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RT @ConceptualJames: Savage. Makes things so clear.
05-12-2022 10:15
RT @ConceptualJames: It'll be George Floyd 2.0.
05-12-2022 10:15
RT @ooana: This is so deeply terrifying to anyone who knows what civil unions was really all about regarding the right to NOT DIE ALONE. (A…
05-12-2022 10:14
RT @MartinKulldorff: I do not understand why anyone is okay with LinkedIn/Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube/Google and Twitter having censored f…
05-12-2022 10:13
RT @ooana: Isn’t this theory essentially what Naomi Wolf was banned for pointing out?
05-12-2022 10:13
RT @BrightIsadora1: It's not a conundrum. Free speech protects speech you deplore, not speech you agree with. #1A
05-12-2022 10:11
@Beautyjunkie21 @realEssYoo @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec Kathy Hochul is doing everything she can to…
05-12-2022 10:09
@hay_jude19 @Nancypa26905805 I used to live in Pullman. Summers there were quite pleasant, but I know it can get re…
05-12-2022 10:08
@Beautyjunkie21 @realEssYoo @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec I thought he was a phony from Day One. He al…
05-12-2022 10:05
I hope this prediction comes true.
05-12-2022 10:04
RT @realEssYoo: I love it when socialists use the word "free" 🤣🙃
05-12-2022 10:04
RT @realEssYoo: Justin Trudeau is like Janus, but with a silent 'J'
05-12-2022 10:03
@realEssYoo @Beautyjunkie21 @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec The Boondocks is awesome.
05-12-2022 09:27
@realEssYoo @Beautyjunkie21 @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec 4/ The only reason I think Barry joined this…
05-12-2022 09:25
@realEssYoo @Beautyjunkie21 @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec 3/ Personally, I suspect Obama is, in realit…
05-12-2022 09:24
@realEssYoo @Beautyjunkie21 @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec 2/ Supposedly, this repulsive reverend was h…
05-12-2022 09:23
@realEssYoo @Beautyjunkie21 @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec 1/ The Jerremiah Wright incident, where Barr…
05-12-2022 09:22
@seahawkdawg1 @RBtw33ts It was definitely better today than yesterday, when I felt really dangerous driving up my hill.
05-12-2022 09:15
@AlmostHeathnWVA @Beautyjunkie21 @realEssYoo @RonColeman @JackPosobiec Those were the days.
05-12-2022 09:13
@Beautyjunkie21 @realEssYoo @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec Once, just once, I would like to see an inst…
05-12-2022 09:05
RT @Unperson333: I'm at the point where I'm just going to embrace whatever they want to label me. Yeah, I'm transphobic, fuck you if you d…
05-12-2022 09:01
@Beautyjunkie21 @realEssYoo @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec When I was last in NYC, in 2018, I felt very…
05-12-2022 09:00
@Beautyjunkie21 @realEssYoo @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec Mr. Hope and Change is one of the biggest ph…
05-12-2022 08:55
An intense, fever dreamlike film in its entirety for free. "Lilith" stars Warren Beatty as an army vet who takes a…
05-12-2022 08:46
Stockholm syndrome.
05-12-2022 08:19
@HanyaToderoff This song captures the way I feel about the warmth of the Florida sun when I'm stuck in this depress…
05-12-2022 07:59
@HanyaToderoff Yes, it is. Florida particularly lingers in my mind at this time of year in this less than pleasant…
05-12-2022 07:27
RT @jasont42: He’s not PM, he’s a fascist dictator plain and simple.
05-12-2022 07:22
@BrightIsadora1 Evil Queen Jacinda is among the very worst of these harridans.
05-12-2022 07:13
RT @BrightIsadora1: I hope you're all noticing the trend to have women enforce Fascism. Real Fascism, the kind where government and busines…
05-12-2022 07:12
RT @ProudElephantUS: Let’s all hope and pray that Ronna McDaniel will not be the next RNC Chair.
05-12-2022 07:04
RT @BrightIsadora1: True, but the Left has lost interest in the Constitution, now that it has served their purposes.
