May🌸 (@moodyMayy)
I’ve been on tik tok all morning why didn’t y’all tell me how fun the app was
04-12-2022 20:04
RT @noelanix7: I’ve worked so hard to get to the place I’m in mentally as someone with mental illness(es). I went through so much turmoil,…
04-12-2022 18:57
My manager is walking around the showroom with a chainsaw lmao
03-12-2022 19:55
RT @thelastnara: Me everyday :
03-12-2022 00:45
Ive gotten more tickets this year than I have my whole life driving this is crazy
02-12-2022 17:28
@T_spyrooo Anything good?
02-12-2022 17:06
RT @thewavecheckk: GloRilla shows off her body and says she’s thick AF 🥵🤣
02-12-2022 00:32
@T_spyrooo LMFAOOOOO guilty asf
01-12-2022 02:25
01-12-2022 01:43
I grabbed some food and the nigga at the bar talkin bout see you next week and he sure will🫶🏽
30-11-2022 04:53
My lawyers are so great, wow 🥺🫶🏽
29-11-2022 22:36
RT @T_spyrooo: i’m bitches
29-11-2022 07:34
Men who hit you up just cause they see you out drinking are gross
28-11-2022 18:28
Tay really had me thinking I ordered a $500 steak last night lmfaooooo
27-11-2022 18:25
RT @noname: feeling flirty. wanna become friends, help each other unpack trauma and have consensual sex until one of us becomes too attache…
27-11-2022 00:19
LMAOOO I needed a laugh this morning
26-11-2022 16:19
I don’t want to be bothered by anyone
26-11-2022 06:39
If my cats fucked up my Christmas tree I’m throwing it out the window and taking an L cause I don’t have it to do lmao
26-11-2022 01:36
Quick lil 2 piece, I’m hiding for the rest of my shift
25-11-2022 23:33
I gained some weight and it went right to my titties
25-11-2022 20:03
Said he couldn’t get no ass no more I’m looking back at it again like uhh🤪🤷🏽‍♀️
25-11-2022 16:41
@BoodhaWick LMFAO now that ain’t nothing new 😭
24-11-2022 19:20
I can’t go out I’m Bristol no more. My cousins don’t be knowing I’m their cousin😭🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
24-11-2022 19:04
V much drunk rn I need to take my ass to bed
24-11-2022 08:47
0 10423
24-11-2022 02:53
RT @invis4yo: me when they ask who made the strong ass mixed drinks
22-11-2022 21:32
She don’t know I been stopping by while she’s at work and throwing a couple loads in😭🤣
22-11-2022 19:01
My mom asked my to stop by the house to check on my brother and in return I could do my laundry lmao like I wasn’t gonna do that anyway
22-11-2022 19:00
0 23267
RT @evelinacloud: calling my best friend to tell her i did what she told me not to do
22-11-2022 18:17
I found out you was a freak too soon
22-11-2022 18:13
RT @taymoneyduh: 😺 tight , bag heavy!
22-11-2022 04:34
Nothing more annoying than a grown ass man always bitchin
22-11-2022 00:28
My cats are practicing parkour rn
21-11-2022 03:33
Idc how cold it is, ima get me some ice cream
21-11-2022 03:07
0 21773
RT @KaseyPadilla_: hearing “my boyfriend doesn’t let me…….” is very 🤢🤢🤢🤢
21-11-2022 02:19
I just don’t have it to do w niggas, I really don’t
21-11-2022 01:55
RT @abbygov: moved into a new building & my neighbor joked “I hear you constantly lecturing your bf, he sounds like a handful” and I replie…
20-11-2022 23:37
@T_spyrooo LMFAOOO my life summed up🤣🤣🤣🤣
20-11-2022 23:37
0 11765
RT @faiththegemini: Them: what do you see in that boy why you keep running back to him? Me:
20-11-2022 22:39
RT @DickSprints: Stop posting y’all lil pink bfs b4 I get mad.
20-11-2022 06:49
Gotcha bitch🤣🤣🤣
20-11-2022 04:52
Who told Chloe to share that god awful remake of tomorrow
20-11-2022 02:13
@T_spyrooo 🤣🤣 I really don’t blame you after last night
20-11-2022 02:09
@T_spyrooo Come over and we can order some
20-11-2022 01:12
Bitch, call your uncle bitch, don’t call me!
