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0 2497
RT @livewithnoregrt: nah i don’t “act different”.. i catch on & act accordingly everytime
27-03-2023 04:05
RT @1ndiyah: Oh and was it GOOD 🥺🥺 pre birthday celebrations for my baby @Dami__Hope #20withinterest 😜🏁♥️ https://t.co/R9HpH2H3K6
27-03-2023 02:49
RT @objper: Blue Aiva will like to have a collabo with Wizkid, Davido and Burna boy one day. God Abeg o answer my baby’s prayers #bbtitans…
27-03-2023 02:04
RT @idk44455177: indiyah getting booking dami a whole PENTHOUSE for his birthday 🥺🥺 #loveisland https://t.co/pe1ZDH2van
27-03-2023 01:52
0 3091
RT @MillsReggie: Money can't buy happiness. But financial freedom has a priceless view.
27-03-2023 01:51
RT @Tobi_lobs: Blue Aiva said I should vote Kanaga Jnr for the money Your wish is my command queen. Let me goan gather my devices and mater…
27-03-2023 01:47
RT @Tobi_lobs: Blue Aiva is so particular about the success of her career. She has dreams and is ready to work hard to archive them. For a…
27-03-2023 01:06
RT @KanagaJnr: We wanna use this medium to thank all our friends and supporters who joined us in sealing Kanaga Jnr’s spot in the finale. K…
27-03-2023 01:02
RT @kofoworola_aa: Blue Aiva fans really helped us with coordination in other countries 😭😭😭❤️
26-03-2023 23:28
RT @BigBroAfrica: Our third #BBTitans housemate to leave tonight is Thabang. 😢 Tune in as he joins us on stage. Check out his full profile…
26-03-2023 22:47
0 1138
RT @KanagaJnr: And God has done it! We’re in the finale. KFORCE WE DID lT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Africa, Mama Charity is calling on you to seal Kan…
26-03-2023 22:17
RT @bervelynnnn: The EMPEROR The CONQUEROR The LION is here ! 🎉💕 Thank you Africa for taking this talented, kind young man to the finals!…
26-03-2023 22:11
RT @objper: OPERATION KANAGA JNR For the MONEY!! We move!!! As a BLUE DIAMOND I die here this week 💙💎💙💎 #Bbtitans https://t.co/nGDvm9d7DY
26-03-2023 22:10
0 2128
RT @garyhgoodridge: Don't let someone get comfortable with disrespecting you.
26-03-2023 20:09
0 2574
RT @RealOlaudah: Do you remember the Kenyan runner Abel Mutai, who was just a few feet from the finish line but became confused by the sign…
26-03-2023 19:50
RT @johnero: Yemi Cregx and Handler, Circa 2012. https://t.co/ArSTG5y7t3
26-03-2023 19:38
RT @1ndiyah: I don’t fight but for you I might tussle 🫶🏾xx
26-03-2023 14:01
@wukster2 I was expecting her to do the lord’s work on that Sunday Ebuka asked abt that canoe but she failed me. Go… https://t.co/r90I9J4eUA
26-03-2023 12:52
@wukster2 I tried to be fair,I watched him to see if I could like him 4 her but he became so envious of KJ,he does… https://t.co/p6AbGovLv0
26-03-2023 12:46
@wukster2 See,I’d blame KJ and Oliv. they put in her in that shitty ship& I’m pissed at KJ 4 not telling Blue Aiva… https://t.co/YxoztGCfDK
26-03-2023 12:40
@wukster2 ASWEAR 😂😂. as much as I love Blue Aiva,anytime I saw her with blak i cringe so hard that i started to bin… https://t.co/dpFCUOPwPD
26-03-2023 12:28
0 1205
RT @Cool_Ustaz: After the Jumuah prayer yesterday, this German family knocked on the door of the Masjid requesting to enter Islam by reciti…
26-03-2023 11:26
0 1099
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● Witr Prayer ✨️🌙 ● Beautiful Reminder ✨️🌙 https://t.co/KEZq1by86R
26-03-2023 11:13
0 5144
RT @korysverse: the finest love island contestant… ever https://t.co/baFixwWumc
26-03-2023 01:21
RT @objper: What Blue Aiva said is facts. Cry today, cry tomorrow and cry forever 😋😏😌 NO PARTY WITHOUT BLUE AIVA #BlueAiva #Bbtitans https…
26-03-2023 00:16
RT @Dami__Hope: You know when the trim just makes sense 😭 https://t.co/UguC8tqlLE
25-03-2023 23:39
RT @AllysynAudu: Candy Crush 😋 https://t.co/LmybUAHtit
25-03-2023 23:38
RT @Joyce_Stepper: Blue Diamonds pls our Queen needs a proper welcoming let's do this BLUE DIAMONDS 5K CHALLENGE BLUE AIVA X DJ WYSEI #Bl…
25-03-2023 22:49
RT @houseofneeyo: No pregnant woman will die in labour room in Jesus name, Amen
25-03-2023 21:46
0 4503
RT @MisterAlbie: to be alive...