05-12-2022 07:04
RT @yourfav_Texan: I feel for you! I don't miss it one bit!
05-12-2022 06:58
RT @iphigeniamama: Long Covid is the same as asymptomatic spread. Both used to instill unnecessary fear.
05-12-2022 06:57
RT @joe_lagrand: Next time you see an electric vehicle take a moment to think about all the materials that had to be mined to make the batt…
05-12-2022 06:57
The last time I saw it, I assumed they were insane.
05-12-2022 06:57
RT @Timestwo13: Thye difference between Lee Zeldin and Ronna McDaniel? Lee recognizes the value of @ScottPresler
05-12-2022 06:56
RT @AmericanistNew:
05-12-2022 06:54
RT @rkylesmith: Someone send Greta some data on carbon emissions in communist countries
05-12-2022 06:54
RT @PNW_working_mom: Yo, the Legos were locked up yesterday at a suburban Portland Walmart. I asked why and the employee said the thieves a…
05-12-2022 06:54
RT @MZHemingway: This little tyrant is just awful. He should never get a say in what free people get to read or say.
05-12-2022 06:54
RT @AConcernedPare2: Friendly reminder that it's important to teach your children that biological sex is immutable from a young age. Stay a…
05-12-2022 06:54
@CarlKillough Happens to me all the time.
05-12-2022 06:53
Ugh. My mom's old hometown of Washington, D.C., has completely lost its mind.
05-12-2022 06:44
RT @Theo_TJ_Jordan: A lot of exposure happened this weekend.
05-12-2022 06:43
Oh, my. I think we all know what's going on here.
05-12-2022 06:42
@RealRachelGates The world is turning upside down.
05-12-2022 06:39
@ranboy @Conserva_Dad Thanks.
05-12-2022 06:39
Justin Trudeau is utterly evil. Worst prime minister in Canadian history.
05-12-2022 06:38
RT @sarahbeth345: Would you see this doctor? I would not.
05-12-2022 06:36
Zuck is reading the handwriting on the wall.
05-12-2022 06:36
Seattle is a hive of Covidian mental illness.
05-12-2022 06:33
@sarahbeth345 @graciefacelove I've lost a lot of "friends," too, since 2017, over politics and/or Covid. Unlike you…
05-12-2022 06:32
RT @sarahbeth345: I have mostly moved on from the friends who abandoned me because of my tweets, but still get constant reminders, like mai…
05-12-2022 06:28
RT @TheEliKlein: The fact that a recent RCT found no significant difference between N95s & medical masks for Covid should be one of the top…
05-12-2022 06:28
RT @Timestwo13: It’s a “closed shop” issue.
05-12-2022 06:27
RT @LutherBeckett: End yourself.
05-12-2022 06:27
RT @NYCHomoCon: Those norms of a “free society” went out the window the very second Covidains like you started dictating peoples’ lives.
05-12-2022 06:27
@Beautyjunkie21 @realEssYoo @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec True. The anti-Asian bigotry is really gross…
05-12-2022 06:23
Smart kid.
05-12-2022 06:21
@Conserva_Dad 3/ The politics in this state is truly bottom of the barrel, and I've had my full of it.
05-12-2022 06:20
@Conserva_Dad 2/ Also, Florida has not suffered through the governmental abuse we've endured - multiple lockdowns,…
05-12-2022 06:20
@Conserva_Dad 1/ When I was in Florida, it was very clear to me that people were generally happier, friendlier and…
05-12-2022 06:19
RT @PeterSweden7: The Great Reset is happening right now. Netherlands is going to SEIZE 3000 farms in order to meet the 2030 climate goals…
05-12-2022 06:11
Don't pressure gay boys into turning into trans girls or gay girls into turning into trans boys. This is the real h…
05-12-2022 06:09
RT @realEssYoo: @RonColeman @AlmostHeathnWVA @JackPosobiec Maybe we're learning that 21st century America is not as different from 20th cen…
05-12-2022 05:58
Well, then I guess this makes me "transphobic." Boo-hoo-hoo. No apologies.
05-12-2022 05:55
RT @Populist_PCO: Thinking ID as soon as my kid graduates high school….
