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27-03-2023 07:27
ATP/WTA Max Plays of the Day🎾 Lehecka +110 ML 5U💣 Zheng -140 ML 5U💣 43-25 on Max Plays🔥 Let’s bounce back here,…
27-03-2023 06:57
Gonna take the day off and really regroup from today, Miami hasn’t been good to start and we have not been eating b…
26-03-2023 22:25
✖️ Bad read here, Fokina played terrible
26-03-2023 20:54
Live WTA Miami🎾 Bencic -115 ML 2U💣 Lock this in quick! #GamblingTwitter
26-03-2023 20:45
ATP Miami Max of the Day🎾 Fokina/Paul o22.5 -110 5U💣 43-24 in my L67 Max Plays🔥 7-2 in my L9 Max Plays🔥 Like/RT…
26-03-2023 07:39
Shelton just isn’t there yet…
26-03-2023 06:37
@JackBGamingg Nah tonight
26-03-2023 01:11
ATP Miami🎾 Shelton -150 ML 2.25U💣 Last Play for tonight, we have been killing as of late in Miami! Like/RT if yo…
26-03-2023 01:08
Vergara/Lacerda was something else, what a fight!
26-03-2023 00:27
26-03-2023 00:04
UFC San Antonio Max of the Day🥊 Salvador -110 ML 5U💣 43-23 in my L66 Max Plays🔥 3-0 in UFC Max Plays🔥 Like/RT if…
25-03-2023 22:28
125 Likes for my UFC Max of the Day! 3-0 in UFC Maxes, show some love👍 #GamblingTwitter
25-03-2023 22:12
Zheng +120 ML 5U✅💰🐶 Well that was something😂 Another Plus Money winner for you guys, let’s keep the momentum goin…
25-03-2023 21:47
We got some life, time to sweat boys!
25-03-2023 20:53
Wow Zheng, no words just pathetic
25-03-2023 19:44
WTA Miami Max of the Day 🎾 Zheng +120 ML 5U💣 42-23 in my L65 Max Plays🔥 6-1 in my L7 Max Plays🔥 Like/RT if y…
25-03-2023 07:53
25-03-2023 02:44
@GaelenBet Appreciate G!
25-03-2023 02:44
Fokina -150 ML 5U✅💰 Andreescu +115 ML 5U✅💰🐶 2 Max Plays, 2 Cashes…🤷‍♂️ Show some love if you tailed and who’s rea…
25-03-2023 02:36
RT @RomoKnowsCrypto: Always Tail this man's MAX Plays
24-03-2023 22:28
Andreescu +115 ML 5U✅💰🐶 We cash our 1st Max Of the Day!🔥 Fokina to go… Like if you tailed👍 #GamblingTwitter
24-03-2023 22:16
@mlkidd945 @BetUS_Official I think Bibis fitness isnt a problem, she looked tested against Emma and came out on top
24-03-2023 07:14
ATP/WTA Max Plays of the Day🎾 Fokina -150 ML 5U💣 Andreescu +115 ML 5U💣 40-23 in my L63 Max Plays🔥 4-1 in my L5 Ma…
24-03-2023 06:35
7-7 on the day throughout Twitter/VIP. Very small profit today but we move on! Max dropping shortly… #GamblingTwitter
24-03-2023 06:21
Bergs +3.0 -125 2U✅💰 Bergs +190 ML 1U✖️ Cash the spread, definitely had an opportunity to also cash the moneyline…
24-03-2023 05:37
Live ATP Miami🎾 Bergs +3.0 -125 2U💣 Bergs +190 ML 1U💣 Jump on this! #GamblingTwitter
24-03-2023 03:25
Gasquet -125 ML 2U✅💰 Richie gets it done for us! Like if you tailed👍 #GamblingTwitter
24-03-2023 02:15
@713Saucep Nope
24-03-2023 00:14
ATP Miami🎾 Gasquet -125 ML 2U💣 Late add, starts in a few! Like/RT if you're Riding🚂 #GamblingTwitter
24-03-2023 00:00
Very bad from Kostyuk today, underwhelming performance
23-03-2023 23:44
Kostyuk forgot she had a match today, great!
