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RT @DecodingFoxNews: Milo Yiannopoulos is trending again because he's working for MTG's office as an unpaid intern. We should remember why…
29-11-2022 06:29
RT @TheRickyDavila: I’ve said it time and time again, there is literally no difference between the NRA, the Republican Party, Proud Boys te…
29-11-2022 06:28
RT @JerAllen76: Re-electing Senator Warnock in Georgia isn’t about having a larger majority in the Senate and shouldn’t be viewed that way.…
29-11-2022 06:28
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RT @joncoopertweets: This is your daily reminder that the following GOP members of Congress requested a pardon from Trump: Lauren Boebert,…
29-11-2022 04:17
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RT @robreiner: Donald Trump has endorsed the single dumbest and most unqualified person to represent Georgia in US Senate history. Now with…
29-11-2022 04:16
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RT @fred_guttenberg: My daughter was killed because of gun violence. Every day across America children are killed because of irresponsible…
29-11-2022 04:16
RT @VP: Under our Administration, we reached record low uninsured rates—over 5 million more people are newly insured since 2021. The enroll…
29-11-2022 04:14
RT @geno_kusa: How you know Boebert’s lawyers have told her she is in jeopardy 👇
29-11-2022 04:14
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RT @RpsAgainstTrump: BREAKING: Mitt Romney SLAMS Trump for dining with white supremacists- "There is no bottom to the degree to which he's…
29-11-2022 04:13
RT @geno_kusa: While @repmtg dares to lecture you, She repeatedly cheated on her husband with multiple men She is now shacked up with a ma…
29-11-2022 04:13
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RT @VP: Today @POTUS signed a Presidential Memorandum which will strengthen accountability for conflict-related sexual violence. This is a…
29-11-2022 04:12
RT @PoliticsVerse: Docket:
29-11-2022 04:11
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RT @PoliticsVerse: BREAKING 🚨 A federal judge has *REJECTED* Donald Trump's claim of absolute immunity against a lawsuit accusing him and t…
29-11-2022 04:10
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RT @ericswalwell: I mean seriously, how hard is it to denounce dining with a white nationalist and an anti-semite?
29-11-2022 04:10
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RT @ReverendWarnock: 8 days away from securing 6 MORE YEARS!
29-11-2022 04:10
RT @yadvashem: #OTD "My dear righteous father ... was 63 years old when his soul departed on ... 28 November 1942, in hospital in the #Wars…
29-11-2022 04:09
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RT @POTUS: My Administration is resolving supply chain problems to get goods to people quicker and cheaper. Through my Bipartisan Infrast…
29-11-2022 04:08
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RT @RBReich: News flash: If you outlaw abortions, criminalize providing gender affirming care for trans youth, dictate what educators can t…
29-11-2022 04:08
RT @auschwitzxhibit: November 28, 1939 | Germans created the first ghetto in the Polish territories - in the city of Piotrków Trybunalski.…
29-11-2022 04:08
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 28 November 1881 | A Pole, Zygmunt Zygmuntowicz, was born in Jeziorna. An army officer. In #Auschwitz from 19 Decembe…
29-11-2022 04:07
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 28 November 1901 | A Polish Jew, Norbert Armer, was born in Krakow. A bakery aid. In #Auschwitz from 14 January 1942.…
29-11-2022 03:51
RT @HolocaustMuseum: Krystyna Chiger, age 7, wore this sweater during 14 months in hiding in the sewers of Lwów. Hand knit by her grandmoth…
29-11-2022 03:51
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 29 November 1933 | A French Jewish girl, Lisa Fajngut, was born in Paris. On 17 August 1942 she was deported from Dra…
29-11-2022 03:50
RT @HolocaustMuseum: Holocaust denial, distortion, and misuse undermine the truth and our understanding of history. Get the facts.