25-03-2023 21:39
0 1927
RT @MuslimImages: https://t.co/M5Ab2lDe5L
25-03-2023 20:24
RT @MsDamilare: Kanaga, Juicy and Yemi Blue, Nelisa and Yvonne https://t.co/MqlcmvTJ23
25-03-2023 20:22
0 15173
RT @rudol9h: Taraweeh today, Casablanca, Morocco More than 800.000 people https://t.co/3sBe170FGx
25-03-2023 20:21
RT @Usmanashafe: Practice your Christianity Practice your Islam As long as nobody is hurting anyone https://t.co/rKIc42GhRD
25-03-2023 20:20
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage don’t you just have a small brain fitted in big skull for nothing,at least… https://t.co/tdMiHey06Z
25-03-2023 20:10
RT @ciara: A woman’s independence is not dependent on their relationship. Keep rocking your crown Queens #DaGirls 🫶🏽🥰 https://t.co/Yf0bV7K…
25-03-2023 19:43
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage You’re a shipper &I’ve seen you constantly insert blak in everything Blue… https://t.co/QTEhWvfPJM
25-03-2023 18:30
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage So the pre show Blue has been useless and hasn’t been tirelessly working?… https://t.co/ZSYPYK7HVT
25-03-2023 18:25
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage But you’re not Blue’s mother 🫣🤣🤣. Dash your daughter to black nah. Blue Ai… https://t.co/gWtlJdz2xm
25-03-2023 18:20
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage As yourself same question. Are you related to Blue? Is she your daughter?W… https://t.co/TADtxHejMG
25-03-2023 18:18
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage Madam stop shipping Blue Aiva as she said. You’re a mother and I’m sure yo… https://t.co/HOXLn2QSVq
25-03-2023 18:12
@myz_jaygh @taiwodada43 @BlueAivafanpage I really don’t see how these grown women can be this delusional ahn ahn. I… https://t.co/GRhPvz8BEn
25-03-2023 18:10
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage Pls,be fkkng for real. If you’re for Blue Aiva,you shouldn’t be shipping h… https://t.co/4L7VygCP3h
25-03-2023 18:04
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage and Blaq didn’t gossip about her? someone who discussed her with Koshi at… https://t.co/GgXhZr8v8w
25-03-2023 17:55
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage So it’s only Blaq she’s close to? Y not mention Yvonne,Ebubu and Kanaga? Y… https://t.co/cRfS7nhbvH
25-03-2023 17:43
@taiwodada43 @myz_jaygh @BlueAivafanpage Dem use ship do you? She said you all should focus on her and her brand? Na by force ahn ahn.
25-03-2023 17:27
See my love 😍 https://t.co/4Rnx2J24Aq
25-03-2023 17:26
0 6591
RT @WrittenByHanna: the car didn't even hit her i'm crying aodiajidoaji
25-03-2023 16:19
0 4279
RT @bebyghel: Pick me’s are the worst! This woman is crazy to be talking to her like that. These podcasts need to be banned🙄❌ https://t.co/…
25-03-2023 16:18
0 12205
RT @akreana_: Generational wealth.
