JL (@jblangston)
@WrestlingNewsCo @robelliott6 Cody hand picked Starks for AEW iirc. Love the support.
30-01-2023 02:59
@robelliott6 @davidbix Dude was literally just reading the article below this tweet. I think he was unfairly judged… https://t.co/mSBlV1tQn6
30-01-2023 01:24
@hanghoeamrapage @robelliott6 Shit man. Homage to the Bucks and Omega before pointing to the WM sign. Respect.
29-01-2023 18:27
@WrestlingInc @WWERollins @Nick_Hausman @WWEgames @robelliott6 Good on Seth for speaking his mind. Straight up shit on Punk.
29-01-2023 00:15
@cwebbonline Nah man I agree. Ain’t seeing shit.
28-01-2023 07:04
@Ortiz_Powerful Thanks for sharing this man. Struggling to find motivation for change right now. Really appreciate this.
27-01-2023 21:30
RT @davidbix: I think I could watch Mark and Jay Briscoe working as hot tub salesmen at Pools & Spas Unlimited all day. https://t.co/2OykwB…
27-01-2023 19:48
@awfullychill @AEW @bryandanielson @TBSNetwork @robelliott6 Appreciate it!
27-01-2023 06:32
@SpeakerMcCarthy “Gimme all the black kids” - McCarthy Probably
27-01-2023 03:29
@AEW @bryandanielson @TBSNetwork @robelliott6 this guy was in NXT yeah? Hearing good things.
27-01-2023 03:19
@ReneePaquette @StevenMKaye Thank you
27-01-2023 03:12
@elonmusk @SpeakerMcCarthy @RepJeffries https://t.co/WhF1SARRkq
27-01-2023 02:52
@Fightful @robelliott6 https://t.co/378Fg1dum7
27-01-2023 02:51
@AEW @robelliott6 Nvm. Overseas only. Good for global audience.
27-01-2023 01:18
@AEW @robelliott6 I don’t know anything about this. Good/bad/indifferent?
27-01-2023 01:17
@KevinMcAlpin Ozzie monster decade imminent.
26-01-2023 20:42
@AEW @robelliott6 I love Hangman in the back tearing up. I was him last night. I hope to see Mark back on TV. It was beautiful.
26-01-2023 20:37
Show feels weird tonight. #AEWDynamite
26-01-2023 05:18
@AEWonTV @robelliott6
26-01-2023 04:30
RT @AEWonTV: #JayBriscoe ❤️ #AEWDynamite https://t.co/CCUOCXb8Oi
26-01-2023 04:29
RT @JakeSucky: She is playing Elden Ring... with her brain. Twitch streamer @perrikaryal has hooked up an EEG to her brain, where different…
26-01-2023 02:45
RT @ROHhistory: Tonight. For Jay ❤️ #AEWDynamite https://t.co/2BwM2kfXEd
26-01-2023 00:43
@robelliott6 This is incredible. Wonder if you guys ever crossed path's in HS. Happy birthday to Jay!
26-01-2023 00:06
@TalkinBaseball_ Andruw Jones
25-01-2023 23:38
@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor @robelliott6 oh man this is going to be a tear jerker.
24-01-2023 21:22
@RighteousReg Dude I googled that shit too
24-01-2023 07:36
@robelliott6 That’s sick!
24-01-2023 07:12
@maria_sam22 3452839
24-01-2023 01:02
@JaxIrvin These 2 seem like so much fun.
24-01-2023 00:21
@robelliott6 @P__Wrestling You may have told me but I think Sting is also retiring this year. Would be cool if Darb… https://t.co/lxaHvetk30
23-01-2023 06:23
@P__Wrestling @robelliott6 Darby and Sting is my favorite pairing. Darby getting to wrestle with Sting AND Muta in… https://t.co/nAa4SyuvLF
22-01-2023 20:40
@Jade_Cargill Moxley
22-01-2023 03:56
@Chito510_ @The_MJF @bullyray5150 😂 😂
21-01-2023 05:52
@TrishSpeirs48 @robelliott6 Kudos to the YB too. Evidently TK and everyone tried to get them on tv. Stupid WBD
21-01-2023 03:40
@robelliott6 @ShawnSpears Right? 😂
20-01-2023 19:34
@ShawnSpears @robelliott6 look at that 😂.
