big flo🖤 (@mizz_florence) — champagne taste 🍾🥂
You can’t buy this love
26-03-2023 13:20
I’m sorry but why is this funny
25-03-2023 23:58
RT @TheHabaneroChef: No be Awon ‘aiinnn say Shiiii we aiinnn say shiiii’ 😭
25-03-2023 16:22
RT @wizkidayo:
25-03-2023 13:09
@heywhyhoney Please leave me o 😂😂🤣 na my babe I got look for excuse for her 😭😂😂
25-03-2023 02:39
She has my heart. I’m going to marry her.
25-03-2023 01:37
RT @OfficialOsas: 🐅 roar.
25-03-2023 00:10
God 😂😂😂😂
24-03-2023 23:48
RT @HalleBailey: she made my whole day 🥹😭💕
24-03-2023 21:29
RT @FS_Yusuf_: Chude is OUT!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
24-03-2023 20:45
God wetin be this? is it by force
24-03-2023 16:30
RT @Janeojis: 🫠🌚
24-03-2023 15:25
He oozes soft life bro😍.
24-03-2023 11:36
RT @n0manaz: wizkid cosplay is crazyyy
24-03-2023 11:28
Wiz the influencer
24-03-2023 11:27
RT @Lipeunim_: wiz influenced an entire generation, no one can chat to him
24-03-2023 11:25
RT @EricaNlewedim:
24-03-2023 00:14
RT @FolaLagos: God please ban periods
24-03-2023 00:09
Not mine tho 🫠
23-03-2023 23:54
@__Zazzle If he’s not your fav I don’t really think it concerns you, now does it?
23-03-2023 21:43
I have lost so much weight😭🫠
23-03-2023 19:20
RT @itzbasito: Wizkid and Tony Elumelu with dem moves 😂🫶🏾
23-03-2023 11:10
RT @itzbasito: Wizkid’s performance at Tony Elumelu’s birthday party
23-03-2023 10:59
So what’s now true about him😭 God abeg o
23-03-2023 10:35
Erimama the loml fr fr 😍❤️
22-03-2023 23:03
RT @Ozoadaz: E choke everywhere in Abia State right now 🔥🚨🔥🚨 Ara agbala Ndi PDP 😭
22-03-2023 22:53
RT @PiusErica: You’re healed in Jesus Name Okay? PO has to collect his mandate first
22-03-2023 20:46
RT @DAMIADENUGA: Election time, it's Yoruba lokan & Yoruba ronu or Igbo must leave Lagos. Medical treatment time, they will leave Nigeria…
22-03-2023 20:45
RT @alexottiofr: See what the Lord has done.
22-03-2023 19:57
I’m so happy for Abia state 👏🏾👏🏾
22-03-2023 19:57
God I love women so much 😭❤️
22-03-2023 19:24
UBA now😭🤦🏾‍♀️
22-03-2023 19:14
RT @IkukuomaC: Mc Oluomo was caught on video making death threats and even going to the extent of moving the polling unit ballot to his gat…
22-03-2023 17:09
RT @MrMekzy_: The way I’m seeing Peter Obi, he will continue to bring evidence till ara agba judge.
22-03-2023 17:08
RT @J3nnie_C: Lmaooo You see that Benin and Warri you added? Unrepublic it quickly.
21-03-2023 22:00
RT @nuevothato: Hygiene is not a gender specific topic I beg
21-03-2023 21:58
Again igbo girls😍😍
21-03-2023 21:50
RT @TheAjibolaGrey: - I will never get used to being defeated by this government. - I now understand that the older generation were not si…
21-03-2023 11:02
RT @Yemihazan: It's funny when Privilege kids esp those raised with stolen funds tell people to hustle and work hard like they have the tin…
20-03-2023 21:10
Where I’m at the moment 😂
20-03-2023 20:38
RT @itzz_blitz1: GRV is still visiting hospitals and paying bills of victims of election violence. When you're human, you're human.