23-03-2023 23:03
Badosa/Samsonova -160 ML 1.5U✅ Another one in the books, make that 3-0 on the card to start the day! Like if you t…
23-03-2023 22:40
Eubanks -145 ML 1U✅💰 2-0 to start the free card off! Like if you tailed👍 #GamblingTwitter
23-03-2023 22:19
✖️ Kid looked good for 1 and a half sets, and just broke down, still great value
23-03-2023 21:29
@tennis_mister Love you brotha, enjoy Miami🔥
23-03-2023 20:21
Mertans +105 ML 1.25U✅💰🐶 Cash the first play on the card! Like if you tailed👍 #GamblingTwitter
23-03-2023 20:18
Live ATP Miami🎾 Shang +165 ML 1.25U💣 Lock this in quick! #GamblingTwitter
23-03-2023 19:39
ATP🎾 Kotov -105 ML 2U💣 Thompson win 1 set/Kubler ML 1.5U💣 Eubanks -145 ML 1U💣 Paire +125 ML 1U💣 WTA🎾 Kostyuk -14…
23-03-2023 07:53
1-2 on the card and also took a nasty beating today with VIP… We gonna make it back and start cooking for tomorrow…
23-03-2023 07:30
22-03-2023 21:46
Live WTA🎾 Raducanu -125 ML 1U💣 Let’s keep it going… #GamblingTwitter
22-03-2023 20:58
Huesler -145 ML 1U✅💰 Quick and easy, let’s keep it going! #GamblingTwitter
22-03-2023 20:48
Live ATP Miami🎾 Huesler -145 ML 1U💣 Small play here… #GamblingTwitter
22-03-2023 20:17
@Bandzx7 @BetUS_Official Have you watched some JJ Wolfs matches as of late, dude is not any better
22-03-2023 07:38
ATP🎾 Murray/Nakashima -150 MLP 2U💣 Bublik +110 ML 1U💣 WTA🎾 Fernandez -130 ML 1.25U💣 $50 Free, No Deposit Bonus!…
22-03-2023 07:32
Am I surprised at this point? The Rivalry that Never Ends...
22-03-2023 02:26
@LongbarreI Covering up? Just showing what we really do here. Everything is public on my profile
21-03-2023 23:00
@JayHarpFromdaD When she went on that great indoor run, People were comparing her to Serena…
21-03-2023 22:39
Alycia Parks gotta be the most overhyped player i’ve ever seen
21-03-2023 22:37
RT @TheTennisCapper: Alcaraz -115 ML 5U✅💰 Another easy Max Winner, Make that 4 in a row for you guys🔥 You guys keep showing love and I’ll…
21-03-2023 22:36
@gkosunick ???????
21-03-2023 21:48
✖️ I suck right now, troll me I deserve it…
21-03-2023 21:29
@beyourself91313 Thought Machac would of been stronger on these courts, but guess not
21-03-2023 20:42
@Shockvalue721 Alright Kenny
21-03-2023 20:42
@KenneyKye That’s why you tailed
21-03-2023 20:42
Live Miami🎾 Putintseva -145 ML 2U💣 Lock this in quick! #GamblingTwitter
21-03-2023 20:29
✖️ No luck here, streak ends at 4, we move on…
21-03-2023 20:21
@MarkSpi27823959 @BetUS_Official Yessir
21-03-2023 06:20
@garrett_2296 @BetUS_Official He beat a handicapped Stef
21-03-2023 05:40
ATP Miami Quals Max of the Day🎾 Machac -105 ML 5U💣 $50 Free, No Deposit Bonus!…
21-03-2023 05:37
200 Likes/RTS for my ATP Miami Max of the Day for Tomorrow!🎾☀️ Looking for our 5th Max Winner in a row… Show some…
21-03-2023 04:26
Stearns was up 6-3 in the TB and lost 5 straight points, all downhill from there
21-03-2023 01:25
Live Albot -145 ML 2U✅💰 Like/RT if you tailed👍 #GamblingTwitter
21-03-2023 01:07
WTA Miami Quals🎾 Stearns -140 ML 3U💣 Last one for today, starts in a little! Like/RT if you’re Riding🚂…
20-03-2023 23:37
Live ATP Miami🎾 Albot -145 ML 2U💣 Lock this in quick! #GamblingTwitter
20-03-2023 22:49
Dude fought his ass off but couldn’t capitalize at the end…
20-03-2023 22:38
@MoneyRoof Leaning Ducky, but tough match to call
20-03-2023 20:10
ATP Miami Quals🎾 Arnaldi -150 ML 2.5U💣 Starts in 15 mins… Like/RT if you’re Riding🚂 #GamblingTwitter
20-03-2023 20:08
Live Bjorklund -135 ML 2U✅💰 Hopefully some caught some insane plus money in the 2nd/3rd set! Like/RT if you taile…
20-03-2023 20:02
Live WTA Miami Quals🎾 Bjorklund -135 ML 2U💣 A little live action for you guys! Lock this in quick! #GamblingTwitter
20-03-2023 18:27
@josemorgado Love you jose, but this Nuno coverage is way over the top imo
20-03-2023 06:17
Indian Wells/UFC/CBB Last Two Week Recap! DM Me if you’re interested in joining the VIP, we have been killing it a…
20-03-2023 05:42
Alcaraz -115 ML 5U✅💰 Another easy Max Winner, Make that 4 in a row for you guys🔥 You guys keep showing love and I…
20-03-2023 03:24
Alcaraz just playing really smart and efficient at the moment, beautiful tennis!
