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RT @King_Inspires: If you are angry that I call Peter Obi my President-Elect, please go to court 🤣😂🤣 https://t.co/hxyRQMD9Xr
27-03-2023 00:54
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RT @ForgiatoBlow47: Still My President 🇺🇸 Rt If Your Voting Trump 2024 https://t.co/ZtieMxld7I
27-03-2023 00:54
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RT @Cecorule: A True Story Of How Chameleon was finally discovered in human form👇. Just imagine the disgrace for a SAN! Reno, Innoson, Th…
27-03-2023 00:52
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RT @chachajoe: @DavidHundeyin @aonanuga1956 Is Tinubu a drug baron or NOT? Was he ever into drugs or not? It's not a propaganda! It's T…
27-03-2023 00:52
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RT @emmy4life02: The only thing APC know how to do better is violence, intimidation & killings. APC is a criminal organization that must be…
27-03-2023 00:48
RT @1morji: $460,000 in 1993 is worth almost $1million today. This was no small trafficking. We can’t afford to have #TinubuTheDrugDealer a…
27-03-2023 00:48
RT @ibeh84: You stole the mandate of this man and you think you will have rest. He will take back what was stolen from him. It's a promis…
27-03-2023 00:48
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RT @ayemojubar: Tinubu: #TinubuTheDrugDealer 1. Money laundering (18 U.S.C. § 1956) 2. Using funds from unlawful activity (18 U.S.C. § 195…
27-03-2023 00:47
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RT @OchiJnr: @aonanuga1956 For once in your life can you stop gaslighting and threatening Nigerians? Your @realFFK @fkeyamo have in the pa…
27-03-2023 00:47
RT @BiggerGimPro: The DJ no even help matter at all for Anambra yesterday, as Peter Obi walked in, during Soludo's One year in office cerem…
27-03-2023 00:46
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RT @AaJessehalliday: After stealing his mandate, APC asked Peter Obi to take them to court. PO took them to court, their legs are shaking n…
27-03-2023 00:45
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RT @ifygold21: Peter Obi Officially Challenges Tinubu "the drug dealer "and shettima, "the chief of commander of boko haram and Bandit Te…
27-03-2023 00:44
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27-03-2023 00:44
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RT @StellaS41197739: Your prayers will be answered Amen! #TinubuTheDrugDealer https://t.co/DLrPh0Z4dk
27-03-2023 00:44
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RT @YDBabaAhmed: Obidients here we go 🔥 Ellu P Energy Drink Like and retweet #TinubuTheDrugDealer https://t.co/alLDdZ5MdK
27-03-2023 00:44
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27-03-2023 00:42
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RT @getmotivatedng: I woke up to see #TinubuTheDrugDealer trending with these documents floating. Na wa o, Nigeria is in trouble. https://t…
27-03-2023 00:42
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RT @redcap_blondie: Attention‼️ Avoid APC rascals who are trying to twist this speech. He said, 'Yorubas are with us' - those hurting Igbo…
27-03-2023 00:41
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RT @channelstv: Peter Obi Mourns Diya, Imo LP Governorship Aspirant Anumudu https://t.co/WlbRhMb7T5 https://t.co/7sEc5L4IHN
27-03-2023 00:39
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RT @channelstv: Votes Cast In All Parts Of Nigeria Are Equal, Abuja Taken As 37th State, Says Falana https://t.co/R7JViEdcOs https://t.co/8…
27-03-2023 00:38
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RT @channelstv: Falana Backs Calls For Televising Of Presidential Election Tribunal Proceedings https://t.co/fz7G9ezNTl https://t.co/tkKVVI…
27-03-2023 00:37
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27-03-2023 00:37
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RT @fkeyamo: Ghen, ghen!!! Drama don start! Make una bring pop-corn for me, abeg!! 😁😁😁
27-03-2023 00:37
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RT @PeterObi: After due enquiries, I regret to say that the arrest of Mr Nnamdi @chude__ is a further confirmation of Nigeria’s poor and de…
27-03-2023 00:37
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RT @MalcolmInfiniti: President Buhari has challenged universities in the country on the need to embark on innovative researches that will h…
27-03-2023 00:35
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RT @redcap_blondie: The APC is the most corrupt political party ever. They not only engage in violence, election rigging, and manipulation…
27-03-2023 00:35
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RT @Ozoadaz: JUST IN: U.S. court releases certified true copies of Bola Tinubu's drug dealing, money laundering case in Chicago https://t.c…
27-03-2023 00:34
