Dè Great (@iAMeggs) — An International Youth Inspired By Greatness
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30-01-2023 13:43
0 817
RT @SaveYourSons: Men: what’s the most important trait to look for in a wife?
30-01-2023 13:38
Truthfully in my Era, I’m Gassed up and We’ll Fueled. #ABetterLife
30-01-2023 10:47
RT @osazenoo: Market to Market Economics Import driven economics Home economics mentality Container driven policies Their Lord & Person…
29-01-2023 11:53
0 322
RT @SeekMasculinity: A boy becomes a man when he starts focusing on improving himself.
29-01-2023 11:08
I was ready to live with the regrets if it went wrong, then it went right #ABetterLife
29-01-2023 10:31
Pain is a Coach #ABetterLife
29-01-2023 10:30
0 1005
RT @MenMoneyMindset: A boy becomes a man when he focuses on building himself Mentally, Physically, and Financially.
29-01-2023 03:14
0 4927
RT @PhilOfLife_: Be addicted to staying low-key.
28-01-2023 22:54
Who I become is more important to me that what I acquire. #ABetterLife
28-01-2023 22:53
Feed your beast, stop trying to tame them #ABetterLife you need them for exploit and Genius ideas that propels
28-01-2023 21:54
I be developing and growing in the dark room. Step into the light and people think the lights made you #ABetterLife
28-01-2023 21:52
Hate it or love it, discipline will always win #ABetterLife
28-01-2023 21:43
0 260
28-01-2023 13:38
0 2187
RT @AngelictheVirgo: I ain’t even my best me yet. I’m just better than I used to be.
28-01-2023 09:25
0 353
RT @SeekMasculinity: Be the man your family needs.
28-01-2023 09:22
0 21487
RT @elonmusk: I work all day, then go home & play work simulator
28-01-2023 04:34
0 3794
RT @livewithnoregrt: stay away from people that see ur growth as a threat
27-01-2023 23:01
0 33219
RT @unkonfined: When you choose peace it comes with a lot of goodbyes.
27-01-2023 17:23
0 412
RT @SeekMasculinity: Be the man no one thought you could become.
27-01-2023 11:28
RT @Prince_II: Mr. Big time is coming 😁
27-01-2023 11:27
RT @MSIngawa: How is the CBN Governor this strong?😳 Normally the cabals against him should have won this battle against the cabals that wa…
27-01-2023 11:27
0 6851
RT @Pastor__West: I don’t know who needs to hear this but be patient.. God hears your prayers.
27-01-2023 07:18
0 505
RT @J_Joadia94: I just got to Anambra and I can tell you that Obi is a Scam
27-01-2023 04:06
0 10771
RT @tosinvictoriaa: this time next year, I'm going to be crying tears of joy cause of how beautiful life got.
27-01-2023 04:05
0 1019
RT @fkeyamo: The unedited part of the trending video they did not show you! Just posting this now to give the opposition some sleepless nig…
27-01-2023 04:03
0 137
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: Lol 😀 https://t.co/zxB9O98i27
27-01-2023 04:02
26-01-2023 22:34
RT @osazenoo: Hmmm🤔
26-01-2023 14:36
0 28939
RT @robo__goblin: uni life https://t.co/M8M0AGDTtg
26-01-2023 14:35
We are only humans and we make mistakes, Yes! but make sure you make it in life to face them tomorrow. #ABetterLife
26-01-2023 09:13
0 1157
RT @SeekMasculinity: Nothing is more dangerous than a broken man rebuilding himself.
26-01-2023 00:14
RT @osazenoo: The more you insulted and hated Buhari, the more fresher and healthier he became. Increase your hate and insults on Tinubu.…
25-01-2023 15:48
0 1020
RT @BrymOlawale: Even PO and AA will vote BAT…
25-01-2023 15:48
0 3603
RT @hopesssamin: Secrets to happiness are three : Sabr, Shukr & Iklhas.
25-01-2023 07:41
RT @jibreelKhalil: I love Shettima’s eloquency, you can’t deny his intellectual capacity. Obidients seem to bother themselves more about hi…
25-01-2023 06:49
0 145
RT @adamugarba: Kindly Call Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar for lectures from this genius of policy and governance, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.…
25-01-2023 06:48
RT @KenWiwa4: @StFreakingKezy Igbo people beheading Igbo people in Igbo land. No noise,no condemnation. Everyone from there is quiet. A onc…
25-01-2023 06:44
RT @MenDoHardThings: MAKE WOMEN FEMININE AGAIN 👗 https://t.co/L86NaOdcbz
24-01-2023 22:47
RT @unxentmessage: Souls don’t meet by accident.