20-03-2023 20:05
RT @RobinaxOg: The APC is evil, field a Muslim - Muslim ticket, fuel bigotry across the country then turn around to say PEter Obi caused et…
20-03-2023 19:22
RT @Elkrosmediahub: Obingwa Local Government can’t stop the liberation of Abia state. Alex Otti is HERE!!!!! 🚀
20-03-2023 18:00
Are you mentally stable?!
20-03-2023 16:59
RT @Natasha_ify:
20-03-2023 13:20
RT @FS_Yusuf_: The jubilation in Abia State would have been the situation across the country if Free and Fair Election wasn’t a taboo in Ni…
20-03-2023 10:52
RT @Aunty_Les: Out of sight is out of mind for me. We might be very very close, hang out all the time, when you’re around me. But once you’…
19-03-2023 17:18
RT @SavvyRinu: Many “friends” I lost this election were worth losing.
19-03-2023 16:47
God forbid I remain friends with you if you support this administration
19-03-2023 16:34
My anxiety is at an all time high😭😭
19-03-2023 13:01
RT @EstherUmoh10: Tried reaching out to Chude but his number is no longer going through. Nothing must happen to him @PoliceNG
19-03-2023 12:42
RT @kingsleynovich: BVN - Biometrics Immigration - Biometrics Drivers license - Biometrics NIN - Biometrics INEC registration - Biometric…
19-03-2023 12:42
RT @Buchi_sicario: They got me, APC thugs brutalized me with machetes and beat up with planks… I am still in shock!!! I don’t know how to f…
19-03-2023 12:39
RT @firstladyship: Labour Party agent for Ward E Ikeja, was brutalized by the APC. She is fighting for her dear life at the moment. If you…
19-03-2023 01:18
RT @FolaLagos: Pastor Bolaji should cover his face in shame, look at the man He gave mic to campaign on the altar. Still allowed him to b…
18-03-2023 21:07
RT @Morris_Monye: Chude is arrested, MC Oluomo is walking free. A thoroughly dysfunctional society that we are living in.
18-03-2023 21:04
RT @AjeboDanny: Let Igbos go, No Let Igbos stay, No Let Igbos trade, No Let Igbos Vote, No iga bu ogbenye buru kwa amosu?
18-03-2023 20:04
RT @iefamharris: Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not your bro. You cannot be supporting the same party who assaulted me and be calling m…
18-03-2023 19:15
RT @falzthebahdguy: I am so livid This level of fuckery is unbelievable! A couple of Arise TV journalists were very badly beaten up at…
18-03-2023 19:14
RT @oluwasanmi__: "I support APC but I dont support this violence " Please keep quiet darling, you sound like a clown
18-03-2023 19:14
RT @kikimordi: APC rigging in Lagos PDP rigging in Rivers It’s not even noon yet…
18-03-2023 14:35
RT @arthfobic: you can tell Beyoncé’s body is tour ready
18-03-2023 12:00
RT @omowo: “Consideration is the highest form of Love”
18-03-2023 11:35
RT @HenshawKate: Good morning Twitter family.. Trust you all slept well I have arrived at my polling unit.. Come out and vote.. It's your c…
18-03-2023 11:29
RT @ruffydfire: From VGC! Verified.
18-03-2023 11:29
RT @HenshawKate: Well done @ineclagos @inecnigeria for arriving on time
18-03-2023 11:29
RT @EstherUmoh10: Elllu P all the way today. Vote competence.
18-03-2023 11:28
RT @FolaLagos: Good morning, Remember we only have one mission today LP from top to bottom. Vote GRV
18-03-2023 11:28
RT @iefamharris: No Election in PU 061, Opp Comm Executive, Ojodu Berger, Lagos and all neighbouring PUs. “If you are not voting APC, go h…
18-03-2023 11:28
RT @FolaLagos: Nigeria is so disheartening I feel so much pain thinking about this country.
18-03-2023 11:27
RT @AfroVII: If GRV wins some people go run mad be that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
18-03-2023 02:55
I die on this hill. I maintain it’s impossible except solving calculations
17-03-2023 23:32
RT @chude__: Soludo trying do damage control by praising Peter Obi in in Church today is the funniest thing you will see right now! 😂😂😂 Ba…
17-03-2023 23:17
You guys are late to the party 🤭 welcome sha ❤️
17-03-2023 23:06
Vote GRV
17-03-2023 13:40
RT @Mochievous: My own relationship hot take is that every woman who dates men is dating below her potential. Just accept it and pick the b…
17-03-2023 01:40
RT @thebarakah_: That’s why everyone is calling rexxie instead of you.
