Tantion(Tos) (@ShiSoulTT) — Black 🤞🏿minor/tme/perisex, dni: mcytwt, ramtwt, toothpaste flag, radfem/radexclu/inclu
RT @brandon_severs: @whitest_injera call this screenshot ned the way it got passed around…
28-09-2022 04:54
RT @deathcabforqtz: https://t.co/dxNJADFPHF
28-09-2022 00:19
twt what r u doin,,
28-09-2022 00:08
I just saw three of my moots get s worded in less that 24 hours oh my god??
28-09-2022 00:08
RT @MissSelenite: How tf i get sussed after being sent death threat??? Rt for mutuals please?? https://t.co/22cUtbarMv
28-09-2022 00:08
Yk who got his priorities straight tho? CoryXKenshin ! Follow him https://t.co/iPqSV71HYh https://t.co/gQc6H98TqU
27-09-2022 23:15
RT @olliephresh: Ned from the try guys rn https://t.co/wIICTvkPXH
27-09-2022 23:03
@uzurenkissing Everyone: 🦗 🦗 🦗
27-09-2022 23:03
RT @ijimaia: Retweet if you did NOT mourn the queen
27-09-2022 22:56
Bc not only did u cheat on her but wi a woman on yo damn set aur ur goin to eich ee double hockey stick for SURE
27-09-2022 22:55
I hope she leaves u https://t.co/iPqSV71HYh
27-09-2022 22:53
RT @Blkoctoling: Hey it’s ghost My acc has been l0cked for six days because I shit you not spoke about how someone who’s been harassing a…
27-09-2022 22:52
Das crazy to me frfr
27-09-2022 22:43
Why they have such a quick rebrand though like they already came up wi tryceratops https://t.co/BopD2MkpL4
27-09-2022 22:42
RT @YangFangs: @transfemmista @ALICEINAMPHIBIA Strawberry??? more like Midberry
27-09-2022 18:49
@uzurenkissing Says who
27-09-2022 18:30
I will die on dis hill !
27-09-2022 18:22
If dis the case den call me https://t.co/b8ZldL4bY5 https://t.co/9bjEWGYBFB
27-09-2022 18:21
So many moots who like strawberry ice cream,,,the worst fruit on everythin’,,,we rly out here
27-09-2022 18:20
@RElGENKYS I gotta stay true to the best flavor sawry
27-09-2022 18:19
@uzurenkissing They hated Jesus 😶‍🌫️
27-09-2022 18:18
@RElGENKYS #vanillasweep
27-09-2022 18:17
Darkskin king 💜 https://t.co/dbwQzERUxr
27-09-2022 18:17
RT @Nyxx_42069: I got sussed for calling sm1 a cracker like n rt 😔 https://t.co/a1qw1ESPhx
27-09-2022 18:17
RT @blknightwing: Just want y’all to know that this acc NEEDS to be taken down they’re harassing and stalking two of my moots and one of th…
27-09-2022 18:16
@uzurenkissing I like basic ass vanilla ! Strawberry is ass
27-09-2022 18:15
@transfemmista Yes it’s the worst flavor
27-09-2022 18:14
27-09-2022 18:10
RT @irlfluttershyy: tw for sexual assault
27-09-2022 18:10
The worst flavor is loosing I’m so happy wi humanity rn https://t.co/h3dKxrPzxz
27-09-2022 18:09
@transfemmista Deserved I fear
27-09-2022 18:09
Like u ate this keep doin whatever it is u doin
27-09-2022 16:26
I want this level of disrespect frfr https://t.co/dArACHm2vh
27-09-2022 16:26
RT @ExposingCreeper: WARNING FOR THE #Fortnite COMMUNITY. Popular content creator @/Creeperbrine102 had sexually explicit conversations wit…
27-09-2022 14:21
RT @mikebmason: i need to renew my prescription for my anxiety meds. i spiral without them. bad. can someone send me $12? i don’t want to s…
27-09-2022 08:57
0 13176
RT @Phil_Lewis_: My brother was murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer. Here's what it was like watching the Netflix show that recreated the emotional…
27-09-2022 08:54
Dis crazy bc I ain’t never heard of a mofo who says nigger when they nervous https://t.co/ju4fpToLwW
27-09-2022 08:52
@transfemmista Vanilla solos sawry 💔
27-09-2022 07:35
@transfemmista ..