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RT @GazetteNGR: UK condemns APC, Femi Fani-Kayode over threat to make Nigeria "ungovernable;" says 10 politicians on sanction list https:…
27-03-2023 00:34
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RT @JeffreyGuterman: @fkeyamo @officialABAT You know damn well that @officialABAT is a drug trafficker and a fraud, @fkeyamo. Obidients kno…
27-03-2023 00:34
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RT @PeterObi: In the life of every nation, there is a turning point. For Nigeria, that time is now; a time to save Nigeria, save our democr…
27-03-2023 00:33
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RT @PO_GrassRootM: Labour Party, Lagos, petitions the DSS against MC Oluomo. Dear DSS, kindly redeem your image now by arresting MC Oluomo.…
26-03-2023 20:00
RT @omoelerinjare: The audacity of 'HOPE'💯🇳🇬📌 https://t.co/MpmkkyPJCg
26-03-2023 20:00
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RT @RealOlaudah: President: Muslim SP: Muslim Speaker HOR: Muslim CJN: Muslim APC Chair: Muslim COS: Muslim SFG: Muslim DG DSS: Muslim…
26-03-2023 19:58
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RT @CurrentucheUche: Breaking : @GovWike confirms that @PeterObi won the presidential election! He said that, “@PeterObi may not have been…
26-03-2023 19:57
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RT @maziibe_: Display this on billboards. https://t.co/lTkFUjRXKh
26-03-2023 19:56
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RT @talk2ebby: Reno dropped an apology video about what he said about Peter Obi please don’t engage him. He is looking for likes and RT…
26-03-2023 19:56
@AreaFada1 Wonderful and meaningful
26-03-2023 19:55
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RT @AreaFada1: Who are You? Listen to this Exceptional Nigerian Girl, Chisom Ezugwu. We must create the right kind of environment for ou…
26-03-2023 19:52
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RT @Ozoadaz: #TinubuTheDrugDealer📍 #TinubuTheDrugDealer📍 #TinubuTheDrugDealer📍 #TinubuTheDrugDealer📍 #TinubuTheDrugDealer📍 #TinubuTheDrugDe…
26-03-2023 19:51
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RT @DrPaulEnenche: Admonition unto Justice by Dr Paul Enenche. What full video here: https://t.co/i3o479lz2A https://t.co/zehitfwajc
26-03-2023 19:49
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RT @ruffydfire: Rufai’s boost for SME’s is here.Don’t forget to tell me thanks when you get contacts.I love to lift people!
26-03-2023 19:48
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RT @JaypeeGeneral: Supreme Court's Judgement in 2008 Mandated a Candidate to Score At Least 25% in the FCT - Michael Aondoakaa, SAN, Former…
26-03-2023 19:48
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RT @JeffreyGuterman: Jeffrey Guterman, a retired American mental health counselor and a strong supporter of the Obi Movement popularly know…
26-03-2023 19:47
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RT @omoelerinjare: The 3 IDIOTS📌 https://t.co/Zo26AjZeSr
26-03-2023 19:46
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RT @channelstv: INEC Lacks Credibility For Future Elections, Says Prof Adibe https://t.co/rNZ2PgnJFx https://t.co/YHYanc9fYY
26-03-2023 19:46
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RT @vincentchidi6: I have lost a bit of confidence in what The Court are doing. Our Supreme Court justices used to be feared and respected.…
26-03-2023 19:41
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RT @GazetteNGR: Facts, law no longer form basis of Supreme Court judgments in Nigeria: Olisa Agbakoba  https://t.co/qAll7hbqWu
26-03-2023 19:37
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RT @GazetteNGR: UK govt condemns anti-Igbo campaign in Lagos https://t.co/R6JApkPeKm
26-03-2023 19:37
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RT @firstladyship: The Labour Party should not sell their Guber Form for N25 million. IT IS WRONG! How do we defend you against the PDAPC?…
26-03-2023 19:36
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RT @InibeheEffiong: The writer’s opinion is not and cannot be the position of the law. The provision does not bar a party from admitting ne…
26-03-2023 19:35
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RT @channelstv: Election Violence: Investigate Governors, Deputies Or Face Legal Action, SERAP Tells INEC https://t.co/P8zQtnqgbb https://…
26-03-2023 19:34
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RT @Naija_Activist: I noticed that this person causing this incited hatred among our people has hidden his tweet, luckily I was able to sav…
26-03-2023 19:34
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RT @mindset_tweet: Was Bola Tinubu indicted for drug dealings in the United States of America and he forfeited $460,000? The answer is YES!
