Nyana Nashiruddin, S.Pt (@nyana_pt) — I hate sec refs. #woopig #whodat
RT @FyreCatPickles: @dailyrebranded All of this is to d!e for omg They are so precious - Each one has so much character and we know Sora is…
29-11-2022 05:45
RT @poeticore: music really is the main thing that keeps me alive
29-11-2022 05:44
RT @xxMonolith: i've been adding to my witch house playlist since 2013. 11hrs of music. doing some major refinement to it now: https://t.co…
29-11-2022 05:44
RT @th3m1lesm0rales: @MidoriAnzai I did see the documentary Vice put out. It was unsettling. There is a lot of wonderful works or art in an…
29-11-2022 04:12
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29-11-2022 00:31
RT @Is_omarrr: @annguzmanv @luispablooo16 @didierriveras @sebs2903 @JesusMiguel_EJ Awww, Ella siempre tan especial🥺❤️❤️❤️
29-11-2022 00:31
RT @PINKU8405032106: Geraldine Perkin Renata Petty #NBA #足球 https://t.co/QuWejNMxEf
29-11-2022 00:18
RT @guirou10detours: @skweektv @EuroLeague @NBA Beaubois ?
29-11-2022 00:17
RT @spheresonline: Canada is betting big on immigration to fill gaps left by its ageing workforce. Follow us for more immigration news, ar…
29-11-2022 00:17
RT @CroTeam17: @EmRiekki @Cybrid101 Oh aww, you got heartbroken by @Cybrid101, man, i that surely is cruel of him @EmRiekki 🫠🥺
28-11-2022 21:40
RT @bangtanluvr__: I’ll miss South Korea vs ghana match💔 I HOPE SK WINS THO I WOULD LOVE TO SEE BTS HAPPY
28-11-2022 19:17
RT @vrilock: The enemy of the free people of earth has used the opposite frequencies to Dr. Emoto's intentions, and in everything you know…
28-11-2022 19:17
RT @DeesusSZN: @Baeine1 aww🙈🙈🙈
28-11-2022 19:17
RT @TalkStoryPodHI: Another example of gaming friendships being more den just da games! The Oahu crew finally got to meet @BL1NDG1ANT808 &…
28-11-2022 18:20
RT @Mark_J_Boyle: Stat of the night…LAC C Ivica Zubac falls one rebound shy of a 30 point, 30 rebound game. There have been 150 such games…
28-11-2022 18:20
RT @womenof_web3: 3. Musicians are notoriously underpaid by streaming platforms such as @Spotify and @Apple Music. - Leveraging Web3 techno…
28-11-2022 16:01
RT @doingmyownnails: @iSee_PW @MuellerSheWrote The GA repub bunch designed it this way. They think long lines in predominantly Black distri…
28-11-2022 16:00
28-11-2022 16:00
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28-11-2022 16:00
RT @mooonsyart: @butch_mothman i'll force you to listen to latina moms' music
28-11-2022 07:57
RT @InConSiderAteAH: @Rap Can't argue when all of it is trash. Maybe when he actually writes his shit I will change my mind. Before anybo…
28-11-2022 07:57
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28-11-2022 04:20
RT @nabelsyh86: Naik travel nyetel koplo" new palapa, sagita, scorpio. It likes get back into 2018 vibes
27-11-2022 18:15
RT @1Awww_bot: ストーブの周りには男しかいない。
27-11-2022 18:15
RT @Marthadmah: @JoshuaOgbeiwi4 Aww
27-11-2022 18:14
RT @PaikraSanu: #अनुसूचित_क्षेत्र_मांगे_स्थानीय_आरक्षण @rashtrapatibhvn @PMOIndia @RajCMO @RahulGandhi @GovernorCG @bhupeshbaghel @INCIn…
27-11-2022 13:32
RT @jilly_jazz69: I was like aww
27-11-2022 13:31
RT @airplanealerts: Yesterday's #Flight Stats from LaGuardia #airport #Delays - 19 #Cancellations - 1 Total Flights - 349 #Travel #Ne…
27-11-2022 13:31
RT @katiemorgan35: [NBA] DAL @ TOR, Final : 100 : 105 https://t.co/gQLzu3LtFD awesome win @Raptors
27-11-2022 13:30
RT @Root25257968: Japanese crowd clean The stadium after watching the football world cup match It's not unusual or they did because they w…
25-11-2022 23:05
RT @ConsumerFrank: #Travel #Holidays #Trains How I love #traintravel across #Europe, cross-border and domestic, so modern, relatively che…
25-11-2022 23:05
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25-11-2022 23:04
RT @MrRichardsLSP: Sport schedule 28 Nov - 2 Dec We are waiting to confirm a few other fixtures. We will let you know if and when they ar…
25-11-2022 23:03
RT @GTsportsPH: One month into the NBA season, who's your frontrunner for MVP?
