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@atrupar Of course it had to be FOUR times bc Jesus was only condemned by St. Peter three times. He’s always gotta outdo everyone…
02-12-2022 19:34
RT @MarkRuffalo: “…wrote that sanctions would ‘make clear that the Court will not condone litigants…furthering false narratives that basele…
02-12-2022 19:26
RT @SenWarren: Let's be clear: the President has the legal authority to cancel student debt.
02-12-2022 18:56
RT @MeidasTouch: Started Going https://t.co/t4QO7X9jYA
02-12-2022 18:54
RT @JoeMyGod: Rioter Charged With Felony For Pepper-Spraying Cops - https://t.co/LJSHjqWVOl https://t.co/6zBhg3jihy
02-12-2022 18:52
RT @mmpadellan: President Obama on Herschel Walker vampires vs werewolves: "I once had that debate... When I was SEVEN!"😂 https://t.co/fTDm…
02-12-2022 18:51
RT @Local4News: The excitement from another blowout win over Ohio State has barely faded, but the Michigan football team has a Big Ten cham…
02-12-2022 18:50
RT @tgrthorn: @DashDobrofsky SNL has been doing non stop BIDEN IS SO OLD jokes, and any program I turn on is casually discussing alllll the…
02-12-2022 18:50
RT @Marmel: I was one grand uncle away from Germany knocking me out of existence, one grandmother away from Russia doing the same. So the…
02-12-2022 18:49
@Marmel @SamiaAliSalama My dad was a POW & marched across Europe for 87 days to stay ahead of the liberators. He wa… https://t.co/I20AiU4Hqe
02-12-2022 18:49
Thank goodness for the GREAT samaritans who intervened of her behalf. Explain to me why this guy is now out on ba… https://t.co/Sugn6wH144
02-12-2022 18:43
RT @ungerbn103: Trump lost the Popular Vote twice, was Impeached twice, was fired by the American People in 2020, and then stole and lied a…
02-12-2022 18:36
Typical trumpian shitshow. https://t.co/7s4Rxx18Rr
02-12-2022 18:34
Now that he’s lost his court cases and has hundreds of millions of compensation levied against him for his hate-spe… https://t.co/SDFhUuFkda
02-12-2022 18:31
@keithmehl @ChewbeccaUSA @MysterySolvent Nicely done! https://t.co/gstcwY5R5d
02-12-2022 18:27
RT @mikelocklin: @MysterySolvent Prime example of a sports star that should have "stayed in his lane".
02-12-2022 18:26
RT @johnfeal2: @MysterySolvent Sadly Herschel is the new Sarah Palin.
02-12-2022 18:24
RT @rscook: covid aka #TrumpVirus aka #GOPvirus is resurging just in time for the winter holidays 🤦 i can’t decide whether to hibernate or…
02-12-2022 18:24
RT @carmmartinezatx: @tplohetski @JonesHospodTX Why can’t the federal government get involved?? Seriously? Gag Abbott and his shills @TxDPS…
02-12-2022 18:24
RT @tplohetski: NEW: Months after the Uvalde shooting, amid demands for transparency, multiple Texas lawmakers have gotten confidential inf…
02-12-2022 18:23
RT @SeanMastersons: https://t.co/bXbRHCC18E
02-12-2022 18:20
RT @MomsDemand: On this day seven years ago, 14 people were shot and killed and 22 others were wounded at Inland Regional Center in San Ber…
02-12-2022 18:19
RT @FrankMikeDavis1: In YOUR opinion, should SCOTUS be expanded to "13" Justices, to correspond with our "13 Circuit Courts" ???
