Philly Bar Talk (@SportsManiac255)
Trash franchise @packers #PackersFan
28-11-2022 22:31
@MLBONFOX @BNightengale @Ken_Rosenthal Only 2 rings lol
28-11-2022 22:28
@Ken_Rosenthal @BNightengale Cheaters
28-11-2022 22:26
@packers Us Eagles fans aren't booing Rodgers. We're booing that fake Alexander. Rodgers is a hall of famer. We'll…
28-11-2022 07:02
@NFL @Eagles Giants and Dallas can't beat us js
28-11-2022 06:58
@crksokc @NFL @Eagles Because the dude isn't hurt
28-11-2022 06:58
Cris Collensworth talking about the double cheek push 😆 🤣 #sundaynightfootball #eaglesvspackers
28-11-2022 06:54
@CutonDime25 Do you eat at Chip Kelly's house for Thanksgiving?
28-11-2022 06:40
@packers @PrestonSmith94 So much for drafting Love
28-11-2022 06:36
@MLBNetwork Harper. Well be back because the Astros cheated
28-11-2022 06:32
It would be nice if the Flyers got a franchise player. Let this team crash and draft good players. #Flyers
28-11-2022 06:13
@Saints Thanks for the draft pick
28-11-2022 06:09
@matttadelphia What's the report on getting him?
28-11-2022 06:04
@NFLonFOX @Eagles @NFL Dallas still sucks
28-11-2022 06:02
RT @NFLonFOX: Packers not really having any luck stopping the @Eagles offense tonight 😬 (via @NFL)
28-11-2022 06:02
RT @CrossingBroad: SNIPER!
28-11-2022 06:02
Hurts is better then Prescott #DallasCowboys
28-11-2022 06:01
All black
28-11-2022 06:00
Hurts had Gainwell wide open on that play
28-11-2022 05:50
Devonte Smith in the medical tent again.
28-11-2022 05:46
@JoeGiglioSports All the Jalen Hurts fans from day 1 was laughed at. So glad everything worked out the way it did. Hurts is our future.
28-11-2022 05:44
@barstoolsports Glad he is not my QB he's a clown
28-11-2022 05:42
@NatalieEgenolf I said the same thing. Just looks like he's tired or not giving 100% effort.
28-11-2022 05:41
RT @NatalieEgenolf: Is AJ hurt? Serious question.
28-11-2022 05:40
@BleedingGreen Eagles coming back to reality
28-11-2022 05:40
I have kept quiet this while season because of the Eagles record. But Jalen Hurts, who is a beast, can not throw th…
28-11-2022 05:39
@Ike58Reese Aj Brown hasn't looked good in the past 3 games
28-11-2022 05:32
@itskatyasuh @Eagles Welcome to Philly
28-11-2022 05:31
Aj Brown looks like he's hurt or something
28-11-2022 05:30
@barstoolsports Basketball is such a weak sport. That's why hockey players are tougher.
28-11-2022 04:52
28-11-2022 04:49
Let's go Birds!
28-11-2022 04:48
@jennwilliams23 Jokes on you, I I'm good at forging signatures.
28-11-2022 04:48
Flyers need a full rebuild if they want to compete again. Unless a once in a lifetime free agent comes around. Also…
28-11-2022 02:16
@whiskey_chaser @JerryRent64 @MikeMiss25 I guess this is Mike's burner account. Keep voting blue.
28-11-2022 01:24
@MikeMiss25 Joe biden called poors kids just as bright as white kids lol you don't know politics mike stop.
28-11-2022 01:23
@NHLFlyers @LabattUSA 11 straight loses let's go
28-11-2022 00:12
@NHLFlyers @WellsFargo Just sell the team
28-11-2022 00:12
@NHLFlyers Remember when the flyers were competitive since the early 90s
27-11-2022 06:24
Sell the team and change those hideous jerseys @NHLFlyers
26-11-2022 09:32
@NHLFlyers Trash jerseys
26-11-2022 09:30
@NHLFlyers Flyers need to bring back the reebok jerseys. Seems like every year they suck even more. The pens have sweet jerseys.
