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RT @FabrizioRomano: Official: Antonio Conte and Tottenham part ways by mutual consent — he’s no longer the coach 🚨⚪️ #THFC Following the d…
27-03-2023 00:42
RT @maniitsunamii: finna steal y’all pics and send emmm to nggas for money thenks
27-03-2023 00:11
RT @sweetbabykam: trained her so well https://t.co/ktPHB8KLTv
27-03-2023 00:07
RT @__citgo: Probably the hardest adult shit I’ve ever seen
26-03-2023 23:35
RT @galactamelanin: https://t.co/DsZHW22FtR
26-03-2023 23:31
RT @SportsCenter: LeBron will come off the bench today for the first time since Dec. 11, 2007 😳 It's only his second time coming off the b…
26-03-2023 23:30
RT @Lakers: Officially Official https://t.co/JhClyC0eGZ
26-03-2023 22:11
RT @gyaigyimii: Ronaldo just scored the most beautiful tap in I have ever seen! The greatest ever 🥹🥹 3 goals in 2 games in the Euro’s quali…
26-03-2023 22:10
RT @hazfcb_: 10 years at Man City yet he’s so much more attached to Barcelona after playing just 4 games💀
26-03-2023 21:54
RT @wojespn: LeBron James is expected to test his foot pregame to see if he can make his return today, source says.
26-03-2023 19:26
RT @hashjenni: I’m forever IoyaI to that password i chose at age 12.
26-03-2023 18:58
RT @ManagingBarca: 🚨🏟️ Fans at the Camp Nou are chanting ‘Messi, Messi’ right now at the Kings League Cup Final — the stadium is entirely f…
26-03-2023 18:51
RT @UltraDBZfan: Kobe never forgot about that line too. Back during the 2016 NBA All Star introductions, he was the only player to not dap…
26-03-2023 18:47
RT @_B___S: This woman adopted this 20-year-old cat from a shelter because she didn't want him to spend the end of his life alone in a cage…
26-03-2023 18:45
RT @ESPNUK: Ben Foster was buzzing with his return to Wrexham 🧤 https://t.co/0E17bk6lS4
26-03-2023 18:44
RT @BarcaUniversal: Barcelona are top of the league in men's football, women's football, basketball, handball, and hockey. https://t.co/TK3…
26-03-2023 18:44
RT @BarcaUniversal: Barcelona Femení have won all of their league matches this season. https://t.co/6jnL1ztuYi
26-03-2023 18:37
RT @maverickhurt: I love how everyone is laughing, no one threatening to kill anyone 🙂
26-03-2023 18:36
RT @_slimarella_: nobody will convince me love is supposed to be hard and come with unnecessary hurt. i’m not sacrificing my happiness just…
26-03-2023 18:35
RT @Jag_ubani: All I see is extra 100% volume
26-03-2023 18:35
RT @nicolenicky444: fr cus y’all keep forgetting that y’all tweet this every week
26-03-2023 18:34
RT @Loccdawggg: She become so available and friendly
26-03-2023 18:29
RT @big_business_: Niggas leaked 29 gigs worth of footages Carti ever filmed https://t.co/hv3KadY8KM
26-03-2023 18:26
RT @goal: The WSL title race is wide open 🍿 https://t.co/5HcDcnKU4W
26-03-2023 18:25
RT @ESPNFC: Earlier this week, Rasmus Højlund scored a hat trick in his first Denmark start. Today, he's already bagged a brace. Remember…
26-03-2023 18:25
RT @Shatera_: That man was so unserious 😭 this takes me out every time https://t.co/fdOagsTXI7
26-03-2023 16:52
RT @LeanandCuisine: This the angel that appear on 50 cents left shoulder when he make decisions
26-03-2023 16:50
RT @WarriorNationCP: Gary Payton II will make his season debut for the Warriors on Sunday against the Timberwolves Young Glove is back 👀 h…
26-03-2023 16:45
RT @invis4yo: he’s for the streets ☹️ https://t.co/eaBh6EoE6D
26-03-2023 16:44
RT @iMiaSamMia: Kahn: "All three of us have something in common: we all have a failed marriage behind us. We don't understand women, but we…