20-01-2023 19:33
@MARIJUANACR0SS @AEW Love it. Thank you for catching that. That makes more sense! It’s obvious he’s referencing the… https://t.co/JoJ7buTzbL
20-01-2023 00:10
RT @tde_gif: GOODNESS. @bandidowrestler @bryandanielson #AEWDynamite #AEWonTBS https://t.co/mYP3F3PBLa
19-01-2023 08:11
@RighteousReg Hope so!!! He’s awesome.
19-01-2023 08:03
@BlooperBraves Shit man 😔
19-01-2023 06:30
@TonyKhan @robelliott6 looks like it’ll be on YouTube too
19-01-2023 05:42
Bandido v Takeshita 🤔#AEWDynamite
19-01-2023 05:06
@AEW I wanna know what he was gonna say at the end tho…
19-01-2023 04:49
@robelliott6 @ROHhistory 🙏🤞
18-01-2023 23:37
@robelliott6 @ROHhistory No reason for them to swerve into head-on traffic. Just tragic all around. Hope the kids end up being okay.
18-01-2023 23:35
@ROHhistory @robelliott6 This is just devastating as well.
18-01-2023 23:33
@robelliott6 @Inside_TheRopes This was classy too. Saw this last night. WWE is better for collaboration and shit wi… https://t.co/zePdARzeCi
18-01-2023 23:11
@robelliott6 @CatchWrestling If you get a chance man, try to watch the trilogy with FTR. 3 of the best Tag matches I've seen.
18-01-2023 20:26
@robelliott6 @CatchWrestling Right man!? Disappointed I didn't know more about them prior to this last year. You… https://t.co/0QyPcvXWRY
18-01-2023 20:22
@robelliott6 @TripleH @HeyHeyItsConrad Still can’t believe it man. It’s Incredible to see the outpouring all over tho.
18-01-2023 06:10
@robelliott6 @davemeltzerWON For real
18-01-2023 05:06
To go back to ‘99. https://t.co/P0PxdO77tC
18-01-2023 02:53
@Jayy_Lamar15 One of my favorite verses.
15-01-2023 07:48
@tde_gif They work so well.
14-01-2023 06:30
JR smoking the good good tonight #AEWRampage
14-01-2023 06:13
RT @Sky_Dani8: I forgot about this! @WillOspreay and @trentylocks what a gem. Love you guys ❤️ https://t.co/OjdintHZBS
14-01-2023 03:02
0 37381
RT @TansuYegen: This puppy was adopted from a kennel and this was his reaction to his new family https://t.co/QrKSLY0sUb
14-01-2023 00:18
@robelliott6 @WrestlingNewsCo It’ll never happen. (Khan buying WWE)
13-01-2023 06:25
@WrestlingNewsCo @robelliott6 Plot thickens 👀 😂
13-01-2023 05:54
@andycomplains Glad you’re still making music Butch!
13-01-2023 05:50
@WrestlingNewsCo @robelliott6 🤷‍♂️ 😂. It’d be better than the Saudi firm. I think it goes to Comcast or someone like that.
13-01-2023 01:12
@NBA2K Major Ass
12-01-2023 02:42
@robelliott6 @JustAlyxCentral Tbh if he came back to mess up the belts for the elite that'd be insane.
12-01-2023 00:02
@_denisesalcedo Mox and Hangman! (BD and Takeshita should be blast too).
12-01-2023 00:00
@JustAlyxCentral @robelliott6 Really hoping for Cole return
11-01-2023 23:23
@TheRajGiri @robelliott6 craziest thing ever 👀
11-01-2023 07:36
RT @JustinLaBar: Let the sale happen and Vince makes a lot of money and then that's that. Live your final years. But I fear a big sale happ…
11-01-2023 07:07
@PuroresuFlow @robelliott6 if this is true 🤦‍♂️
11-01-2023 06:50
@nytimes @robelliott6 The times doing an article on Danhausen?!?! 😂
11-01-2023 02:33
@robelliott6 @AEWonTV @JonMoxley @TBSNetwork @AEW Right? Should be a fun night. Elite vs Death triangle in the fina… https://t.co/0hNMnx50IO
11-01-2023 02:32
@AEWonTV @JonMoxley @TBSNetwork @AEW @robelliott6 The only 2 Former champions that have never faced off. Gonna be a great one!
