Nature🐇♥️(21 days🎄🎅) (@nature_playz) — Hello I am Xander I am 14 | ADHD Autism | from the UK 🇬🇧 I love Animals, Roblox Piggy, Undertale and nature. pfp won in giveaway by: @renoZlepyz RIP Pongo🐇
@EstherMJett @CapybaraCove Well If I do win I'm gonna give you one of them anyway to say thanks as an early Christmas present lol!
07-12-2022 21:12
@CapybaraCove Also like and retweeted your pinned! Also @EstherMJett Would you like to join? Could be a good oppo…
07-12-2022 19:46
RT @CapybaraCove: Commissions open! Taking royale high items as well :) boosts appreciated! #RoyaleHighHalo #royalehigh #royalehighhallow…
07-12-2022 19:45
@CapybaraCove I'd love to join the giveaway! If I do win my username is: natureking1213
07-12-2022 19:43
RT @CapybaraCove: ~SPECIAL #ADOPTME MONKEY GIVEAWAY~ Rules: ~> Follow me w/ notifs ~> Like & retweet with tags ~> Tag a few friends/follo…
07-12-2022 19:42
Day: 7 FINALLY! Got the ice moth dragon!!! #adoptme
07-12-2022 14:13
@Cocolh44 YOOOO
07-12-2022 10:57
Day: 6 🐶🎅 This is just SO CUTE the dog looks so excited!
06-12-2022 15:46
@NisarYousaf16 @RobloxBattles @OminousNebula @PghLFilms @Roblox I think it'll be the first battle (I could be wrong…
05-12-2022 21:50
AHHHH IM SO EXCITED FOR RB Battles! I got my swords and stuff on AHHH I'm just too excited! Who do you all thinks…
05-12-2022 21:46
@WordCloudsBot @Talal916 #TwitterWrapped
05-12-2022 19:32
@allourstars2 Aww thanks!
05-12-2022 12:55
Day: 5 found a nice poem about Christmas trees!
05-12-2022 12:33
@RobloxBattles @AlbertsStuff YESSSSS
04-12-2022 15:01
Day: 4 🎄 It's not really Christmas themed buuut RB Battles is happening in December so here's me in the ship!
04-12-2022 13:48
@RobloxBattles Missed it :c
04-12-2022 02:13
@ClashofClans YESS IT'D BE AWESOME!!
03-12-2022 21:08
Don't know why Day 2 didn't send for some reason? So just skipped it and went to day 3 today
03-12-2022 21:06
Day: 3 Found this cute Robin decoration on Pinterest!
03-12-2022 21:05
I'm going to try post something Christmas related every morning (my timezone) it'll either be a picture or a poem o…
01-12-2022 12:00
@EstherMJett @DaRealRex7359 @NiftyDoctormen @SKYokeru :) Thank youuu
01-12-2022 11:51
@EstherMJett @IrfanImran90 Haha thanks!
29-11-2022 11:27
@IrfanImran90 Unfortunately I'm not coming back the entire point of quitting was so that I could get my life back o…
29-11-2022 02:14
@neha_playz The house of sand and nightmares
28-11-2022 19:11
28-11-2022 02:33
@EstherMJett Ohhh no worries!
28-11-2022 02:33
@EstherMJett (I don't know why my first reply was deleted maybe Twitter being silly) but... That's an Awesome card…
27-11-2022 23:20
@EstherMJett Congratulations!!!
27-11-2022 22:17
How did I not see this sooner?! Piggy truly was an amazing game still is. Piggy will remain a big part of my life…
27-11-2022 22:10
@traaa_a Well well well Tomorrow.... will be a fun day
26-11-2022 19:27
@EstherMJett Aww thanks and No problem!
24-11-2022 21:59
@EstherMJett I certainly will
24-11-2022 21:55
@EstherMJett Ikr I love the new pet!
18-11-2022 13:08
The adventures of Persian Cat in boots and Nature!