20-03-2023 02:57
Who’s ready for tonight? Carlitos coming for that #1 Spot! #GamblingTwitter
19-03-2023 22:01
@ZFullSendz Yes, Yes, and Yes
19-03-2023 04:57
@Max_Crackn Yessir
19-03-2023 04:52
@LockEmUpHerb Tomorrow evening👍
19-03-2023 04:51
ATP Indian Wells Max of the Day🎾 Alcaraz -115 ML 5U💣 39-22 in my L61 Max Plays🔥 Looking for our 4th in a row! L…
19-03-2023 04:51
Give us Medvedev vs Alcaraz🍿
19-03-2023 01:35
Oneill got pieced up by a UFC Veteran
19-03-2023 01:18
UFC 286🥊 O'neill -165 ML 2U💣 Taking a little juice here, like this number! Starts now, Lock this in! #GamblingTwitter
19-03-2023 00:50
@skuff94 Right, live odds were also in favor for Dolizide
19-03-2023 00:45
Unanimous decision win for Vettori?? 30-27 is just crazy, Ill take this small value loss
19-03-2023 00:42
UFC 286🥊 Dolidze +205 ML 1U💣 Starts in 15, Lock this in! #GamblingTwitter
18-03-2023 23:56
RT @JeffG53868293: @TheTennisCapper This is the UFC king right here don't sleep on him for real 🤝👊🥵🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
18-03-2023 23:51
Who’s ready for the next UFC Play? 100 LIKES and I’ll drop it now❤️ #GamblingTwitter
18-03-2023 23:50
@KdiggsLive Dude, I was tweaking after I saw that
18-03-2023 23:35
Duncan -105 ML 5U✅💰 Our 3rd Max Winner in a Row🔥 Show some love if you tailed, let’s keep it going!…
18-03-2023 23:33
@willkillz Duncan is aggressive and is versing someone who likes to take chances and also Morales got KO'd his last fight, worth a shot...
18-03-2023 18:58
@nardbets Chris Duncan
18-03-2023 18:56
*Chris Duncan, for people that were confused
18-03-2023 18:56
@JackBGamingg Chris Duncan
18-03-2023 18:56
UFC 286 Max of the Day🥊 Duncan -105 ML 5U💣 38-22 in my L60 Max Plays🔥 2-0 on UFC Max Plays🔥 Looking for 3 in a r…
18-03-2023 18:54
Like/RT if you want my UFC Max of the Day! 38-22 in my L60 Max Plays🔥 2-0 on UFC Max Plays🔥 Show some love👍 #GamblingTwitter
18-03-2023 18:31
✖️ Rybakina has her number, especially on these slow courts!
