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RT @fun4laugh: great drawings! https://t.co/NOfZcNWzwx
22-11-2022 20:22
#NewProfilePic https://t.co/KkQ4VQ0o4w
16-11-2022 23:33
RT @StrangestMedia: https://t.co/aOA7vFHHRr
07-11-2022 11:18
RT @JoshuaPHilll: Wow. Didn’t know Bo Burnham was a real one. Couldn’t be more relevant https://t.co/DOBEcUEVJQ
02-11-2022 22:26
RT @JohnnyMercerUK: Fuck me, he’s nailed it. Every word. 👇 https://t.co/le0s17383K
20-10-2022 00:50
@HeyRosielah Did she just say something about food after throwing the soup at the painting?…
19-10-2022 20:48
RT @TheLisaGilroy: To my followers: do better https://t.co/WA6a8HRJXJ
19-10-2022 01:02
RT @buitengebieden: Puppy thinks he’s a bunny.. 😊 https://t.co/tEWtQwamPL
18-10-2022 22:36
RT @mr_plantgeek: Coming up on @BBCSuffolk shortly with @SarahLilley5150 ! https://t.co/7ElQRQHeCQ
17-10-2022 21:24
RT @mr_plantgeek: Monday inks https://t.co/22OlfMcgR3
17-10-2022 16:46
Another anime tattoo. #tattoo #ink #inked #animetattoo https://t.co/76NYGLmBBi… https://t.co/76NYGLmBBi
09-10-2022 18:16
Anime tattoo, can you guess the anime? #tattoo #tattoos #anime #animetattoo https://t.co/Ty4MH8zfgV
09-10-2022 18:16
Too many bubbles… #hottub #bubbles #party https://t.co/Aspv76PnVM… https://t.co/Aspv76PnVM
09-10-2022 18:14
RT @TheDrunkJake: this is how I want to be euthanized
05-10-2022 09:24
@kayleighgibby Yes
02-10-2022 10:15
RT @Rainmaker1973: A brilliant anamorphic painting technique that makes the painting itself disappear [📹 tcmss1.0 on Douyin: https://t.co/…
22-09-2022 19:39
RT @Yoda4ever: It's scary outside...Hold me tight, dad...🐈🐾👀 https://t.co/dl1Dd1IQDx
15-09-2022 09:36
@stephenfry @stephenfry happy birthday! Let me know if you ever want that panther head tattoo on your neck that I offered you years back!
24-08-2022 21:11
RT @ashtpmny: The world is ending yall https://t.co/sO7f1BoWoT
03-08-2022 21:37
RT @onipro: 見る角度によって消える彫刻。オレゴン州ポートランドを拠点とするドイツの彫刻家、ジュリアン・ヴォス・アンドレアの作品。 https://t.co/GHeVliXN6l
27-07-2022 09:41
#NewProfilePic https://t.co/5cOrUxs9a0
13-07-2022 22:31
Freehand mushroom! https://t.co/VjMOd9YFOp
13-07-2022 09:18
@ChristyMack If you’re ever in England, please gimme a shout. I enjoy a good portrait tattoo.
13-07-2022 09:17
@ChristyMack Got some space on the thigh there for some more ink!
04-07-2022 23:31
@jenn_ellen_kemp I keep saying about renting a cabin somewhere with a hot tub and I’d be exactly the same. Enjoy!
12-06-2022 14:04
@jenn_ellen_kemp Jealous
11-06-2022 16:50
@kayleighgibby Not helpful if they don’t advertise their studios. I usually tell people to contact via the studio a… https://t.co/yuLf8E9tsD
10-06-2022 23:21
Chimp portrait/cover up in progress #tattoo #chimp #portrait #coverup https://t.co/cSy05ILork
10-06-2022 22:51
Started covering up this mirror tattoo today with an awesome chimp portrait. Can’t wait to finish it. #tattoo… https://t.co/mXSBGPE4sQ
10-06-2022 22:50
@kayleighgibby Pfft! Typical tattooists! I’m very flaky when getting back to my clients. Are you going through the… https://t.co/u9bC3RLEd0
10-06-2022 22:48
Still unfinished but lots of fun! Eyes follow! #tattoo #medusa #medusatattoo #snake #snaketattoo https://t.co/Oa27V6KFEr
05-06-2022 10:14
@kayleighgibby Fair enough, I can’t make that noise either but I’d still judge someone else for their poor attempt lol
03-06-2022 23:16
@kayleighgibby Do it! Go wild!