24-01-2023 22:46
0 2313
RT @Copywriting_Dad: Privacy is power. Here's why you need to keep your life private...
24-01-2023 17:06
RT @Halal_Match: Tell all those who have delegated their affairs to Alläh. That Alläh will never fail them.
24-01-2023 16:59
0 200
RT @adamugarba: Imagine if Dangote refinery were to be build under Peter Obi and $25Bn was mentioned by Dangote as the money for the job, P…
24-01-2023 15:33
0 535
RT @adamugarba: Imagine if Dangote Refinery and Lekki Sea Port were to be launched under the PDP. Atiku would have owned 75% to his pocket…
24-01-2023 15:18
RT @DominSteel: @osazenoo You are conversing with people who learn truth from Twitter Asiwaju lol . Ask them if the bill wasn’t passed unde…
24-01-2023 15:16
Society wants you to be humble and accessible so that they can conveniently be anyhow around you lol. #ABetterLife
24-01-2023 13:07
0 187
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: In 40 years, Lagos will own Lekki Deep Seaport 100%. In 40 years also, Anambra will own Hero beer completely but Americ…
24-01-2023 11:16
0 303
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: LEKKI Deep seaport is 20% owned by Lagos, 20% by FG, and 60% Private, with Lagos taking full ownership after 40yrs. B…
24-01-2023 11:14
0 290
RT @AmodaOgunlere: "The 5M naira that Tinubu gave me was what started Kanu heart foundation " The support Asíwájú Bola Ahmed Tinubu is bor…
24-01-2023 06:23
0 3227
RT @YouNetflix: let's just say love was never his strong suit https://t.co/ChyjILRlhG
24-01-2023 06:23
Many Obidients are just liars and ignorants, their base offline and online is built on assumption, pity, manipulati… https://t.co/nBzyJayA8g
24-01-2023 06:13
0 5061
RT @jada3_p: Once you hit a certain age all you really want is God, Money, Family, Stability & Peace
24-01-2023 05:49
A Generation Wise Off Memes lol
23-01-2023 23:58
0 2829
RT @hopesssamin: Ya Allah, guard my mother's heart from sadness.
23-01-2023 12:54
RT @MSIngawa: There was a train derail as a result of theft of some valuable objects on the railway. Angry and sentimental journalists are…
23-01-2023 12:50
0 940
RT @BishopJakes: If you forget there’s a next, you’ll die in your now.
22-01-2023 23:20
0 4669
RT @jada3_p: One day I’m going to have everything I prayed for.
22-01-2023 23:14
0 1167
RT @ArthurMafokate: Just to inspire young ones, please note that in 5 years there will be food shortage in South Africa and you better prep…
22-01-2023 23:14
RT @linhsense1: @osazenoo https://t.co/Uo7Qbfi2eg
22-01-2023 23:13
0 423
RT @Cappadiszle: Why do Obidients think a person can’t genuinely support Tinubu without being paid lol? I have never met anyone who is from…
22-01-2023 23:11
God see Africa!!! 😭 https://t.co/4R58vv5dwJ
22-01-2023 11:53
0 159
RT @renoomokri: These are actual misprinted US Dollar bills. Hundreds of thousands of errors are made annually. They are highly sought afte…
22-01-2023 11:24
0 2072
RT @jada3_p: The smarter you get, the less you speak.
22-01-2023 11:24
0 1543
RT @TinubuMediaS: Retweet if your PVC is for Bola Ahmed Tinubu https://t.co/hTVaI9Uy6V
22-01-2023 11:23
RT @ayo_awopetu: @yomilosiwaju1 No vex baba mi 😀 Our children will become great successes men that command influence and respect like Asiw…
22-01-2023 09:18
0 4476
RT @bod_republic: May we never regret not doing fraud 🙏🏽
22-01-2023 00:25
0 221
RT @KashimSM: Politics without bitterness... Exchanging banters with the Vice Presidential Candidate of the NNPP, my brother Bishop Isaac…
21-01-2023 14:23
0 2639
RT @idillionaire: Your wildest dreams will manifest.
21-01-2023 14:22
RT @Oos_91: Stop choosing sides before knowing the full story because there are people who are good at making others look bad.