02-12-2022 18:19
The loser still uses the “I take no responsibility at all” defense (because it worked so well for him the first tim… https://t.co/U5MkX9I1jA
02-12-2022 12:09
THIS is how those whose job it it to protect the public’s health should react. #SirChris in England should contact… https://t.co/UVP5VVyIOq
02-12-2022 12:06
RT @ABC: "We can't let up our guard," Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy told @ABC News. https://t.co/CPOrZsM9gw
02-12-2022 12:05
How ass-backwards is this? I have 2 sisters diagnosed with cancer since the pandemic started. However, any deaths… https://t.co/JO6x0oGv2R
02-12-2022 12:04
@BetteMidler @NYRP Happy birthday, @BetteMidler! I [email protected] day was fabulous! Thanks so much for doing this & rais… https://t.co/dyHrGIEgOj
02-12-2022 11:58
RT @BetteMidler: It IS my birthday! And this IS happening @NYRP ! "Happy birthday to our founder @BetteMidler! 💚 To support our cleaning &…
02-12-2022 11:55
RT @Mafhoney: @BetteMidler @NYRP Bette Midler truly is a fine wine. Gorgeous doll, simply GORgeous! Happy Birthday! 🎂
02-12-2022 11:54
@DrGJackBrown Being a “sorta” Nazi is the same as being “a little bit” pregnant. You either are ONE thing or the ot… https://t.co/jHiKNLruPr
02-12-2022 11:47
RT @DrGJackBrown: There is no such damn thing as a 'sorta' Nazi. Call out this evil — Every. Damn. Time.
02-12-2022 11:44
As a pediatric nurse, I would be calling child protective services on HIS ass for promoting child abuse. Kids have… https://t.co/kGVJqz95Op
02-12-2022 11:41
RT @rjdomos: @shannonrwatts Has anyone notified Florida Child Protective Services about this guy? Does he have kids? Does he abuse them too…
02-12-2022 11:40
RT @helisbor: @JoJoFromJerz @shannonrwatts Every parent in Brevard should keep this clip. They're going to need it in their child abuse law…
02-12-2022 11:40
@shannonrwatts As a pediatric nurse, I would be calling child protective services on HIS ass for promoting child ab… https://t.co/RxQlw8B1fA
02-12-2022 03:34
RT @MIHouseDems: Founded in 1988, every December first is recognized as #WorldAIDSDay. Today we have the opportunity to show our support to…
01-12-2022 14:41
RT @JDCocchiarella: Herschel Walker is such a terrible candidate the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Georgia openly said he wouldn’t vote…
01-12-2022 14:40
RT @Michell33650674: You know, pointing out that a state is turning to fascism isn't an insult to all the people who live there. It's simp…
01-12-2022 14:35
RT @mmpadellan: I'm curious AF to see what trump fought so hard to prevent anyone from seeing in his tax returns. Anyone else?
01-12-2022 14:34
RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: The European Union drops the hammer on Elon Musk and warns him that Twitter will be banned unless it starts…
01-12-2022 04:05
RT @reneeaclay: That's MR. SMITH, to you jacka$$. He's what your nightmares are made of...and we're here for it. #FreshResists https://t.co…
28-11-2022 20:35
RT @TimmyTwoShirts: Always consult your physician prior to any strenuous activity https://t.co/spZs9qGI2A
28-11-2022 20:33
@elonmusk You may want to enroll in one of these: https://t.co/2qyzltn47A What you are displaying is not only unsa… https://t.co/c56WyvEVVQ
28-11-2022 17:49
RT @FordJohnathan5: Hey @elonmusk you know who also attacked our veterans that served this great country? Donald Trump. @AVindman
28-11-2022 17:43
@QuizGriz I got to Q45 before I got one wrong… so close to 50!
28-11-2022 17:42
@stucam7771 Karma coming for 🍊🤡… https://t.co/Kyr3q8Pwad
28-11-2022 17:25
RT @stucam7771: Trump doesn't think it's fair that Jack Smith is investigating him, because he has a history of prosecuting crimes includin…
28-11-2022 17:22
RT @maria_sam22: Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, my DM requests and mentions are being flooded with hate from ULTRA MAGA accounts w…
28-11-2022 17:22
RT @Alyssa_Milano: I gave back my Tesla. I bought the VW ev. I love it. I’m not sure how advertisers can buy space on Twitter. Publicly…
28-11-2022 17:21
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: pro tip: if you can't denounce Nazis because doing so would anger your base, you're on the wrong fucking side
28-11-2022 17:21
RT @JillWes04010708: Melania Trump trending Is a good time to remind everyone that our current first lady was also a model but she did it w…
28-11-2022 16:47
@bobbyG14 @WilliamRich2012 @Lesdoggg @ArturoProg5 Do you?