29-11-2022 03:48
RT @auschwitzxhibit: November 28, 1942 | Prisoner Kazimierz Nadolski (no. 59050) is incarcerated in the bunker of Block 11. The Bunker regi…
29-11-2022 03:48
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RT @POTUS: Right now, seniors on Medicare pay as much as $1,000 a month for insulin. Starting January 1, we’re capping that cost at $35 a…
29-11-2022 03:47
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RT @DashDobrofsky: He sexually assaulted women prior to his candidacy, he colluded with Russia before his Inauguration (proven by the Senat…
29-11-2022 03:47
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RT @BidensWins: Breaking News: Oil prices are at their lowest price in a year. That's a Biden Win!
29-11-2022 03:46
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 28 November 1910 | A Czech Jewish woman, Milena Berkovičová, was born in Prague. She was deported to #Auschwitz from…
29-11-2022 03:46
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 28 November 1932 | A German Jewish girl, Anni Glattstein, was born in Essen. She emigrated to The Netherlands. In Oct…
29-11-2022 03:45
28-11-2022 21:21
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RT @CREWcrew: Where's the investigation into the $2,000,000,000 Saudi Arabia handed Jared Kushner?
28-11-2022 21:20
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RT @WHCOS: Gas prices are falling, sharply and quickly. I'm sure it will receive as much media coverage as when gas prices go up.
28-11-2022 21:20
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RT @theliamnissan: Ivanka Trump pocketed more money on one shady-ass Chinese handbag endorsement than Hunter Biden made in his entire life
28-11-2022 21:19
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RT @EricFoltz: Look who else hangs out with NAZIs. Paul Gosar
28-11-2022 21:18
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RT @stonecoldone57: Why is it the same folks that blamed @JoeBiden aren't thanking him now?
28-11-2022 19:14
RT @_Peace_Love_US: Citizens United has destroyed trust in US elections, 💙 if you agree.
28-11-2022 19:14
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RT @Healthyfairy86: At the pharmacy today…the person next to me was unable to fill his prescription because he didn’t have health insurance…
28-11-2022 19:14
RT @AJRefugeeVoices: 1939: Eve Willman, age 5, comes to the UK on a #Kindertransport. "I can't remember anything about Vienna really. A fl…
28-11-2022 19:09
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RT @littlewhitty: Elon reporting that hate speech is at an all time low shortly after getting rid of the resources needed to identify hate…
28-11-2022 18:53
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RT @JDCocchiarella: Stop calling Nick Fuentes a “conservative activist” because he’s not. He’s a holocaust denying white supremacists. Cal…
28-11-2022 18:53
RT @HelloCatherine2: @JReinerMD Dr. Reiner, I want to thank you for calling it like it is & worrying not a whit about how tightly people ma…
28-11-2022 18:52
RT @JReinerMD: The Delta variant killed about 200,000 Americans.
28-11-2022 18:52
RT @auschwitzxhibit: Every single object of #Auschwitz helps keeping alive the memory millions of people. Shaving brushes of victims of #A…
28-11-2022 18:49
RT @ChaosPigeon1: The two party system is so broken. No voter deserves to have Herschel Walker represent them in the Senate, no matter how…
28-11-2022 12:40
RT @geno_kusa: PRO TIP: If the @GOP doesn't care enough to condemn something as basic as Antisemitism in America and defend their own cons…
28-11-2022 12:40
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RT @kevinmnye1: I administered Narcan to someone overdosing on my way to the movies tonight. When the EMS arrived, I let them know, both t…
28-11-2022 12:37
RT @geno_kusa: The @GOP has been super intense on attacking the Jewish and LGBT community this week. I would give a heads up to the black…
28-11-2022 12:35
RT @WW2girl1944: Over 50,000 people's ashes are buried under this memorial. These are civilians & insurgents killed & murdered by the Germa…
28-11-2022 12:35
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 28 November 1900 | A Pole, Andrzej Woliński, was born in Bartkowa-Posadowa. A tailor. In #Auschwitz from 17 April 194…
28-11-2022 12:34
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RT @Weinsteinlaw: One person was killed and four others were injured in a mass shooting on the Florida A&M University campus today, but you…
28-11-2022 12:34
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 28 November 1910 | A Polish Jew, Arja Rozencwajg, was born in Łódź. A worker. In #Auschwitz from 16 July 1942. No. 47…
28-11-2022 12:33
RT @MajdanekMuseum: 28.11.1925| Serra Adler was born in Urspringen. She was among the German Jews deported from Würzburg to the Lublin dist…
28-11-2022 12:33
RT @auschwitzxhibit: November 28, 1938 | A police decree in Nazi Germany authorized presidents of administrative districts to order restric…
28-11-2022 12:32
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RT @PattyMurray: I will not stop fighting until women in all 50 states once again have the right to get an abortion. RT if you're with me.
