OLOGUNDE KEHINDE W (@WOLOGUNDE) — Committed to any cause I believe in. Unrepentant pro Israel, A Christian. Avid supporter of Manchester United. A Farmer. O&G Man
@obyezeks It doesn't change the fact that you are now an hypocrite,who turned away when your pple are throwing all… https://t.co/cx3CUaEWo1
26-03-2023 22:16
@Sholexx_ And the f**ls are the ones calling someone drug baron Maybe this one here has been shouting a new Nigeria is possible
26-03-2023 21:52
Fact https://t.co/GVoyLQ24xu
26-03-2023 21:48
@AbolajiDoherty @EmeIreke Those children of hatred can abuse any body,but they get easily irritated if you return t… https://t.co/QlZErc8w8u
26-03-2023 21:47
Amen https://t.co/I4n3MVkpXl
26-03-2023 20:26
RT @PastorMarvy: The entire South East made a Hero out of a candidate who made Anambra the erosion capital of the world, had 13 months (1yr…
26-03-2023 18:59
@B0lutife They will have started shouting visa ban in and down like a spoiled brat
26-03-2023 17:25
RT @okayodejohnson: For accommodating you in our Yorùbáland we deserve your respect. However, since you lack the nobility to honour your ho…
26-03-2023 16:51
@B0lutife Hope those impressionable, validation hungry and clout chasing Gen z can see the pattern. Those 'im Yorub… https://t.co/7ZGf9nV5rc
26-03-2023 14:20
@B0lutife What of Oby Ezekwezeli
26-03-2023 14:17
@KawuGarba You are right and it behoves on the party @OfficialAPCNg to reward loyalty and ensure Hon Ahmad Idris Wa… https://t.co/wfJE3eQBz6
26-03-2023 09:59
@AishaYesufu Not until this bigot is made to face the music will she have her senses returned
26-03-2023 00:47
@demola6319 Leave him,let Simon Ekpa get hold of him,he will know who's a rascal. He didn't know that Ekpa had alre… https://t.co/32FtS6B6Uk
25-03-2023 22:46
@simon_ekpa Now Simon Ekpa is a saviour,but few weeks ago he was a scoundrel. These guys are so gullible
25-03-2023 12:45
@EsuLaalu Ninu awe, jowo ma ja mi l'aawe o
25-03-2023 12:40
RT @B0lutife: Madam Oby, Sam Amadi, Charly Boy and other Igbo leaders of thought on this app are fond of setting prominent figures from oth…
25-03-2023 11:15
Ase o https://t.co/ODh7g1ECfJ
25-03-2023 11:14
@Gidi_Traffic E ni jere
25-03-2023 11:12
@Gidi_Traffic E ni here. Okan yin o ni bale. Keep stoking the embers of acrimony,it will consume you
25-03-2023 11:10
Obidient movement if not careful and check itself and the excesses of its headless mobs, might soon transform into… https://t.co/zKQG0WcAFi
25-03-2023 10:58
@danishhen2 @fkeyamo She's a monster now
25-03-2023 10:56
RT @FredrickNwabufo: Obidient movement may push Nigeria into crisis. National interest should dictate the terms of engagement of any group.…
25-03-2023 10:55
@Iam_Lajukay @Lord_Of_Warri Definitely,not an itsekiri man tweeted this. We are proud of our close relationship with itsekiri
25-03-2023 10:37
Injustice or understanding A player was placed on an indefinite suspension While another club refused to bow to the woke mob @ManUtd
24-03-2023 23:53
Police speak to Premier League player about a further alleged sexual offence - https://t.co/zHCvz4e9ND
24-03-2023 23:39
@OpeBee And those unfortunate fools will be the one shouting victimization and what not if the table is turned agai… https://t.co/iwCpC7dFVI
24-03-2023 19:04
@cbngov_akin1 @abikedabiri @AyoOyalowo @scarfizal @Equityoyo @Mr_JAGs @woye1 Hmmm.
