c.a.k.🫀 (@cassake) — Cardiac ICU social worker. LCSW, MSW, other titles, et al.
Does anyone else wonder why Mel B had to be #scaryspice? Ain’t that some shit.
30-01-2023 00:39
My husband and I finally figured out what “thing” we have. That thing couples have when they just do a weird little… https://t.co/VgcXg3BYA5
29-01-2023 19:51
7 years ago?! Babies. Miss you @JoseNateras @shuffmcpuff https://t.co/i1O76j9PHh
28-01-2023 22:00
I finally watched #EEAAO and holy shit. Top 3 movies I’ve ever seen. It might even be 1 if I think about it hard enough. It was PERFECT.
28-01-2023 06:51
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RT @joshua_boe: VINDICATION IS MINE. https://t.co/YkWAMEg4di
28-01-2023 02:36
Me, leaving work: *Minding my own business* Random person: You work there? *Pointing to the hospital* Me: Yeah Rand… https://t.co/4aZj8W9FSq
28-01-2023 02:36
@ChefAdjepong Where ya staying around? Can give food recs
26-01-2023 17:33
Ugh we love an MD who documents and gives high key props to RNs who have to be involved in unexpected bedside proce… https://t.co/47tulpqm2J
25-01-2023 06:49
0 5667
RT @alex_abads: absolutely craven to publish this headline after the murders in monterey park https://t.co/Soes0F00fX
25-01-2023 05:24
0 21849
RT @RickandMorty: https://t.co/npS7WpywtD
25-01-2023 05:20
@nursekelsey @ilanaslightly He sounds like my favorite person already. 😂❤️
24-01-2023 17:24
@nursekelsey @ilanaslightly Resistance is a natural part of aging. I would encourage him to sign up for a class w/p… https://t.co/VQnmPUbgMK
24-01-2023 03:31
I see #chicagoans trending and I was hoping it was another pizza fight but alas, it’s just people talking about Chi… https://t.co/1HWoRZyBOT
24-01-2023 03:14
RT @goldendaggerchi: Thank you Lin Brehmer. Your simple, yet inspiring, sign-off brought so much joy to generations of Chicagoans. ❤️ https…
24-01-2023 03:12
@mhowe1980 NOOOOo
23-01-2023 01:18
@momsdadskids This is madness Christopher. Madness. https://t.co/Vxiyhz2WSW
23-01-2023 01:18
@momsdadskids Dead. I have a lot now UghHhhHhh. It involves alcohol based hand sanitizer… and a lot of scrubbing.
23-01-2023 01:17
Do people not clean their toasters? Do I just live with and know monsters? Is this happening? #advice #dumbquestions #what
23-01-2023 00:40
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RT @PeterHotez: US confirmed country's first case of Covid-19 3 yrs ago - I also remember when the Covid sequence came online ⁦@biorxivprep…
21-01-2023 01:29
Do you ever just see New Jersey and read things in an exaggerated New Jersey accent? Me too #dovechocolates https://t.co/XCiIlRgreO
21-01-2023 01:24
Had a weird dream where I was hit in the chest with a rubber bullet and I was bleeding and it felt so real. The blo… https://t.co/5XG6bT9U9m
21-01-2023 01:16
0 39087
RT @CaucasianJames: just tried this out. pretty awesome. life is full of fun surprises. grateful for another day here on earth
20-01-2023 06:39
I got to wash my patient’s hands today. I know that sounds weird but it was before they withdrew care. I never got… https://t.co/5hXSWGKOkS
20-01-2023 05:19
0 387
RT @JJStankevitz: Take it from a Chicago native. “Chicago style” for tourists bro. Get tavern style thin crust. That’s real Chicago pizza.…
20-01-2023 02:58
The OG https://t.co/ZhkxAzmlX3
20-01-2023 02:57
@chakamomma Love you
20-01-2023 02:55
Today sucks on so many levels. Like holy. Shit. You guys have no idea. I literally cannot think of anything that wo… https://t.co/8mTSRkfZxR
20-01-2023 00:04
@lukecourtright Let’s go
17-01-2023 19:05
Sometimes you work with surgeons. Lots of those surgeons like to show you their expensive watches (that they likely… https://t.co/ZyRCIgicGL
