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RT @ShoaibMKhan: When I asked [an MP] whether Suella Braverman was a talented politician, he replied: “No. The opposite. She speaks in slog…
29-11-2022 00:30
RT @iowmillie: Recently had my first patient come in hypothermic because they couldn't afford their heating. There's going to be more, isn…
29-11-2022 00:29
RT @campbellclaret: To the many media organisations asking if I would like to discuss @MattHancock jungle journey and whether I think his “…
28-11-2022 21:00
RT @prodnose: Stopped watching #ImACeleb five episodes ago when it became clear Matt Hancock was being facilitated by a pro-Tory voting blo…
28-11-2022 20:31
RT @JolyonMaugham: The question is not *why* Michelle Mone got £29m of your money. The question is *how* Michelle Mone got £29m of your mon…
28-11-2022 19:07
@BBCNews No
28-11-2022 18:40
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RT @DaveWardGS: I NEED EVERY FOLLOWER TO RT THIS Your local postie is facing the most important week ever. They are facing intimidation,…
28-11-2022 18:36
RT @Mij_Europe: Martin Wolf, with some difficult home truths for UKG. Worth reading in full https://t.co/8gYy08OUU2 https://t.co/IONo0ALp…
28-11-2022 17:48
RT @SydesJokes: @FrancesAReed+ @ilmanati+ @stephw9s+ @Steph_Hannan114+ @ChrisK3454+ @LiggyEUMarauder+ @vivclogger+ @mikenarrowgauge+ @jilly…
28-11-2022 17:39
@deelomas 😂😂😂😂😂
28-11-2022 01:37
RT @ThatCivilTweet: Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?
28-11-2022 01:36
RT @EmergencyBod: Remember that time Matt Hancock gave his mate, a pub landlord with no previous experience making medical supplies, a £30…
28-11-2022 01:30
RT @SydesJokes: At the next election people shouldn't automatically vote @UKLabour but instead see which party is best placed to beat the t…
28-11-2022 01:28
@Otto_English Sometimes these things are 'no brainers'. You know, like if Putin was nominated for a peace prize.
28-11-2022 01:11
RT @kad_c: At this point I’m over the British public…let’s not forget the moments people had to die alone or say goodbye on FaceTime, not b…
27-11-2022 20:48
RT @SydesJokes: It looks like in most of the CONSERVATIVE HOLD seats they would actually lose if people voted tactically https://t.co/MSiBn…
27-11-2022 20:46
@Otto_English It's the dark shadow of Occam's razor. If there is overwhelming corroborated evidence that it is a… https://t.co/YaakJ7yNWS
27-11-2022 20:17
@OxfordDiplomat 👍
26-11-2022 16:23
RT @SydesJokes: @angela_3110_+ @TonyMost2+ @junehealythomas+ @strangetruther+ @ericthehalfabe1+ @ianmckiver+ @NeilMullens+ @holderofbeer+ @…
26-11-2022 16:16
26-11-2022 04:10
@deelomas @Conservatives It's summed up by 'if you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem'.… https://t.co/VT8GD3RKTX
26-11-2022 04:07
@Mumsafan Well, you are right. What we need is Boris (the pointless) to take over. Star quality is so much mor… https://t.co/4vnqe93rwS
26-11-2022 03:00
@epifloyd Great if it's comedic. Loved Hinge and Bracket. However, constantly being the target of abuse, sarcasm… https://t.co/cjwr4bqTcR
26-11-2022 02:11
@TheStopthecoup I see 5300 followers plus me 🙂
26-11-2022 01:41
@PeterStefanovi2 Still with you 👍
26-11-2022 01:36
@mrjamesob Gullibles travels. 😕
26-11-2022 01:35
RT @implausibleblog: Beth Rigby skewers Jeremy Hunt over Brexit 👏 Hunt throws a tantrum towards the end 🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/a3FHtrV45m
26-11-2022 01:17
@kelvmackenzie Do you get paid for this venomous nonsense? Now THAT would be a waste of money. 😕
26-11-2022 00:19
@deelomas Don't hold back Dee, rip him a new one 😂
26-11-2022 00:14
@neilgibbons Well we can't blame it on the snowflakes 🤔🤭
26-11-2022 00:11
RT @SydesJokes: @colette_bennett @Bill_Tasselli+ @CashSquirrel+ @Fiddledock+ @Simon_FBFE+ @electricpollcat+ @remainergreen+ @annekekassteel…
26-11-2022 00:09
RT @ThatCivilTweet: Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?
