Joey Jo Jo J 🌸💜 (@joeyjojojunior_) — GETTR - Joey_jojo_j - Survivor, mental health practitioner, holistic & sports therapist - just want peace and fairness for all 🙏🏼
@TheCoronaCure_ We do not have a functioning judiciary, justice is a privilege for the rich only.
28-11-2022 23:13
@paulfrewDUP It’s all collecting as evidence, the longer he ignores and refuses to communicate the bigger the link…
28-11-2022 23:10
@elonmusk If they have the balls to behave like fascists then they should at least OWN it.
28-11-2022 23:00
@DavidDavisMP Heard it all before…… until you root and branch out those in the home office whom seek every opportun…
28-11-2022 22:51
Remember the jab minister, his lies about jab passports, his lie to @JuliaHB1 ‘you can hold me to that’, this threa…
28-11-2022 22:43
@sirDukeDevin @elonmusk @tim_cook Thanks for shutting down an echo chamber of, ‘re- gressives ’,those that have bee…
28-11-2022 22:08
@DrHilaryJones 😂😂😂😂 Dr Hillary still believing the lies of big pharma, and compromising the little integrity he has…
28-11-2022 22:02
@BernieSpofforth The NHS has collapsed, it’s simply not working.
28-11-2022 19:40
RT @PeterSweden7: Something weird is going on🚨🚨🚨 ▪️4070% increase in vaers miscarriage reports. ▪️31020% increase in vaers menstrual diso…
28-11-2022 19:35
@AlexBerenson Important to shame those calling themselves out as fascists - even more important if they are involved in public office.
28-11-2022 19:33
@Nigel_Farage @BedfordTweets Look at our mayor, look at our demographics and our utterly useless MP who falls aslee…
28-11-2022 18:58
@EmilyThornberry Yet you said nothing when they spaffed billions in T&T and the billions in fraudulent bounce back…
28-11-2022 18:53
@RachelReevesMP Best start in life! Are you joking! My 15 year old starts his mock GSCE today has 2 YEARS OF MISSED…
28-11-2022 15:23
@RachelReevesMP You could have opposed the conservatives actions and spend but you sat on your hands allowed the so…
28-11-2022 15:16
@darrengrimes_ No, it feels like a deliberate attempt to cause civil unrest.
28-11-2022 15:13
@mrmarkdolan U.K. Police loved their powers and took it way WAY too far. Trust is gone.
28-11-2022 13:26
We had Harold Shipman, and were told lessons would be learned. Oh boy did they learn. They learnt so well how easy…
28-11-2022 12:20
@chrislittlewoo8 It didn’t stop at vulnerable people. I work in health two nurse clients of mine (now resigned in d…
28-11-2022 12:15
RT @FatEmperor: THREAD of vindication 🤨 (and a big lesson to all) In November 2020 I was interviewed by the Sunday Business Post - a prett…
28-11-2022 11:48
@ReflectionsV2 Will never forget being harassed by the police will never ever trust them again. This was the messag…
28-11-2022 11:45
@fourth_vp @colinbfc71 @Dominiquetaegon There was no trial.
28-11-2022 00:40
@EssexPR @YachtPete Again it’s a troll, but I wonder if this one belongs to matts pr people?
28-11-2022 00:39
@fourth_vp @colinbfc71 @Dominiquetaegon
28-11-2022 00:36
@LadyDetectives1 @ShellEnergyHome My mum required a drain to pump excess fluid collecting in her stomach due to can…
28-11-2022 00:14
@sajidjavid Political leadership 😂😂😂😂😂😂 we have none.
28-11-2022 00:09
@EmilyThornberry @Malks1988 So angry about him winning a tin pot tv show, but where was your anger when he lied abo…
27-11-2022 23:52
RT @mattletiss7: One for the vaccine injured ❤️ @VIBUK1
27-11-2022 23:48
@grizedale88 @Dominiquetaegon I mean that he gets very few votes in the final.
27-11-2022 23:41
@JuliaHB1 @Bel_B30 @Hellsbellsmac Hmmmm you think…..