28-11-2022 12:32
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 28 November 1921 | Czech Jew František Kohn was born in Prague. He was deported to #Auschwitz from #Theresienstadt gh…
28-11-2022 12:32
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RT @TheRickyDavila: Just so I understand this correctly, the Washington Post is more angry at Naomi Biden for not inviting media to her wed…
28-11-2022 05:56
RT @ChaosPigeon1: Raise your hand if holding anti-Semite Happy Hour at Mar a Lago was enough for you to say that Trump is a full blown Neo-…
28-11-2022 05:56
RT @Mc2PhotoGal: @Angry_Staffer
28-11-2022 05:55
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RT @joncoopertweets:
28-11-2022 05:54
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RT @DashDobrofsky: Ted Cruz has failed to condemn Donald Trump for hosting a Holocaust-denier for dinner. Lindsey Graham has failed to cond…
28-11-2022 05:54
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RT @7Veritas4: Him: Mar-a-Lago is very secure for top secret documents. Also him: I have no idea who these people walking around my house…
28-11-2022 05:53
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RT @JDCocchiarella: Not enough people are talking about the fact that Herschel Walkers lives in TEXAS! He doesn’t live in Georgia, and he…
28-11-2022 05:52
RT @UCL_Holocaust: OTD in 1938 the Nazis began arresting Jews with Polish citizenship living in Germany & deporting them to Poland. ⬇️@yad…
28-11-2022 05:52
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RT @POTUS: We're making electric vehicles more affordable for families, jumpstarting the first national EV charging network, and bringing i…
28-11-2022 05:52
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RT @RepJerryNadler: Looking for a single returning or new GOP House member who has condemned Trump for the Fuentes/Ye meeting. Anyone? Ra…
28-11-2022 05:48
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RT @Bakershane78: Your friendly reminder that The Salvation Army is not a charity it's a church. And they discriminate against the LGBTQ co…
28-11-2022 05:24
RT @GeorgiaDemocrat: If you live in any of these counties, you can vote early today! Go to to find your polling lo…
28-11-2022 05:22
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 28 November 1912 | Mitrofan Andriyagov was born. A Soviet army soldier. In #Auschwitz from October 1941. R-8345 (Sovi…
28-11-2022 05:21
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RT @HCraigBlue: Twitter is owned by a Republican. Fox News is owned by a Republican. CNN is owned by a Republican. OANN is owned by a Repub…
28-11-2022 05:19
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RT @POTUS: The heart of American capitalism is open and fair competition. If companies want to win your business, they have to up their g…
28-11-2022 05:19
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 27 November 1941 | A clerk Kurt Bruhn (b. 20 Dec 1913 in Königsberg) received no. 23520 at the #Auschwitz camp. He per…
28-11-2022 05:18
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RT @BillPascrell: The reason we didn’t cap insulin at $35 is because republicans blocked it. Republicans told millions of Americans to drop…
28-11-2022 05:18
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RT @RepSwalwell: It’s official: after nearly a week since it happened, @GOPLeader McCarthy will not condemn Trump for dining with a Jew-hat…
28-11-2022 05:18
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RT @BidensWins: Raise your hand if you stand with President Biden in his fight to pass an assault weapons ban ✋
28-11-2022 05:17
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: @ZeroDarkKitty The Holocaust happened. It is a fact, not an opinion. Holocaust deniers are not people who have a diff…
28-11-2022 05:17
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RT @JDCocchiarella: The media should STOP saying Ron DeSantis is the GOP’s hope to “return to normalcy.” There is nothing normal about the…
28-11-2022 05:14
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 27 November 1896 | A Pole, Władysław Budzoń, was born i Maków Podhalański. A carpenter. In #Auschwitz from 20 July 19…
28-11-2022 05:13
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RT @POTUS: My Administration is rebuilding our roads, bridges, and airports, replacing lead pipes, cleaning up pollution, providing afforda…
28-11-2022 05:13
RT @Will_Bunch: Blatant antisemitism, now infiltrating Mar-a-Lago, LGBTQ+ hatred including a mass shooting, AR-15s at protests -- the U.S.…
28-11-2022 05:06
RT @MeidasTouch: Trump is melting down and is in a complete panic after his dinner party with neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes and other anti-Semites…
28-11-2022 05:05
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RT @mmpadellan: REMINDER: Ron DeSantis is just as bad, if not worse, than trump. Don't be fooled by his ability to form complete sentences.