25-11-2022 23:41
@deelomas Congrats lovely lady x
25-11-2022 23:07
@bbcquestiontime This is the 'have you beaten your wife recently' question. We can see right through this divisive technique.
25-11-2022 23:05
RT @13sarahmurphy: 2 years before the next election, Tory MPs are quitting. Wonder why? So much to look forward to… those 40 new hospitals,…
25-11-2022 22:00
@Mistyswoman @Ros_Niki Well spotted. I generally follow anyone who likes my tweets. I also check the follow/follo… https://t.co/BUlmQ3oPOA
25-11-2022 21:55
RT @MarinaPurkiss: Brexit promise: We will reduce immigration to only welcome “the brightest and the best” Brexit reality: Immigration n…
25-11-2022 20:56
@Ottojizzmark Ta x
25-11-2022 20:53
@Ottojizzmark Nope 😢
25-11-2022 20:51
RT @AndyBurnhamGM: People criticising the wage asks of public sector workers: You need to remember they’ve had years of real-terms pay cut…
25-11-2022 20:47
RT @joelycett: Fresh from the kiln, the Liz Truss Commemorative Plate® celebrating Britain’s greatest 1.5 months 🇬🇧 https://t.co/YKt83B92IL
25-11-2022 17:49
RT @SydesJokes: @DeeLomas+ @JistArgo+ @HiromKate+ @Canazin1+ @ianmckiver+ @CentralPlanner9+ @skinmysunshine+ @incogneatos+ @Scrabble817+ @A…
25-11-2022 17:43
@EssexPR ...because free movement has been removed and they can't get out?
25-11-2022 03:03
RT @chris_cw51: PPE Medpro get £200,000,000 contract after lobbying by Michelle Mone. Barrowman (Mone's husband) gets £65,000,000 payout an…
25-11-2022 01:10
RT @Tim_Burgess: A baroness, Michelle Mone was paid £29m via convoluted methods to avoid detection after supplying £200m of useless PPE via…
24-11-2022 22:20
RT @13sarahmurphy: The Tories had an 80 seat majority! 80 seats. And just look at them. An embarrassing shambles of zealots, bullies, cowar…
24-11-2022 21:24
@archer_rs We had a population 'out of its comfort zone' and she sure knew how to 'grow'. 😕
24-11-2022 19:54
RT @archer_rs: For many who voted for Brexit their key motivation was "immigration" so it is with lip-smacking satisfaction I am pleased to…
24-11-2022 18:18
@DeborahMeaden We're all immigrants or children of.
24-11-2022 04:16
@TonySnape Maybe he's realised the extent of the sh*tshow he will inherit. The Tories won't want it either - hence… https://t.co/poKAQM3vqh
24-11-2022 01:18
@rainie1410 Kilt and claymore
23-11-2022 22:35
@arthistorynews More to the point, when James VI became King of England, didn't England become a Scottish dependency? 🤔🤭
23-11-2022 20:19
RT @PippaCrerar: Striking fr Tory MP @timloughton on lack of legal asylum routes. “I’m a 16yo orphan from an African country escaping a w…
23-11-2022 17:18
RT @Castagnaccio345: If Brexit benefits existed the right wing press, Tory MPs, the various right wing pressure groups and the BBC would li…
23-11-2022 00:19
RT @GaryLineker: That is one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history. Extraordinary performance from Saudi Arabia.
