Minhaj Nizam (@minhajnizam88)
@TLDRNewsUK Not like its still being used he just happens to own the land and he isn't profiting from it
28-11-2022 21:10
RT @Glazerspissoff: This is important please watch #GlazersOut https://t.co/eMZO37pSWL
28-11-2022 19:57
RT @jk_rowling: ❤️🤣
28-11-2022 19:56
@jackbarrettmufc Many of the issues plaguing the ground should've been sorted out years ago and now will cost a for… https://t.co/ZIUtWG8xb6
28-11-2022 19:48
@LBC People have changed how they eat and probably wont eat something like that on a regular basis
28-11-2022 19:44
RT @il0venostalgia: Admit you’re old. Retweet if you know what this is… https://t.co/3UWcDUPcHU
28-11-2022 17:43
@UnitedStandMUFC Redevelop but new build if it has to be done. Should be 85,000 capacity if they can
28-11-2022 16:07
RT @nocontextfooty: https://t.co/qn7srF073M
27-11-2022 20:53
@FlexUTD People are always gassing them up
27-11-2022 19:24
@IlmFeed I heard there was praying facilities inside the stadiums
27-11-2022 19:17
@elgindy_ Lool haha the dickhead had no response
27-11-2022 01:16
@vinrmfc Nope supporting Mexico
26-11-2022 22:59
@sweeneyfiles What a gorgeous body she has
26-11-2022 21:10
@dwdphan86 @CP3GOAT1 @LSUBarstool Olivia Dunne, she's a gymnast
26-11-2022 19:48
RT @TheEuropeanLad: Argentina would be out of the World Cup if they lose vs Mexico tonight. A draw would keep their chances alive though ve…
26-11-2022 19:27
@TheEuropeanLad Hope so. Come on Mexico
26-11-2022 19:27
@ESPNFC Come on Mexico
26-11-2022 17:43
RT @Lowkey0nline: The family of 5-year old Yusuf Mahmud Nazir were told by his GP that he needed immediate hospital care. They "begged an…
26-11-2022 17:40
@Lowkey0nline Cute kid. So sad
26-11-2022 17:40
@JaneyGodley We use it for fish it gets rid of all the bones and for meat it proper makes it soft
26-11-2022 17:32
RT @Alhamdhulillaah: May Allāh bless her. @drfarahroslan developed and introduced disposable sterile hijabs for use in operating theatres,…
26-11-2022 17:31
@naomiwfc Wasn't the womens a competitive match as well? As in they was playing for a trophy
26-11-2022 14:17
@sportbible What will he do if they win the next match
26-11-2022 14:11
RT @MissNicoleDeans: This is why I could never be a proper England fan. Henderson goes down and I call him a scouse c*nt 🤣🤣🤣🤣
25-11-2022 23:59
@karenab32 Good times getting a feel
25-11-2022 22:30
@dipsMUFC https://t.co/FoUTcXZpFW
25-11-2022 22:15
RT @IlmFeed: A woman gave birth in the courtyard of Masjid An Nabawi. https://t.co/Elq5B3MVIE
25-11-2022 20:18
@prospectmelv Ouch. The tax man screws you over
25-11-2022 19:28
@UtdPlug @TelegraphDucker Why the hell so long? It should take 5 tops. Glazers being stingy again #GlazersOut #GlazersSellNow
25-11-2022 17:41
@UnitedStandMUFC Chicharito
25-11-2022 16:41
RT @LBC: PICTURED: Neighbour in court charged with murder of mum and two sisters in flat fire https://t.co/j4D3FkM1Nh
25-11-2022 16:40
@LBC Scumbag, hopefully he gets a good kicking inside
25-11-2022 16:39
@Naughtylolaxx Beautiful girl. When did you get a tattoo?
