Olayiwola Omolade (@nigeriaeagleeye)
RT @sammyofem: @SaharaReporters 💔💔😣 https://t.co/AGmlyEIlmy
27-03-2023 00:46
RT @Chigozieialex: Oga has sneaked out of the country to see BAT, disguised on a wheelchair 😂 Nigerians out an eagle eye on your chief jus…
25-03-2023 21:44
RT @EkenjokuP: @General_Oluchi @DavidHundeyin CJN in the mud… Obi petition is a wind that has blown, all the whole fowl nyash for Nigeria d…
25-03-2023 21:23
RT @SolomonNonso3: @Chief_Ajiji It's just like cut off grades to enter d university. Required minimum is at least 6credit in all subject in…
23-03-2023 13:15
RT @DeleFarotimi: Daddy GOs, Pastors, how were the elections in your areas? Dear Imams and Alfas, I hope you are able to testify to what yo…
23-03-2023 12:38
RT @MzMonaliza: @Chinonso_Iyi @InibeheEffiong @realFFK @SaharaReporters @PremiumTimesng @thecableng @vanguardngrnews @fisayosoyombo @instab…
23-03-2023 12:37
RT @chekxfundz: @Emeneks Although the enemy is strong but some people don't know who is Okwute. E even be like say Datti rugged pass Obi fo…
23-03-2023 12:28
@OwieDestiny2 @Orji_Okosisi1 did you get where she said he be my boy tapping her chest?
23-03-2023 12:22
RT @Orji_Okosisi1: This APC member had just admitted that election results had already been written & uploaded to d INEC’s servers before d…
23-03-2023 12:19
@ayurexars @McPilot7 @GRVlagos dare your governor to try it. just once is ok, forget 199
23-03-2023 00:08
RT @GRVlagos: Elections are not war. Governance should be about protecting not shedding the blood of those you are meant to serve. I’ve s…
23-03-2023 00:02
@myk3gbe75 @Chuksojimba3 @AreaFada1 so if a thief comes to your residence and steals, it is safe to say God allowed… https://t.co/fZUhXBNj8O
22-03-2023 23:23
RT @GazetteNGR: U.S. condemns APC-led suppression of Igbo voters in Lagos; announces fresh visa bans on culprits https://t.co/xdE9tWbzKB
22-03-2023 16:25
RT @USinNigeria: The United States is deeply troubled by the disturbing acts of violent voter intimidation and suppression that took place…
22-03-2023 15:24
RT @SaharaReporters: What APC Government Did To Igbo In Lagos Shows Tinubu Will Rule Nigeria Like Germany's Adolf Hitler – Atiku Abubakar |…
21-03-2023 08:10
RT @Feyisparkles: Congratulations to everyone who started this tribal war because it is beyond twitter now. I am inside Lagos island market…
21-03-2023 08:10
RT @Princeujay: This INEC official came with a written result filled with APC. The criminality and rascality APC want to continue for the…
20-03-2023 09:54
@jidesanwoolu You are even bringing in your Wife and children into this. Just imagine that. This is a tweet without ironu to jinle
20-03-2023 09:44
@Nwachuk61292602 @jidesanwoolu on point
20-03-2023 09:42
@jidesanwoolu Shame will not allow a man to look at Violence that happened under his watch because it favours him.… https://t.co/8g9R1thZcs
20-03-2023 09:40
@SEzekwesili @jidesanwoolu if you are certain of a well deserved victory, I dare you to do this. If you do and yo… https://t.co/pXpXVVdttO
20-03-2023 09:26
@SEzekwesili @jidesanwoolu this is your mandate. Sir, if you have just a little conscience and confidence, you wil… https://t.co/7mmm8FrbIr
20-03-2023 09:23
RT @SEzekwesili: Thugacity https://t.co/ZntAjzPS2i
20-03-2023 09:19
@itzkaycee See transformation of Lagos state Billions of IGR. Yeye. Olorun ma da ejo gbogbo yin ti e nje ni ibi madaru.
20-03-2023 09:18
@HakeemAleshinl1 @JohnFanimokun You're so dull. You are under slavery and you need liberation.