03-06-2022 23:12
@kayleighgibby Chewy, Jabba or jaja!
03-06-2022 23:08
Customer had a great idea for their tattoo. #tattoo #pooh #penniewise #it #stephenking @StephenKing https://t.co/ussVHe23f7
24-05-2022 17:22
Done a shoot the other day with body tape. The images will be used for the Profiteertcg project. #photography… https://t.co/61SLSYVS2a
24-05-2022 17:21
@jediqueenie My mate tried breeding his cresties for his pet shop, the females ended up beating up the males, the m… https://t.co/LmKHYYSRdb
24-05-2022 17:17
RT @SueTaylor_: @RickyGervais Talking with Stephen Colbert about artificial intelligence👏👏👏 https://t.co/t3S1363OHG
19-05-2022 00:31
I’m working on something… https://t.co/0TK50wBRyh
30-04-2022 22:12
@zoemarieuk_ Yep! I only put a collar on my dog when we go for walks
22-04-2022 23:16
Video of the freehand stag tattoo #tattoo #tattoos #stag #stagtattoo https://t.co/E4zxupRKol
22-04-2022 20:27
Freehand stag back-piece I done today. #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #deer #deertattoo #stag #stagtattoo #like… https://t.co/75oQFRnlH4
22-04-2022 20:25
@kayleighgibby I’m a bit jealous of it lol
22-04-2022 20:24
@kayleighgibby I love that wall!
22-04-2022 18:51
Freehand samurai tattoo, still loads to do on this sleeve. #tattoo #Japanese #japanesetattoo #ink #like #follow https://t.co/hmSWkXxhTb
17-04-2022 18:03
@kayleighgibby A bit of sunshine always helps. I was talking about this earlier. Glad you’re feeling better.
15-04-2022 23:22
RT @Clark1995Clark: I have these signed @rickygervais photos to give away to one lucky fan. Just FOLLOW, LIKE and RT and I’ll choose a wi…
13-04-2022 10:58
A cover up I did a few days ago. #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #like #follow #medusa https://t.co/04QWN4tcg7
05-04-2022 23:49
I did some freehand today. #tattoos #freehand #tattoo #tattooed https://t.co/DwG1Jytw1j
18-03-2022 23:47
@kayleighgibby I occasionally think there’s hope for us lol but there are a lot of dickheads out there which make me think otherwise! Lol
03-03-2022 19:51
@kayleighgibby Yep, gotta work with them! I got him some little puzzles and games to play with and keep himself bus… https://t.co/pMgTtmeCJC
03-03-2022 19:49
Some photography I’ve done for Profiteertcg. Check the progress on this trading card game on insta- @profiteertcg o… https://t.co/EYX3Z4dymm
03-03-2022 19:47
Little red-eyed tree frog I done a few weeks ago. #tattoo #tattoos #colourtattoos #like #follow https://t.co/lDrotulnZ8
03-03-2022 19:45
@kayleighgibby Yeah, That’s how a pet owner should be. They’re part of the family. My dog did get a little anxious… https://t.co/OFKtSN748S
03-03-2022 19:43
@kayleighgibby Exactly! It really winds me up. I don’t understand how anyone can look at an animal and not care.