25-11-2022 16:33
@bethTmufc Iran played them off the park they couldn't handle them
25-11-2022 15:21
@Elaine665Laura @NaomiBiden @srh_medco @johndolanphotog I like his suit
25-11-2022 14:32
RT @TmarTn: https://t.co/wcVbTKzKhG
25-11-2022 14:06
@SadiqKhan What a load of crap. ULEZ has done nothing for the air quality, the sooner you're booted out the better
25-11-2022 13:21
@MuggleNet Try and use magic for everything, experiment with it, try and replicate wands
25-11-2022 13:08
RT @NoContextBrits: https://t.co/5T2jKHLA7c
25-11-2022 13:07
@Reuters I guess they'll need some of that good old American freedom soon
25-11-2022 10:46
@UnitedPeoplesTV Yes. We can't expect Jim Ratcliffe to spend a billion plus on a possible renovation of the ground… https://t.co/fMrRSf1ZJT
25-11-2022 10:43
@Reuters But if it was Qatar everyone would have a field day
25-11-2022 10:38
@CarolineBC92 Try and have a 30 minute power nap if you can
25-11-2022 10:37
RT @Itsjustchimo: HAHAHAHHAH im loving this videos https://t.co/nvwvmWbVu2
25-11-2022 02:59
@GavinThorpe5 @TelegraphDucker Anfied has had work done to it and they're extending another stand now
25-11-2022 02:48
@ayeejuju RDB songs
24-11-2022 23:35
@ArtisticSeconds @ayeejuju That was a tune back in the day
24-11-2022 23:34
@CFCMod_ Shows how important it is to keep fit to stay at the top level he mightve slowed but his physique is immense
24-11-2022 23:08
@VPrashob @Sahan7x @CFCMod_ 819 goals
24-11-2022 23:07
@Sahan7x @CFCMod_ He also scored a hat trick in 2018 against Spain
24-11-2022 23:06
@Apple When you putting the bid in
24-11-2022 22:59
@eminentgoat @ImpressionistAL The guy has the natural talent to be
24-11-2022 22:57
RT @dipsMUFC: Liverpool fans April 2014…
24-11-2022 21:02
@LBC Bastard
24-11-2022 20:30
RT @SadiRazaMD: The reality for Man Utds new owners is that to win consistently they have to compete with 2 sovereign funds in the Prem and…
24-11-2022 20:29
@StretfordPaddck @KieranMaguire It could literally happen in the next couple of weeks
24-11-2022 19:28
RT @terryflewers: 🗣️Part of Apple's (Tim Cook) plan for #mufc could include Apple funding the building of a new state-of-the-art stadium th…
24-11-2022 19:11
@sweeneyfiles What a clevage
24-11-2022 18:23
@centredevils @CrossyDailyStar I'd rather they just renovate and extend old trafford and make it look good. Same for Carrington
24-11-2022 18:14
@UnitedPeoplesTV Just wondering but won't there be a conflict of interest with Amazon as they broadcast premier league games
24-11-2022 18:04
RT @UssamaMakdisi: Wait, this is the same country that censors BDS right? European morality on display. https://t.co/k0pOTYWtFi
24-11-2022 18:00
RT @Harbpeace: Just a reminder: German police were arresting people for wearing Keffiyehs and cracking down on Palestinian rights protests…
24-11-2022 17:47
@iamanascott Looking good Ana
24-11-2022 17:44
@MissNicoleDeans Yeah she's alot better now.
24-11-2022 17:42
@LBC Yuck dirty bastsrd
24-11-2022 17:30
@MissNicoleDeans My Mrs had that last year she ended up going into hospital for it she said it felt like her chest… https://t.co/BnWd1r05At
24-11-2022 17:25
@bewokgantengg @TheFergusonWay Full name is Lucia Loi
24-11-2022 17:05
@RealistGlizzy Wouldn't there be a conflict of interest with Amazon as they have broadcast rights as well
24-11-2022 15:20
@UtdFaithfuls Siri would be Ten Hags assistant
24-11-2022 15:03
@NoContextBrits Anyone know where that co op is?
24-11-2022 14:52
@bewokgantengg @TheFergusonWay Lucia. Not sure of her surname
24-11-2022 13:34
RT @Mo_therad: Glazers taking dividends in January before selling the club https://t.co/661zs82OQf
24-11-2022 13:19
@RomneyWood @YoungArab61 The Glazers will sell to who ever gives them the highest offer which at the seems the Dubai people
24-11-2022 10:07
@JennyTaft You know female only search lines are very common all over the world
24-11-2022 08:43
@hibashookari Female only search lines are very common all over the world lol
24-11-2022 08:39
@onlyoneutdclub Our women's team is great and I love their togetherness but we're still a work in progress which needs a couple of tweeks
24-11-2022 01:23
@onlyoneutdclub Hopefully put some serious money to improving their facilities making sure they can compete
24-11-2022 01:10
RT @Qatari: This is what happens when you don’t focus on football 🤷🏻‍♂️😅 https://t.co/NinsBbSPiK
23-11-2022 21:03
@UtdActive I would love them.