26-03-2023 19:34
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RT @Spotlight_Abby: Bayo Onanuga appears to agree that his Principal is/was indeed a drug lord, but wait, it happened over 10 years ago! Wh…
26-03-2023 19:34
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RT @jacksonpbn: Funny as this sounds, this is one reason INEC chairman, Mahmoud Yakubu should be arrested. https://t.co/c0tIrUia4I
26-03-2023 19:33
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RT @TheNationNews: NBA wants live telecast of election tribunal proceedings The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Yakubu Chon…
26-03-2023 19:32
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RT @JaypeeGeneral: We are getting there🤣🤣🤣🤣
26-03-2023 19:31
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RT @dreyinker: Bola Tinubu's target is to subdue all Security agencies under him. Have control of what happens in NIGERIA without thinking…
26-03-2023 19:31
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RT @JaypeeGeneral: They were waiting for us to base our case only on BVAS and other irregularities, they didn’t see the drug case coming 💯…
26-03-2023 19:31
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RT @AreaFada1: Analyze this picture for me. Pls be very objective. I wan check something🧐 https://t.co/JlJQCJamTS
26-03-2023 19:30
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RT @DavidHundeyin: Festus Keyamo's voice sounds like that whining noise when your car engine's fan belt is about to cut
26-03-2023 19:30
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RT @jacksonpbn: If Bola Tinubu’s drug case was over ten years and should not matter today, it means when he was elected Governor of Lagos S…
26-03-2023 19:30
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RT @GazetteNGR: Tinubu's drug business was over 10 years ago; he can be president now: Bayo Onanuga https://t.co/QPrWPCPQT7
26-03-2023 19:30
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RT @realgazakure: DAY 5: NASARAWA STATE PEACEFUL PROTEST The population in Nasarawa, which is currently gathering momentum, comprises you…
26-03-2023 15:03
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RT @Morris_Monye: But you did not win.
26-03-2023 15:03
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RT @AishaYesufu: Being helped is a privilege and not a right. Do away with the sense of entitlement! https://t.co/r47kakwsDc
26-03-2023 15:02
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RT @PeterPsquare: “But Lagos made you” Na dem be dis!😂🤣😂 👇🏾 👇🏾 https://t.co/XGlXQ0a9CS
26-03-2023 15:00
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RT @NgLabourSupport: BREAKING: Protesters are asking the CJN Justice Olukayode Ariwoola to step aside because he can no longer be trusted w…
26-03-2023 14:59
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RT @multimeverse: Women protest in Ishiagu community, Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State over killings, kidnapping by herdsmen. I p…
26-03-2023 14:59
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RT @festiveplug: If Tinubu escapes Drug case, there’s Money Laundering case. He escapes it? There’s Certificate Forgery. He escapes thi…
26-03-2023 14:59
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RT @Dr_chazduke: You can steal our mandate but our heart remains with Peter Obi. 🫶🏽 https://t.co/bp53dXczka
26-03-2023 14:58
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RT @abati1990: Peter Obi: They Call Us Social Media party But We Came To Lagos, Beat The Godfather - LP Campaign Council https://t.co/4qFS…
26-03-2023 14:57
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RT @FS_Yusuf_: It can’t be different when you run PR for a drug lord. https://t.co/fibL2L7bYU
26-03-2023 14:57
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RT @PeterPsquare: “If not for lagos!”… “Why didn’t you make it in Anambra state!” This statement is always coming from people that can’t a…
26-03-2023 14:57
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RT @ShehuSani: I went into the Office of a Government Agency and I noticed that some of the Civil servants are not in talking terms with ea…
26-03-2023 14:56
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RT @festiveplug: A Nigerian has collected a hard copy of Tinubu’s drug case from the US court. It’s getting interesting 😂 https://t.co/NE…
26-03-2023 13:18