20-03-2023 09:15
@SirMcAwesome247 @JohnFanimokun This is Lagos man!
20-03-2023 09:14
@MELanin_2020 @JohnFanimokun It is Lagos
20-03-2023 09:13
@tewwyskii @ErnestFc4 @Dachez20D @wisdom_ebuka93 @InibeheEffiong you're the foolish one here. He presented an objec… https://t.co/QbDOClo5Kf
20-03-2023 09:03
RT @nellycent011: @greenpurplerave @inecnigeria @GRVlagos @GRVLagosMedia @JosephOnuorah @BishopPOEvang @magnificdude @akintollgate @falzthe…
20-03-2023 08:48
@greenpurplerave @inecnigeria @GRVlagos @GRVLagosMedia @JosephOnuorah @BishopPOEvang @magnificdude @akintollgate… https://t.co/tf10UvlzDn
20-03-2023 08:47
RT @greenpurplerave: Watch @inecnigeria official Rec in ogudu//ojota local collation Center Kosofe,insist we must sign even Rejected the re…
20-03-2023 08:47
RT @Spotlight_Abby: So the plan was to relocate all polling units out of gated estates so that their thugs could have unhindered access. J…
20-03-2023 08:45
RT @offor2000: Lagos State election Report from CNN. If the outcome of this entire 2023 election stands? The anarchy that will ensue wi…
20-03-2023 08:45
RT @ayemojubar: Peaceful Protest vs Election Monitoring. https://t.co/YaQ48e0dHs
20-03-2023 08:42
@princetb50 @KadunaResident His myopic mind won't allow him to comprehend. He is a member of the evil dreaded sect called APC
20-03-2023 08:15
@Ayowole @princetb50 @KadunaResident you don't need to glorify him with a response. Whatever you say cannot be unde… https://t.co/0PVCiXK7G2
20-03-2023 08:14
@princetb50 @KadunaResident o go gan
20-03-2023 08:11
RT @KadunaResident: If the Nigerian Police arrested MC Oluomo before the elections. It will have passed a strong message to his boys and th…
20-03-2023 08:10
RT @AishaYesufu: For those of you still doubting, hope you now know the perpetrators of violence during #EndSARS . They again unleashed the…
20-03-2023 08:09
RT @switcandyyy: Do we even appreciate this good man called rufai enough? This man practically puts his career, life&everything about him…
20-03-2023 01:03
@PIDOMNIGERIA the figures will be mamipulated
20-03-2023 00:59
RT @otkingsnathan: The most corrupt man in Africa. Like if you disagree. Retweet if you agree . . . . . #casted #INECElectionResult GBADEB…
20-03-2023 00:54
RT @InibeheEffiong: By the way, since Igbos in Lagos have no right to vote their preferred candidate as postulated by many bigots here, wil…
20-03-2023 00:53
RT @ruffydfire: Stockholm syndrome is a proposed condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors.
20-03-2023 00:52
RT @abati1990: [PRESS STATEMENT] Lagos State Afenifere, calls for the cancellation & re-run of Governorship & State Assembly Elections htt…
20-03-2023 00:31
RT @IniobongEyoUdoh: @inecnigeria https://t.co/8AJToUoNbw
20-03-2023 00:27
RT @kingsleynovich: BVN - Biometrics Immigration - Biometrics Drivers license - Biometrics NIN - Biometrics INEC registration - Biometric…
19-03-2023 23:50
RT @JeffreyGuterman: To @POTUS and @SecBlinken: You got it so wrong when @StateDeptSpox congratulated Tinubu for Nigeria's presidential ele…
19-03-2023 23:35
RT @PIDOMNIGERIA: All the men for this polling unit, really fall my hand. Just imagine. Just 2 people come scatter a whole polling unit wit…
19-03-2023 07:41
RT @Floydmax11: Free and fair election to APC 🇳🇬 https://t.co/3cK4Higvsi
19-03-2023 07:40
@Ketura16647548 @ruffydfire Shame. It will turn on your head. Evil mind
19-03-2023 07:38
@ruffydfire We will surely overcome tyranny and suppression.
