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RT @Swervin32_: What was Jordan Love's biggest flaw coming out of college? "He gambles throwing into small spaces and trusts his arm too m…
26-03-2023 23:38
RT @ShitpostGate:
26-03-2023 04:40
RT @RealAlexBarth: Why would the Raiders hang a picture of one of their most famous losses ever in their facility?
26-03-2023 04:15
RT @StreamrNews: James Gunn seemingly confirms that there will be future ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ movies. via: James Gunn on Twitter htt…
26-03-2023 04:13
RT @itsYDG2: WWE roster salary in 2006. 90% of the roster was getting PAID dawg
26-03-2023 00:00
RT @barstoolsports: Luka: “I used to have fun, smiling on the court, but now it’s just been frustrating” One month with Kyrie and Luka’s s…
25-03-2023 08:59
@nathanmarzion Kings 🤝 Bucks
25-03-2023 06:54
@BengalYouTube I feel like Xavier was the 2nd weakest BIG EAST team coming into the tournament, Providence obviousl…
25-03-2023 06:36
Hardest NHL alternate uni of all time?
25-03-2023 05:21
RT @espn: For the first time since seeding began in 1979, the men's Elite Eight will have ZERO 1-seeds 🤯
25-03-2023 05:19
25-03-2023 03:55
RT @bennyjohnson: Friend of Jeffery Epstein Alan Dershowitz asked point blank: “Did Jeffery Epstein kill himself?” His immediate, confi…
24-03-2023 17:27
@Official414 Those employees would ruin it for me when my mom didn’t realize the game was M rated lol
24-03-2023 15:41
RT @awfulannouncing: New NCAA President (and former Governor of Massachusetts) Charlie Baker says he wants "consumer protections" around NI…
24-03-2023 13:13
RT @FOS: Danny White is the Athletic Director for Tennessee. Brian White is the Athletic Director for FAU. Tonight, the brothers’ schools…
24-03-2023 05:14
RT @CardChronicle: Fake arguing with your coach to distract the defense before throwing a half-look pass for a reverse alley-oop to break a…
24-03-2023 05:07
@Official414 That ACL tear took away a lot of his ability to generate speed and separate in his routes unfortunately.
24-03-2023 05:06
@GandGdraft Walker has insane potential I really hope he becomes a star
24-03-2023 04:59
@GandGdraft Similar to Chenal instead of Walker last year
24-03-2023 04:27
24-03-2023 04:01
@nathanmarzion @alexinsix It’s actually a great color sans Vikings
24-03-2023 03:50
A lot of these basketball shoes they have out here are not well-made
24-03-2023 03:47
@afsaanr17 @lookbehi @CharlieQuinnMMA @espnmma They work very well. I take out the chair and put my whole head in t…
23-03-2023 21:05
@GandGdraft Yeah we don’t get guys like that. Not even complaining it’s just something we don’t take a chance on.
22-03-2023 23:18
RT @NFLonCBS: The Vikings have been one of the best regular season teams over the years... however 😬
22-03-2023 18:23
RT @twinkophrenia: it’s kind of funny how everyone mocked the shit out of this when the game first came out and now people just say F as a…
22-03-2023 15:02
RT @FOS: Shohei Ohtani striking out Mike Trout to win Japan the World Baseball Classic — as called on Japanese TV 🇯🇵
22-03-2023 06:08
RT @nathanmarzion:
22-03-2023 06:08
@FrederickMelo Bring them to sauna in the evening and if they have sleep issues they’ll sleep soundly that night.
22-03-2023 03:52
@StrengthDebates Sorinex
22-03-2023 02:47
@CarlosS29143608 Also Andy Reid is one of the greatest coaches of all time
21-03-2023 23:47
RT @RapSheet: The #Bills are signing former #Patriots RB Damien Harris, source said.