19-11-2022 16:16
Damn I missed it
19-11-2022 08:58
My bed is everything rn
19-11-2022 08:56
I miss him
19-11-2022 03:06
You been on my mind more than a minute
18-11-2022 17:48
Never been no pick me bitch I’m quick to leave a Nigga lone
18-11-2022 17:01
0 31604
RT @laugh_track_nat: Putting “former employee at Twitter” on my resume because they’ll be no proof
18-11-2022 16:01
I can’t to go home and smoke the fattest blunt
18-11-2022 00:28
17-11-2022 22:31
RT @Only1Chuckieee: @cuteasstyy Fixed it 😂🎯
17-11-2022 08:34
RT @T_spyrooo: I hate when I find someone attractive and then get to know them and they are the ugliest soul ever like ewwwww I can’t belie…
17-11-2022 01:09
This man at work just smashed my whole hand in the door I want to cry
16-11-2022 23:27
@DickSprints @TweetsOfCats That don’t mean shit, you was notified 25 min ago
16-11-2022 23:26
@DickSprints @TweetsOfCats 2:57
16-11-2022 23:22
@DickSprints @TweetsOfCats Something you have to buy me because it’s been well over 5 min
16-11-2022 23:20
@TweetsOfCats @T_spyrooo
16-11-2022 22:57
@TweetsOfCats @DickSprints
16-11-2022 22:57
RT @handsomelyrude: it’s so hard for me to notice ppls presence/lack thereof in my life bc no one does shit for me to make me do so. i made…
16-11-2022 22:28
0 27318
RT @chancematoskah: HER song being advertised on HER show while a countdown for HER movie is in the background. No one was touching Raven S…
16-11-2022 01:28
0 10680
RT @shaTIRED: a lot of people don’t understand that conflict resolution skills are necessary to have a strong community. many folk are lone…
15-11-2022 18:32
I had the best love in 2015 so I think it brings back good times
15-11-2022 06:16
Monthly tweet about how Bryson tiller hits every time
15-11-2022 06:14
15-11-2022 03:47
14-11-2022 18:51
RT @thenine6bitch: I would rather season / batter up my pussy lips and dip em in hot frying oil before I get into another relationship rn…
14-11-2022 15:12
14-11-2022 07:19
0 16829
RT @HoodComedyEnt: The camel knew it was some gas 😂⛽️
14-11-2022 05:01
Ppl continue to show their true colors and I’m quick to try and paint a different picture
14-11-2022 04:31
0 11912
RT @ephrata: I read something once that said there’s a lot of loss in waiting for the perfect time for anything.
14-11-2022 03:16
I need like 3 servings of chips and salsa rn
14-11-2022 01:07
I just wanna ah ah ah ah 🕺🏿
14-11-2022 00:16
RT @sokurovark: please understand i am not joking when I say im divinely protected and your life will fall apart if you wrong me
13-11-2022 23:23
Whenever I go thrifting I unintentionally but everything of the same color
13-11-2022 22:45
RT @TORIINYSHA: I’m glad I got my dumb for a nigga phase out the way early
13-11-2022 22:13
RT @only1jordanj: Another female couldn’t take my place even if I put her in it😇
13-11-2022 22:13
13-11-2022 22:13
@T_spyrooo Oh it’s up😭🤣 this looks fun as hell
12-11-2022 22:51
@KeysInTheTrunk @RosemaryMccaf18 LMFAO AYO
12-11-2022 18:00
Puss n boots I snatch ya nigga up with no ass
12-11-2022 04:33
RT @OgLakyn: Y’all know I love a garment cost breakdown!