25-03-2023 16:17
RT @Onyinyechi____: I really can stay indoors and alone for a whole year 🙃
25-03-2023 16:09
@LaurenD15198 I’ve stopped using the lotion cuz 🫢🤣 but the body wash 🧴 are okay. I want to believe it’s the new apartment water. 🤧
25-03-2023 15:13
@LaurenD15198 Lol,the annoying thing is some stores in Nigeria even sell fake ones. If you have to order on Amazon,… https://t.co/KbMJXfJuUc
25-03-2023 15:08
@LaurenD15198 asked my friend in US to buy when he’s coming cuz these overpriced Olay isn’t working the way it used… https://t.co/v6uIdJwtM5
25-03-2023 14:58
@LaurenD15198 My friend spent more than 100k for 6 cerave skin care products.
25-03-2023 14:53
@LaurenD15198 The Cerave price is actually fair compared to Nigerian price. I’m surprised 😒..
25-03-2023 14:42
@LaurenD15198 I see 🫣😂..you’re the calmest one amongst us then,but these folks can acc bring out the worst side. do… https://t.co/ao2xI7QiBz
25-03-2023 14:39
RT @garyhgoodridge: Have you ever just stopped and realized that if you hadn’t met a certain person in your life, your life would be comple…
25-03-2023 14:03
@LaurenD15198 You used to be peaceful on this street,what happened to you !🫣🤣
25-03-2023 13:53
@LaurenD15198 £12.50 for face wash,only?
25-03-2023 13:51
RT @Cool_Ustaz: 2/3 https://t.co/JzVpkhB9up
25-03-2023 13:50
RT @Cool_Ustaz: 1/2 https://t.co/KA5Sr62ETn
25-03-2023 13:47
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● 10 Ramaḍān Goals. ● Must read.🌙❤ https://t.co/aQrVQHNKmX
25-03-2023 13:47
0 4820
RT @OneJoblessBoy: “I just think it’s just so entitled” https://t.co/K87IyRfwMI
25-03-2023 11:44
0 1275
RT @MAbdulkabyr: Yaa Allah! Me and my wife we have come again this year with the same last two years prayer point. Grant us a child from…
25-03-2023 03:51
0 3545
RT @SoniaUzama: Contentment. I like good things o but you’ll never see me put my eyes in what isn’t for me or be entitled over what I can’…
25-03-2023 03:43
RT @Dami__Hope: Ain’t no news that I’m still fly 💞🌸 https://t.co/xudeRIJuNY
24-03-2023 23:24
RT @Dami__Hope: Check your armpit before you check for me
24-03-2023 23:23
0 4014
RT @Hauwa_L: Used Olori Ebi’s money to do shoot and wrote a comic book while at it. A Queen. Please pre-order ‘Hauwa’s Mad House’ via the…
24-03-2023 22:56
0 1402
RT @Hauwa_L: If after dropping these pictures, you see me in danfo & open your mouth to call my name, I’ll rake you. ‘Hauwa’s Mad House’ i…
24-03-2023 22:49
They don’t like her and they expected her care enough not take the $500???? Nah,they’re all clowns 🤡. Big brother N… https://t.co/Xwuiv4vzh1
24-03-2023 19:28
0 10380
RT @DailyLoud: World Athletics Council bans transgender women from competing in female events 👀 https://t.co/godeDCfPdI
24-03-2023 17:16
am i a bad person for cheering for the woman !!?????😳🫢😭🫣 https://t.co/RQQQ8hunsd
24-03-2023 10:00
RT @OfficialSaskay: Cool kid🤓 https://t.co/cl9ufiRGXj
24-03-2023 09:45
@Arinola_5 that lady is the most annoying person Blue has as a fan. a very grown adult woman for that matter. 🤧
24-03-2023 09:16
One day one day,I’d taste this starch and banga soup. https://t.co/fyOvY0mmkb
24-03-2023 08:43
0 1205
RT @garyhgoodridge: Be smart, don’t react to people not worth it.
