david meers (@Phoenixhp429) — so happy to be back on my own two feet after so long #GoCubsGo I’m also hoping to live long enough to see myself become the villain #AndHereWeGo
RT @patriotwar90: Hey fellow Patriots, My son Jacob is having his 2nd open heart surgery. Insurance denied him. Im a Father pleading for e…
30-01-2023 21:34
@Laurie0801 @SjamaanN I’ll be 45 with $50 mil
30-01-2023 20:46
@JetBomb25 Ahh gotcha I’ve seen that bucket trap advertised quite a bit so I figured I’d at least suggest it
30-01-2023 20:40
@Super70sSports Eventually that game came with its own M*A*S*H unit
30-01-2023 20:38
@JetBomb25 Tweeted you a rat trap solution that might help you
30-01-2023 20:37
⁦@JetBomb25⁩ try this might help seeing as your neighbor is less than neighborly Reusable Mouse Trap Rat Catcher B… https://t.co/3ghDUCxxXh
30-01-2023 20:36
@clayharbs82 Unless we’re really zoned in on Carter or Anderson if there’s a DL available that the FO&coaching staf… https://t.co/8qxlJ51jRt
30-01-2023 20:32
RT @ArtistMaria1: Awesome.....Congratulations❣️ 🎊 👏 Follow me @ArtistMaria1 https://t.co/1TgZYa4JVC
30-01-2023 20:06
RT @pulte: I'm going give $5,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet today because it's Monday (must be following me so I can dm you…
30-01-2023 16:51
@JackPConnell Lmao yep be quiet there dad let the real HC explain things that’s awesome
30-01-2023 16:22
@geoffschwartz Oh I’ve given up caring in any way about anything regarding him and until he’s A) actually retired o… https://t.co/TreJyLrowO
30-01-2023 15:10
@SnowBellesHell Ok fine I’ll take that bullet be right there
30-01-2023 09:12
@MadScientistFF Well he knows what he’s talking about I mean all those super bowls he watched other quarterbacks wi… https://t.co/VkeCJD0xY1
30-01-2023 09:12
@Odyne_LaFee Same to you
30-01-2023 08:17
@SnowBellesHell Yes I am I mean cool
30-01-2023 08:14
@Odyne_LaFee Ok you twisted my arm I’ll be right there lmao
30-01-2023 05:49
@JaeTee12 Lmao mine looked like your teachers grandma
30-01-2023 04:26
@HawksObsessed At least no one was hurt
30-01-2023 04:18
@Nestradaumus1 Yep that’s a Jerry move 🤦🏼‍♂️
30-01-2023 04:18
@JaeTee12 I’m with you where were these teachers when I went to school?
30-01-2023 04:15
@merlinouwww I’d love to win a Nintendo Switch
30-01-2023 04:11
RT @merlinouwww: I'm giving away 2 Nintendo Switch OLED pokemon edition scarlet and violet to 2 lucky winners!! Follow+❤+♻️+ Comment Ends…
30-01-2023 04:10
@SnowBellesHell Deal!
30-01-2023 03:06
@justasisterfro2 Just a little? I ordered my Kevlar lmao
30-01-2023 03:05
@Darealkgfrfr Lol yup
30-01-2023 03:04
@Darealkgfrfr When he’s actually retired or is introduced as another teams QB then I’ll believe it lol
30-01-2023 02:53
@Brink_Thinker Peter
30-01-2023 02:34
@julesrprecious I prefer this https://t.co/yP9Uz2q79Z
30-01-2023 02:34
Why am I NOT surprised in an ugly scrum in an NFL game that right in the middle is Suh the dirtiest player in the N… https://t.co/xhQ01gCumb
30-01-2023 02:03
Ok NFL fans if you love teams running the ball turn on the game Eagles don’t need to pass and 49ers can’t pass
30-01-2023 01:46
@clayharbs82 Save the #flyeaglesfly I just got the call I gotta play QB for SF wish me luck
30-01-2023 01:29
@cubbieandrew Lmao I know right is there such a thing as the 9th string QB?
30-01-2023 01:15
Ok guy gotta run I got the call to play QB for SF wish me luck
30-01-2023 01:13
@Super70sSports What? You mean your McDonald’s doesn’t have McCrotch fries? Just don’t ask for the special sauce
30-01-2023 00:50
@LoganPaul @WWE @KingRicochet I thought he’d hurt his ACL in the match with Roman.
