClassic: Emma Arca finds Veronica Dawson for the finish as @SASRIGirlsHoops knocks off @CoachMillerSKS in a close one from start to…
15-01-2023 20:46
RT @outsports: Out gay volleyball coach Anders Nelson is thriving on all fronts. On top of celebrating his 1-year wedding anniversary, @Van…
15-01-2023 18:12
RT @Victorshi2020: Republicans are back at it calling on the voting age to be raised to 21. Here is why: Gen Z turned out in 2022 & prevent…
15-01-2023 18:12
RT @MuellerSheWrote: This is easy. Trump broke the law. Biden did not. Trump will be indicted. Biden will not. Enjoy your weekend.
15-01-2023 18:11
RT @Martina: Another god fearing Christian, right?!?
15-01-2023 18:11
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: Saints are up 29-15 at the half over Lincoln Prep. Seeing some good basketball this morning!!
15-01-2023 18:10
RT @Goodable: A school in Dallas put out a call for stand-ins to attend a breakfast for young boys, many of whom didn't have father figures…
15-01-2023 00:17
RT @lindyli: George Santos also goes by: George Devolder Anthony Santos Anthony Devolder Andres dos Santos Anthony Zabrovsky His birthpl…
15-01-2023 00:14
RT @TheRichFromCali: Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer and should be in prison not headlining fundraisers, do you agree? 🤔♻️
15-01-2023 00:13
RT @AyannaPressley: I’ll sit at the table with anyone who wants to govern with compassion. Meanwhile, House Republicans are disconnected f…
15-01-2023 00:13
RT @TreTilJon: We sign players to be PLAYERS! No one should have to motivate you to greatness or cuss you to get the best out of you. A p…
15-01-2023 00:12
RT @TreTilJon: "Defending National Champions Tyler Junior College" when said by anyone still gives me chills! Hallelujah.
15-01-2023 00:07
RT @BLS_Athletics: Girls Basketball makes it 2 wins in 2 days with a 54-23 win over Weston!
14-01-2023 21:42
RT @BLS_Athletics: Colin Fisher sets new school record in the mile taking 3rd overall (out of 179 finishers) at the Northeast Invitational…
14-01-2023 21:41
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: 57-34 Saints over Lincoln Prep. It was a very nice team performance!
14-01-2023 21:41
RT @BetteMidler:
14-01-2023 21:39
0 22774
RT @RepAdamSchiff: Let me get this straight: To secure votes for his Speakership, Kevin McCarthy agreed to a “secret plan” to cut: Health…
14-01-2023 21:38
RT @BLS_Athletics: Boys Basketball picks up the win over Weston 57-43. Sam Griffin with 22 and Connor Tran with 19 lead the Wolfpack!
14-01-2023 21:38
RT @ewarren: Here’s the way I see it: if someone’s got more than $50 million in the bank, they can afford to pay a two-cent #WealthTax—and…
13-01-2023 01:08
RT @donwinslow: Ever notice that Justice is always "coming" for Donald Trump. But it never arrives.
13-01-2023 01:08
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: Huge congratulations to our 5 seniors who were nominated for the McDonald’s All-American game - a tremendous and well-…
13-01-2023 01:06
RT @ktrain_11: Just heard something interesting re HBO USWNT matches. They can't be streamed in public places. Home viewing only. That me…
12-01-2023 07:51
@Thomas_Carrieri 2007 Jonathan Papelbon
12-01-2023 07:48
@ericareport Yes
12-01-2023 07:47
RT @MarieSwainPric1: This is big!!! Congrats to all the ladies but especially to my baby girl @Swain_PriceShy
12-01-2023 06:44
RT @TweetsbyCoachP: “You don't have to be best friends, but you do have to be best teammates.” - Tara VanDerveer
12-01-2023 06:39
@JrAllStarBB Boston Miles Miller Joens Johnson
10-01-2023 23:04
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: It’s game day for the Saints girls’ prep team as they take on Hoosac @HoosacGB at 3 pm today at home in a NEPSAC AA sh…
07-01-2023 10:04
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: @KayliVesterholm led the charge scoring 7 of her 11 points in the 4th quarter. @ThaliaShepard04 added 6 of her 10 poin…
05-01-2023 20:29
RT @SpecialJennings: We need more kids and PARENTS like this!
