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Here's a cool local history snippet for you
30-01-2023 21:26
Like I said, Big 12 Basketball > any other conference
30-01-2023 21:12
@freemymind24 @craig_teed You can try him out there in spring training, and if he doesn't work out, there's no harm done.
30-01-2023 20:19
Wow! What a catch by Chase!
30-01-2023 05:16
@intensionality @Nihility95 @amazingmap I think both of you make valid points. I think this is an excellent case fo…
30-01-2023 04:43
Dang. Hope Sneed is ok. Maybe the NFL should try developing new helmets during the off-season.
30-01-2023 02:46
49ers-Eagles. Who could've seen that coming? (Sarcasm)
30-01-2023 02:01
@SireYamoi @Nihility95 @amazingmap Thanks. I'm not very knowledgeable on early French history. Most of my knowledge…
29-01-2023 22:43
@annagraceface Maybe she's still interested in what's going on in your life, but is either too busy or forgetful to…
29-01-2023 21:14
@Nihility95 @amazingmap And when I said "de jure part of the Kingdom", I meant part of France, not England. Just re…
29-01-2023 20:47
@redsoxandstuff Probably trying to do a makeup call
29-01-2023 07:20
Huge Celtics fan, but that was a foul 😬. LeBron is right to be mad, but I think that was a bit of an overreaction.
29-01-2023 07:07
@ksuwildkat @TGTaphouse Their poutine is amazing. That picture of it makes me want some right now haha
29-01-2023 05:45
@VmaMl @Nihility95 @amazingmap True. Didn't think of that when doing this. Probably should've been another speciall…
29-01-2023 05:00
RT @mhdksafa: For the record: cops aren’t supposed to kill guilty people either.
29-01-2023 04:44
29-01-2023 04:13
That was NOT a charge!
29-01-2023 03:41
@Nihility95 @amazingmap Basically, I think the map should've shown the year 1145 with some sort of hatchmark over t…
29-01-2023 02:57
@Nihility95 @amazingmap I meant to say Kings of England, not Kingdom, that's my bad. I know that they weren't treat…
29-01-2023 02:52
@DScottFritchen ESPN NEVER allots enough time for college basketball games...
29-01-2023 02:24
29-01-2023 02:20
@KSUhistorian I certainly hope not. If so, I'll be mad. Can't get our game to play in the app either.
29-01-2023 02:18
Can ESPN please add like 15 extra minutes to every college basketball game timeslot? They always run over.
29-01-2023 02:16
@amazingmap Interesting that this map skips over the Angevin Empire, when the Kingdom of England under the Plantage…
29-01-2023 01:30
Big 12 Basketball > Every other conference
28-01-2023 23:12
@CANicholsKS @GoingWizardMode True. The library does fit better with the rest of campus now though.
28-01-2023 08:56
@historycalendar History obscure will probably be quite interesting
28-01-2023 05:02
@KSUhistorian Also, for anything you have on K-REX, you can see the number of views and from where by clicking "vie…
28-01-2023 01:17
@KSUhistorian I just searched the exact title on Google Scholar, and it'll say beneath whether it's been cited or n…
28-01-2023 01:12
I just found out through Google Scholar that my senior thesis History of Penicillin paper on K-REX was cited in an…
28-01-2023 01:07
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 78 years ago today over 7,000 prisoners of the German Nazi camp #Auschwitz, including some 700 children, were liberate…
27-01-2023 21:56
What's wrong with bandages that blend with darker tones? I dislike when people who claim they're Christians say ra…
27-01-2023 21:25
@Thomas_Carrieri Camden Yards or Oracle Park would be at the top of my list
27-01-2023 05:24
@UYFmaps I would say that Trajan was the most important emperor. Not only for his expansion of the empire in the ea…
27-01-2023 03:59
@HannahPalsa @KSUhistorian @GoingWizardMode Eisenhower wasn't too bad, but Calvin is a bit nicer. Main complaint fr…
27-01-2023 03:05
@KSUhistorian @GoingWizardMode Yeah, almost everything switched over in Spring of 2017, so you just missed it.
27-01-2023 03:01
@KSUhistorian @GoingWizardMode My final year of my History major, they finally gave us a more permanent home in Cal…
27-01-2023 02:44
@GoingWizardMode The contrast between this and the Gothic architecture of Anderson and Romanesque Revival architect…
27-01-2023 02:42
Yes, most people who pay attention know that Arrowhead is in Missouri, but this graphic didn't indicate "in-state", just "closest".