24-03-2023 17:15
@Deborahmoses_s May God continue to bless and protect him. Amen
24-03-2023 10:57
@MAbdulkabyr May Almighty God hear your heartfelt prayers and grant you your wish this season
24-03-2023 09:55
RT @jomilleweb: This week, Prince William, The Prince of Wales, son of King Charles III, world’s most experienced diplomat, and Diana, much…
24-03-2023 09:32
@abati1990 Even you abati, thought you were a class above this.
24-03-2023 09:25
@Barakatizelove @Classycrystale1 @fkeyamo @PeterObi Headless mobs can't have brain
24-03-2023 00:33
@obyezeks @OfficialDSSNG @NigeriaGov @NGRPresident @OfficialAPCNg A nuisance is what you are
24-03-2023 00:15
6 people followed me and 4 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/yO4WiUUvvo
23-03-2023 22:52
@obyezeks @NigeriaGov @NGRPresident @MBuhari @OfficialDSSNG @NgLabour Keep inciting, even you if you run foul of th… https://t.co/JDvuDnZU7D
23-03-2023 22:44
@Juliobam22 @Mario9jaa Honestly
23-03-2023 21:38
They should mind their own goddam business https://t.co/lF2kBnPAJo
23-03-2023 21:15
RT @AbolajiDoherty: Stop destroying your country because you ain't favoured, be objective and positive.
23-03-2023 16:27
@Jack_ng01 You are as dumb as your principal
23-03-2023 16:16
@AmnestyNigeria This is what we have been telling them,the children of perdition and hatred, but whether they like… https://t.co/BXcLCXFuhu
23-03-2023 15:19
Therapeutic placebo for gullible followers https://t.co/YjFA6JzrgK
23-03-2023 14:56
@nerdyOx11 @ruffydfire @ARISEtv But you know a media house or agency can be sued right?
23-03-2023 12:55
@MalcolmInfiniti You lacked the moral Right to say this. You pandered to the headless mobs to incite ethnic violenc… https://t.co/o7ALT8sKJp
23-03-2023 09:38
@OpeBee Their brain is wired to be bigots, I was so happy he won, he deserved it and I believe he will be better th… https://t.co/KFnQCnXAlS
23-03-2023 09:22
@BolajiOyepoju May his memory continue to be a blessing.
23-03-2023 09:17
@wasuka2008 Ngige is one of those that worked against the party.
23-03-2023 09:15
That guy is actually psychotic https://t.co/lC6inVn14k
23-03-2023 09:08
@lollylarry1 If it were to be Lagos, that misfit of a journo @ruffydfire would have been convulsing But now they al… https://t.co/eBa03tHwcB
23-03-2023 08:55
@KemiOlunloyo May God almighty grant him the wisdom to steer the affairs of his state well.
22-03-2023 23:37
@ruffydfire @ARISEtv will be the next
22-03-2023 23:33
A very big congratulations to the newly elected governor of Zamfara state, @Daudalawal2023 No doubt your victory w… https://t.co/XnU92lMAOl
22-03-2023 23:32
@KemiOwonibi China and Russia will soon become the world leaders. Those clowns in the Western world should continue in their folly
22-03-2023 23:27
RT @Olamirewaju22: It's when a Fulani becomes governor of Anambra or an Igbo becomes governor of Sokoto, then let's try it in Lagos Nobody…
22-03-2023 23:14
@Mario9jaa None
22-03-2023 23:13
RT @koredemanuel: Join us for the RCCG April 2023 Holy Ghost Service taking place at the Redemption camp. Please RT🥳 https://t.co/NkoDL2cOSH
22-03-2023 23:13
