TWICE🍭❤️Mina💚Sana💜 (@from9toTWICE) — 트둥이❤️
RT @tzuwieee25: Tzuyu before leaving for Taiwan vs coming back from Taiwan 😭
29-01-2023 23:02
RT @pinkdoggo29: 230127 🦄📸 JH at Thailand with JYP personnel “Jihyo who came to Thailand on a sudden vacation Please come more often for…
29-01-2023 04:59
RT @soobtzuyu:
29-01-2023 04:58
RT @WarnerMusicPH: — a thread of this MiSaMo because i am OBSESSED with them #TWICEミサモ新曲 #MiSaMo_Bouquet @JYPETWICE_JAPAN…
28-01-2023 08:52
RT @sbsnoriter: 🚨인기가요 결방 #하드털이 🐰토끼띠 아이돌 하드털이🐰 💗TWICE 쯔위×채영💗 현장포토 도착🎁 🔗 #인기가요 #inkigayo #인가하드털이 #TWICE #트와이스 #쯔위 #…
28-01-2023 08:51
RT @twice_seung: 📸 SBS INKIGAYO Hard Drive Clearance - TWICE CHAEYOUNG (1)
28-01-2023 08:51
RT @voguejp: #TWICE @JYPETWICE_JAPAN のMOMO、SANA、MINAの撮影の舞台裏を捉えたスペシャルムービーを公開! 3人のインタビュー全文はこちら:…
28-01-2023 08:51
28-01-2023 08:50
RT @pinkot9: Dahyun's cocky face while flexing her money to Jeongyeon 😄
27-01-2023 12:36
RT @SubjectKpop: The cuteness of Sana ☺️
27-01-2023 12:35
RT @sanapen2912: English Translation of Vogue Japan's Misamo feature article (26 January 2023) Source: Translated…
27-01-2023 05:51
RT @oncetimi: Chaeyoung when she likes the drink, so cute 😆💕
27-01-2023 05:51
RT @nayeonchart: “POP!” is now the most-streamed 2022 song by a JYP Entertainment’s artist on Spotify, surpassing Stray Kids’ “MANIAC”. htt…
27-01-2023 05:50
RT @Tworrtis: "Bouquet is a song that is really a little sad but also encouraging/reassuring. It's such a wonderful song so I'd be happy if…
27-01-2023 05:50
RT @voguejp: 3人で表紙を飾り、ファッションストーリーを彩るのは初めてのこと。この日を皮切りに、3人のクリエイションが無限大の可能性を秘めて、広がっていくのだ。 #TWICE @JYPETWICE_JAPAN のMOMO、SANA、MINAのインタビュー、全文はこ…
26-01-2023 09:43
RT @voguejp: 「仲の良さやチーム力はけっこうすぐわかっちゃうんですよ。ステージのパフォーマンスで必ず出る。そういった意味で、私たちはとてもいいチームだと思います」(MINA) #TWICE @JYPETWICE_JAPAN のMOMO、SANA、MINAのインタビ…
26-01-2023 09:43
RT @voguejp: 「私たちの仲の良さや自然な部分をお見せしながらも、ステージではしっかりとパフォーマンスを披露する。その“切り替え”のようなもの……ギャップが私たちの個性だと思っています」(MOMO) #TWICE @JYPETWICE_JAPAN のMOMO、SAN…
26-01-2023 09:43
RT @voguejp: 9人で培ってきた結束力、人を信じる力を源に、MOMO, SANA, MINA 3人の"ルネサンス"が、今、始まる。 #TWICE @JYPETWICE_JAPAN のMOMO、SANA、MINAのインタビュー、全文はこちら:…
26-01-2023 09:43
RT @voguejp: 「自分を含め“全員”が強い覚悟の上で、さまざまなことを考え、こうして8年目の活動に繋がっている。改めて、意欲が湧いてきました」(SANA) #TWICE @JYPETWICE_JAPAN のMOMO、SANA、MINAのインタビュー、全文はこちら:…
26-01-2023 09:43
RT @pinkot9: MiSaMo for Harper's Bazaar Vogue Korea Japan
26-01-2023 03:02
RT @mnymilf: hot girl Nayeon
26-01-2023 02:25
RT @momotozakis: momo served so much in such a short period of time it should scare some people like she's so iconic what do we do https://…
26-01-2023 02:24
RT @voguejp: #TWICE @JYPETWICE_JAPAN のMOMO、SANA、MINAが『ヴォーグ ジャパン』3月号の表紙に! 今年デビュー8年目を迎え新たなフェーズへと向かう今、何を見つめ、何を動かしていくのか。スペシャルシューティングとインタビューをお見…
25-01-2023 12:43
RT @momotozakis: twice misamo, j-line, j-trinity, three branches of the government, the mother the daughter and the holy spirit https://t.c…
25-01-2023 12:40
RT @godmitzu: Born too late to explore the Earth Born too soon to explore the galaxy Born just in time for MISAMO THE THREE BADDEST BITCHES…
25-01-2023 12:39
RT @PopCrave: Momo, Sana, and Mina of #TWICE look amazing on the cover of @VogueJP.
