Philip Dorward 💜 (@PhilDorward) — IPC Head of Comms @Paralympics / Erstwhile owner of an award winning comms consultancy & Head of PR for @premierleague & PGMO / Mini MBA Marketing / #WeThe15
¿Qué está haciendo el portero, Tam?
03-12-2022 23:18
03-12-2022 22:08
Stephen Hawking X Paralympics - 90 seconds of your time well spent this Saturday. There’s 1.2 billion persons with…
03-12-2022 13:43
@thatcharmingdan @Banouby Been around for a while. I did the comms on this in 2016 They rai…
02-12-2022 14:12
@rosscolquhoun Why do you hate Dundee United?
30-11-2022 21:22
@AdamGMillington @ascottreid
30-11-2022 19:45
@craigspence TOR! (for Germany)
27-11-2022 23:42
@draper_rob You’re more reliable than the pandas TBF
26-11-2022 00:19
@obutler "Ya bottleless get Escobar"
25-11-2022 14:55
@JamesOlley @MarkyMBryans Glad to see you've finally taken the time spent playing Michael van Gerwen and put it to some good use.
23-11-2022 19:54
@rosscolquhoun Still waiting for you to mention Dundee United's Aziz Behich, who temporarily prevented a third goal there 😇
22-11-2022 23:32
@ascottreid ‘Joy of’ surely?
21-11-2022 18:02
@dannykellywords @prodnose Spotted in Berlin airport. Gordon would approve, albeit they might be a bit on the small…
21-11-2022 14:16
21-11-2022 00:17
@mrneilforsyth Mon yersel!
20-11-2022 22:54
RT @ByDonkeys: Vote him out
19-11-2022 14:55
@IrvineWelsh Thankfully we’ll always have the Twitter memories of when you provided the soundtrack to @andy_murray’s 2012 US Open win.
18-11-2022 14:34
RT @Paralympics: Due to its suspension, NPC Russia loses all IPC membership rights subject to its right to appeal. Should any appeal not be…
16-11-2022 22:06
RT @Paralympics: At an Extraordinary General Assembly in Berlin, IPC members have voted 64-39 (with 16 abstentions) in favour of a motion t…
16-11-2022 22:06
@DTathletic Or Brechin, where, unique in world football, one side of the ground is a hedge.
14-11-2022 22:04
@DTathletic The one up the street is better 😇
14-11-2022 19:25
@geoffberkeley @insidethegames Congratulations Geoff 👍
09-11-2022 00:15
@WarrenHaughton Have these people never watched 24 Hours in A&E?
08-11-2022 00:21
@RoyAndrew6 @owen_g @david_conn @SteDolan @guardian_sport @pkelso @sportingintel @martynziegler @RobHarris…
05-11-2022 17:00
@owen_g @david_conn @SteDolan @guardian_sport And it wasn’t just the Guardian. @pkelso in the Telegraph,…
05-11-2022 16:46
@henrywinter This story of class A drug use at the Tory party conference was three weeks ago.
05-11-2022 14:15
👇 ONS data shows that 59.5% of those killed by COVID in 2020 in England & Wales were persons with disabilities - it…
02-11-2022 18:37
RT @AyoCaesar: I wonder how someone could become so radicalised by xenophobia as to throw petrol bombs at a migrant detention centre? Any…
31-10-2022 12:09
@rickyaross Bring Benji home!
29-10-2022 17:28
RT @sport_coe: #ChangeStartsWithSport – Kristina Molloy, Chief Membership and Impact Officer at the International Paralympic Committee @Par…
26-10-2022 16:52
26-10-2022 16:24
@JohnBrewin_ Was it between one, two?
21-10-2022 22:57
@davekidd_ Aah yes, the joy of BBC Goal of the Month as voted for by the fans - usually Arsenal, Man U and Liverpool.