RT @YorubaHeartland: Being Yoruba makes me proud! https://t.co/ZXLPzGAwZE
22-03-2023 22:56
@ValiantNig We have enabled enemies for so long
22-03-2023 21:38
RT @LegendaryJoe: BIAFRA 04 Unbeknownst to Col. Banjo, some soldiers under a Mid-Westerner called Lt. Col. Ochei made their way to the res…
22-03-2023 21:18
@LegendaryJoe Weldone oni gege ara
22-03-2023 21:18
If bigotry has a face...... https://t.co/vl4sUexBGb
22-03-2023 21:10
@Ade_Nurayn @alexottiofr ran on the platform of LP
22-03-2023 20:49
Amen https://t.co/sq3NC6NB88
22-03-2023 20:01
Good one but not all the time do we have to glorify mobs with response https://t.co/qRgf5v5Md8
22-03-2023 19:58
A very big congratulations to Abia state. May the tenure of Alex Otti usher in a period of tremendous growth. Abia… https://t.co/zdxuSy2I62
22-03-2023 19:52
Land of the billionaires https://t.co/ojaT1XR4En
22-03-2023 18:25
They will be put to shame https://t.co/IlzVKj3bhc
22-03-2023 18:20
@Gilowealth @EleyiLagos Sanwo is spineless. Wike needs to take the dude under his tutelage
22-03-2023 18:16
RT @Asakemijimi: According to them,only the Igbo tribe has the right to insult,gaslight &curse people.If you retailiate,they will gather yo…
22-03-2023 17:58
RT @OyinAtiBode: Bcos Yorùbás are always quiet, d "children of hate" created so much lies even some gullible Yorùbás started 2 believe them…
22-03-2023 17:57
@Sholexx_ When you're looking for how hypocrisy looks like,look no further,thats the face their, Oby
22-03-2023 14:36
@iyaboawokoya @PeterObi @obyezeks And they have millions of those ignoramus minions. They're a blight on our nation… https://t.co/TfX6cQ9nN6
22-03-2023 10:51
He needs to give his horde of headless mobs something to chew on while he milk some undiscerning of the I'll gotten… https://t.co/jvf3NvDqIc
22-03-2023 10:48
Oponu ayirada https://t.co/JO5cHF1Pc1
21-03-2023 23:07
Just like what it's been done with @ARISEtv https://t.co/yTtZYeCgoj
21-03-2023 22:54
@centredevils Chadwick
21-03-2023 22:48
@HauwaAllahbura That's their way.
21-03-2023 22:09
RT @the_davidatta: 1000 Igbo fathers and pastors supported Peetobi openly... You were happy. Adeboye, 1 Yoruba pastor, didn't support Tin…
21-03-2023 20:19
@CenteEngr Just like your father
21-03-2023 15:49
@ChimarokeNamani Ode ni awon to nie Awon babanla baba e ode ni won
21-03-2023 10:10
Massive jubilation in Gusau right now #NigerianElections2023 #NigeriaDecide2023 #Zamfara @OfficialPDPNig Congrat… https://t.co/m6pyQf1Pne
21-03-2023 10:09
RT @Sam_Davoclyn1: You want Yorubas to cancel ethnic preservation of our land and indigenous control of government affairs while you preser…
21-03-2023 04:03
@ChimarokeNamani You will be vindicated Chief
21-03-2023 03:55
@KemiOwonibi Nothing absolutely nothing. The whole thing is becoming annoying. A time will come when racist or raci… https://t.co/8VHYmmeRns
21-03-2023 03:54
@angani_shedrach @BashirElRufai @AishaYesufu Apologize for what For engaging in a banter thrown by both parties? Con oon
21-03-2023 03:49
Very very inspiring https://t.co/LNAAf19ESG
21-03-2023 03:07
@Faisalkkg Maradun votes na play?