11-01-2023 02:29
@FinnBalor Is that hanger next to cole and Nick Jackson?
10-01-2023 04:15
@_BB3_ @Braves @YaBoy77 Best crossover. @tonyschiavone24 Would be on board.
10-01-2023 01:20
@AEW @robelliott6 This is pretty cool!!
08-01-2023 20:10
@The_MJF @robelliott6 😂 MJF ready for 2024
08-01-2023 02:51
@robelliott6 @sherman4949 It’s nuts. I was reading the article and some of the potential buyers could be interestin… https://t.co/HM2jnbVuWB
07-01-2023 19:35
RT @TheHoopCentral: Chuck is the best. 😂 https://t.co/PIJriCgnCd
07-01-2023 03:18
@SaycheeseDGTL Judge spitting bars
07-01-2023 01:32
@funder He sucks. Moved to Montana from Maryland. No clue how he got elected.
07-01-2023 01:29
@robelliott6 @TonyKhan @AEWonTV Agreed man. Hopefully in time!
06-01-2023 23:12
@TonyKhan @AEWonTV @robelliott6 Lol. TK with the shade
06-01-2023 23:10
@robelliott6 @Maffewgregg 😂 exactly!!!
06-01-2023 19:36
@Maffewgregg @robelliott6 this was hysterical cuz it all came thru on tv. 🤣
06-01-2023 19:34
RT @PuroresuFlow: 2nd highest rated match in wrestling history. Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay received a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.25 rating for their Wr…
06-01-2023 19:09
@PuroresuFlow @robelliott6
06-01-2023 08:45
RT @PuroresuFlow: The only people that can top Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay for 2023 MOTY are Kenny Omega & Will Ospreay - Wrestle Kingdom…
06-01-2023 08:44
@AEWonTV @robelliott6 This is the setup for Mercedes I believe
06-01-2023 05:23
@robelliott6 @IovelsX That is indeed! Saw him in AC!!!
06-01-2023 04:51
@IovelsX @robelliott6 lmao
06-01-2023 04:50
RT @ThisGenGamingYT: Is this Vince McMahon and Triple H from an episode of RAW in 2000 or 2023? 😂 https://t.co/ir5nGrxmb6
06-01-2023 04:49
@bryanalvarez That’s a shame. Great show.
06-01-2023 04:07
@WrestlingNewsCo @robelliott6 Oh shit
05-01-2023 05:21
@robelliott6 @AEWonTV It’s been a welcomed change. A few technical issues with the mic and stuff but otherwise it’s… https://t.co/1JpAsIiLf0
05-01-2023 04:51
RT @zerocontextAEW: I love you Mox #aewdynamite https://t.co/qaT4Qi7hs9
05-01-2023 04:30
RT @TheKamDreesen: 💀💀 #AEWDynamite https://t.co/AGDASRJxkh
05-01-2023 04:30
@AEWonTV @robelliott6 Hangman’s entrance graphics look bad ass
05-01-2023 04:27
@tde_gif @starkmanjones @robelliott6 new entrance looks nice!!
05-01-2023 04:05
@robelliott6 @WrestlingCovers Yessir! Excited to see how it looks on TV.
05-01-2023 03:10
@WrestlingCovers @robelliott6 I dig it!
05-01-2023 03:08
RT @cctv_idiots: Sneak level 💯 😂🐶https://t.co/PyscoFtb0A
05-01-2023 01:26
RT @ConnerPW_: Kenny Omega just delivered a DDT to Will Ospreay onto the exposed top turnbuckle, holy shit. THIS MATCH IS INSANE. 👏 #NJP…
04-01-2023 18:07
@robelliott6 @DanhausenAD @AEW @PWTees @TonyKhan Took the words right out of my mouth.
02-01-2023 06:43
@DanhausenAD @AEW @PWTees @TonyKhan @robelliott6 This is pretty wild
02-01-2023 03:12
RT @BlooperBraves: literally minute 1 of 2023 and THE state of Ohio takes an L incredible
01-01-2023 08:08
@espn 50% of those folks started off the year real bad.
01-01-2023 08:07
@OfficialTAZ Who you got? TCU looking good!