03-03-2022 19:40
@kayleighgibby I feel exactly the same. Even before the lockdowns I’ve never understood people who buy pets then ju… https://t.co/HewGacAKir
03-03-2022 19:23
Lacey bird design. I’m enjoying the lace inspired tattoo designs. #tattoo #lace #tattoodesign #lacetattoo #inked https://t.co/Ias7AMC7pH
31-01-2022 20:50
Profiteertcg have their first starter deck printed. Quality will be checked before full production begins. Follow t… https://t.co/6FCE49ctKl
16-01-2022 20:47
I’ve designed a little tofu kozo guy! I might make him into stickers https://t.co/j9afgnu9nI
09-01-2022 13:53
A little bit of self photography I done awhile ago for @profiteertcg (on Instagram) if you’re on @instagram and lik… https://t.co/Xd5GpwTJke
04-01-2022 20:22
Baby snake chilling in its egg! #pied #piebald #royalpython #ballpython #eggcutting #baby #babysnake #snek #snegg https://t.co/tmsFrDcxnB
10-10-2021 01:03
RT @noctiflxra: LEAKED SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME TEASER TRAILER!!! https://t.co/Bq3MAjjkkf
08-08-2021 14:20
Finally! Baby snakes are coming! Look at its little head! https://t.co/ix5ak2Wi8j
15-06-2021 15:21
RT @ConOfCombat: UFC security when they grab a flyweight https://t.co/p4cEtzZ3Dl
08-06-2021 20:30
Did this gorilla and skull today, still a lot of work before it’s finished but it’s a good start. #tattoo… https://t.co/8krncXKgpL
20-05-2021 19:56
A little drawing I done, framed and ready for the wall https://t.co/59YUXomAen
09-05-2021 18:25
Little shop tattoo I done the other day https://t.co/HRIwYYlL59
01-05-2021 11:00
RT @drunkartreview: Have you guys listened to our latest episode all about tattoos?! We have Shanice Bramwell & @TattoosWilliam talking abo…
25-04-2021 00:39
The latest two tattoos I’ve done https://t.co/KbyvXlvb0B
23-04-2021 23:20
@drunkartreview The latest one I’ve had done on myself. https://t.co/vuTkds2G9d
22-04-2021 21:15
Listen to my weird Suffolk voice on this podcast! https://t.co/nVO0jEjnZP
22-04-2021 21:13
Walking round like robocop coz my neck is sore still
19-04-2021 11:10
I approve @asda own vegan cheese
18-04-2021 17:51
RT @drunkartreview: We recorded with the awesome @TattoosWilliam this afternoon! Can't wait for you guys to hear the interview on the main…
13-04-2021 08:32
Beauty a lot brighter in person. The photo doesn’t do her justice https://t.co/eNuMmMQGjl
11-04-2021 17:37
RT @qikipedia: Word of the Day: APANTHROPY - a desire to be away from other people
04-04-2021 12:41
Framed and displayed some of my paintings the other day thought it’s about time they got on the wall https://t.co/dG7OeJEdGh
04-04-2021 12:36
Listening to Elton, @TaronEgerton in Rocketman has rekindled my love of his music
04-04-2021 12:32
Loving rocket man, great film. Eltons awesome 🤟🏻
04-04-2021 00:29
Is it just me walking round with snot all over my mouth from wearing these masks?
03-04-2021 15:04
RT @Benaskren: If you want to use this tremendous GIF you are more than welcome! https://t.co/srfYEqdKsT
02-04-2021 17:17
@Benaskren Just watching the likes and shares count up!
02-04-2021 17:17
@oppaii_x Same, Although I’ve only now started using all my spare time productively! Spent most of the lockdown rotting away infront of tv
02-04-2021 17:16
I don’t care what people say, unflavoured creatine definitely has a weird flavour
27-03-2021 14:17
RT @TAHK0: oh my god they found where the pokemon live
27-03-2021 11:39
@antony_ashford Yeah, got the eggs though so all good! Lol the goats friendly, he’s just playful. I want a goat though
27-03-2021 11:38
RT @rickygervais: So proud to be a part of this short film to help end animal testing 🙏 https://t.co/bSiHLBHhrA
27-03-2021 11:31
@antony_ashford No, we went to a friends yard to collect some eggs but had to walk through the yard. While I was st… https://t.co/PF8jE4pvDi
27-03-2021 11:31
Just found a bruise on my leg from where the goat got me
27-03-2021 10:46
@mr_plantgeek Ignore my link, Im doubting that they do plants.
26-03-2021 09:22
@mr_plantgeek https://t.co/VtFgBqcj2B
26-03-2021 09:20
I’m always trying to think of new ways to reduce the amount of plastic used in the tattoo studio but this documenta… https://t.co/VNAac6yaaX
25-03-2021 22:48
A goat tried to eat my trousers off last night. True story.