25-11-2022 23:03
RT @LisaNEdwards: @ScootsatWhidbey aww thank you! And me for you too!
25-11-2022 10:13
RT @ScotlandsLand: The Scottish Photography Experience #tourist #tours #photography #travel #Scotland #Outlander Glasgow Edinburgh Photog…
25-11-2022 10:13
RT @sun_na_so2: The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (Official Music Video) https://t.co/KlHBy3C80o @YouTubeより
25-11-2022 01:55
RT @justano23327712: In This Family Svg, We Love One Another, We Count Our Blessings, We Do Second Chances, We Always Tell The Truth, We Ar…
25-11-2022 01:55
RT @oathmiIk: @osnapitskatie_ thank you katie!!!!!!! love you right back 💗💐
25-11-2022 01:54
RT @chips_no_dip_: Happy Turkey day everyone! 🦃 enjoy your family & friends, eat well and stay safe! 🖤 #HappyThanksgiving2022 #happyturkey…
25-11-2022 01:53
RT @ileazenovia: Wild to think that your dick is getting hard right now #nsfwtwtًً
25-11-2022 01:53
RT @lifewitniytweet: might fuck around and bring me left over thanksgiving food to school Monday 😂😂💯
25-11-2022 01:29
RT @Blacksk97689284: @Sid_Seixeiro Always played soccer in school, great sport great exercise great fun. Played in a mens beer league for a…
25-11-2022 01:28
RT @dukhmagnet: i will never forgive y'all for what you did to ayesha erotica because her music fucking SLAPS 😫😫😫
25-11-2022 01:28
RT @ChrisNick017_YT: @ScodreyS @YvonneZeng6 Awww it's so adorable!!!
25-11-2022 01:28
RT @closewcherese: Which of these day trips from Lima, #Peru, interests you most? #travel https://t.co/aj5GXxS5YU https://t.co/Z6epfZR92M
24-11-2022 22:28
RT @artist_emily: @ShakeyJimbles Aww I love it!!!
24-11-2022 22:27
RT @_gudtype_: @astronodd @daunketumbarr @tanyakanrl Awww
24-11-2022 22:20
RT @smita_muk: #RichaChadha ka kya hashr hoga kya pata, suitcase ya fridge? Bechari POK wapis India mei aa jaye ye dekh bhi payegi ya nahi.…
24-11-2022 22:19
RT @KeyWestExpress: 9 Most Instagram Worthy Places in Key West https://t.co/AmnJGUntVy. . . #keywest #keywestflorida #florida #hurricaneian…
24-11-2022 22:19
RT @oekoinstitut: (3) Und: Wir entwickeln für die @EURO2024 Abfallkonzepte im Auftrag des @BMUV. Laufende Diskussionen um die #WM2022 zeige…
24-11-2022 22:18
RT @bikingboomer: @WalesOnline Football is a worldwide sport. That should be reflected in its supporters.
24-11-2022 21:59
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24-11-2022 21:58
RT @chandy_5: Everybody is watching/ following #FIFAWorldCup. Germany faced a loss with Japan. But what was more commendable for Japan is…
24-11-2022 21:58
RT @CheckMeCrypto: Tripura Teen ‘kills’ Self With Gun, Leaves 9-yr-old Sister Injured | Agartala News – Times of India https://t.co/KbmQHG0…
24-11-2022 21:57
RT @JustFightingGGs: Just Fighting #Games 🔴▶⏸ NOV 23 https://t.co/rssPYWYCRQ via @FacebookWatch
24-11-2022 19:46
RT @Mohamma51004142: @RAVINDE64883161 @ShamikaRavi How have you not heard about the scandal of the 2002 World Cup? Go search on google or w…
24-11-2022 17:47
RT @taebystars: love my jinnie so much
24-11-2022 17:47
RT @KryntNBA: @KOT4Q NBA players acting as heroes in their teams community. For me, I see Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown and others doing chari…
24-11-2022 17:46
RT @GaryWol11239198: @adamcarolla Is Jimmy k coming over with girls on trampoline playing as background music...