21-10-2022 17:23
@davekidd_ Travesty that didn't win goal of the season
21-10-2022 17:11
@amarjourno That closed down in the UK too
20-10-2022 16:05
@obutler @pressgazette Tatsoi folks! (really not enough lettuce varieties to riff on)
20-10-2022 15:31
@obutler @pressgazette Been a gem of a story.
20-10-2022 15:27
Can a lettuce win a @pressgazette award?
20-10-2022 15:24
Spectacular spectacular. 28/08/2024 – From the lower end of the Champs-Elysées to Concorde The most beautiful ave…
20-10-2022 14:37
👀Coming this afternoon from @Paris2024, a first reveal of the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony. It is something sp…
20-10-2022 10:36
@WarrenHaughton For we all must meet our moment of truth...
19-10-2022 19:05
Woah. The Pheonix continues to rise.
18-10-2022 18:21
@nadderley @JohnBrewin_ Memorable moment from that trip was me and Louise Wanless having to hide all the Hong Kong…
17-10-2022 19:29
@IrvineWelsh My local MP. I’ve always questioned his judgement after this.
15-10-2022 11:34
RT @Arabdeen: One of these men was fired in record time after suffering humiliating losses. The other was Dundee United manager. https://t.…
14-10-2022 20:22
@nadderley @armoaning If @Fiveankles is not in as Minister for Sport, we riot @Exploding_Heads
14-10-2022 14:33
@JohnBrewin_ @philmcnulty @tim_rolls @DaveTindallgolf
14-10-2022 11:30
@YesWeCrann @YICETOR This mean Barry Bannon is going to be playing in El Clasico?
14-10-2022 10:49
Well, this is a good way to bounce into the weekend. Yet another big comms award win for the @Paralympics &…
14-10-2022 10:29
This is great and beautifully delivered by Lora. Thanks to @CBeebiesHQ, and @Channel4 blazing a trail for the globa…
13-10-2022 12:00
@DaftLimmy Sole provider
11-10-2022 21:25
Since working in disability sport everything I read about UK Government policies & its impacts on people is grim 👇…
11-10-2022 10:52
And this is amazing too, a three-day Paralympic sport and cultural festival being put on in Milan by our good frien…
10-10-2022 19:25
The team @Paris2024 did a terrific job of creating #ParalympicDay last Saturday. Over 40,000 Parisiennes came to th…
10-10-2022 19:15
09-10-2022 22:28
RT @parsonsandrew: Incredible Paralympic Day, in Paris. Thousands of people gathered at La Bastille to try-out para sports, get to know mor…
09-10-2022 11:07
@StewTodd @broon_69 @fergusson70
08-10-2022 22:14
@markaizatt @BBCPhilipSim The conference is in Aberdeen, quite north of Perth.
08-10-2022 17:33
@tonguetweets @robfacey Next time. £1.69 in Aldi.
08-10-2022 14:54
@StewTodd @fergusson70 @broon_69 @Doocott @StrandRecords @RichardAinley8 That's actually some give and go between M…
06-10-2022 18:39
In the last six months the comms chiefs at Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea & Arsenal have all left the stadium. It's a s…
06-10-2022 17:33
Something we're conscious of @Paralympics is the language of disability. Other descriptive words that are just as n…
06-10-2022 15:37
@TheFarm_Peter Think Mike Pickering might be about for a remix.
05-10-2022 15:48
@Chigs_72 It’s nuts. Even the most cursory glance at the TL of Mike Pickering would have told you he’s no fan of th…
05-10-2022 15:22
@broon_69 @fergusson70 @StewTodd @Doocott Favourite player I saw live in the PL. A genius.
05-10-2022 00:58
@adampayne26 Yeah, he disrupted school sport so that he destroyed it for an entire generation.