24-03-2023 08:34
0 1077
RT @MillsReggie: Do not argue with reality. You cannot win.
24-03-2023 08:12
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● What Is Sahoor And Why Is It Important?✨️🌙 ● Beautiful Reminder 📚 https://t.co/LHPfdA1OAf
24-03-2023 08:02
0 2441
RT @Gilmoorre: The first set of people that will be prevented from the gates of Heaven 😂 https://t.co/kelYJ2MvoP
24-03-2023 07:50
0 10403
RT @MillsReggie: Your circle is suppose to be proud, not jealous.
24-03-2023 07:40
RT @1ndiyah: @Dami__Hope funke is calling
24-03-2023 07:36
RT @Cool_Ustaz: 1/2 https://t.co/9rhSvDk5oK
23-03-2023 15:01
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● Sunnah Of Fasting 💕🌙 ● Beautiful Reminder 📚 https://t.co/ERwD6Q8Y0c
23-03-2023 14:59
0 4817
RT @luvdolapo: How can humans be so vile💔💔💔💔 #justice4Roxie. #justiceforroxie #AnimalCruelty #stopanimalcruelty https://t.co/ah5x6MTjGw
23-03-2023 14:33
0 15494
RT @didironomy: I hate when one of your airpods steals all the nutrients from the other one in the womb so now it’s like L 87% R 3%
23-03-2023 12:17
0 36584
RT @iHad2GoGetit: Me googling everything after watching a movie based on true events https://t.co/DLTGElVM4s
23-03-2023 12:17
RT @BlueAivafanpage: Ramadhan Kareem to our moslem Blue Diamonds BLUE DIAMONDS FOR BLUE AIVA UNITED FOR BLUE AIVA #BlueAiva #BBTitans ht…
23-03-2023 12:13
0 2366
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● Easy Dhikr And Their Rewards For Ramadan.✨️❤️ ● Keep It In Your Timeline. 🌻📿 https://t.co/tihuGZ0cop
23-03-2023 06:09
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● 5 Things You Might Not Know About Ramadan ☪️ ● Must Read 📚 https://t.co/Jg8RWhhqf7
23-03-2023 06:09
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● 10 Important Tips For Ramadan ● Keep It In Your Timeline.🌙🤎 https://t.co/QdAXCevJWX
23-03-2023 06:08
RT @Cool_Ustaz: Hope this helps you plan out your Quran recitation for Ramadan. May Allah make this a beautiful rewarding Ramadan for all…
23-03-2023 06:08
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● Virtues Of Tahajjud 💖🌱 ● Beautiful Reminder 📚 https://t.co/HdLdxmn3Ba
23-03-2023 06:08
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● Some Romantic Acts From Sunnah ✨️ ● Beautiful Reminder 📚 https://t.co/AWQrZyAz1M
23-03-2023 06:08
0 1028
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● How To Pray TARAWEEH.✨️❤️ ● Must Learn.💙✨ https://t.co/epZeyCANE5
23-03-2023 06:08
RT @Cool_Ustaz: °•☆ Ramaḍān Du'a List..🤲🏾 °•☆ Beautiful Reminder 📚 https://t.co/uKaW5jYFiA
23-03-2023 06:07
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● At What Age Should I Start Fasting? ● Beautiful Reminder 📚 https://t.co/EDsRKxfZEv
23-03-2023 06:06
0 3409
RT @Cool_Ustaz: ● Things Not To Do In Ramaḍān 🙅‍♂️ ● Beware⚠️ https://t.co/OdaVzfju2s
23-03-2023 06:05
RT @TaZRahman7: May this month be filled with blessings, forgiveness and spiritual growth and may our prayers, fasting and acts of devotion…
23-03-2023 06:04
Nutella can geddiffokk https://t.co/VnqIxBnJhv
23-03-2023 00:27
RT @eketiette: You overhear your nearly 68-year-old father making clandestine plans with someone on the phone. You hear these whispered wo…
23-03-2023 00:25
Saskay,my sexy baby.😍♥️ https://t.co/DBmUOWizem
22-03-2023 21:54
RT @favfavy003: Goated🔥 #BBTitans https://t.co/OUfsR6OLka
22-03-2023 21:52
RT @BurlyMonk: It's never appropriate to use someone to forget another person.