27-11-2022 23:25
One for @JuliaHB1
27-11-2022 23:24
@elonmusk I’d love to but those accounts are troll farms and they mass report you to get you cancelled. My small bu…
27-11-2022 23:19
@beverleyturner It could be that the public kept him in to do all the challenges until the very end, then hardly an…
27-11-2022 22:51
@_SeanOGrady @DrAseemMalhotra Bourla gets caught lying, excess death higher now than pre 2019, confirmed heart dama…
27-11-2022 22:44
@MetPoliceEvents ‘As appropriate’ = sitting down with them, checking their phones are charged and whether they are…
27-11-2022 21:54
This is what gives real racists and ‘progressives’ the shivers. The traditional family unit.
27-11-2022 21:17
@JohnBoweActor @Love2travel17 I feel that these petitions allow corrupt officials to mark their own homework. A mi…
27-11-2022 19:54
@Garvey_Graphics @DiedSuddenly_ *rare
27-11-2022 19:45
@Garvey_Graphics @DiedSuddenly_ I can only speak from personal experience -local hospital currently undergoing an e…
27-11-2022 19:44
@nannyrock987 @colinbfc71 @Dominiquetaegon Hancock stated in October 2020 that vit d showed no significant benefit,…
27-11-2022 19:41
RT @DiedSuddenly_: Don’t let anyone tell you that this is normal. #DiedSuddenly
27-11-2022 19:32
RT @IamBrookJackson: Dr. Malone: Ron Johnson’s COVID-19 Hearings Will Decimate COVID-19 Lies And Manipulation
27-11-2022 19:10
@fourth_vp @colinbfc71 @Dominiquetaegon Vit d and antivirals were part of the trial that the ‘therapeutics task for…
27-11-2022 17:25
@colinbfc71 @Dominiquetaegon Doing his job? Lying about therapeutic trials that could have saved people, people of…
27-11-2022 16:34
@Dominiquetaegon Well said Dominique 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I am wondering whether the public are setting him up for a fall though…
27-11-2022 16:31
@EssexPR To come out publicly and back Hancock is to confirm you would have ‘just followed orders’ in 1940. Bring o…
27-11-2022 15:51
RT @IamBrookJackson: Overview of False Claims Case against Pfizer - full video
27-11-2022 15:30
@EssexPR @MayorofLondon It’s the new MO, don’t bother with risk assessment, socioeconomic impacts, fiscal and socia…
27-11-2022 14:47
@JeffreyPeel @liz_brown2610 @BBCNews BBC has moved onto the ‘next thing ™️’ of climate co2 nudging, and manipulatio…
27-11-2022 14:33
RT @Resist_05: Brazil… The revolution will not be televised RESIST 🔥🔥🔥
27-11-2022 14:28
RT @kylenabecker: This just in: The Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro... is prepared to invoke Article 142...
27-11-2022 14:27
@UniteSharon @bischbosch1 @GOVUK You walked straight into it, the public are angry, you could get them on side. Tea…
27-11-2022 14:22
@FactsMatterGuy @DilligafTiers @JuliaHB1 @Hellsbellsmac Troll calls himself ‘the facts guy’ 😂😂😂 at least this one has a sense of humour.
27-11-2022 14:05
@JuliaHB1 @Hellsbellsmac You clapped because you believe the jab saved lives?Wow, that’s one crazy tweet. Bourla g…
27-11-2022 14:01
RT @JohnBoweActor: Cancers rapidly progressing after Boosters
27-11-2022 13:56
@RishiSunak You do not believe in freedom, you believe in serfdom. Using a PR video over Ukraine so you can nudge,…
27-11-2022 13:54
This sums up our utterly useless, dangerous and out of control politicians. Police came to my small business twice…
27-11-2022 13:50
@scobie @Mckenziewar60 The entire mainstream media is a mere propaganda arm of government narrative. Absolute tripe…
26-11-2022 23:29
RT @Rob_Kimbell: Pick one.
26-11-2022 22:56
@AllisonPearson It’s urgent that the people of Europe get the full disclosure of what Ursula Van de Leyden agreed w…
26-11-2022 21:51
You cannot trust big pharma, it’s time to have a serious conversation about their power and kick backs.
26-11-2022 21:46
@EssexPR @GOVUK @SadiqKhan A lot of young people earn extra money doing Amazon locker deliveries, this will now mak…
26-11-2022 13:50
RT @JamesMelville: If you believed their con-trick narrative or went along with it to avoid difficulties, but are now uncomfortable about i…
26-11-2022 12:18
@Sotlive This is what your community needs to do 🙏🏼
25-11-2022 23:47
@drdavidbull Only following by example. (See @Conservatives @TheLabourParty_ )
25-11-2022 23:40
25-11-2022 23:35
@SaraCube @Rob_Roos @elonmusk Here is the full copy.
