BUTTERWORTH (@TajButterworth) — Friendly Hoosier who moved to Dallas to go to TX Rangers games. Filmmaking, horror, politics, economics...https://t.co/fMTRsqmRVL
RT @baseballinpix: Babe Ruth in color at Yankee Stadium https://t.co/x2OpLUXQCf
30-01-2023 06:16
RT @mischiefanimals: KNEEL, before the goblin lord https://t.co/RoxpjshTz4
30-01-2023 06:16
RT @AdinHaykin1: The hero who neutralized the terrorist in Jerusalem despite being heavily wounded himself https://t.co/j2VC2aOjAm
30-01-2023 06:16
RT @DefenceU: Commander of the first crew for Challenger 2 in #UAarmy https://t.co/D3pTJIXLOZ
30-01-2023 06:16
RT @Super70sSports: What the hell kind of McDonald’s do they have in Japan? https://t.co/SG1OaVoCGn
30-01-2023 06:15
RT @baseballinpix: Construction of the Astrodome, 1964 https://t.co/niDgsYfrxP
30-01-2023 06:15
Megyn Kelly is a fucking idiot who clearly doesn't understand the very notion of a Phd. https://t.co/ccwIXYo8PM
30-01-2023 03:34
@megynkelly How are you so fucking dumb you don't understand what a doctor of philosophy is?
30-01-2023 03:33
Mohammed bin Salman belongs in a body bag not a palace.
29-01-2023 22:51
Lol he's turned himself into a 50 year old woman. https://t.co/higtZJsD2C
28-01-2023 19:29
@igb @elonmusk @WallStreetSilv Lol. Elon added $13 billion in debt to Twitter to buy it. $1 billion+ a year to service that debt.
28-01-2023 18:45
@elonmusk @WallStreetSilv You saddled Twitter w $13 billion in debt and will likely go bankrupt servicing that debt… https://t.co/I1yRRJPICy
28-01-2023 18:44
@elonmusk You're weird and not at all funny.
28-01-2023 18:40
@carmella_nicole @AnnaForFlorida John Travolta here straight out of Saturday night fever is totally fine tho https://t.co/LPAiy6Cwky
28-01-2023 11:08
@kelliwardaz Ok crazy lady
28-01-2023 11:07
@BreeNewsome https://t.co/13eYsOm4JQ
28-01-2023 11:06
How are these real people????? Policing needs to be abolished? Imagine that world. "Sorry, your entire family w… https://t.co/y547xvvD3M
28-01-2023 11:04
@BreeNewsome You need serious mental help and I really hope you get it because you've lost it at this point. I mean… https://t.co/Mo8et9qGqu
28-01-2023 11:03
@BreeNewsome You do realize slavery ended in 1865 right?
28-01-2023 11:00
Crazy lady says that police cannot exist at all bc the entire idea itself is racist. Why do people continuw to lis… https://t.co/pKrYee4PSJ
28-01-2023 10:59
@BreeNewsome Lol okay weirdo
28-01-2023 10:58
I have approx a zillion movies in my PLEX library, comprising nearly 10TB of data. Had to add a new 4TB drive the o… https://t.co/D0iglyRQTM
28-01-2023 08:55
I feel like movies were not meant to be 3hrs and 10 mins is the biggest issue. https://t.co/Q3E7ixJ2UC
28-01-2023 08:51
RT @jayleno: I was riding my motorcycle up in Lake Tahoe and I came around the corner and bam, I crashed into Jeremy Renner’s snowplow.
28-01-2023 08:49
@bendreyfuss a few weeks ago i learned you were richard's son. now im learning you have a glass eye? how the fuck d… https://t.co/UyQyqLtDdD
28-01-2023 08:47
@laceltris pure evil.
28-01-2023 08:46
RT @ZelenskyyUa: We know how often tyrannies try to use sports for their ideological interests. It is obvious that any neutral flag of Russ…
28-01-2023 08:46
How in the fuck is this real life? When did the folks at the AP lose their gd minds like this? https://t.co/WwCxMyDrzc
28-01-2023 08:45
@APStylebook How are you guys a real news agency? Like, FFS, really...how?