05-12-2022 05:52
RT @JanJekielek: In case you haven't looked up "menticide" yet 👉
05-12-2022 05:46
RT @EpochTimes: The pose of #Wokeness is a costume the liberal elite wears to virtue signal and to hide their green and corruption, @Jennif…
05-12-2022 05:46
RT @ooana: Welcome to the dark age 2.0 The answers formulated in the enlightenment could be destroyed for so many so quickly. Mentacide.
05-12-2022 05:46
RT @NewDiscourses: "It's probably more accurate to describe the efforts of Critical Social Justice not as Marxist but as ethno-communist, w…
05-12-2022 05:44
RT @ooana: @BlueBoxDave Humor is a boat that many don’t even know they miss.
05-12-2022 05:44
RT @ChloeVTweets: It better be yes!! Please 🤣😎😃
05-12-2022 05:42
@Nancypa26905805 @Conserva_Dad That actually seems likely.
05-12-2022 05:37
05-12-2022 05:37
05-12-2022 05:37
RT @BrightIsadora1: Smug bitch knows she won't face any consequences.🤢
05-12-2022 05:36
@Virgingersnap17 @DogecoinDawnRN Born in New York. Lived in Louisiana, Florida and Idaho. Currently live in Washington state.
05-12-2022 05:35
@Michell46440576 I used to live in Moscow, Idaho. Liked it there, but not sure I could handle the snow at this point.
05-12-2022 05:25
@realEssYoo "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." - attributed to Mark Twain
05-12-2022 05:23
@Michell46440576 The best weather I've experienced anywhere is the Mediterranean climate of Southern California, es…
05-12-2022 05:20
RT @realEssYoo: @LionelMedia I believe that the 1990s were the last good decade for music. The first two decades after the 1990s were equal…
05-12-2022 05:09
P.T. Barnum was right.
05-12-2022 05:04
RT @NYCHomoCon: Friend hospitalized with clots in his leg. Docs don’t know why, exactly. Overly vaccinated. I can’t even bring up the p…
05-12-2022 05:02
When wokesters talk about "lived experience," they're very selective about whose lived experience counts.
05-12-2022 05:02
@Conserva_Dad It's not surprising that the Seattle area has one of the highest if not the highest suicide rate in t…
05-12-2022 05:01
I really can't stand David French. The very worst kind of "conservative."
05-12-2022 04:56
@realEssYoo @ooana @mrjeffu They are among the most insufferable people on the planet.
05-12-2022 04:55
Lucky I got to see Little Richard back in 1989. He was wild and bizarre as they get.
05-12-2022 04:44
RT @realEssYoo: The Democrat media empire's coordinated attack on Matt Taibbi for exposing Twitter's election malfeasance reminds me of the…
05-12-2022 04:26
I don't think I've ever hated Seattle weather more at any time In my life than I do now. If I never see snow again,…
05-12-2022 04:26
RT @ooana: Disgusting. How dare people be treated this way. Japan is better than this.
05-12-2022 04:19
@ooana I remember going to this store when I was in Tokyo. Classy place. Thankfully, this was long before Covid and the mask idiocy.
05-12-2022 04:19
@Horan4545 Michael Steele is a joke. His hatred of Trump has blinded him to everything else of importance, including free speech.
05-12-2022 04:17
RT @Horan4545: "free speech' *harms* 'free speech'. Do these people listen to the garbage leaking from their lips?
05-12-2022 04:16
RT @realEssYoo: The article "angers" me because it cynically uses class anxiety to gaslight readers into accepting its unproven claims.
05-12-2022 04:15
@Virgingersnap17 @LeahsLounge My father's mother was Emma. My mom's mother was Elizabeth and my mom was Patricia.
05-12-2022 04:01
@LeftTheCoast The documentary of the Altamont rock festival, "Gimme Shelter," actually shows the murder as it takes…
05-12-2022 03:57
@CliftonHill It was starting to dawn on me that this was probably satire. Fooled me in the beginning.
05-12-2022 03:20
@Virgingersnap17 It's a chicken burrito. Haven't seen your Christmas decorations yet, but I'll check 'em out.
