Earl B Cuyler (@b_cuyler) — 🇺🇸 Executive VP @FunkyFingerProd
@the_dyhbg2 https://t.co/nNhg8vMKhs
27-03-2023 05:39
@WHOISSCRAP Lame tweet
27-03-2023 05:38
@luhbutterboo Yall Mexican?
27-03-2023 05:37
@got_cake What would you say are the was the most influential thing created by non Black Americans? He may have a point there.
26-03-2023 21:58
@SykhereBrown Or that we just influential asf. Period.
26-03-2023 21:56
@realkingsimon @DailyLoud I can't tell.
26-03-2023 19:33
RT @ctreid89: These type of accusations would’ve got a town burned down many years ago. #JohnathanMajors
26-03-2023 19:05
@ctreid89 Damn
26-03-2023 19:05
@HLWDShuffle 😂
26-03-2023 19:03
@realkingsimon @DailyLoud Are you Black?
26-03-2023 19:01
@the_dyhbg2 Allegedly
26-03-2023 18:59
@got_cake Aww ok. So that includes US. I can dig it. And for the record I am neither.
26-03-2023 18:58
@DiiLiite https://t.co/x5zwtMUNYq
26-03-2023 17:32
@got_cake Ain't he Haitian? So he talking about Pierre's?
26-03-2023 17:31
@princessprinay It's just a question Princes.
26-03-2023 06:13
@princessprinay Is that the only one?
26-03-2023 06:08
@MikeBaggz So they can take our place. He'll NO
26-03-2023 06:07
@dirtydeb95 West side Kansas City: peace officers East side Kansas City: law enforcement
26-03-2023 06:07
@dirtydeb95 Allegedly 🤞
26-03-2023 06:05
@BlotterMonkey Who is that
26-03-2023 06:04
@DiiLiite Now thas good home training.
26-03-2023 06:01
@MikeBaggz I knew it.
26-03-2023 05:48
@robinn_ranger https://t.co/qKeJrrLsZF
26-03-2023 05:41
@DiiLiite You betta still take that jacket wit you.
26-03-2023 05:40
@ThaSnazzle @SouthDallasFood Yea.
26-03-2023 05:39
@got_cake Are you familiar with the twist?
26-03-2023 05:39
@got_cake @mr6ixass It lacks lyricism, it's scattered, shotty vocals. Its sounds like a stream of consciousness wit… https://t.co/eiss0urpuY
26-03-2023 05:38
@darky07025216 Probably but things are waaaaay different outside of a gated community in Ghana.
25-03-2023 21:47
@mr6ixass @got_cake He literally said what he said. He was speaking facts.
25-03-2023 21:45
@MerJazz1 @GhanaianSavage Damn
25-03-2023 21:41
@Al_B_Done EV ER
25-03-2023 19:55
@BreakingBrown O M G https://t.co/64rnbTcKKt
25-03-2023 19:55
@darky07025216 Yeah he's probably in a gated compound. He should be straight.
25-03-2023 19:52
@wishbumpycoulda @dirtydeb95 It got almost 17k followers on here.
25-03-2023 19:47
@Izuna99 @AsianTigersJp Like your mom.
25-03-2023 19:46
This https://t.co/T3miICquR7
25-03-2023 19:39
@DiiLiite Yep
25-03-2023 19:38
@benscoalum1 Dang.
25-03-2023 19:36
@mr6ixass @got_cake He right tho. https://t.co/tawgzEZzii
25-03-2023 19:35
Facts afro beats = trash https://t.co/n7h46h4mVK
25-03-2023 19:34
@NeloZeed @Rhythm1975 Facts
25-03-2023 19:32
@GhanaianSavage Man I bet they got some baddies over there.
25-03-2023 19:31
@darky07025216 I pray he doesn't get robbed. 🙏
25-03-2023 19:28
@got_cake Oh it does? I'll have to research. Thanks for the interesting post.
25-03-2023 19:15
@darky07025216 @princessprinay That's called white supremacy. The build freeways and highways through Black neighbo… https://t.co/RXGY8j7Tot
25-03-2023 18:43
@Dos51788559 Where is the lies tho?
