Leandra (@leeandraxxx) — TikTok : leandraxxo
RT @brujabitchh: Healing is fucking hard sometimes. Standing up for yourself is hard. Setting boundaries is hard. Facing the truth is fucki…
22-11-2022 01:07
RT @heyhoneyrae: HOPE Karma eat everybody up who mistreated me when I had nothing but good intentions
22-11-2022 00:19
RT @niicole__nicole: A man changing his ways to keep you is a big FLEX.
17-11-2022 22:46
RT @BigLeafward: Learn who really wit you
17-11-2022 10:42
RT @wayydaminn: i love a nigga that do shit without you asking like get yo nails or hair done, buy you roses, or even plan a date without y…
17-11-2022 10:41
House shopping can get stressful
14-11-2022 05:46
RT @heyhoneyrae: a lot of women fail to realize the significant impact the right man can have on their life. choose ur partner wisely. cons…
08-11-2022 03:44
RT @heyhoneyrae: A narcissist favorite line “u been wanting to do this” Oh bitch grow up lame ass.
07-11-2022 10:50
RT @sooyoulexx: removing a nigga access to you is the real flex! niggas really be thinking they got it like that.. 🤢
07-11-2022 10:41
RT @Noorthevirgo: why do men be sad over relationships they ruined?
07-11-2022 09:28
RT @MehganJames: Niggas always let they friends get in they head about the bitch they love . Can’t NOBODY tell me bout somebody I love , c…
07-11-2022 09:27
I really can’t stop eating . Lol
07-11-2022 02:54
This baby moving so much now a days . I can’t wait to know what I’m having !
07-11-2022 02:23
RT @luv_enchanting: Niggas be cheaters & want a submissive bitch. Are y’all dumb?
06-11-2022 12:13
Don’t care mentality.
06-11-2022 11:36
RT @korinamaiya: the cheat code u are looking for is called stop chasing bitches and chase ur dreams
06-11-2022 11:35
RT @AlyciaTyre: Rather be alone than entertain somebody who really don’t even give a fuck about me
06-11-2022 10:42
RT @__kylesister: When God know u deserve better he will make certain things not workout for u
06-11-2022 10:39
RT @GGYounggBoy: I done bounced back from the worst shit. Trust me, I’ll always be straight
06-11-2022 10:04
RT @_shesdarkskiin: U scared 2 make dat 🥷🏾 mad.. I talk 2 em like a HOE 😂😂😂😂
06-11-2022 09:58
RT @queen_phire: i’m coming just like a ngga, ain’t no playing me 🤣😭
06-11-2022 03:45
RT @CubanDaSavage: Alot of us are happy cus we don’t take niggas serious no more 🙃
05-11-2022 21:04
RT @fineassnayyyy: the realest females don’t ask for shit... all we be wanting is time, effort, attention, food and for you to answer ya mf…
05-11-2022 07:02
RT @heyhoneyrae: Ppl be on the same bullshit for YEARS. No type of growth. No character development. Nothing.
05-11-2022 03:57
RT @Baddzoee: You ever see a nigga act like you fumbled him???? Bro your really a horrible person LMFAO!!!!!
05-11-2022 03:57
RT @JustinLaboy: Sometimes you just really gotta laugh at a mf 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂…
05-11-2022 02:25
RT @ih8rts: me texting my friends mental health advice when I belong in an asylum https://t.co/VtvrHBxrwU
04-11-2022 20:29
RT @j2otw: A person will play u like u trippin, whole time you really on point.
04-11-2022 09:21
RT @OfficialBigRo_: I don’t think people understand how observant I am.. I’m no fool
04-11-2022 08:56
RT @fineassnayyyy: been done dirty 1000 times , still ain’t change how solid i am.
04-11-2022 08:55
RT @KaNuriiii: I’m getting more serious about me everyday
04-11-2022 08:52
RT @realmainfeeling: losing a nigga who don’t do nothing for you ain’t really a loss.
04-11-2022 06:55
RT @DreaNicole_: I pray my friends and I get to experience the luxury of getting old, this world is a wicked place..
03-11-2022 02:18
RT @AliaKalayshiaa: Stop yelling at them kids in the morning. It ruins their day🙄
02-11-2022 10:29
RT @crystalbaee1: I really made a handsome baby ❤️🥺 He is so damn adorable 😩
02-11-2022 10:29
RT @theonlymiyam: I be happy asf to stay my ass inside. I be watching movies, eating, and relaxing.