21-01-2023 14:19
RT @TinubuFC: It's obvious APC has the best Youth Leader/Leadership structure that can never be tried of monumental success. Kudos..! @dayo…
20-01-2023 09:35
0 186
RT @adamugarba: Bola Tinubu is the kind of legendary personality that you only read in history books long after they are gone. However, Nig…
20-01-2023 09:08
0 2851
RT @sramzzad: I like being calm. I like chillin. I don’t like being brought of character. I don’t like tripping.
20-01-2023 09:08
0 102
RT @GoziconC: The Andrews Liver Salt President is always on his Mobile phone surfing through Social media, gathering courage from Social me…
20-01-2023 08:56
0 2024
RT @Ayannnfejesu: Go and write this down. This year, is the year of speed. You’ll almost forget that you had to wait so long for his promis…
20-01-2023 08:44
Fair is something created by the weak because they can’t defeat the strong #ABetterLife
20-01-2023 04:00
0 27042
RT @theonlymiyam: No cocky shit... but I know for a fact I leave my mark on people. I'm not easy to forget, replace, or come by.
19-01-2023 03:56
0 422
RT @fkeyamo: The PDP is trying to cunningly drag APC into their dog fight with LP. Let us leave LP for PDP. LP is PDP’s headache, not ours…
19-01-2023 03:39
RT @renoomokri: ‘I am a PhD holder, not a trader!’ Chai! Upper cut to the sit-at-home candidate from Kwankwaso! #TableShaker
19-01-2023 03:32
RT @saavage__m: Stop comparing your life with others, work hard & smart. Aspire to Acquire the Desire that you Admire
18-01-2023 09:54
We didn’t come this far by talking, you guys are the talkatives so you can keep talking while we continue doing
17-01-2023 16:04
A City Boy is a Smart Boy, A City Boy is a Rich Boy, A City Boy is a Powerful and Resourceful Boy, A City Boy has U… https://t.co/BLH9XymSJh
17-01-2023 12:51
0 102
RT @coybarker: Your NEXT in line for Supernatural FAVOR and INCREASE!
17-01-2023 12:36
0 3659
RT @livechristian1: God hears you, just be patient.
17-01-2023 11:50
0 1426
RT @coybarker: You’re about to be flooded with MEGA GRACE and FAVOR.
17-01-2023 11:24
0 292
RT @AmodaOgunlere: The same man is promising to complete a project he claimed did not exist ??? Wonderment !!! 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/iu96raxucn
17-01-2023 08:28
0 21808
RT @idillionaire: Focus on how blessed you already are.
16-01-2023 23:12
0 147
16-01-2023 23:12
0 301
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: Question: how will you solve power problem? Peter Obi: I'll complete Buhari's Siemens deal. Lol 😆 🤣 😂. But you said…
16-01-2023 22:16
Do not Fail to Commercialize your every gift! #ABetterLife
16-01-2023 09:34
0 4983
RT @garyhgoodridge: The comeback is always stronger than the setback.
16-01-2023 09:28
RT @xagreat: A vote for Tinubu is a vote for better Nigeria.
16-01-2023 09:26
0 595
RT @OgbeniDipo: Nigeria will prosper in our lifetime. Nigeria will know peace. Nigeria will be victorious against all her enemies. Amen.
16-01-2023 09:24
0 180
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: "I will never need a PDP Endorsement and I'll beat them in every election...." Bola Tinubu https://t.co/dBiHy8w8ce
16-01-2023 09:17
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: Peter Obi, January 15th is not about Biafra. It is about the first coup led by Nzeogwu, killings of Ahmadu Bello, SL Ak…
16-01-2023 09:10
0 6387
RT @MyDayNDiary: Wait on God. And wait for God.
16-01-2023 08:42
0 370
RT @AlvanMadeMan: If you visit Anambra state, you will curse every Governor that came after Dr Chris Ngige. That state didn’t change one bi…
15-01-2023 10:18
0 205
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: "What correlation does BOTTLENECK has with the Economy? What concerns the neck of a bottle with the Economy?..." Peter…
15-01-2023 08:54
RT @cally_bills: @d_e_f_i_a_n_t @AfricaFactsZone This is why no one takes Africans serious. We are still slaves. But this time the chains a…
15-01-2023 08:45
0 2789
RT @OvieNews: Nigerian student , Zaynab Bilyamin, from the Federal University Dutse (FUD) , converts sachet water waste to kerosene and di…
15-01-2023 08:40
0 3840
RT @Philip_Michael: Invest in yourself to the point that it makes someone else want to invest in you. https://t.co/6aFC1fv7I6
15-01-2023 08:39
0 517
RT @MrMekzy_: The same God that made a way last time, will make a make a way this time as well.
