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RT @theskinpriest: If you are a skincare vendor selling Tretinoin( Retin A, Acretin) etc. You are very irresponsible and not different fr…
27-03-2023 00:47
0 447
RT @sugabaddie: Here is a lesson for many of you in this election. Those of us who suffered real and serious bullying in life already know…
27-03-2023 00:22
0 21864
RT @singareddynm: The boys in Brooklyn could only hope for this level of drip
26-03-2023 00:56
0 1982
RT @Shareee: Read somewhere that gov @seyiamakinde writes his people often via a newsletter, so I subscribed. Received this earlier in the…
26-03-2023 00:40
0 2155
RT @TheHabaneroChef: No be Awon ‘aiinnn say Shiiii we aiinnn say shiiii’ 😭
26-03-2023 00:34
Is that UK CV editor married? If he is, it’s quite unfortunate for her. It must be exhausting to wake up and deal w…
25-03-2023 11:53
Madam, turn around 😭
25-03-2023 11:42
0 1178
RT @DeleFarotimi: When you have contemplated Nigeria for a while, you will come to the same inevitable conclusion as everyone who has ever…
25-03-2023 10:59
Put this aunty in cuffs, she kidnapped the beauty of millions. Not one, not ten, not hundred, not thousands but mil…
25-03-2023 10:56
0 3513
RT @SamdGreat01: Imagine a young unknown boy walks into a police station in Nigeria to report Ike Ekweremadu It's that boy who will be la…
25-03-2023 10:52
0 3209
RT @fuckusernamejor: It’s so funny because, if Ike Ekweremadu successfully harvested that guy’s organs for his daughter, he also would have…
25-03-2023 10:35
0 2086
RT @tolusaba: If you dey Lekki and I dey Heathrow, I go enter Ikeja before you.
25-03-2023 10:08
@OgbeniDipo reminds me of the insignificant individual in a group of bullies. Their voice is only heard and the lou…
25-03-2023 10:04
0 1333
RT @L3galtool: You see this gala, this is the original gala. I’m sure you can even smell the gala from this picture
25-03-2023 00:02
0 744
RT @ayosogunro: Nigerians trusting that APC’s political leaders WILL NOT conspire with the judiciary over elections is the height of naïvet…
24-03-2023 23:53
0 381
RT @Jollz: Indiscipline
24-03-2023 23:48
0 1831
RT @Mochievous: The more you travel, the more you see that Nigeria’s problem is not poverty, it is terrible leadership. I’ve been to count…
24-03-2023 23:46
0 2970
RT @IkukuomaC: You can go to UK in the night and come back in the you guys should stop making it look impossible...We saw Mr…
24-03-2023 23:46
@bigdevlarry Wake up.
24-03-2023 23:08
Lmao 🤣🤣 You can't convince me that Nigeria isn't some Nollywood script right now 😩
24-03-2023 23:07
It could have been any other scenario but uncle Solomon deemed sexual violence as the best scenario to paint whatev…
24-03-2023 10:32
0 1327
RT @TheIgboWolf: Just look at someone's till death do us part
24-03-2023 10:30
@LaidBackFox You should reply your DMs 🙄
24-03-2023 08:45
0 13621
RT @taeseru: having a crush is so crazy like what should i wear to my story today
24-03-2023 07:20
0 2078
RT @_weyimi: It's the 23rd of march at 8:00 am and @chude__ is still not released. Chude was taken away on the 18th of march. 5 days after…
24-03-2023 07:10
0 1431
RT @shailjapatel: Our grandmothers had no money, no assets, no education, and nowhere to run. They couldn't open bank accounts or rent hou…
24-03-2023 07:02
0 166
RT @Jollz: A gaggle of morons . A collection of dimwits. An ocean of idiots.
24-03-2023 06:41
My sister and I used to sing this at the top of our voices 🥺
24-03-2023 04:53
She favors her mom so much 😊
24-03-2023 04:46
I am at that point in my life where I understand why people abuse drug. The shege I am seeing right now, I am very close to it.