25-03-2023 18:33
https://t.co/ROpkFmPGAr https://t.co/qNNCgcGjzL
25-03-2023 18:26
@TalentOverHype @BreakingBrown You still at work I see. https://t.co/J9rzFjLUTp
25-03-2023 18:26
@Al_B_Done @TalentOverHype @BreakingBrown https://t.co/jS8eckGsmF
25-03-2023 18:25
https://t.co/Uj48W2Ia3o https://t.co/qj77ZclKJQ
25-03-2023 18:24
@Cadet_23 @Amazon_Queenn @BreakingBrown Man shutcho azz up. The United States bozo.
25-03-2023 18:23
@dirtydeb95 Give us the money What's the charge Not giving us your money
25-03-2023 18:20
This thread is hilarious 😂 https://t.co/clKnu3Uw2e
25-03-2023 18:05
😂 https://t.co/rLLzMi5xJ5
25-03-2023 18:04
@ThaSnazzle @SouthDallasFood ThaSnazzle has entered the chat.
25-03-2023 18:04
@Al_B_Done @dirtydeb95 Damn even the family said don't go.
25-03-2023 18:00
RT @BurnEr92976227: ❤️🖤💚Burna Boy should raise $10 million dollars to help fund 2nd and 3rd generation African and West Indian immigrants i…
25-03-2023 18:00
@BurnEr92976227 🔥 Brilliant
25-03-2023 17:59
@DiiLiite https://t.co/66TizGDc45
25-03-2023 17:59
@SouthDallasFood @tacobueno @tacobueno what gives?
25-03-2023 17:57
@darky07025216 @princessprinay Most people that move to suburbs still own homes and pay taxes in their old neighbor… https://t.co/S2Mh0s8ECg
25-03-2023 17:55
@got_cake This is beautiful. I can see the Black American influence reaches globally. #labomba
25-03-2023 17:53
@quantumblackne2 @dirtydeb95 Deep
25-03-2023 17:49
RT @FAIRImmigration: How Manhattan Hotels Became Refuges for Thousands of Migrants https://t.co/S8XHY4KfD6
25-03-2023 17:47
@Apanage21 @YouTube Damn. Model minority for scams.
25-03-2023 17:42
@darky07025216 @princessprinay That's not fleeing, it's called moving.
25-03-2023 17:35
@MaadyBK67 @GhanaianSavage She licked what?
25-03-2023 03:59
@princessprinay Are you thique? What country you from?
25-03-2023 03:56
@NS68156617 @princessprinay 😂 Oh we know.
25-03-2023 03:55
@DiiLiite Facts
24-03-2023 23:09
@DiiLiite The hair sto. I love you. 😂
24-03-2023 21:25
@princessprinay Apples and oranges home-boy. That's just one Black American. Out of 50 million. We not leaving en mass like other people.
24-03-2023 21:24
@princessprinay And where is that? Respectfully
24-03-2023 21:23
@princessprinay He probably just wanted to experience something different. Why you flee your homeland.
24-03-2023 21:19
@got_cake Fuuuck that's horrible. I couldn't imagine working around all white people then coming home to a white he… https://t.co/ZgqLzSiTAa
24-03-2023 21:14
@UncleTom_Tehuti @got_cake Quite delectable.
24-03-2023 19:33
Humiliation?????? https://t.co/PKTJAJ9vEj
24-03-2023 18:11
@GhanaianSavage I was 17.
24-03-2023 18:11
@got_cake Guilt?
24-03-2023 18:07
@GhanaianSavage Damn that was in 2001. Wtf
24-03-2023 18:06
@BornMelanin I don't blame you.
24-03-2023 18:03
@Black_Action Most cherished moments https://t.co/qs0GhSU3HY
24-03-2023 17:56
@BornMelanin You know you like it.
24-03-2023 17:54
RT @Hiphop_Banelvin: Chaka Khan 😍🩷💫 https://t.co/xcrZQOrghl
24-03-2023 17:26
Man wtf. https://t.co/YUhn2JwJge
24-03-2023 17:13
@Pauline98476699 I don't know about all that but that sht was straight trash.
24-03-2023 15:20
@FuriousRobinson @MikeBaggz Oh so you a kuhn. I feel "comfortable" being Black every fkn where I go.
24-03-2023 14:04
@MaraviWarrior @HenriettaSnacks @got_cake @PIainGoIdRing @darky07025216 @AndersChukwu @wonispotts @Albrando213 Man SYBAU
24-03-2023 07:42
@p1mpthesystem https://t.co/aRowgXX1DG Definitely not in Nigeria.