28-01-2023 08:44
RT @SlowToWrite: I did a presentation on critical race theory today at a Christian school today. Someone asked me how critical race theori…
28-01-2023 08:44
RT @TimeBombToys: Toony Terrors Series 7 arrives at the shop this Tuesday. Don’t sleep on this series. Some are very close to selling out!…
28-01-2023 08:43
Most of these people who claim to hate racism have careers that depend on ensuring you think the bogeyman of racism… https://t.co/x3NYxvdiGK
28-01-2023 08:42
@jay_mara_13 @IndictmentOf @CharlesMBlow actually Chauvin was fired the day after and arrested 4 days later.
28-01-2023 08:41
The cops who killed George Floyd were fired the next day and arrested 4 days later. Charles Blow, whose career de… https://t.co/5hvC9Tlbv8
28-01-2023 08:40
@CharlesMBlow No, you dishonest kook. The guys who killed George Floyd were fired the day after and arrested 4 days… https://t.co/e2fnrWMkRq
28-01-2023 08:39
RT @ConservativeLA: https://t.co/OVdsdUXznS
28-01-2023 08:36
@msolurin How does Robby deal with two? You guys talk down to him like he's your child.
28-01-2023 08:32
Things are pretty good racially in the US in 2022. It's, no doubt, likely the best it's ever been. You would think… https://t.co/0AaURiskyj
28-01-2023 08:28
@robcollier919 its so weird seeing her in videos like this, knowing she was all about obama just a few years ago. i… https://t.co/kFX7tkdspC
28-01-2023 08:26
Guys, a bunch of self-appointed black thought leaders have declared everything is racist. We have to listen to them… https://t.co/w5Zsg9YZoQ
28-01-2023 08:25
her entire career depends on perpetuating this insanity. https://t.co/TXMbFxFLtY
28-01-2023 08:23
@jemelehill dear god, you need help. i honestly wonder if half the shit you say is serious or if you're playing al… https://t.co/jgnJLxDCyd
28-01-2023 08:22
RT @SlowToWrite: The police officers who beat Tyre Nichols to death didn’t do so because he’s black. The police officers are black. They…
28-01-2023 08:20
RT @chelssMichellee: me and my intrusive thoughts https://t.co/8U7Aunx2Z2
28-01-2023 08:19
@IfedayoX @CapitanBradford @msolurin police killings of innocent people are rare. stop.
28-01-2023 08:16
5 black cops kill a black man...systemic racism! Duh. How do you explain people like this? It's almost as if their… https://t.co/ThMNzw7gTV
28-01-2023 08:15
@msolurin Honestly, you sound insane here.
28-01-2023 08:13
@chief_redcloud_ @apokerplayer @Project_Veritas @pfizer THIS IS HOW VACCINES ARE MADE. This is literally what these… https://t.co/oBGiJWWFwp
28-01-2023 08:10
@Project_Veritas @pfizer James, as always, is taking shit out of context. How is OKeefe so fucking dumb he does n… https://t.co/bwhU4Klzdn
28-01-2023 08:09
@catturd2 hes trying to breathe, you fucking idiot. glad you laugh at people in pain like this. you're a twisted deranged sad man.
28-01-2023 08:04
@catturd2 you still have deleted this tweet knowing the facts now? i love to see people dunking on your dumb ass.
28-01-2023 08:02
@bernybelvedere Crazy to think the awful kook that owns this site tweets at catturd a few times a week at minimum.
28-01-2023 08:01
RT @bernybelvedere: 🤔 https://t.co/sdtxeDBuzi
28-01-2023 07:59
How in the fuck did this guy get elected president? Still blows my mind. https://t.co/BUfE67t5CB
28-01-2023 07:38
@Timodc So he wants to pass a federal law to force this and he thinks it's the epitome of local control. How does… https://t.co/Q3u7BdV69U
28-01-2023 07:38
28-01-2023 07:37
America loves to turn literally everything into a racial issue, and it's depressing as hell.