26-03-2023 16:44
RT @1richcinco: me with the “i just got a lot goin on rn” line https://t.co/lXXcZnpGa7
26-03-2023 16:34
RT @feyiszn: The first born daughterr is always the female version of her father
26-03-2023 16:33
RT @FCBarcelona: Work on the pitch 🌱 https://t.co/150jQZdmBo
26-03-2023 16:25
RT @NealGardner_: Dunno about y’all, but I’d sign Amrabat purely for the prospect of seeing him and Gavi in the same XI… dropping bodies le…
26-03-2023 16:23
RT @Barca19stats: The results of Real Madrid Femeni in El Coasico since their creation: Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Lo…
26-03-2023 15:49
RT @innytrimm: i just made this nigga confess some shit that i made up in my head bro
26-03-2023 15:49
RT @ESPNFC: Morocco have now beaten Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Brazil in the last few months 👏 All of those sides are currently in the t…
26-03-2023 15:49
RT @ESPNFC: Barcelona Femení are dominating 👏 https://t.co/PvKsW86FFh
26-03-2023 15:46
RT @albert12798: she’s the best 🥰 https://t.co/eCJt5I0uXL
26-03-2023 15:40
RT @FCBarcelona: 💪 Som-hi, Ousmane! 💙❤️ https://t.co/D8hqJhPuhb
26-03-2023 13:15
RT @julietbawuah: 🇲🇦Morocco sending a message across the continent. “Morocco is leading African football” You can’t even fault them😭 #…
26-03-2023 13:14
RT @NealGardner_: Umtiti’s had a good loan stint, and I’m happy for him, but let’s calm down on the rumours linking him to Barça - it’s a c…
26-03-2023 13:14
RT @kwadwosheldon: We come reach Accra like 7:30.. ebe now my PA get wanna things.. Mo saa Passion Air fo) no di3, we go meet again https:/…
26-03-2023 12:54
RT @BleacherReport: Blazers are "leaning toward shutting down" Damian Lillard for the remainder of the season, per @ShamsCharania Lillard…
26-03-2023 12:53
RT @InternetH0F: uh https://t.co/K0yxK4WNj8
26-03-2023 12:50
RT @kwadwosheldon: Sing for Nananom
26-03-2023 12:48
RT @ESPNNBA: Lakers play the Bulls back-to-back starting Sunday 🍿 (via @jovanbuha) https://t.co/SIrgcAyU1v
26-03-2023 12:44
RT @NBA: The West standings right now 🤯 - 1 game separates #7 seed from #11 seed - #4, #5, #6 seeds all have 39 wins 📲 https://t.co/02ml5…
26-03-2023 12:42
RT @ManagingBarca: 🚨🚨| BREAKING: FC Barcelona are preparing an official report, claiming to count the league title won by the club in 1937!…
26-03-2023 12:42
RT @777jorgeivan: She blocked me on everything, now what.. https://t.co/qgK3X5ErRb
26-03-2023 12:42
RT @thatboygood_: That check bouta have hella commas
26-03-2023 12:37
RT @brfootball: St. Louis City in their inaugural MLS season: ▪️ Only team left with a perfect record (5-0-0) ▪️ First expansion side to w…
26-03-2023 12:22
RT @albert12798: i’m not hungry today https://t.co/VWlsbo76fr
26-03-2023 12:22
RT @realmadriden: 🇭🇷 1-1 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳 ©️ @lukamodric10 🏆 EURO 2024 Qualifiers | Group D https://t.co/mDh4TOjtjs
26-03-2023 12:21
RT @BleacherReport: Joker vs. Greek Freak tonight 👀 Nikola Jokic: 31 PTS, 6 REB, 11 AST Giannis: 31 PTS, 9 REB, 4 STL West's No. 1 Nugget…
26-03-2023 12:21
RT @Vhoyde: My Uber driver took an odd route to my destination and I was relaxed knowing that I'd beat his ass if anything funny happened.…
26-03-2023 12:20
RT @AbjaFCB: Respect is earned, not given. https://t.co/09C8ANBajZ
26-03-2023 12:19
RT @ESPNNBA: The Play-In race 👀👀👀 https://t.co/q6UJ4iscfA
26-03-2023 12:18
RT @SnowfallFX: Nothin’ short of one of the realest OGs in the game. 🙏🏾 #SnowfallFX https://t.co/Z7YaWsRxuj
26-03-2023 05:49
RT @Rochelle__Meyer: Don’t you guys get tired of being losers.