23-11-2022 19:09
RT @ModerateMozlems: Sodomy enjoyers and drag queen storytime groomers seething in the QTs bc a toddler isn't half naked and her parents ha…
23-11-2022 17:58
@DrTalAbdulrazaq An imam at a mosque also spoke about this and how our minds have been corrupted and see this as being gay
23-11-2022 17:39
@DrTalAbdulrazaq Common in South Asia, its a sign of good friendship and brotherhood although coming from the west… https://t.co/9EClHcoN4Z
23-11-2022 17:38
@NoContextBrits Ketchup and eggs in the fridge, bread and chocolate in the cupboard.
23-11-2022 16:54
@s0phxx_ Cheese and onion. Tuna sweetcorn
23-11-2022 16:35
@mufcMPB @AB_Arabic Hope so. Bottomless pot of money for players and renovations to Old Trafford and Carrington lucrative sponsorship deals
23-11-2022 16:32
@AuschwitzMuseum I wonder if he served in the Great War for Germany
23-11-2022 14:54
@guardian_sport Hope there's all these articles in 2026 for America and its continued war crimes
23-11-2022 14:21
@DomBooth19 They literally have the money to sort our the issues we have. Unlike the others United has the history… https://t.co/SSwSJsbzps
23-11-2022 12:55
RT @arron_crascall: Safety Tips Don’t Work! https://t.co/8uPm5BnUiK
23-11-2022 12:52
@RebeccaCreedy Pretty in pink
23-11-2022 12:44
@RateMyTakeaway Needs to be spicy to with onions and Chillies
23-11-2022 12:41
@MufcWonItAll @ManUtd I think it's investors from Dubai they have a bottomless pit of cash available so plenty to f… https://t.co/MCjJUPq2Ri
23-11-2022 12:39
@jackbarrettmufc Can't wait to buy the kit next season for myself and my boy
23-11-2022 12:27
@strange_guy55 @ManUtdMEN Manchester Derby should be nicknamed the Abu Derby
23-11-2022 12:14
@Glazerspissoff #GlazersOut #GlazersSellNow
23-11-2022 00:47
@sportbible Uder rated striker, won trophies every where he's gone.
23-11-2022 00:11
@AdamCrafton_ Lots of young families many have probably left and gone abroad.
22-11-2022 23:53
@SkySportsPL I think he'll go to France, he's too good for MLS and the Arab leagues
22-11-2022 23:43
@dipsMUFC I'm hoping for a joint venture but obviously depends on the kind of people who are coming in, the asking… https://t.co/4uRDjcyRy4
22-11-2022 23:38
RT @SkyNews: Manchester United owners to explore sale as Glazers seek new investment https://t.co/GsLjAZd2Ie
22-11-2022 22:43
@the_Lawrenz @ManUtd @toyor_pr We don't want your support
22-11-2022 22:17
RT @ManUtd: Cristiano Ronaldo is to leave Manchester United by mutual agreement, with immediate effect. The club thanks him for his immens…
22-11-2022 22:16
RT @4PFMo_: Crying https://t.co/FCMkwDIXHz
22-11-2022 19:48
@TheAthleticFC @mjshrimper @NickMiller79 Money. And companies will still pay him so his brand hasn't been damaged
22-11-2022 19:07
RT @Rossmac212: Lucky he just ate😂 https://t.co/mZVLn3Xf3S
22-11-2022 18:45
@MufcWonItAll Most of the group games in every world cup has empty seats everywhere
22-11-2022 16:57
@JohnJCrace @PippaCrerar What's that got to do with anything? The guy is allowed to go private if he wants to
22-11-2022 16:47
@KBAZWales @paddypower Fight and win
22-11-2022 13:48
@FootballJOE Still went to Dubai where they have the same punishment
22-11-2022 01:29
@BoxyBate I knew they would chicken out when they saw they would get booked for it
22-11-2022 01:25
@markgoldbridge Then yanks are doing well. Didn't expect them to be this good
21-11-2022 23:36
@TobiasLke1 @UtdPlug Are you being serious
21-11-2022 20:49
@bethTmufc Hope we have scouts watching him right now
21-11-2022 20:48
@NoContextBrits Guy got no life
21-11-2022 20:26
@KaciJayMufc https://t.co/16PywQSrnY
21-11-2022 18:16
@lisa_jtx Happy birthday
21-11-2022 18:15
@wizardingworld @CursedChildNYC James Potter Junior?