28-11-2022 16:43
RT @superAMPT: @ReverendWarnock Looks like you were in good company. Even with all of the voter suppression actions in Georgia--standing…
28-11-2022 16:39
RT @Transmaiandevil: @ReverendWarnock https://t.co/4ZD85LgG33
28-11-2022 16:39
RT @ReverendWarnock: I made sure my voice was heard today. VOTE 😁🗳️ https://t.co/EYgFX3qwzo
28-11-2022 16:38
@bobbyG14 @WilliamRich2012 @Lesdoggg @ArturoProg5 Truth or Republican/evangelical “truth”? https://t.co/Pr7Ee57VJX
28-11-2022 07:24
@RoseMrbridge @WilliamRich2012 @Lesdoggg @ArturoProg5 A fad? Are you kidding me? Only 7% of Boomers identify as LGB… https://t.co/wg1C1wf4hC
28-11-2022 07:22
RT @WilliamRich2012: @RoseMrbridge @Lesdoggg @ArturoProg5 Sorry Rose, but history says you are wrong. Gay men & women have been part of our…
28-11-2022 07:14
RT @Lesdoggg: This… https://t.co/uzgGsvBfjW
28-11-2022 07:13
0 25578
RT @AVindman: I’ll put my reputation up against yours any day. I’ve spent my entire adult life in service to my country. Upheld my oath to…
28-11-2022 06:53
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: Holocaust denial violates @Twitter policies. An important step. Do you know when was it introduced? Although factual…
28-11-2022 06:51
RT @DarrigoMelanie: Children killed this year by Drag Queen Story Hour: 0 Children killed this year by guns: 1,508 Just in case you were…
28-11-2022 06:47
0 25597
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: @ZeroDarkKitty The Holocaust happened. It is a fact, not an opinion. Holocaust deniers are not people who have a diff…
28-11-2022 06:47
RT @EllaErayo: https://t.co/Lx7pIDh8LF
25-11-2022 19:19
@JeffreyGuterman This might shed some light on it better. Sounds like he just cut & pasted from Wikipedia without r… https://t.co/qOmaKuZm1l
25-11-2022 19:18
@JeffreyGuterman A terra cotta soldier? A terra cotta planter? A terra cotta gargoyle? This is very unclear.
25-11-2022 19:03
@BoothDean @wulfsethen @ZTPetrizzo https://t.co/vaixBaeJyt
25-11-2022 18:32
There isn’t *one* thing that doesn’t go his way that he doesn’t immediately denigrate those who made the decision a… https://t.co/mLPdRULP9k
25-11-2022 10:04
@KLeabharlannai @Postsue1 @Gracielinn6658 @LifeWithChristy @CdnRoswell @MajorSamO @Timestumped @lrosenba94 @gericsl… https://t.co/F6YypnLPfz
25-11-2022 09:54
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! Too bad that because of Elon, this will be the last anniversary I… https://t.co/Qq5JV8GgNS
24-11-2022 19:07
Legal Fees for Librarian Amanda Jones https://t.co/KSgzLfmPMH
21-11-2022 21:19
RT @ChudsOfTikTok: A neighbor, racially profiles a 9 year old child, told the dispacher that she was a "little black woman", & expressed th…
13-11-2022 18:24
0 16269
RT @BetteMidler: https://t.co/KtxGkF8ReC
13-11-2022 18:19
RT @StevenTDennis: Hawley getting trolled by Swalwell. I didn't realize somebody had turned the running senator thing into a GIF.