19-03-2023 07:37
@ruffydfire God bless you.
19-03-2023 07:37
RT @ruffydfire: I will keep speaking up wether they like it or not.Our crew has finally been released!
19-03-2023 07:36
RT @PIDOMNIGERIA: There was no single Fulani herdsmen attack today. There was no single Boko Haram insurgent attack, today. Election took p…
19-03-2023 07:36
RT @BishopPOEvang: Buhari Failed Us APC Failed Us INEC Failed Us DEMOCRACY Failed Us Nigerian Police Failed Us There Was a Country Nig…
19-03-2023 07:34
RT @DablinJessica: I am at ejigbo colluction center ejigbo. If anything happens to me pls hold inec responsible https://t.co/BgLzLeTNPJ
19-03-2023 07:31
RT @dj_switchaholic: I am really sorry to my Igbo brothers and sisters! Truly. You are not the only tribe in the SW but how you’ve all been…
19-03-2023 07:30
RT @PIDOMNIGERIA: Make una help me beg @PoliceNG & @OfficialDSSNG. I no dey do internship. I no dey recruit my team for twitter. Abi una wo…
19-03-2023 07:28
RT @Mumchomzy: Pls tag me to a trusted LP member dat can upload d original results to @inecnigeria server cos something is seriously going…
19-03-2023 01:20
RT @Jack_ng01: This is Labour Party agent for Ward E Ikeja that was brutalized by APC agent We pray she does not sustain internal injuries…
19-03-2023 01:18
RT @BishopPOEvang: This a sad day! GRV am sorry pls, I tried, my wife&son! Isele 1 polling station 24-12-01-026. I was accredited b4 they c…
18-03-2023 19:45
@ruffydfire If he has conscience he would reject it. And probably would have spoken out. His silence means he is… https://t.co/lggs20oEcp
18-03-2023 19:38
RT @ruffydfire: Hahahah Some we will call this the people’s mandate too ooo.Hahahahah I no fit laugh!
18-03-2023 19:36
RT @ruffydfire: I said this yesterday and it happened today! https://t.co/cehTfOT4pN
18-03-2023 19:28
RT @IkukuomaC: Ikorodu Lagos is under siege and complete eyesore APC thugs are sending IGBOs away from the polling units @PoliceNG @HQNig…
18-03-2023 19:26
RT @ruffydfire: https://t.co/1hYKmwMFgJ
18-03-2023 19:26
RT @chude__: What is happening in Lagos State is not an election but a terror attack. #NigeriaDecides2023
18-03-2023 19:24
@IkukuomaC shame shame shame!!! @ineclagos @inecnigeria
18-03-2023 19:24
RT @IkukuomaC: Voters got to their polling units in Ago palace(an LP stronghold) and the INEC OFFICIAL present told them voting will not be…
18-03-2023 19:23
RT @chude__: APC thugs currently going around shooting, intimidating opposition voters in shogunle area of Lagos state today. Call off the…
18-03-2023 19:21
RT @FS_Yusuf_: No one will be left out!!!! https://t.co/vf7lQ8XUDi
18-03-2023 19:20
RT @PrinceNEnwerem: We were voting peacefully until the INEC polling officers suddenly told us that we can’t vote anymore that the server i…
18-03-2023 19:19
RT @OjiUgo_nwa: I’m really traumatized 😭😭😭, right in front of police men, these APC thugs were throwing bottles at us and chanting here no…
18-03-2023 19:14
RT @AfamDeluxo: An Igboman, Mr. Simon Maduekwe aged 68 has allegedly been murdered by Bola Tinubu thugs in Lagos. I hope the influencers an…
18-03-2023 19:14
RT @Spotlight_Abby: Bolarinwa Iyanuoluwa was beaten and asked to go and vote in Anambra, because she looks Igbo. #LagosDecides2023 #Nigeria…
18-03-2023 19:14
@realFFK Sir, is all happening today the grace of God? Angels are ready to arrange you.