05-01-2023 02:21
@Fpcharger2 It's a thing of beauty when they do recognize and can hit that wing instride for an easy layup.
05-01-2023 02:19
RT @Fpcharger2: I just can't stand when kids dont throw the ball up the floor in transition to wing players that are open out in front of t…
05-01-2023 02:17
RT @Martina: Needless to say my phone and twitter are both blowing up so I will say again- thank you all for your support and I am not done…
03-01-2023 05:29
RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger announces that he believes Donald Trump will be charged and “frankly” he “sho…
03-01-2023 01:59
@mhdksafa But man people are making it hard to keep it up. Some people are straight RUDE!
31-12-2022 22:33
RT @RobertGarcia: Drag is an art and drag queens are artists. Like other art, it may push boundaries and is not for everyone. So let's stop…
31-12-2022 22:32
RT @ericareport: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to RESIGN. Reply with a ‘Yes’…
31-12-2022 22:31
RT @CultureCrave: Greta Thunberg is now the first woman in history to have multiple tweets with at least 3M likes Both tweets were for ro…
31-12-2022 22:29
@Sara_Carreon1 Bernie Mac
30-12-2022 19:07
RT @Martina: Shame on whoever this Julia is…
30-12-2022 19:07
@TweetsbyCoachP Dr. J
30-12-2022 19:05
RT @CoachMorong: The top trait we look for? Simple. The willingness to relentlessly compete. SO hard to find!
30-12-2022 07:29
RT @Martina: And this…
30-12-2022 07:29
RT @Martina: Once a prick…etc
29-12-2022 17:47
@TweetsbyCoachP @CoachHixonDimes @CoachKhalilS @_CoachKB @NAIAWomensHoops @CoachNoelroman @coach_clai Wish more coa…
29-12-2022 17:39
RT @TweetsbyCoachP: "When a player makes a mistake you always want to put them back in quickly. You just don't berate them and sit them dow…
29-12-2022 17:39
RT @gemsinthegym: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but some players aren’t good, they’re just tall! #gemsinthegym
29-12-2022 17:38
RT @I_write_maybe: @ArkayEsq @Jtothabo @KimberlyLaRussa You are welcome. When you read the totality of what these…
27-12-2022 23:38
RT @BLS_Athletics: Bova scores! Latin wins!
27-12-2022 23:27
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: Very impressive work for a team that continues to improve playing one of the most competitive schedules in the Northea…
25-12-2022 09:34
0 57933
RT @AllistairMcCaw: This is so heartwarming ❤️ Parents, teach your kid to have the character and compassion of the kid in blue 💙 https://t.…
25-12-2022 09:27
RT @ClassicJpow: Stefanie Dolson has outdone herself giving the women's basketball community and #WNBATwitter a perfect gift during the hol…
24-12-2022 04:28
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: The Saints are in Arizona for the Nike Tournament of Champions. First game today! ⏰ 6 pm (8 pm EST) 🆚 Lo-Ellen Park…
20-12-2022 00:57
0 15832
RT @ericareport: BREAKING: Congressman Hakeem Jeffries has asked FBI Director Chris Wray to open a Criminal Investigation into the Postmast…
19-12-2022 16:17
RT @SheyP11: I got cleared a month ago for court workouts and it’s been so therapeutic to pick up a ball again. Been working on range of mo…
18-12-2022 06:13
RT @coach_dub_cwc: I love educating people on the NJCAA 🏀💯 it’s an incredible organization that has received a bad reputation due to coachi…
18-12-2022 06:13
RT @SASRIAthletics: Boys’ prep had an exciting win over Navy Prep last night! The team was led by Greg Cantwell who had 20 points and drill…
18-12-2022 06:12
RT @ariivory: [THREAD] Sat down with the @wnba M'VP @_ajawilson22. "I know it was hard. I know it was those long, long nights of how we're…
17-12-2022 03:58
RT @NoLieWithBTC: Brittney Griner returns home to her wife Cherelle.
