TazMan 🐘 (@TazMancc) — Enjoy making others smile and laugh. Let's have some fun. Huge A's and Warriors fan.
@ThatBootlegGuy One of my all time favs.
05-12-2022 09:02
@Jayecane Done
05-12-2022 08:59
RT @Jayecane: I want to send 2 winners $1,200 rt + like + done
05-12-2022 08:59
I am in NO WAY a Raider fan, but I need to say this. These Raiders right here are starting to "PLAY". The chemistry… https://t.co/EysPuoR7k1
05-12-2022 02:33
@sf_gamerbabe118 you and me both. Maybe just a couple extra joints.
05-12-2022 02:09
@AsHotDog @Athletics @DaveKaval With no team not sure how they will pull that off. We as fans can just do a day our… https://t.co/glfzF25lBL
05-12-2022 02:05
@jeriatricmodel I like, those are sexy.
05-12-2022 02:04
@JennSalerno310 You look amazing.
05-12-2022 00:55
Any person on here that supports Deshaun being allowed to play again please just block me. Shit is disgusting. In a… https://t.co/df5KAVtMTC
05-12-2022 00:54
@Mommy_vader Naw, you good.
05-12-2022 00:30
@smoothsteve23 F*ck!!! I had money on this game.
05-12-2022 00:26
@BayAreaTeevo91 @littlecaesars Man, I feel bad for you.
05-12-2022 00:25
@tanyaseau Let's Gooooooooooooooo young man. Get them Dolphins.
05-12-2022 00:24
@BayAreaTeevo91 @littlecaesars yeah, that sucks. Hopefully they make it right for you
05-12-2022 00:22
Damn. Now Jimmy. Big sighs. #FTTB
05-12-2022 00:22
Almost game time. We need this win. Let's Goooooooo #NinerGang #FTTB
05-12-2022 00:00
@BayAreaTeevo91 @littlecaesars Sometimes Little Caesars is good, but that pizza looked raw and just NOT good.
04-12-2022 23:59
@DailyLoud Fake as hell. NOT sure how anyone thinks "that" is pretty.
04-12-2022 23:58
@BayAreaTeevo91 @littlecaesars Your first mistake was going there.
04-12-2022 23:54
@MadScientistFF cleaning out my closet
04-12-2022 23:53
@24tog <<< Raises hand
04-12-2022 23:52
@RachieRach429 It's going OK, hopefully yours is also. Niners win it will be a much better day. 🙂
04-12-2022 23:52
@Gdad1 Doesn't even matter, won't ever happen.
04-12-2022 23:51
@The_Homie_9er_G Yeah. I said that a while ago. Tons of players got another chance, even Vick. The reason Kap is NO… https://t.co/S3hb7uB4GS
04-12-2022 23:50
@Jayecane Pay my electric bill, pay a few more debts, pass the rest to others that need.
04-12-2022 23:48
@ThatBootlegGuy @PhilipMichaels Tell you started eating all them nasty candy canes.
04-12-2022 23:43
@MRomero510 these are ugly as hell. The first ones were a ton better
04-12-2022 23:33
04-12-2022 23:32
I really wish @MLB would step in and do something about the @Athletics owner. He is doing all of this on purpose, and everyone knows it.
04-12-2022 21:27
@NadaAJones That's hilarious. Hope you're having a great morning.
04-12-2022 21:14
It's such a beautiful morning. Happy Sunday everyone. Y'all ready for some Football?
04-12-2022 21:12
@blonde_opinion What you want me to bring?
04-12-2022 07:31
@MadScientistFF This is actually a tough question, but I have to go with Tacos.
04-12-2022 06:51
@Cocolh44 Sup
04-12-2022 06:49
@RealKevinNash Sorry to hear about the loss of your son. Been watching you since you started in WWE. Oh, and followed.
04-12-2022 06:46
@Tbone7219 You break your ankles with them skates Mr., I'll be on the skateboard.