27-09-2022 07:33
Ned formerly from try guys watch ur BACK
27-09-2022 06:56
27-09-2022 06:55
RT @ploppymeep: Hello hello please share this if you can!! Me and my siblings have been trying to get our cats to the vet as soon as we ca…
27-09-2022 05:56
RT @wurmsoda: yeah a Black 15 year old disabled queer kid was doxxed, relentlessly harrassed on multiple social media platforms, received d…
27-09-2022 05:55
RT @buffberrie: please donate if you can!! gainesville is a college town that sits inside pure red country so places that are safe for marg…
27-09-2022 05:49
RT @drunkenfix: Yo guys from the US! I can’t do much since I’m from another country but to urge you NOT to buy shirts from these establishm…
27-09-2022 05:48
26-09-2022 22:47
RT @IamHogoe: Fubuki https://t.co/9s8VBu1MYo
26-09-2022 16:54
RT @SPLinterest_OTD: Mob is officially the autist of all, congratulations❕ https://t.co/kJSxqE0hhh
26-09-2022 12:39
RT @sapphocyras: sharing on here https://t.co/Gb0dBEtH0i
26-09-2022 10:18
RT @angelicbyIer: !!! ATTENTION !!! A black 15 year old is getting relentlessly HARASSED on multiple social media platforms for making a j…
26-09-2022 10:16
@transfemmista No nigga can be trusted atp,,
26-09-2022 04:48
RT @m0sstrx: "theyre black coded guys but they never said theyre black.." https://t.co/yHWCTsdhSR
26-09-2022 04:46
We rly can’t have nuffin both niggas r weird
26-09-2022 04:46
Anyways https://t.co/yjRdK21k18
26-09-2022 04:46
RT @RaymanFacts: who will win? https://t.co/Q2IWn6QRF2
26-09-2022 03:02
0 28469
RT @CHISALOVEBOT: Please rt. A group of students in Louisiana were told they were going to a college fair and were taken to an anti-LGBTQ+…
26-09-2022 01:33
26-09-2022 01:04
If y’all can’t even improve yalls attempts of drawin blk ppl don’t draw us at all atp bc,,
26-09-2022 00:14
Dat nawt Gus bc who tf is that https://t.co/fjqIaPSgYq
26-09-2022 00:14
0 35729
RT @mhdksafa: School meals should be free for everybody. Charging children to eat somewhere they are legally required to be for the entire…
25-09-2022 22:41
@YangFangs What’s wrong wi dat,,
25-09-2022 22:23
RT @twinkbride: she has absolutely no shame https://t.co/pexK6NmzO8
25-09-2022 22:11
They always paired like it’s fate atp https://t.co/30078LJfAK
25-09-2022 08:57
RT @WERESAPPHIC: RT for mutuals. Pulling this on Bi Visibility Day is wild. https://t.co/a0GDX1uxB0
25-09-2022 07:48
RT @Mjessie_Love_: Hello friends! take a few seconds to read me please 🙏🏿 I am a black trans woman, I work part time and the money is reall…
25-09-2022 06:54
RT @garliccries: hi everyone, i am moving next weekend and im in urgent need of financial help toward a deposit or else i'll lose my chance…
25-09-2022 06:13
RT @Afreau_Deity: My name is Lola, a black transfemme who left my parent’s house after my father threatened to kill me for being trans. Sin…
25-09-2022 05:07
0 65348
RT @aiueo_echa: AmongUs eye https://t.co/4JySWsmA3L
25-09-2022 04:49
RT @male2menace: pls share this fundraiser for russian trans women in danger. a lot of them are in a situation similar to mine (their ID st…
25-09-2022 04:49
RT @CcnyicalZ: oh yea block and report this person. They stole my art as you can see
25-09-2022 04:49