05-12-2022 03:19
@realEssYoo @mrjeffu @ooana I've been to that Mitsukoshi's department store in Tokyo. It was a very classy place. T…
05-12-2022 02:22
RT @JenniferSey: What’s it called again when government and corporations work in tandem? It’s on the tip of my tongue . . .…
05-12-2022 01:43
RT @kristenmag: Let’s take a stroll through our memory lane of #BadCovidRules Do you remember when they boarded up the basketball hoops?…
05-12-2022 01:41
RT @kristenmag: “Refusing to wear a mask is like intentionally driving 80 mph straight into a brick wall.” No. Wrong. Not even a little bi…
05-12-2022 01:40
RT @kristenmag: “Mask mandates are like requiring people to wear seatbelts while driving a car.” No. Wrong. Seatbelts have been proven to…
05-12-2022 01:40
RT @kristenmag: The seatbelt analogy… “Refusing to wear a mask is like refusing to wear a seatbelt.” No. Wrong. Refusing to wear a mask i…
05-12-2022 01:40
At my favorite Mexican restaurant this afternoon.
05-12-2022 01:37
RT @ellymelly: @mtaibbi Free speech is really hurting the reputation of MSM and its flock of half-wit journalists who have, for too long, r…
04-12-2022 15:28
@Horan4545 At the very core of why I reject leftism.
04-12-2022 15:26
"Resist much, obey little." - Walt Whitman
04-12-2022 14:59
RT @ajlamesa: It was so terrible that millions of healthy people were forced to waste time in useless quarantines over the past few years j…
04-12-2022 14:50
RT @nomandates23: Tonight my school is having a dance. Dates. Dressed up. Horrible loud music. Food everywhere. No masks. It is the little…
04-12-2022 14:50
RT @truckdriverpleb: I hope that Elon Musk exposes Justin Trudeau and the @liberal_party corruption
04-12-2022 14:50
RT @CollinRugg: Elon Musk is going up against some of the most powerful people in America. Pray for him.
04-12-2022 14:50
RT @leezeldin: This man is such a workhorse, registering new voters, going door to door, traveling the country, and working VERY long hours…
04-12-2022 14:50
RT @CollinRugg: Elon Musk did more to prove collusion to influence an election in 1 hour than the left did in 4 years.
04-12-2022 14:49
RT @carsonkrow: Joe Biden’s two surviving children are both (by their own admission) extreme drug and sex addicts. Would any of my fellow…
04-12-2022 14:49
RT @GenevieveBayer: They didn't just steal it from Trump. They stole it from all of us.
04-12-2022 14:48
RT @BonillaJL: [email protected] on the media backlash against @mtaibbi: "I think those people should be looking in the mirror and wondering why t…
04-12-2022 14:48
RT @DavidKotiw:
04-12-2022 14:48
RT @RudyGiuliani: On a beautiful night outside St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, we pray for @ElonMusk, @MTaibbi, @MirandaDevine and all…
04-12-2022 14:47
RT @MrStevenSteele: Elon’s Twitter is becoming the most trusted news source and the corporate media is PISSED.
04-12-2022 14:46
RT @Josh__Seattle: White woman, just stop.
04-12-2022 14:45
@JamesMillerHi He is a disgrace and a traitor to the Netherlands.
04-12-2022 14:37
RT @BertLorr: Hello AG Merrick Garland. Now that we have public proof that the Biden campaign, the Democrats, and the FBI colluded with Big…
04-12-2022 14:36
RT @saras76: They're suppressing the suppression
04-12-2022 14:36
RT @LoFiRepublican: For all their talk of "trans women are woman" you rarely ever see leftist guys actually dating/marrying them, wonder wh…
04-12-2022 14:35
RT @CollinRugg: If you thought the Twitter files were shocking, imagine what was destroyed before Elon took over.
04-12-2022 14:35
RT @ajlamesa: It's pretty absurd to argue the U.S "didn't have a real lockdown." If you were a school-aged child in Los Angeles, San Franci…
04-12-2022 14:35
RT @janice_staub: Elon Musk has very likely just saved the US from The Great Reset.