04-12-2022 06:44
@BombChelleMama_ That is awesome. Congrats
04-12-2022 06:44
@CaptainSPC_89 Oh wow! That was the first movie I ever saw in IMAX
04-12-2022 06:43
@hardasamother Happy birthday. I hope this year was awesome for you.
04-12-2022 06:42
@camilli_amilli mmmmm. Girl them tacos were good.
04-12-2022 06:40
@RonFilipkowski This MO FO just can't let go... Yo, Donald, let it go man you lost, deal with it.
04-12-2022 06:40
Bruh!!! This looks disgusting. https://t.co/8rabtxOGNw
04-12-2022 06:37
@CaptainSPC_89 You should go see the new Avatar for your birthday.
04-12-2022 06:35
@_kimms_ I agree. You do look amazing. Hope you're having an awesome time.
04-12-2022 06:33
@MadScientistFF Major league
04-12-2022 06:31
@jeriatricmodel LOL
04-12-2022 06:30
@johanna_van_wyk <<< throws you the deodorant.
04-12-2022 06:30
@CaptainSPC_89 Happy birthday man. I hope your day was absolutely awesome.
04-12-2022 06:29
@jeriatricmodel Hmmm. Hopefully you're having an awesome evening.
04-12-2022 06:25
@jeriatricmodel A cat? You asked why I was staring at you, and I responded. Did I miss something here?
04-12-2022 06:22
@GoldBlooded79 Yes, many times
04-12-2022 03:24
@baseballchickie You haven't been good enough this year for Santa to visit
04-12-2022 03:24
@nyactor Man you're NOT being fair
04-12-2022 03:23
@jeriatricmodel That's cuz you're hot.
04-12-2022 03:22
@NadaAJones Hahaha
04-12-2022 03:21
04-12-2022 03:18
@jennifertru07 So do I. Can you grow it back please?
04-12-2022 02:22
@smoothsteve23 No one.
04-12-2022 02:22
@KaylaChowShow Yes, still have them.
03-12-2022 21:03
@ThatBootlegGuy I geet it. I live inland too, hot as hell. Summer time 100 +daily
03-12-2022 18:24
@ThatBootlegGuy Is there a 3rd option?
03-12-2022 08:37
@MRomero510 The Be True one. Lately I don't win for shit on the sneakers app
03-12-2022 08:26
@SjamaanN Hope you're, OK?
03-12-2022 08:11
@Tbone7219 Never had a hooker, well never did cocaine either. I did snort salt one time though. Laugh its cool, I w… https://t.co/JapMlDLDej
03-12-2022 08:08
@jeriatricmodel OK. Cool. Glad we understand each other now.
03-12-2022 08:04
@jeriatricmodel So basically, what you're saying is that you like cleverly stupid tweets?
03-12-2022 08:00
@ryanghensley @RGIII I thought Trey was out the rest of the year regardless.
03-12-2022 07:54
@ryanghensley At least you were smart
03-12-2022 07:53
@PrettyInInk_79 I know that came out wrong. It was honestly more than that. Smooth said it best to be honest.
03-12-2022 07:51
@_Mzjo Wendy's Bish. I also DJ'ed though. 🙂
03-12-2022 07:46
@NadaAJones You can sell anything you put your heart and time into. These look really good now put some color to them. 🙂
03-12-2022 07:45
@Tbone7219 🤣🤣🤣 This MO FO right here. Man, no way in hell I can get stoned and keep looking at your posts.
03-12-2022 07:44
@NadaAJones Yes ma'am. 🌹
03-12-2022 07:43
@PrettyInInk_79 I was with an older lady when I was in my early 20's and just a million times better. They don't pl… https://t.co/Im2RQ8LgIY
03-12-2022 07:41
The Cubs https://t.co/BxglCTDRZu
03-12-2022 07:39
@ThatBootlegGuy I have never been, have wanted to go for a very long time. You do know that weather wise San Diego… https://t.co/kvSZruoLP4
03-12-2022 07:38
@_Deshaun2001 5'9". Don't hate
03-12-2022 07:24
@smoothsteve23 Bro I'm telling.