26-11-2022 09:29
@NHLFlyers @WellsFargo Flyers fans, you need to stop going to these games. We need to let management know they suck.
26-11-2022 09:26
@BradSarno @NHLFlyers They just had 50% tickets sale that's why lol
26-11-2022 09:25
@NHLFlyers Good we need that top 3 draft pick
26-11-2022 09:23
@POTUS Trump did more in 1 year
26-11-2022 09:22
@espn @ESPNPlus America doesn't care about soccer. Sorry England, we really don't. We don't have elite soccer playe…
26-11-2022 09:21
@CNN Man CNN was quiet about Trump until he announced he is running again. 😆 🤣 wonder why
26-11-2022 09:18
@NHLFlyers Give out free tickets
26-11-2022 09:17
@espn England: Man, we almost had you guys. America: We have a soccer team?
26-11-2022 09:15
@FOXSports I don't know one player on the usa team lol shows soccer isn't talked about in America
25-11-2022 17:25
@duty2warn Companies will soon realize you won't make money going woke. Disney will find out soon enough.
25-11-2022 17:24
@hypochondria48 @ThomasMnch16 @duty2warn Happens in Philly all the time. Difference if you would probably cry. I would still order my rolls.
25-11-2022 17:23
@espn @ESPNFC Soccer is the most boring sport I have even seen. Nascar has more action than soccer.
25-11-2022 17:14
@Gia_877 @michaelisracing @espn @ESPNFC The super brings in more money then a lousy soccer ball game. No one wants…
25-11-2022 17:13
@espn @ESPNFC America does not care for soccer or Futbol.
25-11-2022 17:10
@NHLFlyers They are trying to save face before no one shows up. Your franchise is trash. I hope each person loses t…
25-11-2022 17:08
@PoliticsVerse Good maybe your car won't break down after 50k miles
25-11-2022 17:04
@NFL Eagles would have beat them
25-11-2022 07:32
@JoshShapiroPA That doesn't happen outside of Philly because we're not animals.
24-11-2022 22:37
@jennwilliams23 Your my hero
24-11-2022 17:55
@charlieo_conn Nope
24-11-2022 17:55
@barstoolsports Where's the food? Tons of fatties but no food
24-11-2022 17:52
@espn Money
24-11-2022 17:51
@JoyTaylorTalks @SpeakOnFS1 Thick
24-11-2022 17:51
@JoshClarkDavis Dude hooked up with one black girl and then became a civil rights activist 😆 🤣
24-11-2022 17:50
@Phillies Astros still cheated
24-11-2022 17:47
RT @Phillies: We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving full of food, family, and fun!
24-11-2022 17:47
@donovanjmcnabb and @Bighugh53 were the 2 guys who came to hang out with me during the Eagles carnivals back in 04.…
24-11-2022 17:42
@NFLonFOX Eagles would destroy any team. Oh wait we did.
24-11-2022 17:36
@DKSportsbook Twitter isn't for liberals anymore
24-11-2022 17:36
@RimFire7777 @Barnacules @DKSportsbook Because they didn't block liberals dumb thoughts stay Woke
24-11-2022 17:36
@astros Phillies would of whooped that ass if they didn't cheat
24-11-2022 17:32
@MLBNetwork Not the Astros they cheat
24-11-2022 17:28
@Phillies The Astros still cheated
24-11-2022 17:28
@sports_corn @Phillies Imagine voting for Biden
24-11-2022 17:27
24-11-2022 08:49
@Ken_Rosenthal The angels once again buying 30 year old guys to build around Trout.
24-11-2022 08:39
@ThorJohannesson @NFLGameDay @JalenHurts @Eagles @JoshAllenQB @Tua @JoeyB @justnfields @GenoSmith3 @dak…
24-11-2022 08:36
@NHLFlyers Love this. Keeping playing we need superstars through the draft
24-11-2022 08:20
@lean_whittit @NHLFlyers @WellsFargo We jumped off the bandwagon 2 years ago lol
24-11-2022 08:18
@NHLFlyers @WellsFargo Go Flyers play for that first overall pick
24-11-2022 08:18
RT @MLBONFOX: Bryce Harper ended up having Tommy John surgery today and could be back in mid-May, per @JSalisburyNBCS.…
24-11-2022 08:17
@NFLonFOX @Giants @dallascowboys Eagles the far superior team. Dallas can't touch Philly
24-11-2022 08:15
@Lancegooden Liberals get butthurt if you say her or him.