24-11-2022 17:45
RT @offbeatorbit: Well, our whirlwind wedding made it to Vogue, lads 🥲 https://t.co/88BectfJpm
24-11-2022 15:11
RT @Tharris29: Chapter Two: Exploring Lisbon https://t.co/Q33CPHoMjZ #FreeStyleTravel #Travel #Traveling
24-11-2022 15:10
RT @Achiruetal: @LennonRook Aww that sucks https://t.co/XmPox7dtek
24-11-2022 15:10
RT @ebitari24: @Kirls_graphics Awwwn I've missed you too dear
24-11-2022 15:10
RT @Puanani322: @steelercam Awww that will be nice!! Yes you know it! I’m ready.. I can’t wait to eat tomorrow!
24-11-2022 08:59
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24-11-2022 08:58
RT @chigrl: A new source of Russian crude has emerged for India - the West Arctic Ocean This new activity has only been seen this year and…
24-11-2022 08:58
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24-11-2022 08:57
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24-11-2022 04:59
RT @xazzonozzax: @Nibi_NpyZs You do incredible work!! I love supporting you! Thank you very much for all you do!
24-11-2022 03:33
RT @dawnchats: @alwaysblabbing1 @TheToyInsider Awww so cute! #LeapIntoWinter AD
24-11-2022 03:32
RT @r_prior: For Hawaii folks -- and those staying up late on the mainland -- I'm slated to talk about "The Long Haul" at 10pm (3am ET) via…
24-11-2022 01:22
RT @fekadutefera941: 22 . 语嫣 Company is better than detail than love. #杭州线下 #杭州 https://t.co/jt19PRBxd2
23-11-2022 23:55
RT @YFemalerap: Nba Twitter will forever be corny and most of y’all just slow and be saying dumb shit
23-11-2022 20:36
RT @sergekasabian: バンバン、ルバッバ、ランバン、ブー [EXCITE musicより]
23-11-2022 20:36
RT @purevacationstz: Known for its charming and picturesque capital, as well as for its fabulous beaches, Portugal surprises surfers with w…
23-11-2022 20:36
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23-11-2022 17:40
RT @gandyosa1: Food Court date with our favorite food court finds - Frankie’s chicken, kimchi soup, and our favorite Thai Tea from Cha Tra…
23-11-2022 17:39
RT @KayceeMahlangu: 11: Blacklist some materials/associates you think could threaten the sanity of your child (this includes music, movies…
23-11-2022 17:38
RT @menbongastro: @srhslx Awww tyyyy
23-11-2022 16:14
RT @_KAVIIX_: @sen_via AWW Thank you so much for coming!! I'm filled with happiness right now eheh it was so fun! 💚💚☀️
23-11-2022 16:12
RT @RadicalRakesh: Say to yourself often - I love you @radicalrakesh #love #loveyourself #selflove #you @ Delhi, India https://t.co/8NGKm1…
23-11-2022 16:11
RT @gaytivee: i’m sorry i keep oscillating between talking about Dan and TO Dan. I’ve been in a brain fog for idk how many hours without sl…
23-11-2022 16:09
RT @Monique_scufo: @BrePWBZ @MassStatePolice @wbz Aww love it! Thank you @MassStatePolice that is the holiday spirit!
23-11-2022 16:07
RT @Korea_Friend_UK: Anti-imperialist class education carried out in Kaesong City https://t.co/Mz3tSze8dR
23-11-2022 12:13
RT @ZedJadeJonny: @PhiIium Awww ❤️ you're enough for me broski 😀
23-11-2022 12:13
RT @andromedical: https://t.co/09RkIOlHkB #love #photooftheday #art #beautiful #photograph #cute #nature #summer #me #beauty #smile #f…
23-11-2022 12:12
RT @tinybutsosassy: @0hhtaylor People are assuming he means romantic love. He never said boyfriend, boo, or anything of the sort.