29-10-2022 09:44
RT @ricandamenace1: I wanna shoot this nigga but like ion want him to die
29-10-2022 09:44
RT @heyhoneyrae: If I told my side of the story I'm sure y'all would look at some people differently, but I'm perfectly fine with my side n…
27-10-2022 06:33
I feel so fed up with everything I really just wanna go on a long vacation with no phone .
26-10-2022 07:19
Feels so good just to be in bed .
25-10-2022 10:02
RT @wayydaminn: I’m not one for playing get back. You gon see me looking good , doing better & realize you played yourself. That’s the best…
25-10-2022 06:52
Writing paragraphs over me just be direct and Message me 😂
25-10-2022 06:51
I can’t wait to give birth to my 2nd baby . I’m limited to so much right now
24-10-2022 22:59
24-10-2022 22:45
I’m just tryna order some tacos and they taking forever 😒
23-10-2022 02:57
RT @Kheumani: I think nonchalant men are corny but that’s just me.
22-10-2022 23:17
RT @faiththegemini: Me listening to my nigga talk about my ATTITUDE 🙄🥴😅 https://t.co/sOEEgV7XuS
22-10-2022 11:31
RT @Jaz_Minne__: I like a hood nigga til a hood nigga start doing hood shit. Now I’m nervous! 😂
22-10-2022 11:30
RT @eyeofscottie: keep me in ur prayers. nothing happened. i just want a fatter ass
22-10-2022 05:18
RT @heyhoneyrae: finna buy this nigga a bitch to play with for christmas cause it aint me
22-10-2022 01:41
I CANNOT stay down and loyal to someone who can’t do the same for me .
18-10-2022 10:06
RT @wayydaminn: Work, crib and out the way.
18-10-2022 10:04
RT @Therealteajah: Right now life is teaching me the law of detachment, aint nothing really yours, you gotta be comfortable with not being…
18-10-2022 10:03
Finally realizing the truth about alot of people and situations… seems like once you fall back you see/think clearly
18-10-2022 09:59
Can’t sleep 😒
17-10-2022 11:23
RT @DreaNicole_: I don't want no nonchalant man, bitch I need all the chalants.. Tf
16-10-2022 08:33
This man bought this bracelet for all of us 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/bxhNz5tiS3
12-10-2022 08:35
RT @_shesdarkskiin: it’s just something about my friends texting me “bitchhhhh” out the blue that make my heart drop to my ass 😂😂😂😂😂😂 becau…
12-10-2022 08:34
RT @fineassnayyyy: I’m not sharing nobody wtf 😂😂😂 if he talking to u he yours
12-10-2022 04:06
12-10-2022 03:39
RT @PGK___: All n*ggas do is run away from their problems us females really be having to thugg that sh*t out.
12-10-2022 03:09
RT @PGK___: Niggas run they mouth about everything except for when they got a baby OTW….🤣
11-10-2022 06:06
RT @jjasshole: beefing with your significant other is the worst. like bro, you my only friend 😭 stop pissing me off
11-10-2022 03:36
RT @Santeriaaaaa: Designer shoes hurt bad asf 😩
10-10-2022 01:39
10-10-2022 00:13
RT @braylon125: You ain no real nigga if you can’t tell a female up front what it is & what it aint
09-10-2022 04:47
y’all think being a BM/BD is ghetto but being married is the same . GHETTTOOOO 😂😂
09-10-2022 04:16
Wearing jeans and my pregnant belly struggling . This will be the last time for me🙁
08-10-2022 23:26
My child safety is my priority so if I gotta cross mountains for him I will . Pregnant and all idc
08-10-2022 23:24
Me tryna be nice still 🥲🤡
08-10-2022 23:23
I swear everyone out here drives teslas
08-10-2022 23:21
RT @heyhoneyrae: I’m the bm/ex that will never bother you again lol fuck you.
08-10-2022 23:20
RT @ih8MORGZ: Just like niggas constantly beg for bitches to “be their peace,” you gotta be a bitches peace too. We don’t need the extra dr…
08-10-2022 23:20
RT @mikalatv_: This man came in the salon and said “My Wife has a hair appointment at 5 I’m here to pay for all of that” I KNOW THAT’S RIGH…
08-10-2022 21:23
Yes they be happy asf ! All of em 🤡🤡 https://t.co/n4dnnPHEqo
08-10-2022 10:26
RT @heyhoneyrae: People got mad at me for not wanting to be mistreated by them anymore. 😂
07-10-2022 23:21
RT @B_only1me: A lot of y’all problems come from not putting people in their place the first time 🗣️
07-10-2022 08:23
RT @heyhoneyrae: real bitches know its never no pressure behind a nigga.