25-11-2022 23:28
RT @LayahHeilpern: The same media that tells you @elonmusk is going to destroy the world is the same media that is silent on Balenciaga’s c…
25-11-2022 23:26
@SaraCube @Rob_Roos @elonmusk I can’t even follow people 😡 thanks 👍🏼
25-11-2022 23:22
@SaraCube @Rob_Roos This is from Albania. My account is flagged as ‘sensitive’ and shadow banned. Hoping next week…
25-11-2022 23:09
@Stallulah2 @accountingetc Who knows, maybe because I kept telling him he failed as an opposition party and he was…
25-11-2022 22:54
@accountingetc 😂😂😂😂 none of them get my vote, I’m self employed small business owner. I’d rather claw my eyes out t…
25-11-2022 22:50
25-11-2022 22:47
@scullyp Politics in the U.K. today, ignore the people then gas light them. We see you.
25-11-2022 22:45
@TheRealKeean He looks medicated.
25-11-2022 22:45
@accountingetc Kier starmer 😂😂😂
25-11-2022 22:38
@strummaster42 Same could be said about the medical profession, but I’ll give you a clue, Non Disclosure Agreements…
25-11-2022 22:26
@respect65 ‘You own nothing and your happy’. That catchall strapline is levied at us SME’s first, then they will take cash away.
25-11-2022 22:25
RT @drdenwalker: Elderberry is full of antiviral & anti-inflamm properties, & used as a remedy for colds, flus, & bacterial sinus infxn. El…
25-11-2022 22:24
@TheRealKeean You mean law and order means sweet-fu3k all to politicians, he should be arrested for perjury
25-11-2022 22:22
@offgridino Snap, I’m bouncing today.
25-11-2022 22:20
@TheRealKeean Really?????
25-11-2022 22:18
@Peston @DehennaDavison @William_Wragg @NorwichChloe Reclaim our country more like, which is impossible in the two…
25-11-2022 22:16
@SuellaBraverman this is what your department is responsible for, we are angry, this is a disaster waiting to happe…
25-11-2022 22:15
No one in government is coming to help, this community action is our only hope, if your local area has been put in…
25-11-2022 22:10
@thesalariedGP @movinghousedjs @CMO_England 😂😂 says the troll literally copying and pasting a script. You guys 😂😂😂
25-11-2022 22:07
@thesalariedGP @movinghousedjs @CMO_England Parody 😂😂😂
25-11-2022 22:07
@Ravenspoint2 @AthenaFreedom20 @CMO_England Shame on you troll! Get a proper job!
25-11-2022 22:05
@CMO_England Antivirals should have been available in 2019 like they were in India, South America. There is an immu…
25-11-2022 22:04
@Fly_2_Oblivion @LayahHeilpern GP said the same, I haven’t contacted them since, over two years now I won’t use them, can’t trust them.
25-11-2022 22:02
@PhilMcgroinmate @LayahHeilpern Exactly, the PEG in this jab alone would close my airways, GP’s are complicit.
25-11-2022 22:01
@LeilaniDowding Yea it’s a good watch, and the Intolerance towards his view and the denialism without debate smack…
25-11-2022 21:56
@TheRealKeean Frisk him, if he’s being directed then the public have a right to know.
25-11-2022 21:24
@DScharpy @Eric_Schmitt Wow your ignorant, there is an entire generation of young children with speech development…
25-11-2022 21:24
Covidian Fascism took over our nations, learn, educate and NEVER allow them to do this again.
25-11-2022 21:23
@GBNEWS Obviously, I mean he has no money unless the request comes from foreign requests, then he has millions avai…
25-11-2022 21:13
@Etobicoreps @AndrewLawton Do you really take money to push false narrative?
25-11-2022 21:01
@AndrewLawton He’s lying under oath?
25-11-2022 19:51
@IsabelOakeshott Just following orders…….. see Vallance and Fauci 😡
25-11-2022 19:43
@ActivePatriotUK Islam is not a race. It’s an oxymoron to call this ‘racism’
25-11-2022 19:42
@johnnyhornet59 @MarkSteynOnline @danwootton @beverleyturner Bingo! Cases were never ‘infections’.