23-11-2022 07:53
RT @FargoBdwySquare: The Broadway Square Tree Lighting and Rink Opening is launching us into the holiday season TONIGHT from 5:30-9:00 pm!🎄…
23-11-2022 07:51
RT @BrendaJ76834492: Love without end hath no end #苏州 #苏州线下 https://t.co/IUjrZcx6O9
23-11-2022 01:17
RT @iamniaqeeti: @love8makes Lo siento amiga, su infelicidad es mi felicidad... 🙃
23-11-2022 01:17
RT @oderang: @yhent_korea anything but tiktok please
23-11-2022 00:16
RT @NMoffittDem: @OlgaNYC1211 The Russian Federation is the North Korea of Eurasia. @StateDept @NATO
22-11-2022 22:17
RT @knMnu7NSrFUI3R4: @To_Know_Japan 中国の方はお食事でもてなすのが最高の歓迎だそう。 皮も短い綿棒を巧みに捌きあっという間に何枚も。 中の餡もエビやホタテやさざまな味で本当に美味しいですよ。 韓国のオモニが作るキムチは絶品ですね。 足…
22-11-2022 22:17
RT @Larryfever28: @Louis_Tomlinson AWW MY BABY IS HAPPY I LOVE IT
22-11-2022 22:16
RT @Batula___: @johnjhybo7 @SaheedOlabisi4 @Georgebest52 @Redfairylee Aww Go get a life👍😂 Sadist
22-11-2022 18:17
RT @MaryKeiser1: “I love the silent hour of night, For blissful dreams may then arise, Revealing to my charmed sight What may not bless my…
22-11-2022 18:16
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22-11-2022 18:15
RT @leesalouise11: @NFL @JimmyG_10 @nflmx @espn I’m calling bullshit. Plain and simple. Nothing against any other country. I love to travel…
22-11-2022 17:04
RT @DecafFate: @flowersforsouls Awww stop you’re too sweet 🥺❤️
22-11-2022 17:03
RT @lgale85: 体育 #竞彩 #足球 #篮球 NBA CBA 𝐢𝐧 𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫, 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐉𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐓𝐚𝐫’𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠 https://t.co/mVPgS5fOhE
22-11-2022 17:03
RT @JackMontilva: @AlexBelmontFans @Alexbelmont96 Uaoooo alex i want to feel your beard too my love
22-11-2022 15:47
RT @dayhikingtrails: Follow planning list when hiking with kids #hiking #travel #wanderlust https://t.co/lDwBAAO6Kg https://t.co/lKDXxuA…
22-11-2022 15:46
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22-11-2022 15:45
RT @sunnyside4728: @Lotusflowerbun @rizzyvoe @JaysRealityBlog And? It’s a storyline and Wendy filmed with him herself, it’s their job to ar…
22-11-2022 15:45
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22-11-2022 13:48
RT @BillieStarkz: Ventured out and made it to Mr. Dangers yesterday. Everyone is right, the steak melts in your mouth🤌🏼 🤌🏼 🤌🏼 https://t.co/…
22-11-2022 13:48
RT @DrEvaBernat: @JamieSale I'm in disbelief how the WHO acknowledged fact that these jabs don't stop transmission hasn't reached everyone…
22-11-2022 13:47
RT @Juanitao1999: le maillot recalé par la #FIFA c'est la mention #love qui poserait problème me suis promis de rester poli aujourd'hui et…
22-11-2022 13:46
RT @ElectroguyT: @Caecae_nsfw Just stack 2 pillows
22-11-2022 07:16
RT @SnakeNBakeJake: Imagine saving up for four years to go to the World Cup. Once in a lifetime chance. A childhood dream come true. Travel…
22-11-2022 07:15
RT @UbuConAsia: #Workshop registration for #UbuconAsia now available! See our website for details. https://t.co/XhXcLdEImz
22-11-2022 07:15
RT @WkDAIRY71: @NFLFantasy I need time travel to become both possible and affordable in time for me to bench Nick Chubb and disregard that…
22-11-2022 07:14
RT @virgoghoulette: @2manybabygirls It def is a Remus and Romulus reference and while most might not see it as NSFW I like to cover my base…
22-11-2022 07:12
RT @Ccy_Lion: Love should be your safe haven, not another battlefield to fight on. The world is hard enough already. #love #relationship…
22-11-2022 07:12
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22-11-2022 07:11
RT @PiKitsune: Ok I may or may not pin this because I really really love the art I have pinned currently BUT I figure it's about time I tel…
22-11-2022 07:10
RT @yomivorpae: @aFletcherism Awww <3
22-11-2022 06:19
RT @CentralRadioDAB: Sad news from M6 accident on Saturday. READ MORE: https://t.co/Tbnef7zmPd #Lancashire #News #Travel #Fylde
22-11-2022 06:18
RT @missjansevilla: Hi blogger and travel friends👋🏼 Looking to connect and get myself acquainted with @Visit_CostaRica. Turning a lifelon…
22-11-2022 02:29
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21-11-2022 23:26
RT @vickers_and: https://t.co/BJWanbJz32 This is a great opportunity to experience the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo March 19-23 in Denver…
21-11-2022 23:25
RT @p1suke_suke: 渡邉雄太がすごすぎるww NBAであそこまで活躍できてKDから気に入れられてまじですごすぎるww 今3P確率リーグ1位だしほんとえぐすぎるw
21-11-2022 19:28
RT @Nickzrulez: Awww it has come to an end, altho it was short. I am happy that Pete & Vegas found their way self back. Can’t wait for next…
21-11-2022 16:15
RT @cathy34865087: 面包鸡🐔 超级嫩的小春鸡 强烈安利~~ https://t.co/OJ0nHXSqXm
21-11-2022 16:15
RT @WollyYoshi: @Yoshi_Snowsky @LemmyKirby Awww👀
21-11-2022 14:45
RT @HourlyChongling: I love onions! I've tried cutting them dozens of ways, and they still make me cry... No matter, I still love them!