24-11-2022 08:14
@espn He will be ready by end of May. Good try though Espn
24-11-2022 08:12
@barstoolsports Kellen Mond is laughable
23-11-2022 20:46
@espn @AdamSchefter He's not a good Qb
23-11-2022 19:38
@FINALLEVEL That's Liberals for ya, they hate Chick fil a but still eat it.
23-11-2022 18:53
@NHLFlyers @BELFORGroup 😆 🤣 the flyers are a joke. 7 in a row
23-11-2022 18:52
@ChickfilA Do ya thing chick fil a. There is no need to bow down to these soft kids. Don't give in to these people…
23-11-2022 18:48
@ChickfilA No one cares you don't like straight chicken. Go eat your Gay chicken at McDonald's
23-11-2022 18:46
@absyrd_1 @MikeMiss25 Cry about it
23-11-2022 18:43
@MikeMiss25 Did ya download the app?
23-11-2022 18:42
RT @Eagles: One of them ones @CGJXXIII | #FlyEaglesFly
23-11-2022 18:41
@axios I thought gun free zones work? Guess the Liberals are wrong again. #VoteRed
23-11-2022 18:41
@NFLonFOX Thanks @Saints. Your playoff runs are over. Time for you guys to go back to pre-2006
23-11-2022 18:40
@astros Congrats on your first WS ring
23-11-2022 18:39
@nyjets Did you guys cut Zach Wilson yet?
23-11-2022 18:00
@Phillies Dave's the man. Now sign Turner
23-11-2022 17:42
RT @Phillies: The Phillies have extended the contract of President of Baseball Operations David Dombrowski for three years, taking him thro…
23-11-2022 17:41
@RichardHanania @elonmusk You mean Men dressed as girls coders? No dreams were crushed here
23-11-2022 17:41
@elonmusk Wonder who they voted for
23-11-2022 17:39
@sixers @GeorgesNiang20 @tobias31 Good win, but the sixers song is the worst out of the 4 major sports here
23-11-2022 17:38
@MLBONFOX Good trade but the Angel's are a joke
23-11-2022 17:37
@TyreseMaxeySZN @TyJohnsonNews Tyrone is only on the show because they didn't couldn't find Mike's replacement. He…
23-11-2022 17:25
@fcoxx_91 How's your house for your Cox?
22-11-2022 08:53
@NHLFlyers @WellsFargo Rebuild
22-11-2022 08:52
@JoeGiglioSports Nah, we own the NFL. No one can beat us.
22-11-2022 08:49
@mlbtraderumors And yet nothing happened
22-11-2022 08:48
@MLBONFOX @Feinsand @jonmorosi He's not coming to New York. Remember when players wanted to play for the Yankees.
22-11-2022 08:47
@NHLFlyers @LVPhantoms These Flyers suck, I bet the flyers alumni team would wipe this team on the ice. Sell the te…
22-11-2022 08:45
@elonmusk you should greet people to Twitter like MySpace Tom did.
22-11-2022 08:43
@BarstoolPhilly Doug Glanville
22-11-2022 08:37
@matthewauro @phuklllll @Daboys_22 Looks like they didn't lol clown
22-11-2022 08:35
@Daboys_22 I bet he smashed your mom
22-11-2022 08:34
@NFLonFOX Eagles, no one can beat us
22-11-2022 08:31
@WIPMorningShow The only way Wentz can redeem himself to Philly. Is if he takes an office role and helps the Eagles win a superbowl
21-11-2022 17:31
RT @BarstoolPhilly: FIRE US UP COACH
21-11-2022 07:23
@Ken_Rosenthal @TheAthletic @MLBPipeline 😆 🤣 he wants off the Braves
21-11-2022 07:21
@Twins @MLB The new diamondbacks who change their uniforms every year, lol
18-11-2022 22:39
@RAJr_20 Enjoy ya time my good sir!