18-03-2023 19:12
RT @first_ofhiskind: @PIDOMNIGERIA Almost every info I have seen on your platform is always spot on. But somehow I wonder why the relevant…
18-03-2023 19:09
@PIDOMNIGERIA Agbero is Lagos state state police
18-03-2023 19:07
RT @omoelerinjare: This woman on white cap is one of APC thuggs, she just goes to polling unit to scatter results when she notices LP is wi…
18-03-2023 19:06
RT @Thony_CAE: @firstladyship I can confirm he’s dead. He’s my uncle. I was with them at the hospital when he was pronounced dead and body…
18-03-2023 19:03
RT @firstladyship: Mr Simon Maduekwe is dead (allegedly). Age: 68. Polling Unit: 024. 11 Fatomi Crescent, Off Bajulaiye Compound, Somolu. T…
18-03-2023 19:03
RT @Ice_tweetz: Voters picked up the ballot papers destroyed, dried it and will count it. Ajeromi Ifelodun area of Lagos State #ElectionR…
18-03-2023 18:38
RT @GuardianNigeria: From Ogudu, in Lagos, comes this video showing some party faithful threatening voters at a polling unit not to vote fo…
18-03-2023 18:38
RT @emekaijenhi: See Clean Results from some Eti-Osa LGA PUs, INEC if you like go and doctor the results - na your way! PU51 | LP 40 | APC…
18-03-2023 18:37
RT @vanguardngrnews: Thugs set ballot paper on fire in Lagos Thugs have set ballot papers on fire at Tedi, Ojo in Lagos State on Saturday.…
18-03-2023 18:36
RT @NigeriainfoFM: A middle-aged man narrowly escaped death this afternoon after he was beaten at his polling unit at Ikota primary school.…
18-03-2023 18:35
@PulseNigeria247 @OfficialWaje @ineclagos @inecnigeria @jidesanwoolu @OfficialAPCNg here is a message for you. Watch and be blessed.
18-03-2023 18:33
RT @PulseNigeria247: "INEC you guys are evil" - Singer @OfficialWaje calls out INEC after they moved her polling unit to a rural area #202…
18-03-2023 18:29
RT @Nkemchor_: Situation Report Ikorodu Lagos state Injured Poling unit agent says no Election was held in ikorodu. Voters were beaten up…
18-03-2023 18:26
RT @PIDOMNIGERIA: Arise TV crew were attacked at Elegushi Palace. Drone and camara seized, while the camara man, and correspondent were bru…
18-03-2023 18:23
RT @AishaYesufu: They are complicit
18-03-2023 18:23
RT @diisa2002: We just lost an Obidient in Lagos. Mr Simon Maduekwe, Age: 68 Polling Unit: 024, Bajulaiye Compound, SOMOLU Address: 11 Fat…
18-03-2023 18:21
RT @BishopPOEvang: What manner of lawless country is this?! My cousin went to his PU 012 at Owodunni St, Onipanu this morning and was atta…
18-03-2023 18:18
RT @SamzyVG: @ruffydfire Opeyemi Adenihun of Arise TV has been Brutally Attacked and assaulted The Crew has been Held hostage too! RT f…
18-03-2023 18:18
@Nkemchor_ @jidesanwoolu @OfficialAPCNg @inecnigeria @ineclagos There is an eye watching you.
