𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙚𝙮 𝙠𝙚𝙣𝙯 (@mackenzieskyeee) — ✨girls✨
RT @b1gotfans: At my grandma’s house and just accidentally let out a “yall stop running in and out” omg it’s over 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
25-11-2022 19:22
@FamousBirthdays 🫶🏼🫶🏼
24-11-2022 20:31
I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN DESCRIBE, cannot wait to grow older and older with you by my side🤍 https://t.co/OhD0N4nsgH
24-11-2022 17:49
@haylez__ I love you more than more my sweet girl🤍🥰
24-11-2022 17:47
RT @macdangil: my twin flame is 21 🔥🔥 https://t.co/KKTcpXBhjI
24-11-2022 08:46
@macdangil DAMN MY MOUF BIG AS SHIT, I love YOU
24-11-2022 08:46
@macdangil me too
17-11-2022 06:43
one of the best https://t.co/datiLJ89Vq
11-11-2022 08:59
@macdangil me too😫
04-11-2022 20:39
RT @imchasingdreamz: y’all ever had a friend that it felt like ya was soulmates but as friends?
03-11-2022 06:56
normalize correcting people when they use the wrong pronouns for your friends. they shouldn’t have to be the only one speaking up.
01-11-2022 02:14
RT @nowthisisliving: sometimes i feel like i’m the only queer person who doesn’t LOVE halloween
29-10-2022 20:29
@haylez__ and never will
27-10-2022 15:44
RT @haylez__: happy halloween from ur favorites 👻🎃 https://t.co/LjQgXocAvM
27-10-2022 15:30
@nat15kita @haylez__ nat going soft on us🤍🥹
27-10-2022 15:29
RT @itswords_: i'm the luckiest person because i have you
24-10-2022 04:37
how you gonna put more money in the offering than you put down on the table as a tip for a $250 tab????
23-10-2022 20:21
I love you more than i can put into words my sweet girl🤍 https://t.co/6Ogr0XTsJw
23-10-2022 07:37
@haylez__ I love you so so much my beautiful girl🤍
18-10-2022 17:58
RT @strategistjas: I’ve battled seasonal depression for 4-5 consecutive years, and I’ve felt “cured” the last 2 years. Here’s everything I…
04-10-2022 13:35
@haylez__ bye
30-09-2022 21:17
@haylez__ she’s barking at you
30-09-2022 21:15
@haylez__ agreed
30-09-2022 21:15
@haylez__ amen sister
30-09-2022 05:32
RT @merimorzi: Oldest daughters are some of the toughest men you’ll ever meet
28-09-2022 22:55
@macdangil NO IM MOMMY
26-09-2022 23:13
@macdangil gross
26-09-2022 22:55
@haylez__ get me one😩
18-09-2022 01:26
RT @haylez__: anyone want two @zachlanebryan fast passes for the concert tonight in Raleigh?
14-09-2022 19:11
I don’t wanna BeReal I wanna BeRich😩
14-09-2022 16:57
RT @briarambula: i got matching 🍂fall🍂 crocs with my bf & i’m obsessed to say the least https://t.co/lipyOVPXrN
05-09-2022 05:39
RT @Alexiaw00ds: Lmk if we’re drinking tn so I can eat my lunchable
05-09-2022 05:38
@haylez__ yes everyone keep your eyes on the hot cheerOz and NOTHING else🤠🤍
04-09-2022 06:29
RT @kkennnedi: my son is gonna be pissed when i name him Damon Niklaus Mikaelson Salvatore
03-09-2022 18:15
@haylez__ bye
01-09-2022 12:57
@haylez__ wow
01-09-2022 12:55
@haylez__ LMAO BYE
31-08-2022 00:17
@haylez__ that’s what the RECIPE SAYS
28-08-2022 03:51
@haylez__ you’re so cute shut up
21-08-2022 19:40
front to back meaning when you pee and wipe your coosie and also your butt
07-08-2022 05:51
question for when you pee: do you wipe FRONT TO BACK or just FRONT pls lmk arguing about it rn
07-08-2022 05:49