28-01-2023 07:04
Guys, now black people hate black people bc of white supremacy. These are not serious people. https://t.co/yVsU57Du5H
28-01-2023 07:03
@ConwaysLilBro @MondaireJones except its not. police killings of innocent people of any color are rare in the US. y… https://t.co/SGrQvc2QZI
28-01-2023 07:02
@AngelaH44859218 @MondaireJones so your logic is the black officers were so controlled by some white supremacy that… https://t.co/Agx7HcSSU3
28-01-2023 07:01
cant talk about it, bc you made it impossible for me to reply. complaining about someone tipping is not a safety is… https://t.co/6LRNNjDe8X
28-01-2023 07:00
Newflash-people of all colors are killed by police. Police killings of innocent people in the US are exceedingly ra… https://t.co/cMNjCnc0Wa
28-01-2023 06:58
@CharlesMBlow Honest question, you do realize people of all colors are killed by police, right? Why do you always m… https://t.co/IoA5qkH1se
28-01-2023 06:52
Brett Easton Ellis' THE SHARDS is fantastic so far....listening to it on Audible now. https://t.co/DPGKW8aXdJ
28-01-2023 04:51
Donald Trump has rocks for brains.
28-01-2023 02:12
RT @ShayKhatiri: We’re giving Ukraine nukes? From your mouth to God’s ears! https://t.co/oFqSaH3Zpk
28-01-2023 02:11
My next wife works at CNN. https://t.co/VzgehH6y16
28-01-2023 02:11
RT @HeathMayo: Several Republicans & pundits made jokes about the Paul Pelosi incident—& many spread malicious theories about the man being…
28-01-2023 00:25
RT @NormaIPresident: George W. Bush sits with his parents, Barbara Bush and George H.W. Bush, at a Texas Rangers game. 1990s. https://t.co/…
28-01-2023 00:25
Fuck all of these losers. Especially @elonmusk https://t.co/OG0nN3NyWC
28-01-2023 00:25
@AdamKinzinger Like the awful owner of this site @elonmusk ??
28-01-2023 00:24
RT @Timodc: Heck of a job Ronna! 4th try is a charm.
28-01-2023 00:24
Guys, the federal govt, for no good reason at all, took away your legal right to add student loan debt into bankrup… https://t.co/qxN1j1gDow
28-01-2023 00:15
There are still crazy people on this site who think the COVID shots kill you. Amazing.
28-01-2023 00:13
RT @baseballinpix: 1971 Orioles four 20 game winners https://t.co/F262MngGwa
28-01-2023 00:12
RT @LukeBarnett: $2700/mo in Silver Lake https://t.co/PLf24kSCQB
28-01-2023 00:12
@DenineSullivan6 @ZaackHunt @elonmusk Oh ffs grow up. He was trying to keep a lunatic with a hammer calm.
28-01-2023 00:10
@elonmusk You made false claims about Paul Pelosi, dipshit. Stop pretending you're not a lunatic.
28-01-2023 00:08
@elonmusk Apologize to Paul Pelosi, fuckwad.
28-01-2023 00:07
Remember when the scumbag owner of Twitter @elonmusk retweeted an insane conspiracy theory about this incident? M… https://t.co/iINXnhCG0K
28-01-2023 00:06
@greg_price11 Remember when asshole @elonmusk retweeted a conspiracy theory about this like it was no big deal?
28-01-2023 00:04
Hey @elonmusk you asshole... Want to publicly apologize now? You won't because you're fucking garbage. https://t.co/tJGdTTCKkJ
28-01-2023 00:04
RT @Super70sSports: Underrated and we all know it. https://t.co/WjxjrosiGJ
28-01-2023 00:03
RT @ABPardue: Fixed it https://t.co/LNjidQokBp
28-01-2023 00:02
RT @DefenceU: "Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?" Inner Circle Total combat losses of the enem…
28-01-2023 00:02
@clinicboss @Reese__P Or perhaps doing this is just shitty?
28-01-2023 00:00
@Reese__P You're gross for posting this.