30-01-2023 00:47
@Stacey21King A very happy birthday to you the only guy who could go one on one with this guy https://t.co/clRBG1evBi
29-01-2023 23:58
Man Jessica Simpson was right shit that’s the first sign of the apocalypse https://t.co/J3lf7svW7E
29-01-2023 23:50
@baseballchickie Did it say 800085? #IfYouKnowYouKnow
29-01-2023 23:21
@JoJoFromJerz One of Python’s finest works Monty Python and the holy grail https://t.co/sOB5ogMr4b
29-01-2023 23:19
@JoJoFromJerz Who is that?
29-01-2023 23:16
@Darealkgfrfr Not really because if I’m at 8 and I know there are plenty of teams that want one of those “top three… https://t.co/nSLSVkwnuX
29-01-2023 19:41
@Darealkgfrfr I agree he’s got to have pushed them past their breaking point this is the third year in a row he’s p… https://t.co/9qmyZFaCRl
29-01-2023 17:54
@JulianWks Gotta admit didn’t see the Jimmy Uso just walking away after Sammy’s “betrayal” of the bloodline but I a… https://t.co/j6Q6a9UMkh
29-01-2023 17:48
@weskrantz Your house? Don’t you mean THEIR house? Lmao love seeing them having fun
29-01-2023 17:39
Timeline cleanse for those who need it Couple Won't Give Up Trying To Catch Stray Puppy | The Dodo Faith = Rest...… https://t.co/kulu9W6sOp
29-01-2023 17:37
@2h00ks1m 🤝
29-01-2023 17:14
@EDuerrwaechter Gotcha thanks yeah they must be trying to add to the staff
29-01-2023 17:13
@OhLikeARock Carter is my pick but this OL/DL draft class is a pretty deep one the two Michigan DL Mike Morris & Ma… https://t.co/0UnHL3dfNc
29-01-2023 10:08
@Darealkgfrfr I doubt it happens unless GB has either Carr or Jimmy G ready to sign cause they know for a fact that… https://t.co/jhPFQldKFR
29-01-2023 10:00
@Darealkgfrfr Don’t worry cause that rumor isn’t going to drive up the cost of the first pick we’ve got two QB NEED… https://t.co/W6Cwx8r7FQ
29-01-2023 09:58
@ColdPieceCITY Definitely 4
29-01-2023 09:54
@jermaine611 @jakebohde13 If we’ve already traded to Houston Indy doesn’t have any incentive to trade up they know… https://t.co/uCOI4mLZn8
29-01-2023 09:53
@bullyray5150 @BustedOpenRadio Very well done congratulations to Rhea Ripley getting the push she’s earned Bianca h… https://t.co/1rJsQ94JuX
29-01-2023 09:48
RT @Ash_Pro1: ‼️After a major downward spiral from the deadly sarcoma cancer, today I made the excruciating decision to put my baby💝to slee…
29-01-2023 09:41
@SnowBellesHell https://t.co/jhKLJcejmZ… https://t.co/jhKLJcejmZ
29-01-2023 09:40
@miles_commodore Yep 13 year old me watching the finale like the other millions did and cried my eyes out when Hawk… https://t.co/uFRTzoCWuZ
29-01-2023 09:39
@SnowBellesHell Or should I use this? 😈😈😈 https://t.co/C5BhRKt38T
29-01-2023 09:24
@EDuerrwaechter What are they looking for?
29-01-2023 09:10
@SnowBellesHell So I guess I’ll have to NOT spank you 😈😈😈
29-01-2023 09:08
@MASKEDMANIACXXX Toss up between Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory & Stir Crazy with Richard Pryor
29-01-2023 09:05
@SnowBellesHell 🤨🤨🤨😈😈
29-01-2023 09:04
@RandyMcMillon1 Backed potato w butter & sour cream
29-01-2023 08:59
@wendeeluvz Sext I’m not good at phone chat
29-01-2023 08:58
@MadScientistFF They tack another zero on there make it $10000 sure gotta have money to pay my medical bills lmao
29-01-2023 08:57
RT @Iza_2021: Prayers needed for my boy Ayron please🙏🏼😔 He is in pain I know I have to be strong but how can we let someone we loved more…
29-01-2023 08:56
29-01-2023 08:56
@clayharbs82 I like their takes but it’s not about what quarterback the team wants Indy and Houston are in the same… https://t.co/9WJwHCx8SS
29-01-2023 08:47
@baseballchickie Ball and Vaughn has walked the bases loaded on 12 straight pitches how have they laid off pitches that close?
