Alex (@alexsalz_96)
@yanweigay What’s this show!
25-01-2023 20:08
RT @sadtruthwords: Be my peace I got enough pain.
25-01-2023 17:15
Iloveyou I’m coming for you
25-01-2023 09:10
I let myself down by putting fantasies in my head about a future that isn’t ever gonna be real
25-01-2023 07:44
RT @Ioveandquotes: Why am I so afraid to lose you? You're not even mine.
25-01-2023 07:35
RT @baefeelingstxt: i want to hug someone and sleep
25-01-2023 07:31
RT @raed3xx: You are the warmest place I know
25-01-2023 06:59
RT @Ioveandquotes: I still believe in those cute relationships where it's all love, cuddles, gifts, and making cute faces at each other.
25-01-2023 06:49
RT @Ioveandquotes: Don't talk. Just act. Don't say. Just show. Don't promise. Just prove.
25-01-2023 06:49
RT @ohsadcasm: when a “promise” turns into a “sorry”
25-01-2023 06:03
RT @contextofwords:
25-01-2023 05:23
Wake me up to your love
25-01-2023 04:49
25-01-2023 04:16
I won’t let u go so keep ur hand in mine
25-01-2023 03:37
My heart is broken My soul is aching
25-01-2023 03:28
You don’t even care about us u checking out on us
25-01-2023 03:08
Tequila, loud music, an empty apartment, and a dry ass phone 🥂
25-01-2023 02:36
Feeling all the lonely and hurt now so I won’t have to feel it later
25-01-2023 00:45
My heart just keeps getting beat up over and over
24-01-2023 22:19
24-01-2023 21:15
I love that they’re together in real life❤️
24-01-2023 19:31
I give up 😞
24-01-2023 18:13
RT @TheFigen_: Fruit for friends. 💞
24-01-2023 17:28
RT @thetrulyfeel: one person with pure love is enough
24-01-2023 07:59
RT @raylla28s: Do not resist me 🥵🥵🥵 #GAPtheseries
24-01-2023 05:30
RT @sadlifepost: need someone who says “let’s fix this i can’t lose u”
24-01-2023 05:19
I just want someone to want me, to miss me, to fight for me, and to love me the way the way I do for them.
24-01-2023 02:52
RT @sadvibes_ig: i used to be afraid of losing people until i realized most of them were never really down for me anyway. even though my lo…
23-01-2023 05:41
RT @deeepestmsgs: i always stop trying when I feel unwanted.
23-01-2023 04:52
RT @SAPPHlST: feeling crazy about mon's hand on sam's neck again oh god #ทฤษฎีสีชมพูEP9
22-01-2023 21:23
RT @vibinniap: I never make the same mistake twice, I make it nine or ten times
22-01-2023 07:07
RT @weirdterrifying: The force is strong with this mom... 😳
21-01-2023 17:10
RT @eternaltextmsgs: you're the one i wish to keep forever
21-01-2023 16:16
I know some mistakes are permanent… but I pray with all my heart that this one isn’t.
21-01-2023 09:06
RT @sadtruthwords: I know I'm a hard person. I'm sensitive, I'm moody, I need constant reassurance and I tend to overthink. but please don’…
20-01-2023 20:17
It hits me more and more every single day that she’s gone
20-01-2023 16:32
RT @feeIingsvibes: still you, and it'll always be you
19-01-2023 12:00
RT @sadtruthwords: Real love won't quit on you.
19-01-2023 08:35
How the fuck did my life just take a complete 180
19-01-2023 08:15
RT @thisdamntrue: being alone was never hard before i met u
19-01-2023 04:33
RT @Emowear333: My toxic trait? I can have my heart ripped out, stomped on and shoved down my throat and I'd still be there for that person…
19-01-2023 04:15
RT @lowkeyalbert: lack of communication leaves too much room for the imagination
17-01-2023 07:35
@sapphicslike Who are they?
17-01-2023 04:21
RT @sapphicslike: mon and sam
17-01-2023 04:16
RT @depressiontxts: the worst feeling is feeling unwanted by the person you needed the most.
17-01-2023 04:14
Starting to feel more and more out of place
17-01-2023 04:13
RT @unkonfined: How people treat you when you’re not at your best says a lot.
17-01-2023 04:07
RT @httpsnimroood: oh to be loved without begging.
12-01-2023 23:13
RT @itswords_: date to marry, that’s it.
12-01-2023 23:13
RT @Psychology_DQ: Psychology says, If you want to be trusted, be honest.