21-03-2023 03:05
@anymanfitness Literally eating monster mash atm lol
21-03-2023 02:30
RT @TheArtOfWar6: Dan Hardy’s thoughts on PowerSlap👏🏻
21-03-2023 01:20
RT @AndyHermanNFL: How can you not be romantic about football?
21-03-2023 01:14
RT @BarstoolBigCat: TCU +4. WHAT A MOMENT
20-03-2023 07:13
RT @br_betting: OH MY GOD TCU +4.5!!!!!!!
20-03-2023 07:10
20-03-2023 07:10
@HailRodgers12_ Do you have Verizon? If so, it’s $150 until end of April I believe
20-03-2023 05:08
@TomPelissero @UniSportsMgmt Oh shiz
20-03-2023 05:06
RT @espn: BADGERS BACK ON TOP 🏆 @BadgerWHockey wins its third title in five years!!
20-03-2023 02:29
RT @RapSheet: Sources: The #Panthers are finalizing a 3-year deal with former #Vikings WR Adam Thielen, as his second act begins in Carolin…
20-03-2023 02:29
I like Shaka calling for his players to undergo a deep breathing exercise with 3 min left. Will it help? Who knows but can’t hurt
20-03-2023 02:20
RT @espn: 57 years ago today, the Texas Western Miners made history 👏 #BlackHistoryAlways
20-03-2023 00:55
RT @PFTCommenter: Its not your Kansas, its not my Kansas, its Arkansas
19-03-2023 03:23
RT @BleacherReport: LEON EDWARDS BEATS KAMARU USMAN BY DECISION 🔥 Edwards defends his Welterweight Title
19-03-2023 03:22
RT @JKBOGEN: Up 12? Blowing the lead? Self calls a timeout immediately. Norm? He just waits until they lose the lead to call the timeout.
19-03-2023 03:22
@mmagonewild Leon
19-03-2023 03:06
19-03-2023 03:06
I love when Kansas and Arkansas play each other across sports because who’s the better kansas?
19-03-2023 01:18
RT @JJWatt: Safer? No. Cheaper? Yes. Biggest barrier to entry for hockey is the expense associated with it. Soccer is the world’s most p…
19-03-2023 00:11
RT @RichEisenShow: Who has the leverage between #GoPackGo and #TakeFlight when it comes to @AaronRodgers12? And when might this deal finall…
19-03-2023 00:05
RT @PackerScribe: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the #Packers are closer to winning a Super Bowl with Jordan Love than they would…
18-03-2023 22:21
RT @mimosastreams: @CriticalPackers @PatMcAfeeShow Thats without even mentioning that AJ accidentally caught Aaron in a lie. He first said…
18-03-2023 03:23
18-03-2023 02:31
@TimNeu86 @jawzz_98 @BookOfEli_NFL He’s not good. In the NFL, it’s bad when you sign not good players.
17-03-2023 21:38
@obersports @BookOfEli_NFL Also he’s not that good
17-03-2023 21:37
@BookOfEli_NFL Lazard isn’t good. How many times do we have to do this. Just because a WR is good at run blocking d…
17-03-2023 21:36
RT @KurtBenkert:
17-03-2023 09:24
RT @BleacherReport: UNREAL.
17-03-2023 01:34
If I had known Alec Pierce’s younger bro was on Princeton I would’ve picked them not fair
17-03-2023 01:20
RT @BrettKollmann: They put Kevin Harlan on the Furman call on purpose. Give that man the ingredients and he will cook.
16-03-2023 23:06
16-03-2023 22:41
RT @HuntClancy: army noticed that a lot of Iraqi civilians were downloading and playing “America’s army” and they realized some of the feda…
16-03-2023 20:54
RT @nathanmarzion: Oh my God
16-03-2023 18:26
RT @RapSheet: Had he been at the Combine, he would've blown it up...