17-01-2023 17:14
I told my poor husband to get ready for the #PedroPascal thirst that is about to absolutely not be contained once w… https://t.co/IRnQZh8Iv1
17-01-2023 08:39
@hyggevibe Omg. It’s like I blacked out and forgot my drinking habits from 2009-2016
17-01-2023 06:43
I don’t think anyone, ever in the history of my life, ever, has referred to me as “happy hour cassandra.” I rarely… https://t.co/M8AqUVvO54
17-01-2023 02:30
@nursekelsey Frozen put it best: conceal, don’t feel. Expediences egregious child abuse that was mental, physical,… https://t.co/4YfdNeIgzs
12-01-2023 04:39
10-01-2023 05:30
The OCD episode of @GreatNorthFOX 😭 I feel seen
07-01-2023 23:19
This season of @BobsBurgersFOX is HANDS DOWN my favorite season. This show has grown immensely. This season was a c… https://t.co/FdQjhvRThj
07-01-2023 07:05
If anyone ever wondered why I am on non-speaking terms with my biological father it is because this post sums up wh… https://t.co/G6upvGizZZ
03-01-2023 23:52
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RT @iamcardib: IDC https://t.co/DWCDGKUv6N
31-12-2022 02:27
@nursekelsey Family isn’t just blood
30-12-2022 06:39
My work is giving us free rooms at the Hyatt and I got one but I really don’t wanna stay in a hotel tonight 🫠
22-12-2022 23:53
@lukecourtright My bestie moxi
21-12-2022 02:01
@sivametimbers I personally prefer 2nd over 1st but yeah. Season 1 has a lot of annoying characters and I felt myse… https://t.co/bKK7NjkHjh
20-12-2022 06:30
@sivametimbers What season are you on? Lots of music foreshadows situations. Themes all come together at the end
20-12-2022 06:28
Dang @lukecourtright had a pretty good prediction #ArgentinaVsFrance #ARGFRA #FIFAWorldCup https://t.co/l1NRDCHvpa
18-12-2022 21:17
So important to recognize this. We say it all the time in the ICU. I make sure to say it during trainings. It’s the… https://t.co/ABax1HK6E1
18-12-2022 20:48
@chakamomma I say it all the time to people who don’t understand the gravity of what the ICU is and what we do ❤️ w… https://t.co/4JwoNkOVfU
18-12-2022 20:46
RT @JobyMorrow: Black women only appear angry because they’re direct and clear, and we’ve gotten so used to ineffective and inauthentic com…
17-12-2022 23:15
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RT @jfitzgeraldMD: Regular reminder from a vaginal surgeon that a “husband stitch” after delivering a baby is assault.
17-12-2022 23:08
@sivametimbers Oh bb you will, you really will
17-12-2022 22:54
@TheZacharyBess @BobsBurgersFOX Phenomenal
12-12-2022 08:45
Not me crying over @BobsBurgersFOX episode tonight 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 #BobsBurgers
12-12-2022 07:06
Me, an ICU HCW, as I watch the end of San Andreas when the Rock performed CPR for 8 mins, his daughter magically is… https://t.co/hl42cRLaja
11-12-2022 02:08
@camsghassemi Oop everyone having funny responses and me being a social worker wanting to help educate
11-12-2022 00:46
@camsghassemi Gotta eliminate that external stimulation fam. We need those neurons firing on all cylinders!!
11-12-2022 00:45
RT @Ryandoofy: me after watching 100 minutes of France/England 'football' https://t.co/UiJQvQZNum
11-12-2022 00:43
0 152
RT @DGlaucomflecken: If your life depended on it, would you rather try to score a penalty kick, make a free throw, or pass the MCAT
11-12-2022 00:17
I would die for this fan? #francevsengland #WorldCup #WorldCup2022 https://t.co/LAVtFE9Fjg
11-12-2022 00:06
@RodGerardo Model to other residents how to treat staff, don’t fall into the trope of being the diva attending.