21-03-2023 02:34
APC can still win zamfara It's not over until it's all over Fingers crossed
21-03-2023 01:43
General Wike . 😃😃😃😃🧚🏻‍♂️💃🧜🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/zExlQ537Gg
21-03-2023 01:38
@BolanleCole Where PDP won....... Victory for democracy Where APC won....... Rigged elections Haba,stay one lane now
21-03-2023 01:03
@Premier_100 @CepheidToppy Now you know them abi. They're incurable irredentist So clannish in everything and utterly tribalistic
21-03-2023 00:53
@j_silver2 @SympLySimi You can pray for whatever
21-03-2023 00:42
@j_silver2 @SympLySimi Na u go cry,ad for me and my house,this government will work for us,and we will be successful in it
21-03-2023 00:28
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: Succour for Chinedu..... https://t.co/JeNif7mOPX
20-03-2023 23:15
@BashirElRufai And who's that? Hope not that bushy haired man ko
20-03-2023 23:14
RT @dare_dada: The way to be accepted by a people is for you to accept , absorb their culture , be part of them, and then move to represent…
20-03-2023 22:09
20-03-2023 22:08
@Sholexx_ Were ni won
20-03-2023 21:50
@enevene2003 Good riddance Are they the only ones that trade in that commodity? Lousy and boisterous
20-03-2023 20:50
Later they will claim Innocence https://t.co/ZAsgn61Vws
20-03-2023 20:40
@Pirtim That urhobo lawyer, Malcom or what's his name,has been advising them to call for referendum,if they're actu… https://t.co/oXddcDRINU
20-03-2023 20:39
@osazenoo And the retards will be the first to call people bigots
20-03-2023 20:31
@EsuLaalu Them be real 5 maggots. Idiots. And there are still many maggots like them. Stinking fools
20-03-2023 20:30
@SympLySimi Ekun egbere
20-03-2023 20:25
@_SirWilliam_ We Yoruba,we respect our host community wherever we are, that's why you have never heard of our host… https://t.co/AMroC8cxQN
20-03-2023 20:16
@oputuyi @_SirWilliam_ Be capping
20-03-2023 20:13
@Iampachim But the pastors and your parish priests that turned the altar to political ground are your models. Conti… https://t.co/6fmeFZ2D4x
20-03-2023 20:07
@RetsonTedheke01 Leave all these nonentities jare
20-03-2023 19:22
@fimiletoks Falz and his ilk live for likes, retweets and validation. Many of them are overrated
20-03-2023 19:19
@dj_switchaholic It shows how shallow minded you are,and how unintelligent you are. You are so blind to see. If Lag… https://t.co/swNddiUXSQ
20-03-2023 09:52
@frank_mc_okoko1 Where are you based and how much is the honey
20-03-2023 09:46
@ChimarokeNamani They sacrificed real deal on the altar of 'change'. It is well ebeano
20-03-2023 09:44
@ChimarokeNamani You are a man
19-03-2023 23:43
@iyaboawokoya His thought process is warped
19-03-2023 23:33
As a matter of urgency https://t.co/hstspEUqhr
19-03-2023 22:21
What a win for Binani A role model for many young aspiring ladies out there Dare to dream Dare to win My daughter c… https://t.co/3tB9N0rw6b
19-03-2023 22:19
@martinsanumene @jimiroye1 @obyezeks @chude__ @CCSoludo @PoliceNG @Interpol @NigeriaGov Na your way. Greet your mama
19-03-2023 22:16
one person followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/yO4WiUTXFQ
19-03-2023 21:04
@simon_ekpa @officialABAT @AOnanuga This one thinks he's giving order to his people to observe sit at home. Saki e nse bi ora
19-03-2023 21:04
@AishaYesufu This woman is going nuts.
19-03-2023 17:39
@jimiroye1 @obyezeks @chude__ @CCSoludo @PoliceNG @Interpol @NigeriaGov Ori obinrin yen o ma pe mo
19-03-2023 17:36
@ruffydfire The part you played in all these nonsense is humongous
19-03-2023 17:34
@aonanuga1956 I stand with you Sir. The era of giving in to bullies is long gone. We owe no one any apology
19-03-2023 17:31
@osazenoo Lies and propaganda. LP
19-03-2023 14:34
@Ade_Nurayn They always overrate themselves
19-03-2023 13:25
RT @markessien: After this election is over, I am moving on. I am not going to continue to whine, protest or waste time. I'm not an activis…
19-03-2023 13:16
Their case is terrible https://t.co/IFsY6dNwGW
19-03-2023 13:14
RT @the_davidatta: Political sagacity ✅ Infrastructure ✅ Industry ✅ Work ethic ✅ Binani, Amina Mohammed ✅✅ Dangote ✅ Apart from not being…
19-03-2023 12:35
@SanusiiOlaide They will win Abia
19-03-2023 10:48
@ikeikenj But Pitobi did not know of the Awkuzu killings?