16-03-2023 08:00
RT @ZEUS__57: Put this on repeat, let it sink in. Been below the line. No stripes earned in this business from pretending. I’d bet the hous…
16-03-2023 06:27
RT @pconnaughton: Opposing teams tryna ruin our modeling careers … smh 🤦🏼‍♂️🩸
16-03-2023 04:24
@BucksAfterDark Packers are on of the most die-hard fan bases I don’t think so
16-03-2023 04:24
@StrengthDebates @elitefts Nothing has ever been more true than a lil BB before n after if you aren’t training BB specifically
16-03-2023 04:18
Zach Pascal got 1 year 1.5 mil last year and Lazard gets 4 years 44 million this year 😂
16-03-2023 02:47
Allen Lazard isn’t good, but alongside Wilson and Moore he should get targets.
16-03-2023 02:42
RT @Ihartitz: Peewee football: Best player plays RB. High school: One of your best players will play RB. College: The best schools recrui…
16-03-2023 01:55
RT @DragonflyJonez: I don't know shit about Milo's. But any fast food joint that serves crinkle fries and wraps their burgers in foil inste…
16-03-2023 01:16
RT @nathanmarzion: Thank you, 12.
16-03-2023 01:11
@Official414 They are very similar athletes in terms of their all-time performances and dominance
16-03-2023 00:53
RT @Official414: They got a big ass mural of Giannis downtown. Even the great 12 didnt get that made in GB lol
16-03-2023 00:52
RT @AndrewBrandt: Aaron Rodgers, on his way out of Green Bay, just helped out the Packers franchise immensely. The Jets fan base is now at…
16-03-2023 00:45
RT @1kalwaysopen_: I promise after you get crushed by Hassan Reddick and fletch falls on you, your body will go into shock… and your not ev…
16-03-2023 00:08
RT @TFG_Football: This is gonna be a minute 😅... And most of you won't read cause it's not about me calling Aaron Rodgers a narcissistic, l…
16-03-2023 00:00
@Dameshek @PabloTorre @TheWilderThings You fell off
15-03-2023 21:43
RT @HailRodgers12_: IT. IS. TIME. A new era begins. #JLoveSZN @Titletown_Edits
15-03-2023 20:55
@Official414 And a better RAS than Moss lol
15-03-2023 07:12
RT @Quanradi: @JacobWestendorf Defense gave up: 37 45 23 28 26 44 37 31 13 In losses since Super Bowl. “Big chunk”
15-03-2023 06:06
@ISUsucksSadly I know he was a fan favorite for some but he’s just not that good because he can’t really separate o…
15-03-2023 04:59
@ThePack_OS @Official414 True tbh people are giving up on Savage way too quickly
15-03-2023 03:18
RT @TFG_Football: I don't EVER want to hear that Aaron Rodgers isn't a good teammate again lmao.
14-03-2023 23:54
RT @barstoolsports: The Raiders/Giants trade wouldn’t even work in Madden
14-03-2023 23:20
@hailmarysportss Definitely seeing a trend where if you aren’t going to pay them get whatever you can
14-03-2023 21:37
RT @TFG_Football: Surely... Brian Daboll won't find creative ways to torment the entire NFL with a 6'6, 240lb Tight End with 4.45 speed. 😅
14-03-2023 21:36
RT @arseniomataka: @SacramentoKings Light The Beam!
14-03-2023 07:31
Lyles lol dick move
14-03-2023 07:22
RT @jasonjwilde: I haven't seen any conclusive evidence that it's @AaronRodgers12 who's holding this process up. Lots of assumptions. I try…
14-03-2023 05:46
@AaronRodgers12 Take your time I say, let them boil
14-03-2023 05:45
@Official414 We don’t talk enough about this. A lot of people don’t want to live in that area lol. Especially harde…
14-03-2023 05:16
Carr vs Jameis
14-03-2023 05:14
RT @BrettKollmann: This contract is more than double what I thought Allen was going to get. Good for him and his agent for securing the bag…
14-03-2023 05:11
RT @DaveKluge: Jimmy Garoppolo when he realizes that Davante Adams gets open downfield and he has to do more than throw screens to Deebo Sa…
14-03-2023 05:11
RT @JohnCoctostan_: @iJordanMoore @GarrettWilson_V He also used to stalk Jennifer Lawrence. Mention it to him, and he’ll immediately block…
14-03-2023 03:56
@mrhurriicane Exactly, ppl are dumb
14-03-2023 02:57
@NFL_DovKleiman @wingoz Shut up bot
13-03-2023 21:57
RT @BengalYouTube: Chiefs fans complaining about Lane Johnson “false starts” might change their tune lol
13-03-2023 21:48
RT @RapSheet: The #Chiefs are moving on from Orlando Brown.