09-12-2022 07:57
My dog as a sweet Christmas pup 🎄 https://t.co/EL2Ctvgf1g
09-12-2022 07:55
Magisterialllllll https://t.co/sLsVb9cXpe
09-12-2022 02:29
RT @RayHudson: @JuanLunaN Covid finally attacked me amigo.... like Dracula onto a plate of liver...slowly getting better🤒
09-12-2022 02:29
You ever answer the phone “Hi this is Cass, oh hi, I love you” when you realize it’s just your work wife calling you? Me too
09-12-2022 00:44
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RT @rebexxxxa: alright folks its time .... what was the most chronically online discourse you saw this year mines gotta be "chopping tomat…
07-12-2022 17:29
I keep asking people to join the party planning committee at work and the manager keeps saying “this is a hospital,… https://t.co/KzhJ6hDndB
05-12-2022 17:16
#SnackVsChef after a few more episodes I’d like to say that my thoughts still stand about the judges but I’d like t… https://t.co/yzzU7KkLhh
04-12-2022 23:07
0 179
RT @nursekelsey: Me: *works frontlines in a COVID ICU, presents information from first hand experience, includes data & proof, cites journa…
04-12-2022 22:27
It’s so confusing because the contestants are all very amazing, diverse, and innovative. So weird. #SnackVsChef
04-12-2022 22:20
Everyone on the panel of this new @netflix show #SnackVsChef… not the greatest together? Why is the female chef jud… https://t.co/r6p0H7SuTu
04-12-2022 22:20
Oh baby https://t.co/Jv8KVaChY4
03-12-2022 19:44
0 161
RT @DGlaucomflecken: I’m boycotting windmills after this match. Never again will I say “oh look, a windmill!” I won’t even use fans. Cartwh…
03-12-2022 19:43
@momsdadskids Nope. I never liked it
03-12-2022 19:43
@doctorbaixue Love you so much ❤️
30-11-2022 17:16
@_Deven_ Love you ❤️
30-11-2022 17:16
@JoseNateras Love you ❤️
30-11-2022 17:16
@chakamomma Love you so much
30-11-2022 17:16
@sivametimbers Love you so much
30-11-2022 17:16
Today I got the news that I cannot have a baby naturally. I’m 1 in 8. I’m also 1 in 4. Doc said that there is no su… https://t.co/NOlamcfUtG
30-11-2022 01:12
As a person who’s mother died of multiple incurable and stigmatized illnesses, anytime I think ahout… https://t.co/1UqxcH5SRF
28-11-2022 17:05
@JoseNateras Omg truth. I’ve loved him for over a decade. Such a king
28-11-2022 07:50
God. I love #InsideJobS2 so much. SO MUCH
26-11-2022 20:58
2022 really do be the year of hot Hispanic men in everything annnnd I’m living for it. Ty Disney for 99% of it, act… https://t.co/pCOcsPHgg1
26-11-2022 05:24
@doctorbaixue Oh man, we love florence! Went there last time. Might hit you up for rome!
24-11-2022 21:17
@doctorbaixue We’re going to Rome, Parma, Venice, Milan! All the cheese n wine we need
24-11-2022 21:13
@cometeer yo we’ve ordered from you guys for over a year now and this is the first time we ever got coffee grounds… https://t.co/u1flPDOEXW
24-11-2022 21:11
@doctorbaixue Omg you’re right. Shit. Come meet me in Italy in March
24-11-2022 21:08
@doctorbaixue Lmao don’t come back here it’s trash baby, trash.
24-11-2022 20:58
Simply put: it is okay to set boundaries with family members who suck this holiday season. I’ve already rehearsed m… https://t.co/YK7bzMCRD6
24-11-2022 20:19
I just want everyone to know my name is Cass before everyone starts naming their babies Cass after Cassian #andor #ty
24-11-2022 03:38
@sivametimbers Yes
23-11-2022 19:03
@chakamomma @gunsnrosesgirl3 I would never.