24-03-2023 04:36
A lady walked up to me today and said hello. It was random but I guess she did because I am African. Judging by her…
24-03-2023 04:35
Is this an airport, amusement park, a circus, or souk?
24-03-2023 04:19
I am dealing with teenagers I didn't birth. Shoutout to parents of teenagers, you are MVPs for real 😭😭
24-03-2023 04:16
24-03-2023 04:13
This is not a wheelchair but a mobility aid for elderly people or people with mobility problems. This is also not a…
24-03-2023 04:06
0 3299
RT @lollypeezle: If Ike Ekweremadu had done that in Nigeria; DSS would have arrested all of us that tweeted against the bad act for Cyberb…
23-03-2023 21:58
Thanking God for Abia State once again.
23-03-2023 21:55
Flavor makes music for made Igbo men, the ones that have bastard money. His music has this elevation effect and mak…
23-03-2023 21:54
"Your problems adjust to their true level of importance after a hard workout and a good night of sleep." – @JamesClear
23-03-2023 21:27
Imagine not being able to wear white socks to school because of bad roads. It must have been horrible. Thank God th…
23-03-2023 21:00
RT @LaidBackFox: How do you owe 20 months salary and have the audacity to run for office again? 9ja politicians are peculiarly mad.
23-03-2023 20:48
Can they check the one that just entered to be sure he isn't up to same?
23-03-2023 19:45
0 3258
RT @SkyNews: BREAKING: Senior Nigerian politician has been found guilty of an organ harvesting plot, involving a British hospital. It is t…
23-03-2023 19:44
You don't even need an experiment to prove that this holds for Nigeria.
23-03-2023 19:40
“He's not a yahoo boy, he's a ritualist” 😭😭
23-03-2023 11:44
0 2197
RT @topetyez_: Jesse JAGZ in 2010 said "My flow sicker than my President". 13 years later and we still can't beat that allegation as a coun…
23-03-2023 11:43
0 115
RT @TheIgboWolf: I learnt electoral process because of Peter Obi, i am about to learn law and jurisprudence now. Once i am done, I'll go t…
23-03-2023 07:22
0 305
RT @Jollz: Every time I want to be too optimistic I remember that my paternal grandfather had a land case in court for over 30 years 😂😂😂😂😂😂…
23-03-2023 07:20
Yoruba nation wants oil too? Education isn't enough?? I thought they said Ekiti state has the most educated people…
23-03-2023 07:17
@LaidBackFox Something is wrong with them in that state, they just haven't realized it.
23-03-2023 04:58
0 1153
RT @Emeneks: Congratulations Abia State. Imo state look at your mate.
22-03-2023 21:53
Their joy is palpable 🥺😭
22-03-2023 21:53
0 1708
RT @oluwatofunmii_: People have been asking the church to take a stand all weekend against thuggery and tribalism. Radio silence. People…
22-03-2023 21:52
The man too like court 🤣🤣🤣
22-03-2023 21:51
The bad roads and filth in Aba will drive you insane. Insecurity too was a problem, right from the bus park, I was…
22-03-2023 21:46
If you have been to the state, you'd understand why the people are filled with joy. I hope Alex Otti restores some…
22-03-2023 21:31
Lmao 🤣🤣 Another mentally and physically sick ‘incoming’ APC you do this one.
22-03-2023 21:18…
22-03-2023 12:19
RT @nnaemekajos50: @GazetteNGR Stealing the village drum is easy but finding a place to beat it peacefully is the problem. ~ African proverb
22-03-2023 12:17
0 498
RT @SEzekwesili: So these thugs that did what they’ve done and the politicians that incentivized them to do it, will go back to lent and ra…
22-03-2023 12:16
0 6381
RT @firstladyship: Peter Obi’s entire case is built on showcasing Tinubu & all his dirty linens to the entire world. Al Jazeera, Reuters &…
22-03-2023 12:16
0 1774
RT @DeleFarotimi: Daddy GOs, Pastors, how were the elections in your areas? Dear Imams and Alfas, I hope you are able to testify to what yo…
22-03-2023 10:57
0 351
RT @Jollz: Also, a lot of preachers are not actually preachers of the word of God. They are charismatic, very likeable "sense" peddlers.