18-11-2022 22:34
@HAFFnHAFF_TPL I think they trade away, but we'll see if teams need a qb and they get huge compensation.
18-11-2022 22:34
@TalkinBaseball_ @Twins Looks like they let a bunch of college girls do this lol
18-11-2022 22:32
@Twins @Arraez_21 @OfficialBuck103 @Jorge_Polanco1 @Franki2998 😆 🤣 😂
18-11-2022 21:51
I hope @elonmusk plays xbox with me
18-11-2022 21:18
@David_is_cool1 @MLBONFOX Astros can't afford great players stop
18-11-2022 21:18
@dodgersontop @MLBONFOX Virgin mobile?
18-11-2022 21:17
@JonHeyman But yet your still on twitter?
18-11-2022 18:40
@AOC Imagine if politicians weren't doing inside trading
18-11-2022 18:38
@MLBNow Chase Utley
17-11-2022 22:38
RT @Eagles: Eagles have agreed to terms with DT Ndamukong Suh on a one-year deal.
17-11-2022 22:38
@bryson_stott10 add me on xbox
17-11-2022 18:58
@bryceharper3 thank you for a great season. Hope your surgery goes well.
17-11-2022 18:58
Buffalo is about to get 6 feet of snow
17-11-2022 18:56
@espn @30for30 You should one about biggest nfl draft bust.
17-11-2022 18:54
Ben Simmons went from all star to 1 overall bust
17-11-2022 06:39
@barstoolsports They don't put targets in the ghettos only walmarts. So maybe they should ask their employees.
17-11-2022 06:37
@Starting9 Houston fans are trashy
17-11-2022 06:35
@BrendenDeeg_ If the NHL can call penalties for flopping. The NFL can call penalties for drawing that roughing call.
17-11-2022 06:29
Looks like Bryce Harper will go undergo surgery for his UCL fix
16-11-2022 19:57
RT @JClarkNBCS: Dave Dombrowski says they are open to having the best club and winning the World Series “We’re going to push the needle t…
16-11-2022 19:56
@WIPMiddayShow I mean, you're asking Phillies fans lol
16-11-2022 19:52
Dave Dombrowski said he's looking to add another arm in that 4th spot. Keep the 5th spot for a younger arm. #Phillies
16-11-2022 19:52
RT @MLBMovesTracker: QUALIFYING OFFER: #Braves SS Dansby Swanson has declined his qualifying offer, and is now a free agent.
16-11-2022 19:49
@NHLFlyers Came back down to earth. Let's play for that first overall pick.
16-11-2022 19:49
@WIPMorningShow We're going to superbowl
16-11-2022 19:48
@phillysportzz @MLBONFOX Yo follow me back let's troll
16-11-2022 19:47
16-11-2022 19:47
@AlfredE1010 @bryson21368 @astros Your just to nitpick, so your clown franchise looks better. Its ok you cheated. I…
16-11-2022 19:46
@Phillies Turner and Pitching
16-11-2022 19:43
RT @Phillies: Watch as David Dombrowski, Sam Fuld, and Rob Thomson address the media.
16-11-2022 19:41
RT @MLBONFOX: The Seattle Mariners have traded for OF Teoscar Hernandez, per @JeffPassan
16-11-2022 19:41
@AlfredE1010 @bryson21368 @astros 😆 🤣 yeah ok cheaters
16-11-2022 19:41
Since the @NHLFlyers are back to Earth when are you getting give out Veteran tickets cheap?
16-11-2022 19:01
@AlfredE1010 @astros Thanks for Brad Lidge he played better for us anyways
16-11-2022 08:00
@bryson21368 @AlfredE1010 @astros Still played for the Astros and still took PED.