13-03-2023 21:20
RT @RapSheet: The news #Packers fans have been waiting for: They've agreed to terms with All-Pro returner Keisean Nixon on a 1-year deal wo…
13-03-2023 21:20
RT @barstoolsports: Fans passed Shohei’s HR ball around the stadium last night before returning it to the owner. Imagine this at Yankee S…
13-03-2023 19:48
RT @MichaelAllenNFL: this Dov Kleiman lore is nuts. he’s not a real guy, as we all knew
13-03-2023 19:15
13-03-2023 18:56
13-03-2023 06:56
RT @Official414: How you flop WHILE pulling someone on the ground. I cant stand him man lol
13-03-2023 05:00
@BengalYouTube Dexter Lawrence was the best DT last year essentially
12-03-2023 23:39
RT @sean_forman: pulled out the stops on these unis.
12-03-2023 05:10
RT @Bornkang: If wrestling is fake then why was he so real right here lmao
12-03-2023 05:03
@HailRodgers12_ @OGpackersFan OG packers fan is probably a rare @
12-03-2023 04:23
RT @DragonflyJonez: Not gonna front like we're some BBQ hotbed like Kansas City or Memphis or Texas or NC or whatever but we do BBQ way bet…
12-03-2023 04:22
RT @TiWindisch: Pistons currently trail Indiana by double digits at halftime. If they lose tonight, they’ll fall to 0-12 in their own divis…
12-03-2023 04:18
RT @Edwin07011: Bill Clinton recently confronted about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein His response? Laughing and saying, "I think t…
12-03-2023 01:25
RT @IDiogoAlves: @BleacherReport @usatf Bro’s doing side quests.
11-03-2023 22:32
@Official414 Do not want Thielen at all
11-03-2023 22:30
@TaylorLewan77 Here for the Blink album debates
11-03-2023 10:16
RT @JuMosq:
11-03-2023 10:06
@TFG_Football @WizSzn
11-03-2023 09:24
@BlackItalian @nikolaesthetic That’s true. I just wanted that to be clear since some people don’t think that Gianni…
11-03-2023 03:43
RT @Official414: Panthers GM playing Madden
11-03-2023 03:14
@mikeygrogins_ It’s what it costs. Panthers made the right move it does suck that they had to give up Moore though
11-03-2023 01:55
@Official414 It’s pretty fair given what #1 overall costs
11-03-2023 01:51
RT @RapSheet: Major draft shakeup 🚨 🚨 🚨 Sources say the #Bears are trading the No. 1 overall pick to the #Panthers in exchange for big-ti…
11-03-2023 01:49
@loyanumi2 @MercunSeason @MySportsUpdate @TorresAdrianaTV Devastating injury luck truly. Don’t give up on Trey yet
11-03-2023 01:31
@loyanumi2 @MercunSeason @MySportsUpdate @TorresAdrianaTV SBs are SBs 🤷‍♂️ Niners are an incredible franchise though, bright future ahead.