25-01-2023 12:32
RT @art_marlowe: "Bouquet" MOMO SANA MINA from TWICE Digital Painting @JYPETWICE_JAPAN @JYPETWICE #TWICEミサモ新曲 #MiSaMo_Bouquet #リエゾン挿入歌 h…
25-01-2023 12:31
RT @kchartsmaster: "Bouquet" by MOMO SANA MINA (@JYPETWICE) has reached #1 on Line Music.
25-01-2023 12:31
RT @JYPETWICE_JAPAN: MOMO SANA MINA from TWICE 「Bouquet」 Making Music Video(short ver.) #TWICE #MOMO #SANA #MINA…
25-01-2023 06:49
25-01-2023 06:47
RT @JYPETWICE_JAPAN: MAGAZINE情報 02.01(水)発売の『ヴォーグ ジャパン』3月号にMOMO、SANA、MINAがカバーで登場✨ 「ルネサンス」をテーマに、新たな挑戦を迎える3人にスペシャルシューティングとインタビューを敢行! ぜひチェックして…
25-01-2023 06:47
RT @dahyuntonin: A thread of Dahyun absolutely losing her sanity everytime twice plays mafia because it's just peak entertainment https://t…
24-01-2023 10:08
RT @Myoi_skittles: 미나리야 잘 다녀와 🥰👋🏻
24-01-2023 10:07
RT @Once_Towa: この笑顔を守りたい ミナちゃんが日本に帰国されました #MINA #TWICE
24-01-2023 10:05
RT @lovemenow_324: 230124 #TWICE #트와이스 #MINA #미나 #ミナ
24-01-2023 10:04
RT @godmitzu: Mina's eye smile is so precious 🥹
24-01-2023 10:04
RT @tzujuliee: JYP Entertainment recorded consecutive losses in 2012 and 2013, but returned to the black from 2014. The girl group 'TWICE',…
23-01-2023 03:28
22-01-2023 12:11
22-01-2023 12:11
RT @iSpeak_Twice: Dahyun team send an email to the original composer Ha eun Ji. It state 'Dahyun really love the song "새볙 하늘을 다리다" and she…
22-01-2023 11:52
RT @SubjectKpop: Mina's Instagram update #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE
22-01-2023 11:46
RT @TWICE_Charts: “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” (2.9M) has surpassed NewJeans’ “OMG” (2.1M) and is now the biggest opening day streams by a K-Pop gir…
22-01-2023 11:46
RT @tzuwieee25: When PD Form of Therapy once said TWICE doesnt feel like a huge popstar who’s unreachable bcos these nine girls are always…
21-01-2023 05:48
20-01-2023 23:58
RT @lottedfs_global: 🧧2023년 새해 복 많이 받으세요🧧 따뜻함과 풍요로움 넘치는 ✨새해✨ LDF X TWICE (@JYPETWICE)와 함께 하세요!