22-03-2023 10:55
When & why did Tret become so accessible? Who did that to Nigeria? It's causing a pandemic 😭
22-03-2023 07:21
It's a ‘moisturizer’ at this point. I have a few theories on why tretinoin & organic skincare is be❤️d by NG ‘skinc…
22-03-2023 07:19
0 104
RT @madebycharles: I Dey print PET petition 😭😭 Peter Obi you do this one! Need to become legal luminary this weekend! De Law! https://t.c…
22-03-2023 06:01
Lawyers with their different take. Corn lawyers think it doesn't hold water so the SANs who built a case are stupid…
22-03-2023 05:56
0 4098
RT @ddannykeyz: Cos dem just pay you idolo
22-03-2023 05:13
I am sure the Yoruba nation knows Bola Tinubu is a betrayer. That drug baron thief will sell Yorubas to the highest…
22-03-2023 05:06
RT @Nika_Rays1: @Emeneks I don't just want our mandate recovered, people need to be jailed, that statement go to court should become the la…
22-03-2023 04:23
Lmao 🤣 This dude won't kill me with laugh
22-03-2023 04:23
Brooklyn’s Finest - HOV x Frank White 😊
22-03-2023 04:22
0 1809
RT @hey_ashiwel: Americans are weird. I remember a few years back how people in one state—don't recall which—voted in a referendum to trip…
22-03-2023 04:19
0 1036
RT @lollypeezle: The owner of Ebeano Supermarket should increase his security awareness. If his property can be entering people's eyes sinc…
22-03-2023 04:18
0 36976
RT @KhloeUmoh: ‘Do you need me to send you on a vacation’ is how I would like to be comforted going forward.
22-03-2023 04:18
0 1415
RT @lollypeezle: Imagine you on a sickbed and your younger brother is there saying "if egbon should die like this lasan, I will be the one…
22-03-2023 00:15
Happens a lot. Pple needing to choose btw being content creators & their full-time jobs. Bear in mind, the 5-9 does…
22-03-2023 00:08
Not groundbreaking but Jesus left 99 to go after the 1 sheep that left. This is a big problem in the church, “God c…
21-03-2023 23:59
0 6432
RT @Mayoveli: President is a Narco, Vice President is linked to a terror group, potential Senate President is an ex-convict who was jailed…
21-03-2023 22:57
0 3264
RT @SymplyJas: You want $140 THEIF! Did you bring me from Costa Rica??? Armed robba!
21-03-2023 22:53
0 681
RT @SEzekwesili: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor" ~Desmond Tutu.
21-03-2023 22:42
0 638
RT @Fejiro___: The funniest thing about your weeping all night is that there will no joy in the morning.
21-03-2023 22:42
0 2886
RT @VictorIsrael_: Who’s Chude? - A good governance advocate - A hustler - A voice for the voiceless - A grassroot mobiliser - A tax payin…
21-03-2023 22:40
0 1876
RT @PeterROCK_: All the governors that currently know how to speak their languages have developed Nigeria so well. Now there’s constant ele…
21-03-2023 22:39
Every day I learn something new 🥺
21-03-2023 22:38
0 1430
RT @Nkemchor_: Mark Essien is finally done playing Online Electoral Chairman and posing as an Obidient. Peter Obi did not run for President…
21-03-2023 21:13
0 1220
RT @Nkemchor_: BATists will be so pained. The person they call leader can never show this level of care towards them. Elections are over. P…
21-03-2023 20:54
0 539
RT @Jollz: "You don't know who was thinking of working with you" "Your file might be on someone's desk right now oh. Don't spoil your mark…
21-03-2023 20:54
0 3441
RT @busayo__cole: Friendly reminder that this person was sentenced to 12 years in prison for N7.65 billion fraud. Today, he wants to becom…
21-03-2023 20:53
0 124
RT @TheIgboWolf: Healing from a free and fair election?