24-03-2023 07:36
@snarkylicious @2RawTooReal Bitxh do you know how to read. I said BLACK AMERICAN. I never said she wasn't American.… https://t.co/EQQEo3dzsA
24-03-2023 07:34
@got_cake @MerJazz1 @roskioski @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel I'm sure you heard of all… https://t.co/kZfieY0Ecr
24-03-2023 07:18
@HakHinton When they all agree you know it's anti-Black American.
24-03-2023 07:00
@vroses1390 @Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal https://t.co/BrIlw5LlKf
24-03-2023 06:54
@Audra213Audra2 @2RawTooReal https://t.co/6fblZh7rOi
24-03-2023 06:51
@Grapesoda5000 @2RawTooReal @GullahRehabbed Nga what. Don't play wit me dawg.
24-03-2023 06:38
@Grapesoda5000 @2RawTooReal @GullahRehabbed He was just complaining about being broke because Kamammy wasn't paying him.
24-03-2023 06:28
@Grapesoda5000 @ceciesq0213 @Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @_ethatsme @2RawTooReal Exactly. Why would she even bring… https://t.co/O8p46lDjfJ
24-03-2023 06:24
@Grapesoda5000 @ceciesq0213 @Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @_ethatsme @2RawTooReal That's the point bozo.
24-03-2023 06:17
@vroses1390 @Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal You want her to Black so bad. Why is that. You probably come f… https://t.co/anOhnD3079
24-03-2023 06:16
@amsmadwoman @Fly_Sistah @Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @_ethatsme @2RawTooReal "A Black study group". Really. Yall re… https://t.co/qhFZdpWDrY
24-03-2023 06:11
@ceciesq0213 @Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @_ethatsme @2RawTooReal That's the point. She just pandering to Black people.
24-03-2023 06:10
@archie2445 @_ethatsme @GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal Cool comeback 😎
24-03-2023 06:08
@vroses1390 @Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal That's the point smart azz. Black people don't celebrate no da… https://t.co/orqspolhrg
24-03-2023 06:08
@Fly_Sistah @Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @_ethatsme @2RawTooReal Civil rights activist????? Are yall smoking sherm.… https://t.co/fepL18zR42
24-03-2023 05:42
@Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @_ethatsme @2RawTooReal Ain't nobody tryna read that sht. This lady said Tupac was the… https://t.co/FezKiiXYqp
24-03-2023 05:33
@archie2445 @_ethatsme @GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal She's a 🤡.
24-03-2023 05:24
@2RawTooReal Your making my point tho. I see jerk chicken. I see curry goat. What I don't see is a Black American.… https://t.co/2zyTGBEHOq
24-03-2023 05:23
@Jo25182640 @GullahRehabbed @_ethatsme @2RawTooReal Yall really think this woman identify with Black people? So I g… https://t.co/4ol2s7Qor6
24-03-2023 05:00
@Jo25182640 @_ethatsme @GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal That's not even the point. She was raised in Canada in all all… https://t.co/URILrGbYGl
24-03-2023 04:54
@ByeFlawl3ss Not me I'm worried about them teddies. Let's slide
24-03-2023 04:41
@SouthDallasFood Hot sandwiches 🥪 Oxymoron
24-03-2023 04:40
@robinn_ranger Can't wait to see um.
24-03-2023 04:39
RT @Amazon_Queenn: I'm so tired of black people, specifically ados listening to white people who have economic resources that you don't. We…
24-03-2023 04:39
@Amazon_Queenn Wait so all we have to do is buy a house for our kids. Woah
24-03-2023 04:39
@AllieYoup The holocaust. https://t.co/hAviAXKUto
24-03-2023 04:37
@YoMane21 @Yay_Bryce He must've did some foul sht.
24-03-2023 04:32
@ScottLamotte69 @Yay_Bryce Says the owner of the only gun in America.
24-03-2023 04:30
@_ethatsme @GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal What about Barack? Is he he Black American?
24-03-2023 04:28
RT @dirtydeb95: #ClaimTheName https://t.co/4T8lNUjmIa
24-03-2023 04:26
@dirtydeb95 Woah
24-03-2023 04:26
@spear_dagger @Rhythm1975 Good point
24-03-2023 04:25
@malarki51 Holy sht
24-03-2023 04:25
@_ethatsme @GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal Indian is a nationality not a race baby girl. We gone get it together tho. https://t.co/OjFZOzy7m3
24-03-2023 04:22
@Ghost90111 Like the rest of our phones.