18-03-2023 18:16
RT @Nkemchor_: Situation Report Mushin Lagos state APC thugs beating a man up for voting Labour Party 😡😡😡 https://t.co/z77PjryPgr
18-03-2023 18:15
RT @InibeheEffiong: It will take decades and generations to fix the damage that the APC has done to this country. What’s happening in Lago…
18-03-2023 18:14
RT @redcap_blondie: Thugs attacking voters, hitting an innocent defenceless lady. This is not it. Smh #GRV4Lagos| #Thugs| #Falz| Agberos A…
18-03-2023 18:14
@Paul3XL Mr @jidesanwoolu congrats. God is watching you
18-03-2023 18:14
RT @Paul3XL: Special Thanks to Apc thugs for breaking my dads head and taking his phone https://t.co/l9iJ3WeJZa
18-03-2023 18:13
RT @odiahkoncept: The dude told the Inec staff not to accredit me that I won’t vote and before I knew it I was flogged out. The army/polic…
18-03-2023 18:11
RT @dammiedammie35: This one tried to steal the ballot box, Werey😡 !! https://t.co/eFWwk6ONHp
18-03-2023 18:09
RT @HenshawKate: https://t.co/7220ALNZ3W
18-03-2023 18:07
RT @iamchrisani: Please a Facebook post Anyone in alimosho please https://t.co/RFT6ZeDmvn
18-03-2023 18:07
RT @UnlimitedEniola: Government Policy does not support anyone in Nigeria- Voter He said ask me the day I will leave this country, not wh…
18-03-2023 18:06
RT @TheRealAdeoba: https://t.co/xbFDoKkrsy
18-03-2023 18:04
RT @TheRealAdeoba: https://t.co/CZeeVpWYyD
18-03-2023 18:04
@TheRealAdeoba @LP_SituationRm @inecnigeria @NigeriainfoFM @PoliceNG @GRVlagos @HenshawKate @jidesanwoolu to resume… https://t.co/PcCNRzaija
18-03-2023 18:03
RT @TheRealAdeoba: Polling unit 007 ajah ilaje... INEC officials came and left after getting a call. And the LP agent was assaulted. Till n…
18-03-2023 18:01
@obidientsgot @ARISEtv @OjyOkpe @GRVlagos @PoliceNG @OfficialDSSNG @chude__ @JaypeeGeneral @PeterObi @inecnigeria… https://t.co/X7h3Wo6Co4
18-03-2023 18:00
18-03-2023 17:59
RT @_SirWilliam_: The South East and South South needs to have a serious discussion about our own safety in Nigeria. Lagos is not safe any…
18-03-2023 17:57
@talent_undergee @elonchorch Should thugs be allowed at all? Please let's build a sane nation. We owe the coming generations a good legacy.
18-03-2023 17:54
@talent_undergee @elonchorch it does not matter. What matters is it shouldn't have happened. There have been threa… https://t.co/mRLHOZ6Zit
18-03-2023 17:53
@elonchorch @jidesanwoolu @ineclagos @abati1990 @inecnigeria @PoliceNG What a Nation.
18-03-2023 17:51
RT @elonchorch: This is Olaiya Oluwafemi. @ Poling unit: 080, Abdebayo Sowonde. Ago, Okota. He was beaten by APC thugs, phone smashed an…
18-03-2023 17:50
RT @JaypeeGeneral: INEC officials disenfranchising voters at Ago Palace, Lagos. #LagosDecides2023 https://t.co/9fTCNaLsit
18-03-2023 17:48
@JaypeeGeneral @PoliceNG @jidesanwoolu @ineclagos @inecnigeria Kudos to you. God is on the throne
18-03-2023 17:47
RT @JaypeeGeneral: SITUATION REPORT APC thugs are sending people back home at First Gate Iba in Ojo LGA. @PoliceNG please do your job!