26-03-2023 05:47
RT @Qatari: You don't like me and don't trust my news.. it's your right… But don't cry in my account 24 hours
26-03-2023 05:46
RT @brfootball: Morocco continue to make history and get their first-ever win over Brazil after defeating them 2-1 🇲🇦 https://t.co/XbkRWnIe…
26-03-2023 05:40
RT @brfootball: 32-year-old Joselu made his Spain debut in the 81st minute against Norway. Four minutes later and he scored his first two…
26-03-2023 03:01
RT @NealGardner_: Balde with his first national team assist, eh? Many more to come!
26-03-2023 03:01
RT @ESPNFC: Argentina have renamed their training facility after Lionel Messi 🐐 📸: leomessi/IG https://t.co/tyMjZ4LClh
26-03-2023 03:01
RT @ESPNFC: Spain win their first match with Luis de la Fuente as manager 🇪🇸 The new era is off to a strong start 👏 https://t.co/evpvUGoBK7
26-03-2023 03:00
RT @ItalianFiesta: Put quotations around every word and say Virgil made em before he died
25-03-2023 23:05
RT @BarcaTimes: Full Time: Czech Republic 3-1 Poland 🇨🇿🇵🇱 • Robert Lewandowski played 90 minutes. #CZEPOL https://t.co/LcAtv4Oa7p
25-03-2023 23:04
RT @UTDTrey: The new penalty rule is stupid but the fact I know it’ll be affecting this Mf the most makes it better https://t.co/lfTcyPytI0
25-03-2023 23:03
RT @NealGardner_: Given the context, what constitutes a good FC Barcelona season for you? The domestic double, La Liga or is it already a f…
25-03-2023 23:00
RT @couldbeusgoaIs: could be us https://t.co/aM2IZdzq75
25-03-2023 23:00
RT @goal: Barcelona beat Real Madrid twice in six days 😎 https://t.co/3TLudCUC5a
25-03-2023 22:59
RT @ESPNFC: 22 years in the blue and yellow for Zlatan 👏 Eternal ♾️ https://t.co/24FSXUpxiI
25-03-2023 22:58
RT @jacksaint101: Y’all still don’t wanna believe me.. cause why? They Finna wake up one day & look back cringing asking themselves why did…
25-03-2023 21:09
RT @gabsique95: we don’t care anymore https://t.co/p5TWxVe0Ob
25-03-2023 21:08
RT @albert12798: NOOOOOOOOO https://t.co/4Pl1ov3YSX
25-03-2023 21:07
RT @XileniaM: Sza was right, the only one holding you down, is gonna be you ALWAYS. Learn to love being on ur own
25-03-2023 21:06
RT @hazfcb_: Record breaker Koeman is back. Never forget reading “Barca have lost against (random relegation club) for the first time since…
25-03-2023 20:58
RT @TrollFootball: Me this weekend when there's no club football https://t.co/MvkdJY7Fsk
25-03-2023 20:55
RT @SaddickAdams: One thing remains a fact. We don’t lack quality footballers. We lack basic facilities such as pitches. The poor playing…
25-03-2023 20:53
RT @GhostFreeOr1056: PPP, I really wish I would’ve applied.
25-03-2023 20:52
RT @ESPNFC: If Bayern Munich beat Man City and Chelsea beat Real Madrid, Thomas Tuchel will face his former club in the UCL semifinals 👀 ht…
25-03-2023 20:50
RT @chideraobii: 👉🏽🧔🏽‍♂️ https://t.co/cRmofZu5Vs
25-03-2023 18:51
RT @ivyluvyo: Delete the contact. Delete the chat. Delete the pictures. Move on. It never happened.