16-11-2022 07:42
@NPR @AOC I think this post meant to say "Trump great president who didn't cause inflation"
16-11-2022 07:40
@3YearLetterman @NPR Delete this. Yes, you can ask Grover Cleveland. Your uneducated
16-11-2022 07:39
@AlfredE1010 @astros 😆 🤣 yeah right. PED Roger clemens joins Astros
16-11-2022 07:29
@astros Cheaters
16-11-2022 07:04
@elonmusk Bring Trump back to Twitter he's running again
16-11-2022 07:03
@NFLonFOX Sucks to be a saints fan Go Birds best team in the NFL
16-11-2022 07:02
@POTUS Flying your private jets wasting fuel while your trying to say electric cars will save the world. Trump is back it's over bye bye
16-11-2022 06:35
@simiafc @TheDemocrats If Biden wins this time then you know the election is rigged.
16-11-2022 06:28
@TheDemocrats He back baby! You seem scared. He's going to fix this country. Olde Biden can't fix what he done. #RedWaveComing
16-11-2022 06:27
@JoshShapiroPA Barely, I overpaid for my home thanks to the liberals. On top of all that, since Biden took over, my…
16-11-2022 06:21
@TyJohnsonNews You are probably the worst sports radio host. Congrats
16-11-2022 01:00
@WillieWonka1966 @TyJohnsonNews This dude is by far the worst on the 97.5 station.
16-11-2022 00:59
@MLBONFOX @Ken_Rosenthal Looks like free agency is under way
16-11-2022 00:57
@NFL @Commanders Eagles still the best team in the NFL
15-11-2022 17:42
@NFL ?
15-11-2022 17:41
@Ballenjoyer23 @espn Took bad calls to beat the Eagles. It's ok 1 lose isn't going to stop our playoff run.
15-11-2022 07:39
@NFLonFOX @Commanders Talk about a fixed game. Clear facemask NFL you should be ashamed. Every other league would n…
15-11-2022 07:11
Well Philly magic is over. Flyers suck, Sixers won't make it out of 1st round, Phillies choked and now the Eagles lost.
15-11-2022 07:10
@MikeMiss25 Nah Mike I disagree gotta decline it
15-11-2022 06:50
15-11-2022 06:46
Thanks @Saints for Gardner-Johnson oh and that 1st round pick
15-11-2022 06:33
@espn Ya see that Wentz? That is a leader
15-11-2022 05:26
@Commanders Just get rid of the dumb "W" logo
15-11-2022 05:25
@Commanders @Acronis Don't worry Washington fans you can become Eagles fans. We know how to run a real football team.
15-11-2022 05:21
@SportsRadioWIP Eh that was off AJ hands not Hurts fault
15-11-2022 05:12
@Ike58Reese All 10 fans back in Washington think they can win it
15-11-2022 05:08
8-0 Eagles vs a Minor League team #MNF
15-11-2022 05:07
@Ken_Rosenthal Come back to Philly the Phanatic misses you.
15-11-2022 04:57
@MLBONFOX Congrats, even though you and Acuna were sleeping in the playoffs
15-11-2022 04:56
@Ballenjoyer23 @espn 8-0 😉enjoy the game
15-11-2022 04:54
@espn But but but the Eagles haven't played anyone good 😉
15-11-2022 04:54
@astros Looks cheap should let a real baseball city won it instead of cheating
15-11-2022 04:46
@espn Best team in the NFL
15-11-2022 04:32
@NFLonFOX @Eagles Best team in the NFL suck it
15-11-2022 04:25
@MLBONFOX @MLBNetwork Good screw Pena
15-11-2022 04:25
RT @Eagles: Sweaty J with the strip sack😤 EAGLES BALL! #WASvsPHI | #FlyEaglesFly
15-11-2022 04:24
@TyJohnsonNews Touchdown
15-11-2022 04:24
@MLBONFOX @Ken_Rosenthal I hope players decide as a whole to not sign with the cheaters
15-11-2022 04:23
Astros fans are so cocky. They won only 2 WS in franchise history and calls themselves America's team. I can't wait…
15-11-2022 00:44
@espn Eagles haven't played anyone good BTW.
14-11-2022 21:02
@AlexHolleyFOX29 She running to my house, I told her I had dinner ready
14-11-2022 21:01
RT @TimKellySports: The Phillies will return their entire Major League coaching staff for 2023.
14-11-2022 21:00
@espn Next season
14-11-2022 20:33