18-03-2023 17:46
RT @chukzwrld: Happening Now: 🔥🔥 In Ikorodu, Igbo voters are being sent home because they want to Vote Labour Party In Lagos state 😢 Rive…
18-03-2023 17:43
RT @omoelerinjare: Happening live at ilasamaja ward F2, APC THUGS over 200, going in group and going round the polling unit and ceasing al…
18-03-2023 17:40
@channelstv Facts don't lie @followlasg @jidesanwoolu @inecnigeria @PoliceNG
18-03-2023 17:39
RT @PeterPsquare: Behold Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, The man who conducted the worst election in the history of Nigeria! Shame on him and the ent…
18-03-2023 17:35
@BashirAhmaad @PoliceNG @OfficialDSSNG As selective as you are will God selectively judge your case
18-03-2023 17:34
@BashirAhmaad @PoliceNG @OfficialDSSNG it would have been good if you are indeed a man of justice and fairness. Unf… https://t.co/LHajgenKP8
18-03-2023 17:33
@Nkemchor_ @jidesanwoolu @inecnigeria @PoliceNG God is on the throne! Light will always prevail against the dark.… https://t.co/ss2em0VzdU
18-03-2023 17:24
RT @Nkemchor_: Situation Report Shomolu LGA Lagos state APC thugs flog non APC voters. Chase them out of the polling unit https://t.co/…
18-03-2023 17:22
RT @MuchTalksBlog1: Situation Report!!! This man on native came to threaten voters at the RoadSafty gate Olokonla Eti-Osa LGA Ajah pollin…
18-03-2023 17:21
@iyke_nwabuko @UchePOkoye Uncle @jidesanwoolu se your mind go dey at rest seeing all these happened for you to rema… https://t.co/QnoXa9dXzb
18-03-2023 17:19
RT @iyke_nwabuko: They said we shouldn't see it as tribal, that it's political, all the people bleeding in Lagos are Igbos, Igbo blood wate…
18-03-2023 17:16
@omoelerinjare Do we have a Governor in Lagos Sir @jidesanwoolu
18-03-2023 17:15
RT @omoelerinjare: Look at the blood flowing mostly from Igbos in Lagos all because they want to exercise their franchise albeit no Igbo on…
18-03-2023 17:14
RT @NuelKaviar: @instablog9ja https://t.co/auGjW8WQ8w
18-03-2023 17:13
RT @instablog9ja: Armed Thugs who Invaded a Polling Unit In Ejigbo, Lagos captured by the army https://t.co/i435ADTCd4
18-03-2023 17:12
RT @Nkemchor_: SITUATION REPORT At Desa Ibeju Lekki polling unit in Lagos state thugs watch voters closely to know the party they’re votin…
18-03-2023 17:11
RT @ruffydfire: The tool ballot box inside oba’s house in Ajiran! Army pls go there!
18-03-2023 17:11
RT @Sisi_Yemmie: I was born in lagos. I’m a lagos woman. This is my “village” but I was not allowed to vote because I don’t look like Yoru…
18-03-2023 17:11
RT @HenshawKate: I want to thank everyone who reached out from all over the world & all of you here. I have been picked up to a safe place…
18-03-2023 17:09
RT @ruffydfire: Official it is on record that INEC disenfranchised VGC!
18-03-2023 17:09
RT @redcap_blondie: This was not the election we were promised. The Nigerian government is a failure in everything, and all they know how t…
18-03-2023 17:05
RT @lollypeezle: I wept. I wept. I really wept. Igbooluwo Estate Ikorodu that i thought is sane. God. They chased back all the igbo guys,…
18-03-2023 17:05
RT @VictorIsrael_: Residents of Onireke Opposite Ojo cantonment Lagos state have taken to the streets to protest against APC thuggery. Th…
18-03-2023 17:03
RT @ruffydfire: Thugs are preventing people from doing videos!
18-03-2023 17:03
RT @redcap_blondie: More than 250 voters waiting for INEC at Amuwo Odofin new site. No inec officials. The people are just frustrated. Am…
18-03-2023 17:03
RT @ruffydfire: I reported thugs harassing voters in front of Anglican girls school Surulere.Share your experience there! https://t.co/jyGC…
18-03-2023 17:02
RT @instablog9ja: Elections: Update from Muyibi in Ajegunle, Lagos https://t.co/azQrlyWkTC
18-03-2023 17:00
RT @Sisi_Yemmie: My husband and I were not allowed to vote. They said we look like Igbo people. I can’t believe this. Roman Catholic Church…
18-03-2023 16:58
@VictorIsrael_ @jidesanwoolu would you like to govern people who have been treated this way and have peace of mind.… https://t.co/FYa4eC9gbq
18-03-2023 14:56
RT @VictorIsrael_: People at Yaya Abatan Polling Unit Voted and we're waiting to secure their Vote. Thugs came in and chased everyone home…
18-03-2023 14:54
RT @_OneMILLIE: Situation Report ‼️ Just as I stepped out of my house I found this woman bleeding. She was injured by APC thugs because the…
18-03-2023 14:54
RT @redcap_blondie: Sanwo olu's polling unit, APC Thugs are currently threatening opposition voters, telling them to leave that they are no…
18-03-2023 14:52
RT @Nkemchor_: People injured, flogged at their polling units in Lagos state because APC thugs believed they were going to vote LP. To de…
18-03-2023 14:51
RT @ruffydfire: Voter suppression reported in most parts of Lagos!