27-01-2023 02:35
Another post showing the importance of geography (and reading). A lot of Missouri people not seeing the "closest" i…
27-01-2023 02:35
@kgvancamp This is the type of music I imagine when thinking about or visiting medieval churches. This is definitel…
26-01-2023 23:54
@Leelze32 @DanKelley66 Apparently they're saying that the point is to not make the COVID vaccine look bad because i…
26-01-2023 03:05
@DanKelley66 I don't get how people think it's plausible. So his family, doctors, and possibly teammates are all in…
26-01-2023 02:16
@craig_teed I actually think it wouldn't be bad to try him out there for a few games to see how he does. That's the…
26-01-2023 01:50
How do people come up with this stuff?
25-01-2023 21:47
@DanKelley66 I've only watched 2 too. Mine are All Quiet on the Western Front and Top Gun: Maverick. Both of which…
25-01-2023 21:36
RT @PowercatRyan: The call helped us, but how many home coaches get called for being outside the coach's box? TJ and Tang have been at half…
25-01-2023 06:49
How was that called against Keyontae? The guy's feet weren't set.
25-01-2023 05:53
@NebraskaCats Whoops, looks like you used one of the bot buzzwords
25-01-2023 05:26
@LifeofFitz Sending prayers. Keep up the fight!
25-01-2023 02:34
Why are the Red Sox DFA'ing Barnes when Brasier is right there? I see more of an upside to Barnes than Brasier. Sur…
25-01-2023 02:16
@BallParkBuzz Personally, I would've DFA'd Brasier before Barnes. Barnes is streaky, but when he's on he can be quite good.
25-01-2023 02:10
@nut_history I'm 1500 miles away from Fenway. Really wish I was closer. Closest MLB Ballpark to me, Kauffman, is st…
24-01-2023 23:58
@Thomas_Carrieri @L_I_Sound Sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family can find some sort of solace in your time of sorrow.
24-01-2023 23:54
@ksuwildkat I use Samsung pay a lot when it's inconvenient to pull out my wallet (like if I was just at a vending m…
24-01-2023 21:20
Glad to see the Red Sox trading for Mondesi. I always liked watching him when I go to Royals games. Sure he can be…
24-01-2023 20:55
This is great news. Glad the Pats will have an actual OC next season. Should help the offense a ton.
24-01-2023 20:49
RT @JeffPassan: Trade news: The Boston Red Sox are acquiring shortstop Adalberto Mondesi from the Kansas City Royals, sources tell ESPN. De…
24-01-2023 20:38
Now that classified documents have been found at the homes of Trump, Biden, and Pence, maybe it should become stand…
24-01-2023 20:37
RT @EdHand89: Non-baseball tweet- Oh hey, Yogesh lost but is still finding ways to make me think he's obnoxious! Quite the accomplishment!…
24-01-2023 05:45
@EdHand89 My school was too small to get invited to state or regionals, but we did fairly well in the tournaments w…
24-01-2023 04:54
@EdHand89 Yeah that's what he's coming off as to me. Like I said, I don't get his logic and the way he's explaining…
24-01-2023 04:50
@EdHand89 Yeah, I don't get his logic. Maybe he's trying to say that since it wasn't a premier tournament or someth…
24-01-2023 04:47
@EdHand89 I was reading a few of his Facebook posts, and he seems to be coping by saying that it's ok that he didn'…
24-01-2023 04:42
@EdHand89 Just seems like from what I'm seeing is that he's a bit of a sore loser and thought that he'd easily be o…
24-01-2023 04:30
@EdHand89 Yeah, after 2 days my neutrality towards him started to sour and this kinda seals the deal for me. He sho…
24-01-2023 04:22
RT @KStateMBB: Work to do No. 5 AP Poll #KStateMBB x EMAW
23-01-2023 20:13
@susan2519 @Bills @NFL @Bengals I have nothing against the Bengals either, so while I'd have slightly preferred the…
23-01-2023 02:39
@SavageSports_ My dad's originally from Upstate New York, so I've always personally rooted for the Bills unless they've played the Pats.
22-01-2023 23:04
@jelly__fisher @SweetDollaIceT @BradleyDowell According to the science, it's a 50/50 chance. This chart shows a sim…
22-01-2023 22:24
It would've been great if he'd lived long enough to be integrated. If he had, I think he'd have been seen as one of…
22-01-2023 09:54
RT @jlkurtz: CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm now has K-State as a one seed (!)
22-01-2023 06:58
RT @jlkurtz: Tang on post game radio: our fans were incredible. The energy they gave us…I am so proud of our students and all of our fans.…
22-01-2023 02:51
1st place in the toughest conference in college hoops. You love to see it!