25-03-2023 18:50
RT @carolinespencer: He has gone to collect his money from all the barber shops that use his photos
25-03-2023 18:43
RT @NealGardner_: Ronald Koeman is NOT a good manager, that’s about the gist of it. And the fact that he holds no accountability, makes it…
25-03-2023 18:38
RT @ESPNFC: The whole France team went to congratulate Mike Maignan at full time after his clean sheet and penalty save 💙 https://t.co/agax…
25-03-2023 18:38
RT @254_iconiccc: This thing is the fastest way to your death. My colleague has, this morning, been electrocuted to death while in a shower…
25-03-2023 18:38
RT @ChelseaFC: Reece James has withdrawn from the England squad and will not feature against Ukraine on Sunday. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 The full-back has…
25-03-2023 18:37
RT @FCBfemeni: 𝘜𝘯 𝘥𝘪𝘢 𝘥𝘦... #ElClásico @Allianz_es 💙❤️ https://t.co/q0zrvUMh6q
25-03-2023 12:58
RT @FCBAlbiceleste: Streets will never forget Herve Renard. After his Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina in the first match, while the whole w…
25-03-2023 12:57
RT @ManagingBarca: 🚨 Ronaldinho: “It would be logical for Leo Messi to return to FC Barcelona, after this history that he made and the year…
25-03-2023 12:55
RT @loweminuh: Last and furious deserved all the smoke she got
25-03-2023 12:55
RT @ESPNUK: Which 🐐 is the better free kick taker? https://t.co/aZN7UW6DCN
25-03-2023 12:54
RT @Squawka: The Netherlands last 21 games: 𝗼𝘂𝗶𝘀 𝘃𝗮𝗻 𝗚𝗮𝗮 DWWWWDWWDWWDWWWWDWWD 𝗥𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗱 𝗞𝗼𝗲𝗺𝗮𝗻 L The unbeaten streak is over. https://t.co/…
25-03-2023 12:54
RT @kiracantmizz: me regaining consciousness after an hour because i clicked on an Instagram reel by accident https://t.co/NQxJP6ythK
25-03-2023 12:53
RT @SnowfallFX: Times are changin', and the risks of the game are more crucial than ever. #SnowfallFX https://t.co/8briWMh9G6
25-03-2023 12:43
RT @SaddickAdams: Danlad Ibrahim really deserves a proper consideration going forward. Really does.
25-03-2023 12:36
RT @SportsCenter: [email protected] in the house for Lakers-Thunder 👋 🎵 https://t.co/MbQQOO98nJ
25-03-2023 12:12
RT @Napoleonismo: He can statpad as many goals as he wants against Greta Thunberg, nobody is going to forget his hall of shame performance…
25-03-2023 12:10
RT @Abduls_31: Please 🙏🏽 https://t.co/IrK3U6QB4a
25-03-2023 12:09
RT @fauxfresh: “We out here man, just split the Red Sea for the gang”
25-03-2023 09:37
RT @UTDTrey: Lmao when last was this guy good https://t.co/1E6MgzegSA
25-03-2023 04:12
RT @FabrizioRomano: Excl: Newcastle are in advanced talks to appoint Manchester United’s Head of Young Recruitment David Harrison as new He…
25-03-2023 04:07
RT @brfootball: Netherlands conceding three times in 21 minutes in their first game since the World Cup 🫠 https://t.co/QtPR9WXron
25-03-2023 03:51
RT @brfootball: Romelu Lukaku hadn't scored for Belgium since October 2021 coming into their game against Sweden. Now he's got a hat tric…
25-03-2023 03:50
RT @Joshua_Ubeku: The ladder! 🫶 https://t.co/nbbiycpjgK