18-03-2023 14:49
RT @VictorIsrael_: Election Rigging Alert ‼️ INEC everybody in Lagos has unanimously agreed that you cancel the elections in Lagos state…
18-03-2023 14:45
RT @Franeb: This is the Head of Thugs sent by @DesmondOElliot to disturb Iponri Surulere. This Man is going everywhere threatening to kil…
18-03-2023 14:44
@chisom_odum @VictorIsrael_ see for yourself @jidesanwoolu if this is fair. Just reply that it is.
18-03-2023 14:42
RT @chisom_odum: @VictorIsrael_ This is happening now opposite Ojo cantonment, Onireke, Lagos. After they had flogged us, fired shots at us…
18-03-2023 14:42
@MuchTalksBlog1 @jidesanwoolu have you seen your hand work. Dining with the devils Where is @inecnigeria and @PoliceNG God will judge!
18-03-2023 14:39
RT @MuchTalksBlog1: Situation Report!!! Voters are being flog out of their polling units at isolo by the APC thugs. • • Rivers state. Kate…
18-03-2023 14:37
RT @miss_lilieee: Omo Igbos in my area don Dey para. PU 022 Oshodi/Isolo Oke Afa They are fighting back. Thugs came to fight and scatte…
18-03-2023 14:36
RT @Charlzzwolf: @jidesanwoolu Ben Hundeyin see your officer on duty @BenHundeyin https://t.co/OdrUl9tDBy
18-03-2023 14:31
@jidesanwoolu You exercised your right but your boys are denying others. We have seen you dining and winning with t… https://t.co/yzJPkoMFOK
18-03-2023 14:28
RT @Nkemchor_: SITUATION REPORT LAGOS STATE APC political thugs stationed at the gate denied non APC voters access to Ikota Primary Scho…
18-03-2023 13:10
RT @VictorIsrael_: APC thugs at Papa major busstop in Ijegun Alimosho local government are refusing people to vote especially the Igbos.…
18-03-2023 13:01
RT @official_mrbond: The Joke intensifies! How can a nation run like this for goodness sake? What exactly is wrong with this people. This i…
18-03-2023 12:59
RT @Rich_Dawg1: Happening now at Mainland LGA, Lagos. Individuals are being chased away, while only APC supporters are allowed to vote. #V…
18-03-2023 12:59
RT @MuchTalksBlog1: Situation Report!!! This Man threatens to locate and deal with the Innocent lady. Face captured✅ Security Personels s…
18-03-2023 12:58
RT @GazetteNGR: Polls: APC thugs take to Lagos streets to threaten voters https://t.co/jxfNkvBOKj
18-03-2023 12:58
RT @chude__: Happened Ajegunle! What is happening in Lagos state is not an election! Call it off! #NigeriaDecides2023 https://t.co/1rrL9K…
18-03-2023 12:57
RT @omoelerinjare: Attack on voter at Desa Ibeju Lekki polling unit they look at people ballot paper. if you are not voting APC they will b…
18-03-2023 12:57
RT @Miss_magnolia20: I just got to my Polling Unit and I couldn’t find the LP polling agent. A Yoruba guy here told me the Agberos in the…
18-03-2023 12:56
RT @MerrymaryTom: This is a Polling Unit at Sangotedo Market.. these thugs came and asked people to go home.. the Soldiers later came to c…
18-03-2023 12:53
RT @Rich_Dawg1: Happening at Ikota Primary School Lagos. They are telling people from imo, Abia, Enugu, anambra etc to go back to their sta…
18-03-2023 12:51
RT @Nkemchor_: Situation report from Alimosho. Igbos are denied entry to cast their votes in their polling units 💔💔 https://t.co/kCb47ctH…
18-03-2023 12:50
RT @MuchTalksBlog1: Situation Report at Alimosho, Lagos State. They are currently denying the Igbos from entering to compound to cast thei…
18-03-2023 12:49