RT @EwdatsGROSS: Hey girl boss gorilla grip Coochie queen, you wanna get coffee and go Thrifting
07-08-2022 03:30
two years actually*
03-08-2022 04:20
happy nippleversary to me and @knzkinley 🥰
03-08-2022 04:20
@haylez__ haha haha wutttt
03-08-2022 04:13
@haylez__ HAHAHA BYE
03-08-2022 04:11
@haylez__ and I can agree they are the move:))
03-08-2022 04:10
@haylez__ wowww that mirror looks so familiar https://t.co/8NFJ4OxQj3
03-08-2022 04:10
@youthdispute whoa um welcome back
30-07-2022 04:17
RT @chelseacutler: i think if you like crazier things and nj you will like the stuff ive been writing lately
25-07-2022 00:35
@macdangil agreed❤️‍🔥
20-07-2022 16:39
@macdangil true story
17-07-2022 23:43
RT @dumbricardo: gods gift https://t.co/5M2XBzWyGR
07-07-2022 06:04
RT @MarlenaStell: Here’s how the abortion laws affect pregnant women who want their babies. For those still refusing to see how this affect…
01-07-2022 19:09
@macdangil I love y’all
18-05-2022 19:17
daily dose of @macdangil https://t.co/nzdv0923Jx
16-05-2022 20:13
RT @haleighhite: pet: *misbehaves* pet owner: no gay pet owner: absoLUTELY not
09-05-2022 21:43
RT @chelseacutler: i’m gonna keep touring wicme for a while but i also have started album three
17-04-2022 06:14
@macdangil it was a tragic experience that showed me that starbucks is in fact superior
08-04-2022 15:22
RT @nikki_mcmullen: I decided to try my hand at embroidery, practicing on my least favourite pair of jeans in case it went terribly. But no…
04-04-2022 18:06
@macdangil @knzkinley I second this
27-03-2022 16:05
RT @destinCONRAD: im really the fun uncle, exhibit A:
25-03-2022 14:25
RT @macdangil: me: *opens mackenzie’s car door for her* kenzie: “thank you! you’re such a gentle” LOLL way to be inclusive 😌
25-03-2022 05:02
RT @playboymels: i’m so excited for superbowl sunday!!! https://t.co/BLvDMRwgXU
13-02-2022 22:05
i’m sorry but this has me dying LMAO @chelseacutler https://t.co/cIdZm9P2s5
13-01-2022 08:46
I miss this woman so so much https://t.co/oBAfyIiOeI
10-01-2022 07:31
hayleigh is babysitting sy today and I have to work so I get these cute pictures🥺 https://t.co/CeAcXR9Y6Y
05-01-2022 22:47
@macdangil @KaileyAddis IM CRYING LMAO
29-12-2021 20:25
RT @chunkyfila: women just want a $7 coffee and a little kiss on the forehead
23-12-2021 18:28
RT @rawestbrattt: Money management is my biggest goal next year. I blew through money this year like ion got no fucking sense 😭
16-12-2021 04:48
it’s scary how much I hate my life right now LMAO
13-12-2021 01:16
update: hayleigh is not passing the crate training test. she’s weak https://t.co/WL9VksAnh2
12-12-2021 09:10
RT @QuinnXCII: chelsea and i are currently writing a bop, again
04-12-2021 06:35
I feel as though I make up for half of those streams because I listen to nothing else https://t.co/438aNC3qOk
01-12-2021 23:57
RT @milkstrology: ADD/ADHD 🤝 falling asleep after having caffeine
29-11-2021 17:20
RT @chelseacutler: i just listened to nj and it is a banger
28-11-2021 02:50
ESPECIALLY ONE THAT HAS A BIRTHDAY🤪 $mackenziehargett https://t.co/UX6RgzwfyP
24-11-2021 20:30
@macdangil BYE IM CRYING
24-11-2021 20:29
@maceywisss thank you!!
24-11-2021 20:28
RT @FamousBirthdays: @mackenzieskyeee Hi Mackenzie! Hope you are enjoying your birthday today! Happy Birthday!
24-11-2021 20:28
thirsty bitches.