02-10-2022 22:20
@broon_69 @fergusson70 @StewTodd @Doocott @StrandRecords @RichardAinley8 Wooooooof
02-10-2022 21:55
@HybridBandUK @Paralympics @WeThe15 Well you keep on fighting the good fight. I'm going to listen to Dog Star for t…
30-09-2022 19:29
Had what I thought was a progressive week for @Paralympics, lots of positive conversations & @WeThe15 picked up a b…
30-09-2022 19:19
Chuffed to bits for team @Paralympics @IDA_CRPD_Forum @aandeddb & friends that #WeThe15 won the Inclusion category…
28-09-2022 10:28
The @Paralympics helped kick off #LeadersWeek @ the Diversity Forum. Kristina Malloy, our Chief Membership & Impact…
26-09-2022 19:28
@WarrenHaughton Hell is round the corner
24-09-2022 15:46
@johncrossmirror @cmckennasport @TwitterSupport @Twitter An update. The discriminatory language used against person…
23-09-2022 14:07
@weare1of100 At Glastonbury I spotted one in the first hour. Was too quick for me to take a pic.
23-09-2022 13:32
@CarrieBrownTV @johncrossmirror Terrific shift in trying times Carrie. And we'll done to professional Huey Green do…
21-09-2022 21:37
@cmckennasport @johncrossmirror @TwitterSupport @Twitter I would also add offensive language against persons with disabilities.
20-09-2022 09:24
RT @josierones: People with disabilities, we want your stories! The good, the bad and the downright terrible. Share your experiences and jo…
18-09-2022 15:49
@Banouby This review would have been better is you had repeated 'Not sure why I stuck with it really.' several times.
16-09-2022 19:54
Quite the dated stock shot this @AbFab_50 - tills, uniforms and packaging look a generation old. You'll be getting…
14-09-2022 19:21
@MiguelDelaney Something for the weeknd
14-09-2022 13:52
@Chigs_72 @Populous Excellent news Charlie, love a stadium. And if Populous need a pro-bono initiative, Tannadice could do with a makeover.
13-09-2022 10:08
@gregjmchugh Teddy, Teddy, Teddy! @mrneilforsyth
11-09-2022 01:06
RT @Paralympics: #OnThisDay ten years ago, @Coldplay and @Rihanna combined to help close the #London2012 Paralympic Games. A memorable ni…
09-09-2022 17:48
@HelloRomans @TheDrum @katebrazierPR Here for the staff picture on stairs.
08-09-2022 12:35
@rickyaross Happyness personified.
07-09-2022 16:50
RT @dwnews: JUST IN: Germany's government agreed on a €65 billion package meant to help households tackle inflation and high energy prices.…
04-09-2022 12:18
@sbates_people @Everton @LFC The warmth of the replies here says it all Batesy. Press box legend, the most courteou…
03-09-2022 12:59
@RaeComm Ja ja ja
02-09-2022 18:14
One of the greatest privileges @Paralympics has been working with refugee athletes. The courage, hope & triumph of…
02-09-2022 13:50
@deathirwin Thank you Markizio Irwano
01-09-2022 23:54
With so much negativity it's nice to have warming stories like this. Well told @NickHopeTV
01-09-2022 20:41
01-09-2022 15:22
@craigspence @FitbaPatter @martingrantross TBF we need some divine inspiration. Do not send this to Hernan.
30-08-2022 21:47
24-08-2022 23:11
RT @mediaguardian: Emily Maitlis says ‘active Tory party agent’ shaping BBC news output
24-08-2022 21:12
RT @CentralBylines: This is an utterly brilliant Australian take down of our government. Warning, contains a few naughty words, so if you…
23-08-2022 20:20
@CraigWHoy1 Look Craig, Tom Tugendhat is really supportive of small Northern European nations being independent.
23-08-2022 16:48
@Banouby If you want to return to the days of Ray McKinnon but with someone much less talented, I’m your man.
