Ye Olde Razzle Dazzle (@RazzleTime)
@ShowtimeBoxing @Benavidez300 Bad Dude. Love it.
26-03-2023 08:17
@JohnCas15667801 @jakeshieldsajj I'm a shitter who also enjoys privacy when doing a shit.
25-03-2023 11:28
@3YearLetterman Humour is good. Dark humour is better. Gallows Humour is the best.
25-03-2023 09:32
@UScrimeReview You can lock me up. Coerce and threaten me. Abuse kids. Destroy someone else's life. Get me to snitc…
25-03-2023 00:40
@KimDotcom This is different to BLM because....
24-03-2023 08:37
@BiffDon @ZenOfMakaveli Grand Conjunction at the same time.
24-03-2023 07:02
@BiffDon 😂😂😂😂
23-03-2023 12:01
@andrewbogut Fuck the system! But give me all the money.
23-03-2023 07:28
@JeffWellsRigInt The experts finally get one right.
23-03-2023 02:48
@JP__75 Hosea 4:6
22-03-2023 13:19
@LezLuthor No one has been forced to do anything, technically. Coerced. Threatened. Persecuted. Backed in to a cor…
21-03-2023 12:42
@SecretSunBlog That or they've served their purpose and the beast is shedding it's skin, ready to step out in it's new one.
21-03-2023 01:17
@kitkatppk This is the financial sectors version of "The Coach has the full support of the Board".
21-03-2023 01:15
@thespookiespod If you put a beard on him, he looks like Dr Robert Malone
20-03-2023 11:46
@ClownWorld_ She doesn't look like she'd be hard work at all.
20-03-2023 08:10
@elonmusk 😂😂😂😂😂 Know the feels.
19-03-2023 06:34
@XrpMonk The Two Witnesses? These two? 😂😂😂😂😂
19-03-2023 01:46
@trboxing @SeniesaEstrada Wouldn’t want to get home late from the pub if she was your wife.
19-03-2023 01:18
@ClownWorld_ The ol' "Be careful what you wish for co you just might get it" thing pops up again.
18-03-2023 05:21
@andrewbogut @AndyMaherDFA @AndrewGaze10 Educated, moral superiority aired in virtue signalling means you're always…
18-03-2023 05:04
@ZachRector7 Ironically, those people weren't real.
17-03-2023 04:21
@ShatrdM8trix @BitsOfWhitt @cswarketatora @Tweetyb79261273 Why didn't they just get the baddies instead?
16-03-2023 19:46
@biggob5 Natural Law is THE Law. Free will. It's on YOU. "Law" of Natural Selection / Evolution is a legalese sell…
16-03-2023 00:11
@Trad_West_Art Preschoolers and Karen's, as you said.
15-03-2023 14:18
@lastrealhumans Also, why won't dogs eat vegetables?
15-03-2023 10:47
@LezLuthor Three Kings where the Iraqi soldier has the treasure map in his arse.
14-03-2023 23:53
@PeterSchiff Did somebody say Weimar? Who saved them? Who will save us?
14-03-2023 12:17
@ScottyGoesAgain @biggob5 The Horsemen are definitely out of the stables.
14-03-2023 11:12
@mattpheus Correct. Watch people's fear as they lose their material assets. Mutilate, groom, inject and terrify…
14-03-2023 11:11
@WallStreetSilv Wouldn't that, ah, mean it was worthless?
14-03-2023 07:58
@think_4_yurself "Shut up". "Just do as you're told". "Weirdo". "Asshole". "I hope your kids turn out like you, so…
14-03-2023 05:43
@wanderawake I'll be drinking beer with my head on a swivel.
13-03-2023 14:03
@zerohedge No. They know it will encourage it. Like you didn't know that, though.
13-03-2023 13:37
@PeterSchiff It's only a mistake from a certain perspective. From another, it is perfect execution. Total bamboozlement. Brilliant.
13-03-2023 09:36
@uberboyo @AI_AlchemistArt Interesting. Interesting. Did the Christians mutilate and sacrifice children too?
13-03-2023 08:11
@ArgenTo46 @ClaireFosterPHD Well suited for when I was a tourist there.
13-03-2023 06:11
@ClaireFosterPHD Gorgeous. Leaves Playa Del Carmen for dead.
13-03-2023 05:24
@Suzy_1776 @Beyondthevayle It's this year's toilet paper hysteria. Soon, that's all paper money will be good for. Weimar all over again.