RT @SashaBa00603553: PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU DO NOT SCROLL PAST THIS BEFORE READING: I’m a homeless black lesbian who was also fired from my…
25-09-2022 04:26
0 34195
RT @JoshuaPotash: Now this is how headlines should be written https://t.co/vwwpX2Z7nd
25-09-2022 04:17
0 16965
RT @StrangeAcee: Retweet this if you block people
25-09-2022 04:14
RT @PieceOfJayVA: ok then, since you all want it so bad 1000 rts and i'll redub ALL of cars by myself. https://t.co/yNKZMnEAy2
25-09-2022 00:24
RT @reverieglow: tw sexual trauma , child abuse , suicide attempt , SA , sexual assault , rape , violence - - - please help!! this is urge…
24-09-2022 22:41
@RElGENKYS Flick frfr https://t.co/f3zKsfuvsh
24-09-2022 21:57
RT @AUTISMCREATUREE: Hey can we unfollow this account? They've harassed and misgendered people, and they're genuinely just weird in general…
24-09-2022 21:45
@RElGENKYS Do they gotta be canon or no
24-09-2022 21:45
One of the creators of bluegcapsules was on my side once go I got biasy https://t.co/9nDPdg97zF
24-09-2022 21:42
The amount of niggas who still even play 0m0ri while knowin the creator a creep<<<<<
24-09-2022 21:41
Trash vs garbage https://t.co/WnLBkBZm7O
24-09-2022 21:41
0 11878
RT @NomeDaBarbarian: An unarmed Black neurodivergent teenager, who committed no crime and did nothing wrong, was murdered with Ketamine by…
24-09-2022 17:39
Only thing not mid in this entire thing
24-09-2022 17:30
MOB PSYCHOO https://t.co/zseITXhIhG
24-09-2022 17:28
0 10113
RT @TrevorABranch: This group has quietly and cheaply collected about twice as much plastic from the Pacific Ocean than another extremely w…
24-09-2022 15:03
0 77605
RT @sicssorluv: #DahmerNetflix is out, let’s not romanticize Jeffrey Dahmer just because he is played by Evan Peters. Remember the victims…
24-09-2022 14:16
RT @TheMightyZ2: Just letting you guys know the character Gabriella from the Little Mermaid cartoon was modeled after a little girl who pas…
24-09-2022 13:35
RT @ourl4mp: btw guys @fieetwoodmari was an ex oomf who had a pretty popular account last year.. she used to go by seven and last January d…
24-09-2022 13:23
@YangFangs Black
24-09-2022 13:22
A bow to the fallen 💔💔 https://t.co/gNnxjrL0bl
23-09-2022 23:16
Womp womp https://t.co/Ssv1jSPUnc
23-09-2022 22:31
RT @microisanidiot: hey can u all report this person they’re basically harassing me haha :3
23-09-2022 22:23
RT @lillibabyblue: hi! still trying to crowdfund for the $285 bill which is becoming increasingly urgent, but if anyone wants to send anyth…
23-09-2022 19:39
RT @savvthekid: ichigo kurosaki #BLEACH https://t.co/KvhTbOZnjc
23-09-2022 19:38
Suicune solos
23-09-2022 19:38
And FUCK Raikou that ugly ahh mofo https://t.co/vGXo5oq21g
23-09-2022 19:38
@RElGENKYS U alrd know it🙏🏾
23-09-2022 18:25
#DENARISWEEP https://t.co/gFM1aggnmb
23-09-2022 18:07
One of these days y’all wi stop usin trans men and trans masc interchangeably
23-09-2022 17:59
@_emmyisdead_ @mxfIimfIam @Actually_itsAva Pronouns don’t mean anything ?? Someone can use she/they/it and not be t… https://t.co/eO7CV2tir1
23-09-2022 16:16
@mxfIimfIam @_emmyisdead_ @Actually_itsAva Op does have tma in her bio which means trans misogyny affected so that… https://t.co/b0lYTJWVuz
23-09-2022 16:14
0 17496
RT @starsonaladybug: please rt! https://t.co/RwzcfbiG5W
23-09-2022 13:38