01-01-2023 03:08
@Bowens_Official Clearly “Sable 42:DD” was creative genius and the end to WCW’s reign 🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/5iA9uncKjx
01-01-2023 03:05
@therealelp Happy New Year!!! 👉 🤛
01-01-2023 02:57
@ftrwithdax …will go on a monumental AEW tag run that is unparalleled
01-01-2023 02:32
@Nakajima2005 @AEW @PlatinumMax @Bowens_Official @TheLethalJay @RealJeffJarrett @TBSNetwork Exactly. His appearance… https://t.co/bgPIUW1263
01-01-2023 02:25
@bluetoiletduck @AEW @PlatinumMax @Bowens_Official @TheLethalJay @RealJeffJarrett @TBSNetwork Calling them abhorren… https://t.co/mmngvinbeO
01-01-2023 02:22
@Nakajima2005 @AEW @PlatinumMax @Bowens_Official @TheLethalJay @RealJeffJarrett @TBSNetwork Unfortunately the low s… https://t.co/XWZbXkWAjk
01-01-2023 02:19
@bluetoiletduck @AEW @PlatinumMax @Bowens_Official @TheLethalJay @RealJeffJarrett @TBSNetwork You’re also not “being positive always” 😂
01-01-2023 02:16
@bluetoiletduck @AEW @PlatinumMax @Bowens_Official @TheLethalJay @RealJeffJarrett @TBSNetwork Bet you’re fun to be around.
01-01-2023 02:15
@Nakajima2005 @AEW @PlatinumMax @Bowens_Official @TheLethalJay @RealJeffJarrett @TBSNetwork I agree. If they win th… https://t.co/lz080gT79o
01-01-2023 02:15
@AEW @TBSNetwork @robelliott6 This longer one looks nice.
31-12-2022 06:40
@Brodyxking @Whatnot That’s sick. Love it.
30-12-2022 07:38
@HeyHeyItsConrad @EBischoff Stung
30-12-2022 04:46
@AEWonTV @robelliott6
29-12-2022 19:57
RT @Rainmaker1973: Unitree Go1 is a new genertion robot dog that can reach a speed of 17 km/h, with adaptive joints and intelligent side fo…
29-12-2022 08:58
RT @WrestlingCovers: HOLY SH!T!! 😵 #AEWDynamite #NewYearsSmash 🎆 https://t.co/mCeoVZwyvL
29-12-2022 05:05
@robelliott6 @JMattWeaver Haha agree! They just did a “2 weeks” til you’re cleared segment (even tho he’s been brawling Mox).
29-12-2022 04:28
@robelliott6 @AEW @tonyschiavone24 @TBSNetwork When she joined JAS and after her and Sammy got married. Conti musta been her maiden name.
29-12-2022 03:00
@robelliott6 @FoxNews Yeah! Younger dude. Lots of upside, especially with Contreras gone.
29-12-2022 03:00
@robelliott6 @FoxNews Evidenly he’s a top catcher in the league besides Realmuto. Supposedly excellent defensively… https://t.co/Fjr6rqdETn
29-12-2022 02:56
@robelliott6 @WrestlePurists His return was fun (since I didn’t really know much about him). I like what he stands… https://t.co/pzP64KMsNl
28-12-2022 03:41
RT @WUTangKids: This edit of the Austin Waffle House fight got me screaming 🤣
28-12-2022 03:23
@WrestlePurists @robelliott6 Would love an Elite vs Punk/FTR. Would be the most must see thing in AEW to date. But… https://t.co/zKPADxWgiP
28-12-2022 03:21
@WrestlePurists @robelliott6 Read an article on the pod earlier. He said he didn’t think hangman did anything wrong… https://t.co/DaQOIO8TnM
28-12-2022 03:19
@youngbucks @robelliott6 you’re favorite stooge, Brandon Cutler back in the day.
28-12-2022 03:17
RT @SportsTalkATL: Only 8:37, and there’s not a chance I see something better than this today https://t.co/LlWNuSKCMC
28-12-2022 01:54
RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: "Success isn't linear" by Yoann Bourgeois Success is not a straight line upwards, it’s a journey with many falls, and…
28-12-2022 01:33
@Petewrestling @dickardgreen @TheRajGiri I’ve seen other polls asking the same thing. Much more even than this wash… https://t.co/GygXMR5oGE
27-12-2022 00:03
@dickardgreen @TheRajGiri Yeah I didn’t realize Raj had such a massive fed following. Makes sense now.