20-01-2023 23:58
RT @twice_seung: Regarding the March album, MOMO shared: "We'll come back with a powerful side we have never shown before. It's a song full…
20-01-2023 23:58
RT @OT9TRANS: 230119 🦌💬 TZ: Ta da~ TZ: today I gave them names.. TZ: their names are Miumiu and Fendi...🫢
19-01-2023 14:57
RT @ssyorai: LE SSERAFIM'S CHAEWON said in an interview that she is anticipating twice's new english single moonlight sunrise, "it sounds…
19-01-2023 08:17
RT @immainstreeamm: Nayeon fighting Tzuyu will always send me 😭😂 chaotic twice on bbl
19-01-2023 08:16
RT @JYPETWICE: TWICE Pre-Release English Single "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE" I guarantee I gotcha💘💫 Worldwide Release on…
19-01-2023 08:15
19-01-2023 08:15
RT @SubjectKpop: Nayeon x GIVENCHY BEAUTY x Dazed Korea Greeting Video #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE…
17-01-2023 12:03
RT @twice_seung: JYPE's Description of the song MOONLIGHT SUNRISE "It expresses the feelings and excitement you feel when you love someon…
17-01-2023 10:38
RT @archivenayeon: never moved on from this nayeon
17-01-2023 02:31
RT @duckba11: 카메라 뚫리겟어요
17-01-2023 02:31
RT @pinkot9: Manager unnie fixing Tzuyu's hair 😆
17-01-2023 02:30
RT @jominnnii_kimii: When you perform on top of a moving platform
15-01-2023 17:55
14-01-2023 12:38
RT @godmitzu: Moonlight Sunrise snippet lyrics Tzuyu: Moonlight sunrise Nayeon: Baby just to make you stay Mina: Moonlight sunrise, baby l…
14-01-2023 08:27
RT @TWICEDATA_: [Naver] TWICE, the only K-pop girl group to be among the top 10 CD sales in the US in 2022. #트와이스…
14-01-2023 08:12
RT @godmitzu: Mina is so gorgeous 🫠
14-01-2023 08:11
RT @tyomateee2: これから命が芽吹く季節がやって来る...🌸
13-01-2023 11:55
RT @JYPETWICE: TWICE Pre-Release English Single "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE" A piece of MOONLIGHT SUNRISE💫 Worldwide Rel…
13-01-2023 11:54
13-01-2023 11:54
RT @SubjectKpop: Google Play Korea Youtube update with Nayeon Recommended game - KartRider: Drift #TWICE #트와이스 @J…
12-01-2023 08:09
RT @TWICE_Charts: Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” (640K) and @JYPETWICE’s “BETWEEN 1&2” (199K) were the best-selling female albums in CD units d…
12-01-2023 08:09
RT @WarnerMusicPH: Say MiSaMo! ☺️👋🏼 TWICE MOMO, SANA & MINA will release a new song "Bouquet” as an OST for the Japanese drama "Liaison: C…
12-01-2023 08:09
RT @twice_seung: Regarding the OST, Sana said it left a first impression that the song was a soft song. "The BGM is important to match the…
12-01-2023 08:09
RT @twice_seung: 🎥 TWICE NAYEON x Google Play Kartrider Drift FANSIGN FANCAM
12-01-2023 08:08
RT @twice_seung: TWICE MINA, SANA, MOMO (MISAMO) will be releasing a OST for Japanese Drama ‘Liaison: Children Heart Clinic’, entitled <Bo…
12-01-2023 08:08
RT @JYPETWICE_JAPAN: MOMO SANA MINAが金曜ナイトドラマ『リエゾン-こどものこころ診療所-』の挿入歌として、新曲「Bouquet」を発表!! テレビ朝日系 1月20日(金)23:15からの放送をお見逃しなく! ※一部地域を除く https:…
12-01-2023 08:08
11-01-2023 19:15
RT @dahyuntonin: jeongyeon and chaeyoung dying with laughter after Dahyun gives a cliché answer 😭😭
11-01-2023 13:05
RT @twice_seung: JYPE's description of SaJiMi Concept Photos "Sana maximised her elegance using a deep expression. Jihyo met eyes with th…
11-01-2023 12:28
10-01-2023 22:13
RT @SubjectKpop: TWICE x Lotte Duty Free Mobile Wallpaper #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE
10-01-2023 10:55