17-12-2022 03:54
0 15188
RT @AnnieLennox: I keep encountering these wonderful versions of “Sweet Dreams”. Here’s the latest discovery! You’re gonna LOVE these gorge…
17-12-2022 03:51
RT @SASRIAthletics: Boys’ JV wins game 1 with the Hale School 46-34
16-12-2022 03:34
0 11063
RT @JohnFetterman: Our nation’s minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is truly shitty. That’s the tweet.
16-12-2022 00:42
Claudine Gay Tapped to Lead Harvard, Will Be University's 1st President of Color
15-12-2022 23:59
RT @ericareport: BREAKING: Congresswoman Katie Porter is investigating Donald Trump in an alleged bribery scheme involving a developer who…
15-12-2022 21:44
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: Saints prep wins on the road 46-34 against a tough and gritty Winchendon team. Next up - NIKE Tournament of Champions…
15-12-2022 01:17
0 22416
RT @keyon: I’d join I’m sorry
14-12-2022 21:24
RT @SASRIAthletics: Congrats to our girls’ soccer players who earned post-season honors for their historic season! SENE Champions and NEPSA…
14-12-2022 07:17
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: Better late than never - check the highlights from last week’s 67-51 prep win over talented Busche Academy. Notable p…
14-12-2022 03:05
RT @1635Wrestling: Great first day: 3-0 w/ Ws over Quincy 48-28, Stoughton 51-12, and Bristol-CC 54-30 Thank you Coach Lane @qnq_wrestling…
12-12-2022 03:21
@BOSSportsGordo @tylermilliken_ That was probably the best moment of the Red Sox season last year🤣🤣🤣
11-12-2022 04:14
@TweetsbyCoachP Congratulations to you both!!!
11-12-2022 04:06
RT @BLS_Athletics: Boston Latin 57 Roxbury Prep 48 Sr captain Sam Griffin has a huge night with 31 points! Lot of guys making an impact in…
10-12-2022 21:57
@TheUncommitted0 Emelia O'Gilvie @EmOGilvie05 #5 5'8" PG Post Grad 4.2 G.P.A 2x National Honor Society member Te…
10-12-2022 02:36
RT @BornAKang: Natural selection comes through again
10-12-2022 02:22
RT @PalookesWorld: It’s almost like they staged this photo on purpose 😩😩
10-12-2022 02:22
RT @waccamatt: I've seen enough racist posts today to last a lifetime. Brittney deserves to be home on the merits of her own case with no r…
10-12-2022 02:19
RT @SheyP11: It’s sad to see how hateful and ignorant people have been over BG’s release today. But let me save y’all some time and unneces…
10-12-2022 02:19
@PalookesWorld She is such a shmuuuck😡😡😡
10-12-2022 02:19
RT @PalookesWorld: I meeeeaaan, was she ever really a democrat?
10-12-2022 02:18
RT @Martina: Vicky Harzler- GTFOOH!!! Crying because my family is equal to yours under the eyes of the law? Really? It matters to you wheth…
08-12-2022 22:35
RT @WBBWorldWide: Reminder to refrain from asking Brittney Griner about basketball. Matter of fact, don’t even ask her questions. Just tell…
08-12-2022 22:33
@BOSSportsGordo Then sell it already. Don't gut the team. I don't do team finance I just want to cheer for a great team win or lose.
08-12-2022 17:19
RT @HardwoodJungle: Praying BG gets all the help and resources she needs to heal from this whole ordeal. If you have a political opinion on…
08-12-2022 17:16
RT @sass3366: 🚨🚨When folks say President Biden cannot get it done, I want you to look at Brittney Griner on a plane ✈️ on her way home afte…
08-12-2022 16:18
0 68332
RT @POTUS: Moments ago I spoke to Brittney Griner. She is safe. She is on a plane. She is on her way home.