11-03-2023 01:22
@nikolaesthetic I respect Jokic but Giannis is the best basketball player in the world
11-03-2023 01:20
RT @Dexerto: Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien says she’s focusing on Twitch streaming instead of acting after producer asked her for sex…
10-03-2023 19:36
@AdamSchefter 49ers continually put out great coaches
10-03-2023 01:43
@Wisconsin_fam He is not good lol
09-03-2023 22:36
@anymanfitness Problem is we don’t know how much cancer-causing there is in a lot of bad foods/drinks
09-03-2023 22:29
@AndyHermanNFL He can’t separate. I don’t want a worse, smaller version of Lazard
09-03-2023 22:16
09-03-2023 09:59
RT @EAMaddenNFL: For the first time EVER 🙌 Put John Madden on your @EASPORTS_MUT team‼️ #Madden23
09-03-2023 07:53
@Official414 NOT suffering structural damage from that big of a hyperextension was a miracle
09-03-2023 05:21
@nathanmarzion I would have made Forbes the #32
09-03-2023 05:17
@Official414 We have Jordan Love like why are they so mad lol. I still respect ARs greatness
09-03-2023 03:32
RT @hubermanlab: Rx drugs most certainly have their place (!) but a saying gleaned from one of my most esteemed MD, PhD colleagues (NAS mem…
09-03-2023 01:12
RT @Allen11Rich: @TFG_Football @NFL_DovKleiman @AdamSchefter For me he nuked his credibility after he broke the Andrew luck story early. Ev…
09-03-2023 00:29
@elitefts For long-term health you have to say squatting.
09-03-2023 00:04
@CalvinRidley1 @PlayersTribune 1400 yards and I believe this man
09-03-2023 00:01
RT @CalvinRidley1: Had to get this off my chest before the next chapter. @PlayersTribune
09-03-2023 00:01
@TFG_Football He could come back from all this and be a true #1 WR if healthy
09-03-2023 00:01
RT @CalvinRidley1: @Jaguars Thank you 🙏🏾
08-03-2023 23:36
@Official414 One thing to get hurt all the time another to get hurt AND always suffer a setback each time too.
08-03-2023 17:54
RT @BrettKollmann: Seems safe to say at this point that we are never seeing something like this again - and the owners want all the players…
08-03-2023 03:43
RT @jasrifootball: DEBATE: Daniel Jones: 4 years/$160M Dak Prescott: 4 years/$160M Matt Stafford: 4 years/$160M Derek Carr: 4 years/$150M…
08-03-2023 00:17
RT @BengalYouTube: man thats a lot of money
08-03-2023 00:00
RT @RapSheet: It's going to be a 4-year deal worth $160M, sources say, with $35M more in upside. They are finalizing.
08-03-2023 00:00
RT @BengalYouTube: 2 first round picks for Lamar Jackson??? Sign me up
07-03-2023 23:40
RT @CameronWolfe: As we await Aaron Rodgers decision, Jordan Love’s QB coach Steve Calhoun told me Love’s main focus is becoming Packers st…
07-03-2023 23:37
RT @TFG_Football: I'm speechless by how plain stupid and lazy this is... Not only are Wilson and Rodgers tight, with Wilson openly idolizi…
07-03-2023 23:06
@DragonflyJonez Giannis getting screwed and everyone will see it after they win it all.
07-03-2023 22:59
@AndyHermanNFL Even if Love is an upper tier QB but not one that truly gets to that elite side, a lot of those QBs have won a SB
07-03-2023 22:34
@JuMosq Ehh idk regardless Packers front office doesn’t test bad character-viewed guys
07-03-2023 03:21
@StrengthDebates Have you ever done shin/tibialis raises? Changed the way my leg looks fr lol
07-03-2023 03:18
RT @KurtBenkert: Day 1 in the books, we go again tomorrow. Seeds.
07-03-2023 03:00
@fableplayss 54 6’0 😂😂😂
07-03-2023 02:45
@JuMosq He probably talked to God. Everyone has their thing.