29-01-2023 08:45
@courtney883 No see real fans don’t want him traded it’s the fair weather people who are desperate for attention an… https://t.co/U01Cf8TjUm
29-01-2023 08:42
@MadScientistFF The one you don’t have pictured Mtn Dew Major Melon
29-01-2023 08:40
@MadScientistFF Gotta admit didn’t see Jimmy Uso just walking away like that I mean Sammy pretty much slapped him i… https://t.co/8lPO0jqzYy
29-01-2023 08:38
@SnowBellesHell Tsk tsk tsk same on you being drunk lol
29-01-2023 08:36
@LuisV55041097 Yep and we haven’t even had free agency yet so yep I’ve got my Uber mega size popcorn ready cause th… https://t.co/E1z9wzQ3aU
29-01-2023 08:34
@JaeTee12 All I can say is https://t.co/qgqlr0QjQu
29-01-2023 07:32
Well done congrats to Rhea Ripley getting a well deserved push
29-01-2023 07:21
@coffee_anytime My best buddy growing up Sandy was a wonderful dog when my BFF passed away suddenly Sandy didn’t le… https://t.co/yhp47ftG4F
29-01-2023 06:16
@MadScientistFF I’d try it if it’s given to me but I’m not making it
29-01-2023 06:14
@Bulls_Nikki He’s a good guy class act I’m glad he’s doing well and hopefully he’ll be able to continue playing football
29-01-2023 06:13
@wendeeluvz Definitely restore
29-01-2023 06:12
@ThatEricAlper Faithfully by Journey https://t.co/JlnoOY85Vq
29-01-2023 06:11
@tree_bgs https://t.co/dGG70WRUbj
28-01-2023 22:43
@Bulls_Nikki Spend as much time treating you like the queen you are.
28-01-2023 22:04
@It_Me_Who_Dis It’s going up because the colts and Texans are in the same division and are determined to keep the o… https://t.co/fExElE04nI
28-01-2023 22:01
@NFLRookieWatxh If that’s a 70 yard pass I want the WR that caught the ball cause from snap to catch is 7 seconds t… https://t.co/0VPlzTkH5K
28-01-2023 21:50
@Kvvazii @NFLRookieWatxh Hell with the QB I want the guy who caught the ball if it was a 70 yard pass dude was at a… https://t.co/CYt3rS3icA
28-01-2023 21:48
@LewLewVuitton @NFLRookieWatxh How do we know it was actually him throwing the pass he shifts out of frame before he throws the ball
28-01-2023 21:45
https://t.co/jvNNbQisk3 https://t.co/yjJQeFLQL7
28-01-2023 21:40
@InfragilisTee 💯
28-01-2023 21:38
@Chicago_NFL Not bad dealing but Hooker has an ACL injury he tore the ACL in his left knee end of November i agree… https://t.co/31YxrRLzAK
28-01-2023 21:37
@LuisV55041097 @clayharbs82 Could be but if we’ve already traded with Houston the colts don’t have any incentive to… https://t.co/tX4umLdFXF
28-01-2023 21:18
RT @GRCinemaTicket: Falling Down is Schumacher’s most accomplished film and boasts a dynamite performance from Douglas. As they raise the t…
28-01-2023 21:15
@nflrums https://t.co/TMSrVmmVLN
28-01-2023 21:14
@MadScientistFF I’ll take the $5K
28-01-2023 20:47
@MadScientistFF https://t.co/3EJL4HzOeF
28-01-2023 20:45
@gnuman1979 💯
28-01-2023 07:37
@Cubsfanatic76 @IAmSueSue2 Yep which makes his longevity even more impressive and if Hammels is 100% he’s a much be… https://t.co/CeI7ZnINNe
28-01-2023 06:29
@jasrifootball @Marcel_LJ Doesn’t surprise me he had three (I know NFL&Dolphins say 2) he had 3 concussions in a 3… https://t.co/yBxTAXjuCn
28-01-2023 06:26
@LaurenceWHolmes I get the love for Skoronski but I’d be willing to bet that if we wind up at 7 we take Paris Johns… https://t.co/fqU840Zqoz
28-01-2023 06:22