25-03-2021 14:57
From now on if im not available to discuss your tattoos it’s because I’m busy playing sonic on the sega https://t.co/H3tVuXTnxA
23-03-2021 21:57
RT @HeyRosielah: Back my sexy book Kickstarter!!! https://t.co/MEYyCX1Ydb
22-03-2021 22:53
@mr_plantgeek I don’t have a podcast but may be on one next month for an interview about tattooing
22-03-2021 22:53
RT @darrenGOATtill2: *getting knocked out was invented in 1845* *MMA fighters in 1844* https://t.co/5UT4zklDws
22-03-2021 19:17
RT @tokyocyb0rg: https://t.co/h92AARTfUp
20-03-2021 13:29
Postman just posted my stuff to the wrong house then gave me a letter to say ‘oops sorry!’ But the house she posted… https://t.co/N1sk9wfwq7
20-03-2021 13:02
Called the wife ‘mate’ she wasn’t too chuffed
20-03-2021 12:42
@mr_plantgeek Mohawk
19-03-2021 21:06
@mr_plantgeek Do it
19-03-2021 20:55
RT @montiray: Something cleansing for the tl https://t.co/aoRZ1P9Kpf
19-03-2021 19:15
Coffee and monster energy! Either gonna be mega productive today or just lazy really fast
19-03-2021 13:18
I do like a bit of Disney though
19-03-2021 10:48
Also just because he’s turned back into a human doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t still be laying there dead! He’s been… https://t.co/Mr3bDfixPh
19-03-2021 10:48
In beauty and the beast there’s a man brave enough to storm a castle and attack a monster but when the wardrobe suc… https://t.co/KwXO0OcYqF
19-03-2021 10:47
RT @HeyRosielah: Can’t believe I’m over half way there!!! 🥳🤩🙌✨ Come back the Kickstarter!!! https://t.co/MEYyCX1Ydb https://t.co/CsybRTU…
18-03-2021 23:49
@antony_ashford @whyarentyoupunk They’re awesome, I have a couple similar to these that I’m breeding as of next week
18-03-2021 00:04
Going to be adding some Zen circles to the studio soon. New signs to go up for our reopening. https://t.co/oakijEpqTs
17-03-2021 11:02
@AnglianWater Thank you, you too
17-03-2021 10:42
@AnglianWater Will do that today. Thank you
17-03-2021 10:36
Edit: Emails! I’ve sent multiple emails to them now.
17-03-2021 10:34
@AnglianWater still haven’t responded to my email. I guess the people working from home for them aren’t actually wo… https://t.co/ie4kwpCFLM
17-03-2021 10:33
#NewProfilePic https://t.co/MRFuWDt2zc
15-03-2021 22:22
15-03-2021 22:21
15-03-2021 20:30
I miss tattooing https://t.co/1tg8KJcI7P
15-03-2021 19:52
Is a black shirt still slimming if it’s stretched over my lockdown gut?
12-03-2021 14:53
@mr_plantgeek My mate had a chair in his room that he use to place clean clothes on for the next morning, every oth… https://t.co/46rQspdQAD
12-03-2021 14:30
It turned to rain and now it’s sunny again
11-03-2021 16:15
The weathers gone from clear skies and sunshine to hail! Anyone else experiencing apocalyptic weather changes?
11-03-2021 16:02
@zoemarieuk_ Yep, I get that too. They’re just chancing it for a paid promotion I’m sure
10-03-2021 22:59
RT @DCFUnited: BTS #Joker #Snydercut https://t.co/NyUc09UhzI
10-03-2021 18:43
@antony_ashford @MariahCarey Happy anniversary
10-03-2021 18:41
Slowly slowly! https://t.co/FJZ5k7OdFl
10-03-2021 17:51
@antony_ashford I’m too lazy to keep it nice at the shop though, I’d have to pay someone to maintain it
09-03-2021 15:00
@antony_ashford Yeah it’s effort isn’t it! Lol I still get tempted to have an aquarium in the tattoo studio though
09-03-2021 13:55
@antony_ashford Nothing I’m just trying to make the fish look nice and it’s taking ages and still looks poo lol Sna… https://t.co/sw2y2v81ut
09-03-2021 13:35
Looking after 10 royal pythons is less hassle than owning one tropical fish tank
09-03-2021 13:06
Just scraped all the shit off the glass of the aquarium, fish are terrified and their water looks a mess now but at… https://t.co/t7OtZ3yOfk
09-03-2021 12:35
@LudkinsOfficial No I never managed to as the website wasn’t working at the time, I will try again at some point though