RT @everlyJune143: My daughter and I are in a hotel room, MAMA needs some food. no fr I'm super hungry☹️ I think I ate about a day & a half…
23-09-2022 09:45
@_emmyisdead_ @Actually_itsAva Bigotry bait isn’t subjective nigga 😭 and esp when u say it to niggas u don’t know t… https://t.co/XzUfrrsxrq
23-09-2022 06:52
The context is that they said this to a transfem they don’t know bein a bigoted baiter,,,but even w/o context its s… https://t.co/oKxephT8Hh
23-09-2022 06:51
@YangFangs The fact that I brought this up but this nigga ain’t even say nun abt it like ?? Weird in all the worst… https://t.co/xowXpUHR1x
23-09-2022 06:18
Womp womp https://t.co/IUZFUK8cHw
23-09-2022 06:13
@_emmyisdead_ @Actually_itsAva That shit is still strange regardless who u say it to but specifically sayin shit li… https://t.co/GQe7NvLg6f
23-09-2022 06:09
@_emmyisdead_ @Actually_itsAva Because being a transmisogynistic baiter is the funniest shit in the world right ?? Be fuckin fr
23-09-2022 06:08
@Actually_itsAva @_emmyisdead_ And regardless of the context of the first it’s still very clearly weird ?? Like wha… https://t.co/9KURM0MCVD
23-09-2022 06:07
@Actually_itsAva @_emmyisdead_ Bc I had found this one later on but the first one had clearly been deleted so getti… https://t.co/KKNfOkofA9
23-09-2022 06:06
@Actually_itsAva @_emmyisdead_ “It’s a joke” don’t work for me. Baiting in the form of bigotry is unfunny yt queer… https://t.co/4jJmXMLYRG
23-09-2022 06:02
@Actually_itsAva @_emmyisdead_ Nigga what joke is there to be had ?? It’s unfunny and corny and just stems from tra… https://t.co/H3bo4s225i
23-09-2022 06:00
Like ur ass better be smokin n drinkin bc,,,
23-09-2022 05:56
Like I am not believing none of dis ??
23-09-2022 05:55
Usin a photo that clearly ain’t u oh u a faker faker,, https://t.co/wg6ECYkpCS
23-09-2022 05:55
@AroFluxLesbian Like this nigga fr thinks they so funny but in the end they just corny
23-09-2022 05:54
@Actually_itsAva @_emmyisdead_ What highhorse nigga ?? I told u what they name was meanin don’t clap at me now. And… https://t.co/85ugyLufXp
23-09-2022 05:53
And not to mention that u use the t slur as an actual slur ur humor is just so unfunny that why should I think u te… https://t.co/5X6bFegZpT
23-09-2022 05:52
Like u ppl r so dense it’s kinda crazy
23-09-2022 05:51
No the hell it ain’t 😭 I clearly said wi yo ass tryna be a transmisogynistic baiter ofc niggas r gonna get to the p… https://t.co/tktrcjP37C
23-09-2022 05:50
@Actually_itsAva @_emmyisdead_ No it’s the fact that op is a transmisogynist n bein called out for it. Be fr
23-09-2022 05:49
Yo ass cannot be a baiter in “your problematic era” and not expect niggas to think u lyin abt yo race too esp when… https://t.co/XVahkSDBHN
23-09-2022 05:48
Nah get yo ass outta here bc yt queers like u who got unfunny humor is so strange. Also wtf was this ??… https://t.co/OESxG0onX5
23-09-2022 05:47
Also tokenized and fetishization are crazy ass words to use for this situation when it’s just tryna know what race… https://t.co/5fOs4ORqIY
23-09-2022 05:44
This why listin yo specific race is important bc then u make stupid claims like this
23-09-2022 05:40
I said only yt ppl think race is creepy…and why u sayin that shit to me when it’s very clear I’m black ?? https://t.co/TYtEflWAzw