21-03-2023 20:50
0 21712
RT @PeterObi: After due enquiries, I regret to say that the arrest of Mr Nnamdi @chude__ is a further confirmation of Nigeria’s poor and de…
21-03-2023 19:40
0 7060
RT @pereyiii: If BAT loses at the Tribunal, a good compromise would be Peter Obi inviting him to the Govt and putting him in charge of Agri…
21-03-2023 19:40
0 3735
RT @maxvayshia: Having an APC supporter as a friend
21-03-2023 13:45
0 1256
RT @Shehusky: All said and done, I’m happy that Atiku Abubakar, Dino Melaye, Bukola Saraki, and all the PDP renegades that joined APC in 20…
21-03-2023 13:44
0 1334
RT @Jack_ng01: All roads leads to Awka this morning. Soludo will have to release Chude to us or we spend the whole day in his office today…
21-03-2023 13:43
I said it. How can someone put words together like this and you people think he is mentally stable? Chimaroke, go a…
21-03-2023 13:39
I don't believe this man is okay mentally. Is he?
21-03-2023 13:38
0 3098
RT @VictorIsrael_: APC and Soludo nothing must Happen to Chude APC and Soludo nothing must Happen to Chude APC and Soludo nothing must Ha…
21-03-2023 13:37
0 5602
RT @gaialect: anxiety can show up as overthinking. impulsively cutting someone off. impulsively apologizing for cutting someone off. jumpin…
21-03-2023 13:37
I hope they are deported. Let them go back to Lagos and fight on the streets since they want to be soldiers so bad.
21-03-2023 13:35
0 2647
RT @Emeneks: I pity the Simpletons who listen to this Fraud. A finished man is this and that but you’re the perfect example of a Finished m…
21-03-2023 13:32
@seunosewa you need more proof??? Fucking clown!
21-03-2023 13:28
0 2793
RT @Shehusky: People are celebrating in Kano that APC is gone in the state. Massive celebration in plateau state that APC is gone. Any st…
21-03-2023 13:27
I hope the dad is doing okay 🙏
21-03-2023 13:26
0 2879
RT @VictorIsrael_: Couples kissing at their wedding ceremony; Haram Couples showing PDA; Haram Dressing sexy; Haram Taking alcohol; Hara…
21-03-2023 13:24
21-03-2023 13:24
Stay safe guys. Apparently Soludo moves mad too
21-03-2023 13:19
0 386
RT @FizzyThatcher: Call me delusional but I truly believe all this is leading to a new status quo. We’re just currently in the thick of th…
21-03-2023 13:17
0 1356
RT @favvy_frosh_: Sign up for free Add ur card to continue https…
21-03-2023 13:17
0 1821
RT @lollypeezle: It is the presidential candidate that said "Emi lo kan" "Yoruba lo kan" that ran a divisive presidential campaign. It is…
21-03-2023 13:08
0 3454
RT @vpungs: “Who will beat me?”
21-03-2023 13:08
Woke up from my short nap and screamed “God punish Seun Osewa” 😭😭 God abeg 😭😭
21-03-2023 12:40
0 3054
RT @asemota: I am blocking anyone who writes an open message to “the Igbos” to try to win over people. This performative nonsense shouldn’t…
21-03-2023 12:38
0 699
RT @Ssaasquatch: Still can’t get over the fact that Seun Osewa released press statement to donate N32,000.