07-03-2023 02:36
@StrengthDebates KneesOverToes Guy is changing the way we view leg training, in particular lower leg training. It w…
06-03-2023 23:47
RT @vandamstrength: What does this mean @Equinox
06-03-2023 22:08
RT @realtoddbillion: Crazy story. Wasn’t expecting that. Almost Kanye like
06-03-2023 17:41
RT @mattschneidman: Twas the night before decision week And all through Green Bay Cheeseheads all wondering Will Rodgers get traded, retire…
06-03-2023 07:47
RT @ItoIian: @Yun_Vrillion @Paracelsus1092
06-03-2023 04:48
@Paracelsus1092 Insane
06-03-2023 04:47
RT @Paracelsus1092: In 2015 a pair of orcas - Port & Starboard - arrived in Cape Town and began hunting local sharks, surgically targeting…
06-03-2023 04:45
RT @TheArtOfWar6: No way Henry Cejudo predicted the Jon Jones fight perfectly 😭
06-03-2023 04:34
RT @PaulEremenko: So this happened today.. first test flight of the world's biggest hydrogen fuel cell airliner, powered by green hydrogen.…
06-03-2023 01:35
RT @BrettKollmann: Remember when I said that you’re not drafting Blake Freeland for what he is, you’re drafting him for what he will be in…
05-03-2023 22:02
@mattramage You got grandfathered in
05-03-2023 21:39
@kennethskates @SnellSZN 2 years ago I would’ve killed for Dragic hahaha
05-03-2023 21:37
RT @TheDraftNetwork: Deuce Vaughn Height: 5'5" Weight: 179 pounds Arm Length: 27 3/4" Hand Size: 9 1/2" #RatedRookie | #NFLDraft
05-03-2023 21:33
RT @PFTCommenter: Jon Jones is a tremedous inspiration to all cocaine users
05-03-2023 08:57
The French surrender again!
05-03-2023 08:54
@mmagonewild @francis_ngannou Dana has to suck it up and pay Francis whatever he wants for one fight.
05-03-2023 08:53
RT @mmagonewild: Where are you @francis_ngannou
05-03-2023 08:52
First kick Jon Jones takes as a HW, to the groin wow
05-03-2023 08:50
They made Jones cut off foot tape!
05-03-2023 08:45
Bad referee but good job by Grasso. Valentina will be back with a vengeance.
05-03-2023 08:27
Did Grasso just try to pull down Valentina’s shirt?
05-03-2023 08:07
Yeah flop Embiid
05-03-2023 06:44
RT @BengalYouTube: @PFF_Mike checkmate.
05-03-2023 05:02
RT @BrettKollmann: Jim Irsay isn’t going to let Anthony Richardson get back on the plane lol
05-03-2023 01:58
@JKBOGEN @FAmmiranteTFJ Colts could and should take him before
05-03-2023 01:57
Colts should absolutely take Richardson
05-03-2023 01:56
@Official414 Marketing-based ratings ofc
05-03-2023 01:22
@BioLayne @joerogan He’s right about the legs.
04-03-2023 07:47
I hate it but Derrick White is really good
04-03-2023 05:30
@BigBro_21 I know how this ends
04-03-2023 04:50
@MamuBurner Sandro the Spur 🖤🤍
04-03-2023 04:07
@AJinPismoBeach @JuMosq Yes. Then played as the best safety the NFL has ever seen, but not having that 40 time in a…
04-03-2023 04:01
@nathanmarzion Jokic, Luca, and Dame can all be argued as Top 5 players so I don’t mind that, but the rest of the list is horrendous.
04-03-2023 03:54
@BrettKollmann White DBs are coming back. Took us awhile! 😂
04-03-2023 03:24
@its21blackjack @mrhurriicane
04-03-2023 02:03
@DavidBakhtiari @ArrickUptonGB @Vikings We can’t give you the club in GB but we will treat you like a god lol
04-03-2023 01:18
Morgan Wallen has always had a few similarities to hip hop in his songs, not to mention the song with Lil Durk lol.…
04-03-2023 00:55
@CommentWarriors @arielhelwani His reaction to HW strikes is the biggest unknown. Literally no one knows 😂
04-03-2023 00:46