22-01-2023 00:27
Coach Tang is the man! #TangGang #EMAW
22-01-2023 00:22
@frogdawg1 Purple Reign
22-01-2023 00:13
Carter with the block from behind!!!
21-01-2023 23:57
21-01-2023 23:42
Swish Massoud should be his new nickname.
21-01-2023 23:41
RT @MarchMadnessMBB: Behind the back into a no look pass 🤯 Markquis Nowell having fun out there 🔥 (via @KStateMBB)…
21-01-2023 22:33
What a play by Markquis! My goodness. That's like NBA All-Star caliber!
21-01-2023 22:24
@historycalendar Reminds me of the character of Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire
21-01-2023 05:05
21-01-2023 04:58
@SawxSouth First thing that popped in my head when I read the tweet.
21-01-2023 04:55
21-01-2023 04:52
Decent for the Twins at least. Still not sure how it'll play out for the Marlins.
20-01-2023 23:38
Seems like a decent trade now that we know all the players involved.
20-01-2023 23:28
There are people who don't understand this? I thought it was clear the first time I saw it (I was 15 at the time).…
20-01-2023 21:20
Got dicey at the end, but I'm glad the Celtics pulled of the W. Maybe this'll help Tatum with his slight yips again…
20-01-2023 06:15
How the hell was that a foul on Horford?
20-01-2023 06:11
Thank you for that tying 3 Jaylen! #BleedGreen
20-01-2023 05:52
Of course Steph hit that shot 🤦
20-01-2023 04:32
First time I'm seeing these Warriors uniforms. They're pretty good. One of the better black alternatives I've seen in any sport.
20-01-2023 03:37
Let's go Celtics! Beat the Warriors! #BleedGreen
20-01-2023 03:35
@DanKelley66 Really wish I could, but currently living 1500 miles away makes going to games a bit hard to squeeze i…
19-01-2023 21:12
@nut_history Hank Aaron, Xander Bogaerts, and Coco Crisp.
19-01-2023 19:55
Four films of the last 10 years that I consider to be masterpieces
19-01-2023 07:33
RT @DanKelley66: RIP Chris Ford 🏆 1981 Celtics as a player 🏆🏆 1984 & 1985 Celtics as K.C Jones’ assistant 🏀 1st 3-Pointer in NBA history…
19-01-2023 01:18
@nut_history Either Pedro, Papi, or Pedroia. Would've been nice to see what numbers Pedroia would've put up at the…
18-01-2023 20:27
RT @DScottFritchen: Jerome Tang discusses his decision to climb onto the scorer’s table after the emotional win over No. 2 Kansas in Manhat…
18-01-2023 07:42
@ldub277 Yeah, I can't tell. It was a bad angle. I was hoping they'd show from one of the cameras behind the basket…
18-01-2023 07:31
Was Massoud out of bounds? It looks like it, but I say that that was about as bad as the Svi travel that wasn't cal…
18-01-2023 07:26
@EdHand89 I thought that Sandoval was going to be a key addition on the team. Now he's my least favorite Red Sox pl…
18-01-2023 07:07
18-01-2023 06:25
If he keeps this up, the arena will be named for Coach Tang eventually. I believe he could very be our basketball p…
18-01-2023 06:00
Still shaking from excitement!
18-01-2023 05:46
18-01-2023 05:46
LET'S GO STATE!!! WHAT AN ENDING! #EMAW #KStateMBB #SunflowerShowdown
18-01-2023 05:45
18-01-2023 05:00
Desi Sills. That's it. That's the tweet.
18-01-2023 04:35
LET'S GO CATS!! #KStateMBB #SunflowerShowdown
18-01-2023 03:15
Maher finally made one!
17-01-2023 06:47
When Maher misses another extra point:
17-01-2023 06:14
Oh how I wish this would happen to me. So many hiring managers saying I have too little experience for entry-level…
17-01-2023 04:13
@NebraskaCats Skiing in "Alaska"
17-01-2023 02:06
RT @SavageSports_: I can’t believe Jayson Tatum already has more 50 point games than Larry Bird. That’s wild
17-01-2023 01:24
RT @DScottFritchen: Coach Tang delivers a message
17-01-2023 00:42
This is why geography classes matter, so you don't make graphic mistakes like this.
17-01-2023 00:35
50 piece for Tatum!!! Let's Go Celtics! #BleedGreen
16-01-2023 23:16
Tatum is just on fire today!