21-03-2023 12:38
The experiment I do with my skincare 😩 Pray for me 🙏
21-03-2023 12:37
Yé said “If you are a Kanye West fan; you are not a fan of me, you are a fan of yourself; you would believe in yourself”
21-03-2023 09:24
0 2839
RT @UncleSamad_: This man caused suffering for our parents, Then came back and caused suffering for us. The greatest curse on Nigeria. ht…
21-03-2023 09:11
0 3507
RT @ObongAnwanSalem: Nigerian soldiers beheaded my fathers father in front of his son (my father). An Annang man on Annang soil. For protec…
21-03-2023 09:10
0 6075
RT @FrankNwekeII: For the past 36 hours, we have been working to have Nnamdi Chude @chude released by the Police or, at least, be told the…
21-03-2023 09:10
0 17996
RT @albert12798: why do baby clothes have pockets when they have no money or goals
21-03-2023 09:09
“Saint is baby Yé, I ain't worried bout him” 🤣🤣😭
21-03-2023 09:03
0 1772
RT @prinnypepper_: We do. You people just think they are ritualists.
21-03-2023 09:02
0 3245
RT @JaypeeGeneral: [email protected]__ is still in detention. We are calling for his release. #FreeChude
21-03-2023 08:53
0 134
RT @GbemmyG: Can’t believe we are back again to looking for Proof of life of the President 😂
21-03-2023 08:53
0 830
RT @Naijasinglegirl: I don’t know if you understand the gravity of what is happening. This is 2nd time ever that Nigerians on social media…
21-03-2023 08:53
This fool didn't stop at that stupid thing he called an apology, he decided to ask another stupid question, that ha…
21-03-2023 08:51
0 605
RT @bigdaddyYINKA: “Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga Still nigga, still nig…
21-03-2023 08:46
RT @imoteda: My former PA sent me a video of her hiding in someone’s house in Sangotedo on Saturday because agberos were looking for them t…
21-03-2023 08:45
0 2335
RT @Nkemchor_: Chimaroke said Peter Obi set Igbo Political Trajectory backward. This is quite funny. Where were igbos in politics before P…
21-03-2023 08:37
0 244
RT @Vader_Wildcard: “I’m not tribalistic o but…” “How can I be tribalistic? My wife is Igbo. But the thing about Igbo people is…” “Everybod…
21-03-2023 08:35
0 11657
RT @YunusaTanko: Breaking News It is official the Labor Party Presidential candidate Peter OBI has filed his petition to the presidentia…
21-03-2023 08:34
These pple read the Bible & practice the exact opposite. If this was how the shepherd felt when 1 sheep was missing…
21-03-2023 07:50
0 3041
RT @OmoGbajaBiamila: This is the election that your bros are celebrating and gloating about? Lmfaoooo... Love that she spoke confidently a…
21-03-2023 07:33
RT @madebycharles: Lmaoo! Fuck around and find out! 😂😂
21-03-2023 05:26
0 530
RT @ChigozieObi_: As for me I do not celebrate a criminal just cause she’s a woman, no be this kind womens wrongs I support. You’re all the…
21-03-2023 03:24
0 372
RT @KingDouyeAlfred: One thing they cannot use violence to take from you is legitimacy - AKA people treating them as normal That's why the…
21-03-2023 03:08
0 1085
RT @Wizarab10: Everyone is educated till they start talking.
21-03-2023 03:07
RT @t3niola: I'm so sad for Lagos, we really had a chance at governor with a vision, and the required knowledge to transform Lagos and help…
21-03-2023 03:07
0 6450
RT @c0kahina: He was secretly selling her content without her consent. And fun fact — just because you choose to share yourself in nude doe…
21-03-2023 03:06
The loudest are always the ones that live in penury.
21-03-2023 03:06
Ah Ah 😭😭
21-03-2023 03:05
0 1622
RT @Chydee: Tinubu did it. Wike did it. No repercussions. That is why others have been emboldened to do it. Ikpeazu. Sanwo Olu. Rufai. And…
21-03-2023 03:04
0 3197
RT @SavvyRinu: I hope you now understand the state sponsored violence & media propaganda executed against the #EndSARS movement. They’ve e…
21-03-2023 03:04
God will punish that idiot!