26-12-2022 23:56
RT @TansuYegen: Kindness is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and we should all endeavor to spread it. https://t.co/SYzYetxlYU
26-12-2022 23:54
0 62175
RT @TheWoofWorld: he really said, i can do this all day long… 😂 https://t.co/ZK7YNE1Gi8
26-12-2022 08:28
@runjewels Talk to me is one of my favorites. Just goes hard from start to finish.
26-12-2022 05:17
@AustinCreedWins @UpUpDwnDwn Clayfighter 63 1/3. Epic.
26-12-2022 01:53
@AustinCreedWins @UpUpDwnDwn Damn that brought back memories. Do you have pilot wings or the fighting game that had… https://t.co/8eKfRgnxkk
26-12-2022 01:53
@TheRajGiri @robelliott6 Looks good! (Red and blue for colors tho?! 😂)
24-12-2022 18:25
@ftrwithdax @robelliott6 The official page.
23-12-2022 21:24
RT @BRWrestling: Rick Ross to Keith Lee: “You a big motherf--ker” (via @AEW) https://t.co/k5cxC6BGAc
23-12-2022 02:03
@robelliott6 @WrestlePurists I think so too. Except he signed a 4 year extension last year so we’ll see haha
23-12-2022 01:52
@SenatorTester @elonmusk @SenatorSinema Senator Tester is a good one. You’re just searching for a pot to stir. Carry on.
23-12-2022 01:00
@WrestlePurists @robelliott6 This is what I was talking about.
23-12-2022 00:53
@robelliott6 Oh for sure! That segment was the messy one unfortunately. Not to lees fault.
22-12-2022 06:31
@robelliott6 I think once they get the new set and all that. Tonight’s show was good but some sloppy parts. Lots of promos and videos.
22-12-2022 06:30
The new production is…interesting. #AEWDynamite
22-12-2022 04:58
@LieutenantDans7 Best of luck. Thanks for everything.
21-12-2022 07:51
@GarciaWrestling @Wendys @youngbucks Just watched this segment and that Data card had me dead.
20-12-2022 03:31
@REVERSALx7 How?!?!?!?!? Please do tell.
18-12-2022 03:57
@salomonqst99 @RGIII 😂
18-12-2022 03:30
This is wild. https://t.co/JHPiQ5PJCo
18-12-2022 03:13
@RealKeithLee @ThatJDGriffey @swerveconfident @ringofhonor 💀 💀 💀
18-12-2022 03:00
Trent Seven is good stuff. #AEWRampage
17-12-2022 07:01
@tde_gif Gonna be a banger match when it happens @robelliott6
17-12-2022 06:23
@kpaxnews @robelliott6 now prime might be quicker than 1 week 😂
17-12-2022 05:09
0 10551
RT @TansuYegen: Happiness is free https://t.co/biCw7Ooesh
16-12-2022 19:53
@robelliott6 @TheRajGiri Saw this just a minute ago! Excited to see some positive changes. Makes sense to mix it up going into the 4th year.
16-12-2022 19:43
RT @AEW: Did we just witness the BIGGEST. UPSET. in the HISTORY of professional wrestling?!?! @ActionAndretti just BEAT @IAmJericho in hi…
15-12-2022 05:30
@AEWonTV @ActionAndretti @robelliott6
15-12-2022 05:16
@OfficialTAZ This is a great video. Looks brutal.
13-12-2022 23:38
RT @PaulHembo: Opening day age: Michael Harris II (22) Vaughn Grissom (22) Spencer Strider (24) Ronald Acuña Jr. (25) Austin Riley (25)…
13-12-2022 04:52
@PuroresuFlow @robelliott6
11-12-2022 02:00
@tde_gif @robelliott6
11-12-2022 01:57
@tde_gif They got the ref busted open too 😂. He’s laying there bleeding.
11-12-2022 01:57
@ringofhonor @BRWrestling @robelliott6
11-12-2022 01:49
@robelliott6 @Fightful It is! Tv title then RoH title left.