RT @godmitzu: Mina is "working hard on homework that ONCE will like" WHAT IS SHE UP TO?? 👀
09-01-2023 11:35
RT @pinkot9: The difference in sleeping Nayeon and Mina is taking me out 😂
09-01-2023 11:35
RT @lottedfs_global: LDF MGZ X TWICE (@JYPETWICE) TWICE introducing a trendy K-lifestyle If you subscribe now, you’ll get magazine tomorro…
09-01-2023 11:32
RT @TWICE_STAT: 🇯🇵 Japanese discography physical sales of #KPOP female groups in 2022: 🥇 #TWICE (@JYPETWICE_JAPAN) — 51.2% Order their Ja…
06-01-2023 13:38
RT @tzujuliee: jeongyeon likes the new song, it has cry for me vibes and nayeon said that it's sweet and hot/trendy song. oh my god, we're…
06-01-2023 13:37
RT @twicefolders: Momo anti bullying campaign posters
06-01-2023 13:37
RT @chaeobssd: twice singing this whole song while harmonizing with each other, main rappers singing the bridge and chorus, high notes bein…
06-01-2023 08:23
RT @RIAA: Super group, @JYPETWICE earned their first 📀certification with #TheFeels👏 Congrats on joining the #RIAAClassOf 2022! @jypnation#…
06-01-2023 08:23
RT @twice_seung:
05-01-2023 14:40
RT @njmsjmdct2: [SCAN] TWICE SEASON'S GREETINGS 2023 "SECRET [email protected]" - Standing Calendar June - Mina #TWICE #트와이스 #2023시즌그리팅 #TWICE_…
05-01-2023 14:40
RT @tzuwieee25: this is why jype chooses huge domestic brands for twice. pearlygates benefit so much with the engagements theyre getting wi…
05-01-2023 14:39
RT @thejypnews: 📰 NEWS | 230105 PEARLY GATES will renew its contract with TWICE this year and will focus on enhancing its image as a young…
05-01-2023 08:05
RT @kiminatozakii: the iconic acapella version of feel special
05-01-2023 08:05
RT @godmitzu: HOT GIRL MINA
04-01-2023 15:15
RT @pinkot9: There's a lot of things to consider before they can release a melody project. Props to TWICE members and the team who arrange…
04-01-2023 13:06
RT @TWICE_Charts: According to NME, a Japanese subunit will be released after March, and a big world tour it’s coming.…
04-01-2023 13:05
RT @twice_seung: "The emotional song name consisting of English words meaning "Moonlight" and "morning sunrise" and the mysterious-color Di…
04-01-2023 13:05
04-01-2023 13:05
RT @TWICE_streams: #TWICE (@JYPETWICE) first Japanese subunit debut and a BIG world tour will finally happen after the release of "Our Yout…
04-01-2023 12:25
RT @PopBase: TWICE is reportedly planning to debut a Japanese subunit with members Sana, Momo and Mina after the release of the group's upc…
04-01-2023 12:23
RT @kdphilo: what a beautiful way to enter 2023. me & nina cowrote @JYPETWICE ‘s new single ‘moonlight sunrise’ !! sheESH #Twice #MOONLIGHT…
04-01-2023 12:21
04-01-2023 12:21
RT @tzujuliee: Hi @jypnation ! Please post the comeback announcement of TWICE's Pre-Release English Single "Moonlight Sunrise" on your In…
03-01-2023 19:26
RT @tzuwieee25: What genius typography. This is such a gorgeous album cover. Moonlight with two crescent moons and another on what looks li…
03-01-2023 13:08
RT @annielovehappen: Thread of TWICE being professional queens and having impeccable teamwork: First the most recent one where Nayeon, Jih…
03-01-2023 08:27
RT @twice_seung: 🎥 NiziU Miihi TikTok with TZUYU "CELEBRATE" 🔗
02-01-2023 22:10
RT @talkthattokki: is that nayeon's laugh at the back😭😭 i can hear someone getting slapped
02-01-2023 12:23
RT @ddo2_ing: 트와이스에게 공항이란
02-01-2023 12:21
RT @momoringtiny: Momo kiss 🥹ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
02-01-2023 12:21