07-10-2022 03:18
07-10-2022 00:38
RT @DreaNicole_: Genuine love more important than anything right now..
06-10-2022 04:41
RT @LBJamisonn: I’m slowly learning that even if I react, it won’t change anything. It won’t make certain people suddenly love, understand,…
06-10-2022 00:05
RT @braylon125: Drunk nights with your person then followed by a full day of just staying in bed together recovering from the night before…
05-10-2022 07:02
RT @thesydneylanae: I’ve realized men cheat because they lack self-worth. They need to have validation from multiple women to stroke their…
05-10-2022 06:43
Difficult people are so hard to communicate with .
04-10-2022 01:43
Bout to be tired asf tomorrow
02-10-2022 08:53
A thot gon be a thot 😂😂
02-10-2022 05:28
RT @Sinnyszn: You lose every time you act out of emotion .
29-09-2022 08:33
RT @therealtaidiorr: it’s embarrassing to fw someone harder than they fw you fr.
29-09-2022 08:27
RT @miacsosa: male friends do not let you vent long, it’s straight to solutions😭😭
29-09-2022 08:26
RT @bri_ao: I hate seeing girls robbed of a peaceful pregnancy. Pregnancy and the experiences during it are something you’ll remember forev…
29-09-2022 02:55
RT @akey_onna: My life is so weird right now I don’t know what tf is going on 😩😭😭 at tf all!
28-09-2022 08:36
26-09-2022 23:12
RT @ShamoriLynn: When you’re loyal from jump, don’t settle for anybody that doesn’t reciprocate that shit.. ever.
25-09-2022 10:33
RT @miacsosa: since we grown now, i was the kid that showed up to school with vodka in a water bottle 😭
25-09-2022 02:56
RT @_makaylaaab: Bitch I’m inlove with myself idk what to tell y’all.
25-09-2022 00:21
RT @blvckcouples: this >>> https://t.co/DSFpA0Pa1u
25-09-2022 00:21
RT @JustinLaboy: I don't get jealous.. I get turned off.. And once I’m off you, you might as well be dead 😂 #Respectfully
24-09-2022 22:51
Ugh this shit is toxic
24-09-2022 04:46
RT @realmainfeeling: You'll be surprised wat a nigga would say about u behind yo back to a broke nothing ass hoe for her huff ass pussy 🤣😩
23-09-2022 07:48
RT @realmainfeeling: A nigga will suck the air out yo ass then go blow it in another bitch mouth 😂😂😂😂 & bitches be happy asf mouth wide ope…
23-09-2022 07:47
RT @CCMSlimTim: Not overplaying my part nomo . Ima fwy how you fwm
23-09-2022 07:26
RT @AriTheDon: Only thing a bitch can take from me is notes. 🥱
23-09-2022 06:52
RT @jimmineutch: the mother i am makes my kids father’s life a breeze… no shade🥱
23-09-2022 06:42
RT @tatiiJ_: it nvrrrrr gave "why her?" 😭😭😂bitch go be WITH HER
23-09-2022 04:42
RT @cindyrellllaa: i wanna dress up & go on a date where i am greeted with 100 roses and a candle lit dinner 😞
22-09-2022 12:21
RT @1ksiia: A man that plan dates and just tells you to be ready >>>>>>>
22-09-2022 11:56
RT @thatboii_antt: Y’all be pushing away the realest ones .. for the worthless ones
22-09-2022 09:28
RT @braylon125: When u sexually active wit someone it’s important to let the person kno if u doing shit wit other ppl too cause u putting p…
22-09-2022 09:27
RT @indyaestes: Ian gone believe a nigga miss me till he get on his knees n cry for me😂
22-09-2022 08:58
RT @P_isfor_Piper: I don’t blow niggas up, text a million messages, nag, pull up & act out none of it anymore. I learned a long time ago th…
22-09-2022 08:57
I need my car detailed badddddddd.😒
22-09-2022 00:31
RT @thabinb: If you can touch MY nigga, then that clearly ain’t my nigga stink😂
22-09-2022 00:30
In n out 😋
22-09-2022 00:28
RT @jawnnthadonn: I’m such a loyal client! Once i like your work I’m never leaving you😩
21-09-2022 08:13
RT @Wavymafia: Ain’t nobody too busy for you. If they wanted to, they would.
21-09-2022 07:34
March needs to hurry up 🥲
21-09-2022 05:54
Stayed up til 4am, I’m tired today 😒
20-09-2022 22:55
RT @simplyshyla_: This year opened my eyes and tested my mental health like no other.