12-11-2022 03:09
I want some eats but the traffic rn is stupid
12-11-2022 02:19
RT @Thee_Real_Baee: I wanna have a threesome with all girls 😩
11-11-2022 23:25
@GabbbbyMorales Hope you have a good day ✨✨
11-11-2022 17:22
This is the most peace I’ve had in quite a while🧘🏽‍♀️
11-11-2022 17:04
@TweetsOfCats @T_spyrooo
10-11-2022 23:50
Me when I got in my accident 😭🤣🤣
10-11-2022 17:24
I hate having a bday around valentines day because everything is over priced, booked out and IF I do find something…
10-11-2022 03:58
@DickSprints @ocean_eater Im actually replying to save a life
10-11-2022 03:19
@DickSprints Pls shut the hell up
10-11-2022 02:09
RT @TweetsOfCats: I got this squish because it looks exactly like my cat. I've been trying to get a picture of them together. I was finally…
10-11-2022 01:01
0 27165
RT @lowkeyalbert:
09-11-2022 23:33
My mom got me sitting around like a duck waiting to take her out on her birthday😒
08-11-2022 20:09
I can’t wait to take my mom out for her bday tomorrow🥰
08-11-2022 03:33
08-11-2022 02:50
RT @handsomelyrude: i be noticin lil shit that’ll turn me all the way off lmao
08-11-2022 02:50
I’m tryna hit the city this weekend
07-11-2022 23:20
07-11-2022 22:24
RT @AngelNumberz_: Passive aggressive people are the worst. The way they deal with conflict is so sly and malicious. That’s why I like bein…
07-11-2022 20:50
@T_spyrooo I’m out at 7 🥲
07-11-2022 20:41
Nahh nb different lmao why is the ice cream truck still making its rounds🤣🤣
07-11-2022 01:44
RT @handsomelyrude: i pray to god there’s no one out there thinking that i “fumbled” them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
07-11-2022 00:06
Gonna take some 🍄and go on a hike🤗
06-11-2022 17:17
RT @markofthe9: I'm an actual hopeless romantic
06-11-2022 17:15
@ibeennauti I will be after this margarita
06-11-2022 04:11
RT @MikeO_TrashLife: She funny as hell for this…😂
06-11-2022 01:55
RT @BleuChampagne27: I gotta stop making people more important than they make me
06-11-2022 01:54
I sold 3 cars today, I’m exhausted
05-11-2022 23:55
RT @T_spyrooo: that gun will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
05-11-2022 15:11
I truly love my little body, I be admiring tf out of myself every morning
04-11-2022 15:16
Guilty 😭🤣
04-11-2022 04:44
RT @hi_mija: Babe the Silly Goose University just called... you got in
04-11-2022 04:00
I thought I had a terrible month at work because I was sick but I actually did exactly what I had to do and more🥹😭
03-11-2022 23:50
@Evahnaromano E’son bad ass😭🤣
03-11-2022 22:31
RT @faiththegemini: me outside his crib off the henny
03-11-2022 21:22
Wish I was rubbin my feet w somebody
03-11-2022 06:56
0 64360
RT @imhighkeycool: Most romantic thing you’ll see today😍😂
03-11-2022 06:54
My face when the Netflix documentary start getting crazy😭🤣🤣
03-11-2022 00:25
It takes so much effort to be attracted to men
03-11-2022 00:23
0 67856
RT @MrJemedari: Glad to see so many embracing therapy. A few of you need an exorcism as well but... Baby steps
02-11-2022 22:18
@creepyyeha_ @T_spyrooo
02-11-2022 20:25
RT @BlameBasquiat: niggas wasn’t worth any bit of energy or time I gave them , should have let you drown
02-11-2022 19:26
I want a gf
02-11-2022 19:25
We have donuts this morning at work and my coworker goes “can I just watch you bite into your donut, I wanna see ho…
02-11-2022 16:16
01-11-2022 21:26
Here for a good time not a long time 🥳
31-10-2022 23:15
@Boss_Closs Girl bye I’m on the same boat as you
31-10-2022 04:48
I wanna be cuddled so hard I feel like I’m being sucked into a black whole
31-10-2022 03:46
This has been the most transformative year of my life
30-10-2022 20:50
RT @FamousGuh: 🖕🏽a costume, I wanna be a 🥨 tonight.
30-10-2022 20:48
But I technically can’t lose what I never had 🤷🏽‍♀️
30-10-2022 20:44
0 11295
RT @_fuego98: The level of “lemme cater to you” I reach when I’m taken care of ? There are no limits. I could make oxygen from scratch.