23-11-2022 00:16
RT @SarahOwen_: Not only did Tory Paul Howell forget his manners during that debate, but he conveniently forgot to declare he owns 17 prope…
22-11-2022 21:27
RT @PeterStefanovi2: Absolutely shocking Just hours after Rishi Sunak says “Brexit is already delivering enormous benefits” for the UK eco…
22-11-2022 21:26
RT @deelomas: Over the course of the last 10yrs the world population has passed 8 billion & out of all those people some of us thought Trum…
22-11-2022 20:52
RT @sturdyAlex: Another Brexiter, perpetually outraged at "foreign court interference", until he needs it to interfere.
22-11-2022 20:49
@santanderuk I feel this way about my Abbey National shares 🙂
22-11-2022 20:07
@CostaCoconuts Pas trop mal?
22-11-2022 19:18
RT @maitlis: Thank you to all our brilliant newsagenty listeners. Please show some love now to our valiant runner up ⁦@campbellclaret⁩ - y…
22-11-2022 19:11
@johnredwood Investment for growth? What a good idea. Why don't you become an MP and when your party is in power… https://t.co/57AxyYZRVO
22-11-2022 16:58
RT @LBC: James O'Brien: 'How tight does your Tory scarf have to be around your neck to not see the fundamental absurdity and injustice of h…
22-11-2022 16:15
@DavidPNoble63 Oh so that's what all the groaning is? 😕😂
22-11-2022 05:16
@john4brexit Smoke lifted. Mirrors smashed. Only the revealing light of day now and a clear view of those bright… https://t.co/4MNAtD06x2
22-11-2022 05:14
RT @SueSuezep: Sunak - Brexit is already "delivering enormous benefits". Like what @RishiSunak Like what???
22-11-2022 03:46
RT @nocontextfooty: https://t.co/pIcxDtEEJp
22-11-2022 01:36
RT @paullewismoney: PM has private GP service for his family rather than using the NHS https://t.co/rPPxuQMInF
21-11-2022 23:50
@castlvillageman We never surrendered. We're awaiting the return of King Arthur, Robin Hood and Simon Templar bef… https://t.co/Msi0om515q
21-11-2022 19:54
@SydesJokes Blushes with embarrassment 🙂
21-11-2022 15:46
@_HenryBolton You have a BA in geography or a lucky guess?
21-11-2022 01:04
RT @ian_charles007: This just in from those sunlit uplands. Tragic for those losing their livelihoods Brexiters must be so proud. https://…
20-11-2022 23:49
@ionafyfe Embra?
20-11-2022 22:55
@Bbmorg While the Tories emphasise the importance of the fluffy dice in the windscreen obscuring the road ahead.... 😕
20-11-2022 22:51
RT @dinosofos: Bare shelves at the best Greek deli in London - Isle of Olive in Hackney. The owners are closing the doors after 11 successf…
20-11-2022 21:32
RT @PeterStefanovi2: Whatever is happening on Twitter right now seems to be affecting many accounts known for holding this cretinous Govern…
20-11-2022 21:24
@_HenryBolton Brexit wasn't negotiated? Are you sure?
20-11-2022 18:45
@NileGardiner @BorisJohnson @RishiSunak #FBPE
20-11-2022 18:41
@johnredwood Why should they bother? Really?
20-11-2022 18:38
@solma_ahmed What would you like the difference to be?
20-11-2022 04:51
@BrugesGroup Funny how remainers were sore losers. Breathe it in and suck it up.
20-11-2022 04:50
@john4brexit Which massive Brexit benefit should I celebrate? Anything? Just one?
20-11-2022 04:24
@BrugesGroup ...and the downside is?
20-11-2022 04:22
@SimonClarkeMP Define 'leave the EU'. Whatever you say 25 million brits will disagree.
20-11-2022 04:22
@peteratcmc Deluded. Brexit in the form of isolation from the EU is dead and buried. We played your silly game. No more.