16-01-2023 23:13
RT @KState: 55 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. visited Kansas State University, advocating for nonviolent approaches to remedy social ten…
16-01-2023 22:43
I don't know why I didn't know that people still celebrated Robert E. Lee day. Doesn't surprise me, but the interes…
16-01-2023 20:19
RT @NFL: Sam Hubbard takes the fumble 98 yards for the TD ‼️ 📺: #BALvsCIN on NBC 📱: Stream on NFL+…
16-01-2023 10:32
Did not have a 99 yard fumble return on my playoff bingo card.
16-01-2023 06:36
16-01-2023 03:51
Skylar played pretty good for a Rookie in his 3rd start. Would've had better stats had his receivers not kept dropp…
16-01-2023 00:49
The refs in the Miami-Buffalo game when they need to blow a whistle.
16-01-2023 00:28
May they R.I.P. I hope their families are supported during this time.
15-01-2023 20:35
I don't even know what to day about that. Not rooting for either team, but I didn't think that the Chargers would b…
15-01-2023 07:37
RT @Boston_Diehards: My god what a save
15-01-2023 06:47
Decided to grab some Starry soda (R.I.P. Sierra Mist), and I like it. It's like a stronger version of Sierra Mist w…
15-01-2023 04:41
We had a nice, fiery sunset tonight. Looked even better in person.
15-01-2023 03:00
RT @simongerman600: This is a berry good map. The distribution of 19 types of berries native to North America are shown in this interactive…
15-01-2023 02:47
@Only1_Deuce2 Can't wait to watch you playing in purple again!
15-01-2023 02:28
RT @Only1_Deuce2: ~ Jeremiah 29:11
15-01-2023 02:26
@KenMatias02 @JakeIggy @MLB It seems that some of the owners like it, so who knows. I personally think a promotion/…
15-01-2023 01:00
RT @DScottFritchen: How does K-State get its confidence back? Coach Tang: “It’s back. We’re fine. We’ve got an older team and a great staf…
15-01-2023 00:24
RT @MAstronomers: The Iberian Peninsula at night, showing Spain and Portugal. Madrid is the bright spot just above the center cr: NASA htt…
15-01-2023 00:22
This floor is atrocious and I'm sure messes with those who are used to solid wood. The scales probably look like sh…
14-01-2023 23:49
What's the use of refs if they're not going to call anything? #KStateMBB
14-01-2023 22:21
@EvryManAWildcat @KellisRobinett It's also half the size of Bramlage, which makes it even worse.
14-01-2023 22:05
@discussbaseball I don't like relying on them completely, but I like the idea of a limited number of challenges so…
14-01-2023 20:39
@AngelliAngelo @SpencerJulius_ I think that it was because of the cost. Chicken was the most common which is why it…
14-01-2023 20:35
@KenMatias02 @JakeIggy I think the challenge half will have umps doing most of the calling, but gives the teams the…
14-01-2023 20:25
@SSN_KState Opposing teams better hide their instruments.
14-01-2023 00:24
@Stanimal032 I have a similar feeling being a Patriots fan around here. I really want to go to a game in Foxboro. I…
13-01-2023 22:35
RT @RedSox: Everyone could use some Raffy in their life. RT for a chance to win a Raffy signed ball! Sweepstakes ending 1/13/23 11:59pm E…
13-01-2023 21:54
This team!
13-01-2023 06:17
RT @BleacherReport: Former NFL RB Peyton Hillis is no longer on a ventilator and is recovering after a swimming accident while saving his t…
13-01-2023 04:53
@NorcalCrowe @EdHand89 I don't disagree. I'm not saying the union is going to prevent the robo-umps, which they can…
13-01-2023 04:41
@EdHand89 I think rather than robo-umps, it would be better to have some sort of promotion/relegation mechanism for…
13-01-2023 04:12
@EdHand89 Bit of a double-edged sword there haha
13-01-2023 04:10
@EdHand89 Yeah, I can see not liking him for that. And I just remembered about his Statue of Liberty answer too. No…
13-01-2023 04:06
@EdHand89 May I ask why? I'm pretty neutral towards him so far, so I'm just curious what others are thinking.
13-01-2023 04:00
Beautiful layup by Brogdon
13-01-2023 03:54
Celtics starting to get into a groove. Keep it up!
13-01-2023 03:49
Celtics starting off a bit cold. Hope they heat up quickly.
13-01-2023 03:41
You'll be missed, Felix, but I hope you do really well in the NFL. I hope you continue to strike fear into your opp…
12-01-2023 20:43
First to 30! Keep it up guys!