13-11-2022 18:18
It’s scary to think how many will believe her cockamamie story! (Like Hillary & the pizza shop!) Where, as a nati… https://t.co/D1sbCgSsBY
12-11-2022 18:08
RT @DavidCornDC: All three of the QAnonish, election-denier Republicans running for secretary of state in AZ, MI & NV—who I wrote about in…
12-11-2022 17:51
RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Senator-elect John Fetterman's wife Gisele proudly informs the state that she is a "formerly undocumented im…
12-11-2022 17:51
RT @elleb52652533: @Lady_Star_Gem @ReverendWarnock And citizens from other states. A group of us Moms in Michigan all donated to Rev Warnic…
12-11-2022 17:47
RT @Lady_Star_Gem: I love the way a lot of Democrats in the House, Senate, governors & in the White House are rallying behind @ReverendWarn…
12-11-2022 17:47
RT @mackinacbridge: The high wind warning on the #MackinacBridge has been cleared. Have a safe and pleasant trip!
12-11-2022 17:44
RT @SarahIronside6: It would be amazing if republicans would actually reflect on how unpopular their policies are rather than spew blame an…
12-11-2022 17:44
RT @rscook: Adam Frisch had 3K followers when he won the democratic primary 💪 now with almost 207K followers he’s leading a national moveme…
12-11-2022 17:44
@Peatches66 @giard_joan @4a_of @PKHarrington @SandySue1958 @RosannaPhillip @Wipapa5 @allanjohnsonmn1 @_WILLIAMCHER… https://t.co/9Vel6jgr11
12-11-2022 17:33
RT @admiralmpj: While I'm so so so so glad that @CaptMarkKelly has won re-election to the Senate... ...my heart breaks when I remember the…
12-11-2022 07:50
@rafaelshimunov @didikins4life That’s the payback for YEARS of overcharging patients for drugs that cost them under… https://t.co/bWgE8z9qsd
12-11-2022 07:48
THIS is a reason why Catholics my age & younger are rapidly leaving the church. We voted for a proposal that doesn… https://t.co/0jrtTNlCQj
12-11-2022 01:49
RT @didikins4life: Catholic leaders applauded the overturning of #Roe #SCOTUS said it was up to the states.The #Voters have spoken resoundi…
12-11-2022 01:43
RT @didikins4life: I am constantly messaging about the #DemPartyPlatform because I am proud to share it. Ever wonder why #GOP doesn't highl…
12-11-2022 01:41
RT @EladNehorai: @joetsai1999 Antisemitism is not only about “hate towards Jewish people.” This is a limited & broken definition. Antisemi…
12-11-2022 01:40
RT @web_rant: @littlebear36_ The thing to remember is it's all intentional. https://t.co/9KnjOwAIcZ
12-11-2022 01:36
RT @littlebear36_: Just a little summary of the past few days on twitter. I do love it here. https://t.co/CV3ifuWkxd
12-11-2022 01:33
RT @kim_kimolen49: @AmoneyResists @EbonyPrincess2 Disgraceful. He’s a bad businessman but this is something beyond the pale. I hope someo…
12-11-2022 01:25
RT @buddyknavery: @AmoneyResists I'm not a lawyer but I have to believe this will end up in litigation. Unfortunately if it's between Elon…
12-11-2022 01:25
RT @AmoneyResists: This tweet from someone who paid Musk $8 for a blue check and impersonated a pharmaceutical company single-handedly tank…
12-11-2022 01:24
RT @SaveOurDemocr11: We salute veterans and thank them for their service.