20-09-2022 13:26
RT @aaliyahforprezz: Getting niggas n getting quality niggas two diff things
20-09-2022 09:57
Hungry all the damn time .
20-09-2022 09:23
I just know realtors get annoyed with me lol
20-09-2022 09:22
RT @diorkenn: a nigga ain’t never have to talk down on another female to make me feel secure about myself. that would actually turn me all…
20-09-2022 09:17
RT @Fearlesslori___: lying is one thing, but when you start 2 believe ur own lies, it’s medical.
19-09-2022 09:57
RT @khanxken: It really don’t be no pressure about shit😂 l just want mfs to know that
19-09-2022 09:26
RT @Jameca2011: When I’m laid up you will not hear from me 😭 whole life on DND 🤣
19-09-2022 09:15
RT @_GlitterAndGlam: If a nigga not treating me like a Queen it will never work ☺️
19-09-2022 00:21
RT @realprettyygirl: I hate my attitude sometimes because it don’t be needed.
18-09-2022 23:57
RT @_slimarella_: one thing about me, if i’m overstimulated i’m immediately leaving because the sound of everything is making me annoyed.
18-09-2022 23:53
RT @viewporns: Heavenly View ☁️ https://t.co/02xujddLYl
18-09-2022 23:09
Ready to move .
18-09-2022 23:09
RT @queen_phire: this year changed my view of life, love, friendship & family. ion think i’ll ever be the same.
18-09-2022 22:53
RT @krystalsoboujee: if you gotta keep explaining to a nîgga what u want …. get a new nigga.
18-09-2022 22:53
RT @averib_: Wow…100 long stem roses & $10k cash just to make me happy!😩😍 https://t.co/SZEOPEM4e0
18-09-2022 22:53
RT @samariajdavis_: thankful for my Mom she helps me out so much
18-09-2022 12:23
RT @Flashyasf: I’ll sit in the shower for 2hrs just thinking bout shit 😂
18-09-2022 12:03
RT @MillsReggie: Real loyalty happens behind your back.
18-09-2022 11:53
Making my boobs huge . I’m here for it 😂
18-09-2022 11:40
This pregnancy weight 🥹🥛🥛🥛
18-09-2022 11:38
Can’t sleep …..
18-09-2022 11:37
RT @AriTheDon: I want crab legs.
18-09-2022 05:41
RT @Shantia97: For a parent , to not have a relationship with their child , but can hold on to a relationship with a significant other , or…
17-09-2022 23:22
Might as well do body contouring too lol
17-09-2022 07:31
RT @koreaarmani: I want my own person i don’t wanna share shit with nobody
15-09-2022 08:21
RT @thabinb: I get excited everytime my credit score increases.
15-09-2022 02:19
Every time I get in the car I stop and get something to eat 🙁 and still not satisfied lol
15-09-2022 01:06
Pregnant and craving everything 😩
15-09-2022 01:05
RT @DreaNicole_: If you deal with married men you're just not that girl.. It's too many single men out here, so if they're the only ones yo…
14-09-2022 19:41
RT @DreaNicole_: I've done a lot of shit, but married niggas?? That's where I draw the line 😭
14-09-2022 19:40
RT @Flashyasf: Acting out of emotions gone cost you everytime
14-09-2022 02:28
RT @QueenLeora: I would be so much further in life if I would’ve put myself first
14-09-2022 02:04
RT @Jameca2011: This parenting shit is WAAAYYYY deeper than buying clothes, shoes & toys.
12-09-2022 23:59
RT @idcbitxhh: Raising my son right cause a man who is loved correctly, loves correctly 🫶🏽
12-09-2022 23:59
RT @ortaytay: i b acting so hard but deep down i wanna b babied 24/7 😭
12-09-2022 08:29
RT @iamarabiannn: I stay to myself now, I’m alone 97% of the time. True loner. I’ve experienced betrayal from the people who I thought woul…
12-09-2022 08:03
RT @JustinLaboy: Men lose good women just to be with somebody everybody else fkn 🤣 #Respectfully
12-09-2022 08:03
RT @the___onee: I love being a mom. I enjoy every moment, every milestone. Everything that comes with it. This the life for me. I wouldn’t…
12-09-2022 08:03
RT @carenavonche: what niggas don’t understand is keeping it real with us gone make us like them more 😭😩
11-09-2022 22:40
About to get ready for this long ass drive to Vegas 🙄
11-09-2022 20:09
RT @Wavymafia: They gon change on you for someone that’s gon eventually change on them.