23-08-2022 14:41
@Banouby I’m Forest
23-08-2022 14:31
21-08-2022 17:47
Nice to see my MP Tom Tugendhat congratulating a small Northern European nation on their recent independence. More…
21-08-2022 11:38
@SarahForshaw1 @ShippersUnbound I speak as I find. When he was in charge of Education he destroyed school sport. Th…
20-08-2022 10:16
@MirrorDarren @sportingintel Something like this for sure Nick. Take care of yourself pal.💪
20-08-2022 09:12
London football clubs/sports marcomms agencies, hire this man if you have an opening. Brilliant with content creati…
16-08-2022 19:51
@arabtrust1909 Hopefully there will be this guy when you are going through security.
12-08-2022 11:57
@mrdanwalker @mattgoss @5_News You wore orange last week and Dundee United won in Europe, it's an omen I tell you!
11-08-2022 18:35
RT @DUSF2017: Hats off to the @dundeeunitedfc fans who took the time to clean up Neuimarket Square in Amsterdam after a wee pre-match party…
11-08-2022 11:03
@DavidCushnan Cap doff for a fine OCOG joke.
10-08-2022 19:29
@OWeingarten @Jiggi_GG @TheUKETC @LDNUTD I'm more thinking, are you using the same hair product that Sir Dave used…
10-08-2022 13:13
@Germans4indyref Better Together
09-08-2022 23:56
09-08-2022 18:53
@YICETOR Not the kind of thing you expect in August TBH
09-08-2022 14:52
RT @DannyWittenberg: Proud to have made a special episode of @BBCAccessAll marking the end of #CommonwealthGames2022. Para-sport legends @…
08-08-2022 14:35
@DiscoMirror @philmcnulty Phil’s got a book out?
07-08-2022 21:56
@sidlowe @STN_Airport It has one Sid, but you’ve got to know where it is. Away by the toilets to the left of second…
07-08-2022 20:24
@JanePurdon @CarrieBrownTV @KellySimmo1 @tonguetweets @Anna_Kessel @JacquiOatley @FayeCarruthers @SuzyWrack…
07-08-2022 00:14
@sammatterface @WarrenHaughton @AvantiWestCoast I’ll see you and raise the @Ryanair Stansted <>Cologne route: 18 fl…
06-08-2022 13:30
@jtoneysbeat Was it sold to you by Rishi Sunak?
05-08-2022 20:15
@mattglen @paulpingles @ABevington11 @jimdowling @OSlipper
05-08-2022 18:56
@mattglen @paulpingles @ABevington11 @jimdowling @OSlipper Can the Para sport business be represented here?
05-08-2022 18:53
@scottdougal And many of those people will have disabilities. In England, ONS data shows that 60% of those who died…
05-08-2022 12:54
@WarrenHaughton @liamdfisher are you just out of shot?
05-08-2022 12:36
@obutler @Gunnersaurus Like to think the greatest mascot in history has this vibe for the new season
05-08-2022 11:58
@obutler @Gunnersaurus Christmas already?
05-08-2022 11:51
@mrneilforsyth BBC Scotland spent all their budget on location shoots for Guilt 2.
05-08-2022 00:06
@Ryanair Now 18 flights in a row on this route you’ve been late. Astonishing levels of fecklessness.
04-08-2022 21:46
@Historic_Ally @BusyDillo Production idea. If those snows happen again then you need to get Sean on sledge wheechin…
03-08-2022 14:22
@MCSaatchiSteveM Replies are like Colin from Portsmouth.
03-08-2022 12:44
@LeeClayton_ @sammatterface See also, Dave Narey, Eamonn Bannon and Paul Sturrock.
02-08-2022 18:27
@LeeClayton_ @sammatterface Hold on, how can buttons be a chocolate bar? Same goes for those Reece's Cups. Taking l…
02-08-2022 18:22
@StewTodd @broon_69 @fergusson70 @Doocott @StrandRecords @RichardAinley8 @benkelly74 I have a signed mini football…
01-08-2022 22:07
Well @Ryanair are nothing if not consistent - 17 flights since April and every one of them has been delayed. Tonigh…
01-08-2022 22:05
That BBC montage was a bit strange: why was it not a female act, and an upbeat track?