27-01-2023 23:59
RT @MonsterVision17: Celebrating @therealjoebob Birthday today! Drop a comment wishing him the best!!! Our favorite Horror Host! https://t.…
27-01-2023 23:34
This is why Palestinians do not deserve their own state. They can't get their shit together long enough not to do t… https://t.co/IqF8TYi0PC
27-01-2023 23:33
RT @baldassarreted: NEW VIDEO: I Decided To Buy OMEGA’s Most Forgotten & Overlooked Watch OMEGA Globemaster Ownership Review Check it out…
27-01-2023 23:32
@Esqueer_ Lol stop. If you're that sensitive to stuff happening in the world, you don't need to be online at all. H… https://t.co/mKXAggoAKg
27-01-2023 21:05
This "Dr" is a dishonest grifter and lunatic. You'll notice he doesn't link to the story bc nowhere does it even re… https://t.co/Feg7xwot2H
27-01-2023 21:02
@drdenwalker Link to the story you dishonest idiot. https://t.co/NxscJuNFgc The story itself notes they stopped bc… https://t.co/yj5W27cnDJ
27-01-2023 21:01
@ttlaurent @AdamPage85 @mattnightingale The only logical explanation is people are born gay and if so god had to ha… https://t.co/JGUgF4Y0ZV
27-01-2023 18:59
@ttlaurent @AdamPage85 @mattnightingale It's way too obvious to even argue they are not born gay. When you're a kid… https://t.co/D05yHrhr4K
27-01-2023 18:58
@ttlaurent @AdamPage85 @mattnightingale It's going to be really weird when they pinpoint a gene for homosexuality.… https://t.co/OcRmGQkj9k
27-01-2023 18:57
@SvenTystnad @RobSchneider The original British series is brilliant. Also now you're famous.
27-01-2023 18:54
RT @jackievenson: Tonight at midnight, my new record Evolution of Joy, goes live to the world. This is me and my band at our absolute best.…
27-01-2023 18:53
RT @Super70sSports: Every major league team in the 70s had at least two guys who looked exactly like this guy. Everyone over 50 will confir…
27-01-2023 18:52
The problem w this community note? Even 27% is higher than most people pay in income/sales tax together. While the… https://t.co/4XG6RYlslK
27-01-2023 18:52
RT @baseballinpix: Crosley Field's lower grandstand submerged under 21 feet of water. Reds pitcher Lee Grissom and the team's traveling sec…
27-01-2023 18:49
@amandarivkin To be fair he was always crazy but people always turned a blind eye bc "his mUsIcAl gEnIuS!!"
27-01-2023 18:49
RT @TDenton_1138: Happy birthday @therealjoebob! May the year ahead be a grand adventure my friend! #happybirthdayjoebob @kinky_horror @bad…
27-01-2023 18:48
RT @caryarchive: Cary Grant photographed in 1937 https://t.co/GrvtdakQYr
27-01-2023 18:48
@khamenei_ir Fuck off pedophile.
27-01-2023 18:47
Trump is the dumbest human alive and yet he was the president. That's how stupid we Americans are. https://t.co/NxMRfKkj4N
27-01-2023 18:47
Not to mention he's an anonymous cowardly piece of shit who wants to pretend he's an alpha male but won't tell you who he is.
27-01-2023 18:45
@catturd2 is a big sack of shit. A dishonest fucking grifter who is making the world a worse place. All of these fucking grifter losers are.
27-01-2023 18:45
@blongshanks77 @catturd2 None of these fucking losers like cat turd take the time to fact check anything they say.
27-01-2023 18:43
@catturd2 He had a history of drug use you fucking idiot.
27-01-2023 18:43
@drdenwalker Lol none of this is true, you dishonest fucking quack.
27-01-2023 18:42
@drdenwalker I love how this convenient addendum to the story has zero retweers and like 1/10,000 the number of lik… https://t.co/ZBS3hLeF7X
27-01-2023 18:40
@drdenwalker Motherfucker, he had cancer. Stop being a vile lowlife grifter.
27-01-2023 18:39
@drdenwalker Motherfucker, you post this bullshit then reply with a sidenote- gosh all his drug use can't possibly… https://t.co/BBtbzib8Aq
27-01-2023 18:38
@EmeraldRobinson @catturd2 You're a lowlife conspiracy theory idiot. Leave the poor guy alone and stop using him to spread your bullshit.
27-01-2023 18:34
@N4NOM @catturd2 @DailyMailCeleb You people are so god damned stupid.
27-01-2023 18:33
@catturd2 Whenever you say Putin puppet.