23-11-2022 06:25
Day 3 of thirsting over. @diegoluna_ 😮‍💨 sorry to my actual husband and no one else https://t.co/WhdUTxCBlK
23-11-2022 06:24
@doctorbaixue 100%. Stinks so much
22-11-2022 20:01
@MMark1985 100% she doesn’t need to be punished
22-11-2022 20:01
Letitia wright has said some pretty insane things but she seems to have grown, acknowledged, and worked on the bett… https://t.co/A5lMBhNwe1
22-11-2022 17:26
0 2547
RT @ZoeRoseBryant: I’m sorry but, no matter what you think of her or her past comments - which, as she specified again here, she has alread…
22-11-2022 17:25
#andor is def my new fave show. I love it. I will thirst over Diego Luna any day of the week and don’t care who knows
22-11-2022 17:02
0 151
RT @DrCasteelEM: If you work in the ED in Chicago get comfortable with recognizing this ekg. Patient was found down outside and obtunded.…
21-11-2022 17:36
OG fans will remember him back in Y tu mamá también. Andor is reminding me of my Diego Luna stanning days https://t.co/lZInidj7nA
21-11-2022 05:41
Y’all Diego Luna as Cassian… he just continues to be daddy. I will die on this rock #Andor https://t.co/xDOIHlThkd
20-11-2022 23:07
Cardiology is my favorite type of drama https://t.co/bR30HFJbUF
18-11-2022 01:34
This is both my dream and nightmare #therapisttwitter #oversharer https://t.co/VPAAJRom0Y
17-11-2022 04:02
The ultimate trauma response? Becoming a social worker.
15-11-2022 17:10
Someone said “hey hotdog!” to my dog when I was walking inside and honestly they weren’t really wrong
15-11-2022 02:15
Reason 2 I need a vacation: Held elevator for a doctor and asked “what room?” instead of “what floor?” Thankfully… https://t.co/sG0Za0jsTv
14-11-2022 21:19
@nursekelsey Do you have an outlet to get out your personal stories? I hope so. If not, I’m here for you. Us ICU fo… https://t.co/hY7SeAHLMx
14-11-2022 17:41
I read “tampongate” and “tamponade” and I need a vacation starting a year ago? #MedTwitter
14-11-2022 17:25
0 3879
RT @drandrewb: Pediatric hospitals are limiting essential surgeries for children in operating rooms and we as adults are debating the disco…
14-11-2022 17:23
I loved #WakandaForever and I think we can all agree Namor is daddy right?? Like not to be that one but also, yeah https://t.co/LKlSCHuBON
13-11-2022 23:39
I cried during #BlackPanther #WakandaForever no less than 6-8 times. I just cried almost the whole time. https://t.co/VoKjUvUyAR
13-11-2022 07:00
3rd weekend in a row photographing families. All families of 4+ people. I. Am. Tired. I have literally thousands of photos to sift through 🫠
12-11-2022 21:26
@momsdadskids Bc there’s a cap son
12-11-2022 01:43
This is my most popular tweet of all time. Shout out to my homies that are healing from trauma. #mentalhealthmatters https://t.co/dZx1AteCTn
11-11-2022 19:15
@bellamiax @nursekelsey Sending so many hugs and love 🥲❤️
11-11-2022 19:15
@lindsey_korinek @nursekelsey Sending you hugs and love ❤️🥲
11-11-2022 19:14
@VEWilliamsNA @nursekelsey Sending you love and hugs 🥲
11-11-2022 19:13
@cocuzzo_kaitlyn @nursekelsey 🥲 sending lots of hugs
11-11-2022 19:13
I’ve never been more excited https://t.co/T806DQcE4K
11-11-2022 06:22
0 471
RT @DGlaucomflecken: Calm down everybody. Twitter won’t end. It can’t end. It’s a neurosurgery residency and we’re doing all the fellowship…
11-11-2022 06:22