18-03-2023 05:28
@80_JRod Ride with me JRod🔥
18-03-2023 00:48
@Bandzx7 Thats fine
18-03-2023 00:44
WTA Indian Wells🎾 Swiatek/Sabalenka -150 MLP 2U💣 First play starts in 20 mins! Let's go for 4 in a row! Like/RT…
18-03-2023 00:41
Kovacevic -110 ML 1.5U✅💰 Another play, Another Cash! Make that 3 in a row for you guys🔥 Like this post up if you…
18-03-2023 00:30
Challenger Phoenix🎾 Kovacevic -110 ML 1.5U💣 Starts in a little, Like/RT if you’re Riding🚂 #GamblingTwitter
17-03-2023 22:35
@ILLICIT_PICKS Great plays sir🔥
17-03-2023 04:18
Sinner -130 ML 5U✅💰 Back to Back Max Winners for you guys! Show some love if you tailed, and who’s ready for the…
17-03-2023 04:15
Who’s ready…
17-03-2023 01:35
@southphillybul @BetUS_Official Doing a full Tournament Recap
16-03-2023 21:39
@Max_Crackn @BetUS_Official Yessir
16-03-2023 21:39
@golfnjokes @BetUS_Official We will see...
16-03-2023 21:39
@calvinang26 @BetUS_Official Okay?
16-03-2023 21:39
ATP Indian Wells Max of the Day🎾 Sinner -130 ML 5U💣 $50 Free, No Deposit Bonus!…
16-03-2023 05:20
@TailToWin You forgot…
16-03-2023 00:28
Sabalenka -150 ML 5U✅💰 As easy as it gets🔥 Show some love if you tailed, let’s try to finish strong to end Indian…
16-03-2023 00:19
I will be tailing this and you guys all should as well! The best when it comes to Football Winners🔥…
15-03-2023 18:58
WTA Indian Wells Max of the Day🎾 Sabalenka -150 ML 5U💣 $50 Free, No Deposit Bonus!…
15-03-2023 15:02
6 Match Points, absolutely pathetic…
15-03-2023 14:15
RT @Asianlocks2Mr: Bring it home tonight Tommy!🔥 Jump on this everyone ⬇️
15-03-2023 01:14
ATP Indian Wells🎾 Collab w/@Asianlocks2Mr 🤝 Paul -115 ML Looking to go B2B with the Brodie🔥 Like/RT if you're R…
15-03-2023 00:36
Sakkari +105 ML 1U✅💰🐶 Appreciate all the faders in the comments👍 Show some love if you tailed, LFG💪…
14-03-2023 23:53
Pilskova has saved 20 break points, 10 in the first game of the 3rd set?!? WTA in a nutshell👍
14-03-2023 23:18
@JackBGamingg Yeah Day time matchup, ball will move slow and Sakkari will have time to set up her shots, also love…
14-03-2023 19:38
WTA Indian Wells🎾 Sakkari +105 ML 1U💣 Small value play to start the day off! Like/RT if you're Riding🚂…
14-03-2023 18:54
14-03-2023 18:35
Who’s ready? Show some love, we ready to go B2B! #GamblingTwitter
14-03-2023 18:27
@GaelenBet @NickKyrgios Thats cold blooded😂
14-03-2023 05:10
Raducanu -110 ML✅💰 We are [email protected] 💪 Show some love if you tailed, LFG🔥 #GamblingTwitter
14-03-2023 02:13
@WTAGodfather She’s hitting the ball so freely
14-03-2023 00:21
@wtstones Only comment when I lose, 🤡
13-03-2023 23:18
@mullaney_ryan In hindsight, I made a mistake
13-03-2023 23:12
@thebetaddict Good hit brotha🔥
13-03-2023 23:11
@TheRiskReward Was the ultimate factor in todays match
13-03-2023 23:10
@Johnnygrktrader We hit 5 in a row before this…
13-03-2023 23:10
Hurk ML✖️ No luck here, Tommy was the better player in the last two sets.
13-03-2023 23:08
Am I the only one who hates this angle?