27-01-2023 18:31
@mtaibbi Why do you love Russia so much Matt?
27-01-2023 18:22
@mtaibbi is still a loser who isn't a real journalist and is getting famous by doing the dirty work of an autistic billionaire.
27-01-2023 18:22
@cb_doge @elonmusk Lol. Dude sold much of his wealth to buy Twitter so he could Tweet all day to alt right crazies… https://t.co/wF4qcY4gvK
27-01-2023 18:19
@elonmusk @EvaFoxU @Lukewearechange Clueless idiot Elon still playing up for Putin I see.
27-01-2023 18:17
@elonmusk @jim_desmond @boringcompany Lol. He can build you a tunnel with a guy driving you in a Tesla at 30mph.
27-01-2023 18:13
@G5Hohn @pedroheizer @SlowToWrite That's true. I think a lot of people put this into a special a category tho all s… https://t.co/FjGoFiaF4B
26-01-2023 19:05
@G5Hohn @pedroheizer @SlowToWrite If we find a new scroll that says god hates heterosexuality, I'm not going to sud… https://t.co/AIn1dbQxMC
26-01-2023 18:52
@G5Hohn @pedroheizer @SlowToWrite But if you're born gay then the only option you have, in god's mind, is to be in… https://t.co/LahpNmsAaA
26-01-2023 18:51
This joke is literally Obama's only domestic policy legacy. Couple this with his disastrous foreign policy, and the… https://t.co/N339Z5iJFi
26-01-2023 16:29
@LianaCorr I'll have to see if I can cancel mine for this year and just never go to the Dr. I don't want to be hit… https://t.co/XWpqu7e8Ow
26-01-2023 16:23
@khamenei_ir Rot in hell scumbag
26-01-2023 14:20
@G5Hohn @pedroheizer @SlowToWrite Nobody wakes up and chooses to be gay. If they are born that way and they can't a… https://t.co/Vl07ldw3Af
25-01-2023 21:18
@KevinPinball I'm sure some people are born w a predilection to liking children, their brains screwed up in some ma… https://t.co/NGHo9UncdG
25-01-2023 21:15
@CybrpnkDystopia @pedroheizer @SlowToWrite Autopsy isn't going to reveal straightness either. There's no logical re… https://t.co/3LXjmpIp9d
25-01-2023 21:14
RT @omriceren: One option the Russians have is they could stop invading other people's countries. https://t.co/Yyz9gpeJzq
25-01-2023 17:14
RT @guyverhofstadt: Almost 1/4 young people believe the Holocaust was a myth. 🇳🇱 Only 1/2 think acknowledging and apologising is necessary…
25-01-2023 16:32
RT @Rainmaker1973: Mathematician George Dantzig was late to class one day in college and copied down a few problems he saw on the board. Th…
25-01-2023 16:31
Love AMERICA SAYS. @Real_JMHiggins is fantastic. https://t.co/ePNSP0XWCh
25-01-2023 16:30
RT @NOELreports: Today Zelenskyi turned 45 years old. Happy Birthday mister president 🙏⭐️ https://t.co/OIxtbd4cVZ
25-01-2023 16:28
RT @sirDukeDevin: Abrams and Leopards are fantastic, now let's give Ukraine some F-16s.