21-03-2023 03:04
RT @TheIgboWolf: That apology was clearly a mockery. Next election Double it We should have. That man is really wicked
21-03-2023 03:03
0 250
RT @n6oflife6: A man claims to have Won the Popular Vote in an ELECTION IN Lagos and just Like the Presidential, everywhere is Dull & Like…
21-03-2023 03:03
0 11284
RT @TheBlackLayers: You’re not supposed to need a 6 figure salary, passive income, a Roth IRA, investment properties, credit card point sys…
21-03-2023 03:03
@thebunmilayo I read in pidgin “e dey muzz me” 😭😭
21-03-2023 03:03
0 41516
RT @RealMona_: Try not to think about it too much Me all night;
21-03-2023 03:00
21-03-2023 03:00
0 1204
RT @ronaldnzimora: This nigga spent months telling us how he's a sagacious politician and saying the Labour Party would go nowhere and boas…
21-03-2023 02:59
RT @TheIgboWolf: See what it is like when they voters choose you
21-03-2023 02:57
0 1045
RT @directordiji: ~ “Throw myself a party then act surprised”
21-03-2023 02:54
0 1900
RT @AishaYesufu: Below here is one of the reasons they say miscarriages sometimes are meant to correct nature’s mistakes. A demented and dr…
21-03-2023 02:54
0 337
RT @TheIgboWolf: Bisexual Goat
21-03-2023 02:49
RT @Aikoges: “We can disagree and still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and a denial of my humanity an…
21-03-2023 00:00
0 1914
RT @Franeb: Mrs Binani ate money for several Nigerian Children who are currently the World's Largest out of school children and you people…
20-03-2023 23:59
0 1977
RT @TheGermanGift: On hate… 🧵 Someone mentioned how growing up, their house in Germany always had a lot of items, furniture etc. Her pare…
20-03-2023 23:58
0 197
RT @kikimordi: This is hateful and inciteful speech that has incited animosity and has degenerated @ukhomeoffice needs to handle this @IfeI…
20-03-2023 23:56
0 4095
RT @Nkemchor_: Arrest Peter Obi and watch Nigeria burn. End SARS will be a joke compared to what will happen.
20-03-2023 23:54
0 6075
RT @raptalksk: kendrick finally took the time to make an album that was for him. this is the most personal and vulnerable version of him an…
20-03-2023 23:29
RT @ayosogunro: #SayNotoYorubaNazis
20-03-2023 23:28
I have never thought of taking over Ebeano all the years I shopped there. I have never thought of owning what I did…
20-03-2023 23:26
I hope when you get sick, you refuse to let your igbo doctors treat you too. When you get to heaven or hell, you ca…
20-03-2023 23:07
0 213
RT @Nwankpa_A: Refuse to be placated or pacified. Accountability is the antidote to corruption.
20-03-2023 22:45
Day 1 🌸🌼 ☺️
20-03-2023 22:37
0 28538
RT @RealMona_: I have money, then I don't have money. It just all happens so fast
20-03-2023 22:23
0 150
RT @ayosogunro: Yoruba Nazis should please start identifying themselves as what they are. Let’s know you are creating an ethnic faction tha…
20-03-2023 22:23
0 1368
RT @kunle_kenny: Reminds me of the current and outgoing vice president of Nigeria. Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.
20-03-2023 22:22
0 708
RT @AishaYesufu: Have you every seen a thief openly celebrating a theft?