22-03-2023 19:59
0 32497
RT @thinking_manc: My boy has just beat cancer. #fuckcancer https://t.co/PcH0Z5tg31
22-03-2023 18:25
0 4431
RT @AfricaFactsZone: Nigeria's 31-year-old Silas Adekunle is the World's Highest Paid Robotics Engineer. He built the world's first intell…
22-03-2023 18:04
RT @objper: This girl will never be forgotten in the history of BBTITANS!! A unique story and vibe! Blue Aiva, 1st of her name! Lovers lo…
22-03-2023 15:32
0 36980
RT @KhloeUmoh: ‘Do you need me to send you on a vacation’ is how I would like to be comforted going forward.
22-03-2023 11:09
0 4101
RT @PopBase: Law Roach reveals Zendaya’s reaction to his retirement: “She called and said, ‘Girl, I thought we make big decisions together…
22-03-2023 11:09
0 1160
RT @Kayjnr10: Kindly help find a friend’s missing sister. She visited the Doctor on Monday at the Ngleshie Amanfrom Polyclinic and she ha…
22-03-2023 11:08
0 6020
RT @fineassnayyyy: Congratulations to me in advance. I don’t know what’s coming, but it’s coming. 🫶🏾✨
22-03-2023 11:07
RT @genovevaumeh: Fam vote Kanaga Jr, he’s a proper Gentleman! If you have Dstv, login & tap KANAGA JR! Let’a get him to the final! 🥹🥹🥰🥰💐💐…
22-03-2023 04:32
0 6068
RT @makispoke: people are such haters! look at the way someone saw this lawyer (she’s Nigerian American) thriving on tiktok and earning her…
22-03-2023 04:32
RT @IRep_Lib: Shippers she said we should focus on her and her brand. Go ship your boys with your Aunties, sisters, Cousins, girlfriends, w…
22-03-2023 00:10
0 1705
RT @Naija_PR: This is the collab we’ve been wanting to see😍🔥. https://t.co/6vaZJGcs2m
21-03-2023 20:39
RT @deenayaah: Type and Just RT 🤲 https://t.co/ztQSlF332J
21-03-2023 19:50
RT @the_Lawrenz: Everything that the light touches…… https://t.co/wh5srhGunQ
21-03-2023 17:58
0 4982
RT @TshiwaIitula: Please help me find my friend https://t.co/wuRausGVt0
21-03-2023 16:32
RT @KanagaJnr: KFORCE and Lovers of Kanaga Jnr, we have seen the new voting system. Pay attention: Don’t use another country’s IUC to vote…
21-03-2023 10:53
0 7931
RT @Notdojaaa: How you buy a shirt with titties on it and then get mad because people thought you had your titties out Lmao. Like wasn’t th…
21-03-2023 01:29
0 4578
RT @Tunde_OD: Elizabeth was hawking biscuits under oshodi bridge with her Mum when we met her in 2021. They didn't have a place to live but…
21-03-2023 01:28
0 7024
21-03-2023 01:08
RT @Tobi_lobs: Nothing much…….. I just want to tell you that Blue Aiva will succeed so well and be in your faces forever!! She’s that star…
21-03-2023 00:33
RT @Gross67296737: Handler @blueAiva I don't know if BLUE AIVA have her phone yet.. but u guys must not encourage this. Blacboi and his tea…
20-03-2023 23:44
@sexxymobiler @ViinohLegodi https://t.co/g97acYo0co
20-03-2023 22:57
RT @DStv: https://t.co/qetDWe093p
20-03-2023 22:24
RT @DStv: She brought buckets of paint and coloured the house with finesse, unmatched energy and some ‘get them’ energy, and tonight, she s…
20-03-2023 22:19
@wukster2 @ComfortOI @objper https://t.co/4FZ5cTUdVZ
20-03-2023 22:06
@wukster2 @ComfortOI @objper Official? Lmao 😂…wished u watched it, D shippers were embarrassing themselves. Some we… https://t.co/M4WrFLCDVj
20-03-2023 21:40
@ComfortOI @objper [email protected] see your girl made me so proud tonight. I hope she continues to avoid ship’s questi… https://t.co/WXk6TCBXN8
20-03-2023 21:06
0 7149
RT @SUCKAW0RLD: I’m screaming she was READING https://t.co/oVCwFdHM69
20-03-2023 20:01
RT @addiebaddie_14: It wasn't HER season, but Indiyah was giving and trending ALL season, every aftersun 💯🤌🏿 Indiyah you smashed it love. P…
20-03-2023 19:55
@CapitalOfficial @1ndiyah It’s a “MUST” not even a debate. She must return for LI summer.