@jasrifootball @McShay13 Colts are probably more driven their GM has been there since 17 the fans are very frustrat… https://t.co/GAWQznUSBe
28-01-2023 06:08
@MarindaVannoy1 Anyone who wants to defend the country should do so
28-01-2023 05:37
@IAmSueSue2 @Cubsfanatic76 Lol he’s also left handed and they tend to stick around for quite awhile heck Jamie Moyer pitched until he was 49
28-01-2023 05:20
@MadScientistFF The A+ Team
28-01-2023 05:16
RT @thechisports: Retweet if the #Bears should keep David Montgomery. https://t.co/KX2ypfkC9W
28-01-2023 05:09
@nut_history A truly class act thank you Vin for everything every game you called every sporting event you graced w… https://t.co/1DdHYk5vwE
28-01-2023 05:09
@MadScientistFF Superman & Deadpool the comic possibilities alone would be worth it
28-01-2023 03:55
@8WithATiara Smile eyes and personality are my top traits I look for
28-01-2023 02:05
@il0venostalgia What the game or the show? Lmao
28-01-2023 02:03
@JetBomb25 Damn hope you feel better soon
28-01-2023 01:45
@bullyray5150 Only reason I’m here is because I might buy this dump 🤣🤣🤣
28-01-2023 01:20
@TroubleNTheGang Absolutely they always know when we need their help always #PetsRule
28-01-2023 01:18
@ToryS25Beardown @HorrorNHaunted Nice then there was this that absolutely scared the S*^% out of me https://t.co/PvK1Jrc6S8
28-01-2023 01:07
@HorrorNHaunted https://t.co/3RjzKZBDos
28-01-2023 01:00
RT @HorrorNHaunted: Tonight's #horror movie GIF train. Share a scene that has stuck with you since the first time you saw it. This is one…
28-01-2023 00:59
@Brink_Thinker I’d be crying tears of respect if that was me
28-01-2023 00:59
@ShannonRN Well it’s only right it’s kitty’s home after all and you’re just privileged enough to live there lol 😹😹
28-01-2023 00:57
@Herbworthy It’s the Krusty the Clown brand
27-01-2023 23:58
@MadScientistFF I’ll take the 10k
27-01-2023 23:57
@Chicago_NFL @McShay13 Ok cool we’ll take 2 1sts (2&12) this season and a 2nd & 3rd in ‘24&’25 lol
27-01-2023 23:39
@PUMPSorSTILLETO Happy birthday beautiful 🤩
27-01-2023 23:37
RT @AEWonTV: DEM BOYS FOREVER ❤️ #WrestlerOfTheWeek https://t.co/524bSvgbYi
27-01-2023 23:36
@sickpodadamrank @adamrank Oh we’ve got three more months of this garbage ugh 😣
27-01-2023 22:27
@nflrums @Marcel_LJ He needs to see a specialist he had three yeah I know the dolphins and NFL say two but it was c… https://t.co/F1h5S97Nly
27-01-2023 22:21
@kazzaloveslife https://t.co/BrL8LxtI8W
27-01-2023 22:20
@IAmSueSue2 💯
27-01-2023 22:18
This is what we need to see more of that there ARE more good cops than bad ones https://t.co/vmKQupaMX2
27-01-2023 22:15
@nflrums @FOXSports Doesn’t surprise me New Orleans priced him out of the market they wanted two 1sts two 2nds and… https://t.co/StKHRLzptv
27-01-2023 21:20
@ThatEricAlper https://t.co/lJaqFRhcRK
27-01-2023 21:18
@sqqbz Nope it’s not a reach it’s a fantastic movie awesome cast too to bottom and Spielberg shows why he’s conside… https://t.co/FuRHYf9RgN
27-01-2023 21:17
@Chicago_NFL This is my most recent mock draft https://t.co/d95tukaIYS
27-01-2023 21:15
@Chicago_NFL Only real thought is we don’t need a RB and it would be better served picking a CB DL OL or even a WR… https://t.co/UDzoB2PjIT
27-01-2023 21:10
@David_Peters_04 Not bad this is mine do I realistically think Anderson will drop that far no but he was there so I… https://t.co/lkU3RWnLO7