03-12-2022 07:23
@ThatBootlegGuy Hahahahaha man... Where do you live? Although I will admit summers sucked in Phoenix, Az. (college… https://t.co/0WWmY9p7Ke
03-12-2022 07:22
@MRomero510 If I knew you were a 9 or 9.5 I would've offered, you these SB's instead of sending them back.
03-12-2022 07:20
@ThatBootlegGuy Bruh. How can you NOT like summer?
03-12-2022 06:51
@sf_gamerbabe118 They come out early next year.
03-12-2022 06:50
@ThatBootlegGuy Summer is not the worse season.
03-12-2022 06:35
@MRomero510 you should. Them L&F way better than the others
03-12-2022 06:34
@jeriatricmodel Waiting for you to tweet.
03-12-2022 06:32
Hey @sf_gamerbabe118 check these out. :) https://t.co/RUC4qezxDa
03-12-2022 06:29
@smoothsteve23 You too much man. I'm sleep.... 🤣🤣🤣😂
03-12-2022 05:52
@Tbone7219 Don't be lazy Mr.
03-12-2022 05:50
@Odyne_LaFee Not exactly sure what list, I don't know you. One thing is for sure though, you have some really sexy eyes.
03-12-2022 05:42
@BlondeBrandy Shhhhhhhhh
03-12-2022 05:40
@smoothsteve23 Hahahaha! Almost spit out my water. Hahahaha shit is hilarious.
03-12-2022 05:28
@NadaAJones Speak it girl..............
03-12-2022 05:27
@blonde_opinion I didn't have any tequila yet.
03-12-2022 05:26
@AnsonCasanares Well, that sucks.
03-12-2022 05:25
@4tricel Who did you piss off? Oh, hello there my name is Robert.
02-12-2022 06:57
@MeghanMcCain Hold on, this can't be real. Girl you're even worse than Kanye. So, if we STOP giving him a platform… https://t.co/92Kxsyj0Ai
02-12-2022 06:56
@RealChrisSays Plenty of times. Last time was well over 100 on a racetrack in Vegas, was really fun.
02-12-2022 06:51
@MRomero510 What size shoe you wear?
02-12-2022 06:50
@sf_gamerbabe118 Wasn't a very good friend.
02-12-2022 06:49
How is it that Deshaun can play again, Vick got another shot, even A B has got a few shots, yet Kap got black balle… https://t.co/L6KLD95nig
02-12-2022 06:47
@blonde_opinion Just about anything is better than beer.
02-12-2022 05:47
@NadaAJones Beautiful.
02-12-2022 05:46
@ThatBootlegGuy Bruh! LOL where do you find all these disgusting Candy Canes?
02-12-2022 05:45
@NadaAJones No way in hell
02-12-2022 05:44
@MRomero510 Those are pretty tight though
02-12-2022 05:44
@BayAreaTeevo91 mmmmmmmmmm
02-12-2022 05:41
@johanna_van_wyk I was relaxed, just had to look at my followers lol. I hope you had an awesome day.
02-12-2022 05:06
@johanna_van_wyk He would have even more influence than Elon.
02-12-2022 05:05
@BeerlyFootball Trash.
02-12-2022 05:04
@fkaannabanana Hell yeah! Told you that you could do it.
02-12-2022 05:03
@johanna_van_wyk I dunno but, but, but.
02-12-2022 05:02
Happy Thursday everyone. The weekend is almost here, make today awesome.
01-12-2022 21:49
@smoothsteve23 Tell mom's I said have an awesome one
01-12-2022 21:47
@BombChelleMama_ Hahahaha
01-12-2022 07:00
@MadScientistFF I'll stream
01-12-2022 06:58
@OakStadiumWatch And it's still NOT good enough for Fisher
01-12-2022 06:58
Hey @BombChelleMama_ you down? https://t.co/tnFJIwqfHu
01-12-2022 06:55
@ThatBootlegGuy Did someone pay you to eat that? Ewwwwwwww
01-12-2022 06:51
@annmargarita72 I wish you weren't teasing.