25-01-2023 16:26
RT @apmassaro3: Happy birthday to a man who has shown the world what true leadership looks like. Happy birthday, President Zelensky https:/…
25-01-2023 16:13
RT @baseballinpix: Rickey Henderson's powerful jump to steal another base. https://t.co/SHj9wGaEb6
25-01-2023 16:06
RT @culturaltutor: Why did the UK destroy and replace so many of its old Victorian buildings? https://t.co/RTTg2F0coQ
25-01-2023 16:06
RT @Rothmus: https://t.co/f7DAOXBFgD
25-01-2023 16:06
RT @DinosaurDracula: The Bigfoot Pizza, from Pizza Hut! Released in 1993, this bready behemoth packed 21 slices on a two-foot pie. It was F…
25-01-2023 16:06
@AdamPage85 @mattnightingale Does God not create people gay? Are we still claiming people choose to be gay? None of… https://t.co/40Zrs7zprM
25-01-2023 16:04
Don't we all have to admit that people are clearly born gay? Why does God create gay people if it's a sin? I knew a… https://t.co/W3hH36uwfq
25-01-2023 16:03
@pedroheizer @SlowToWrite God doesn't create you alcoholic or addicted to porn. He does, seemingly, create people w… https://t.co/k7VREvNro8
25-01-2023 15:59
RT @joshtpm: Remarkable this is getting done with a straight face. It’s basically the select committee on black helicopters and shadowbanni…
25-01-2023 15:57
The United States has a moral imperative to arrest Yevgeny Prigozhin immediately, turning him over to The Hague for… https://t.co/gikWpRjhrd
25-01-2023 15:57
RT @anangbhai: Dick Cheney when he sees the feds pulling up to his house to search for classified documents. https://t.co/0uq6o4njax
25-01-2023 06:50
@TtoEtoC @Subbeaconfan @desertcran @jswir @laceltris @BrianCerv1 @FreeSoilAndrew @favourite_uncle @1967mustangman… https://t.co/JmyHGGLypL
25-01-2023 06:50
RT @Super70sSports: I think we can agree that great 80s pop music was all about the pants. https://t.co/I62TJ6lFGD
25-01-2023 06:49
RT @oneunderscore__: It's gotta be exhausting being upset at the dumbest, tiniest possible things, 100% of the time.
25-01-2023 06:49
RT @DefenceU: Three Alligators Down https://t.co/yA9vnw38BH
25-01-2023 06:47
RT @THEH0RRORKID: Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott in Scream (1996) https://t.co/3PWqaTfEeo
25-01-2023 06:46
RT @triviapotus: Bill Clinton between two Bushes at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas, July, 2017 https://t.co/0AgnK…
25-01-2023 06:46
RT @scoobyhistory: Happy Birthday to @MatthewLillard who not only has voiced Shaggy since 2010 but also starred as him in the 2 original li…
25-01-2023 06:45
RT @Super70sSports: Most underrated Rocky character: Duke. Motherfucker was just about business. https://t.co/Ob3E5SwB0B
25-01-2023 06:44
RT @nexta_tv: Volodymyr Zelensky celebrates his 45th birthday today Happy Birthday, Mr. President! https://t.co/2f4Mqy7946
25-01-2023 06:43
RT @ZeroStarReviews: CATCH-22 - JOSEPH HELLER (1961): "A first novel by a mediocre writer can sometimes satisfy if it maintains a uniform l…
25-01-2023 06:43
RT @Super70sSports: Two cultured men who appreciated an ice cold Coors. https://t.co/h1bqLAOtdj
25-01-2023 06:43
RT @HorrorMovieBBQ: y 8 bit Jason hiding outside my apartment WTF 😩 https://t.co/9E1gG100tG
25-01-2023 06:42
@alancornett Yeah I love that area. I've driven through and around there but we never ended up going to the actual… https://t.co/Zlj6cqEF1n
25-01-2023 06:41
The alt-right's hatred of Ukraine is bizarre. No wonder people think these folks love Russia. They are doing all of Putin's bidding.
25-01-2023 06:34
@charliekirk11 Ok Putin stooge.
25-01-2023 06:33
@crankyuncle2 i take offense to this
25-01-2023 06:33
RT @phoefsutton: Who saw THE OMEGA MAN (!971) last night? Thoughts? https://t.co/k8LCRCThim
25-01-2023 06:32
@alancornett Used to live in Versailles and really wished I would have visited the distillery when I was there.
25-01-2023 06:31
TX is number 1 in terms of wind-generated power...Brigette must really really hate Texas. https://t.co/KKTRbKBIrl
25-01-2023 06:31
@laceltris Texas is, by far, number 1 in wind energy. She must hate Texas. Nearly the entire drive from Dallas to S… https://t.co/FCy9uwhS0U
25-01-2023 06:30
@ACTBrigitte Texas is the number #1 state for windpower. You must really hate Texas.
25-01-2023 06:29
RT @baldassarreted: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 124300. https://t.co/6ZbRnTcLYQ
25-01-2023 03:19
@stillgray we're all? YOU'VE NEVER EVEN BEEN TO AMERICA. Wtf dude.