27-01-2023 20:59
@nut_history But then again very few people did lol Ryan is a stud not that cobra wasn’t but yeah
27-01-2023 20:46
@JetBomb25 https://t.co/T1iB3H8Pah
27-01-2023 20:39
I’d help no matter who it is I will always do the right thing I won’t abandon my morals no matter what https://t.co/9yXraKja2t
27-01-2023 20:37
@Mike_PiFF03 I’d have to say Matt Suey he was the fullback so being in the same backfield as the 🐐 wasn’t easy but he held his own
27-01-2023 20:35
@TFFDad All of them
27-01-2023 20:34
@JetBomb25 @JerasIkehorn It’s a nice house regardless of the location
27-01-2023 20:33
@NFLDebate1 Followed back
27-01-2023 20:33
@bishypixie Nice pic you’re very pretty
27-01-2023 20:30
@rickyricksmusic Yes lol
27-01-2023 20:30
@NFLDebate1 It’s ok this happens don’t beat yourself up you’ll get it next time
27-01-2023 19:58
@J_FranklinMyers No but let me get you DeShaun Watson’s number he might know someone
27-01-2023 19:57
@SnowBellesHell I’m filthier and love great tits -me flirting back
27-01-2023 19:56
RT @MikeTroy81: Why doesn’t the media push the narrative that Jalen Hurts is a coach’s kid. If his dad spent a decade in jail, ESPN and oth…
27-01-2023 19:52
@bullyray5150 Was awesome to see you and Devon get the props you had so very rightly earned
27-01-2023 19:49
@JerasIkehorn Yes
27-01-2023 17:33
@nathaliejacoby1 Game of thrones
27-01-2023 07:49
@BigShade55 Awesome movie superbly talented cast top to bottom https://t.co/qfP6SFXb2t
27-01-2023 07:46
@harmonybyday Beautiful
27-01-2023 07:44
@lizzo Buy a house
27-01-2023 07:40
@JaeTee12 Yep he’s in the pirates HOF as part of their inaugural class but nope he’s not in the MLB HOF and I’m as surprised as you are
27-01-2023 07:39
@BeardownCuz Hardman’s current market value is roughly $11 per year and KC also has Brown to deal with if they can’… https://t.co/EPEjZ9Ml23
27-01-2023 07:37
@blackkingkofi Buy some much needed clothes
27-01-2023 06:59
@MadScientistFF I agree
27-01-2023 06:58
@wendeeluvz 👍👍
27-01-2023 04:11
@MadScientistFF Cheese
27-01-2023 04:10
RT @MichaelJFoxOrg: Some people punch, kick or yell while asleep. This condition, called REM sleep behavior disorder, or RBD, can be a risk…
27-01-2023 03:07
@rickyricksmusic Change my long distance? Tell me about it
27-01-2023 00:48
RT @vivaneil1234: So cute.🐱😍🥰🤗❤️‍🔥🔥💥💞
27-01-2023 00:25
@DarrylConrad I’ll just leave this right here https://t.co/Qjre4vt2cu
27-01-2023 00:09
@FootballLearn1 Great player and an even better person
27-01-2023 00:02
RT @rohcary: I found this clip and it made me laugh and cry. ⁦@ringofhonor⁩ https://t.co/mfX1JvisSF
26-01-2023 22:34
@BSmile A very happy birthday to the most famous and entertaining lifetime .200 hitter baseball ever produced
26-01-2023 22:32
@AllbrightNFL Oh he’d be in all his glory in New York cause everything is always about him well unless it doesn’t w… https://t.co/uQijBLkwE7
26-01-2023 22:16
@liaandrea__ Yes I would
26-01-2023 22:13
This does not surprise me at all even though Wilks did more than enough to earn the job panthers were a dumpster fi… https://t.co/Fq9UA61qSF
26-01-2023 22:13
@mikee12579 @IAmSueSue2 You’re welcome hope it was an awesome day
26-01-2023 22:09
@mikee12579 @IAmSueSue2 Damn my bad I don’t get to see [email protected] people I follow on here for some Twitter reason a ve… https://t.co/wcorG8eaw0