RT @TWM2MN: 정미나 뽀뽀 쪽 💋
02-01-2023 12:17
RT @MinaHypeBeast: Not Jihyo getting Sana and Mina mixed up 😭🤣
02-01-2023 12:16
RT @jeongyeonieuwu: Starting my 2023 with the funniest video as of now #jeongyeon
02-01-2023 12:16
RT @rubyvenusjane: this group i stan right here is not really normal now what are they wearing 😭😭😭
02-01-2023 12:15
RT @nysn122922: 용맹아가토끼,,,,잡아먹어,,,🫠
02-01-2023 12:15
02-01-2023 12:15
RT @yjyworld: not jeongyeon just grabbing mina’s face and kissing her on the cheek 😳🫠
02-01-2023 12:13
RT @SubjectKpop: Jihyo's Instagram update "Let's have fun in 2023 too teudoongteudoong🐰" #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE
01-01-2023 15:56
RT @starlike1229: #트와이스 #TWICE
01-01-2023 15:55
RT @199703240503_: 하씨 너무웃기다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
01-01-2023 15:55
RT @Yooo___9: 【新年初速報】 TWICEジョンヨン、ファンサをしすぎて耳 犠牲にwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
01-01-2023 15:55
RT @dkkonha: 우리 애들 이러고 들어 왔어 ㅋㅋㅋ 🐰
01-01-2023 15:54
RT @tzuwieee25: TWICE, please never ever change 😫
01-01-2023 15:54
01-01-2023 05:34
RT @JYPE_JAPAN: TWICEとNiziUが出演した「第73回NHK紅白歌合戦」 皆さん、楽しんで頂けましたでしょうか? 素敵なステージで今年の締めくくりができ幸せな2022年の最終日でした🥹 #JYP #TWICE #NiziU #NHK紅白 https://…
01-01-2023 05:30
RT @jypesmyoui: everyone’s having a beer or makgeolli and we have mina with soda 🥺
31-12-2022 12:00
RT @chaeobssd: chaeyoung being mad at jeongyeon for getting a good gift😭😭😭
31-12-2022 11:59
RT @shortyseven: #미나 #MINA 😁😄
31-12-2022 11:57
RT @godmitzu: Sana trying to pose with her birthday ad and then panicking trying to close the pop up, she's so adorable 😭…
31-12-2022 11:57
RT @theseoulstory: According to Dispatch, IU and Lee Jong Suk have been dating for four months It was reported that their relationship hav…
31-12-2022 11:56
RT @godmitzu: Everyone laughing and teasing when Mina said she loves "Baby Nayeon" 😭
31-12-2022 11:52
RT @duckba11:
30-12-2022 23:42
RT @yjyworld: Jeongyeon: “thank you…” Also Jeongyeon: *throws the gift away*
30-12-2022 23:40
RT @twice_seung: [TRANS] Sana's Letter to Dahyun on TTT today! "...and knowing your personality, that this sadness will last a pretty long…
30-12-2022 23:39
RT @twice_seung: "With small & cute tattoos like tomatoes & carrots that match CHAEYOUNG's cute looks, she also has a heart on the back of…
30-12-2022 14:22
RT @godmitzu: Tzuyu calling Jihyo and Sana "baby" when they called her "honey" because of their height difference 😭😭
30-12-2022 14:22
RT @pinkot9: TWICE useless gifts MN ➡️ MM: catnips SN ➡️ NY: squid pillow CY ➡️ MN: eraser, notebook, polaroid MM ➡️ DH: galaxy case, baby…
30-12-2022 13:47
RT @Dear_SANA_: #SANA #사나 #サナ #TWICE 고혹적 🔗
30-12-2022 13:36
RT @godmitzu: Mina laughing at Chaeyoung making the little pop sound 😭
30-12-2022 13:34
RT @twice_seung: [TRANSLATION] Special Message by JYPE for SANA's Birthday (File Image Names) "Warm Sana who bloomed on a cold day I thin…
30-12-2022 09:58
RT @mitzusource: remember when mina saw a mitzu fansite but was too shy to approach tzuyu first 😭 thankful tzuyu noticed it and took the fi…
30-12-2022 09:37
RT @pinkot9: ? : Is there any episode that happened on stage due to the styling? 🍓 : Momo unnie was wearing either bracelet or earrings wh…
30-12-2022 09:37
RT @1001nayeon:
30-12-2022 09:35
RT @sanapen2912: “Because of C*rona, we weren't able to meet fans, and (our) o/s activities were restricted, but entering this year, gradua…
29-12-2022 21:43