21-11-2022 18:01
@MUnitedGirl I had to do a double take. Like when did Harry grow out his hair
21-11-2022 17:52
@NOT_MOTD She'll be in a jail cell in a couple of hours. Pretty sure she was on tv
21-11-2022 16:53
RT @FootyScran: Breakfast is served! 🇶🇦 Qatar World Cup fan village breakfast for all travelling fans. 💷 Part of the £200 per night cost…
21-11-2022 14:04
@FootyScran Looks alright keeps you full for a few hours before lunch
21-11-2022 14:04
@MrStephenHowson Burn Khalifa is a must, zip wire in Dubai Marina shopping in Dubai Mall and if you wanted to go so… https://t.co/gAXI3C04IL
21-11-2022 12:21
@l0ujade Rivalries with certain teams should be encouraged
20-11-2022 22:16
@MUnitedGirl Well said, it's absolutely disgusting the hypocrisy. And they didn't even show the opening ceremony
20-11-2022 22:03
RT @MohamedHN_: This coverage of the World Cup from the BBC has been disgraceful. This is an attack against Qatar and their culture.
20-11-2022 22:02
@Itshaber In terms of food keep it simple and make sure it covers enough calories for you
20-11-2022 22:01
@Itshaber You can get most containers from the supermarkets glass or plastic which ever is better, plastic is bette… https://t.co/xjwEhJYAAp
20-11-2022 22:01
@MailSport A hypocrite like the others who only went for the money offered
20-11-2022 21:37
@MirrorFootball Still decided to go for that cash though and the free holiday
20-11-2022 20:39
@JayMotty New build with the bedrooms upstairs
20-11-2022 20:06
@BarneeEb @sajkebab You get paid extra to go out to these events and all expenses paid probably
20-11-2022 19:40
@Milanista_74 @ESPNFC Who cares what you think
20-11-2022 19:30
@BluishSanity @Sfc101010 @GaryLineker He planned to boycott then saw how much the BBC wanted to pay him
20-11-2022 18:16
RT @Cool_Ustaz: May Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala reward the Qatari government for taking a great opportunity to preach Islam to the rest of th…
20-11-2022 17:03
@Tweets2Dubai Too much to see and not enough time, proper beautiful
20-11-2022 16:47
@sportbible Disgusting. Happend at QPR a few years back as well
20-11-2022 13:53
@Naughtylolaxx You should wear them next time you're on
20-11-2022 12:27
@chri5dahl @HeraldWeekly She's the only reason why i managed to watch the film
20-11-2022 03:10
@onlyoneutdclub And Russo has won it
19-11-2022 22:37
@ManUtdWomen @MillieTurner_ United through and through
19-11-2022 22:28
19-11-2022 22:21
@AllForUnitedWFC Well done Ella
19-11-2022 21:36
@Naughtylolaxx Cute boots
19-11-2022 17:26
@Utdtruthful There are two parts in the legend section all time appearances and goal scorer Ronaldo appears in the… https://t.co/txEWOBNq52
19-11-2022 13:15
@Buccaneers #GlazersOut #GlazersSellManUtd
19-11-2022 01:35
@LBC Also why aint you using the ones you already bought? Idiot
19-11-2022 01:30
@LBC They all charge 30p.
19-11-2022 01:30
@Xpecto_GO Nice to finally Amit you
18-11-2022 22:49
@HogwartsLegacy Nice to Amit you finally
18-11-2022 21:17
@LBC Where were these teachers when I was at school
18-11-2022 21:12
@LBC Good. No stupid drunks getting wasted
18-11-2022 17:54
@sportbible @SkyNews Excellent news.
18-11-2022 15:32
@ManUtd Basically said nothing
18-11-2022 15:29
@spectatorindex Best news, no stupid drunks causing trouble
18-11-2022 15:28
@DiabolusXM @LForeverblue @spectatorindex Qatar said there would be fan zones for people to drink at certain times… https://t.co/7AJHSMUyBr
18-11-2022 15:27
@tariqpanja Good
18-11-2022 15:14
@HassanRonaNhi What's joyland
17-11-2022 18:42
@blurayangel Batman
17-11-2022 12:29
@Itshaber Happy birthday
17-11-2022 08:56
@Glazerspissoff His heart is made of stone that's why he doesn't care
17-11-2022 00:42
@KaciJayMufc He's a proper lowlife scumbag
16-11-2022 23:19
@sophielouisecc White majority country and there might be a smaller pool of players to choose from. Ultimately should be selected on skill
16-11-2022 20:58
@LBC Good clear image
16-11-2022 20:00
@UtdDistrict Glazers will be happy with that as Sport England will stump up the cash for renovations
16-11-2022 15:29
@Glazerspissoff @FA @premierleague I was just reading about Arsenal and how they're doing alot of work on the Emira… https://t.co/raJsDgwyCv
16-11-2022 15:13
@piersmorgan You're a cretin Piers, you have Your own ulterior motives
16-11-2022 14:38
@KaciJayMufc Is that his daughter?