04-12-2022 14:35
RT @JeffOnTheRight: So let me get this straight: Twitter was willing to delete pics of Hunter Biden's junk on request, but refused to take…
04-12-2022 14:34
RT @libsoftiktok: Dear @elonmusk, I’d love to take a look at the #TwitterFiles. I believe LoTT holds the record for most temporary Twitter…
04-12-2022 14:34
RT @JesseKellyDC: Just so we’re clear, anyone in federal law enforcement involved in this should spend decades in prison. Decades. Not “f…
04-12-2022 14:34
RT @BuckSexton: So we have proof: Biden’s team engaged in *bright red line* violations of free speech principles to suppress disfavored spe…
04-12-2022 14:33
@Horan4545 They're eating each other alive. Not surprised.
04-12-2022 14:30
04-12-2022 14:27
RT @mark_slapinski: Today is Dec. 3, 2022 and Justin Trudeau is the WORST prime minister in Canadian history!
04-12-2022 14:27
RT @catturd2: Prison for every single person involved in #TwitterGate.
04-12-2022 14:27
RT @ACTBrigitte: Dear Georgia Voters, Cast your ballot for Herschel Walker like your freedom depends on it.
04-12-2022 14:26
RT @WallStreetSilv: This is a Super market in Beijing. The business owner needs to pay for this service as well ... 🚨 I wouldn't be so eag…
04-12-2022 14:26
RT @Clarsonimus: #ClimateCrisis fun facts: #Solar panels require 17 times more materials in the form of cement, glass, concrete, and steel…
04-12-2022 14:26
No, Bette, I don't want to date you.
04-12-2022 14:23
"I'm living on dog food." But no mean tweets.
04-12-2022 14:20
Wouldn't surprise me.
04-12-2022 14:06
Happening now. The fact that trade school grads are doing so much better than college grads is strong evidence of t…
04-12-2022 14:05
This is already happening.
04-12-2022 14:04
The world would be a much better place.
04-12-2022 14:03
It's becoming more and more clear Trump was cheated. Audits would clinch the deal.
04-12-2022 14:02
Let us pray this comes true.
04-12-2022 14:01
This dystopia is already here.
04-12-2022 14:00
Very likely to come true. Just around the corner, in fact.
04-12-2022 14:00
Very plausible.
04-12-2022 13:58
RT @JamesBradleyCA: You’d think “How The Democrats Used Twitter To Steal The Election From Trump” would be front page news for WaPo and NYT…
04-12-2022 13:53
RT @Sticklizard3: A locked nursing home would suffice 🤣
04-12-2022 13:49
@FiehlerCeleste One of the most vile, obnoxious Covidians out there.
04-12-2022 13:48
RT @FiehlerCeleste: You will not be missed! Sunday, we will celebrate
04-12-2022 13:47
Sue the bastards.
04-12-2022 13:46
@Horan4545 Sounds like it might be.
04-12-2022 13:45
One of the most overrated restaurant chains.
04-12-2022 13:32
RT @LutherBeckett: Criminal overlords hired you. Wondering when they'll kick you to the curb.
04-12-2022 13:31
RT @DpetrolheadJ: @BBCNews
04-12-2022 13:28
RT @DiedSuddenly_: Lisa Carroll Griffin #DiedSuddenly of a brain aneurism at the age of 57 after receiving the Covid 19 💉💉 Shortly after…
04-12-2022 13:28
RT @FrontlineFlash: The best in the business, Greenwald savages the utterly egregious dishonesty & corruption of the #FakeNews media, as t…
04-12-2022 13:28
Clown world.