12-11-2022 01:24
RT @LindaFSmith3: NS 😳🤔😐
12-11-2022 01:21
RT @Gdad1: Every. Single. Republican. Voted against Veterans. Every. Single. One of them. https://t.co/wAOndARJEJ
12-11-2022 01:21
RT @th3j35t3r: #OnTopicFriday - This veterans memorial is only illuminated once a year on #VeteransDay at exactly 11:11 in the morning. ht…
11-11-2022 18:19
This is *exactly* how we can get him out of congress:”using his own words against him”! He’ll say anything to CYA,… https://t.co/clRjjIHBcm
11-11-2022 18:18
RT @TheRealHoarse: Well, this is odd. All of the media outlets that hyperbolically obsessed over inflation seem to have lost interest now t…
11-11-2022 18:13
RT @didikins4life: @DenbrotS @GovWhitmer is our fearless leader!She swats away the viscous and ignorant haters like the gnats they are.What…
11-11-2022 18:12
Just like 🍊🤡, Twitter has shown that by going ahead with installing him as leader, they care nothing about privacy… https://t.co/lpS9wfwIM0
11-11-2022 10:08
@BriannaWu https://t.co/481Be8msr9
11-11-2022 09:58
0 36571
RT @BriannaWu: 1/ Just want to put this news in plain language for people. Senior people at Twitter have resigned in the last 48 hours. W…
11-11-2022 09:57
RT @BriannaWu: 3/ The FCC just announced they are investigating. They have power to fine Twitter billions. Add this to historical pattern…
11-11-2022 09:57
@OnBowenPond @travisakers ASPCA https://t.co/shDVemF5fb › pet-care › a... Animal Poison Control | (888) 426-4435 C… https://t.co/HR5dCtB5ad
08-11-2022 08:00
RT @NVTaraStrange: @alyankovic @DanielRadcliffe https://t.co/BNQOGx7zb7
08-11-2022 07:57
RT @srl: A Wayne county judge had pretty harsh words for the campaign of the GOP nominee for secretary of state, who wanted tens of thousan…
07-11-2022 23:39
RT @patriottakes: Wow. The grandson and great granddaughter of FDR just released a message sounding the alarm about the Republican plan to…
07-11-2022 23:34
RT @tizzywoman: Floridians, if you believe in reproductive freedom, your 𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞 is to vote for the 𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞 candidate. Vogue #ValDemings4Se…
07-11-2022 23:33
RT @CharlieCrist: Tomorrow, we have the opportunity to protect choice, lower costs, and guarantee freedoms in Florida — so vote. https://t.…
07-11-2022 23:27
RT @letat_lechat: MICHIGAN! You have great Democrats on the ballot: ✅Gov. @gretchenwhitmer ✅SoS @JocelynBenson ✅#MI03's @HillaryScholten…
07-11-2022 23:26
RT @didikins4life: CDC Founder Dr. Joseph Mountin continued to advocate for public health issues & to push for CDC to extend responsibiliti…
07-11-2022 23:04
RT @didikins4life: Today, CDC is one of the major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services and is recognized as…
07-11-2022 23:03
@MBastard71 @FrankSowa1 Seals (that go on missions) are usually young non-com’s. I think for missions, the highest… https://t.co/7gzEPnZajd
07-11-2022 23:02
RT @didikins4life: President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act in 1967 creating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting…
07-11-2022 22:58
@joncoopertweets 🤙🏻🤚🏻
07-11-2022 22:57
RT @joncoopertweets: BREAKING: Reports show Democrats are voting early in much bigger numbers than in 2020, in key states! Raise your hand…
07-11-2022 22:55
@McDonalds can you spot the difference in these two pics? I’ll give you the first clue: It’s on my lid. Second c… https://t.co/oT7mfj54Pb
07-11-2022 22:49
RT @wakeupsisters: Hitler banned books, banned abortion and promoted White Supremacy. Connect the dots America…
06-11-2022 08:18
RT @Samyann_Writer: @shawneeali @benyahr You're missing the point. She's perfectly fine with what you want for yourself - bible and all. B…
06-11-2022 08:16
RT @poyerdude: @benyahr This about sums it up. https://t.co/wG1Evsghbq
06-11-2022 08:13
RT @jemelehill: Supporting strong Black voices is not for the weak. Too often that support goes missing as soon as it becomes too threateni…
04-11-2022 21:28