20-03-2023 19:54
RT @CapitalOfficial: Indiyah ✨ needs ✨ to return to her co-hosting duties this summer #LoveIsland https://t.co/dNbw4Ja6Ag
20-03-2023 19:52
The one and only genuine and deserving WINNER !! No one comes close. https://t.co/kmbaF9d55Q
20-03-2023 19:27
RT @alphalking: The most deserving Big Brother WINNER of all time. Olamilekan Agbeleshioba Adisaaa🥵 https://t.co/N4UCZ0oyuE
20-03-2023 19:26
0 126555
RT @wanmafiq: “Congratulations, you passed!” “Congratulations, you’re hired!” “Congratulations, you’re approved!” “Congratulations, you’re…
20-03-2023 16:58
RT @Tobi_lobs: I want Blue Aiva to do her media rounds in Nigeria. The spotlight will be on her. Nigerians will welcome their adopted baby…
20-03-2023 16:24
RT @objper: Is this what heartbreak feels like? Yeeee my chest 🥹😩😭 Blue Aiva, I love you 💙😭 BLUE AIVA TO THE WORLD BLUE DIAMONDS LOVE BLU…
20-03-2023 16:21
0 5461
RT @MillsReggie: Never be afraid to treat people the way they treat you.
20-03-2023 14:57
0 21531
RT @kekeupdate: Keke Palmer dragging law roach will go down in pop culture history https://t.co/HTKmh22Eqw
20-03-2023 11:26
RT @bervelynnnn: BLUE AIVA 💕 Diamond of the season 💎 You came in late and came this far You stole the hearts of many You made so many peop…
20-03-2023 11:14
0 7168
RT @pretty_yunique: I think Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje one of the most underrated black actors ever. His acting bag is so HEAVY, but I never…
20-03-2023 07:50
0 1072
RT @StreetFashion01: Boa Sofa by The Campana Brothers Crafted in 2002!🖤 https://t.co/2CM1Rknvmw
20-03-2023 07:48
0 19601
RT @RealMona_: me at 2am setting my alarm for 6am https://t.co/cA2oCE4kDf
20-03-2023 07:48
0 25781
RT @RealMona_: 2 hours of cooking just to eat in 10 minutes and now I've gotta wash everything https://t.co/SdBPQNUmI8
20-03-2023 07:48
0 5309
RT @PRADAXBBY: obsessed with these rugs! https://t.co/SjH41rgwlB
20-03-2023 07:47
0 2113
RT @galactamelanin: obsessed with this colour 🦄 https://t.co/uRJK01Lbdl
20-03-2023 07:47
0 1218
RT @CLINT419: they should make people take an exam before they’re allowed to buy podcast equipment.