25-03-2023 03:47
RT @FabrizioRomano: Bayern director Salihamidzić explains why they fired Nagelsmann 🔴👇🏻 “After thorough analysis of the sporting developme…
25-03-2023 03:46
RT @ESPNFC: Kylian Mbappe makes it 4-0 against Netherlands after a brilliant finish. France are a problem 😳 https://t.co/jHILLd2bZU
25-03-2023 03:46
RT @ESPNFC: Not a dream start to the Koeman era 🥲 (h/t @TheEuropeanLad) https://t.co/ZHTB5J5QDX
25-03-2023 03:39
RT @FCBayernEN: Thomas Tuchel will receive a contract until 30th June 2025 and will supervise squad training for the first time on Monday.…
25-03-2023 03:39
RT @brfootball: Julian Nagelsmann’s record as Bayern coach: 84 games: 60 W, 14 D, 10 L 71.4% win percentage 1 Bundesliga title 2 German Su…
25-03-2023 03:38
RT @ManagingBarca: 🚨 Pedri: “Moving to the Premier League in the future? I hope to stay in Barcelona for many more years but nothing can be…
25-03-2023 03:37
RT @ESPNFC: Kylian Mbappé has now scored more goals for France than Karim Benzema. He's still only 24 years old ... 😳 https://t.co/rq2m84r…
25-03-2023 03:36
RT @FabrizioRomano: Why Nagelsmann sacked? 🔴👇🏻 Oliver Kahn: “Quality of our squad has shown less & less often. Since January we played les…
25-03-2023 03:36
RT @Opresii: Naaa Nigeria are so useless… With all these World Class players?😭
24-03-2023 19:36
RT @FCBarcelona: Nobody said it better than Johan Cruyff. https://t.co/tI7ASUqwfx
24-03-2023 19:31
RT @BlxckSuperman: He had 0 business going this hard https://t.co/qxhBCrq8bD
24-03-2023 19:27
RT @ESPNNBA: Sabonis is on pace to do something only Wilt Chamberlain has done 😳 (h/t @FCartoscelli3) https://t.co/JClMOD1Iwg
24-03-2023 19:26
RT @BarcaTimes: 📸 | A different view of Asensio's goal which was ruled out. #fcblive https://t.co/Zmb4mguWYl
24-03-2023 19:18
RT @tree_no_branch: Unpopular opinion: I wish we could go back to that lmao, I had a blast.
24-03-2023 18:43
RT @Jadayshaaa: Being broke.
24-03-2023 18:42
RT @Joshua_Ubeku: It was worth staying awake. 🤝🐐 https://t.co/J3lsAWiQZV
24-03-2023 18:42
RT @FabrizioRomano: 🚨 Thomas Tuchel will receive contracts in the next hours to sign as new Bayern coach — contract will be valid until Jun…
24-03-2023 18:41
RT @ishowspeedsui: so good https://t.co/Qva8YEa6By
24-03-2023 18:35
RT @phaariqshow: I ain’t interested in shit but personal development.
24-03-2023 18:18
RT @goal: GOATs still smashing it 🔥 https://t.co/04010eB3BC
24-03-2023 16:49
RT @FCBarcelona: Forever present. https://t.co/mFZsxLcEC8
24-03-2023 14:20
RT @_RodT: I don’t think we appreciate how great of an actor this man has been on #Snowfallfx https://t.co/G3wYSucFpz
24-03-2023 14:18
RT @the_marcoli_boy: "If you don't take your books serious, you might end up in UPSA" https://t.co/J9AC5CyUlH
24-03-2023 14:13
RT @FCBarcelona_es: 🫶 https://t.co/0rdd93R0aZ
24-03-2023 14:12
RT @ESPNFC: Thiago Messi eyeing up his own World Cup 👀🏆 https://t.co/ekD46Fjnzw
24-03-2023 14:07
RT @NealGardner_: France vs Netherlands, tonight… I’m officially calling on the higher powers to protect Koundé. That’s the only way.