0 36447
RT @garlicbreadsIut: There’s an ethereal almost religious energy coming from this photo of a pregnant guinea pig getting an ultrasound http…
11-11-2022 06:20
@BecomingaThera Be kind to yourself. You’re learning. Ask questions. Jump in even if you’re scared. Trust your gut.… https://t.co/S5tK4BK70V
11-11-2022 06:16
Shout out to all the lil 4 of levos, lil amios, lil vasos, and lil props #medtwitter https://t.co/Wi4erus0Pt
11-11-2022 01:41
@nursekelsey Sending you chilly air, warm blankets, hugs, coffee and peace of mind. It’s hard to accept and over co… https://t.co/i7E2wO6d0u
11-11-2022 01:37
My toxic personality trait is thinking I’m pregnant every time I’m a little mildly ill
11-11-2022 00:26
@nursekelsey Probably because my trauma response is to take care of everyone who can’t care for their selves or I feel worthless🥲🫠
11-11-2022 00:18
Between 6 of my patients, 9 organs are needed. Guys I am TIRED. #MedTwitter
11-11-2022 00:16
Am I too old to become a doctor? The more I work in the ICU the more I wanna be a doctor. Or a Medical Ethicist 🙃 b… https://t.co/oppwBU3RUM
10-11-2022 19:04
@Retro_GT YES. I remember my horrendous academic advisor telling me I’m probably not cut out for SW. Here I am year… https://t.co/be9Hdx5xuQ
09-11-2022 21:52
0 2417
RT @DrEricDing: This what happens when a bunch of kids have been FORCED TO DO ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILLS in 🇺🇸schools for a decade finally regis…
09-11-2022 21:50
It’s gonna be me https://t.co/oVEI5kBbbI
09-11-2022 21:49
RT @YahooNews: Princess Märtha Louise, the daughter of Norway’s King Harald, said she no longer will officially represent the Norwegian roy…
09-11-2022 21:48
Good afternoon to everyone in the following PA areas: Allentown, Philly, and Pittsburgh. To the rest of Pennsylvan… https://t.co/SJtcBeGceG
09-11-2022 21:37
@lukecourtright @CityofEvanston @AMCTheatres W o w
08-11-2022 22:30
Do most people who live near major cities also call it “the city” when talking to suburbanites?
08-11-2022 17:10
@lukecourtright Yes chef
08-11-2022 17:03
The one thing I hate about non-iPhone users is that we can’t end our text convo with a liking of message. Now I jus… https://t.co/UyEyUJUlSa
08-11-2022 02:00
0 1798
RT @enews: Aaron Carter has passed away. 💔 https://t.co/HCKX7qJ2iD https://t.co/7tiXr67zXA
06-11-2022 01:07
It’s almost 2023 but why does it feel like 2019 yesterday?
05-11-2022 06:41
Hi #TherapistTwitter I see you trending, let’s be friends. I’m an ICU LCSW 🫠 (willingly I guess) https://t.co/sczdPNvaFD
05-11-2022 00:56
@_Deven_ I wrote social worker and put arrows down at my computer ahahahhaha I bet I could also just unplug the lap… https://t.co/nh9aVsILYU
04-11-2022 16:38
FUCKING FINALLY!!!!!! Ugh this is my literal favorite show. https://t.co/CSlmJFaaES
04-11-2022 02:19
I have a desk at my job. Have always had this desk. I have personal shit all over it. It literally is the office fo… https://t.co/BI3W30y5n7
03-11-2022 23:40
0 11879
RT @vintagefantasy_: Me when he asks what I like to do for fun https://t.co/qLj88QIRBE
03-11-2022 23:37
@lukecourtright No
03-11-2022 23:37
0 183
RT @TODAYshow: The couple each represented their countries in the Miss Grand International competition. "Congratulations to both of you.…
03-11-2022 07:51
@cscla @cryptovitas It’s the small things in life!