31-07-2022 22:31
@amylawrence71 @Lionesses You and your fellow female journalists in those press boxes all those decades ago played your part too.
31-07-2022 21:43
RT @brandichastain: I see you @Chloe_Kelly98 well done. Enjoy the free rounds of pints and dinners for the rest of your life from all of En…
31-07-2022 21:29
Enjoy today @JanePurdon @KellySimmo1 @tonguetweets @Anna_Kessel @JacquiOatley @FayeCarruthers @SuzyWrack…
31-07-2022 13:37
@johncrossmirror @deathirwin
30-07-2022 16:27
@scottdougal See you, raise you Killie away.
30-07-2022 15:50
RT @Paralympics: The Paralympic Movement is 74 today!🎉🎈 #OnthisDay, the 29th July 1948, Sir Ludwig Guttmann opened the very first Stoke Ma…
29-07-2022 19:42
@JohnBrewin_ "Last CD bought: Toploader, Onka's Big Moka"
29-07-2022 18:47
@jtoneysbeat Mooo-ved surely? - Ed
29-07-2022 15:57
RT @Oldfirmfacts1: The Wire: season 6 (2019)
29-07-2022 14:20
@boldano You got it.
26-07-2022 12:21
Allons-y #Paralympics #Paris2024 #RoadToParis2024
26-07-2022 11:05
@Germans4indyref I have boarded a flight to Germany at the exact time it starts. 👍
25-07-2022 23:18
@seaningle Who was the pride of Britain?
25-07-2022 22:55
RT @Paralympics: ✨"Ouvrons grand les Jeux" ✨- the @Paris2024 Games slogan. #Paralympics #Paris2024 #RoadToParis2024 #EnRoutePourParis2024
25-07-2022 20:23
@stan_chow Wagamama has an app for paying
24-07-2022 17:47
@simon_schama @Aiannucci One of those Jewish refugees, who came to Britain in 1938 no less, was Dr Ludwig Guttmann.…
24-07-2022 14:30
@nadderley Any sign of Theresa May?
22-07-2022 17:03
@MGrantScotland @BumperGraham @JNorthcroft Why do you hate Scottish football fans so much?
22-07-2022 12:23
⁦@BumperGraham⁩ ⁦@JNorthcroft⁩ ⁦@MGrantScotland⁩ Next time you boys are in Paris, head to the 10th Arr. Custom desi…
21-07-2022 23:28
@boldano @coldplay @PaulMcCartney
20-07-2022 21:19
Just doing a quick recce. Tonight it's @coldplay at Stade Saint Denis. But in just over two years there will be som…
20-07-2022 20:24
Great to be here in the home of the next @Paralympics - time to plan for the future with our comms colleagues…
20-07-2022 10:13
We've said it before @Paralympics & we'll say it again: Channel 4 are world leaders when it comes to inclusion. The…
20-07-2022 00:52
@YesWeCrann @StephanieBe Ja boetie/back of the net!
20-07-2022 00:43
@MiguelDelaney And whiskers on kittens…
19-07-2022 21:19
@SweMeatballs78 @JohnBrewin_ See in Scotland that means a good guy, so doesn't work sadly.
19-07-2022 00:14
RT @HCDream2012: I think you’ll find I was maybe the first athlete to win five world titles in the same individual track event- or maybe ev…
18-07-2022 14:12
@WarrenHaughton You could have had this too but maybe too obvious
16-07-2022 21:36
16-07-2022 21:30
@billykayscot When you see the company he keeps…
16-07-2022 00:11
@martingrantross Nae midgies though, so small mercies.