20-03-2023 07:47
RT @maredparry: Sorry Indiyah is SUCH a good presenter?! This clearly comes naturally to her, it’s actually mad that this is her first TV j…
20-03-2023 01:28
RT @BigBroAfrica: Blue Aiva is leaving the #BBTitans house! Was she your fave? Did you vote? See her full journey here: https://t.co/BcFQy…
20-03-2023 00:50
@wukster2 @Ebuka @Lawrence_Maleka The way Ebuka hyped her on that first Sunday,the week she came in. I was like hmm… https://t.co/JgMUNB1ccG
20-03-2023 00:19
RT @objper: Ebuka said one of the most talked about housemate from the day she entered. She still walked out in style 😂. I love this girl s…
19-03-2023 23:59
RT @bervelynnnn: Blue better come to Ghana and host one of these ampiano shows. I need to groove with her🕺🎉
19-03-2023 23:52
@wukster2 @Ebuka @Lawrence_Maleka You’re tagging the culprits lol…you should have known that these Agbayas also don… https://t.co/wDNIlw1onR
19-03-2023 23:49
Make this show the first and the last,you hear me? Ehn ehn cuz if you bring it back,you and all your productions wi… https://t.co/N4A4qKDvEg
19-03-2023 23:47
RT @blueAiva: Blue Aiva. Remember the name! 🔥 Leaving the #BBTitans building in style Thank you @BigBroAfrica #BlueAiva https://t.co/F…
19-03-2023 23:32
RT @KingJoeeeeeeee: Unpopular opinion: Blue gave more show than Khosi did 👏 #BBTitans
19-03-2023 22:11
RT @blueAiva: Everyone is broken. We gave our all. The fans gave their all. This is just the beginning.. Thank you for the support Blue…
19-03-2023 21:37
RT @objper: Rocking till the very end! That’s my Blue Aiva!! #BBTitans
19-03-2023 21:34
RT @alphalking: Nobody sold themselves on this show more than Blue Aiva. She really sold her craft🫶🏽
19-03-2023 21:33
RT @alphalking: “I keep people talking, this is just who I am. I am BLUE AIVA” https://t.co/4bepkzPsah
19-03-2023 21:33
RT @bervelynnnn: She came in like a Queen and left like a Queen 😍 It’s the walk and bawdy for me 😍 https://t.co/BwC6ng3NQQ
19-03-2023 21:28
I’m not even Sad but just disappointed but we move 😫😭. I really love you my baby girl. I watched the show because… https://t.co/fVhDl6GxN9
19-03-2023 21:27
0 1016
RT @blueAiva: She came, she lived and she conquered. We cant wait for her to see the BIG love waiting for her outside To the Fanmily that…
19-03-2023 21:24
RT @iamsalesgirl: Blue Aiva is happy to be out 😂 .. Nah she belong on stage #BBTitans
19-03-2023 21:17
0 20841
RT @gaialect: he was nice but i deserve someone who’s crazy about me. there’s a lot of “love out loud” that i missed out on as a child. i w…
19-03-2023 20:11
0 4435
RT @omoiyaakeem: I’m Constantly begging God to put me in a position where I can afford whatever I want without bothering anyone. Do it for…
19-03-2023 20:06
RT @objper: Blue Aiva is so grateful for her experience on the show, she got emotional. Biggie encouraged her and told my Baby there’s noth…
19-03-2023 17:22
0 18594
RT @RealMona_: 6 year old me in the car thinking the moon is following me https://t.co/WrlRob6t6l
19-03-2023 10:44
RT @PerpetualAfriy5: Blue Aiva is so passionate about her music career since I decided to talk to one of the greatest producer I know... he…
19-03-2023 07:41
RT @folasadeee1: I just realized that both DJs that played blue Aiva’s songs were Nigerians. We love Blue die😂 she will enjoy in naija #BBT…
19-03-2023 01:38
RT @blueAiva: It's how the fellow housemates where kneeling and hailing our babe Blue Aiva saying she's a Superstar that has achieved so mu…
19-03-2023 01:22