30-10-2022 20:03
RT @itsbradm: see how agressive some men get when they’re denied even hypothetical sex like it’s really insane to me
30-10-2022 19:58
I be letting shit rock
30-10-2022 19:57
0 20947
RT @PopCulture2000s:
30-10-2022 19:52
Who’s mobile nb area
30-10-2022 03:08
Tonight calls for game of thrones and wine💆🏽‍♀️
29-10-2022 22:58
Whoever fuckin with me on snap got it yo people are hilarious 😭😭🤣
29-10-2022 09:48
Drunk playin with my cats>>
29-10-2022 09:26
29-10-2022 09:10
@DickSprints I’d give you a kiss after
29-10-2022 07:58
Nuts on the chin is wild lmfao
28-10-2022 17:18
@t3niola @_QuintinTV @T_spyrooo
28-10-2022 17:16
Kuttthroat Barbie 🖤
28-10-2022 15:55
I also need to cut the bs and pick up a paint brush again
27-10-2022 21:17
I want to start knitting
27-10-2022 21:16
RT @marcosalvarado_: “In My Heart” my first sculpture
27-10-2022 01:05
@T_spyrooo I was laughing to myself @ us drunk praising our friends and talkin about how much we love each other😭🤣💗
27-10-2022 00:11
@T_spyrooo Stop im gonna cry🥹
26-10-2022 22:07
RT @_TooUnderratedX: Something was in the air in 03’ when these hits dropped 🔥
26-10-2022 20:42
Can’t be bothered now😌
25-10-2022 22:01
I peep e v e r y ting
25-10-2022 18:37
My foolish heart turns at the stars
25-10-2022 17:17
I found out you was a freak too soon
25-10-2022 17:01
0 14848
RT @ninagrewal97: please remember that those who truly love and respect you will care about how their actions impact you. they’ll care abou…
25-10-2022 00:31
I want some pho
24-10-2022 21:05
I love me some Kodak
24-10-2022 17:28
RT @JeLaminah: Have sex to some bomb ass sounds frequencies or nature sounds and thank me later 💅🏽
23-10-2022 20:05
They got rid of the blueberry chicken and waffles at one of my brunch spots😢
23-10-2022 18:39
RT @najeechanel: I’m so big on honesty. Just be real with me idgaf how bad it is, Ima respect you to the fullest.
23-10-2022 18:37
If I had a dollar for every blocked call🙄
22-10-2022 16:07
RT @KingdomMind321: ⁦@TrudiiBee⁩ AYOOOOOOOOO WHY IS MTA LIKE THIS 😂😂😂
22-10-2022 01:15
@najeechanel Treva never fails
21-10-2022 21:51
My manager said he looks forward to seeing me every morning bc I look different everyday🤣💗
21-10-2022 16:54
I think it’s so fascinating watching people of different occupations/plans for the day walk in and out of Starbucks
21-10-2022 15:54
0 11993
RT @juhlissuhh: I’m crying, yall
21-10-2022 02:40
0 10911
RT @kashdoll: Being with my Bestfriend is so therapeutic…. It’s no judge zone and we really be childish as hell together just geeked we out…
21-10-2022 02:00
20-10-2022 23:00
RT @PenelopeTabatha: I don’t think people realise how many matrix traps there are. New age spirituality is a trap. Being a hardcore conspir…
20-10-2022 21:03
RT @najeechanel: I have the weirdest ex in the world I’m so embarrassed 😭
20-10-2022 18:38
I love it 🥰
20-10-2022 03:39
RT @_welivetosin: At this point if I’m not getting full transparency when we’re dating about wtf we doing then I’m gonna assume we aren’t o…
20-10-2022 00:26
RT @hotsmoovy: i just want a friend i can fuck & go out to eat w/ 😩
20-10-2022 00:08
Y’all know how much I fucking hate bananas I would have to give the whole baby away
19-10-2022 22:24
19-10-2022 17:27
19-10-2022 16:26
@Coolant23 Lmfao boy byeee
18-10-2022 07:01
@Coolant23 He got you doing the work for him it’s a automatic dub my friend
18-10-2022 06:59
@J_roy79 People just make it more complicated than it needs to be
18-10-2022 00:37
I just need a cuddle buddy I can call everyday lol you can leave when I fall asleep😭🙃
18-10-2022 00:15
I can’t wait to go home and finish the watcher
17-10-2022 19:14
RT @KhadiDon: My friends kids are going to be babysitting my kids at the rate I’m going.
16-10-2022 20:09
@TheFineFeminine @T_spyrooo
16-10-2022 20:08
RT @ih8rts: having a pet can change your mood for the better me and my pet:
16-10-2022 06:23
RT @Kitranada: I’m very adamant about not having people around that repeatedly disrupt my nervous system through their lack of care, empath…
16-10-2022 05:53
@ih8rts @T_spyrooo
16-10-2022 03:49
RT @ShannonJessie: I just want dick and massages rn !!
16-10-2022 02:21
My old head manager is playing Buttons by pussycat dolls lmao
15-10-2022 19:46
0 34544
RT @SpookyGothLoser: Halloween is coming up:
15-10-2022 03:40
RT @smino: bring yo gal to a smino show .
15-10-2022 01:24
RT @kikiinotkim: I hate long toe nails like what is that about you fucking tree climber
14-10-2022 07:27
0 17397
RT @marknorm: “Let’s gooooooooooooo” is ‘Allāhu ʾakbar’ for white guys
14-10-2022 03:53
RT @sultrymoods: How I want to be this halloween
14-10-2022 02:55