15-07-2022 13:00
@BumperGraham @RobertGordonUni @AberdeenFC @DLStreetsport @LaLigaEN @JNorthcroft JN4PM
15-07-2022 12:47
@Kennyaberdeen @TomTugendhat @LBC Well, this is the company he keeps…
15-07-2022 01:01
@RobertGordonUni @BumperGraham @AberdeenFC @DLStreetsport @LaLigaEN Can I start a petition for @JNorthcroft to get…
14-07-2022 22:43
@LAURENCSTANLEY @NickGodwinsport Please do this as well for the Paralympics 😇
12-07-2022 15:40
@SimonPeach Jackson Wang sounds like a Jamie Paradise character @JamieJackson___
12-07-2022 14:32
@amarjourno Think this kit launch would have been better with this soundtrack…
12-07-2022 12:38
@WarrenHaughton @amarjourno Sadness in his eyes
11-07-2022 15:50
@YourWullie In Dundee we had Eech Meech Cat’s Keech Toley Bum Fart, which is also rather descriptive of those runners and riders.
11-07-2022 01:15
@KirstyS_Hughes @bellacaledonia Here’s Tom hosting one of his Scottish pals
09-07-2022 23:09
@iain_games Looking forward to the Thunderbastard pod.
08-07-2022 11:53
@armoaning @MichaelWeadock However Armo, the mistruths Gordon Brown told Scotland in 2014 led to Brexit, then this…
08-07-2022 03:12
Fellow Scots, this is one of Tom Tugendhat’s pals. Great to see that Kirstene’s magic touch didn’t elude her.
07-07-2022 20:14
@obutler Thank you Lily Allen
06-07-2022 00:05
To put that into football - as many education secretaries as Man United managers.
06-07-2022 00:02
I know there's a Women's Euro's about to KO & I'll be there with my daughter, but do read this brilliant story from…
05-07-2022 17:49
@DuncanCastles The First Minister looking for Gordon Brown’s ‘small print’
05-07-2022 00:32
Love this story so much. The little girl who is now friends with a Paralympic legend. Representation is important.
04-07-2022 20:49
@JohnBrewin_ Who's his Grohl & Springsteen?
03-07-2022 16:27
@martynziegler @RobHarris Kelse, Martha and now Rob, they're building a Sports Lobby supergroup at Sky.
02-07-2022 01:25
@craigspence Why do you hate West Ham so much?
30-06-2022 19:33
@adamcnet @SheKicksdotnet Jen, have you thought of rebranding as Kickets over the next month? 🤪
30-06-2022 19:32
RT @caitlinmoran: Women, remember this man's name - Danny Kruger. He doesn't believe women should have an absolute right to bodily autonomy…
28-06-2022 21:43
@TheFarm_Peter Thought the Scouser quota was extra high at Glasto this weekend.
28-06-2022 19:58
@ollygroome @sadamson84 A fine shift Steve. Don’t a pic of your fine scoreboard but we will always have this.
24-06-2022 14:40
@JamieJackson___ @JamieParadise_ Don't look at Saturday/Sunday, we're gonna need jackets.
22-06-2022 18:50
@LucyMcGetts I will mainly be under this flag which, true story, once caused all of Scotland to be outraged by Katy…
22-06-2022 18:34
@LucyMcGetts Happy to have tissue meetings at various bars over the next four days.
22-06-2022 18:24
@GFBlogger @mrskdparsons Seconded - Paelleria is usually in the same corner as Williams Green as Dosa. And you can…
21-06-2022 20:14
@glastonbury @shangrila @ascottreid 😍
21-06-2022 19:10
@WarrenHaughton @amarjourno @muhammadbutt
21-06-2022 18:50
@Paralympics 🎵I'm a Rising Phoenix...🎵 That right @georgetragic?
21-06-2022 12:24
@JohnBrewin_ I look forward to annoying you from Thursday onwards.
20-06-2022 22:36
@JohnBrewin_ Disappointed you have taken until Monday evening to tweet about Glastonbury - and not even in your usu…
20-06-2022 22:34
Last year Abbas Karimi competed at Tokyo 2020 for the Refugee Paralympic Team. This year he became a US citizen.…
20-06-2022 18:10
@DaleJohnsonESPN And Premiership was a marketing conceit from Carling for a couple of reasons. They wanted to diffe…
20-06-2022 17:41