17-03-2023 01:22
RT @FolaLagos: I don’t think it’s right to put someone that has witchcraft on the same show with ordinary humans. Let her go and apply to…
16-03-2023 23:00
RT @FolaLagos: A South African doctor allegedly broke a rapist and murderer out of prison to have him to herself This woman has two young…
16-03-2023 22:35
RT @FolaLagos: I’m very wary of women that like men too much. There’s nothing they cannot do for them. This tweet is not about cooking…
16-03-2023 22:12
No they weren’t 💀
16-03-2023 21:20
RT @criminalplaza: i still cant believe its gonna be a movie and not a limited series
16-03-2023 18:56
RT @AmandaDannielle: Why argue with anyone that thinks the plural of wife is "wife's" 😂
16-03-2023 09:17
RT @leoninethings:
16-03-2023 08:48
RT @mumiyo_: lagos paparazzi is very overrated and takes horrible photos. him and his facetune should be banned.
15-03-2023 23:48
RT @_DammyB_: Who is the person that asked?
15-03-2023 21:30
Sexual attraction and relationship compatibility are not mutually exclusive
15-03-2023 20:18
“& losing” very important
15-03-2023 18:47
RT @theereal_one: Relationships are for people who have their life together. You have no business dating if you’re fighting demons... & los…
15-03-2023 18:45
RT @genmnz: being told “youre so pretty” randomly from strangers is the best thing, i love nice people 😩😩😩😩
15-03-2023 13:49
One thing is for sure, Lori & Michael had aesthetics bro damn 🥰❤️
15-03-2023 13:31
RT @FS_Yusuf_: Make I greet my tribe. ELLU PEE…………….
15-03-2023 12:29
RT @wizkidayo: This one is special! 💜🦅
15-03-2023 01:44
RT @wizkidayo: Eko 🖤🦅
15-03-2023 01:44
And you’re a DJ?!
15-03-2023 00:59
RT @ifeisnotreal: it’s not selling a product, it’s rendering a service. pay attention in class, you won’t.
15-03-2023 00:48
15-03-2023 00:19
RT @DONJAZZY: Midnight we feast 🔥🔥🔥 @TiwaSavage X @ayrastarr X @YoungJonn Pls share to your followers. Thanks
14-03-2023 23:21
RT @shady_gift55: The creator of the Heaven and earth
14-03-2023 20:12
RT @ChigozieObi_: Chelsea come on noww
14-03-2023 17:11
14-03-2023 17:08
RT @Sai_Ishaya_: Turnitin right now.
14-03-2023 17:07
Is it because I don’t have big boobs 😭😭
14-03-2023 14:29
Meffy, God will severely punish you for me
14-03-2023 12:14
RT @temsbaby: Oops.☺️
14-03-2023 09:09
RT @dojabins: the photographer who got this shot of tems ate 😭 #oscars
13-03-2023 18:59
RT @Phil_Lewis_: Rihanna performs "Lift Me Up" at the #Oscars; ASAP raises his glass
13-03-2023 18:58
RT @EricaNlewedim:
13-03-2023 18:42
RT @UgwunnaEjikem: Happy birthday to her & totally related; it’s been 3 years I started watching BBN & this babe is still the prettiest gir…
13-03-2023 18:32
RT @EricaNlewedim: Happy birthday to me!
13-03-2023 18:25
RT @Ms_Obianuju: Erica Ngozi Ugonma Nlewedim!! Happy birthday my All time fave ❤️❣️ love you long time ⭐️
13-03-2023 18:08
RT @Feyisparkles: Everything is haram to you people except rigging. Make he no rock his wife again?