15-01-2023 01:11
0 33930
RT @livewithnoregrt: some of us isolate to recharge. most people won’t understand that
15-01-2023 00:54
0 5854
RT @trustgodbro: God hasn’t left you.
15-01-2023 00:35
0 61751
RT @jayythewave: the older i get i realize my mom was right, but i just didn’t like her tone
14-01-2023 17:23
RT @iamyourkamar: Dear NIGERIAN celebrities, the day Nigeria happens to you or your family, better don't speak out or complain, so you don'…
14-01-2023 15:15
0 190
RT @nwa042legit: Can Yoruba accept sit at home on Mondays. NO dem no born who go instruct such nonsense.. Can Hausa accept sit at home on…
14-01-2023 15:13
0 11627
RT @RealDonaldDoo: I want my marriage to be a testimony of what God made marriage to be. I pray this for you too, in Jesus name
14-01-2023 14:03
👌 https://t.co/Wh8iYDjbeH
13-01-2023 22:51
0 238
RT @thefireofOla: You can't flourish in a Nation you slander .
13-01-2023 11:13
0 1350
RT @RealJerryEze: IT IS FINALLY MY TIME AND MY TURN! What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist !! #NSPPD #7amFirePrayers
13-01-2023 11:13
0 248
RT @Mr_JAGs: FULL VIDEO: He clearly mentioned the name of his friend and party member he was talking to … But u are struggling to claim vic…
13-01-2023 08:03
RT @Ayofeliberator: Tinubu understand global politics,his experience is incomparable to his competitors take it or leave it INTELLIGENTLY…
13-01-2023 08:02
🙏🏽👌👍🏽 https://t.co/kwZBZ7cezn
13-01-2023 07:56
0 3932
RT @DavidHundeyin: Drugs ruin exceptional people, talents and careers. Drugs are terrible.
13-01-2023 07:52
0 276
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: Wife like Remi Son like Seyi Daughter like Folashade Mother like Abibatu Family like Tinubu Leader like Buhari Frie…
12-01-2023 20:04
0 1998
RT @osazenoo: Fashola's take on whether Tinubu has the capacity to lead Nigeria. Interesting facts https://t.co/bZAv6hbaqi
12-01-2023 20:01
It’s easier to live a life without standard, life is much harder when you demand more of yourself but it’s the beau… https://t.co/1IEaKWb3T3
12-01-2023 09:36
0 3579
RT @bod_republic: I’ve congratulated people, it is my turn
10-01-2023 10:23
they look for someone’s useless husband that will be available too so they too can grab! And the cycle continues lol
09-01-2023 09:48
So the pattern is, while wives are calling their useless husbands out, single mothers who have learnt their lessons… https://t.co/xeybq5RGuN
09-01-2023 09:48
0 1043
RT @IAmSteveHarvey: Changed my life 🙏🏽 https://t.co/JNBrVW1Cqg
08-01-2023 09:47
0 13688
RT @TRINArockstarr: You gotta walk like you know God has you 🧡
06-01-2023 04:03
0 501
RT @coybarker: Psalm 23 shall manifest in 2023! You shall not want as God releases abundance!
06-01-2023 04:03
0 3114
RT @omarsuleiman504: Pray at night when even those in your home wouldn't see you. Fast during the day and let your colleagues think you ju…
06-01-2023 02:44
0 7642
RT @NthabiMlotshwa: I hope my plans align with the plans God has for me this year.
06-01-2023 02:42
Every attempt to box or small me has never succeeded, not even by myself. #ABetterLife
05-01-2023 19:56
RT @Lulahermanda: Normalise removing yourself from anything that irritates your soul and lowers your vibe.
05-01-2023 18:56
0 16100
RT @mindandglory: A quiet man is either planning his success or in unthinkable pain.
05-01-2023 03:27
0 1263
RT @coybarker: Everything that you lost is coming back 7 times!
04-01-2023 17:51
0 576
RT @coybarker: You suffered privately but now God shall BLESS you BIG PUBLICLY!
04-01-2023 09:54
James Brown Public desire for Women is the root of all his problems, Reflect on your 2022 as you desire for #ABetterLife in 2023
04-01-2023 09:51
0 257
RT @channelstv: 2023 Elections: I can bet with anything that is precious to me that Labour Party will not win. - Festus Keyamo, Chief Spok…
04-01-2023 09:44
0 12896
RT @MillsReggie: i appreciate the smallest thing 'cus i've always been the giver.