24-03-2023 13:06
RT @SportsCenter: COLD BLOODED 🥶 ZAGS KEEP DANCING‼️ https://t.co/u5Ev9L42Zq
24-03-2023 13:06
RT @goal: THE GREATEST 👑 https://t.co/ikaSvZ7Yma
24-03-2023 13:01
RT @roastmalone_: excited for the sun but then I remembered we’re approaching “railed in a sundress” tweet season https://t.co/YYzlhQ1V8w
24-03-2023 12:04
RT @1lonerlifestyle: They either the most down to earth shorty you ever met or completely deranged it’s no in between lol
24-03-2023 12:01
RT @Joshua_Ubeku: Messi scored a stunning free-kick and just raised his hands to celebrate with a smile. The other guy was brought down wit…
24-03-2023 12:01
RT @TheEuropeanLad: Lionel Messi should have genuinely scored 3 incredible free kicks this game, denied by the woodwork twice. Best free k…
24-03-2023 12:01
RT @piersmorgan: The 🐐 does it again. Sensational free-kick for his 2nd goal of the night. ⁦@Cristiano⁩ 👌 https://t.co/4rJ1Bmh52s
24-03-2023 12:00
RT @breathMessi21: Leo Messi finally scores a free kick after hitting woodwork twice in the same match, he could have a hattrick scored wit…
24-03-2023 12:00
RT @ManagingBarca: 🚨🚨✅| BREAKING: FC Barcelona plans to NOT go to Montjuïc next season & continue to play at the Spotify Camp Nou. @Gol htt…
24-03-2023 11:58
RT @NealGardner_: So… Christensen’s injured, Pedri’s relapsed and there’s no sign of Dembélé, either. Why don’t we ever get to enjoy the go…
24-03-2023 11:58
RT @Troll_Fotballl: Imagine being the most capped International Player of All Time with 0 International POTT and 0 World Cup knockout goal…
24-03-2023 11:55
RT @SportsCenter: This oop from Markquis Nowell was tough 🔥 https://t.co/JEwqP10XAm
24-03-2023 11:54
RT @brfootball: Pure happiness 😄 https://t.co/y1ZpnpXCEm
24-03-2023 11:54
RT @AbjaFCB: Messi will lose possession and the rest of the team will immediately start pressing while he just casually walks away😂 Messi’…
24-03-2023 11:54
RT @aguerosergiokun: 800 goles para Lionel Messi 🇦🇷😅
24-03-2023 11:54
RT @Gunnersc0m: UEFA have opened an investigation into allegations that Barcelona paid £6.5m to a senior former referee over 17 years. Barc…
24-03-2023 11:54
RT @BarcaUniversal: Image: Leo Messi getting emotional during the national anthem, ahead of the match against Panama. https://t.co/m1DweY73…
24-03-2023 11:54
RT @NealGardner_: I hate Bayern, man. Might as well announce Nagelsmann as Madrid’s new manager right now.
24-03-2023 11:53
RT @ManagingBarca: There is only one player in history who can score 800 career goals without being a striker. Lionel Andres Messi. https:/…
24-03-2023 11:51
RT @UTDTrey: One scores a free kick then the other scores one like 3 hours later, shit like this is why the GOAT debate is so tight lmao😭
24-03-2023 11:51
RT @DamsonIdris: Everyday of my life I am blessed🎶 @bustle 📸: Ackime Snow https://t.co/PKsMkCmjYo
24-03-2023 11:50
RT @brfootball: Messi's 800th career goal comes as a free kick in his first game with Argentina as World Cup champions. Perfect. (via @T…
24-03-2023 11:44
RT @RoyIsThaTruth: Facts https://t.co/zsUTJu2dkr
24-03-2023 11:44
RT @SnowfallFX: Ladies and gentlemen, DeVaughn Nixon. 🙌🏾 #SnowfallFX
24-03-2023 11:44
RT @gyaigyimii: Madrid should wait till we sack Potter then they can have him.
24-03-2023 11:44
RT @brfootball: That look 😍 https://t.co/i25qmjURCc
24-03-2023 11:44
RT @TheEuropeanLad: 📸 - The entire stadium, teammates & staff is bowing down to Messi as he touches the World Cup. https://t.co/41L27kRgLs
24-03-2023 11:43
RT @NBAMemes: Never forget when Victor Oladipo fumbled the bag https://t.co/ez390P0Fo1
24-03-2023 11:43
RT @KDTrey5: That was a legendary display of controlling a basketball game Markquis. GG’s
24-03-2023 11:43
RT @AbjaFCB: Messi’s friendlies are harder than Ronaldo’s competitive matches, why is Panama playing like it’s the world cup final?😭