13-03-2023 15:35
RT @FolaLagos: Your momc no get self worth
13-03-2023 14:04
You must be very stupid
13-03-2023 14:04
RT @Nkemchor_: Whew. See what someone said about tems because of an outfit which she meant no harm and you're following them to insult her…
13-03-2023 14:03
RT @EditiEffiong: Rufai: They say GRV doesn’t have experience Peter Obi: Yes. He doesn’t have experience in corruption 😂😂😂
13-03-2023 13:55
RT @Elkrosmediahub: I won in Aso rock, would you say it is rigging? Which machinery do I have to rig? I have no LG chairman, I don’t know a…
13-03-2023 13:55
RT @VictorIsrael_: Look at the beautiful dress that got people talking. Tems is who she thinks she is 📌
13-03-2023 13:43
Eyah to the people that can’t see 🙄
13-03-2023 13:43
Happy birthday beautiful Erica 🥰❤️
13-03-2023 13:38
13-03-2023 11:36
RT @Ms_Joyceey: Wizkid all day
13-03-2023 10:06
Temilade ate broooo!!!! With no crumbs on-site👏🏾🥰
13-03-2023 02:57
RT @21metgala: Tems attends the 95th #Oscars
13-03-2023 02:53
Mine is the opposite tbh
13-03-2023 02:19
Bro mama G scared the shit out of me 😂😭 they will now zoom into that mole in her eye, when she wants to do evil
13-03-2023 01:52
@Chichibekeee1 Plus emmarose but this ship takes the lead bro
13-03-2023 01:34
RT @oby_kinika: I made the Blood, Makeup and Prosthetic 🤲🏽, I did amazingly good 🤲🏽❤️
13-03-2023 01:10
RT @TheLilystyle: Their appearance is a mirage, you'll lay down your life in their defense while they are silently killing you.They stop at…
12-03-2023 23:15
After lekan & vee this babe joins as my least fav housemate ever!!
12-03-2023 22:38
She’s a witch
12-03-2023 21:58
RT @Jah_Boy01: If you can bring me any Davido’s solo that has more streams more than this I will deactivate 🙏
12-03-2023 20:02
A new job
12-03-2023 18:53
RT @judithakatugba: It's not Igbo vs Yoruba. It's APC vs The People
12-03-2023 16:59
RT @jojo_barbs: So because of ordinary dirt that is even inside nylon you think this will stop me from going?😂😂😂 dey play ,we have see wors…
12-03-2023 15:59
RT @ForeverMalika: I know who I am. This is 40.
12-03-2023 13:14
You’ve have dropped the same song in 5 different times😭 e don do now
12-03-2023 10:40
My fav amapiano song 💔 Rip Costa
12-03-2023 10:11
RT @CMonethi: Rest in Peace Costa Titch💔
12-03-2023 09:40
RT @a_idume: Patience Ozokwor HAD to do interviews then to let the public know that she is not wicked in real life. Do you how crazy that i…
12-03-2023 09:40
RT @ForeverKhadijah: Today we’re 40! @ForeverMalika
11-03-2023 22:43
RT @sakpo0007_: Anytime Poco dey hype Wizkid >> 😂😂
11-03-2023 17:19
RT @FolaLagos: Thinking myself into a bad mood is one of my fave things to do 🤣🤣🤣
11-03-2023 15:01
RT @disrupthehuman: this is child abuse
11-03-2023 12:21
RT @outrohottie: And that’s when I would’ve started the custody battle
11-03-2023 12:21
RT @k_lxgxndd: y’all hate kids so much. i hate all of u. children are their own people too, not your fucking pet. god forbid they get some…
11-03-2023 12:21
RT @Morris_Monye: I promise you, school is not scam.
11-03-2023 00:52
RT @_missvision_: My two personalities
10-03-2023 23:25
What is this beauriiii 😍❤️
10-03-2023 20:20
@Fifi_Feels If she had told kj and blue not to put up blackleng so she can save them, I would’ve probably understoo…
10-03-2023 19:30
RT @JemimaOsunde: We’ve seen everything from promotions to salary increase to new transformers to half day of work all in one week 👏🏾👏🏾
10-03-2023 16:14
RT @lowkeyalbert: she’s a 10 and deserves the world cause she been through so much.