25-11-2022 19:41
@beverleyturner Maybe the camp needs a visit from the covidians, Hancock can be first to receive his booster I mean, safe and effective huh…
25-11-2022 19:36
@danwootton He’s going to have to do it before anyone stops him too.
25-11-2022 19:33
@TiceRichard Make that part of your manifesto campaigning and this will make the other two traitorous sell out parties sweat and squirm.
25-11-2022 18:57
@electpoliticsuk Too late, @conservatives are finished.
25-11-2022 18:55
‘Do your own research, do not believe what comes out from the west or the east’. Knowing CCP purchased a percentage…
25-11-2022 18:54
RT @bobscartoons:
25-11-2022 18:47
RT @MainsMains3: Petition: Launch a Public Inquiry into the approval process for covid-19 vaccines
25-11-2022 18:46
@MaximeBernier We have exactly the same problem in the U.K. our @Conservatives had an 80 seat majority and the…
25-11-2022 18:45
@johnnyhornet59 @MarkSteynOnline @danwootton @beverleyturner It will tell you that your body is shedding RNA but un…
25-11-2022 18:36
@GirardotMarc IMHO they are not this stupid, this is insidious. My own MP wrote to me stating they had been advised…
25-11-2022 18:32
@johnnyhornet59 @MarkSteynOnline @danwootton @beverleyturner
25-11-2022 18:30
@johnnyhornet59 @MarkSteynOnline @danwootton @beverleyturner PCR looks for RNA, byproduct of a coronavirus infectio…
25-11-2022 18:29
@TheLabourParty_ your boss told the world he would protect women and girls, yet nothing ever gets done. Thank god f…
25-11-2022 18:08
@DHSCgovuk @Dr_Ellie Interesting, I work in health, naturally recovered Feb 2020, no reinfection, unjabbed. Jabbed…
25-11-2022 18:03
RT @Chattah4Nevada: Yesterday @joeygilbertinc and I filed the first wrongful death action in the State of Nevada against a hospital for the…
25-11-2022 18:00
@johnnyhornet59 @rockgn0me @GBNEWS @reformparty_uk It’s a troll parroting the same threat, it’s more than that now,…
25-11-2022 17:51
@respect65 @scotchnutz 1940 taught us that the medical industry will always side with totalitarian control with the…
25-11-2022 17:48
RT @LittleBoats2020: LB's 3rd "Hero Hoteliers Award" goes to the owners of the Printwork apartments & Printwork, Picturehouse & Podworks H…
25-11-2022 17:40
@TiceRichard They are not terrified, they are doubling down. Just let them continue taking the rope, they are slowl…
25-11-2022 17:25
@Iberia_en @org_scp You have no mandate to screen ‘requests’ disabilities act allow every human being their human r…
25-11-2022 17:13
@LayahHeilpern Naturally recovered, anaphylactic sufferer and being told I still needed a jab was utter anti scienc…
25-11-2022 17:08
@SadiqKhan He’s trolling you. If nobody paid he would have a job collecting. He wants you all to stop driving so hi…
25-11-2022 16:59
Media seems desperate to push the lie that the public are behind the public sector striking! They happily hid behin…
25-11-2022 16:57
@GBNEWS That’s misinformation in fact the general public are DISGUSTED that they didn’t strike when their friends/c…
25-11-2022 16:53
@AndyBurnhamGM Clap them!! Why the hell should we clap them when they kept silent as mandates collapsed social care…
25-11-2022 16:46
They really are going for it, ‘windup the plebs’ appears to be sport of the HOC! @MarkSteynOnline
25-11-2022 13:33
@Togetherdec @DCMS @michelledonelan @RishiSunak @Conservatives We know how Ofcom operates, they are regulators in n…
25-11-2022 13:28
Played by China, Destabilised by China, aided and abetted by traitors, all without firing a shot! We have dangerou…
25-11-2022 12:55
@pauljholmes @RishiSunak @nadhimzahawi Don’t get too comfy, the party is toast.
25-11-2022 12:45
@AdiWilley @rachelschraer No I don’t, my dad was killed by asbestos, government relicensed it knowing dangers hence…
25-11-2022 12:38
@rachelschraer That’s a disgusting view, your denying their death certificates are valid! Shame on you!