28-11-2022 05:03
RT @donkoclock: @StephensVina @mpoage
28-11-2022 04:58
RT @robs_back: @EladNehorai I've been telling Republicans for years that the reason why Jews won't vote for or join the Republican party is…
28-11-2022 04:57
RT @JoelBahm: @EladNehorai And Jewish republicans keep funding their own demise
28-11-2022 04:56
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RT @mhdksafa: The poor and middle-class are paying taxes, the rich are paying accountants, and the wealthy are paying politicians.
28-11-2022 04:49
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RT @mhdksafa: You are driving a German car to an Italian coffeeshop to drink Brazilian coffee and then going home buying Chinese takeaway t…
28-11-2022 04:49
0 15992
RT @mhdksafa: So you're afraid of white people become the minority? Why? Are minorities treated differently or something?
28-11-2022 04:47
0 4468
RT @mhdksafa: Every child had a heartbeat before being shot dead in school. Where's that righteous pro-life outrage?
28-11-2022 04:46
0 2801
RT @mhdksafa: Have you noticed the people who don’t want to help refugees because we “have our own poor” also don’t want to help our own po…
28-11-2022 04:45
0 1132
RT @mhdksafa: I am so tired of people running around with a mouthful of scripture and a heart full of hate.
28-11-2022 04:45
0 3031
RT @mhdksafa: If we simply required gun owners to carry liability insurance, the insurance industry would destroy the gun industry
28-11-2022 04:44
0 2957
RT @mhdksafa: No immigrant has taken your job. You were laid off by a capitalist who required cheap labor and took advantage of that immigr…
28-11-2022 04:44
0 5892
RT @mhdksafa: "billionaires won't create jobs if we tax them,” Is a myth made up by billionaires so we won't tax them.
28-11-2022 04:44
0 4779
RT @mhdksafa: If selling a gay couple a wedding cake means a "christian" baker participated in their marriage, does selling a gun to a murd…
28-11-2022 04:44
0 1577
RT @mhdksafa: “If you think fertilized eggs are people but women who've walked their kids 2,000 miles aren't, stop pretending your concerns…
28-11-2022 04:43
RT @islandsky72: @EladNehorai @DjJetCityWoman This is the GOP slow walking their turn to fascism, following Hitlers playbook and slowly acc…
28-11-2022 04:38
RT @AngAlex2432: @EladNehorai @sandibachom Charlottesville is one example & embraced them at rallies.
28-11-2022 04:38
RT @EladNehorai: We are not alone in this. Trans and queer people have been screaming about their being targeted for ages, and it was only…
28-11-2022 04:36
RT @EladNehorai: Trump has spread antisemitism for years, and yet it was hardly ever covered urgently. The worst coverage he got was for sp…
28-11-2022 04:35
RT @EladNehorai: Every single day, Republican politicians and right wing pundits spread antisemitic conspiracy theories. And opposition le…
28-11-2022 04:35
0 3575
RT @EladNehorai: I have been writing about the rise of antisemitism on the right for years. If there is only one thing people take away fro…
28-11-2022 04:35
RT @auschwitzxhibit: Warsaw, German-occupied Poland. Young Jews being taken to forced labor on trucks, May 1941.