01-12-2022 06:50
@jeriatricmodel Yes. We need it though and you know that.
01-12-2022 06:29
@roboticjoey $RobertMikinka52
01-12-2022 06:29
@SagED_UP Prince. Not even close
01-12-2022 06:25
@jeriatricmodel Yeah, I know, and it's supposed to rain here the rest of the week.
01-12-2022 06:24
RT @Jayecane: sent you 500.00 @0xpickmeWinpls who’s next ? like + done + rt
01-12-2022 06:23
@jeriatricmodel Well damn. LOL
01-12-2022 06:21
@BeerlyFootball It still boggles my mind that Denver paid Russ that kind of money. SMH!!!!!
01-12-2022 06:18
@4tricel You got this
01-12-2022 06:17
@Taboy225 @ZelinaVegaWWE Hahahahaha that is funny. Again, she is the MOST overrated queen in #WWE . Face facts
01-12-2022 06:16
@Trav_isKing @BossyOzzy @jeffaugust8 @jennifertru07 Watched a couple. OK, I'll check them out.
01-12-2022 06:15
@PatBradley_ I know what you meant and NOT a troll my friend. Top 7 is about right.
01-12-2022 06:14
@Trav_isKing @BossyOzzy @jeffaugust8 @jennifertru07 I'd rather buy than wait for a contest. Going to check it out n… https://t.co/ShRYYbrjA6
01-12-2022 06:10
@PatBradley_ You're correct Boston won but I was talking as in the whole year. Tatum and Boston are awesome, I just… https://t.co/kSHzh1jqt1
01-12-2022 06:09
@ZelinaVegaWWE The MOST overrated queen EVER
01-12-2022 06:05
The @Athletics are just going to get rid of everyone. Sighs.
01-12-2022 06:04
@PatBradley_ He was NOT better than Gianis last year
01-12-2022 06:02
@Trav_isKing I want one Mr. Also want that new song. How much? @BossyOzzy @jeffaugust8 @jennifertru07
01-12-2022 06:00
@PatBradley_ You're crazy!
01-12-2022 05:51
@jeriatricmodel Put a jacket on.
01-12-2022 05:48
@BombChelleMama_ Especially the ones that aren't fake.
01-12-2022 05:48
@BossyOzzy That is sooo DOPE!!!!!
01-12-2022 05:46
Damn, that steak was good........
01-12-2022 05:44
@DrGuru_ Boston isn't winning anything.
01-12-2022 05:43
@joncoopertweets I'd thank him.
01-12-2022 05:42
@fkaannabanana 🙂❤️🌹
01-12-2022 05:41
@Jayecane Blah!!! Was just raised again, now it's right under $1900. Why you asking?
01-12-2022 05:41
@MRomero510 If you can wait a little bit, they'll go down.
01-12-2022 05:40
@fkaannabanana stranger?
01-12-2022 05:38
@Erin_is_Tweetin @ThatBootlegGuy What size shoe do you wear? They can be found.
01-12-2022 05:37
@ThatBootlegGuy Get him a replica lol.......
01-12-2022 05:37
@smoothsteve23 That goalie is dope man.
01-12-2022 05:35
@4tricel I've been in a rut since mine passed in 17.
30-11-2022 21:44
@4tricel I've been in a rut since mine passed in 17.
30-11-2022 21:44
@MRomero510 Hahaha Damn!!!
30-11-2022 21:13
you know it's pretty cold outside.
30-11-2022 21:06
Hey there, it's Wednesday. Make today great!
30-11-2022 20:56
@briantylercohen Not sure where you live man but over here in California it's still almost $5 a gallon
30-11-2022 10:13
@bansaw99 @ladyheatherlee @SignFormSystems @sachee Those are so good.
30-11-2022 10:09
@sachee Fucking hilarious. Hahahaha!!!!!