13-03-2023 03:04
@Cobratate 😂😂😂😂😂
12-03-2023 23:21
@zerohedge You know the answer. Out with old, in with the new.
12-03-2023 14:20
@cswarketatora Create the bubble. Pop the bubble.
12-03-2023 12:31
@tk96519713 @GoldTelegraph_ Not anymore
12-03-2023 07:21
@biggob5 Blevatsky's reborn master race? Third eye active Atlanteans?
11-03-2023 23:55
@RonStoeferle It is made up.
11-03-2023 23:14
@DougBright1 @walterkirn Your nickname has to be Not So.
11-03-2023 02:23
@shoshanahjacobs Sounds like a blast.
11-03-2023 00:51
@17ThankQ The False Saviour needs carnage to save us from.
10-03-2023 23:28
@BBCBreaking Whichever way the pendulum of public discourse swings, you can be certain the same hand is holding it.
10-03-2023 23:11
@coffee_anytime Go. Armageddon. Blackhawk Down. Dark Knight.
10-03-2023 22:30
@ArchitectureTud I can smell this picture.
08-03-2023 12:55
@FrankGrimes_Jr Knows climate thing is*
08-03-2023 07:54
@FrankGrimes_Jr I haven't personally witnessed too much where I am at this point, but talking to a friend's mother…
08-03-2023 07:53
@biggob5 Beasts of burden.
08-03-2023 05:33
@CoryBMorgan Oh no. An inquiry!
08-03-2023 04:36
@Alaricman1 People like shiny things and comparing them to other people's shiny things. Even when they go in to massive debt to get them.
07-03-2023 22:32
@JP__75 I wouldn't buy a car off that bloke. You can't trust a 78 cat salesman who isn't chain smokin' Craven Milds…
07-03-2023 11:46
@VigilantFox Insurance Salesmen. More trustworthy than many these days 😂😂😂😂
06-03-2023 12:49
@BlueBoxDave @ListComesForAll @SirajAHashmi You're right. They absolutely do not think. They just do as they're to…
06-03-2023 10:28
@BlueBoxDave They're just that vapid, greedy and stupid. Got it.
06-03-2023 10:27
@senatorbabet @UnitedAusParty Royal Commission so they can investigate themselves. NOW!!!!!!
06-03-2023 08:44
@cswarketatora I don't mind a piss take. This one's pretty good so far as taking the piss goes.
06-03-2023 00:29
@ModernHermetics Nowhere and everywhere.
04-03-2023 01:19
@SpinninBackfist Still got them skinny pins.
03-03-2023 23:20
@TheFreds @FiveTimesAugust @johnlegend @pfizer They're all Luca Brasi.
03-03-2023 21:31
@AlecStapp What happens after week 70?
03-03-2023 12:05
@captainshitfuk @Theblackfemini3 @aus_spirit What shops?
03-03-2023 12:02
@biggob5 @jamesenglish0 The worst part of this is how contrived it is to show people and still all they care about…
03-03-2023 10:15
@ChefGruel Angeles playing their Haarps.
02-03-2023 06:53
@JEChalmers @AlboMP No mission creep in future Mr. Treasurer? Promise?
02-03-2023 05:10
@JackOSheabutch @suzseddon 👍
01-03-2023 12:57
@suzseddon Goddamit Gary. That's some of the finest acting I've ever seen.
01-03-2023 12:19
@theheraldsky @ibacVic Why?
27-02-2023 11:45
@theheraldsky @ibacVic What about neither? And no ABC either? Imagine.
27-02-2023 09:17
@cswarketatora @BookOfRevelatio I love the entire gospel of Matthew. Second best book in the Bible to me.
27-02-2023 07:43
@happyjbw @OzraeliAvi It's where the script is up to. Meanwhile.......
27-02-2023 02:14
@DrPhilBanfield So the pandemic has been Walter White's best cover yet. Heisenberg is a crafty devil.
27-02-2023 00:37
@ChrisLXXXVI Coulda got the mams out at least. Got right in to the spirit of it.
26-02-2023 13:01
@MichaelBensonn Which one will have the training injury that delays the fight?
26-02-2023 12:32
@daisymay4263 This is the very definition of a paradox.
26-02-2023 12:29
@FairyTaleMindy @nbcsnl CDC
26-02-2023 12:08
@FightHaven LAX(ative) is a toilet.