22-11-2021 16:35
RT @XUANAMII: yeah https://t.co/JOPPITcBwo
18-11-2021 22:57
RT @sxintvilla: I just want a tattoo but these damn bills bro 🥲
17-11-2021 03:11
RT @queervengeance: "bedtime revenge procrastination" is a really annoying way to say "my job takes too many hours out of my life so I have…
24-10-2021 08:38
no but I just found out about this the other day and made really good money at work tonight… https://t.co/iEu3vCspHW
24-10-2021 08:38
@knzkinley also told hayleigh about it and she said i’m a horrible paramedic and she hopes she never passes out around me😓 I did my best SMH
22-10-2021 20:31
did you give me a heart attack? yes, yes you did https://t.co/Dh4f0pZU8v
22-10-2021 19:28
if anyone wants to buy me every piece of merch lmk https://t.co/PcmJWG0pd1
21-10-2021 23:50
excuse me…mommysorry. mommy? sorry. mommy https://t.co/kS7OIYXutm
11-10-2021 21:24
RT @ayanatheoracle: the moon shifting from gemini to cancer https://t.co/Tu1bgZEvsV
29-09-2021 17:36
RT @eggshellfriend: surely THIS will be the purchase that finally fills the deep hole of sadness and dissatisfaction within me
29-09-2021 15:09
@macdangil new level of bad bitch unlocked😈🥰✨❤️‍🔥👀
29-09-2021 15:08
i’m obsessed https://t.co/6v084NC9NY
28-09-2021 21:18
RT @chelseacutler: https://t.co/cuYe1JAolO
27-09-2021 21:07
@giaariasx it’s worth it
25-09-2021 19:41
@chelseacutler do it for Roo🤍
25-09-2021 08:49
I vote hell yeah. https://t.co/41eCd6IPU7
25-09-2021 08:49
if you ever need someone to call and make up an excuse to get you out of a situation i’m the woman for the job, jus… https://t.co/955UwhFTBz
25-09-2021 07:53
@macdangil LMAO
18-09-2021 19:50
AHHHH YES https://t.co/9bo66hkYmS
15-09-2021 01:21
I want doc martens so bad
14-09-2021 19:57
so this happened. I asked the lady at lowe’s if I should take it out of the wrapper when I got it and she said no.… https://t.co/wTvJs4eE9J
14-09-2021 15:49
i’m having an outfit crisis for the chelsea concert IN 10 DAYS
13-09-2021 15:47
@knzkinley @luvmdrea I will
12-09-2021 22:09
@luvmdrea @knzkinley when are we going
12-09-2021 21:58
I had a bad dream last night that I got concert tickets to see sleeping with sirens and I forgot until I was out of… https://t.co/UksB47wTqU
10-09-2021 20:06
@Ellicaydenceee not me scrolling past this as i’m still barricaded https://t.co/8RrOJgbQj0
10-09-2021 17:41
RT @ajemtattoo: Did it hurt? When your tattoo artist didn’t post a picture of your tattoo on their Instagram?
02-09-2021 16:16
wanna go to tjmaxx but don’t have tjmaxx money I hate it here
30-08-2021 23:58
RT @macdangil: i ALWAYS match the energy of my tables. ain’t no use in being cutesy and sweet when i’m gonna get a $2 tip anyway
27-08-2021 20:18
I wish someone would pay me for being pretty so I can just quit my job
26-08-2021 02:43
@shawndanicole_ what are the hiring requirements??
22-08-2021 02:41
@shawndanicole_ girl WHAT do you do
22-08-2021 02:03
RT @biggmonii: I need this 🥺 https://t.co/YSQiCQEStg
21-08-2021 08:14
@macdangil and did. also the way she tried hiding from me when my back was turned💪🏼✌🏼she didn’t want the smoke
20-08-2021 05:34
bonus footage of me telling @macdangil I was boxing with dunkin’ after she told everyone I wasn’t a cat person https://t.co/ru1sBDpEB5
20-08-2021 05:32
@macdangil essacly my babey
20-08-2021 05:31
@KaileyAddis @macdangil HAHAHAHA YIKES
20-08-2021 05:30
i am most definitely the girl at a party in the corner with someone’s pet https://t.co/qCKY3k4u8d
20-08-2021 05:29
@macdangil baby she discovered that last night when you were black out😵‍💫
20-08-2021 05:23
@knzkinley https://t.co/MTBJQgpfyR
20-08-2021 01:15
my sister is my whole world🥺 https://t.co/S48A6v1Ptu
19-08-2021 22:08
@HutCat @knzkinley
18-08-2021 22:06
@KaileyAddis @macdangil @aubreynthompson it’s up people
18-08-2021 20:49
@macdangil @KaileyAddis @aubreynthompson OH MY GOD I EDITED YHAT SHIT AND FORGOT WTF
18-08-2021 20:21
@macdangil @KaileyAddis @aubreynthompson and that’s on 🎳🎳🎳period
18-08-2021 20:19
RT @tobyswurld: https://t.co/B7mxYNCSRd
18-08-2021 05:44
RT @kegstxnd: jesus take the car payment, i got the wheel
14-08-2021 02:02
RT @heyitsdime: jobs ain’t for me LMAO i hate working. i wanna be rich for no reason. Just dumb money
11-08-2021 02:31
starting to think leaving therapy wasnt the best idea i’ve ever had lmao
09-08-2021 09:03
LMAO https://t.co/H8vldkc46r
07-08-2021 06:16
RT @kbsoperfect: Me : * walks outside * Mosquitoes: there she go right there
07-08-2021 04:29
rippp me
06-08-2021 19:02
I need the people in my life to hold me accountable for just awhile. I have so much I want to do but never do and i… https://t.co/iENN1tUoxF
06-08-2021 00:22
@youthdispute this me? https://t.co/AGTuJb2fxu
05-08-2021 19:53
RT @Jameca2011: YOU ARE ABOUT TO MANIFEST $4,000. Claim it. Speak it into existence.