10-09-2022 07:55
People be mad when your not accepting their bullshit
10-09-2022 02:31
RT @carenavonche: mane niggas always put themselves FIRST, they don’t care WHO they hurt 😭😭😭
09-09-2022 08:36
RT @lowkeyy_V: Being spiritually intuitive is not for the weak. You’ll have a dream exposing somebody and how they betrayed you, you’ll be…
09-09-2022 04:30
RT @Frankie_FT3: I bump heads with people cause i speak up, i aint no fuckin yes man
09-09-2022 03:29
RT @iThatGuyDe: Getting money is the only thing that makes sense rn.
08-09-2022 11:29
RT @Itsstreety__: I’m so ready to feel that fall air . Fall just hit so different to me
07-09-2022 10:21
RT @koreaarmani: It’s cool to have a nigga but that’s not some I need
07-09-2022 10:20
RT @itsnotjazminn: idc if you don’t like MY relationship it’s not yours to like anyway.
07-09-2022 08:48
RT @itsoraida: sometimes all you can say is LMAOO
07-09-2022 03:33
RT @ExculsiveMerra: REAL AINT WHAT A NIGGA SAY !!! it’s what a nigga do !!! sit there and let a nigga talk yo head off if you wanna !!!
07-09-2022 02:26
RT @Jameca2011: Cooking for your man just feels good..the ladies that get it, get it. ✨😩
07-09-2022 02:24
It’s really so Hott out here , I hate it
07-09-2022 02:12
He’s really up at 5am 🙄
06-09-2022 15:41
RT @LongLiveK_: Getting a bottle and playing music at the crib with a fine woman >> the club. To ME
06-09-2022 06:32
RT @ykmaj6: Y’all be pushing away the realest ones… for the worthless ones… ain’t got no sense🤦🏽‍♂️
06-09-2022 06:31
RT @koreaarmani: U ever be scared that the only person u trust might be the one person you shouldn’t
06-09-2022 06:22
RT @Tariq_Johnsonn: My intentions be pure that’s why I spazz when I feel played with
06-09-2022 06:22
RT @2heavyFamPop: It’s no shortage on clowns I tell you that much lol
06-09-2022 06:22
RT @realprettyygirl: The way I act once I get an attitude isn’t ok. 😭
06-09-2022 06:17
RT @KodaBandz: a nigga that record u and take pics 24/7>>>
06-09-2022 06:03
RT @KandonDortch: never beg someone for anything. not time. not attention. not effort.
06-09-2022 05:49
RT @hoodfeelings_: nipsey said vent to god. not to people a listening ear is also a running mouth💯.
05-09-2022 22:58
RT @lakeyah: I spoil mine idc what ya ask fa😘
05-09-2022 22:57
RT @TheOracleReadsU: Allowing yourself to be constantly disrespected, and watering down your pain so that you can keep the peace, is not be…
05-09-2022 22:55
RT @_fynechyna: Get friends that show up for yo kids too❗️
05-09-2022 22:08
RT @_amorkayla: i hate being told " no " like did you just call me a bitch ??
05-09-2022 22:08
RT @PGK___: What people don’t kno bout me is I’m mentally unstable fr… like leave me alone😭😭
05-09-2022 20:47
RT @INTERIORHUB3: Mood: https://t.co/muJMtdw0Uc
05-09-2022 20:37
RT @lightbrightroni: Sleeping With Multiple People is Not a Flex You’re Dirty 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
05-09-2022 20:37
RT @Flashyasf: Sometimes I wish I went another route on certain shit but you live and you learn
05-09-2022 20:11
RT @boundlesshopes: Writing, because no one listens.
05-09-2022 20:10
RT @Shantia97: Why would I move like I got a nigga if a nigga ain't moving like he got me 😂😵‍💫
05-09-2022 17:46
RT @_shesdarkskiin: Just got my lick back from March 7, 2010 😌 don’t ever think it’s sweet 😂
05-09-2022 10:22
A man will beg for a family and kids . While he run the streets with whores the entire time and never see their kid… https://t.co/e7hBdLMNe1
05-09-2022 10:02
Can’t wait for this baby to pop out bc I’m getting back to the money
05-09-2022 09:58
If my family or friends lying on my man . I’m cutting them off or getting to the bottom of it with them bc why you… https://t.co/tgG8HOwflk
05-09-2022 09:55
RT @Flashyasf: When you bounce back Don’t chase after people that left you.
05-09-2022 07:50