10-03-2023 09:58
The only hairstyles I do 😍
10-03-2023 01:56
Jos people and acting like their city is as cold as Canada 💀
09-03-2023 14:30
Anything more than 2, I will use my head to walk
09-03-2023 12:14
@ose_certified 😂😂👏🏾 mad o
09-03-2023 12:14
RT @TheAjibolaGrey: You’re mad 👍🏾
09-03-2023 11:56
@Hyelhira_Barka Ahhh sope otilo! 🥴
09-03-2023 10:19
@_Abonta Omo too late 🤭
08-03-2023 20:20
Okay I’m exaggerating but he has the sexy Yoruba accent sha
08-03-2023 19:20
Drinking when you’re on drugs, is it bad or bad bad?
08-03-2023 19:19
Like bro his Yoruba accent is thick 💀
08-03-2023 19:10
@leretdhumanbean What’s the name of the show
08-03-2023 18:56
I swear it’s only my niece and I that are normal in country 😂🤭
08-03-2023 18:55
RT @Jollz: Happy International Womens day to all the women who don’t have their shit together. It be like that sometimes 💞💞
08-03-2023 18:02
RT @stillnotziora: sophia grace and rosie were performing super bass on the ellen show at ages 8 and 5 btw
08-03-2023 17:10
Next election should be outsourced to Deloitte.
08-03-2023 16:48
Is love in color a good read?
08-03-2023 14:13
RT @Emeneks: Baddie that has more accomplishments than you have. Misogyny is actually irritating.
08-03-2023 13:12
Airport or LGBT HQ
08-03-2023 11:26
RT @_EtniesJags: Unilag boys in year 3 archi can design something better ffs
08-03-2023 11:25
Lodge in transcorp
08-03-2023 10:38
RT @TheAjibolaGrey: You didn’t even do these things some months to the election to show a little effort, you realized the election is no l…
08-03-2023 09:18
RT @rayarvx: romance subplots in fantasy are better than 90% of actual romance books
07-03-2023 23:25
@Maria_N_O @Iam_Unathi Not true they make jokes like that actually
07-03-2023 21:46
RT @ozzyetomi: The intense wickedness of the government always shocks me. Sanwo Olu has engaged with Lagosians more this past 2 weeks more…
07-03-2023 19:31
Pretty 🥰❤️
07-03-2023 13:50
RT @AderonkeOduko: This is very insensitive. We’re only 4 on the team. 1 person accompanying PO 1 person following up with INEC 2 peop…
07-03-2023 13:01
07-03-2023 12:45
So you’re telling me that in this heat, people still shower with hot water?!
07-03-2023 10:51
RT @mihletshemese: being able to do things for yourself and not depending on anyone.
07-03-2023 01:07
School no be scam. Na you just no know book
06-03-2023 23:44
06-03-2023 22:03
06-03-2023 21:40
Congrats Ipe! anyone but that stacie babe so I’m guccci 😝
06-03-2023 21:25
Can’t do race and religion sha.
06-03-2023 15:38
06-03-2023 12:04
BaddoXportable already have a song together
06-03-2023 10:37
RT @firstladyship: Soludo’s diatribe & treachery must never go unpunished. If you do not punish APGA on Saturday, he will strike again. Obi…
06-03-2023 09:44
What a women 🥰😍
06-03-2023 09:36
Like bro 😭
06-03-2023 09:27
RT @Hafymo: Oh lord. Why am I not a “creative” with wealthy parents????😭😭
06-03-2023 08:53
RT @ebelee_: Also can GRV fight ? Cause Ify don dey enter my eye
05-03-2023 17:21
RT @fineassnayyyy: 🗣️🗣️🗣️i be quiet and chill because my mad ain’t normal people mad 😂😂
05-03-2023 16:17
@mesut_aju @StFreakingKezy Lmao they’ve tried tribalism now homophobia.
05-03-2023 04:04
@mesut_aju Why the hell should she?
05-03-2023 03:58
05-03-2023 03:34
RT @khanyimsimang_: female friendships are so refreshing, don’t let them fool you
05-03-2023 03:02