17-11-2022 22:48
@AntAntixx Congratulations to you both!
16-11-2022 12:15
@EstherMJett OFCC
16-11-2022 12:03
@Game_eron Bro it's called ✨Sarcasm✨
14-11-2022 16:37
Ummm.... The tank seems... a little broken......
14-11-2022 12:37
@RealMoonlyDee Am unverified
12-11-2022 20:07
@RaeesRohaizad @rusermemeking @DinoJxsh
11-11-2022 02:58
Kinda crazy to think that the TIO piggy skin was released a year ago! Happy Birthday TIO 🥳
06-11-2022 21:00
Never done this before BUT VOTE MEEE
05-11-2022 01:40
@CKareemyt Never done one of these before but I'm in!
04-11-2022 17:29
@allourstars2 Nuh uh more like 4 lol
03-11-2022 23:10
@allourstars2 Who knows lol 🥕
03-11-2022 19:15
@allourstars2 I wish I was that calm.......
03-11-2022 19:14
02-11-2022 13:02
02-11-2022 13:01
01-11-2022 12:33
@vipra_1 🎉👍🎃🥲🤫 Okay- So I'm at a Halloween party and someone puts there thumb up and makes me cry and then they te…
01-11-2022 01:40
This is how and when I will die ⠀
01-11-2022 01:20
@AlmirVela Am this dude lol
31-10-2022 19:46
31-10-2022 19:12
@DaRealMiniToon @SBL0ver30000_ @H_Amber_gur @DJTheCatUwU1 @_jbbolter That honestly sounds amazing lol I'd love to see a short story of this.
31-10-2022 02:15
@TeamAresGGs It's alright if you don't eat too many.
29-10-2022 10:36
@EstherMJett @ItzSimone_YT @NiftyDoctormen @SKYokeru AWWW thank you! I am glad you are in mine too!!! But now I must sleep lol!
25-10-2022 01:32
RT @nature_playz: I GOT HIM OMG AHHHHH I GOT DUOCARA!!! Thanks so much to ParanormalPartyStart (Georgicaachitei) on Roblox for the help! #…
25-10-2022 00:46
I GOT HIM OMG AHHHHH I GOT DUOCARA!!! Thanks so much to ParanormalPartyStart (Georgicaachitei) on Roblox for the he…
25-10-2022 00:45
@Spen073 @rublied What about the ears? Good theory tho
24-10-2022 23:13
@ReaLGoattex Unlucky for some people then.
24-10-2022 03:52
@ReaLGoattex Lol that's what I did too
24-10-2022 03:10
@ReaLGoattex Did you beat it on bot mode? Because if not that'd be why.
24-10-2022 01:09
RT @DaRealMiniToon: Ahoy, everyone! The mansion chapter is out! Huge thanks to @KaiuDex for making the bot's skin, soundtrack and animatio…
23-10-2022 21:00
23-10-2022 21:00
@DaRealMiniToon Trick or treating gone wrong
22-10-2022 18:10
@SubToBeeYT Well I don't want headless I just wanna see how many people will actually like this lmao
22-10-2022 18:06
@EstherMJett @CastagnaToto So your birthday is in April right?
21-10-2022 22:02
RT @DaRealMiniToon: This weekend, we're going in!
21-10-2022 14:43
@DaRealMiniToon Hehe Who said "We" AIN'T NO WAY IM GOING IN THERE
21-10-2022 14:41
@CastagnaToto 5 people I guess it's better than none 🥲
21-10-2022 13:15
@EstherMJett Hmmm A mixture of 1 and 4
20-10-2022 22:54
@EstherMJett @SamySpellmaker @rtItBot Never....... Too spooky
20-10-2022 21:14
20-10-2022 21:13
@WillowQuotes E
20-10-2022 18:50
*Epicly Steals* 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎Okay what one am I?
20-10-2022 18:47
@SamySpellmaker @rtItBot If my grandma found out I'd used one.... Well I'd be the one talking to people on the Ouija board.
20-10-2022 14:36
@PlayAdoptMe Thought it'd be more like 10K.... That's a lot y'know not everyone will be able to grind for that long.
20-10-2022 12:29
19-10-2022 16:17
@Reecee_yt I do not the notice until tomorrow thanks. (Wut the-) lol
18-10-2022 21:14
@melissamedinavo I'm so sorry for your loss I'm sure he truly did have an amazing life He will always be with you.🐾♥️
18-10-2022 21:05
@EstherMJett It's seriously SO COOL it's head gets more cracked over time and everytime you get a kill the eyes glow up!!! ITS SO COOL
18-10-2022 10:48
@TheCodedGalaxy @ClashofClans Hmmm as long as they don't invite the goblins I think we'd be chill
17-10-2022 20:17
@MonkeRobloxZ Keshikuchiruki
17-10-2022 20:15
@IlyLucaaa 🐦😳🐙🗿 I'm a Bird that's surprised it's an octopus statue What the.......
17-10-2022 20:10
@rublied Dang fast reply lol but thanks
17-10-2022 15:13
@rublied Hello there
17-10-2022 15:12
@koumorings And the dinosaur's lived 66 milliseconds ago damn how time flies
17-10-2022 13:23
THIS SKIN IS SOOO COOL!!! (It took me a 7 hours to get)🥲 AND IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
17-10-2022 13:21
@Elliot694200 @NotToast family guy is funny
15-10-2022 01:52
@EstherMJett @AETHERKlSS I only knew what my star sign was I didn't know it was witchcraft....
15-10-2022 01:02
14-10-2022 19:47
@DaRealMiniToon Your gonna make me stay up all night 😩
14-10-2022 19:46
It's Grinding time the next piggy season is outtttt! #piggy
14-10-2022 19:11
@itsLachyz Nothingness lol
14-10-2022 00:25
@EstherMJett @calculus03_ That'd be the Evil Basilisk!
13-10-2022 23:02
@Adria_Supercell @JudoSloth @ClashofClans @Devourlick Ohh Mr Adria you have been taught by a true sensei but don't…
13-10-2022 19:46
@RobloxIslands Ayy can't wait!
13-10-2022 14:55
@calculus03_ A Bat Dragon I'm exactly at 30%
13-10-2022 13:02
@traaa_a Myself now is worse I'd say.
11-10-2022 12:27
Rest in peace Pongo, you will be missed, Your love for Ronnie 🐇 And all of us will never be forgotten. 🐇♥️2015-20…
11-10-2022 01:25
10-10-2022 12:21
RT @Bestie_Buddies: 🎃 Halloween Special Group Art🎃 Like and Comment to enter in... Rules: I will pick If not blocky i will draw it block…
10-10-2022 00:16
@Bestie_Buddies I'm happy with any number!
10-10-2022 00:16
@PrincesSparrkle @AdoptMeSupport Oof I got my account back but not yet the pets. So far its been 2 weeks since I sent adopt me the ticket.
08-10-2022 21:58
@PrincesSparrkle @AdoptMeSupport The exact same thing happened to me. Did you get your pets back? I've been waiting…
08-10-2022 19:34
@RedLionLOL Aur
07-10-2022 14:23
@xavimations Wow THATS AWESOME!!!
07-10-2022 12:18
@Touyarokii Gardevoir 🌿
07-10-2022 12:16
I miss him 😥
07-10-2022 12:15
@Tunder_White__ @RealDJBlackhat @FungersTakingLs Yo is that... Papyrus
07-10-2022 12:14
@traaa_a I bully bullies that bully bullies bullies
06-10-2022 16:00
@PlayAdoptMe Hi I contacted your customer support a few weeks back after I was hacked and I lost a lot of my pets I…
06-10-2022 13:23
@EstherMJett But seriously WOW that's very good drawing!!!