27-11-2022 23:40
RT @ogden_robyn: @SCWJan1 Hillary's emails and Hunter's laptop. That's all they have.
27-11-2022 23:36
RT @lilypadthai1: @patriottakes Can’t wait until my 16 year old votes in 2024! You’re right, these kids do want to change the country! They…
27-11-2022 23:35
RT @ChefRacitas: @Richard_ezio @warriner_kev
27-11-2022 23:35
0 3356
RT @ResisterSis20: Dear Republicans…
27-11-2022 23:35
RT @WalkerBragman: I’m sorry, but if you can brush aside 1 million+ COVID deaths and encourage your followers to not get vaccinated or wear…
27-11-2022 23:34
0 4311
RT @kylegriffin1: The White House responds: "Bigotry, hate, and antisemitism have absolutely no place in America - including at Mar-A-Lago.…
27-11-2022 22:55
@AvengerResister ✋
27-11-2022 22:55
0 1948
RT @BillPascrell: It’s been nearly 24 hours since we learned the leader of the republican party donald trump had dinner with a leading neo…
27-11-2022 18:37
0 3619
RT @danielsgoldman: To all those who profess to condemn antisemitism among our leaders, but are quiet when Holocaust denier/white supremaci…
27-11-2022 18:36
0 3847
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Isn't this the whole point? Trump is not better than this. This is who he is & if you support him, it's what you're su…
27-11-2022 18:36
0 3681
RT @StevenBeschloss: Condemning a GOP presidential candidate for dining with a neo-Nazi and holocaust denier should be the easiest thing fo…
27-11-2022 18:36
RT @Kurt03328370: 81 elected officials or candidates of the Republican party joined Militias meant to overthrow the government if they don'…
27-11-2022 18:35
0 5091
RT @POTUS: More Americans applied to start new small businesses last year than ever before. We’re building an economy from the bottom up…
27-11-2022 18:34
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 27 November 1887 | A German, Gottfried Küsters, was born in Viersen. In #Auschwitz from 21 March 1941. No. 11073 He p…
27-11-2022 18:33
0 2665
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 27 November 1937 | A Dutch Jewish girl, Ina da Costa da Fonseca, was born in Amsterdam. In September 1942 she was dep…
27-11-2022 18:33
RT @SenBobCasey: With action from @POTUS and Democrats, America is on track to cut emission in half by 2030 while leading the world in clea…
27-11-2022 18:06
0 6769
RT @LukeRussert: Doing my service for my news brethren—after Biden entered his car and the traveling press corps left, he got back out and…
27-11-2022 18:04
0 1128
RT @Michell33650674: I spent the day in Chicago and, oh my God! I absolutely love it! It's a melting pot! People of all different colors…
27-11-2022 18:04
RT @HolocaustMuseum: In February 1942, German occupiers ordered Jews in the Kovno ghetto to turn over their books. Some residents resisted…
27-11-2022 18:04
RT @CainAngry: @MJMcKean Complete radio silence on the subject over at Ben Shapiro Inc. It's weird, he has so many opinions on everything e…
27-11-2022 16:47
RT @qtseven: @MJMcKean @sandibachom Imagine being a "Jewish conservative" 😳
27-11-2022 16:46
0 4221
RT @RitchieTorres: Tucker Carlson once proudly identified himself as a member of the “Dan White Society.” The same Dan White who murdered L…
27-11-2022 16:42
0 1385
RT @DemocratWit: Just voted for @SenatorWarnock after standing in line for an hour and thirty minutes. Weather was nice. Two voters in li…
27-11-2022 16:41
0 7661
RT @robreiner: Donald Trump said he didn’t know who David Duke was. He said he doesn’t know who Nick Fuentes is. Next he’ll tell us he neve…
27-11-2022 16:41
RT @melaniebrasher1: Canvassing in ATL for Warnock. Early voting has begun - let’s do this!