04-01-2023 07:42
0 2778
RT @idillionaire: You’ve manifested so much before. You can do it again and greater. Anything is possible.
03-01-2023 16:31
0 2942
RT @MillsReggie: To crave a person’s presence instead of their body is the purest form of intimacy
03-01-2023 16:26
Last year I tried myself, it’s safe to say This Year “I Trust Myself” #ABetterLife
03-01-2023 07:36
0 3198
RT @wise_chimp: Be alone until you’re valued.
02-01-2023 12:51
0 14791
RT @MillsReggie: ain't chasing nothing but a better life
02-01-2023 12:50
0 11570
RT @Theholisticpsyc: As you become more authentic some people will feel uncomfortable and that’s ok because your role in life isn’t to be l…
02-01-2023 12:46
RT @Femsbaby_: Stop fighting minor battles
02-01-2023 12:39
RT @MSIngawa: Dear Obidients, It’s next months already. Kindly prepare your “rigging” speech and posts, you need it. We will probably vac…
02-01-2023 08:18
0 29566
RT @Pastor__West: REPEAT AFTER ME : This will be the best financial year of my life!
02-01-2023 08:17
0 4000
RT @idillionaire: Your dreams are becoming a reality.
01-01-2023 23:37
0 301
RT @DelanoWilson3: Dear God, I pray that everything the enemy tries, to do to me in 2023, You will expose it quickly. Amen
01-01-2023 23:37
RT @MSIngawa: Most of us waste our time in 3 zones: 1) Fantasies of success 2) Comfort with the status quo 3) Fears of failure Control th…
01-01-2023 13:23
0 241
RT @RobHillSr: What a life I’m blessed.
01-01-2023 13:21
0 1568
RT @officialABAT: Welcome to the year of the Renewed Hope. https://t.co/daIA02Gd8c
01-01-2023 08:18
It’s a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thoughts to speaking the truth. #ABetterLife
01-01-2023 05:12
0 174
RT @teguando1: Those of you who have transferred the hatred you have for @MBuhari to @officialABAT using the train and 2nd Niger Bridge bui…
01-01-2023 04:13
RT @PersistentPat: Your why should drive you to your highest heights.
01-01-2023 04:07
0 116
RT @dominik_fudala: Become addicted to working out. Become addicted to making money. Become addicted to living your life.
01-01-2023 03:58
0 244
RT @HauwaAllahbura: If e dey pain you and you claim say Tinubu dey fund my lifestyle, abeg go meet Obi make him fund your own or Atiku. No…
01-01-2023 03:57
0 30452
RT @livewithnoregrt: seeing ppl who been thru a lot finally happy >>>>
01-01-2023 03:57
0 15589
RT @PontiacMadeDDG: one day u gon be so up that these losses won't matter..
01-01-2023 03:55
0 10343
RT @livechristian1: I’m putting 2023 in God’s hands.
01-01-2023 03:55
0 155
RT @osazenoo: Peter Obi was in PDP three market days ago. He left because he wasn't dashed the presidential ticket of the party. Changing…
01-01-2023 03:49
2023 The Stand Out for #ABetterLife
01-01-2023 03:49
0 8850
RT @techaniaa: The older I get the more I realize it don’t be shit to post on ig 😂😂😂😂😂
01-01-2023 03:44
RT @Prince_II: Manchester United fans are so lost but such is the effect of chaos. It births delusion and confusion. They really aren’t to…
31-12-2022 23:20
0 5192
RT @Pastor__West: Somebody is about to write you a BIG CHECK to take care of everything.
31-12-2022 23:19
Do not continue to be at the receiving end of human wickedness come 2023. #ABetterLife
31-12-2022 17:02
RT @DividendCovered: Spending money on your parents Is never a waste of money.
30-12-2022 22:52
0 124
RT @Halal_Match: This time next year you'll be living soo good that you wont remember no pain.
30-12-2022 22:51
RT @NOIweala: Congratulations to a Nigerian Icon HE Ambassador Christopher Kolade on his 90 th Birthday. A gifted diplomat, businessman and…
30-12-2022 16:58
0 10356
RT @MillsReggie: it’s more peaceful when everything is private.