RT @jemelehill: To make this move a few days before the critical mid-terms is just unacceptable. There is a larger issue of strong Black pu…
04-11-2022 21:28
RT @jemelehill: I’m outraged by the news that @MSNBC is ending @TiffanyDCross’ brilliant show #CrossConnection. It’s the highest-rated week…
04-11-2022 21:28
RT @StandForBetter: Oprah Winfrey does not back Dr. Oz. 🔥Who can give me 500 rapid retweets and comments in the next hour of #PuppyKille…
04-11-2022 21:05
RT @StevenBeschloss: Merrick Garland is running out of time to get his job done. I get the decision to wait until after the midterms, but w…
04-11-2022 21:05
RT @PalmerReport: The more plainly obvious it becomes that Merrick Garland and the DOJ are about to indict Donald Trump, the more hyperboli…
04-11-2022 21:03
RT @WalkerBragman: @elonmusk Wait, impulsively getting into a purchasing agreement for a platform you had no idea how to run and then firin…
04-11-2022 20:59
RT @POTUS: Today's jobs report shows we've added 261,000 jobs and maintained a historically low unemployment rate of 3.7% – our economy is…
04-11-2022 18:17
RT @mmpadellan: Every race is CLOSE. We need EVERY SINGLE VOTE. Tell your friends. #VoteBlueIn22
04-11-2022 18:16
RT @Hqdepot1: @GOP @GOPChairwoman This is what as known as cold sweat desperation. It is so patently false in it's premise & so disingenuou…
04-11-2022 18:16
0 26945
RT @AdamParkhomenko: This is one hell of an ad. The question is whether people will actually watch it and share it. https://t.co/G6cadAzEEW
03-11-2022 16:23
RT @RpsAgainstTrump: BREAKING: Liz Cheney endorses Tim Ryan for US Senate over pro-Putin JD Vance. Country over party. #OHSen #Republicans…
03-11-2022 16:21
RT @CalltoActivism: Holy moly: The number of "likely Democratic voters" in WI, PA, NC, NH, and MI are OUTPACING 2018 totals. We have to fig…
03-11-2022 16:21
RT @interiortherapy: @wjkunkle @JohnFetterman @PSUCollegeDems @JoshShapiroPA To heal the students that were harmed last week with the Nazi…
03-11-2022 16:17
RT @eddsmitty: Hey @KariLakeWarRoom @KariLake Wassup with this? "Fuck them" "They're 20 year old dopes" Who ya talking to? https://…
03-11-2022 16:14
@adgirlMM @TrisResists We haven’t always known what was best for us until we see what the worst has to offer…
03-11-2022 16:12
RT @adgirlMM: Imagine living in Katie Porter’s district in Orange County and having her as your brilliant Congresswoman and then going “nah…
03-11-2022 16:12
RT @2cannan1: @Sorenthek @RBReich The Fed pumped $3 trillion into the economy to prop it up on donny dump's watch... https://t.co/0TjUPPmVAA
02-11-2022 04:28
0 13660
RT @RBReich: The CEO of PPG, a Fortune 500 paint company, was asked if he would lower prices if costs come down. His response: “This is t…
02-11-2022 04:26
RT @Mafhoney: #AMessageToElonMusk Dear Mr. Musky, You may own twitter, but Twitter is currently owning you. If #BlackTwitter and those w…
02-11-2022 04:26
RT @wowinteresting8: Stunning Chocolate Dragon with smoke effect. 🍫🐉 So much time spent in the detail https://t.co/chPltAqKsz
02-11-2022 04:24
@joncoopertweets Absolutely. My kids know this: https://t.co/JIEGWSSrSB
02-11-2022 04:22
@chickenshack just got my order from @DoorDash However, I paid extra for onion rings, but this is what I got. Ple… https://t.co/doKrtjTC1F
02-11-2022 04:18
@itsJeffTiedrich They throw anything that *might* stick with their uninformed voters and go viral. This is just the… https://t.co/pii4jP8eq1
01-11-2022 22:34
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: congratulations to the literally zero Republicans who are denouncing their colleagues for lying and joking about an 82…
01-11-2022 22:30
RT @Bidenwonthnkgod: @SciRocker https://t.co/Be5Fcl2hmA
01-11-2022 22:29
RT @SBearlover: @SciRocker It’s a secret, apparently. Which means they don’t have one. Remember tfg saying he would release his infrastruct…
01-11-2022 22:29
@SciRocker They have a case being heard in district court fighting for not releasing the documents… because they’re BLANK!