12-01-2023 23:12
RT @sadtruthwords: I have 3 sides: 1. The quiet side 2. The fun and crazy side 3. The side you never want to see
12-01-2023 23:11
Trying to fight off the depression and the demons
12-01-2023 15:25
RT @sadtruthwords: Dear heart, please let all these feelings fade.
12-01-2023 15:23
RT @sadlifepost: i can feel myself breaking, piece by piece.
12-01-2023 15:23
RT @sadlifepost: i miss going to bed with nothing on my mind.
12-01-2023 15:09
RT @PhilOfLife_: Sometimes their behavior is your answer.
12-01-2023 14:54
RT @wiseconnector: One rule
12-01-2023 08:29
Grass grows wherever you water it
11-01-2023 22:34
RT @lowkeydos: it sucks when you gotta keep yourself busy just to feel okay
29-12-2022 06:23
RT @salice_roseee: Sometimes you just have to let people lose you instead of driving yourself crazy & trying to show them why you’re worth…
29-12-2022 06:22
RT @itswords_: why is life testing me so hard lately? i mean i’ll survive but damn give me a break.
25-12-2022 15:57
RT @feeIingsvibes: twitter isn't just an app, it's my diary
24-12-2022 18:19
RT @bookpoets: don’t lose yourself
24-12-2022 05:06
RT @itswords_: i’m that person who sticks around longer than i should. but once i’m gone, i’m gone.
24-12-2022 05:06
RT @jakex47471543: jenna let emma win just to see her smile stop 😭
24-12-2022 03:02
RT @introvertsmemes: no offense to myself but wtfff am i actually doing
24-12-2022 03:00
RT @depressiontxts: i'm sorry for being annoying when i want to talk.. needy cause i miss you, emotional when i care and insecure because i…
24-12-2022 02:58
RT @SelectOutfit: sparkles
24-12-2022 02:57
RT @PoemHeaven: i did my best.
24-12-2022 02:55
RT @juliettespuppy: if alba were this close to me i’d probably faint
21-12-2022 08:17
RT @iamprincekash: Don’t let your love for somebody make you overlook the disrespect.
01-12-2022 17:52
RT @heyhoneyrae: No matter how real you are with somebody,they’re going to be who they are. End of discussion.
01-12-2022 11:56
RT @itswords_: I hate how I’m feeling rn.
23-11-2022 05:41
RT @livewithnoregrt: i met the saddest & happiest version of myself this year.
23-11-2022 05:33
RT @PoemHeaven: i find myself changing.
21-11-2022 13:55
RT @saddesttext: ⓘ This user doesn’t know what to do anymore.
30-10-2022 07:04
RT @PoemHeaven: conversations that are much needed.
28-10-2022 14:34
Every night apart kills me inside
15-10-2022 11:26
I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have her be mine❤️
09-10-2022 10:13
RT @Maxthepapi: You ever LOVED someone so much, you tried to understand them while they was hurting you.
06-10-2022 14:35
RT @777jorgeivan: Blocked me when we broke up, but couldn’t block yo ex when we was together
06-10-2022 14:30
RT @PoemHeaven: blindsided.
06-10-2022 14:16
RT @jervyfermin: "let's figure things out together" -- is a deep kind of love language we both don't know what lies ahead, & if we'll face…
05-10-2022 17:28
RT @PoemHeaven: it is what it is.
04-10-2022 18:08
RT @sadlifepost: if someone is okay in losing u they never really cared for u.
04-10-2022 18:08
RT @forsapphic: valkyrie sitting like she wanna attract women
04-10-2022 18:06
RT @ilysubby: idc if we kissed 29 times in the last 20 seconds i said i want ANOTHER ONE
04-10-2022 13:24
RT @feyiszn: The most dangerous person to be with is somebody that doesn't want to love you but also doesn't want to lose you.
04-10-2022 13:16
RT @jervyfermin: the unfamiliar love
04-10-2022 02:38
RT @forsapphic: shen xiaoting from kep1er
02-10-2022 16:50
RT @PoemHeaven: have you?
02-10-2022 10:08
RT @demonivity: *wipes vomit* idc what she’s doing
02-10-2022 03:20
RT @sadedposts: if multiverse exists, i hope other me is happy
28-09-2022 18:15
28-09-2022 05:07
RT @torylanez: I just want a fair chance .
27-09-2022 18:03
😩😩😩😩oneeee fuckkng daaayyyyy
27-09-2022 17:59
Guilty but it takes suchhh a long time to get me there
27-09-2022 17:58
RT @miacsosa: me: “never again” also me: *agains*
27-09-2022 17:54
RT @cosyluv: sleeping is nice until u wake up and realize ur still sad.