20-03-2023 22:21
0 3401
RT @FoluShaw: My Igbo and SS Brothers… Know your betrayers 1 - Nyesom Wike 2 - Dave Umahi 3 - Orji Uzor Kalu 4 - Theodore Orji 5 - Ben A…
20-03-2023 22:19
@seunosewa really said “we will double 16k” Somebody slap that foolish man on my behalf, please 🙏
20-03-2023 22:14
0 7544
RT @firstladyship: 1. MC Oluomo threatened the existence of a large ethnic group, the police called it a “joke.” Chude only tackled the Evi…
20-03-2023 22:13
0 3479
RT @Munachim_: You're very loud and bold for someone's who father is notorious. Instead of your jobless ass to eat his money in peace. http…
20-03-2023 22:12
Lmao 🤣🤣 They should slap whoever raised that prayer point 😭
20-03-2023 22:06
God is really the strength of RCCG because
20-03-2023 22:03
Fuck that country!
20-03-2023 22:01
0 839
RT @zynnnie: I need Igbo people to keep this grudge. Do not forgive or forget!!!
20-03-2023 22:01
I hope he punishes them!
20-03-2023 22:00
0 2946
RT @ruffydfire: My dear Warri people,I appreciate you all. You are all dear to me.I remember broadcasting on JFM 95.1 ,Warri,15 years ago!I…
20-03-2023 22:00
Is it for eba? Is it for garri? This is what you people voted for? 20% increase?? Lmao 🤣 Tell you folks in the civ…
20-03-2023 21:59
0 4913
RT @ruffydfire: For those Nigerians tearing the passports pls don’t! Some politicians have failed you but not the country.Our country is bl…
20-03-2023 21:56
0 5085
RT @falzthebahdguy: Always fun & games till the chaos you create blows up in your own face
20-03-2023 21:17
0 3182
RT @PhiloeEsq: Even if you try to forget how this episode started, I will continue reminding you.
20-03-2023 21:17
0 7969
RT @SEzekwesili: There’s only one candidate that said “Emi Lo kan” “Yoruba Lo kan” and topped it off with a same faith ticket. That candi…
20-03-2023 21:17
0 1236
RT @DamiElebe: Good luck to all of you accepting "Election is over and I'm sorry"... For those of you who won't forget or mend stupid rela…
20-03-2023 21:17
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RT @FinPlanKaluAja1: My advice is this . When you see hateful ethnic messages, take a screenshot. Then try to find out where the person w…
20-03-2023 21:16
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RT @itzz_blitz1: GRV is still visiting hospitals and paying bills of victims of election violence. When you're human, you're human.
20-03-2023 21:16
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RT @ENIBOY: You don’t beat people on Election Day and after winning by rigging, extend a hand of reconciliation to them. No, that’s not how…
20-03-2023 21:16
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RT @SympLySimi: Anybody that saw the disenfranchisement and didn't condemn it better keep their prayers for Nigeria. She doesn't need praye…
20-03-2023 21:16
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RT @falzthebahdguy: You were not re-elected. You selected yourself. Everybody saw it unfold. You are only deceiving yourselves
20-03-2023 21:15
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RT @KadunaResident: Don’t burn your PVC Don’t burn your PVC Don’t burn your PVC If the supreme court does not restate Peter Obi’s stolen…
20-03-2023 21:14
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RT @Mochievous: We are now in a place where people are picked up for tweets supporting their candidates but folks who incite violence again…
20-03-2023 07:56
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RT @Feyisparkles: Let me hear you fools equate Obedients online bullying to Apc rats thuggery again. You people are so daft
20-03-2023 07:43
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RT @DavidHundeyin: It's a real pity that Rivers State always ends up governed by the likes of Odili, Amaechi and Wike. Because a truly com…
20-03-2023 07:43
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RT @DavidHundeyin: In a strange way, I'm happy you people came out and showed your full Yoruba ethnoracialist asses on behalf of a drug lor…
20-03-2023 06:19
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RT @bolu_ay: This is lazy and stupid and ignoring the issue Just because you’re attracted to someone doesn’t stop you from hating their he…
20-03-2023 06:18
They call me Megatron Just like claramarathon 😭😭
20-03-2023 04:57
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RT @Oluomoofderby: You didn’t call out @OfficialDSSNG to apprehend the killers of the late Deborah Samuel’s in Sokoto state. She was beat…
20-03-2023 04:50