RT @JaypeeGeneral: Actress Chioma Akpotha has just been attacked by APC thugs at her polling unit in Lagos. #LagosDecides2023 #NigeriaDecid…
18-03-2023 12:47
RT @omoelerinjare: Situation report📌 https://t.co/G7wJlvlzru
18-03-2023 12:44
RT @abati1990: Atiku decries MC Oluomo threat to Igbo voters, slams police, DSS over silence https://t.co/cbicJbybwr https://t.co/GHqJiwbi…
18-03-2023 12:44
@abati1990 Lori iro
18-03-2023 12:42
RT @SpiderChi1: @Balatic @chude__ @Balatic STOP this senseless tweeting of fear. This is not about fear but a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on @ine…
18-03-2023 12:41
RT @PIDOMNIGERIA: Continuation... Lagos state government sponsored thugs, for March 18th 2023 governorship election. This is not to scar…
18-03-2023 12:37
RT @PIDOMNIGERIA: INEC officials returning to the state office in Yenagoa, through the waterways, after thugs hijacked and burnt electoral…
18-03-2023 12:30
RT @Rich_Dawg1: Situation report at Agric,Ojo Area, Lagos State. #LagosDecides2023 Thugs Gbadebo Rhodes Oshodi Shettima Polling Unit Lago…
18-03-2023 12:24
RT @abati1990: 22 BVAS machines missing in Rivers https://t.co/2wjnFkkf1u https://t.co/SiZHljqjk8
18-03-2023 12:23
RT @VictorIsrael_: SITUATION REPORT LAGOS 🧨 APC thugs are Currently threatening to kill voters if you don’t vote for APC, happening somewh…
18-03-2023 12:23
RT @drpenking: This PU is Harrison Street in Ago Palace Way, very close to AGO POLICE STATION If you don't cast your vote for APC, they wil…
18-03-2023 12:22
RT @omoelerinjare: Lagos kings are compromised, Oba Elegushi said Oro will end 5:30am but the story as changed. This should be around 7:30a…
18-03-2023 12:20
RT @_Chinaza2: This just happened at my polling unit. Didn’t want to get the guys face. Voters suppression https://t.co/cT27Ootl1P
18-03-2023 12:19
RT @NgLabourSupport: JUST IN: This is Idanre in Ondo State. Thugs came in and destroyed all the electoral materials. #VotersSuppression htt…
18-03-2023 12:18
@Chigozieialex Why don't we have same military presence in Lagos, even after all the threats.
18-03-2023 12:05
RT @ruffydfire: Anglican girls grammar school Surulere pls security go there!
18-03-2023 11:55
RT @elmannygram: Situation Report ‼️ @inecnigeria is playing a dangerous game. How do you bring voters from inside of their estate to lekk…
18-03-2023 11:53
RT @chude__: SITUATION REPORT: LAGOS: APC thugs are Currently threatening to kill voters if you don’t vote for APC, happening somewhere i…
18-03-2023 11:50
RT @_weyimi: Thugs are at the Iyana school bus stop , iba, Ojo local government , this is the main entrance to many polling unit Voters at…
18-03-2023 11:48
RT @drpenking: This is from PU 059, INEC officials said they won't upload from the PU, that it would be uploaded from the center. https:/…
18-03-2023 11:47
RT @VictorIsrael_: LIVE SITUATION REPORT 🧨 APC thugs are shooting in the air and telling voters not to vote in Ijegun, Oke-afa, Jakande in…
18-03-2023 11:46
RT @Msmenalicious: The officials are here on my street and no voters in view.. Meanwhile some agberos are threatening people to only vote f…
18-03-2023 11:45
RT @iefamharris: No Election in PU 061, Opp Comm Executive, Ojodu Berger, Lagos and all neighbouring PUs. “If you are not voting APC, go h…
18-03-2023 11:44
RT @VictorIsrael_: As usual APC thugs have done it again. They’ve destroyed this polling unit in Sangotedo side of Ajah Lagos state and cha…
18-03-2023 11:44