13-03-2023 20:15
RT @Asianlocks2Mr: Let’s get it! Team Raducanu today!😈 Who’s tailing with us?🔥
13-03-2023 19:14
WTA Indian Wells🎾 Collab w/@Asianlocks2Mr🤝 Raducanu -110 ML The Tennis Collab is Back…😈 Like/RT if you’re Ridin…
13-03-2023 19:09
Who's ready? Show some love, its gonna be another banger🔥 #GamblingTwitter
13-03-2023 18:48
ATP Indian Wells🎾 Hurkacz -140 ML 2.5U💣 Molcan +140 ML 2U💣 $50 Free, No Deposit Bonus!…
13-03-2023 08:09
Tabilo +115 ML 1.25U✅💰 Make that 5 Straight Winners for you guys! Show some love if you tailed, let's keep it goi…
13-03-2023 06:58
@t0nys0s3 LMAO😂
13-03-2023 05:56
Ostapenko/Kvitova should be a circus act, this match is all over the place😂
13-03-2023 05:53
ATP Indian Wells🎾 Tabilo +115 ML 1.25U💣 Looking for 5 Straight Free Winners🔥 Like/RT if you’re Riding🚂…
13-03-2023 03:42
Like this post if you want one more play for tonight👍 Show some love❤️ #GamblingTwitter
13-03-2023 02:47
Fokina +120 ML 3U✅💰 Peterson +115 ML 1.5U✅💰 A little plus money mini sweep for the boys💪 Let’s keep it going fell…
13-03-2023 02:43
Fokina +120 ML 3U✅💰🐶 Make that 4 straight for you guys, Fokina had to make it interesting at the end… Show some l…
13-03-2023 02:40
Casual Foki choke up 2-5…
13-03-2023 02:29
Peterson +115 ML 1.5U✅💰🐶 3 straight Free Play Winners for you guys! Show some love if you tailed, LFG💪…
12-03-2023 23:29
RT @josemorgado: Wow. Former top 20 Cristian Garin back in form, beats #4 Casper Ruud, having a very tough season, 6-4, 7-6(2), to reach th…
12-03-2023 23:14
RT @TheTennisCapper: ATP/WTA Indian Wells🎾 Fokina +120 ML 3U💣 Peterson +115 ML 1.5U💣 $50 Free, No Deposit Bonus!…
12-03-2023 19:39
Full Card has been sent to 10 Lucky Individuals! Feeling a sweep today, LFG💪 #GamblingTwitter
12-03-2023 19:38
First 10 that DM, I will send my Full Card for today! Be Quick👀 #GamblingTwitter
12-03-2023 19:35
Last Two Days, Twitter/VIP has been doing pretty well if you ask me… DM me if you’re Interested in Joining and als…
12-03-2023 19:07
ATP/WTA Indian Wells🎾 Fokina +120 ML 3U💣 Peterson +115 ML 1.5U💣 $50 Free, No Deposit Bonus!…
12-03-2023 18:37
@tennis_mister Couldn’t play someone who lost in the first round twice in a challenger like 2 weeks ago
12-03-2023 06:27
Baez +105 ML 1U✅💰 Another free cash for you guys, we are gonna keep cooking while the others continue to fade...…
12-03-2023 06:02
@atpsharp No clue, especially on these courts
12-03-2023 05:42
Baez putting on an absolute masterclass right now! #GamblingTwitter
12-03-2023 05:35
@TennisMasterr All good brotha, we go again tomorrow!
12-03-2023 05:26
@nippytr Good decision
12-03-2023 04:52
ATP Indian Wells🎾 Baez +105 ML 1U💣 Like/RT if you’re Riding🚂 #GamblingTwitter
12-03-2023 04:11
Cerundolo -110 ML 2U✅💰 Show some love if you tailed, LFG💪 #GamblingTwitter
12-03-2023 04:05
4 in a row Free Play Streak ends here, Coric looked awful…
12-03-2023 01:45
Live Indian Wells🎾 Coric -135 ML 1U💣 Lock this in quick! #GamblingTwitter
12-03-2023 00:10
ATP Indian Wells🎾 Cerundolo -110 ML 2U💣 Coric/De Minaur -143 MLP 2U💣 $50 Free, No Deposit Bonus!…
11-03-2023 20:26
Card goes 4-3, lost a couple of the bigger plays but finished the day strong! Will be doing this every friday for y…
11-03-2023 18:54
Ruud/Tiafoe -122 MLP 2U✅💰 Cash the 2 Unit Play! Show some love if you tailed💪 #GamblingTwitter
11-03-2023 09:25