23-09-2022 05:40
Only yt ppl think race is creepy https://t.co/KWJqUoipLT
23-09-2022 05:32
Das sun cracker nonsense if I’ve ever seen it
23-09-2022 05:27
https://t.co/1qLJ7sh8YA https://t.co/jX0GgeDdQS
23-09-2022 05:27
@gluppyblippo Honestly these niggas r v v weird in the face of trans misogyny so I’m not truly shocked they dense ash
23-09-2022 05:24
@Ana___fox @gluppyblippo Said no one lmfao 😭 if u wanna continue dickeatin some transmisogynist then go ahead but u… https://t.co/CxSdmV3Baq
23-09-2022 05:23
RT @transfemmista: When will people realize u can be transfem and transmisogyntic.. same with being trans and transphobic
23-09-2022 05:21
Also the dickeatin is crazy
23-09-2022 05:20
I block weirdass Niggas like u on a daily be fuckin fr
23-09-2022 05:19
Y’all r so lame frfr https://t.co/uTk2j2Fpun
23-09-2022 05:19
@gluppyblippo Prolly nawt. This why I don’t trust yt queer humor bc it’s just so drained n unfunny
23-09-2022 05:15
“Nonwhite” don’t work for me u prolly lyin
23-09-2022 05:13
Nah u prolly yt as a cracker idc what u say but u still transmisogynistic! I just took back my my shit bc ik how to… https://t.co/G35iF5PSjR
23-09-2022 05:13
Like y’all v v weird
23-09-2022 05:10
Idk why u niggas think it’s funny to make blatantly transmisogynistic statements n somehow think u funny wi Cho “ba… https://t.co/rNX5fUf57g
23-09-2022 05:10
Niggas like u should 🦵🪑I’m so serious
23-09-2022 04:57
Deleting your tweets don’t erase the fact u a transmisogynist https://t.co/pn57MOoReh https://t.co/oVzm2HFu2r
23-09-2022 04:57
@thevroomycoven u follow btw
23-09-2022 04:53
// transmisogyny . . I’m tellin y’all there’s a pattern wi how these weirdass niggas think https://t.co/9ZgrnqDulJ
23-09-2022 04:53
RT @calamaricrisp: Been cf for my major dental surgery for yrs while yt lgbts reach their goal within weeks..I spent every cent I had on su…
23-09-2022 04:44
@darlingtogata Wi how the whether here is it’s prolly true
23-09-2022 04:29
RT @lostworldd__: tw : SA, [email protected] The other night I was [email protected] by two men and my sperm donor is trying to harm me so I currently don’t have a…
23-09-2022 04:03
RT @deedollt: A Black trans girl raising money to escape an abusive household. URGE*T: Can 2 people quickly send $50 to put towards food/g…
23-09-2022 00:11
0 66477
RT @ericthulhu: I’m not telling anyone what to watch, I know true crime media is huge rn, but if you’re actually curious about the victims,…
22-09-2022 22:47
RT @lillibabyblue: I’m tired and wiped out from labor and delivery. We’re low on funds if anyone wants to send *anything* so Es can eat tom…
22-09-2022 10:18
Votes pkm masters only bc the sex is funny https://t.co/bn1pkdgoLb
21-09-2022 21:11
Pkm go sweeps idc https://t.co/yc7A8k7274
21-09-2022 21:08
21-09-2022 21:06
Ik moots who bein kicked out on the first day https://t.co/Fd2JoazI1o
21-09-2022 21:06
Oh this 50/50 is sickenin https://t.co/MQbYoSlYKq
21-09-2022 21:05
@AdachiDefender He not real tew me sawry
21-09-2022 21:00
Where are the black ppl in XY ? Exactly https://t.co/bkGQY8CMAj
21-09-2022 20:59
His nigga audio is even crazier now,,, https://t.co/7U5ScJSbD5
21-09-2022 20:28
RT @Craysterr: Creators only care about Racism when it’s time to weaponize it.