20-11-2022 01:28
@badmonotreme My first blooding was on an ICL 1904F. Scarred me for life 😂
20-11-2022 01:24
@archer_rs Was it the way we waited in long queues at borders, deliberately shopped in supermarkets struggling to f… https://t.co/1DFYEHMxXg
20-11-2022 00:03
@badmonotreme I did some work with PDP11s in a past life. 🙂
19-11-2022 23:57
@Seferyn It's when inspirational leadership is replaced by bean counters 😕
19-11-2022 23:55
@badmonotreme DEC(k)? 🙂
19-11-2022 23:53
@WarrenUK17 No we are Wiccans. Don't let them middle eastern, flip flop wearing do gooders destroy our ancient culture!
19-11-2022 20:48
@DPJHodges Even the government don't claim this and they are a top notch source of abject nonsense.
19-11-2022 20:46
@Jobaker9 @sainsburys My (30 year old) wife was refused four cans of beer at Morrisons (while I nipped to the loo).… https://t.co/6JgfPLaHvH
19-11-2022 20:43
@JoJoFromJerz Leave it alone. Why? Breaks into song...it's illegal, it's immoral and it makes you fat.... 🤭
19-11-2022 20:37
@Take_Artist @GavrocheUSA17 😂😂😂😂😂
19-11-2022 20:33
@sturdyAlex We been decapitated, had our limbs removed and had our heart ripped out. Too early to pronounce? 😕
19-11-2022 19:28
@ZubyMusic We're fine. Thank you for asking 😱😢
19-11-2022 19:25
0 12603
RT @AOC: The bipartisan @January6thCmte has extensively covered how Trump’s use of Twitter played a critical role in the violence of that d…
19-11-2022 19:18
@CostaCoconuts England 2035?
19-11-2022 05:40
RT @SydesJokes: @MetalMummy37+ @Sillyshib+ @McEwanMorton+ @deepestdub+ @BigBri123+ @ianmckiver+ @FollowBackAll17+ @jsuk1966+ @eurobrit35+ @…
19-11-2022 03:32
@oliverbcampbell I've been in an international corporate when they try to 'trim the fat'. Skilled confident worker… https://t.co/NpZnGpb5CJ
19-11-2022 02:25
RT @D_Blanchflower: On any tv & radio show when a so- called expert is interviewed especially ones with no training nor expertise in that f…
19-11-2022 02:15
@SkiptomyLoulou Hold him down while I kick the...... 🙂
18-11-2022 23:00
@jacquep piscine noire?
18-11-2022 20:50
0 44358
RT @anothercohen: I was laid off from Twitter this afternoon. I was in charge of managing badge access to Twitter offices. Elon just call…
18-11-2022 19:04
RT @alexeheath: Word inside Twitter is that A LOT of employees are not saying “yes” to staying at Musk’s “extremely hardcore Twitter 2.0.”…
18-11-2022 18:52
RT @JohnbwMayes: How to deal with kate Andrews @SkyNews https://t.co/XLHtDjVhfn
18-11-2022 18:50
@AllisterHeath When fascists are to the left, is there anywhere else to go?
18-11-2022 02:21
@PippaCrerar One could be forgiven for thinking that (past his sell by date) smog is desperate for attention? 🤔🤭
18-11-2022 02:19
@PippaCrerar Murdoch u-turns 🙂
18-11-2022 02:12
@NileGardiner @BorisJohnson De fiffle isn't a true anything. He would support the 'Monster raving loony party' if… https://t.co/S4KXtwbmeE
18-11-2022 02:10
@jersjustaskin @PhilMyers53 Typo - ruining
17-11-2022 22:03
RT @HughFW: 1/4 I never thought I would be using social media for this, but my very dearest friend Nick Fisher, who some of you will know f…
17-11-2022 21:48
RT @GoodwinMJ: In case you are not in the UK we are now going from approx £30 billion tax cuts to approx £54 billion of tax rises in 55 day…
17-11-2022 21:47
@RussInCheshire Do Tories U-turn in a heartbeat?