25-11-2022 12:35
RT @OhBrokenBritain: We've got fish, which the EU are stealing. We've got coal and oil, which the WEF has stopped us using. We have fields…
25-11-2022 11:50
RT @drdavidsamadi: For the past nineteen months I’ve done all that I could to bring you the most up-to-date info on COVID-19 and the vaccin…
25-11-2022 00:00
I might just get my small business account back 🙏🏼 Thankyou @elonmusk
24-11-2022 23:54
RT @coffee_anytime:
24-11-2022 23:49
@JohnDoomen1 @JamesMelville Oh wow a troll, thought you all had been given your P45. Here’s another picture, my own…
24-11-2022 23:34
@BruceFutur1 @psibernaut @JamesMelville Oh yes, I’m aware, here is a copy of the EUA, makes specific reference that…
24-11-2022 23:16
@rachelschraer ‘Baselessly’ yet U.K. vaccine injury payouts already compensating the families who’s loved ones died…
24-11-2022 23:01
@MichaelJPartyka @Trumplicanchic1 @unscriptedmike Oh my, this is wrong for so many reasons, natural immunity protec…
24-11-2022 22:56
@TiceRichard @Cazza37783789 There are also links to Gove and Patel.
24-11-2022 21:15
We do still have journalism, the death of mainstream media to the success of independent journalism 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
24-11-2022 21:13
@GBNEWS Gas lighting.
24-11-2022 21:09
@DestroyCabal @bobscartoons I don’t believe the public will tolerate the damage is there for all to see. They pushed too hard.
24-11-2022 21:07
@_HenryBolton Politicians from the two major parties will always prioritise international needs over the people of…
24-11-2022 20:48
@bobscartoons The embargo on early treatment protocols and the desperation to keep lockdown going is the red flag t…
24-11-2022 20:37
@MartinKulldorff @jengleruk @facebook @Twitter @Google @YouTube @Microsoft @LinkedIn They owe the world justice, pr…
24-11-2022 20:28
@TiceRichard @DMLR13 Biggest medical malfeasance since Goebbels.
24-11-2022 20:19
Seems the U.K. is deeply involved in this national security issue, have China played our CMO at the time along with…
24-11-2022 18:20
@_nickwalt @DrJBhattacharya Stress tested every year until 2019, then torn up. This was the first red flag.
24-11-2022 18:19
@JasonLa81624885 @YorkieWR @AustralianLabor Here is a copy.
24-11-2022 18:16
@POTUS You keep telling yourself that the rest of the world looks forward to justice and one day lady justice will be knocking on your door.
24-11-2022 18:11
@toadmeister The only lessons learned will be the online safety bill to prevent you even knowing the costs when they try this on again.
24-11-2022 18:02
@BinaryUnicorn @no_masks_at_all This 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
24-11-2022 17:54
@Togetherdec @Keir_Starmer He and his party failed to call out the socioeconomic suicide played out on the public b…
24-11-2022 17:47
@GMB We have statutory rape laws here in the U.K., children under the age of 16 cannot legally consent to sex, yet,…
24-11-2022 16:45
@JohnJac52201234 @_Janey_J @DrAseemMalhotra They’ve done it before, the medical profession sided with the wrong un’s in 1940.
24-11-2022 16:43
@LeilaniDowding There wouldn’t have been photos if he and other photographers approached demonstrated some dam inte…
24-11-2022 16:41
RT @_Janey_J: “We have pulled vaccines in the past for much less, we have got the highest level quality of data, saying this is 1 in 800 at…
24-11-2022 16:29
@JamesMelville Or, go help yourselves to their aga and heat, after all you have paid for that.
24-11-2022 16:13
@Nigel_Farage They roll out that lie year after year, migrants are the new slave labour market, they drive down a d…
24-11-2022 16:10
@M_Waters33 @sophielouisecc @DrJoGrady Maybe let’s look at the behaviour of the unions in Jan 2021 which resulted i…
24-11-2022 15:57
@DrJoGrady Proud to disadvantage the next generation? Proud to be part of the systematic destruction of mental heat…
24-11-2022 15:55
@elonmusk @BillyM2k Name and shame, those who perpetrated censorship deserve to be known.