16-11-2022 14:24
RT @Glazerspissoff: The glazers can’t run a club #GlazersOut https://t.co/vYWbeawxHU
16-11-2022 13:48
@jehlimus Cute. Kids come up with the funniest things, something you can relive with them when they're older
16-11-2022 12:42
RT @HasbullaHive: the clap at the end always gets me 😭😭😭 https://t.co/ewTQ1G5ZDd
16-11-2022 02:06
RT @ModerateMozlems: Her: 'I don't believe in organized religion. I don't fully follow the Qur'an either. I just believe in a higher power.…
15-11-2022 20:54
RT @KaciJayMufc: England’s number 1️⃣1️⃣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #MUFC #WorldCup2022 💖 https://t.co/e6JMV4SPrK
15-11-2022 20:42
@LBC Bet the dickhead regrets that now
15-11-2022 19:38
@MrStephenHowson Surprised he hasn't blamed Pogba yet
15-11-2022 18:42
@GryffindorLad @FinchStrife @HogwartsLegacy Makes sense. He would be alive at that time
15-11-2022 18:41
@Bradfordjack @DanielMays9 Footballs coming home in time for Xmas
15-11-2022 18:33
@AndyPOBrien @DanielMays9 Read a tweet that said it's not true
15-11-2022 18:31
@fazhotspur @DanielMays9 Exactly. Everyone moaning will still sit down and watch it
15-11-2022 18:30
@DanielMays9 This world cup just doesn't have the same excitement or hype. I'm not a drinker so I don't know what i… https://t.co/zw2dtIX142
15-11-2022 18:29
@Twutterannoysme @DanielMays9 Everyone has already cashed in from broadcasters, sponsors and celebs plus you have a… https://t.co/oVyIzITyga
15-11-2022 18:26
RT @Arch_Revival_: A newly built neighbourhood in Georgia, USA https://t.co/SMBF7hRJnP
15-11-2022 17:58
@fesshole Sounds like she played you pal. As soon as the house was sorted she let you Plough her garden with your seed
15-11-2022 17:52
@LBC Another useless gesture that will do nothing except make people laugh
15-11-2022 14:00
RT @BinKnivesSveLiv: @PiersUncensored @piersmorgan @Cristiano @GNev2 @WayneRooney @TalkTV How could you https://t.co/t329XeWk26
15-11-2022 13:56
@hzeffman Depends on how it goes, it's a massive logistical effort and if they pull it off with no major problems i… https://t.co/ZlWrg3BkLq
15-11-2022 12:34
@RedfighterOT @MrTomMcDermott Woodward and Glazers at fault, when SAF and Gill stepped down Carrington was a state… https://t.co/8isEjSLmuO
15-11-2022 12:15
@SadiqKhan Have you asked actual Londoners if they want ULEZ expanded
15-11-2022 12:06
@khesnasim @LBC Depends on what they've done
15-11-2022 11:11
@LBC Good. Scumbag deserves it and more
15-11-2022 11:07
@Itssan17 DC could've been up there with Marvel if they did it properly. Now playing catch up
15-11-2022 11:02
@SkyNews This guy actually thinks Beckham will care.
15-11-2022 11:01
@Glazerspissoff Apparently Tampa fans think the Glazers are more interested in United.
15-11-2022 10:59
@Buccaneers @TomBrady #GlazersOut #GlazersSellManUtd
15-11-2022 02:24
@Naughtylolaxx @PoppiJoX Two very lovely ladies
15-11-2022 01:27
@UtdPlug @PiersUncensored Hopefully the share prices tumble
15-11-2022 01:25
RT @ImpressionistAL: This is more like it, I & millions of others appreciate this and let's hope it causes a ripple effect, let's not get i…
15-11-2022 01:24
@UtdPlug @sistoney67 In alot of places kitchen staff have usually worked there for years
15-11-2022 01:18
@NoNonperson @Jibberish241 @Sayers33 Yeah that's what they said to me as well
14-11-2022 22:55
@Ewantrez @ESPNFC And still make billions from them
14-11-2022 21:14
@CarolineBC92 Fucking animals
14-11-2022 20:16