27-09-2022 17:13
RT @heyhoneyrae: Be uncomfortable for a few years so u can be comfortable for the rest of ur life.
27-09-2022 13:25
RT @ohanxiety: "can u multitask" yes actually i am losing my mind and chilling at the same time
26-09-2022 03:28
Shared my body, mind, heart, and soul just to be abandoned in the end. The more you let that sink in the deeper it…
26-09-2022 01:53
Leave it up to God and the Angels ❤️
26-09-2022 00:52
When you breakup but start ordering the same things they used to at restaurants and the same sugar rim strawberry margaritas 🥹😣🤦🏻‍♀️
25-09-2022 21:50
RT @IAmMyBestToday: Sometimes we forget that the ones who are truly here for us, who love us for who we are, who want us to grow & be happy…
25-09-2022 21:34
RT @Stillkeepingup: Khloe Kardashian and Michele Morrone (Massimo) is a duo I never knew I needed
25-09-2022 21:32
RT @RonneBrown_: You deserve to be in environments that bring out the softness in you, not the survival in you.
25-09-2022 21:25
RT @Iesbixn:
25-09-2022 19:53
RT @Iesbixn:
25-09-2022 19:49
RT @Iesbixn:
25-09-2022 19:47
RT @Iesbixn:
25-09-2022 19:47
One minute I’m “okay” and the next minute I’m sinking 😞
25-09-2022 19:42
I can’t get out of bed 😞💔😭
25-09-2022 19:33
Omg 😣all I want is this
25-09-2022 19:27
RT @jervyfermin: idk who needs to hear this but, loving them harder won't actually change them to be better or stay in your relationship.…
25-09-2022 19:14
I’m still in disbelief
25-09-2022 17:51
RT @PoemHeaven: they will realise the hard way.
25-09-2022 15:34
Trying my best not to overthink
25-09-2022 15:28
RT @WhoTFissim: I got less and less to say each day…
25-09-2022 09:31
RT @ilysubby: i would never cheat on you , i literally stare at pictures of you when i miss you
25-09-2022 09:18
I miss you so much when I think about sleeping in my bed without you 😭
25-09-2022 06:59
RT @gIoomyweather: sweater weather.
25-09-2022 06:47
RT @PoemHeaven: it still hits me sometimes..
25-09-2022 06:42
RT @PoemHeaven: daily reminder: if they wanna talk to you, they will. if they wanna be with you, they will. if they wanna make things wo…
25-09-2022 06:41
RT @PoemHeaven: you did the right thing.
25-09-2022 06:40
I don’t wanna run away from my pain but I don’t think I can stay here anymore
25-09-2022 05:21
Not sure why god is testing my heart but it will always remain pure
25-09-2022 03:57
RT @sadtruthwords: I hate being stuck between “keep trying” and “why bother”
25-09-2022 03:37
RT @23luvr: being delusional is so fun i’m really enjoying it
25-09-2022 03:36
Don’t wanna keep begging it’s just time to move on
25-09-2022 02:42
Idk why but I like sharing the bathroom with the person I’m with especially public bathrooms like wait in the stall…
25-09-2022 01:20
RT @sadtruthwords: I’ll never forget the way people betrayed me while my heart is pure.
24-09-2022 23:55
RT @forsapphic: this picture
24-09-2022 23:55
RT @sadtruthwords: Sometimes my mind gets angry, but my heart still cares.
24-09-2022 21:54
I’m trying 😞😓
24-09-2022 15:56
24-09-2022 15:55
24-09-2022 09:31
RT @Wavymafia: Never let a person tell you they don’t want you more than once.
24-09-2022 06:09
Having anxiety at work 😞
24-09-2022 04:17
RT @sadtruthwords: Never revenge, let them realize.
24-09-2022 04:09
RT @23luvr: it amazes me how smart and insanely stupid i can be at the same time
24-09-2022 04:03
RT @livewithnoregrt: heavy on, i shouldn’t have to ask u to show up for me u should already move like that.