11-12-2022 01:48
@The_MJF @robelliott6 would love to see every match on here. Mjf gonna have a great reign. (The pebble is what he c… https://t.co/j4qptpLs9Z
10-12-2022 20:04
@robelliott6 @AEW @DaxFTR @CashWheelerFTR @jaybriscoe84 @SussexCoChicken @BRWrestling Shit man you ain’t lying!!! T… https://t.co/qZxzGuTHHF
10-12-2022 02:34
@Allen_Woodall78 @robelliott6 @AEW @DaxFTR @CashWheelerFTR @jaybriscoe84 @SussexCoChicken @BRWrestling Good point.… https://t.co/7DtOIxzS8g
10-12-2022 02:33
@robelliott6 @AEW @DaxFTR @CashWheelerFTR @jaybriscoe84 @SussexCoChicken @BRWrestling I know!! I texted you about it remember? 😂
10-12-2022 02:32
@TheJuliaHart Santa looking like something Malakai conjured up 👀
09-12-2022 03:33
@farlesbarkley62 @Brodyxking @TheJuliaHart It’s wild to see her progression from The Blondes to HoB. She’s killing it.
09-12-2022 03:25
@JGking2356 @PatrickEireWres Joe v Miro storyline would slap.
09-12-2022 03:10
@WrestlingNewsCo @robelliott6
09-12-2022 03:08
@Brodyxking @TheJuliaHart Julia fits this group so well. Y’all deserve the most monumental run.
09-12-2022 03:04
@SKWrestling_ @youngbucks @OfficialPWI @RandyOrton @CashWheelerFTR @WWEUsos @PENTAELZEROM @DaxFTR @ReyFenixMx @MachineGunKA Weak
09-12-2022 02:41
@robelliott6 @RealKingRegal @YouTube Just a classy move by a classy dude.
08-12-2022 22:28
@RealKingRegal @YouTube @robelliott6 😢 😂
08-12-2022 22:14
@RealKingRegal @YouTube Best of luck!!
08-12-2022 22:14
RT @WrestlePurists: BAH GAWD #AEWDynamite https://t.co/Uw9WbK9s5M
08-12-2022 04:46
RT @ProWFinesse: Ricky Starks is him. #AEWDynamite https://t.co/QilLGD5t8f
08-12-2022 04:46
@OfficialTAZ @seththetwit Would love to hear more!
07-12-2022 07:27
0 11613
RT @ThePlanetaryGuy: My God. This is a real photo. Taken just a few minutes ago by @NASA_Orion. https://t.co/FLjlANDZbp
06-12-2022 08:47
@robelliott6 I’m not sure. I think so. I did see bonds and clemens and those guys still not getting votes.
05-12-2022 04:37
@robelliott6 For real tho
05-12-2022 04:18
Well deserved Crime Dog. https://t.co/3GGksQZHL4
05-12-2022 04:15
@runjewels @KillerMike @therealelp 👉🤛 https://t.co/gJAaROCkzv
30-11-2022 20:17
@PromoJoeYT @robelliott6 😂
25-11-2022 07:31
24-11-2022 08:07
@WrestleClips @robelliott6 Let’s hope it’s massive trolling 😂 although Kenny just did an interview with SI saying t… https://t.co/9lYhE9zsFW
24-11-2022 07:14
@robelliott6 @WrestleOps Lol right?
24-11-2022 06:21
@WrestleOps @robelliott6 they did this, omega did the GTS, he bit someone’s arm too. And there were F the elite and… https://t.co/VTVeEIywIB
24-11-2022 05:51
@MarkRedbeliever @AEW There we go lol
24-11-2022 05:30
@MarkRedbeliever @AEW Right? Feel bad for her
24-11-2022 05:27
@michaeljkellyjr @BravesOnBally @LieutenantDans7 Hope so 🤞. Heart and soul.
21-11-2022 03:32
@TheRajGiri Folks gotta stop looking at AEW with a WWE lens. These spots require an immense amount of athleticism a… https://t.co/XXMsYyG28F
21-11-2022 03:13
@robelliott6 @TheRajGiri Yeah this was sick. Watched a lot of the presser laying in bed. Couldn’t fall asleep haha
20-11-2022 22:56
@tde_gif @robelliott6
20-11-2022 07:54