17-11-2022 20:12
@mrjamesob Holidays cancelled! 🤭
17-11-2022 17:59
@RishiSunak @POTUS No 'done and dusted' trade deal then?
16-11-2022 20:53
@finesser_na Yes. However, I do not support inter species marriage - anticipating your next question 🤔🤭
16-11-2022 20:47
@Joanna__Hardy Water with a pinch of lo-salt (against the dehydration) and B complex if you can stomach it. Be well soon x
16-11-2022 20:41
@Conservatives @Jeremy_Hunt You are going to make poor people poorer and protect rich people. Have I missed anything 🤔
16-11-2022 20:37
RT @Otto_English: Shouldn't have taken 12 years, two bouts of austerity, a failing NHS, collapsing education system, looming recession, hig…
16-11-2022 20:28
@BWallArthur Near the San Augustin car park?
16-11-2022 19:56
@archer_rs A potential Tory MP? 🤭
16-11-2022 19:55
RT @joelycett: An email to Beckham’s PR. Less than 4 days to go. #benderslikebeckham 🌈 https://t.co/ANikkvfFjw
16-11-2022 19:50
RT @theipaper: WATCH: Private security guards in Qatar forced a Danish reporter off the air as he reported live from the World Cup ⬇️ https…
16-11-2022 19:49
RT @larryandpaul: 🔥 UNEARTHED: Honest Brexit Ad from 2016. https://t.co/c0r5IM4geX
16-11-2022 17:30
RT @SydesJokes: @spanna65+ @TookeKris+ @scrimshankpotus+ @hic334+ @ZacaMesaSix+ @ianmckiver+ @antibrexitdavid+ @SoupTomatoSoup @DorothyMoll…
16-11-2022 17:18
RT @SydesJokes: @Mabalel2+ @wendyfromthame+ @mike_seville+ @Scrabble817+ @MatthewSquire+ @dwmw2+ @PsychTreeFrog+ @janejane24+ @annekekasste…
16-11-2022 00:50
@secrettory12 🤣😂🤣👍
16-11-2022 00:50
@PeterStefanovi2 Of course they've closed them along with defunding education. The last thing the Tories need is w… https://t.co/B3U7D2WcLu
16-11-2022 00:41
@jacquep @JulianSmithUK @RishiSunak Based on their behaviour and ethics, I can't think of any group who hate (the r… https://t.co/bFThU6RiBl
16-11-2022 00:39
RT @PeterStefanovi2: Rishi Sunak & Jeremy Hunt are preparing to launch one of the Conservative Government’s biggest ever CON’S against the…
15-11-2022 23:43
RT @jamiesmart: Honoured to have seen a mispronounced Jeremy Hunt in the wild just now 🙏🙏🙏 https://t.co/leYjLNaEef
15-11-2022 22:48
RT @PippaCrerar: Senior US intelligence official says Russian missiles crossed into Nato member Poland, killing two people. Poland’s PM Ma…
15-11-2022 22:42
@HPlaysPiano ....so how come there are 'four corners of the globe'? Runs screaming for the door... 😂
15-11-2022 22:40
@mrjamesob Favourite track 'the Taxman'? 😕
15-11-2022 22:30
@Ottojizzmark Loo roll?
15-11-2022 21:27
RT @ShaunLintern: 🚨 BREAKING: NHS chiefs and regulators have written to hospital bosses admitting winter could be so bad NHS staff may have…
15-11-2022 21:26
RT @timmytapper: @grantshapps Another “oh” for you @mrjamesob . Companies like mine have spent a lot of time and money preparing for a UKCA…
15-11-2022 21:10
RT @RonFilipkowski: Don’t mess with the Aussies.