26-02-2023 12:03
@Censored4sure Correct. If there were ever a trial....let's say Jesus returns to judge under his Law - Natural Law…
26-02-2023 01:53
@RitaPanahi @NicolaSturgeon Opposition. Riiiiiiiight.
25-02-2023 13:11
@TedNugent Days of Noah, Ted. Days. Of. Noah.
24-02-2023 08:28
@MyPickle22 @biggob5 "In view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who wi…
24-02-2023 07:58
@ClownWorld_ @biggob5 Actor-vist group
24-02-2023 07:33
@Alec_Zeck Still at the seeking vindication / "gotcha" moment stage. Still don't understand the paradox in everythi…
24-02-2023 03:47
@krus_chiki They'd be better off drinking the water.
24-02-2023 03:40
@WallStreetSilv And I thought originality was dead. This man is a true entrepreneur.
23-02-2023 12:27
@Decoding_Oz No doubt he's the devil. Fkn Queenslanders 😂😂
23-02-2023 05:19
@MayorofLondon No such thing as a free lunch.
23-02-2023 01:04
@9NewsSyd @hayleyefrancis They must be living off grid with no mobile phones or access to the internet. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
22-02-2023 08:12
@IsThisJustice Smoked 10 a day since 95. I smoke a vape it's like having a bong for the first time, every time.
22-02-2023 02:29
@elonmusk @liron @ESYudkowsky @BanklessHQ Unplug D Wave?
22-02-2023 00:12
@TheCoronaCure_ It's the Harvest. Wheat from chaff. God's wrath. Reaping time.
22-02-2023 00:03
@LezLuthor I would go so far as to say that I cannot help but admire the brilliance of it all. It has actually bou…
22-02-2023 00:02
@elonmusk @lavern_spicer All those sixes. Lol.
21-02-2023 23:56
@michaelobrienmp And the "Conservatives" couldn't mount an effective campaign against them. Why not? Should have b…
21-02-2023 12:02
@johnlan89723282 @9NewsAdel @benavery9 Have you seen who is leading the US Military and what is happening inside th…
21-02-2023 08:00
@johnlan89723282 @9NewsAdel @benavery9 Arrested by whom?
21-02-2023 03:36
@dr_cottrell I'm so scared of the only certainty in life. LOL.
21-02-2023 01:54
@GGandjmobile @3AW693 Both. Troo.
20-02-2023 15:13
@stillgray Who took the video? Russia? White Hats (😂😂😂)?
20-02-2023 13:23
@kamikazikitten @Madam_Boonn I finished in 1994 and I still have this dream.
20-02-2023 10:19
@Matkins2021 I was freakin out, man.
20-02-2023 08:04
@RobertCawood2 Thus it was ever so.
20-02-2023 07:58
@Ant18012000 @chook_is_back They're good like that and yours is particularly switched on.
20-02-2023 07:50
@yazza97118774 @chook_is_back No they haven't mate. It's precisely what it was intended for in the first place. Li…
20-02-2023 07:50
@Ant18012000 @chook_is_back Nan's are awesome.
20-02-2023 07:48
@Liz_Wheeler I gave teachers terrible grief in High School. Would do so again.
20-02-2023 07:37
@karma44921039 Sydney's soul. Black as.
20-02-2023 07:25
@Voice4Victoria I have stocked up on dunny paper and popcorn. Here comes the reality punch to the jaw. "But, but,…
20-02-2023 07:02
@joegarra61 @3AW693 When they start attacking their inner city base and the public servants, you know the useful id…
20-02-2023 07:00
@3AW693 Natural Law 101: You reap what you sew. Economics 101: There is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch.
20-02-2023 06:57
@Cosenti20N @3AW693 Lucky to have 300,000 fully funded immigrants coming in to fill the breech. And the houses.…
20-02-2023 06:53
@mattjcan People will eventually wake up. To no power and no money. Too late then, sleepy head.
20-02-2023 06:37
@Theblackfemini3 That's why it was set up in the first place. 1992. A lot of future planning put in place that year
20-02-2023 05:10
@F111RAF @deanovanbaston That's called sleight of hand.
20-02-2023 00:35
@deanovanbaston Sleepers, just keep sleeping, Cos it won't be too long
20-02-2023 00:31
@CarnivoreMD That's good. I watched this with no volume. You should give up speed as well.