01-11-2022 22:27
RT @AmadorBatten: If you support the LGBTQ community and want to see Same Gender Marriages legalized once and for all. Retweet and let’s b…
01-11-2022 22:26
@mmpadellan @EricLar66794680 That would be https://t.co/yiMY8z0bAF
01-11-2022 22:23
01-11-2022 22:22
@CressMarko @PattiWaterbury1 @donwinslow @January6thCmte I’m aware of the fine print. I’ve had someone I know & lov… https://t.co/DStdlPrzy9
01-11-2022 22:16
RT @ScaryMommy: Wilder sported Dionne’s quintessential black-and-white checked ensemble and bowl hat, and looked absolutely *phat*. 📸: Inst…
01-11-2022 22:06
@girlsreallyrule I voted straight Democrat for the first time in my life. I’ve occasionally voted for a Republican… https://t.co/zxFPXIOZ8j
01-11-2022 22:04
RT @hana___anah: What the fuck is wrong with SCOTUS? Act like a Supreme Court not a kangaroo court. You don’t work for trump.
01-11-2022 22:03
@joncoopertweets Mustard on hot dogs, ketchup or bbq sauce on a hamburger
01-11-2022 22:02
0 17589
RT @EileenM60933733: “Liz Cheney and I are not brave. We are just surrounded by cowards” Adam Kinzinger @MSNBC
01-11-2022 22:00
RT @hana___anah: A lot of people have left and are leaving twitter. I am going to take it day by day. For those of us still here let’s foll…
01-11-2022 22:00
RT @MaryFernando_: To those children whose parents don’t have the money to buy fancy Halloween costumes, I see you. I grew up with you.…
01-11-2022 05:41
@MPoobah @aleshadalin @BryanDawsonUSA Where’s Adrianne?
01-11-2022 05:39
@kevinedavis I’ll be sorry to see you go, but definitely understand about the limited vocabulary - I get at least 3… https://t.co/sBPJvJ3Pks
01-11-2022 05:26
@AndySzekeres @jtrebach And hand sanitizer!
01-11-2022 05:21
@AndySzekeres @jtrebach The bags at the bottom are full of stickers & glow sticks for our teal pumpkin
01-11-2022 05:21
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RT @CalltoActivism: Holy shit. Republicans are livid that the hashtag #ProtectMySocialSecurity is now trending at number 9. Please RT and u…
01-11-2022 03:55
RT @ElieNYC: Off air. I'm going to take a break for Twitter for a bit. In some sad news at 4:00 today my dog was killed. She was waiting fo…
01-11-2022 03:54
@ElieNYC I’m so sorry not only for the loss of losing your fur baby, but also for the trauma for your family to obs… https://t.co/2wKfDwkq50
01-11-2022 03:53
RT @ElieNYC: Some... driver... was trying to get around the stopped school bus, at speed. The driver hit my dog, instantly killing her, and…
01-11-2022 03:49
@TheFungi669 No. You’re not sentencing the Agents to prison, too. If he’s found guilty, he should lose the benefits.
01-11-2022 03:49
@jadedaf420 Oh! I SO wish I’d thought of that! Then all the neighbors wouldn’t even walk their dogs past my house!!!
01-11-2022 03:47
@AZ_Brittney See you there - don’t forget to bing ice!