05-10-2022 21:44
05-10-2022 21:16
05-10-2022 17:30
@Ninja50Fan BOBUX EASY
04-10-2022 23:04
@evoauYT If you like this Tweet your promoting horrible things....
04-10-2022 22:10
I just finished watching #CobraKai and OMG THE LAST EPISODE ON SEASON FIVE. Damn that had me shaking, I've never be…
04-10-2022 02:21
@EstherMJett @tommyinnit Lmao.
03-10-2022 22:55
@Ultimat81134173 @YungbruhFAN42 @Anonymo91579355 @Sugas_mood @DANNYonPC @tommyinnit 💀DIS WHO U CRUSHING ON???
03-10-2022 12:57
@Ultimat81134173 @YungbruhFAN42 @Anonymo91579355 @Sugas_mood @DANNYonPC @tommyinnit 💀DIS WHO U CRUSHING ON???
03-10-2022 12:57
@tommyinnit ....
03-10-2022 12:55
@EstherMJett Okay
02-10-2022 21:00
@EstherMJett IS SPOOKY MONTH 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 Also what's Lgb
02-10-2022 20:52
@thedogmanboi Did you see all the stuff? AND WELCOMING BACK BROOO!
02-10-2022 19:39
01-10-2022 13:37
😭I have such a horrible cold :(((( I've been off school for 2 days now and still I'm not getting better I've been t…
30-09-2022 22:40
@BeaPlaysRBLX The kid in the back like 🗿 But aside from that I am very sorry to hear about this internet drama is the worst.
29-09-2022 19:15
you have pet the cat
28-09-2022 22:19
@literallymecats This is Murdock he likes G R A S S and purring A LOT. And Sonic likes to sleep on you.... Especial…
28-09-2022 22:13
@imkaiixo NUUUUU
28-09-2022 21:57
@angeIilo 8.5
28-09-2022 21:54
@Jason_22444 @ItsIbaadonlive If you pick 9 you'll get loads of money anyway brand deals and ad revenue.
28-09-2022 16:06
@bon3xxc It took them like 3 days to fix mine. I had to send a copy of a Google play order receipt to show that I o…
28-09-2022 14:32
@MonkeRobloxZ Did
28-09-2022 12:46
@evoauYT 🟧
28-09-2022 01:13
My account has been restored!!! IM SO HAPPPPPPY
27-09-2022 14:42
@MonkeRobloxZ Full
26-09-2022 21:10
@WcWashington Lol another hacker ain't no way I'm falling for another hacker.
25-09-2022 21:05
Okay everyone listen I've been hacked on Roblox and I cannot get on it please don't do anything with my account jus…
25-09-2022 16:48
23-09-2022 01:25
@DaRealMiniToon @MiniTwon He is you from the future in an alternate universe
17-09-2022 19:57
Happy 7th Undertale Anniversary!!! But this queen scene like literally*LMAO #undertale7thAnniversary
15-09-2022 15:06
@PiggyAllthings Yes they are
13-09-2022 18:11
@renoZlepyz IT'S AMAZING
13-09-2022 18:10
Just another day on Roblox 💀
13-09-2022 12:27
@tomsimons Nah Elmo is a bro
12-09-2022 22:59
@renoZlepyz Absolutely awesome!
09-09-2022 17:23
Rest in peace, you were and always will be an amazing person, you will never be forgotten. So on behalf of Britain…
08-09-2022 20:49
08-09-2022 16:25
RT @nature_playz: Please join my good friends group he's so soooo close to 200 members it'd be awesome if we could get him to 200 #Roblox #…
08-09-2022 00:51
Please join my good friends group he's so soooo close to 200 members it'd be awesome if we could get him to 200…
07-09-2022 09:40
✨My lovely island plus some butterflies on it 🦋
05-09-2022 13:17
Roblox hella broken right now lol #RobloxDown
03-09-2022 19:43
@CupcakeM1ss @melissamedinavo It's very very true, her voice is absolutely amazing no matter what character she plays.