19-02-2023 11:26
@uTobian The road to Hell is paved with the good intentions of privileged, half witted, bleeding heart white women.
19-02-2023 09:10
@AlisDekay @ClaireFosterPHD Dark satire. Very good.
19-02-2023 09:08
@BillyBrexit4 Days of Noah.
19-02-2023 06:20
@biggob5 @GardenerSpike The best Double cross would be they’re all in it with Putin, are hoarding all the weapons a…
18-02-2023 23:42
@VanessaChaseOG Better times.
18-02-2023 23:28
@Dan3HitU @Sean78491790 @SuperLeague @Saints1890 They’d certainly make top 14 and give a good account of themselves…
18-02-2023 14:46
@Sean78491790 @Dan3HitU @SuperLeague @Saints1890 Yeah, I agree. They play like an NRL team and SL teams will have t…
18-02-2023 14:42
@Sean78491790 @Dan3HitU @SuperLeague @Saints1890 Fair call. I was referring to dynasties. My Dragons team in 2010 u…
18-02-2023 14:27
@Dan3HitU @SuperLeague @Saints1890 I’m a St. George man (sadly these days lol). Seen the Parramatta and Canterbury…
18-02-2023 14:03
@SuperLeague @Saints1890 Best British club side I’ve seen in my 40 years following RL. Super defensively, played…
18-02-2023 13:59
@CollettKevin @SuperLeague @Saints1890 @NRL They’d have no dramas out here at all. Welsby is a gun.
18-02-2023 13:52
@BorisBdayCake @Saints1890 There you go. Thats how good Saints are.
18-02-2023 13:47
@Saints1890 Played like Champions. I think Penrith have lost 1 home game in the last couple of seasons, so terrific…
18-02-2023 13:12
@roller2426 Luca Brasi. They’re all Luca Brasi.
18-02-2023 10:45
@historyinmemes Walked over it and back nearly 14 years ago nearly to the day. Quite haunting.
18-02-2023 09:48
@tesssummers98 Freedom
18-02-2023 05:15
@tesssummers98 Been using the cover of frees m and democracy to do this all around the world for centuries. Job's…
18-02-2023 05:15
@HannahDCox Cox. Plural for Penis. Cool name.
18-02-2023 05:09
@StuartM61896106 @adamseconomics Not sure if serious. If serious. Face palm.
18-02-2023 02:56
@ScottyGoesAgain It's just $160.00 a ticket to be vindicated and the colour theme is Blue and Gold. Freedumb indeed.
18-02-2023 02:06
@3YearLetterman It's not bad, actually. Probably an inch too much, but for the sake of wordplay, let it slide Coach.
18-02-2023 00:08
@Hellohowru12345 She wants a hamburger.
17-02-2023 23:15
@KeithOlbermann You're trying to destroy the Cities, Keith!! Have at it.
17-02-2023 11:23
@VanessaChaseOG 😂😂😂😂😂😂
17-02-2023 08:28
@BillBlair 2 to 1 ratio. I'm sure it's all part of the bigger plan, but I'm pretty sure you don't know that plan al…
17-02-2023 06:51
@cswarketatora @biggob5 @nursegirllight @deck_silvana No. Not him. Not in a million years big ears
17-02-2023 00:18
@_aussie17 It really isn't. It's the mainstream on loop.
16-02-2023 22:42
@cswarketatora @Cynner691 This is precisely when they supposedly ended feudalism under the tenancies act, allowing…
16-02-2023 22:40
@VincentCrypt46 Yep. Will they scream Whose gonna save us?
16-02-2023 13:39
@thecoastguy "Scientists" 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
16-02-2023 12:23
@LezLuthor Bit of Razzle Dazzle.
16-02-2023 07:41
@_aussie17 Theatre.
16-02-2023 07:40
@TheRealMilkCo Didn't you just answer your own question?
15-02-2023 11:07
@statsjamie You don't think they're just locking you in the cage with your replacements?
15-02-2023 10:58
@Normal_Writing 5 star loosh fishing in the crystal clear waters of Twitter. 👍👍👍👍👍
15-02-2023 10:56
@chelseahandler People getting upset about this are as stupid as she is.
15-02-2023 09:41
@RobertCawood2 Eugene Hicks.
15-02-2023 08:27
@wef_uk Urrrrrrghhhh. Not near enough it would seem.
15-02-2023 08:20
@Theo_TJ_Jordan Theatre.