08-12-2022 16:16
I hate the Red Sox😡
08-12-2022 08:51
RT @BeckyBunzy: Ted Cruz staying in DC and not immediately going home to Texas to check on his daughter *who attempted suicide* is the most…
08-12-2022 08:21
RT @Martina: So why does he keep bragging? #loser #betamale
08-12-2022 08:16
RT @iamwandasykes: I bet they asked Herschel Walker if he was ready to make his concession speech, and he said, “Yes, two hot dogs please.”…
08-12-2022 08:12
RT @Martina: Black Americans in South Carolina gave us Joe Biden and black Americans in Georgia gave us Raphael Warnock. I want to thank yo…
08-12-2022 06:51
@SjamaanN So easy.
08-12-2022 06:50
@The9450 Start Miles, Bench Johnson. Cut Muhl
08-12-2022 06:49
RT @PalookesWorld: Now that we’ve averted a disaster in Georgia, at least for today, I want to go back to Alito joking about black kids wea…
08-12-2022 06:16
@SASRIAthletics @standrewsri Is the link active?
07-12-2022 23:06
RT @TwinViZuals: ⛹️‍♀️📍New England Girls Watchlist📍⛹️‍♀️ (50/50 players) Based on games we filmed during the off-season, here are some sop…
07-12-2022 17:34
RT @travisakers: VIDEO: Recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal refused to shake hands with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and G…
07-12-2022 06:20
RT @KatieHill4CA: The audacity of McConnell and especially McCarthy to even stand up there is just offensive. Good on these people for snub…
07-12-2022 06:19
RT @LakotaMan1: DC Police dissing McConnell and McCarthy is so fucking McAwesome.
07-12-2022 06:19
RT @RoseyTea4Me: Anyone in GA who wants to vilify women for having an abortion “because Jesus” but voted for a guy who paid for multiple ab…
07-12-2022 06:08
RT @onlylightboss: Waiting for Dekalb to enter the chat #GArunoff
07-12-2022 06:08
RT @cassandrahines: I need to know which one of you raggedy bitches voted for @HerschelWalker. #GArunoff
07-12-2022 06:06
RT @_Kelly_Nugent: I love you Dekalb County. 💙 #GArunoff
07-12-2022 06:04
07-12-2022 06:03
RT @clewisx5: I’m not too concerned that Raphael Warnock will maintain his seat. I’m overly concerned that almost 50% of the population of…
07-12-2022 06:02
07-12-2022 06:02
RT @gemsinthegym: Folks loud and ain’t done NOTHING, but mad at Prime for being LOUD, doing a whole lot, but not doing EVERYTHING he said o…
07-12-2022 06:01
RT @SASRIGirlsHoops: @SASRIAthletics @BuscheAcademy @AthleticsPsa @SASRIBoysHoops @Newman_Hoops
07-12-2022 05:59
RT @The617_: Marcus Smart AVAILABLE tonight vs. Toronto Raptors 👀
06-12-2022 04:43
RT @Coach1Nia: I should see no slander about him being a DOBO. Being a DOBO is not a job for the weak.
06-12-2022 04:42
RT @Martina: @RepTroyNehls Did you complain about trump kids? No? Then you know what to do…
06-12-2022 04:41
RT @CoachDMcCain: 2023 Recruits JUCO is a great platform for development. It’s hard to develop on the bench.
06-12-2022 04:40
@BOSSportsGordo This year was crap😡 No one here wants more of that. Spend the money and put a quality, competitive team on the field!
06-12-2022 04:36
RT @BOSSportsGordo: Chaim Bloom says the Red Sox want to add 7,8,9 players. If they want to do that while staying under the tax, we may see…
06-12-2022 04:35
RT @SASRIAthletics: Saints Boys’BBall results today vs @CATSBoston: 1. JV wins 54-33 2. Varsity loses 58-49 Go Saints!