RT @sanapen2912: Translation about TWICE's press corp interview after the Kouhaku rehearsal/soundcheck 🥺🥺🥺 Ce-ce-celebrate👶🏻Happy birthday…
29-12-2022 21:43
RT @SubjectKpop: JYPE post for Sana's Birthday #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE
29-12-2022 21:42
RT @njmsjmdct2: [PIC] 221229 ORICON website image TWICE、今年の漢字一文字『再』に込めた意味 #NHK #紅白歌合戦 #NHK紅白 #紅白歌合戦2022 #TWICE #…
29-12-2022 21:42
RT @JYPETWICE_JAPAN: 紅白歌合戦のリハーサルが終わりました! 3年ぶりの出演なので本当にワクワクしています💕紅白のステージ楽しみにしてください。 そして本日サナの誕生日も一緒に#Celebrate🎉しました!💜HappySANAday💜 #TWICE #…
29-12-2022 21:42
RT @steamboss80: 사나야, 올해도 생일선물 준비했지🥰 이거 보고 우리 샛별이 포근해진 맘으로 끝내주게 행복한 하루 보내길.. 참 많이 보고싶다💜 #겨울에_태어난_원스들의_샛별이 #AlwaysHereForSana #연락좀해바보야 #H…
29-12-2022 13:16
RT @twice_seung: OP donated 1,229,000WON (1,301USD) to 2 places each in celebration of Sana's Birthday! That's a total of 2,600 USD. Do RT…
29-12-2022 13:16
RT @SubjectKpop: Tzuyu carried "FEITY" bag (from Taiwan) at the airport. The company staffs later found out from Tzuyu's mom that they went…
29-12-2022 11:15
RT @archivenayeon: remember when nayeon and sana
29-12-2022 11:15
RT @pinkot9: 2018 KBS Song Festival moment when the day turned Dec 29th by the end of the show and TWICE girls pulled birthday girl Sana to…
29-12-2022 11:15
RT @twice_seung: TWICE is taking a chartered plane (private-hired) to Japan to participate in NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen. (1)…
29-12-2022 11:14
RT @godmitzu: When Mina and Sana were vibing together 🫠 #HappySanaDay #AlwaysHereForSana #겨울에_태어난_원스들의_샛별이
29-12-2022 11:14
RT @godmitzu: Our 9WICE heading to Japan today to attend NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen on Dec. 31, have a safe flight 💕 @JYPETWICE…
29-12-2022 11:14
RT @SubjectKpop: Momo's Instagram story update "Happy Birthday💜💜🎉" #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE
29-12-2022 11:14
29-12-2022 11:13
RT @njmsjmdct2: [SCAN] Twice 7th Anniversary Together 1&2 Official Merch Exhibition Photo Set - Mina (2022) #TWICE #트와이스 #トゥワイス #TWICE_7T…
28-12-2022 15:19
RT @jichaetzu: could make a whole thread for this tbh
28-12-2022 15:18
RT @teudoongiePH: This was the bag that Tzuyu bought. Truly it is beautifuly made🥰
28-12-2022 15:08
RT @OnceUponTwice9: 3 months ago, Tzuyu carried a bag from a Tainan local brand, which was struggling to sustain, at the airport. This act…
28-12-2022 15:07
28-12-2022 08:17
RT @njmsjmdct2: [SCAN] Twice 7th Anniversary Together 1&2 Official Merch Exhibition Photo Set - Sana (2017) #TWICE #트와이스 #トゥワイス #TWICE_7T…
28-12-2022 08:16
RT @njmsjmdct2: [SCAN] Twice 7th Anniversary Together 1&2 Official Merch Exhibition Photo Set - Mina (2019) #TWICE #트와이스 #トゥワイス #TWICE_7T…
28-12-2022 08:01
RT @tozakiprint: 😭😭😭😭….
28-12-2022 08:00
RT @dearmichaeng: i'm still here
28-12-2022 07:59
RT @lia123456234: Sana for me is most beautiful girl in kpop,she has all the features that I like, her light brown eyes,high nose,her sharp…
28-12-2022 07:59
RT @njmsjmdct2: [SCAN] Twice 7th Anniversary Together 1&2 Official Merch Exhibition Photo Set - Nayeon (2022) #TWICE #트와이스 #トゥワイス #TWICE_…
28-12-2022 07:56
RT @njmsjmdct2: [SCAN] Twice 7th Anniversary Together 1&2 Official Merch Exhibition Photo Set - Sana (2022) #TWICE #트와이스 #トゥワイス #TWICE_7T…
27-12-2022 22:30
RT @Myoi_skittles: yeah it sounds so good 더 빠져들어 푹 😵‍💫
27-12-2022 17:38
RT @starlike1229: 🐹 #사나 #SANA
27-12-2022 17:37
RT @pinkot9: This moment is embedded so deep in my brain.