24-03-2023 04:12
@Renegade341 🙏
24-03-2023 04:11
@TheNamesJeffrey You gotta go raw for that.
24-03-2023 04:10
@iiPepper_ https://t.co/sIkbTJse9i
24-03-2023 04:10
@PayMyMfnPhone I knew it
24-03-2023 04:09
@GullahRehabbed @2RawTooReal Hella stupid how? Her mama was white. Her dad doesn't identify as Black. Am I missing something?
24-03-2023 04:08
@GhanaianSavage That's wild because I really never look at a chick feet.
24-03-2023 04:06
@555_Belleza Damn. I just got moist.
24-03-2023 04:05
@Lola_Bryck @TheTrinity_Fatu These chick's are 🔥. Hit the dm
24-03-2023 04:04
@Amazon_Queenn @dirtydeb95 Thassa good point. I'm from here. This is my tribe. #ADOS
24-03-2023 04:03
@bold_justice Imma say yes. She/her is definitely trans something.
24-03-2023 04:01
@BornMelanin Facts tho. Do not disturb.
24-03-2023 04:01
@2RawTooReal @GullahRehabbed Aww ok and that's cool. I'm just saying don't tow the line if you ain't getting the dime.
24-03-2023 04:00
@GullahRehabbed @VP @KamalaHarris Black and Asian????.. Take your curry collard greens and sit down somewhere. https://t.co/i1pnjmzpu6
24-03-2023 03:58
@2RawTooReal @GullahRehabbed All this yapping for Kamammy and you still ain't made it in the big house.… https://t.co/rHOH8psFri
24-03-2023 03:57
@zarena03 @Tonyrsr773 @colorfullstory https://t.co/FXz3YPN4Us So more of this.
24-03-2023 03:54
@Helium617 @LucyBibb @thecamppugilist Damn that was uncalled for. What tribe do you descend from?
24-03-2023 03:45
@zarena03 @Tonyrsr773 @colorfullstory Sit down and eat the catfish nuggets your uncle Joe gave for your vote.
24-03-2023 03:14
Flag twitter in a nutshell. https://t.co/eRVp5yz1oU
24-03-2023 03:04
@DrVirgo1981 https://t.co/lpzPyvNpLe
24-03-2023 03:01
@malarki51 I remember when we had a coffee. She was so sweet.
24-03-2023 02:45
I love this lady. https://t.co/QLZCgRqjsD
24-03-2023 02:43
0 22078
RT @AfricanArchives: At 16, Yvette Stevens joined the Black Panther Party. She was responsible selling the Black Panther newspaper & helpin…
24-03-2023 02:43
@PIainGoIdRing @got_cake @darky07025216 @HenriettaSnacks @AndersChukwu @wonispotts You eating today. And with such… https://t.co/CkHQfiU6Ij
24-03-2023 02:42
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel W fish
24-03-2023 01:08
@MikeBaggz Dafuq. Thas messed up kid. They stoop lower and lower by the day.
24-03-2023 00:45
@BlackdiasporaV1 @DGoddess27 He need to tell all the african immigrants here to "cOmE hOmE". This is our damn home.
24-03-2023 00:44
@Omojonah69 @DGoddess27 Hell no. Africans sold my ancestors. Fk all that noise.
24-03-2023 00:42
@justKDHN @DGoddess27 We're they slaves?
24-03-2023 00:41
@NoGamesOnNotice @DGoddess27 Big time
24-03-2023 00:41
@candyapplesforu @DGoddess27 tAlK hEaVy pUeEn How you sound
24-03-2023 00:41
@beatbumps @DGoddess27 Well said yo azz. Sit down
24-03-2023 00:40
@AroJohnson527 @DGoddess27 Oh damn https://t.co/YIfuAWT9D7
24-03-2023 00:40
@DiiLiite Yo https://t.co/I6QVM3NBIs
24-03-2023 00:36
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel How you using my stuff aga… https://t.co/Ja4SmhhhGO
24-03-2023 00:35
😂 AAVE at its best https://t.co/LlGODrRAyV
24-03-2023 00:33
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel https://t.co/ACqu4sVkrg Pl… https://t.co/d2X0jtc8Sr
24-03-2023 00:25
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel Great question. Our politi… https://t.co/PiNJvFnLXP
24-03-2023 00:22
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel That's actually not true.… https://t.co/9z8ahJ38NH
24-03-2023 00:19
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel I think you mistake presen… https://t.co/8riX4Dl2aq
24-03-2023 00:17
@DiiLiite 😂
23-03-2023 23:55
@axlevirgil @roskioski @tariqnasheed Oh ok cool So what you talking about then?