RT @blueAiva: Yaaas🔥 Blue Diamonds we're now 4! Blue Aiva's 2 hardworking fans, me the handler and Dj Wysei !!!! BLUE AIVA THE PARTY RO…
19-03-2023 01:18
RT @Joyce_Stepper: Thank you @djwysei for playing Blue Aiva 's song, I love that women supports women 💪💪 it's good to see successful DJs p…
19-03-2023 01:13
RT @blueAiva: Ok, real quick Blue Diamonds please give @djwysei her crown What an Operatah! 💎🔥🎶 BLUE AIVA THE PARTY ROCKER COMPETITIVE…
19-03-2023 01:07
RT @FaithUju1: Aww Blue is saying all the people she knows never show support, But a big Nigerian Dj played two of her songs. She’s still i…
19-03-2023 01:06
RT @alphalking: I really want the best for Blue Aiva after the show. She deserves to blow🥺
19-03-2023 00:51
RT @callitwhatever9: The way Blue Aiva made me fall in love with SA music is insane, she got me making an amapiano playlist and naming it a…
19-03-2023 00:47
RT @blueAiva: Another Blue Aiva song playing again 👀 We don't know if we should be happy or scared oo😩... BLUE AIVA THE PARTY ROCKER #Blu…
19-03-2023 00:40
RT @SiyandaNdimba: Okay I'm Voting hard for Blue Aiva next week 😩 I Stan a Queen 👑 I'm sorry for joining late 😩 #BBTitans
19-03-2023 00:34
RT @blueAiva: I don’t just party and make great music, I also invest time in partying with education and making the best out of it Big sh…
19-03-2023 00:12
RT @blueAiva: The goated moment when Blue Aiva's fire song came on at the #BBTitans party 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Is Smooth Operatah your mateee??? BLUE AI…
18-03-2023 23:56
RT @EllenAbareal: DJ is playing blue Aiva’s song 🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #BBTitans #BBTitians #BlueAiva #bbtitan https://t.co/XUzhwEgVGV
18-03-2023 23:55
RT @bervelynnnn: Another Saturday party of the Dj playing Blue Aiva’s song 😍🥳 And the housemates joined in unison at the end 💕 https://t.c…
18-03-2023 23:49
What is wrong with you ?😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/63wYV7vcCK
18-03-2023 22:55
RT @blueAiva: We can all agree that Blue Aiva is a fave during Sponsored tasks games Check out her versatility during the Send Basket ball…
18-03-2023 22:40
@DeborahJimah 😂😂😂😂
18-03-2023 19:37
LMAO 🤣. Na ment abi mentol 😅😃 https://t.co/aoRYdBQ5QP
18-03-2023 18:25
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RT @DaROYALemperor: Damson Idris talking about his mom 😂😂 His Yoruba accent is flawless tho. 😍😍👏🏾 https://t.co/vX1AwhmIlT
18-03-2023 18:16
@artificialhipss @Meg61351225 foetus has more active brain than this one.😬
18-03-2023 17:10
@Meg61351225 @artificialhipss Read what you just tweeted,does it make any sense? What are you,12?
18-03-2023 17:06
@artificialhipss She has menstrual cramps
18-03-2023 16:59
@IRep_Lib Really hope they came through for her during voting period. I’m scared for my baby 🤒😩
18-03-2023 15:25
@tejumolababa anyways I’ve seen many of them turned shippers. It’s so sad that when they’re both up,they all will s… https://t.co/zyqyQJ9H2Z
18-03-2023 15:17
RT @Stepharny1: Honestly miss this crew…. Thabang is all fun and vibes with them. Always acts his age and isn’t under any form of pressure…
18-03-2023 15:14
why’s Blue Aiva in this tweet? was she not single before Yemi left the house? Y’all better leave the girl alone f… https://t.co/HH8eH3BfEf
18-03-2023 14:58
@tejumolababa aren’t you also encouraging their shippers? Let it start from you.
18-03-2023 14:51
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RT @NigeriaStories: Story Of How Stella Obasanjo Nigeria First Lady in 2005 lost her life few weeks before her 60th birthday A thread Re…
18-03-2023 13:37