12-01-2023 06:29
This game's never coming out, is it?
12-01-2023 04:12
@Daon_Savage Ayer, Massachusetts
12-01-2023 02:01
RT @alison_renner: Best K-State logo 👀
11-01-2023 23:38
RT @RedSox: Forever & Devers.
11-01-2023 21:25
RT @RedSox: Here for a good time & a long time.
11-01-2023 20:15
RT @BuffaloBills: An amazing Damar Hamlin update. ❤️💙
11-01-2023 19:57
If they think tonight was loud, they should wait until next week. It will be an earthquake.
11-01-2023 05:40
RT @KellisRobinett: Jerome Tang postgame tradition
11-01-2023 05:26
11-01-2023 05:11
Way to adjust at halftime guys! This is a fun team! #TangGang
11-01-2023 05:09
RT @KStateMBB: Closing out the half like 😼 #KStateMBB
11-01-2023 03:57
Hope the team takes the energy from that Cam Carter 3 and converts it to 2nd half play. Sloppy first half, but they…
11-01-2023 03:53
What are these refs doing? Their calling is atrocious.
11-01-2023 03:42
@KSUWindbreaker I was yelling at my TV after that. That's ridiculous. Should be a tech every time.
11-01-2023 03:20
How the hell was that not a tech? He pushed him down!
11-01-2023 03:19
RT @785SportsKSU: Things are lookin’ scary for 2023👀
11-01-2023 02:14
Just got back from getting a haircut to see that Trevor Story got surgery? Ugh. Too bad they didn't do it back in N…
10-01-2023 23:44
@SickosCommittee @Dan_Rather_ @Gwozdzilla I'm disappointed in the lack of recognition of a Crusader Kings joke. Ste…
10-01-2023 21:16
@chilarome I agree to a degree, but what about places that were named after people with the last name Lynch that ha…
10-01-2023 20:38
Didn't expect this to happen. After the whole Giants and Mets debacle, I thought he might end up with a 2 or 3 year…
10-01-2023 20:31
RT @ToriYeast: My husband, @CraigYeast, and I thank you for all the calls and texts checking on our son @russ_yeast03. He spent last night…
10-01-2023 19:52
RT @ChrisVannini: You can't say TCU didn't deserve to be here when they literally beat the undefeated No. 2 team to get here. Sometimes you…
10-01-2023 06:48
Dang. This game is probably over. I was hoping it would be closer. Who knows, TCU is typically better in the 2nd ha…
10-01-2023 04:52
Pentatonix nailed the National Anthem!
10-01-2023 03:40
RT @KStateMBB: Take notice @Keyontae Newcomer of the Week @MrNewYorkCityy Player of the Week 📄 #KStateMBB x @Bi…
10-01-2023 03:34
*"score" not "to score"
10-01-2023 03:32
Wow. Did not expect to see John Williams to score the National Championship Game. I like it.
10-01-2023 03:31
Give 'em hell TCU -Sincerely, Big 12 fans everywhere
10-01-2023 03:22
@SawxSouth Wait, people don't like Youk? I thought he was the best color commentator last year.
10-01-2023 01:44
Overall, I didn't like Mazz on the call. He had his moments, but I think almost everyone else was more consistent.…
10-01-2023 00:47
Great news!
09-01-2023 23:26
RT @PowercatRyan: Breaking News: Three AP voters ranked K-State at #4. @ByChrisMurray, @KevinBrockwayG1, & @PercyAllen206 One AP voter l…
09-01-2023 21:08
Honestly didn't expect to be ranked this high. I was expecting in the 15-20 range. Glad I was wrong.
09-01-2023 20:38
Wow. This guy leaving K-State off the ballot is so egregious that even KU fans are saying it's bad. Similar to when…
09-01-2023 20:16
Prayers up for K-State alum Russ Yeast too 🙏
09-01-2023 06:04
@Stanimal032 Wow. You learn something new every day.
09-01-2023 03:56
Hope he wins his battle. I hope he ends up like Mancini, not only beating cancer, but showing it who's boss by gett…
09-01-2023 03:48
RT @JeffPassan: Liam Hendriks is a beloved teammate, a tremendous person and a true fighter. Can’t wait to see him back on the field.
09-01-2023 03:43
I hope that they just didn't think it through and that it's not something they planned.
09-01-2023 03:04
09-01-2023 03:00
Disappointing end to the season, but at least they didn't go down without a fight. Really need to clean things up f…
09-01-2023 00:17