15-11-2022 20:04
@SydesJokes Thank you! 👍
15-11-2022 19:31
RT @SydesJokes: @ianmckiver+ is No 938 of My #Top1000 Tweeters for 13th November 2022 (New Entry) --> https://t.co/G4kuXQe1fQ <-- #Donation…
15-11-2022 19:31
@OxfordDiplomat Still here x
15-11-2022 01:41
0 39140
RT @QasimRashid: This is horrifying. The Iranian parliament votes overwhelmingly (227-63) to execute the 15,000 protesters they already arr…
15-11-2022 01:38
@DavidDoubleday @mjtward19 @trussliz @KwasiKwarteng ...and the more chaos they create, the bigger the disaster they… https://t.co/Pxz5u3EWlM
15-11-2022 00:04
@Laurence_in_EU There are as many definitions of Brexit as there are UK voters. Including the one many voted for (… https://t.co/2ODHR7rvxa
15-11-2022 00:01
@BladeoftheS He reminds me of Woody from Toy story. Just the face, obviously. Woody is much more realistic.
14-11-2022 23:08
@Ianredford5 Shoes for life.
14-11-2022 22:23
@SpottlessMarxx They already are. We are conditioned into 'haves' fearing 'have nots'. It's the basis of many of the '-isms'.
14-11-2022 20:43
@RishiSunak Urgent action? Like buying PPE? Or catastrophic mini budgets? How about intelligent policy, well implemented, for a change?
14-11-2022 18:28
RT @MirrorBreaking_: BREAKING: Jeremy Hunt has just admitted he 'recognises' the NHS is on the brink of collapse after 12 years of Tory rul…
14-11-2022 02:55
@thom_brooks @YvetteCooperMP 2 and a half garden forks or three and a third pitchforks? Tories are all heart 😕
14-11-2022 02:54
RT @JolyonMaugham: The Mail also alleged that Raab's behaviour would have been gravely embarrassing if it had become public and the Tory pa…
14-11-2022 02:31
@sara_carrion_ Been there. No reply. They made their choice.
14-11-2022 01:35
@theGrit_music Well God help us if they turn nasty....
14-11-2022 01:34
@snb19692 Yes, he spells it memememememe.....
14-11-2022 01:31
@SuellaBraverman People of all colours from all over the world. The days when we recognised refugees and embraced them.
14-11-2022 01:07
@_ashawndabney Yes
13-11-2022 02:30
RT @Nurseborisbash: 🧵 I've received five days of some abhorrent abuse. Abuse for being a nurse. Well, actually a nurse who is trying to pr…
12-11-2022 23:22
@terrychristian Next
12-11-2022 23:20
RT @stephenking9: What happened to the Sue Grey report?
12-11-2022 20:19
@archer_rs Monbazilac with the foie (and fig preserve). What time are we eating? 🙂
12-11-2022 20:10
RT @krishnakolidoc: Feelin so sad, went to verify death as I was on call, family was sitting in the dark with the deadbody in a damp & cold…
12-11-2022 20:05
@vixalon1982 @Otto_English He's probably proud he did 'pee pee' this morning. His mummy told him to always be proud. 😕
12-11-2022 03:22
@RorkePamela @DurhamRAPol Well it looks like he's being followed by his dad (?) as he rides to his inevitable doom… https://t.co/bdDLGhBIWn
12-11-2022 01:31
@Johninpompano Alive?