21-11-2022 05:21
RT @ScallyNancy: Africa has almost no COVID! They take HCQ weekly to protect against malaria - and it also prevents COVID! Vitamin D and…
21-11-2022 02:15
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RT @PuroresuFlow: KAIRI has won! Congrats on being the 1st ever IWGP Women’s Champion. https://t.co/uSZbCcEvwj
21-11-2022 02:14
RT @_AelieKorea: @capwoncb97 Oui volontiers ❤️☺️
21-11-2022 02:14
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21-11-2022 00:50
RT @fspnAfrica: 👉 Involve children in #food production processes and environment care as they grow. This will help them understand their in…
21-11-2022 00:49
RT @DJ_Spellbladez: @bl00bxrry Awww- *mwah* I love you too hun!
20-11-2022 19:49
RT @Sayravem: @Pufferfish420 @ArmaAlpina @MattPPea @JuliaSolonchuk @Juliasolonchuk2 I will post pics of cat food, i have sent @JuliaSolonch…
20-11-2022 19:49
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20-11-2022 19:48
RT @RaySm1th_: @DemonMantisLord …I can’t see-hold on-*a third eye appears on his forehead* oh ok-so that’s the plug. It’s what gives the re…
20-11-2022 19:48
RT @unstable_bitcch: HAHAHAHHA aww mga di sanay sa suot, pero todo support ung iba sakin, belat HAHAH
20-11-2022 17:41
RT @ManojRa22325528: @BPPDELNP @ArvindKejriwal @AmitShahOffice @PMOIndia @INCIndia अपुन सरकार में मंत्री हैं। सुविधाएं हमें नहीं मिलेगी तो…
20-11-2022 17:40
RT @vivienokoroafor: @seyedele ...endeavour avoid or minimally consuming food of very high carbs with no other essential vits, such as rice…
20-11-2022 17:40
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20-11-2022 08:53
RT @PolBegov: NRJ Music Awards 2022 : Angèle sacrée artiste féminine francophone de l'année https://t.co/clHevrUyYv - editor/source : Belga…
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20-11-2022 03:45
RT @fxxkdabordr: @mirscore NO LITERALLY like i still get shit for liking alois trancy as if i havent been obsessed with him since i was 11?…
19-11-2022 22:26
RT @ShiaLaBarner: @onlytonynguyen Yea y’all are good at multiple sports, which is why it’s pathetic that y’all don’t show up for any of the…
19-11-2022 22:26
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19-11-2022 17:03
RT @prettyven0mm_: The beginning of FaceThe Music sounds like since you been gone by Kelly Clarkson Seriously go listen to it and sing “g…
19-11-2022 14:33
RT @colonialwarior1: @jdsgolf @kylenabecker @AOC Awww C’mon man at least he didn’t scam the taxpayers for years and millions trying to fin…
19-11-2022 14:33
RT @raincoons: I was just trying to look at Bob Velseb fanart and all I see is porn and nsfw of him.......😧 /notneg
19-11-2022 14:32
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19-11-2022 13:05
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19-11-2022 10:20
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18-11-2022 12:37
RT @aRCcar5: What are the dopest NBA jersey ever? https://t.co/wtUCxkQBGn
18-11-2022 12:36
RT @Guttergore1: @moerexic Awww thank you !