24-03-2023 11:43
RT @ManagingBarca: 🚨🚨✅| CONFIRMED: Leo Messi will LEAVE PSG this summer. He will NOT renew his contract. @PolloVignolo [🎖️] https://t.co/X3…
24-03-2023 11:10
RT @brfootball: Each Argentina player got their own replica World Cup 🏆 https://t.co/aco30Eawp8
24-03-2023 11:08
RT @brfootball: Leo Messi took in the national anthem with his sons on the pitch 🤗 https://t.co/iDQZBPP9yn
24-03-2023 11:00
24-03-2023 11:00
RT @FabrizioRomano: Joao Cancelo: "I've only found out now, I know I won't find Nagelsmann when I return to Munich - he wanted me to Bayern…
24-03-2023 10:59
RT @JonnyGabriel: https://t.co/SRltEWxZ7S
24-03-2023 10:58
RT @ESPNFC: 𝘖𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘢 𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘭𝘺... 😮 https://t.co/czf3xRqTFC
24-03-2023 10:56
RT @KingJames: There wasn’t an evaluation today and there hasn’t been any target date for my return. I’m just working around the clock, eve…
24-03-2023 10:56
RT @BarcaWorldwide: Bro said put your world cup on the table😭 https://t.co/VxacWBbDa1
24-03-2023 01:22
RT @FabrizioRomano: 🚨 Exclusive news confirmed: Julian Nagelsmann is set to be sacked with an immediate effect as FC Bayern coach. #FCBayer…
24-03-2023 01:21
RT @brfootball: BREAKING: Bayern fire Julian Nagelsmann as head coach, reports @BILD_Sport https://t.co/Lhfaf95WRK
24-03-2023 01:18
RT @gyaigyimii: Tomorrow we dey go watch John Wick for @SilverbirdGhana. 😂See u there. https://t.co/Oue3oketrj
24-03-2023 00:42
RT @433: One of the coldest penalties ever 🥶 https://t.co/cIKpRjJbIA
24-03-2023 00:41
RT @433: 🚨 BREAKING: BAYERN HAVE SACKED JULIAN NAGELSMANN 😱 (via @FabrizioRomano) https://t.co/PsWnWEX2xZ
24-03-2023 00:28
RT @breathMessi21: Emi Martinez: “i saw Messi crying next to the cup on the plane” https://t.co/buisOMNh9p
24-03-2023 00:03
RT @AluChokoe: A number of tertiary institutions will open applications for the 2024 Academic year on the 1st of April.
24-03-2023 00:02
RT @BleacherReport: Darvin knows he can rely on AD 😅 https://t.co/9awPIkIvSW
24-03-2023 00:00
RT @AbjaFCB: Messi really said:😭 https://t.co/g5hNZoL5Eo
24-03-2023 00:00
RT @Troll_Fotballl: 🇦🇷FIFA Ranking of Messi's opponent tonight (friendly game) - 61 🇵🇹FIFA Ranking of Ronaldo's opponent tonight (competit…
23-03-2023 23:59
RT @ChelseaFC: Some of our March best bits, a thread: 🖼
23-03-2023 23:59
RT @FIFAWorldCup: Today, a nation gets to celebrate its heroes 🇦🇷 🏆  #FIFAWorldCup | @argentina https://t.co/kWvS93RKsF
23-03-2023 23:59
RT @ssevvnn: a lil girl gave me this note while i was at the asian buffet with these brows lol https://t.co/kHETsSbi4v
23-03-2023 23:58
23-03-2023 23:58
23-03-2023 23:58
RT @ESPNNBA: The Suns had 20 free throws compared to the Lakers’ 46. https://t.co/AqVvmBwUT2
23-03-2023 23:51
RT @brfootball: When Wayne Rooney became England's record goalscorer back in 2015, Harry Kane was the first to celebrate with him. Eight y…
23-03-2023 23:51
RT @nocontextfooty: https://t.co/zmOaCQWAoP
23-03-2023 23:50
RT @jeremyb___: “Titi wo ne MJ mony3 tes3 mohw3 tv no na mentwa mo picture bi seesei aa”
23-03-2023 23:48
RT @SportsCenter: The last time UCLA and Gonzaga faced off in the men’s NCAA tournament, Jalen Suggs hit this ICONIC buzzer-beater in the 2…
23-03-2023 23:46
RT @ESPNNBA: Safe to say it worked 😅 https://t.co/cvkZbyMXpd
23-03-2023 23:46
RT @brfootball: Another record for Cristiano Ronaldo 😤 https://t.co/0luRoGcFQV
23-03-2023 23:46
RT @TifeAdebayor_: Retweet if you believe. https://t.co/xwwO3FptTL
23-03-2023 23:44
RT @KayPoissonOne: If them born Inaki williams in Accra nka by this time ode Adinkra pie di Trotro akyi w) circle. With his speed )b3 hunu…
23-03-2023 22:16
RT @Joshua_Ubeku: Two trophies away...🫶 https://t.co/o3T3rV19oA
23-03-2023 22:15