01-11-2022 03:45
@rloewe65 @rbgal5 I mean, it would be a good enough return on your $2 investment…
01-11-2022 03:44
@pchenderson_LV @LeslieDRush @JBStyles23 I wouldn’t be surprised that at least some of these cases, they were tryin… https://t.co/L7AAYi8mFU
01-11-2022 03:41
@AndySzekeres @jtrebach I see your playdoh and raise you ring pops *and* candy necklaces! https://t.co/mhdskssfnK
01-11-2022 03:21
@jtrebach I went through ALL this before 7:30 tonight! The word on the street is it’s because I’m the one who gives… https://t.co/c71471Lmp6
01-11-2022 03:18
@hana___anah I bought 60 ring pops, 72 assorted full-size candy bars and 25 candy necklaces… the ring pops went fir… https://t.co/oqURaSLzYa
01-11-2022 03:13
RT @duty2warn: DePape confessed that he broke in to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage and "break her kneecaps." If that’s funny to you, then fuck y…
01-11-2022 03:02
RT @EileenM60933733: We need seniors to vote. We need boomers to vote. We need Gen X to vote. We need millennials to vote. We need GenZ to…
01-11-2022 03:02
*THIS* is what is referred to as a “late term abortion” even though she would never have been able to live if mom w… https://t.co/X0Effn2lns
01-11-2022 02:59
RT @maiamimi: This is @HaylieGrammer's abortion story. She gave her blessing to share it. — [7] years ago, I gave birth to my daughter, Em…
01-11-2022 02:57
RT @maiamimi: I will post this late-term abortion story over & over & hope it will get even 1 more person to vote. Some states have outlaw…
01-11-2022 02:57
@honeyy @bluesky @duchess_cess He left Twitter in 2019- before the 2020 election and the 1/6/21 insurrection. There… https://t.co/wyEYi8934u
31-10-2022 07:47
@MJTorts @bluesky No one asked your opinion. https://t.co/AyeaesW9jn
31-10-2022 07:44
@ChristyLHarris1 @bluesky I thought tribel wanted too much personal information I wasn’t comfortable giving out. It’s a no for me.
31-10-2022 07:39
@bluesky I joined Twitter in 2008, but I’d LOVE to shift over to BlueSky! I have a feeling Twitter will devolve int… https://t.co/wmcMDCihnq
31-10-2022 07:38
RT @Leslieoo7: @GovHowardDean Elon is the squirrel. Don't look at it and stay focused on the midterms. They'd love to see us divided up bet…
31-10-2022 07:28
@ladysun1969 @AltMtRainier There’s actually someone on board! When the plane starts to turn near the end and the en… https://t.co/FzdwzeFdXS
31-10-2022 07:27
RT @ValaAfshar: The problem with making it look easy is that people think it is easy https://t.co/6LcFu5j4oE
31-10-2022 07:23
@ExplorerMom22 @PaganLady3 @RossKneeDeep You need to scrub *everywhere* with steel wool & I think oven cleaner (som… https://t.co/zemSdbzIR9
30-10-2022 08:47
@neileisen @DonnaLeigh5557 @RossKneeDeep Pineapple upside down cake is GREAT in an iron skillet. My daughter used i… https://t.co/mStkQeqPEI
30-10-2022 08:43
RT @RossKneeDeep: Just for fun. I won't ask if you still use it, but who still has a cast iron skillet?
30-10-2022 08:40
RT @GalvinAlmanza: So we pull over and find a good place to sit and snap out our phones. If you are ever wandering down the road and you s…
30-10-2022 08:33
RT @GalvinAlmanza: Just spent 40 minutes filming cops in Redwood City CA. Let me tell you what I saw.
30-10-2022 08:32
RT @GalvinAlmanza: They won't give up their stats on homicide, but clear less than half of assaults. 16% of burglaries.
30-10-2022 08:32
RT @GalvinAlmanza: While we were sitting there, my husband and I looked it up. The police in this county have a 24% clearance rate for sexu…
30-10-2022 08:31