30-12-2022 08:35
If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down. #ABetterLife
30-12-2022 08:20
Where were you when a stranger was stealing all these? As you claim https://t.co/yf9Ps2mKoo
30-12-2022 08:05
RT @bloodysamaritan: Y'all better stop disliking people over what you heard, and be thankful God isn't disliking you over what he knows.
29-12-2022 23:39
RT @Chrisbamidele: The way this "Tinubu's Lagos" is paining these people is very encouraging.
29-12-2022 21:57
0 36589
RT @MillsReggie: i met the saddest and happiest version of myself this year.
29-12-2022 19:30
RT @SamuelOmogor: @Rishama1 @AyoOyalowo @HQNigerianArmy @PeterObi I am not surprised that u don't know d difference between 'SENSE' and 'SI…
29-12-2022 19:26
RT @SaviorThoughts: Make privacy your priority.
29-12-2022 13:31
RT @renoomokri: Sadly, the strictest parents often raise the baddest kids. Cut your kids some slack. Be warm enough that they can approach…
29-12-2022 12:50
RT @MSIngawa: This people think say politics na spare parts business. February is not far sha.
29-12-2022 12:49
Take charge of your life, seize it, don’t laugh about it, stop playing about you. #ABetterLife
29-12-2022 12:45
My President! Obidiots will be screaming Track Records Track Records lol! Go stay Anambra na! https://t.co/C46dzmrrB1
29-12-2022 09:48
0 6356
RT @ayrastarr: I move with God , so victory is certain 🤍
29-12-2022 08:16
0 1121
RT @lowkeyalbert: i’m at that point where it’s okay if you don’t understand
29-12-2022 08:11
RT @bloodysamaritan: I am the most powerful tool in my life and I will use me wisely.
29-12-2022 08:09
0 108
RT @TinubuMediaS: "No matter how successful you are, if you don’t build a a team of visionary successors, you will kill your legacies" — B…
29-12-2022 08:08
0 3946
RT @AjeboDanny: You have hustled way too much for you not o be successful, i pray luck shines on you soon ❤️
29-12-2022 06:21
0 298
RT @tfk_gawat: Some of you - Born in Govt Hospital - Almost Free - Attend Subsidised Primary & Secondary Education - Attend Subsidised Uni…
29-12-2022 06:19
0 21140
RT @feyiszn: Seeing people spoiling themselves is not an invitation to ask them for money
29-12-2022 06:17
0 295
RT @adamugarba: While Tinubu is talking about recharging lake Chad, rebuilding economy & creating jobs, Atiku is busy talking about selling…
29-12-2022 06:02
0 172
RT @Marvy_olu: Asiwaju is a master of the long game. He didn’t run in 2011 just to gain the trust of the North, He didn’t run in 2015 when…
29-12-2022 06:00
0 560
RT @RationalMale: I don’t want a woman’s submission. I want her genuine desire. Deference, loyalty, respect, admiration, implicit trust, lo…
28-12-2022 23:07
0 498
RT @ed_onoja: 86,400 minutes away. That defining moment of a Potentially Great Nation. I stand with “Asiwaju”. Let’s make it happen. ht…
27-12-2022 21:55
0 212
RT @chooaeb: Peter Obi built a formidable platform that connect all ESN sympathisers, ENDSARS vandals and Haters of Nigeria. He is a don!
27-12-2022 21:54
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RT @SasDantata: I literally cannot name one state that is better than Kano State in Nigeria, Not One!!!
27-12-2022 13:20
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RT @mindandglory: By age 30, you should realise this…
27-12-2022 13:18
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RT @topeatiba: Traveling between Ogbomoso and Ibadan today and all I can say is kudos @MBuhari and @tundefashola! Deliver credit where it b…
27-12-2022 13:12
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RT @JamesClear: Just start. Start slow if you have to. Start small if you have to. Start privately if you have to. Just start.
27-12-2022 13:11
Please Quickly Get in office sir🙏🏽 https://t.co/RkXVeH4FfX
27-12-2022 09:54
RT @sovereigntylea1: The only person you should ever be jealous of is your future self.
27-12-2022 04:57
RT @osazenoo: When SARS massacred youths & dumped them in the river under Obi in Anambra you all said Obi wasn't responsible for the operat…
27-12-2022 04:08
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RT @boy_director: 2023 is my year.
27-12-2022 03:54
RT @EnaZamani: 2022 humble me sha 🫡🫡
26-12-2022 22:14
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RT @Paula_White: When God sends the right person to love you into your life, they will hold you so tight that all the broken pieces from be…
26-12-2022 16:33