27-11-2022 16:40
0 4486
RT @genzforchange: So Elon Musk says he’s fighting for free speech in America but would support Ron DeSantis in 2024… Ron DeSantis bans bo…
27-11-2022 16:40
RT @ChaosPigeon1: Honestly, at this point, the only way Trump could signal his support for Neo-Nazis more clearly is if he started wearing…
27-11-2022 16:39
0 8791
RT @JonahPesner: We forcefully condemn the meeting between Former President Trump, Ye & Fuentes who is a reprehensible antisemite and white…
27-11-2022 16:38
0 5059
RT @RepJeffries: Weapons of war used to shred human beings have no place in our communities.
27-11-2022 16:38
RT @MajdanekMuseum: 27.11.1942| Around 1600 Jews were deported from Buczacz (Buchach) to the German Nazi extermination camp in #Bełżec. The…
27-11-2022 16:38
RT @auschwitzxhibit: November 27, 1943 | Jaroslav Herák (Nº Z-4466) Roma prisoner from Luhačovice is imprisoned at the bunker in Block 11.…
27-11-2022 16:38
RT @auschwitzxhibit: November 27, 1941| Deportation of Jews from Wuerzburg, #Germany. 📸 @yadvashem Photo Archive.
27-11-2022 16:36
0 1823
RT @Justsmackit: Pence says he doesn't know if Trump is guilty of insurrection because he was given bad advice. So if I tell you how to rob…
27-11-2022 12:47
RT @yashar: 8. So why am I asking you to help me make Elahe and Niloofar famous? Because when it comes to the Islamic Republic, the more…
27-11-2022 12:38
RT @yashar: 5. On September 29, Elahe Mohammadi was also arrested. Since then, like Niloofar, she has been held in solitary confinement a…
27-11-2022 12:38
RT @yashar: 4. On September 20, Niloofar was arrested by Islamic Republic authorities. Her devices, along with the devices of her husband…
27-11-2022 12:38
0 14002
RT @yashar: 1. It's my birthday today and I only want one thing. I want these two women, Niloofar Hamedi and Elahe Mohammadi, to be famou…
27-11-2022 12:37
RT @crimsonboudoir: Please help the women who reported the death of #MahsaAmini. The more you tweet about them, the less likely they are to…
27-11-2022 12:37
0 4005
RT @DashDobrofsky: When he mocked a disabled reporter on national television, he should have been unanimously disavowed by the Republican P…
27-11-2022 12:36
0 1567
RT @quentinfulks: [email protected] and @HerschelWalker tried to block Georgia workers and students from voting today in the #GASEN runoff.…
27-11-2022 12:35
RT @mommamia1217: Dammit.
27-11-2022 06:07
0 6332
RT @BillKristol: Aren’t there five decent Republicans in the House who will announce they won’t vote for anyone for Speaker who doesn’t den…
27-11-2022 06:07
0 6765
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: congratulations to the literally zero Republicans standing up to denounce Donald Trump for hosting a literal Nazi at h…
27-11-2022 06:06
0 1290
RT @TonyHussein4: ANTIFA is short for anti-fascist. If you oppose fascism, you are ANTIFA. if you are not ANTIFA, guess what you are? https…
27-11-2022 06:06
0 14247
RT @robreiner: Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. Donald Trump embraces White Supremacy. The dog whistles are all gone. Th…
27-11-2022 06:06
0 1309
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 26 November 1925 | A French Jewish girl, Paulette Isakow, was born in Chaumont. On 20 July 1942 she was deported to #…
27-11-2022 06:05
0 2013
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 27 November 1925 | A Dutch Jewish woman, Jeanette van Geldern, was born in Rheden. In September 1943 she was deported…
27-11-2022 06:04
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 27 November 1936 | A French Jewish girl, Lucienne Finkelstein, was born in Paris. She was deported to #Auschwitz on 2…
27-11-2022 06:04
0 3831
RT @Lincoln_Party_: We like the Presidents who defeat Nazis instead of having dinner with them.