24-09-2022 04:02
RT @forsapphic: this scene
24-09-2022 03:26
RT @jeniferrprince:
24-09-2022 03:24
Smoke starvation and sleep deprivation
24-09-2022 03:17
Sad music on replay to drain myself of this sadness
24-09-2022 02:19
Put this military mindset back to use
24-09-2022 01:22
I would do anything to bring this back to life I would walk on water to get back to you
24-09-2022 00:05
I can’t breathe I’m so weak
24-09-2022 00:01
SLANDER & NGHTMRE - Monster by SLANDER on #SoundCloud
23-09-2022 23:58
I really don’t know how I’m gonna make it out of this this time
23-09-2022 23:48
RT @Art0fLife_: train yourself to stop waiting for the “right time”.
23-09-2022 23:41
RT @livewithnoregrt: hope my story got a happy ending cus i been through some things i never deserved
23-09-2022 23:41
We’ll kill each other with silence
23-09-2022 23:41
RT @thahumorguy: Not killing myself is a personal achievement but u can’t brag about that at dinner parties
23-09-2022 23:30
RT @unkonfined: Don’t let anyone know what you’re doing until it’s done.
23-09-2022 23:29
Living my life sick to my fuckkng stomach
23-09-2022 22:34
RT @Maxthepapi: I'm definitely the type of person to take the long way home to listen to more songs.
23-09-2022 21:30
RT @333anxiety: if i stopped annoying you, u lost me
23-09-2022 21:29
RT @333anxiety: i need the longest warmest tightest hug
23-09-2022 21:27
RT @333anxiety: do you ever wanna just go home, but nowhere feels like home anymore
23-09-2022 21:24
RT @cloudninethings: imagine someone doing this for you:
23-09-2022 21:22
RT @itsmontyj: I don’t regret being good to people... because one day they’ll wish they still had that…
23-09-2022 21:00
Might start writing an autobiography hmmmm
23-09-2022 20:38
RT @Art0fLife_: they all doubted you, prove them wrong
23-09-2022 20:37
RT @VexKing: Early signs of self-sabotage: • Procrastination • Initiating conflicts • Not making decisions • Lack of accountability • Avoi…
23-09-2022 18:56
RT @saddesttext: we ignore truths for temporary happiness.
23-09-2022 18:55
RT @unworthylad: It's a too fucked up world to care anymore.
23-09-2022 16:11
RT @Brytside1: Keep pursuing your goals whether you're alone, broke, tired or scared. Keep going.
23-09-2022 16:05
RT @bookpoets: people really are capable
23-09-2022 16:05
RT @IAmSteveHarvey: 💯
23-09-2022 15:57
RT @sadtruthwords: Never sacrifice permanent happiness because of temporary pain.
23-09-2022 15:56
RT @Brytside1: Do it now, sometimes later become never.
23-09-2022 15:52
RT @itsnotjazminn: “me and who?” you and no one bc they don’t want you.
23-09-2022 15:51
RT @sadtruthwords: When you are trying your best not to cry then suddenly your tears fall.
23-09-2022 05:02
RT @sadtruthwords: Help me end this pain.
23-09-2022 05:02
RT @sadtruthwords: We all broke rules for someone and in the end, they hurt us.
23-09-2022 04:37
RT @daami___: Paint me however you want. I know my heart good & I’m solid.
23-09-2022 04:37
RT @MeganDavis256: I’m not crazy and they were lying the entire time. Trust is earned. I’ll never let anyone treat me the way they did ever…
23-09-2022 04:34
RT @hoesluvad: told myself never again and did it again
23-09-2022 04:29
RT @Wavymafia: You ever talk to someone and think "damn you not even you no more"
23-09-2022 04:27
RT @PoemHeaven: .. and then i lost you.
23-09-2022 04:18
Mental health down the fucking toilet entering the world of 0 fucking fucks
23-09-2022 03:53
RT @keepingpain: “u are what u eat” no wonder im not enough
23-09-2022 01:25
RT @genmnz: that soft spot i have for u is fading away bro
23-09-2022 01:25
RT @LAWOFATTRACTlON: “With love, there are no rules. The heart decides and what it decides is all that really matters.” ― Paulo Coelho
23-09-2022 00:53
RT @PoemHeaven: current mood:
22-09-2022 21:52
Non stop anxiety and shaking and nauseousness and stomach aches
22-09-2022 21:52
RT @ohanxiety: im ○ single ○ cuffed ○ alone ○ wasted ● sorry for existing
22-09-2022 16:50
RT @sadtruthwords: I had choices, but I chose you.
22-09-2022 16:49
RT @rjmxrelI: “it’s okay i don’t care” *starts crying*
22-09-2022 16:45
RT @sadtruthwords: Never forget how much I tried to keep you.
22-09-2022 05:36
To lose my love is to lose it all
22-09-2022 05:29