25-01-2023 03:16
@stillgray Imagine never having set foot in the US and thinking you're such an expert on the place, you know about… https://t.co/6Wumb3ovN9
25-01-2023 03:14
@KariLake You lost and will never have another chance because you went full election denial and now you will make m… https://t.co/bsvjV3fFPA
25-01-2023 00:42
This was a review left on a BASEBALL NOVEL. Humans are insufferable. Like, you didn't read the title with baseball… https://t.co/tcYKOofvxU
24-01-2023 14:11
RT @thedispatch: "One of my problems with the term homelessness is it homogenizes the plights of very different people. Some people are on…
24-01-2023 10:14
Why is this guy this stupid yet so anonymous? Use your real name.. Let everyone know who dumb you are. https://t.co/LLunAkAR2E
24-01-2023 10:04
@Marty_Shannon @catturd2 Cat turd if anything has proven he's a fucking idiot. He 100% believes this.
24-01-2023 09:58
@goodfoodgal @RobertKennedyJr RFK Jr is a crazy person and always has been. Stop.
24-01-2023 02:02
@KariLake Get a fucking hobby, loser
24-01-2023 02:00
Ffs Europe. Get your shit together. https://t.co/vDMdQ8WSej
23-01-2023 22:33
ChatGPT can't even get the meaning of THE WAY IT IS correct. The lyrics literally say, "but don't you believe them"… https://t.co/wY43arc22A
23-01-2023 06:16
We have to stop this clear insanity. I want people to be happy in their own bodies but this stuff is madness and… https://t.co/JbdrYfKbUI
23-01-2023 01:15
RT @th3j35t3r: Awww yeahhhh! https://t.co/D3JLuXDuQC
23-01-2023 01:13
RT @foodandwine: Food is comfort, and that’s what we’re focusing on this month. Our February issue will teach you everything from how to co…
23-01-2023 01:13
@WallStreetSilv How are you this clueless at macroeconomics?
23-01-2023 01:12
@DanWhitCongress @WallStreetSilv Don't try to explain economics to this idiot. He has no idea.
23-01-2023 01:12
@elonmusk Just move the like button back to where it's always been you clueless idiot
23-01-2023 01:09
@CloudedAshes Idiot who owns Twitter now can't make up his mind. It's annoying as shit
23-01-2023 01:07
23-01-2023 01:06
@ComedyGenius916 @nikonamerica @slashfilm I thought of walking out 27 times about 20 mins in then thought ..I shoul… https://t.co/vAKTkM2he5
23-01-2023 01:04
RT @landofthe80s: On this date in 1989 the first Bud Bowl aired during Super Bowl XXIII. #80s #80stv https://t.co/33yifgfScs
22-01-2023 22:43
@DC_Draino It doesn't. You're just too fucking stupid to understand statistics. You people are evil for the constant lies you tell.
22-01-2023 08:44
@SenFeinstein The death panel nutjob who thinks we should all die at 75?
22-01-2023 08:40
RT @theWesleyJSmith: With Ezekiel Emanuel making the rounds re-promoting (and revising) his "I want to die at 75" article, my reaction is w…
22-01-2023 08:39
Ezekiel Emmanuel is a lunatic. A very disturbed lunatic. It's terrifying this guy has ever had any input on any official US policy.
22-01-2023 08:38
Tell your CEO and the higher-ups to eat shit and go to hell. I get that the support people have no control over the… https://t.co/0JNTmhaH9a
21-01-2023 23:51
@TeamTurboTax You guys fucking suck. Dishonest lowlives. I go through the entire process of filing my taxes for "fr… https://t.co/egz6TMnsr2
21-01-2023 23:50
This is what A LOT of people are going to run into. I somehow owed $1,000 BEFORE I even put in my Obamacare tax cre… https://t.co/4qFt6K64x8
21-01-2023 23:40
Obamacare is a fucking joke. I was a contract worker all of 2022. Made nowhere near enough to get my own health ins… https://t.co/6CeF7WVpBQ
21-01-2023 23:40
@tyromper @elonmusk lol with what money???
21-01-2023 22:40