09-03-2021 10:11
Sneks https://t.co/iURfYnRmUD
08-03-2021 17:32
@oppaii_x Maybe il give the film another chance at some point but when I tried to watch it not that long ago I ended up turning it off lol
07-03-2021 18:57
@oppaii_x Winter soldier is awesome though
07-03-2021 17:37
@oppaii_x I liked the iron man movies, the only one I’ve watched that I really didn’t enjoy was captain marvel. I m… https://t.co/Ob7OBknSUa
07-03-2021 17:37
@oppaii_x I was late watching captain American too as he’s never been my favourite but ended up really enjoying the films
06-03-2021 21:37
RT @daraobriain: Yes, the Wandavison but about the “Ship of Theseus” would have worked better as “Trigger’s Broom”; but it would have been…
06-03-2021 17:57
RT @qikipedia: The Cerne Abbas ‘chalk giant’ used to have a belly button, but lost it in 1908 when he was recarved with a longer penis. (Im…
06-03-2021 17:54
@AnneMarie Tuesnedsday
06-03-2021 17:54
Beauty room finished, ready for a therapist now! 🤟🏻 https://t.co/tpJg0aL7g8
05-03-2021 23:42
@rustyrockets I like this one
05-03-2021 23:38
RT @qikipedia: Female aphids can reproduce asexually, so do not require a male. If there was an infinite amount of food and no predators, a…
05-03-2021 17:59
RT @qikipedia: Christopher Columbus never set foot in North America: the closest he got was the Bahamas and he went to his grave claiming h…
05-03-2021 17:57
@antony_ashford I looked at archer fish once before too, I bet they’re loads of fun to watch
05-03-2021 11:46
@antony_ashford Jesse had decided we needed it, they are cool looking fish. One day I’d like an aquarium big enough… https://t.co/AVbkoqBOgx
05-03-2021 11:22
@mr_plantgeek Depends what paint you used but white spirit or brush conditioner will get whatever it is off
04-03-2021 22:47
Needed to buy rats for the snakes today and accidentally got an albino Cory for the aquarium too.
04-03-2021 22:00
RT @qikipedia: Your dog’s brain reacts the same way to the back of your head as it does to your face.
04-03-2021 20:18
My whole feed on here will soon just be me complaining about things...
04-03-2021 13:35
Trying to contact @LudkinsOfficial about grading some cards but their website contact form isn’t working.
04-03-2021 13:35
RT @qikipedia: The word ‘cliché’ comes from the world of typography and is of onomatopoeic origin: it imitates the sound of a mould strikin…
03-03-2021 20:36
@JeffreeStar Great thanks! Working hard on a new project. Hope you’ve been well
03-03-2021 20:34
Why do all card and comic grading companies have arsehole websites?!
02-03-2021 22:06
What’s the best company to get pokemon and yugioh cards graded?
02-03-2021 18:05
@MidSuffolk @AnglianWater Hey, that’s for getting back to me via Twitter, I have sorted the issue now.
01-03-2021 16:53
@AnneMarie Never too many
01-03-2021 00:30
I have now messaged my medical waste company, @MidSuffolk and @AnglianWater and none of them have got back to me! A… https://t.co/v3BPL5pjIf
28-02-2021 13:57
@JustBleedMMAPod The statement is wrong, I watched this fight again not that long ago, @bisping won this fight on p… https://t.co/wBbOZHMcXm
28-02-2021 12:09
The suns out! I can start feeding my fish again
26-02-2021 14:43
@MiddleShots Some my character designs for an up and coming fantasy trading card game https://t.co/Yat9lZFfCu
25-02-2021 22:29
I like the TeenTitans movie
25-02-2021 16:10
That hurt to watch https://t.co/cVQLY8IUzt
25-02-2021 12:46
New character design for https://t.co/gdIfjCjdJM #art #digitalart #fantasyart https://t.co/JTUf2IBJol
24-02-2021 18:24
Slowly things are becoming something awesome! https://t.co/cCnljNkpX9 I can’t wait! https://t.co/Se8GucTqsu
23-02-2021 23:04
Freshly bathed snake https://t.co/2pke6Tag3u
23-02-2021 01:47
Now in discussions to produce testers for profiteertcg and I can’t wait