23-03-2023 23:45
@axlevirgil @roskioski @tariqnasheed Where you from?
23-03-2023 23:39
@axlevirgil @got_cake This is twitter dude. Relax.
23-03-2023 23:08
@axlevirgil @roskioski You literally called him a monkey. Cmon dude .
23-03-2023 23:07
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel Well if we're just going w… https://t.co/PJ2qSIGfCF
23-03-2023 23:03
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel That's not exactly compara… https://t.co/L92IHmZe8U
23-03-2023 23:00
@got_cake @roskioski @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel I'm not sure but… https://t.co/JK7tDI3UGp
23-03-2023 22:56
@roskioski @got_cake @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel I'm guessing not an actual… https://t.co/j3fabpboB2
23-03-2023 22:54
@Beyoku https://t.co/PoXm0s4kfl
23-03-2023 22:21
@roskioski @got_cake @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel Here ya go. Please 🛑. https://t.co/74absKTqmo
23-03-2023 22:20
@narsha_adey Wow
23-03-2023 22:19
@rolandsmartin https://t.co/FirE6qql5r
23-03-2023 22:18
@roskioski @got_cake @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel Yeah really. Why are Ethi… https://t.co/IRlwEPV1hF
23-03-2023 22:17
@roskioski @got_cake @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel The stats are we not at wa… https://t.co/cYlWehgi2J
23-03-2023 22:15
@robinn_ranger Hell yeah. Where you still them pumpkins from?
23-03-2023 22:13
@roskioski @got_cake @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel https://t.co/BbLmmFxaZP So… https://t.co/hi6zfv4dhb
23-03-2023 22:12
@roskioski @got_cake @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel You the one that's Ethiopi… https://t.co/t8iegisPRY
23-03-2023 22:10
@roskioski @got_cake @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel How's Tigray doing? Was that 100 years ago?
23-03-2023 22:07
@SoulAmerican2 Oh snap https://t.co/OZOI2l41w8
23-03-2023 22:06
@TrevonIsa Oh wow. Thas how you break down right there.
23-03-2023 21:58
@darky07025216 Man fk all that noise. Ain't nobody tryna hear that sht.
23-03-2023 21:57
@AndersChukwu @PIainGoIdRing @got_cake @darky07025216 @HenriettaSnacks @wonispotts https://t.co/cBg9fOZk4d
23-03-2023 21:56
@roskioski @got_cake @MerJazz1 @HenriettaSnacks @KvnngKierra @BrandoSpark @bannedyoangel You Ethiopian yall don't even think yall Black.
23-03-2023 21:44
RT @GhanaianSavage: @got_cake @b_cuyler @Galoa2256 I'm not. Just having a conversation. Sometimes even with those we disagree with we can…
23-03-2023 21:41
Now thassa word. 🔥 https://t.co/VeVWYaYPVu https://t.co/YgBD940exl
23-03-2023 21:41
@BornMelanin Strength is like a battery. It can wear down. Take time to recharge Pooh. https://t.co/MOfi4kve1K
23-03-2023 21:40
@JacobLanierWx @fox4kc Southern Missouri sucks. https://t.co/GAuUQbCmxr
23-03-2023 21:38
@HaroldRKuntz3 @fox4kc 😎
23-03-2023 21:37
#Facts https://t.co/FVkzRy3Clt
23-03-2023 21:36
@glenthecreator @SoulAmerican2 👀
23-03-2023 21:36
@GwittyIzPaper @Steamsley Nice
23-03-2023 21:35
@Galaxibrain To live. Damn.
23-03-2023 21:33
@FAIRImmigration I see the Biden administration has this thing all figured out.
23-03-2023 21:31
Yeesh https://t.co/Gm1MvarCYb https://t.co/395wwwCitW
23-03-2023 21:11
RT @GhanaianSavage: @b_cuyler @Galoa2256 @got_cake I too would like to apologize for any disrespect committed towards yall. We all have suf…
23-03-2023 21:08
@GhanaianSavage @Galoa2256 @got_cake MY MAN. I'm glad you entered the bro. My sentiments exactly.
23-03-2023 21:01