19-03-2023 10:12
@BashirElRufai Zombidiots
19-03-2023 09:51
Na still them,this time using the validation hungry,clout chasing easily impressionable Gen z amongst us. https://t.co/uHHsf8irxp
19-03-2023 09:49
@obyezeks The same way the drug Lords go to church for Thanksgiving Same way importer and distributors of fake drug… https://t.co/ucQsHX7YrX
19-03-2023 09:46
@MalcolmInfiniti Continue
19-03-2023 09:36
@jeffphilips1 That makes him son of a mad man and by extension he himself is a mad man.
19-03-2023 09:33
@Sam_Davoclyn1 They knew how formidable a force he is, they knew that without getting him out,they won't be able to… https://t.co/xIX8miRkub
19-03-2023 09:30
@IfyNgonadi Attention @DrJoeAbah
19-03-2023 09:21
@DrJoeAbah Stop cherry picking, you can't deny you didn't see this coming All the rhetorics from both sides,did you… https://t.co/BcQrnl4OLg
19-03-2023 09:17
@Sholexx_ Very loud. Those lousy things got more than what they bargain for
19-03-2023 09:10
@SamAmadi @OfficialAPCNg Always playing victim card.
19-03-2023 03:12
@teeana_world Where's that big mouthed cashtivist? This is the Aisha that is the role model to all females out ther… https://t.co/0yuj92dzUq
19-03-2023 03:02
@Anthony60447891 @aonanuga1956 We don't brag
19-03-2023 02:59
RT @spychief: All this yeye shakaara by Obidients don end for lagos ... They have awakened the sleeping Lion. They Wil have to face the c…
19-03-2023 02:57
@D_goodybag Why are these pple so hideous,vile and full of bitterness like this? Mind you, you are releasing some p… https://t.co/9ZU20FY6sP
19-03-2023 02:56
@SiDObabaa @obi_Nwosu Many of you don't even know what a bigot is.
19-03-2023 02:37
@Biyatife Awon masanfani zombidiots
19-03-2023 02:19
@elolen2008 @Sholexx_ @jidesanwoolu Which state are you from? And tell me a Governor that performed better than Sanwo
19-03-2023 02:18
@BwalaDaniel STFU mumafiki retard
19-03-2023 02:16
@aonanuga1956 The leaders of thought should come together and ensure this is nipped in the bud for ever. We should… https://t.co/n196AWbVVJ
19-03-2023 01:50
@Barakatizelove @PeterObi Rufai @ruffydfire lule Dele farotimi lule Akin Olaoye lule
19-03-2023 01:36
@BolanleCole Your congratulations won't change anything,keep to yourself. Seyi is a fantastic man, a thorough bred… https://t.co/heLDWjQ3wQ
19-03-2023 01:26
@baba_hakeem Never. Never again They've woken the sleeping beast
19-03-2023 01:22
@LucyOgodo Ewo kinni ohun, ori rederede
19-03-2023 01:21
@olayemi_123 Abi o.awon omo abipabe
19-03-2023 01:19
@Naija_Activist You will be alright. Ellupi in Lagos? Who afflict you guys with lying spirit? Your party failed woefully
19-03-2023 01:18
@akintollgate Continue leading them to where they don't know. Keep spreading lies Ellupi ti lule
19-03-2023 01:14
@obi_Nwosu Now if you're served back,hope you won't start shouting bigotry
19-03-2023 01:09
A big fool. https://t.co/JSO2gTuN2L
19-03-2023 01:08
@DrOlusesan How art the mighty fallen! To think that there's was a time when this woman was respected They will inc… https://t.co/OBuklXqu8n
19-03-2023 01:07
@Sholexx_ At all cost. They should be well represented in the government
19-03-2023 01:02
@elolen2008 @Sholexx_ If you are looking for where slavery resides, you'd go to your clan. Tell me a Governor from… https://t.co/lwYFXLu8k0
19-03-2023 00:57
@obyezeks @officialABAT @jidesanwoolu Madam you are a hypocrite, no truth can come from you.
18-03-2023 20:30
@ruffydfire Shame on you. You helped in bringing about anyhow ness in this election period. You are shame to the no… https://t.co/4Hv3p5JC67
18-03-2023 20:29
Vawulence mode lawa Nothing do us If you do anyhow You go collect anyhow Eko aromisalegbelegbe
18-03-2023 20:27
@Sholexx_ The real land owners came out today.