03-11-2022 07:46
Me today when psych referenced my consult where I discussed a patient’s familial history and the direct link to the… https://t.co/L0jj4f5MEA
03-11-2022 07:42
Starbucks, it is literally the 2nd of November. https://t.co/2s7XsU2ob5
03-11-2022 03:12
But she pulled through for Halloween yall. She really did. https://t.co/Ha0V6qByXK
02-11-2022 19:27
0 112
RT @StylistMagazine: The term describes “an extended period of instability and insecurity”. Collins says it is one of several words it has…
02-11-2022 18:15
DoorDash, I do not live in the lake. Why is this happening. https://t.co/srDHFW3CH3
02-11-2022 03:10
0 51581
RT @saint: RIP Takeoff 💔 1994-2022 https://t.co/WpIys0zUwt
01-11-2022 16:21
Omg. Not takeoff! This is so sad. #riptakeoff
01-11-2022 16:18
I feel like Julia Fox’s halloween outfit is too tame. Come on girl, I was rooting for ya
31-10-2022 02:41
I don’t think you guys really understand how much this household hardcore stans @gailsimmons of @BravoTopChef. Like… https://t.co/MqKXs5n0Xa
28-10-2022 04:25
If I’m pregnant, I want everyone to know my dog called it. He has not been leaving me alone ALL NIGHT and keeps staring at me 🫠
26-10-2022 05:38
I need more friends/acc to follow on #therapisttwitter #socialworktwitter and #lcswtwitter pls. Pls be my friend. I’m an ICU medical LCSW.
26-10-2022 02:04
@comicsmademegay @dopee_royalty_ I think she meant it in terms of progression. First msw, then licensed masters soc… https://t.co/ciGYUQ2GKq
26-10-2022 02:03
@dopee_royalty_ Love the progression from MSW -> LMSW -> LCSW. That’s stone cold GOALS. I achieved that and am now… https://t.co/7tzVo3WmCd
26-10-2022 02:01
@SaltyLikeSaline UGH. I’m sorry. Please don’t stop being you and doing this.
26-10-2022 01:59
My favorite response I’ve ever gotten from a resident after telling them something nice after a hard day: https://t.co/UfTyfzWBcE
26-10-2022 01:58
@doctorbaixue That’s so amazing! And I didn’t expect any less sweetness from you. Love that you help out!
26-10-2022 01:56
@nursekelsey When our patients pass and I know it’s coming, I usually print out their heart rhythm and digitally ed… https://t.co/gYlQ7JNRrj
26-10-2022 01:55
Cardiovascular system, duh https://t.co/Vc2C4lroR4
26-10-2022 01:49
@doctorbaixue I thought of you immediately ❤️ https://t.co/vrtLpR4zpx
25-10-2022 16:39
0 155
RT @TheBlondeRN: No one should have to fear being shot at work. This is the grim reality. Nurses are 3 times more likely than any other pr…
25-10-2022 00:45
0 10507
RT @S_Insley_H: Love the thing where Outlook deletes emails about meetings if I rsvp to them. Very helpful. Zero chance I'll need to look a…
25-10-2022 00:43
0 22592
RT @nottodayyoubum: RIP TO A LEGEND OK. WE STAN LESLIE JORDAN FOREVER https://t.co/wNltHsrVkt
24-10-2022 23:03
0 12378
RT @kalluzeblover: NOT LESLIE JORDAN I HATE LIFE https://t.co/EJtjrpi0vH
24-10-2022 23:02
THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! I AM DEVASTATED 🥺😭😭😭 https://t.co/Yi7czXfulH
24-10-2022 23:02
@abbyobenchain @nursekelsey Honestly I 100% don’t think patient reps get enough credit. They’re amazing people who… https://t.co/RJB1iQSrGf
24-10-2022 23:00
My nephew said fuck your conformity trees deserve orange beads https://t.co/gax5U6dXwQ
24-10-2022 22:31
0 2490
RT @DrEricDing: How the hell does US have 9x & other European countries have 4x-8x the #COVID19 mortality rate as Japan??? ➡️Japanese have…
24-10-2022 19:11
0 1159
RT @HuffPost: PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, impacts millions of people, resulting in a host of different issues that may not seem con…
24-10-2022 19:09
@nursekelsey Also this is after the charge and unit managers go in there and say “no more”. this is after they’ve been talked to by us!