18-11-2022 12:17
RT @Dino_theDyno: @4everfootball3 Blows my mind that people pay for that. Like literally, what a terrible terrible food.
18-11-2022 12:17
RT @TheParkwayWpg: We are so excited for our tenants to enjoy our newly renovated Link Lounge! For more information about The Parkway Ret…
18-11-2022 12:15
RT @ChristopherTH4: @1GarethWynJones @BillGates He's buying up land with stolen US cash laundered in Ukraine and leaving it lay idle to red…
18-11-2022 12:15
RT @ThaStrangeDr: The Smashing Pumpkins - Rhinoceros (Official Music Video) https://t.co/ggOP296FFf via @YouTube
18-11-2022 08:28
RT @RobertsAsylum: I especially thank you for Rania. I thank you that she’s always there by my side, she supports me in my time of need and…
18-11-2022 08:28
RT @cupidmau: retweeting this here too :3 I'll reupload my nsfw on my inkblot soonish!
18-11-2022 08:15
RT @josiebert6: @SafadoAussie21 @MattSlapper @newscomauHQ i always cared. I get bronchitis for weeks after getting a cold or flu. And every…
18-11-2022 08:14
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18-11-2022 06:45
RT @aww9__: @9had_eer سلامتك
17-11-2022 21:07
RT @BlakeCanRead: @sumnlikamazin @Exquisite_M3 That’s crazy, I thought everybody was a sweet peas fan. Certain foods they compliment perfec…
17-11-2022 13:52
RT @GossainAmit: The Government of India has been taking strong and effective steps towards making India self-reliant - Atmanirbhar Bharat.
17-11-2022 13:52
RT @Sportify07: @CricSubhayan @RevSportz Finally we will india playing with seven bowling options tomorrow 😥
17-11-2022 13:51
RT @shoeehead: suggestive stuff like r-pe, p-dophelia, pro shipping, and so one make me so uncomfortable and its wrong. idc its consensual…
17-11-2022 13:50
RT @layanis11: @marce71_scl Awww yo no he podido descansar por q je estado con ene cosas 😪 ganas de estar acostada pero no he podido como p…
17-11-2022 12:06
RT @THEcdalton: @poloconghaile @BrittanyFerries No ability for foot passengers to travel with pets. Sticking with Irish Ferries out of nece…
17-11-2022 12:05
RT @pretty_Amara7: @hidetski awww!! i would love to get to know you !! :DD
17-11-2022 12:05
RT @_Kycchee: Lrt some of the gayest shit I've ever seen, and I've seen gay ass people. (very NSFW!!)
17-11-2022 08:22
RT @samgoose: @ValaAfshar or Travel Deep within
17-11-2022 08:22
RT @DiaadKorea: @min_ju10 美容整形ならなんでもお聞きください!
16-11-2022 17:27
RT @NraD72KoM081roz: @SaudiNT @ssc_sports الله يستر من الاصابات في ملعب ملز.
16-11-2022 17:26
RT @GoodwillMel: @literatura_rte @JaroslavH I fell in love with Atkinson Grimshaw when I was a child in Leeds. Leeds Art Gallery had a pain…
16-11-2022 16:53
RT @samanthalui_: "There is a revolution of girl groups...they have been breaking the formulations that were usef in the past." Kim names K…
16-11-2022 16:52
RT @cbird_rabble: @caeseria_nsfw Suffering for your craft 🕯️
16-11-2022 16:51
RT @chotosama: I can't handle all this NSFW content being rt and liked by mutuals. Finna just follow aljazeera and CNN
16-11-2022 16:51
RT @duckyandere: @rlycalm lol i love seeing his employees insult him basically to his face cause you just know he looks at every tweet tha…
16-11-2022 13:45
RT @ripgalwhims: I love them I miss them
16-11-2022 13:45
RT @222sally: @CooknColorado I will take moved to Russia or North Korea.
16-11-2022 13:45
RT @MikeDoylePhotos: Late summer landscape in northern Sicily. #Sicily #Sicilia #Italy #Italia #landscape #landscapephotography #travel #t…
15-11-2022 16:22
RT @JuntOnDemEspRep: @anadeaustria_ Ya no usa pimienta? Qué decepción, la India estará en crisis
15-11-2022 16:21