06-12-2022 04:34
RT @coachraywitt: @TweetsbyCoachP 🎯See it regularly at High School & Collegiate levels. 11x World Champion Coach once said🤔…”No one plays t…
05-12-2022 23:01
RT @TweetsbyCoachP: It’s very disheartening to see Coaches pull players after making one mistake. I’ve never seen it help a player be more…
05-12-2022 23:01
RT @NCAADIII: HISTORY MADE. @uchicagoath's Julianne Sitch becomes the first woman to lead a men's soccer program to a national championshi…
04-12-2022 16:50
RT @BashHoopsNE: 😎Bash Favs: 🥶Winter SZN😎 Putnam Science 🆚 St. Andrews Fav players from todays game 👀😎 PSA: Ines Goryanova 🏆🪣 Kelian Ce…
04-12-2022 05:02
RT @BashHoopsNE: 🥶Putnam Science 🆚 St. Andrews🥶 Halftime PSA: 38 St. A’s: 19 PSA turns it up on D/ extends their lead to 19 heading into…
04-12-2022 05:00
RT @HardwoodJungle: Excuse the language but this is facts! Arguing with people that can’t/won’t read books is useless.
03-12-2022 23:48
RT @cruzstoleiowa: @TweetsbyCoachP The portal proves that point each year. Not necessarily D1/D2, but we see each year kids from the lower…
02-12-2022 20:20
RT @mmpadellan: Joe Manchin's bullshit is the PERFECT example of why we need Georgia to re-elect Raphael Warnock.
02-12-2022 20:17
RT @CoachMorong: It's always incredibly special when one of our players receives a full scholarship offer to play @ the next level! HOWEVER…
02-12-2022 20:15
RT @1percenthoops: Recruiting process is now in its Contact Period. Recruits can expect to see more college coaches getting on the road & c…
02-12-2022 03:32
RT @SASRIAthletics: Big weekend for ⁦@SASRIBoysHoops⁩ !!
02-12-2022 03:30
RT @HardwoodJungle: With so much talent in NE now, I believe this is going to be a historic season in the NEPSAC
02-12-2022 03:30
RT @mmpadellan: Why don't we have a law yet that prevents people who were impeached twice, refuse to show their tax returns, stole nuclear…
02-12-2022 00:10
RT @wutrain: Green Teamers 🏀💚
02-12-2022 00:10
RT @jemelehill: For all those who are saying it doesn’t make sense for the media to ask LeBron about this, keep in mind he grew up as a Cow…
02-12-2022 00:09
RT @mikekadlick: Week 13 is “My Cause, My Cleats” week in the NFL, and #Patriots RB Damien Harris will be supporting abortion rights with t…
02-12-2022 00:07
RT @BetteMidler: In addition, I have saved parks, built parks, cleaned parks, sent kids to schools, taught them how to play music, honored…
02-12-2022 00:06
RT @CoachMo_Boykins: Part of my team rules this year: Mental Health Absences. I give each player 2 mental health days. They just call in an…
02-12-2022 00:06
RT @RealMrJuco: Celtics coach Joe Mazzula interviewed about what it's like coaching with the Royal Family sitting courtside. "The only Roya…
01-12-2022 06:59
@FGomezIII @davenewworld_2 Hated scrooge mcduck.
30-11-2022 16:53
RT @FGomezIII: @davenewworld_2 This is the good ol’ USA. Where the dollar is worshiped more than any religious entity. Greed is good and a…
30-11-2022 16:52
@UOrangemen Do not put your hands on my child in that manner. Hand on shoulder no squeezing, two hands on face not…
30-11-2022 16:47
RT @allisonbsmith15: Friends and colleagues: I have students interested in working primarily for internships for women’s sports leagues and…
30-11-2022 16:42
RT @mmpadellan: GREAT NEWS: They've washed the nightmarish Melania stank off of Christmas at the White House. BEAUTIFUL.…
30-11-2022 16:40
@UOrangemen Yeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!
30-11-2022 16:38
@waccamatt @UCLAWBB Stanford will be a tough out for the Pac 12. Battle worth watching.
30-11-2022 16:35