27-12-2022 17:37
RT @lovelydahyunie: remember when nayeon's face went through the five stages of grief when she thought jeongyeon and sana had kissed on the…
27-12-2022 08:26
RT @starlike1229: #사나 #SANA
27-12-2022 00:26
RT @TWICEintcharts: [email protected] is the first k-pop girl group to achieve over 60 main music certifications worldwide.
27-12-2022 00:25
RT @Dear_SANA_: #SANA #사나 #サナ #TWICE 🔗
27-12-2022 00:23
RT @Dear_SANA_: #SANA #사나 #サナ #TWICE 🔗
27-12-2022 00:23
RT @SANABESTGlRL: The prettiest girl #sana
26-12-2022 08:04
RT @SubjectKpop: Nayeon's Instagram update "The day I laughed the most in this year" #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE
26-12-2022 08:01
RT @Myoi_skittles: 그렇게 예쁘게 인사하면 😵
25-12-2022 04:17
RT @jlineluvr: seeing sana interact with kids in edm day reminds me of how her dream job before being an idol was to be a kindergarten teac…
25-12-2022 04:17
RT @chukshowtime: 연두부 사랑해요 ......
25-12-2022 04:14
RT @twicedaaamc: Son Chaeyoung is coming at you like that and stopping in front of you with her beautiful brightest smile 🧎🏻‍♀️🙌🏻 https://t…
25-12-2022 04:13
RT @chukshowtime: 트와이스 크리스마스라고 하트쉐이커 해줫어 ...
25-12-2022 04:12
RT @archivedkdh: let’s talk about THIS dahyun
25-12-2022 04:10
RT @love_lineeeeee: took two and a half steps to walk back like that jihyo's insane actually and jeongyeon sprinting to the front real perf…
25-12-2022 04:10
RT @godmitzu: MINA'S BODY ROLLS 😵‍💫
25-12-2022 04:09
RT @pinkot9: TWICE MVs have healing properties
24-12-2022 14:15
RT @TWICE_Indonesia: TWICE performing Talk that Talk at PSY’s concert!
24-12-2022 08:00
RT @TWICE_Indonesia: TWICE with ITZY, NMIXX and 2PM at JYP’s concert yesterday! 💖 #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE
24-12-2022 07:59
RT @Myoi_skittles: 참나.. 너무 예뻐 😭 우리도 보고 싶다고 😭
24-12-2022 07:59
RT @pinkot9: 7 years into their carreer, TWICE is still the queen of synchronization.
24-12-2022 07:58
24-12-2022 00:05
RT @SubjectKpop: From the videos, they performed Feel Special, Heart Shaker, Talk That Talk at Psy concert
24-12-2022 00:04
RT @OT9TRANS: 221224 🐹💬 SN: Because of that we had many meetings with the company and the company searched a lot but there was no suitable…
24-12-2022 00:03
RT @Myoi_skittles: 싸이 콘서트 feel special 🐧
24-12-2022 00:02
RT @flowlikehyo: look how happy & excited she is aw man she is the best person in the world fr 😭🫂
24-12-2022 00:02
RT @Myoi_skittles: 아 지효 동선 까먹고 혼자 저기서 신나서 인사하고 있다가 뒤늦게 달려오는 거 너무 웃겨 🤣 미나가 빨리 오라고 손짓하고 지혀 웃으면서 달려오는 거 너무 귀엽다 🤣
24-12-2022 00:00
RT @OT9TRANS: 221224 🐹💬 SN: We were invited to PSY-sunbaenim's concert as guests so we did a performance and now we miss ONCEs more🤍 SN: L…
23-12-2022 23:59
RT @__Polite_: 싸이 올나잇콘 왔다가 트와이스 봤어요..🤭 #트와이스 #twice
23-12-2022 23:59
RT @Myoi_skittles: 싸이 콘서트 Heart shaker 미나리 😵 너무 사랑스러워 🫠
23-12-2022 23:58
RT @TWICE_Indonesia: everyone says “encore encore!!” 😭😭
23-12-2022 23:58