22-02-2021 22:20
I would like some of these https://t.co/xMOLyeNhBQ
22-02-2021 22:17
We have some leaflets made that briefly explain about the trading card game that will hopefully begin production th… https://t.co/9NWvGjqarE
22-02-2021 16:17
Working on another one of these, the first one works nicely! https://t.co/r9OIj7WZk2
21-02-2021 22:55
RT @sylgr: Thanos: “You should have gone for the head.” Kids: https://t.co/3XVIohgjpM
21-02-2021 17:47
I’m getting really excited about https://t.co/Bn2GtsIS2N since my studio has been closed I’ve made some nice progress on this project
21-02-2021 16:48
@oppaii_x Just retweeted that by mistake! I have an Asda and a Tesco near me and Asda seem better than Tesco but ca… https://t.co/wmmzOqQjU9
20-02-2021 14:12
@oppaii_x Not sure on any vegan websites as I haven’t bothered looking but Asda have upped their game on vegan food… https://t.co/bhN6oWfJaw
20-02-2021 12:22
There’s something unsettlingly gross about these feet shoes. Wonder if he kept them, I would’ve https://t.co/XJ0UcfNH6O
19-02-2021 16:59
I painted @mr_plantgeek as an Elf for https://t.co/gdIfjCjdJM thanks for sending in the photo reference Michael.… https://t.co/7WvfHmK7VI
18-02-2021 03:22
@Vistaprint I have attempted to type up a marketing booklet for my product twice now using your website and both ti… https://t.co/fpgC9VO33J
17-02-2021 23:26
Lizard lady, designed for https://t.co/gdIfjCjdJM #fantasyart #digitalart https://t.co/jtd1LnO1yW
17-02-2021 14:02
I got snake poo under my finger nail! 🤢
16-02-2021 16:18
@HeyRosielah Thank you, he’s a good boy... most the time lol
15-02-2021 18:54
@HeyRosielah Yeah that’s Vinnie, he’s a shiba inu cross whippet.
15-02-2021 18:49
@HeyRosielah https://t.co/2f08r1fnan
15-02-2021 18:46
@HeyRosielah The face I make when I nearly drop my phone or trip over the dog
15-02-2021 18:41
Character art for https://t.co/Bn2GtsIS2N https://t.co/TRSZGxk5Ue
15-02-2021 17:48
@drunkartreview Those dreams don’t sound too fun. I got plenty of Chinese left so I can live the dream again tonight.
15-02-2021 17:39
@drunkartreview It was a dream!
15-02-2021 13:36
Forgot to post this the other day. Thank you @AUBRYDJAFI for letting me use your photo to create this card characte… https://t.co/E3TfHoQ92y
14-02-2021 23:44
Tonight’s meal includes a McDonald’s starter followed by a Chinese takeaway main and desert shall be a two tier cho… https://t.co/VfaiYcpRGd
14-02-2021 22:55
Done some fun little animals today. #animals #royalpython #rabbit #elephantshew #chameleon #like #follow #art… https://t.co/71X8Ohv1zy
14-02-2021 02:09
Character artwork for @profiteertcg that can be found on Instagram, give them a follow. #fantasyart #digitalart… https://t.co/xxxNGVsBlL
11-02-2021 22:09
From now on I don’t Google shows for art reference as @Google loves a spoiler!
09-02-2021 12:52
Was googling an anime character for art reference and this was the first suggestion! Thanks for the spoiler alert… https://t.co/9Bdgwha5YV
09-02-2021 12:30
Insta posting of my nezuko sleeve design. Still up for grabs if anyone wants it. #nezuko #DemonSlayer… https://t.co/8XDXDLJ13F
09-02-2021 01:19
@mr_plantgeek Maybe il try one day when I feel like have some kind of cheat day
07-02-2021 22:16
@mr_plantgeek I’m too lazy to troll, I’d just report you! I’d be tempted to try them anyway but it’d probably still make me feel bad
07-02-2021 21:34
@AnneMarie Gimme a shout when I’m allowed to reopen! It can be a late bday pressy. Hope your days been good so far. Happy birthday.
07-02-2021 21:24
@mr_plantgeek I’m curious; does the packet say if it’s vegetarian friendly or do they include insects as animals?
07-02-2021 21:21
One of my anime designs have been claimed! I can’t wait to get back to work so I can book this in. #anime… https://t.co/zPwAPavmNu
06-02-2021 01:55