27-11-2022 06:02
RT @PierreAtlas: @DashDobrofsky Anti-Semite Nick Fuentes aspires to be the 21st century Josef Goebbels for the American far right. He’s mak…
27-11-2022 03:55
0 3244
RT @DashDobrofsky: Donald Trump is not the first Republican to solicit the support of America’s pro-Hitler faction. In February, Georgia’s…
27-11-2022 03:54
RT @TonyHussein4: This is the Trump effect. Majority of Americans see Trump's MAGAs as a threat to democracy. Former President Trump and hi…
27-11-2022 03:54
0 5631
RT @DashDobrofsky: I’ve waited to tweet this, as I wanted to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt. But once again, they have proven to…
27-11-2022 03:53
0 1269
RT @TonyHussein4: Evangelicals abandoned Christianity when they became Republicans. They also changed the meaning of the Bible. Republican…
27-11-2022 03:53
RT @GOPNoMor: @ThisIsKyleR Quoting scripture ain’t gonna change the fact that there were 2 empty chairs at the tables because you needlessl…
27-11-2022 03:51
@RepSwalwell @STPFreak sorry Rep - not feeling it re host’s treatment of gays or those who voice protest - and I’m usually with you
27-11-2022 03:50
0 2113
RT @jasonselvig: Groomer.
27-11-2022 03:47
RT @DeeLeftMom: I’ve spoken to my CPA and he went over new tax codes. Absolutely no household one makings less than 400k will see their tax…
27-11-2022 03:46
0 1899
RT @donwinslow: Strange things happening with my account. 1. Followers finding that I am blocked when they did not block me. 2. That th…
27-11-2022 03:45
0 3185
RT @AmoneyResists: An FBI director that he appointed got a federal judge that he appointed to sign off on a search warrant conducted by a D…
26-11-2022 23:45
0 1357
RT @TonyHussein4: This is the Trump effect. Guess which one the Republicans banned? The AR 15 or the book?
26-11-2022 23:44
RT @Heatherjj09: @NanaRose2018 @SenWhitehouse Citizens United vs FEC needs to be rescinded, removed, gone asap. This is one of the main rea…
26-11-2022 23:44
RT @HolocaustMuseum: #OTD in 1944, the War Refugee Board released an eyewitness report to the American press about the selection and murder…
26-11-2022 23:43
RT @D_jeneration: President Biden served Thanksgiving to U.S troops while Trump had thanksgiving dinner with the likes of antisemite Kanye…
26-11-2022 23:43
RT @yadvashem: “I remember Sister Emma Lucia ... She argued with them, told them: ‘I want to be with them’ … She seemed so very beautiful i…
26-11-2022 23:43
RT @auschwitzxhibit: November 26, 1942 | RSHA transports from #Westerbork keep arriving at #Auschwitz. This time 709 Jewish children, women…
26-11-2022 23:25
RT @auschwitzxhibit: (2/2) A member of the Special Squad writes in his notes: "We are now going to the zone. The 170 remaining men. We are…
26-11-2022 23:24
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 26 November 1903 | A Pole, Adam Kwaśnik, was born in Sambor. A teacher. In #Auschwitz from 2 May 1941. No. 15268 He p…
26-11-2022 23:24
RT @shawnmpatterson: @jdawsey1
26-11-2022 23:23
RT @EverProactive: @jdawsey1 Trump: "Yeah. A white supremacist just kinda showed up. What was I supposed to do? Not invite him to dinner?"