24-11-2022 15:23
@JuliaHB1 The damage seen here
24-11-2022 15:15
@veritangoverdad @JamesMelville These are the packs used in India, the first pack were used in South America. There…
24-11-2022 15:14
@RichardBurgon Yes, and we see you.
24-11-2022 14:55
@BreesAnna Naivety. Human beings are flawed there will always be jealously, greed, power and envy. Open borders ju…
24-11-2022 14:53
@EssexPR They have tax payer funded second homes, we pay to heat them, if cold let’s help ourselves to the warmth we pay for.
24-11-2022 14:46
RT @BohemianAtmosp1: Call me a tin foil hat nutter, conspiraloon, antivaxxer, science denier, selfish, a danger to society, racist. Not ars…
24-11-2022 14:20
RT @KobieThatcher: Top Sydney cardiologist Dr. Ross Walker has called for a ban on mRNA jabs after a rise in heart conditions.…
24-11-2022 14:12
@rozalwayz @Eric_Schmitt Troll gonna troll.
24-11-2022 13:46
The appalling state of law and order in the U.K. they break the law, cease medical best practices, censor, slander,…
24-11-2022 13:29
RT @ActivePatriotUK: Can I book a room...
24-11-2022 13:26
This tweet from a @conservative MP demonstrates all that is rotten in our political system. Their priority - optics…
24-11-2022 13:16
@JamesMelville Baffled, absolutely completely baffled….. but not because of their low numbers, I’m baffled during a…
24-11-2022 13:10
@GeraldoRivera Surely parody? At this point nobody believes this??
23-11-2022 22:56
@DrAseemMalhotra I’ll get the popcorn as this has been years in the reckoning.
23-11-2022 22:27
@elonmusk these men will be written about in history as saving Humanity yet they are censored on Twitter.
23-11-2022 18:39
RT @Eric_Schmitt: We’ll be taking Dr. Fauci’s deposition tomorrow in our lawsuit against the Biden Administration for colluding with Big Te…
23-11-2022 15:02
@elonmusk Long overdue too, would be nice if you can confirm if us in Europe are under different censorship rules than that in the US?
23-11-2022 14:59
RT @mattletiss7: One of the most cited doctors in the world. This Monday with me on The flip Side, Tune in 8pm. A must watch for those who…
23-11-2022 12:29
Very important disclosure here @MarkSteynOnline @danwootton @beverleyturner
23-11-2022 12:26
@Eric_Schmitt Why embargo early treatment protocols during a pandemic. Illogical, and deeply suspicious.
23-11-2022 12:05
People, read the comments, this is over and those still pushing are a walking advertisement for their arrest and ch…
23-11-2022 12:03
@greg_price11 Wow this guy…….. karma is chomping at the bit to educate him.
23-11-2022 11:55
@elonmusk Freedom
23-11-2022 11:54
RT @houmanhemmati: 🧵 It appears that many remain unaware of the basic principles of medical ethics. So I’m writing this thread as Dr Hemmat…
23-11-2022 11:54
@conservative and @TheLabourParty_ legacy, ‘support the world, 💩 on the British’.
23-11-2022 11:44
@DrAseemMalhotra @JohnBoweActor
22-11-2022 23:50
Wise wise lady 🙏🏼
22-11-2022 22:41
@greg_price11 Follow the money, he’s illogical and data doesn’t back up what he’s saying. So there has to be logic…
22-11-2022 22:04
@rockchalkraider @ChefGruel @greg_price11 The ‘Science’ ™️
22-11-2022 22:01
@greg_price11 He’s surely not still banging that drum??? This is from last year surely?
22-11-2022 22:00
@elonmusk @waitbutwhy It’s a modus operandi.
22-11-2022 20:57
RT @hicksyalex: If anyone asks why we have been fighting, why we have suffered anti-vaxer labels and why we won't give up? This is why! De…
22-11-2022 20:56
@TalkTV @benclatworthy @thetimes Opinion polls 😂😂😂😂😂 thoroughly busted flush, demonstrated how totally wrong they w…
22-11-2022 20:56
@ZubyMusic This one is a great example of that.
22-11-2022 20:48
@TheRealKeean He just can’t help himself, undermining due process yet again. Surely the Canadians see him for what…
22-11-2022 20:45
RT @CoachDaleUK: Name ONE very easy thing somebody can do to improve their health.
22-11-2022 20:45
@bobscartoons Amazing 🙏🏼
22-11-2022 20:43