04-12-2022 13:27
RT @JamesMelville: China 🇨🇳 A police drone flies above a motorway ordering motorists to scan a QR code. Only green coloured QR codes are…
04-12-2022 13:08
RT @stillgray: Yoel Roth, who no longer works at Twitter, claims that satire is dangerous and that Libs of TikTok and The Babylon Bee are d…
04-12-2022 13:08
RT @TudorDixon: Release a list of all elected officials who pushed Twitter to suppress speech and manipulate elections. Keep exposing the…
04-12-2022 12:53
RT @riseupandresist: Ohio USA 🇺🇲 And Another Food Production Plant Fire 🔥...West Flour Mill Plant goes up in flames. They are coming for yo…
04-12-2022 12:44
RT @strummaster42: @riseupandresist You will eat ze bugs, own nothing, starve, and not be happy - Klaus de Fuhrer Schwab
04-12-2022 12:44
RT @JamesMelville: China 🇨🇳 Wuxi City. Zhejiang Province. A drone flies around while ordering citizens to stay inside their apartments.…
04-12-2022 12:42
RT @ChloeVTweets: Rockstar One of the most charming people on Twitter
04-12-2022 12:41
Chantal Akerman's "Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels" (1975) is an awful film despite all the sycopha…
04-12-2022 12:39
RT @JamesMelville: The mainstream media are very keen to report and support the anti-lockdown and anti vaccine passports protests in China.…
04-12-2022 12:20
RT @benappel: I’ve been studying gender identity ideology for a few years now. Following the science, reading the studies, hearing the stor…
04-12-2022 12:17
@ooana Happy for you that you made it to this conference. I can see you are in your element and that it's been a wo…
04-12-2022 12:12
RT @ooana: @stbrianjoseph @LeftTheCoast
04-12-2022 12:07
RT @stbrianjoseph: @LeftTheCoast Our Vaccine, who art in Science, safe and effective by thy name.
04-12-2022 12:07
RT @KariLake: Any time someone questions our 2nd Amendment here in America, show them this video of Chinese Citizens being herded into Camp…
04-12-2022 12:07
RT @LizLemeryJoy: To get my pistol permit I had to: •Take NY safety class •Take/pass handwritten test •Pass target class w/ certified instr…
04-12-2022 12:06
RT @samanthamarika1: The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story is one thing, but suppressing life-saving covid protocols, opposing m…
04-12-2022 12:04
RT @dom_lucre: Elon Musk is doing what our leaders should have done years ago.
04-12-2022 12:04
RT @elizableu: The FBI Files about all of the Epstein co-conspirators should be next.
04-12-2022 12:04
RT @ellymelly: "I did it, so everyone else has to!" is not an argument. Nor is, "It was a legal law therefore it must be obeyed." The firs…
04-12-2022 12:04
RT @BuckSexton: Facebook is even more powerful than Twitter with far more influence on the electorate, so just imagine what the internal ch…
04-12-2022 12:03
RT @catturd2: Treason.
04-12-2022 12:03
RT @JamesMelville: It’s just a boiling frog.
04-12-2022 12:02
RT @thebradfordfile: I wonder how many scientists and physicians Dr. Fauci had banned from twitter. I hope we find out.
04-12-2022 11:38
RT @Victori00561181:
04-12-2022 11:38
RT @BrightIsadora1: Trusting Rolling Stone as an actual source of true facts is a mistake.
04-12-2022 11:35
RT @NickAdamsinUSA: Anyone with a brain will be voting for Herschel Walker.
04-12-2022 11:35
RT @rising_serpent: If parties were reversed, right now Democrats would be impeaching a Republican president that used social media to frau…
04-12-2022 11:34
RT @EndWokeness: They collude with Big Tech in order to win an election and then go on TV and call us a threat to democracy
04-12-2022 11:34
RT @OzraeliAvi: The mainstream media is officially LOSING its war on Elon Musk.
04-12-2022 11:33
RT @miles_commodore: The absence of dads is a larger problem for black Americans than bad white cops. MUCH LARGER!!!
04-12-2022 11:33
RT @leezeldin: Give @mirandadevine a Pulitzer for her outstanding reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop story! She was attacked, slandered…
04-12-2022 11:33
RT @SallyMayweather:
04-12-2022 11:32
RT @SchmittNYC: The richest man in the world just spent 44B dollars to expose a corrupt cabal of American government, big tech, and media.…
04-12-2022 11:32
RT @DrAndrewJackson: Twitter suspended everyone who claimed the 2020 election was rigged bc they were the ones rigging it.
04-12-2022 11:32
RT @jcone777:
04-12-2022 11:31