26-11-2022 23:23
RT @GeorgiaDemocrat: If you live in any of these counties, you can vote early today! Go to to find your polling lo…
26-11-2022 23:20
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RT @ReverendWarnock: Georgia deserves better than Herschel Walker. Vote today or as soon as you can! Visit to find…
26-11-2022 23:19
RT @UCL_Holocaust: Bet. 25-29 Nov 1941: an operation was launched against German Jews that resulted in the murder of 4,934. These 'Ninth Fo…
26-11-2022 23:19
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RT @ReverendWarnock: 10 Days 'til VICTORY! Vote, Georgia.
26-11-2022 23:19
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RT @TonyHussein4: If Raphael Warnock wins the runoff against Trump-backed liar Herschel Walker, Democrats will have 51 seats. A 51-49 Senat…
26-11-2022 23:18
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 26 November 1942 | German ship S.S. Donau left Oslo in occupied #Norway, carrying 532 of Norway’s Jews, en route to #A…
26-11-2022 23:14
0 7893
RT @AmoneyResists: Herschel Walker committed tax fraud, paid at least three women to have four abortions despite claiming “it’s murder,” cl…
26-11-2022 23:11
0 6703
RT @caslernoel: I promise you Donald Trump never sits down at a table without knowing exactly who is joining him. His whole business model…
26-11-2022 23:00
RT @johnpavlovitz: The "Gay Agenda" is to work, study, create, shop, worship, and live without being emotionally, physically, and legislati…
26-11-2022 22:59
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RT @RepJeffries: More than 10 million good-paying jobs have been created during President Biden’s time in office. Investigate that.
26-11-2022 22:59
0 3255
RT @JoJoFromJerz: They didn’t care when he mocked a disabled man, bragged about sexual assault, lied about a pandemic, incited an insurrect…
26-11-2022 22:57
0 10520
RT @RBReich: Trickle down economics was invented by conservatives in the 1980s to justify massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations…
26-11-2022 22:55
0 7759
RT @RepSwalwell: If Kevin McCarthy cannot denounce Trump dining with a White Supremacist then we are in for a hell of a ride if McCarthy be…
26-11-2022 22:55
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RT @WalshFreedom: The problem isn’t Trump having dinner with a white supremacist Holocaust denier. That’s who Trump is. The problem is REPU…
26-11-2022 22:54
RT @JulieAprilFan1: @auschwitzxhibit So horrible that they made these men and women do their dirty work, clearing dead bodies from the gas…
26-11-2022 22:54
RT @Ceeceehc1Hornby: @auschwitzxhibit Wall of death. My photo 1990.
26-11-2022 22:54
RT @auschwitzxhibit: November 26, 1944 | A selection is conducted among the 200 prisoners of the Sonderkommando of the crematora in #Auschw…
26-11-2022 22:53
RT @Mominsweats: @StopAntisemites This is the Trump GOP. Mainstreaming antisemitism, racism and Nazis.
26-11-2022 22:26
RT @OneSerenityNow: @LakotaMan1 @StopAntisemites #Losers
26-11-2022 22:26
RT @StopAntisemites: Nazi identified as Nicholas Edward Letney. This lunatic attempted to start his own political party, the Christian Work…
26-11-2022 22:26
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RT @StopAntisemites: Seattle, WA airport earlier today - a man was arrested after throwing up Heil Hitler salutes and screaming of a race w…
26-11-2022 22:25
0 3239
RT @jemelehill: In Germany, it’s illegal to publicly deny the Holocaust, disseminate Nazi propaganda publicly or privately, display any Naz…
26-11-2022 22:24
RT @LqLana: Trump response to his embracing white supremacist Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago is that he never met him before and knew nothing a…
26-11-2022 22:24
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RT @costareports: Having tracked Fuentes for years, let me note this as a reporter: he is well-known inside the GOP. People can pretend oth…
26-11-2022 22:24
RT @ArtsyFish007: @JoJoFromJerz This
26-11-2022 22:23
RT @JoeWelker8: just going to leave this here.
26-11-2022 22:22
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RT @Liz_Cheney: First, @RepMTG and now, @realDonaldTrump hanging around with this anti-Semitic, pro-Putin, white supremacist. This isn’t co…
26-11-2022 22:22