26-01-2023 21:57
@MASKEDMANIACXXX Ten solid cast great writing and of course it
26-01-2023 21:56
@weskrantz It’s the great equalizer lol
26-01-2023 21:54
@LadyDLuvs420 SIMBA! hi Simba come here kitty
26-01-2023 21:12
@DaBears9090 @clayharbs82 I agree and I’m sure Poles will put Indy against Houston see if he can’t drive the price… https://t.co/sUnUppAeqe
26-01-2023 21:02
@tomgrossicomedy Nope not unless the boss allows it 👍
26-01-2023 19:28
@kdzwierzynski https://t.co/CBWrlzVzln
26-01-2023 19:27
@HeySadBoy1 Only reason I’d consider that lopsided 7 pick trade from LV a possibility even in the slightest is thei… https://t.co/QyFXo5LA7b
26-01-2023 19:18
@HeySadBoy1 Well I’m all buckled up got my popcorn handy cause we’ve got three months of this S^%* to go through lmao
26-01-2023 19:16
@nfldraftscout @itsmine49 Sure I’ll bet Jordan Love could be acquired for a nice pack of fruit stripe gum
26-01-2023 19:05
@itsmine49 Oh please do it would be such a Jets move to trade a haul for a 39 QB with at the moment a $60 mil price tag
26-01-2023 19:03
@smileitsfree44 Says you I mean RIGHT ON! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
26-01-2023 18:59
@HeySadBoy1 Lol I know right
26-01-2023 18:58
@angelhr79 Lmao all those simulations are just weird and until I see it on an actual channel not gonna worry about it
26-01-2023 12:18
@Laurie0801 Thank you 👌
26-01-2023 09:57
@linuxrocks2013 Thank you👌
26-01-2023 09:57
@iamalmostlegend Yep I’d cook the burger patty by itself medium rare then make the burger and eat
26-01-2023 09:27
Yes I do sure summer is great but when you’re cold you can put on another sweater heavier jacket etc. when it’s hot… https://t.co/02jv4tT6Cn
26-01-2023 09:23
Good bye farewell & Amen thank you for everything young man until the next life when we meet again #RIPJayBriscoe https://t.co/H1fPZzXtrp
26-01-2023 09:21
RT @AEWonTV: #JayBriscoe ❤️ #AEWDynamite https://t.co/CCUOCXb8Oi
26-01-2023 09:19
RT @ROHhistory: Tonight. For Jay ❤️ #AEWDynamite https://t.co/2BwM2kfXEd
26-01-2023 09:19
@Fields_BearsQB1 And we bears fans are being called delusional for the amount of picks we think we’ll get in return… https://t.co/HWMPbQdFoD
26-01-2023 09:16
Robin Williams Good Morning Vietnam https://t.co/HpB1LCczok https://t.co/pTgoXoWGUy
26-01-2023 09:15
@Laurie0801 @MysterySolvent Not even Joanie loves Chachi
26-01-2023 08:34
@TheOldManClub A beautiful woman and a total class act https://t.co/3to6THx9Pu
26-01-2023 08:33
RT @AEWonTV: For #JayBriscoe ❤️ #AEWDynamite https://t.co/kAH2hPiAT5
26-01-2023 08:31
@JuicyBodyGodde1 Beautiful
26-01-2023 08:24
@LakotaMan1 I don’t think you do no
26-01-2023 08:17
RT @AEWonTV: What a moment ❤️ #AEWDynamite https://t.co/cR6ChOVoBK
26-01-2023 08:13
@TheBigEDC Poles literally cannot loose this off season he sat down at the table and on his first draw he got a str… https://t.co/jNRiST1DUs
26-01-2023 08:12
@TheBigEDC Lol my feeling is we’ll trade with Indy using Houston as a bargaining chip to drive up the price
26-01-2023 07:12
RT @BustedOpenRadio: Touching tribute to Jay Briscoe just now on #AEWDynamite We will never forget #Demboys https://t.co/1Ke9NFFJLA
26-01-2023 06:42
RT @bullyray5150: Tomorrows edition of “The Fat and The Furious” on @BustedOpenRadio is dedicated to the memory of #RIPJayBriscoe What di…
26-01-2023 06:26