21-09-2022 19:01
RT @pcyangdojj: 🚨URGENT Hi guys. I'm a student who doesn't live with my family, I'm just raising a sick cat, looking for a new job. I need…
21-09-2022 18:49
RT @beaelix: Hey everyone thank you for RT'ing yesterday I received $30 so far, but the person selling for $65 was unable to hold till I’m…
21-09-2022 18:31
RT @moisturizednerd: PLEASE do not donate to integró foundation. it was founded by Brock Pierce, one of the crypto guys that is displacing…
21-09-2022 13:01
RT @ERnurse86: It's qwhite interesting to see her changing her story now because she definitely said this before https://t.co/Cy029ptyiQ
21-09-2022 11:06
@gluppyblippo Ah 😭
21-09-2022 04:38
21-09-2022 04:32
RT @Corgyote: PSA nas is back. He’s going under a new username @/d0nkeyed and @/nitneuq and has a new fursona. Please be safe yall. https:/…
20-09-2022 23:19
RT @sairasameerarao: Pakistan and Puerto Rico are under water. Countless dead. No power. And the biggest news in the US is the Queen’s fu…
20-09-2022 23:16
RT @twinkbride: didn't you "accidentally" chain block a bunch of Black trans people who were talking about racism last week? https://t.co/N…
20-09-2022 23:08
0 39662
RT @neverlandyke: retweet this if you didnt watch a second of the funeral
20-09-2022 19:36
Like I’m sorry but this is just so funny
20-09-2022 16:26
Whoever made that one tweet abt how Reigen looses the polls that he’s qualified for can u tell me some lotto numbers https://t.co/zChp2GAV1I
20-09-2022 16:26
RT @ajthedonut: And the Winner of the Manchild Face Off is… RICHARD WATTERSON https://t.co/ch3oosN0dG
20-09-2022 16:25
RT @SkookumNewsPDX: CW . . . SA . . . I can't believe jail guards selling keys to male inmates for 1k to access female cells for the purpos…
20-09-2022 11:10
RT @NepSwirlRedux: She’s trying to rewrite history in real time. You’re main issue with the flag was that you felt the original flag was “…
20-09-2022 08:24
RT @lillibabyblue: Hi. I really feel like shit. My head is pounding, my stomach feels awful, and I really need help boosting this.
20-09-2022 08:21
RT @lostworldd__: tw : cSA My dad was the one of the only persons who supported me until he became violently abusive and raped me. I can’…
20-09-2022 07:54
RT @HareianiBlog: Talia Avrahami was explicitly fired from Magen David Yeshiva for being transgender and nothing more. The rhetoric coming…
20-09-2022 07:53
RT @mikebmason: y’all i need to eat and i don’t have any food left. pls help me out https://t.co/6FPWIzzMx7
20-09-2022 07:51
RT @lillibabyblue: If someone doesn’t mind matching or exceeding a frequent donors $25 this morning! 💝
19-09-2022 21:48
0 13033
RT @Alex_Guzman_RVA: Want to help Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 recover from Hurricane Fiona? Here are some community organizations with direct impact o…
19-09-2022 19:43
RT @nepetacore: is peanut butter good or bad rt after voting.
19-09-2022 18:24
#RICHARDSWEEP https://t.co/bXKWdEvW9Y
19-09-2022 18:20
Like u out here buddyin up wi a racist ass mofo n yet say n do nothing like u gotta be joking right??
19-09-2022 18:17
The amount of irony is this tweet is insane https://t.co/eFR50iAhtY
19-09-2022 18:17
RT @Alikurai: abbystea openly mocks y'all & gets her ass sucked by nazis and fascists which she is proud of, draws venti wearing pro putler…
19-09-2022 17:13
RT @mikebmason: can someone help me eat tonight?? https://t.co/6FPWIzzMx7
19-09-2022 14:33
RT @laithraihan: https://t.co/Sk8PfPIVVz
19-09-2022 14:29
RT @twinkologian: mind you this man raped and drugged her repeatedly and tweeted about it constantly. you deserve no sympathy and those chi…
19-09-2022 09:28
RT @lillibabyblue: Big accounts have RTed this. It has traction. Someone could’ve helped by now. It’s urgent and they need to avoid evictio…
19-09-2022 09:26
RT @lillibabyblue: begging someone to match or exceed $5. put in requests. stressed.
19-09-2022 09:22