12-11-2022 01:07
@faithfulpundit Yeah. It's a bit like spending a week in Benidorm and then putting 'experienced world traveller' on your CV 🤭
11-11-2022 23:26
RT @Kevin_Maguire: You know Britain’s Conservative Government claims all the world’s major economies are doing badly. Guess which is the w…
11-11-2022 23:24
RT @ASoundFooting: It's #FollowBackFriday! If you believe that the most important thing in UK politics is to get the Tories out give me a…
11-11-2022 21:38
RT @greybrow53: How peculiar! A disparate group of Chinese individuals (including a hygienist, a plasterer, a professional athlete, a sailo…
11-11-2022 20:32
@Mistyswoman @elonmusk No, I blocked him. 🙂
11-11-2022 19:54
@PaoloIskandar64 Brut
11-11-2022 19:52
RT @SueSuezep: The Global Warming Policy Foundation a tory think tank based in Tufton St. states that there is “little evidence of changes…
11-11-2022 19:46
RT @fromTGA: 60% now say Britain was wrong to leave the EU…. Well, better late than never; but what do we do about it now…? https://t.co/PN…
11-11-2022 18:37
RT @SydesJokes: @pam_ela_glen+ @skoobeloo+ @Ian_Politic+ @CamillatheScot+ @PeterBartle4+ @Behindeveryclo1+ @RocketRacer69+ @TravellinJohn+…
11-11-2022 18:15
@imagedai @CostaCoconuts Or swaying arms...such a lot of choices...
11-11-2022 04:30
@CostaCoconuts Chocolate girl 🙂
11-11-2022 04:28
@batgirlvsrobin @fergus244 @hammerotass @pro_elbows @DurhamRAPol Never gone through a puddle for the fun? 🙂
11-11-2022 04:16
@batgirlvsrobin @fergus244 @hammerotass @pro_elbows @DurhamRAPol Not arguing over the state of our roads and the wa… https://t.co/5SmlXqfrbu
11-11-2022 03:54
@pro_elbows @DurhamRAPol https://t.co/PKm51LoKHe
11-11-2022 02:00
@pro_elbows @DurhamRAPol This video has been clipped (editted) from the first one posted.
11-11-2022 01:58
@pro_elbows @DurhamRAPol If you watch the whole video, there are cycle priority lanes and pinch points as part of… https://t.co/FwmOHg5J3q
11-11-2022 01:53
@paulsinha Me too, but best to keep quiet about, especially when abroad. The looks of pity are somewhat disconcerting 🤭
11-11-2022 00:45
@DurhamRAPol ...and use the cycle lanes provided?!?
11-11-2022 00:42
@sajidjavid The car driver is dodgy. The kid isn't using cycle lanes provided as part of traffic calming. A perfect storm.
11-11-2022 00:32
@LBC I carry a 'manbag'. I'm not sure what it says about my sexuality. I do know that, as a diabetic, it's more p… https://t.co/x0nclU3mPc
11-11-2022 00:17
@archer_rs 8.00am or 8.00pm? Same rules apply to beer 🙂
11-11-2022 00:03
@HaysKali Musk, my part in his downfall 😂
10-11-2022 23:54
This.... https://t.co/yQRZrrq3Gu
10-11-2022 22:48
@chhcalling @elonmusk Yes. There's nothing more demoralising than dashed hope.
10-11-2022 22:45
@archer_rs Yes, what a team.
10-11-2022 22:03
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg Even your own party don't listen to you. Why should we?
10-11-2022 21:40
@DPJHodges They weren't in A&E. They were occupying beds that an underfunded NHS desperately needed. Note the way… https://t.co/zpcr9J3VC2
10-11-2022 21:38
@AndrewPRLevi @ChequalHedley The point is this. If you voted for Brexit and got this sh*tshow and you are angry, im… https://t.co/KQ25ziXRUx
10-11-2022 21:34
RT @13sarahmurphy: Rees-Mogg has written a devious little article in The Telegraph on the Retained EU Law Bill. It’s dishonest and sneering…
10-11-2022 19:16
RT @ShelaghFogarty: I’m not watching #ImACeleb …Can we agree #matthancock being there so soon after utter tragedy and at the very least que…
10-11-2022 03:20
RT @JNRaeside: I think Matt Hancock actually breaks the format. Because Ant & Dec are supposed to be us. Them finding this a bit of a hoot…
10-11-2022 03:13
@MarinaPurkiss @NickFerrariLBC Bought and paid for? 🤔
10-11-2022 01:19
@Midge1415 I'm the same with the Union Flag. Ironic that so many non-Brits wear it (on t-shirts, etc) with pride. 😕
09-11-2022 23:49