02-09-2022 22:05
@SlimJim Ello
02-09-2022 20:53
Big bug! 🪲
01-09-2022 22:55
@AlbertsStuff As a Gemini I strongly agree. And will give a donation too... Myself for being amazing to make this happen.
29-08-2022 00:56
@PiggyAllthings Lol don't worry my spelling is like WOSJSHKABIDKS every day.
29-08-2022 00:25
28-08-2022 22:14
So I just got this coin thing and it's pretty cool, it's a limited so in like a year it might be worth a good bit o…
28-08-2022 22:11
28-08-2022 00:13
You see this running towards you, what do you do?
24-08-2022 22:00
@model8197 The worst day of the week
24-08-2022 21:56
@BandiRue Pay 100 Robux every time you take a step
24-08-2022 21:12
@StarsUpAbove12 👍😭😤
24-08-2022 20:52
@EstherMJett @renoZlepyz @PinkDemiiii Yesss
23-08-2022 00:37
@_zbolt Cook
22-08-2022 16:44
@EstherMJett @renoZlepyz @PinkDemiiii I teleport throughout timelines writing many stuffs lol
22-08-2022 16:41
@renoZlepyz @PinkDemiiii IT LOOKS AWESOME!!
22-08-2022 12:03
This actually looks kinda nice! (game called Undertale test place reborn)
21-08-2022 00:59
@YouTube 🫤
20-08-2022 19:36
I'm at my dad's right now and it's all kicking off it's like midnight, there's Police ambulance's and it's all happ…
20-08-2022 01:52
@EstherMJett Very very true lol
20-08-2022 00:18
@EstherMJett YESSS it is
19-08-2022 20:08
@EstherMJett Yeah I knew they did something like that I just never saw one in real life only on like cartoons lol!
19-08-2022 20:07
@EstherMJett Thank youuu!
19-08-2022 20:07
So about 2 months ago I caught a bunch of queen ants and now they've just hatched there very first ants! (Very blu…
19-08-2022 14:36
@EstherMJett Oh my goodness lol I've never seen one in real life I don't think that there's skunks in the UK
19-08-2022 11:00
@traaa_a Well dear fellow....
18-08-2022 21:42
@PiggyAllthings Oh okay, Thanks for letting me know!
18-08-2022 16:40
@PiggyAllthings Thank you! :)
18-08-2022 16:40
@melissamedinavo BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 The cat doesn't look it but it's very very happy lol.
18-08-2022 16:40
Does anyone know what happened with piggy intercity I haven't been following up on the news lately is it still comi…
18-08-2022 14:42
18-08-2022 12:51
@EstherMJett @renoZlepyz TYYYYY IM SO HAPPY
18-08-2022 01:42
@allourstars2 @renoZlepyz TYSM!!!
17-08-2022 21:09
17-08-2022 16:07
RT @renoZlepyz: Giveaway winner #1 @/nature_playz
17-08-2022 16:07
17-08-2022 16:05
@RandomSaltGuy He is a WWE wrestler
17-08-2022 01:30
@hauntfv Bigget
17-08-2022 01:17
@Jacki_The_Corgi Chill face
17-08-2022 01:16
It's like super late for me rn but I just had to show this. Look at how much the tadpoles have grown there now prop…
17-08-2022 01:13
Alrighty I've been like dead on Twitter lol I will be much more active. It's just been hard to find the time lately…
15-08-2022 20:29
@EstherMJett 🐟Da big fishy is very big
15-08-2022 18:07
14-08-2022 22:56
@SkyNinja_RBX May but I live in England 🥲
14-08-2022 00:20
RT @renoZlepyz: @nature_playz and @wilception is the winners 🥳 congrats
12-08-2022 22:39