24-10-2022 19:08
@nursekelsey We get patient representatives involved. The patient reps advocate for the patient and hospital and me… https://t.co/SwrGvqQEVd
24-10-2022 19:07
I cant believe today is Sunday and I actually have to get up and put to use executive functioning skills ugh
24-10-2022 04:39
@Naj_ToTheJayy @honeypluton I use this too omg
24-10-2022 04:38
“Bigger than the whole sky” has me in my miscarriage feelings again, yall. Thank you @taylorswift13 #midnight #3am
23-10-2022 19:10
Kids: “yeah it’s blue like how Hades looks.” Me: “yeah like in the movie Herc-“ Kids: “yeah like Mal’s Dad.” Thi… https://t.co/rLQPYWSKUr
23-10-2022 04:50
0 17427
RT @RebekahMcKendry: Image from a horror movie? Nope. That’s the very real face of an ant. An ant. Now you have to think about that all n…
22-10-2022 16:06
Overheard on my way to my office today #medtwitter New cardiac fellow: I’m trying to figure out how to go to the g… https://t.co/ngF6Q07KJ2
22-10-2022 00:55
This new TS album is far too upbeat for me #Midnights
21-10-2022 16:13
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RT @PastaPrimcess: in a c section today the dad made a joke about us giving his wife a ‘husband stitch’ and the surgeon goes “we don’t do t…
21-10-2022 01:52
When the doctors office gives you a PHQ9 questionnaire but you’re an #LCSW “I don’t need to fill this out to tell you I’m a straight 18”
21-10-2022 00:57
Me looking at the MD who is about to interject to remind the patient about how this is his 2nd rodeo, that he won’t… https://t.co/NzsT9P2c0q
20-10-2022 00:20
I will never understand this shot @samsmith https://t.co/a8TB1edebl
20-10-2022 00:15
#medtwitter #transplantssavelives How I imagine it is when I hang out with my advanced therapy patients knowing th… https://t.co/3v2br8vlsb
19-10-2022 23:52
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RT @TheNormanLear: Today, having recently turned 100, I read Donald Trump’s appalling words about American Jews, and I am nine years old ag…
19-10-2022 16:26
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RT @TheNormanLear: I’m confident that that horrifying moment resulted in my early enlistment in WWII and the 52 combat missions over Nazi G…
19-10-2022 16:26
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RT @TheNormanLear: I was 9 years old when my dad was found to have committed fraud & was sent to prison for a few years. Alone in bed one n…
19-10-2022 16:26
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RT @marklewismd: PRO TIP: if someone refers to a patient as a consumer, they are not involved in the practice of medicine, they are in the…
19-10-2022 16:25
Epiphany by Taylor swift always gets me in my healthcare feels. I see people die on a daily basis and it’s such a b… https://t.co/RA3a3SWHnW
19-10-2022 16:23
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RT @snmrrw: I dont wanna victim blame but how did people look at this guy and not immediately clock him as a conman lol. https://t.co/bWc85…
19-10-2022 16:06
I ordered my espresso with 5 shots that is how tired I am. They never tell you after college that your tolerability… https://t.co/93WfSWWuZI
18-10-2022 16:45
@JoseNateras She got a donation in honor of her. She finished her joke. God damn Madelynne. https://t.co/rIfn8xzwpG
18-10-2022 16:22
But does @DGlaucomflecken agree? #cardsvsneph #medtwitter https://t.co/tacjUEz4jX
18-10-2022 05:36
This new resident group and I don’t vibe yet. Seniors won’t even look at me in the eyes. Minus the one senior resid… https://t.co/JU8OyWYNAL
18-10-2022 04:37
RT @shailinthomas: Did a mandatory wellness module write this? https://t.co/7B4AWRTGOY
18-10-2022 04:33
RT @Jimbo00o: The rush I get every morning from the USPS Informed Delivery Digest email is what I imagine club drugs to feel like
18-10-2022 04:32