Live Humbert +125 ML 1U✅💰🐶 Another live winner for you guys, let’s keep it going🔥 #GamblingTwitter…
11-03-2023 07:02
@Strawbsandcreem Shapo is in his own head, 20+ Unforced Errors, asking his team to leave the court…
11-03-2023 06:18
Live Indian Wells🎾 Humbert +125 ML 1U💣 Lock this in quick! #GamblingTwitter
11-03-2023 06:05
@BroJackson @BooksDan Fanduel/BetUS counted it as a win, don't know about other bookies
11-03-2023 03:41
Kubler +4.0 -145 1U🅿️ Definitely would of been a sweet win down a set, but Dimi retires… #GamblingTwitter
11-03-2023 03:01
@speddingjr Can’t tell anymore, all the comments are just ready for me to lose
11-03-2023 02:42
@speddingjr Tsitsipas was coming injured into the match
11-03-2023 02:40
@SharpThrone Keep hating, we turning it around
11-03-2023 02:40
Live Thompson -110 ML 2U✅💰 Don’t yall ever disrespect the Stache again… Show some love if you tailed💪…
11-03-2023 02:38
@BooksDan I count it as a Push/Loss
11-03-2023 01:31
@BooksDan Its either a push or a cash, no loss either way don’t matter what book you played it on. Don’t be that guy
11-03-2023 01:25
Ivashka +150 ML 1U✅💰🐶 Ruusuvuori +130 ML 1U✅🙏🐶 Bad start to the day with Vek and Nish falling, let’s hopefully fin…
11-03-2023 01:18
Live Indian Wells🎾 Thompson -110 ML 2U💣 Lock this in quick! #GamblimgTwitter
11-03-2023 01:07
@BooksDan Just watch how the rest of the day unfolds…
10-03-2023 23:45
Ruud✅ Tiafoe⏳ Great stuff from Casper, Big Foe to close it out🙏 #GamblingTwitter
10-03-2023 23:39
@egdigital1 Max? Wasn’t even close to a max
10-03-2023 23:17
Nish losing 2-0 to Garin on Hard is just hilarious, dude has no mental whatsoever…
10-03-2023 23:15
@JStanleySteemer @CarrydaG1265 @2ndHalfPlays My man💪
10-03-2023 19:47
@JStanleySteemer @CarrydaG1265 @2ndHalfPlays Yeah that was bad
10-03-2023 19:43
@dalockoftheday Can’t trust someone who hits 25 Double Faults in one match
10-03-2023 19:42
@supra_manu ❤️
10-03-2023 19:34
@LIJ07875019 🙏
10-03-2023 19:30
ATP🎾 Nishioka -165 ML 2.5U💣 Ruud/Tiafoe -122 MLP 2U💣 Wu/Fokina o22.5 -125 1U💣 Ivashka +150 ML 1U💣 Kubler +4.0 -145…
10-03-2023 19:30
RT @sirdeevo: Let’s go bro! @TheTennisCapper 2u Kenin ML (-110) ✅ Show some love if y’all want another in the future… 👀 #GamblingTwitt…
10-03-2023 06:53
Cash the Collab with the brodie @sirdeevo🤝✅ Show some love if you tailed, LFG💪 #GamblingTwitter
10-03-2023 06:51
Live ATP Indian Wells🎾 Thiem -145 ML 1U💣 Let’s get back on the board! #GamblingTwitter
10-03-2023 05:48
RT @TheTennisCapper: Show some love, Me and @sirdeevo love this for Tomorrow! #GamblingTwitter
10-03-2023 03:07
This last month or so has been terrible, I don’t hide behind my losses and take them on the chin. I haven’t been m…
10-03-2023 02:59
Wolf up 3-1 in the third loses 5 straight games, yeah I’m done for today hasn’t been good at all…😔
10-03-2023 02:47
@mromerons15 You better have dropped it
10-03-2023 01:10
@holyroller27 Yeah Etcheverry is the epitome of trash on Hard, give me Murray on this surface all day
10-03-2023 01:10
@duathman Thanks👍
10-03-2023 01:09
@Web3_WebMe Chasing Winners, tail if you would like
10-03-2023 01:09
ATP Indian Wells🎾 Murray/Wolf +105 MLP 2.5U💣 Love this spot for both, playing in pretty favorable conditions! Li…
10-03-2023 00:57
Paolini ✖️ Had opportunities in the first set and just collapsed to finish, 1-1 on Live Plays, will keep them comi…
10-03-2023 00:53