18-03-2023 18:48
@ARISEtv Stupid and biased TV station
18-03-2023 18:46
@RetsonTedheke01 We go follow chop am
18-03-2023 18:44
@DrOlusesan Awon omo irankiran,masanfani alaimore eda
18-03-2023 18:40
Lousy lots https://t.co/VkWrXZKbOJ
18-03-2023 18:35
@MalcolmInfiniti Mr Man, tell us about your state. And mind you, one isolated incident at okota can't be generalize… https://t.co/3AjYLt7Azy
18-03-2023 18:35
@QueenEagleth Awon werey
18-03-2023 18:09
Bloody hypocrites https://t.co/Yv4i1KajEH
18-03-2023 18:08
This one has entered one chance https://t.co/ZU6wvLMXm9
18-03-2023 18:07
RT @DeeOneAyekooto: Retweet Aggressively.
18-03-2023 18:01
They will learn https://t.co/DKLp6OGqGl
18-03-2023 18:00
@ruffydfire STFU. Station of the year ko station of the millennium ni Amukunmeko oponu ayirada
18-03-2023 18:00
@ruffydfire Because you are more of a public threat and a complete nuisance
18-03-2023 17:55
@ruffydfire That your highly biased TV station
18-03-2023 17:53
RT @AHayatu: #EndSARS was planned like the Arab Spring to overthrow the government. God saved the country from fraudulent individuals. Cr…
18-03-2023 13:54
@Catherineolat Nigeria will succeed And I will be successful in it Nigeria will work for me Tinubu's Presidency will succeed and prosperous
18-03-2023 13:20
@ruffydfire This retard is becoming a nuisance here
18-03-2023 13:14
RT @tosinadeda: I will forever be proud that I didn't join the Obidients movement. That movement defies every form of logic and common se…
18-03-2023 10:10
@K147Samora @hitmanogo @Soojaey You just described yourself
18-03-2023 09:43
@kingZarKonn @seyilaw1 Agbalagba to ba se langbalangba, ti setan lati fi agba re wole
17-03-2023 18:57
@LegendaryJoe Well said. No more no less
17-03-2023 18:55
@ruffydfire Your hypocrisy stinks People like you are the reason why embers of violence is still flaming
17-03-2023 18:03
😊😊😊 https://t.co/DqRkZ065U8
17-03-2023 16:12
RT @real_aahmad: IPOB wants to take over Lagos leaving behind Abia where they celebrated the first traffic light last year, Enugu where por…
17-03-2023 16:12
@sarnchos Herd mentality.
17-03-2023 15:58
@hitmanogo @Soojaey There's no need explaining colour to a blind man
17-03-2023 15:14
@Mario9jaa Such a shallow thing
17-03-2023 13:38
@hitmanogo @Soojaey Peter Obi can't be compared to Tinubu in anything, Asiwaju is way ahead of him. Stop been hypoc… https://t.co/UG7glfoeyC
17-03-2023 13:19
@itx_ieel @Soojaey All the sides must eschew bitterness and hatred.
17-03-2023 12:56
@Egi_nupe_ They're headless
17-03-2023 12:39
@Queencandy121 @Soojaey So obvious you lacked one Product of baby factory Useless fool
17-03-2023 11:39
@Soojaey This guy is dull to percussion Very very empty? No wonder he's the leader of the headless mobs Triage Rech… https://t.co/aziFugO9jM
17-03-2023 04:17
@citrusgreen_1 @Asakemijimi @AafinOmoEko Continue dwelling in the realm of unknown
17-03-2023 01:41
The Renewed hope is truly here https://t.co/Pr7qFOYmvl
17-03-2023 01:33
@AjuriNgelale My hope is Renewed. We are in for a better, prosperous and safe Nigeria May Nigeria succeed May Asiwa… https://t.co/pV9iUjw0nk
17-03-2023 01:33
@Asakemijimi @AafinOmoEko Comprehension and understanding is alien to them. Awkuzu is not a problem to them,it does… https://t.co/ezdaEwVEaN
17-03-2023 01:15
@Advsola In a normal normal, Seyi should win without any hassle. The man performed well.
17-03-2023 01:01