04-08-2021 23:39
@youthdispute i’m brokeeee you have more money than me
04-08-2021 19:57
i’m telling y’all it’s a hard life out here https://t.co/bU8Fu6aXMB
04-08-2021 19:23
RT @Threaltrildavid: Talm bout sum "I needa ID" https://t.co/Wn17shFMLS
03-08-2021 23:13
yikesss https://t.co/23tNkWDoTl
03-08-2021 05:01
just dropped and shattered a candle THAT I JUST BOUGHT 30 MINUTES AGO, how is your day going?
02-08-2021 21:34
Happy national girlfriend day to my precious girl🤍 https://t.co/d0LvLmetIl
02-08-2021 06:55
@youthdispute i’m crying stop it😂🤍 happy national girlfriend day baby
01-08-2021 22:04
@youthdispute yes
29-07-2021 01:03
@youthdispute keep it on your side
27-07-2021 06:08
@youthdispute SHAKING MY HEAD
27-07-2021 06:06
my dog is on her period so we had to go get her diapers and treats so she feels better
25-07-2021 19:22
@youthdispute not a legendary moment
25-07-2021 08:15
@youthdispute not “legendary”
25-07-2021 08:15
RT @missxdada: I went from “im down” to “let me see if I can request it off” I hate it here
24-07-2021 23:48
i’m convinced that no one loves me if nobody gets me @jeremyzucker tickets
23-07-2021 07:53
RT @Allisonrg1: https://t.co/wCDwSW3R4B
20-07-2021 16:54
@macdangil literally every single time https://t.co/FvbJ7QU357
17-07-2021 07:30
i’ll die if I can’t https://t.co/FwVzqrOyH1
17-07-2021 07:29
@youthdispute I am the happiest girl kissing you🥺❤️‍🔥
15-07-2021 00:54
RT @jeremyzucker: I’M GOING BACK ON TOUR !!!!! artist presale starts tomorrow @ 10am local time, general on-sale this friday @ 10am local…
13-07-2021 02:40
@youthdispute you’re so cute🥺❤️
11-07-2021 20:32
@youthdispute that scares me byeeee
11-07-2021 20:32
RT @Sean_Rovee28: "are you ok?" no I need money.
09-07-2021 02:55
“sorry I was late to work I was trying to find my dog something to watch on tv”
07-07-2021 22:43
@youthdispute mine 2
07-07-2021 02:40
@youthdispute not even playing
04-07-2021 17:46
@macdangil okay bye
04-07-2021 07:38
RT @marsean_x: why did parents make paying for field trips such a big deal? like bro run me that funky ass $25 so i can go to the museum wi…
04-07-2021 07:36
RT @makaylajedward: my toxic trait is thinking i need a caffeinated drink every time i leave my house
03-07-2021 07:43
@KaileyAddis it is🥰
02-07-2021 18:41
pop off ig👀 https://t.co/EtViJUoEpu
02-07-2021 17:09
i’m so over this bullshit.
02-07-2021 06:34
RT @macdangil: talking shit with ur girlfriend is unmatched
02-07-2021 02:30
@youthdispute and not me
01-07-2021 06:47
@youthdispute nawr youuuu do
01-07-2021 05:55
@youthdispute knows this too well https://t.co/0br8YMy7Yr
01-07-2021 03:57
I do not claim this energy https://t.co/KEdLmrxBCa
30-06-2021 07:50
ladies and gentlelady’s… my dog:) https://t.co/GHUmOuUn88
29-06-2021 19:16
aint that somethin @macdangil https://t.co/hsjvj7OvRp
29-06-2021 00:46
@youthdispute me either
28-06-2021 17:17
RT @flept: *5 mins after getting kidnapped* “So what made you choose me?” https://t.co/Fo6EVHunzw
27-06-2021 17:19
I want to cry all of the time
27-06-2021 05:19
no https://t.co/ouL8bonLQ5
27-06-2021 05:07
@youthdispute @macdangil and mouth^^
23-06-2021 20:33
@macdangil @youthdispute haha oops
23-06-2021 20:28
@youthdispute look and act baby😮‍💨💦
23-06-2021 20:27
@macdangil it was urgent
23-06-2021 20:26
@youthdispute delitiouts
23-06-2021 19:59
@youthdispute this you?? https://t.co/OlwMAxMIvj
23-06-2021 19:56
@youthdispute this is serious
23-06-2021 19:54