15-02-2023 08:16
@TeamJuJu Like school on a Saturday. No class.
15-02-2023 06:45
@Beginning22End @disclosetv Everything. Everywhere. All at once.
15-02-2023 02:59
@biggob5 Very clever. They know natural law. Their Big Daddy is a very good lawyer indeed. God has to allow it…
14-02-2023 14:51
@DrAseemMalhotra Just another shitty actor.
14-02-2023 14:27
@biggob5 @William86956886 @IsThisJustice Kronos eats his own to present as the saviour. These types never learn.
14-02-2023 14:25
@8BillionSheeple @Theblackfemini3 An Australian cryptid. Similar to a chupacabra. Lives in Billabongs ( swamp) in the Outback.
14-02-2023 14:21
@dystopian_DU @P_McCulloughMD @umbrellanews_au I liked how the colour themes at the events were blue and gold and I…
14-02-2023 14:12
@_LOVELYSPAIN_ Looks like a beautiful, safe, warm home. Stunning.
14-02-2023 11:40
@theRealKiyosaki What does it matter how many $ it's worth if the $ is worthless?
14-02-2023 01:12
@Alexandrakis @DrEliDavid Inability or refusal?
14-02-2023 00:14
@DrEliDavid Brilliant
14-02-2023 00:05
@Ali_TeslaMY @DavidSacks @elonmusk Watched it New Year's Eve and noticed that. Excellent film.
13-02-2023 23:50
@consciousphilos Pike's letter.
13-02-2023 12:19
@latestinspace Gas doesn't have a surface.
12-02-2023 01:10
@ShaunTiedemann @zerohedge It's called a bullshit.
11-02-2023 02:28
@zerohedge Lol.
11-02-2023 02:24
@RealFairbrass @TalkTV @TheFreds Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.
11-02-2023 02:21
@Newpossibities If I claim this as being supported by The Science from Pfizer research, I am indemnified. So it's…
11-02-2023 01:30
@Beginning22End @disclosetv This AND balloons. And people think the US armed forces are in decline. Idiots.
11-02-2023 00:55
@Newpossibities Just cut it off. They grow back like lizards tails. I think.
11-02-2023 00:49
@btcave1 @liz_churchill8 Legion is here.
10-02-2023 14:05
@Sonia_artx 32 or 50
10-02-2023 05:00
@btwa_RETURNS This is worse than the Hindenburg
09-02-2023 06:33
@Binarymap @UnityNewsNet @TiceRichard @drdavidbull @reformparty_uk @Nigel_Farage @dakppc Do you think an election will make any difference?
08-02-2023 05:38
@Binarymap @UnityNewsNet @TiceRichard @drdavidbull @reformparty_uk @Nigel_Farage @dakppc Why?
08-02-2023 04:26
@SosageMcBiscuit @P_McCulloughMD Just another character in the movie. It's an intriguing script to say the least.
08-02-2023 00:15
@CitizenFreePres Kiddies love rebels and, I mean, that purple hair and those Wow. She/He/It/W…
07-02-2023 22:39
@WallStreetSilv Got a friend who works for Dell. He’s been around the tech industry a good while and a good amount…
07-02-2023 14:01
@adamseconomics Anything but clueless.
07-02-2023 12:41
@stillgray Owned.
07-02-2023 12:37
@TheKevinDalton We haven’t sold our souls.
07-02-2023 12:35
@Neloangelo314 The 7 Churches of Revelation.
07-02-2023 12:28
@JebraFaushay 😴😴😴
07-02-2023 12:26
@The_Real_Fly Some buildings levelled. Roads totally fine. TV antennas still up on other buildings roofs. How does this happen?
06-02-2023 09:46
@standardnews @maddy_mussen 😴😴😴
05-02-2023 02:38
@nigerankin9 @BloodOrCrypto Why don’t they just group message each other? They own all the platforms.
05-02-2023 02:27
@SagED_UP Edward Kelly.
04-02-2023 01:06
@biggieBB1 @9NewsAUS @eddy_meyer Sold it for pennies or born without one.
31-01-2023 12:05
@dahalb007 @9NewsAUS @eddy_meyer Aye Zee Oh. All of em.
31-01-2023 12:04
@altimetr @9NewsAUS @eddy_meyer That's definitely the reason.
31-01-2023 11:51
@KarenSteward04 @9NewsAUS @eddy_meyer No brainer. You're spot on there, Karen.
31-01-2023 11:50