30-11-2022 10:06
RT @nineralex: 49ERS FOREVER! https://t.co/U6eMYdlsPU
30-11-2022 09:56
@johanna_van_wyk @Bob_Janke Prince, Poison, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Beastie Boys. Girl we could go for days.....
30-11-2022 09:53
@AltVeruca Bruh!!!!!
30-11-2022 09:49
@mhdksafa I'll do better. I'll say hello and follow. Sup Mr. Safa
30-11-2022 09:48
@noneofyours99 you gonna be drunk as fuck.
30-11-2022 09:46
@Bob_Janke You must not be listening to the music of the last 10 years. Smh!!!!! So much musically happened in the… https://t.co/TG31tjJEmK
30-11-2022 09:45
@johanna_van_wyk I don't believe I have.
30-11-2022 09:34
@johanna_van_wyk That was back when we actually were taught and learned something.
30-11-2022 09:01
@MarinersONtap You obviously haven't learned anything. It's NOT always go get the BEST and or pay top dollar.
30-11-2022 08:17
@Jayecane Done
30-11-2022 08:11
0 1197
RT @Jayecane: I want to send you $1,111 rt + like + done
30-11-2022 08:11
RT @Jayecane: sent you money @Devarus09 who’s next ? rt + like + done
30-11-2022 08:06
@smokeycretin9 LOL
30-11-2022 07:55
@BombChelleMama_ It absolutely amazes me that people even give her a platform at this point.
30-11-2022 07:43
@BombChelleMama_ Dooooooooooooooooo it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30-11-2022 07:18
@erinproof The person sure wasn't wrong.
30-11-2022 07:14
@KBangBangles Congrats to you both.
30-11-2022 07:05
@A_White_Rose1 You'll do just fine. Look at that smile, you got this.
30-11-2022 06:45
@alex_harmon You invite Shaggy and Scooby and the food are coming with him. Wooohooooooo.
30-11-2022 06:34
@ThisIsKyleR How is this dude even allowed to tweet?
30-11-2022 06:31
@Tbone7219 Hey Tony, I'll just leave this here for a few minutes. 🙂🙂 https://t.co/sz5v4ecbae
30-11-2022 06:31
@emily_tweets Hello there Emily, that is a Scorpio and loves warm hugs!!!!
30-11-2022 06:19
@shoejunkiez You and me both. Ewwwwwwww
30-11-2022 06:15
@SneakerNews Never have, never will. I don't support Kanye
30-11-2022 06:10
@invis4yo We was having fun. Imagine that.
30-11-2022 06:05
Come on @warriors!!!!!!!! Let's Goooooo
30-11-2022 06:01
@RyanKennedy_22 That nasty pool for sure
30-11-2022 05:57
@NadaAJones Sleep well young lady.
30-11-2022 05:56
This is hilarious!!!!!!! https://t.co/fv1iGnoAhS
30-11-2022 05:52
@alex_harmon 1000 times over, Shaggy for sure.
30-11-2022 05:39
@sf_gamerbabe118 I'm sleep.
30-11-2022 05:37
@LEETOKICKS And the fact that they saturate the market with B S shoes constantly.
30-11-2022 05:35
@pinkmagiclala Saggy is 1000000 times better than fake
30-11-2022 03:50
@ChiefsMoGrim15 Of course, it is and pizza too.
30-11-2022 03:44
@Tbone7219 It saddens me I'll probably never own a monkey.
30-11-2022 03:35
@debedee21 you look alright (smirks)
30-11-2022 03:27
@blonde_opinion I'm not exactly sure we should celebrate this.
30-11-2022 03:22
@IRConfidencePod I'd go to Cooperstown N.Y. and go to Baseball Hall of Fame. Never been.
30-11-2022 01:38
@nyactor No sir. I live where it doesn't snow.
30-11-2022 01:34
@shoejunkiez Sounds about right.
30-11-2022 01:08
@BeerlyFootball He should be grateful that he still gets to play.
29-11-2022 17:12
@MailmanJack65 Those are nice. I prefer low tops.
29-11-2022 17:11