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RT @Jennyfer2707_: This was 2021 when @ruffydfire said to PO since you said Nigeria will need a Business leader to run this country why don…
26-03-2023 13:17
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RT @Drmopaul: Freedom cometh by struggle - Freedom come by struggle by struggle freedom come - Peace demonstration DAY 5 LIVE in ABUJA - FR…
26-03-2023 13:17
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RT @NaijaGoBeta1: AriseTV: APC is accusing Datti Baba-Ahmed of overheating the polity. Kenneth Okonkwo: Datti is exercising his right of e…
26-03-2023 13:16
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RT @_dinomelaye: Nigeria will not be taken over by certified drug Lord https://t.co/E6Vuq8fNiU
26-03-2023 13:16
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RT @MalcolmInfiniti: Festus Keyamo did not change, it is just that Nigerians did not know him. https://t.co/Tm6AD6nLGr
26-03-2023 13:16
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RT @JaypeeGeneral: “Tinubu made a treasonable statement, that you have to grab, snatch and run away with the power at all cost but no one h…
26-03-2023 13:15
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RT @UchePOkoye: Just look at this character. #Tinubu4Prison #TinubuTheDrugDealer https://t.co/5F6MO650ib
26-03-2023 13:15
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RT @firstladyship: 1. MC Oluomo threatened the existence of a large ethnic group, the police called it a “joke.” Chude only tackled the Evi…
26-03-2023 13:15
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RT @DavidHundeyin: Newswatch Magazine, 1999. 24 years later, this fraudster is finally seeing long-overdue examination. https://t.co/wRTJq…
26-03-2023 13:14
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RT @AreaFada1: Wow!!!! Distributors wanted😜 https://t.co/o3BJTGJKE5
26-03-2023 13:13
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RT @steve_hanke: On March 21, Labour Party candidate Peter Obi filed a court petition challenging Nigeria's FLAWED presidential election in…
26-03-2023 13:13
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RT @PeterPsquare: Lagos made you… Lagos made you! So Lagos collected your glory and gave it to Psquare? Lagos no try at all!🤣😂🤣😂 https://t…
26-03-2023 13:13
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RT @AishaYesufu: What a shameful statement. You did not get the alert of the violence that were threatened and committed before, during and…
26-03-2023 13:12
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RT @puffyxos: This is the great Gani suggesting #TinubuForPrison but some APCidiots are worshipping him #TinubuForPrison https://t.co/GAsg…
26-03-2023 13:08
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RT @Charlestomassog: Agbero Children dey abroad dey flex You dey Okokomaiko with your tiger gen, dey shout mandate, Lagos is awa land. My…
26-03-2023 13:08
RT @kunlealpha1: @fkeyamo @officialABAT SANyeri spreading Fake News. This is too bad for a jobless so called Labour Minister. Woah!!! https…
26-03-2023 13:06
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RT @JaypeeGeneral: The People’s Choice❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯 #ObiIsComing 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/18zJGMvCHq
26-03-2023 13:00
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RT @channelstv: Stop Forthwith’, DSS Warns Politicians Peddling ‘Hate Speech To Ignite Violence’ https://t.co/QOH2b3ZSuL https://t.co/gDs6…
26-03-2023 12:59
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RT @AreaFada1: Fellow frustrated Nigerias, as we all waka enter church today, make we pray for those wey wan scatter Nigeria make God touc…
26-03-2023 12:58
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RT @firstladyship: MC Oluomo threatened the Igbos, the police called it a JOKE! That threat was executed in Lagos. Many died, many were inj…
26-03-2023 12:58
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RT @Drmopaul: Freedom cometh by struggle - Freedom come by struggle by struggle freedom come - Peace demonstration DAY 5 LIVE in ABUJA http…
26-03-2023 12:58
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RT @Ozoadaz: “Winning the house of Reps does not mean you will not work again" - LP’s Barr. Ben Etanabene says as he continues working in h…
26-03-2023 12:58
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RT @dreyinker: Retweet!! A Criminal can never be the PRESIDENT of Nigeria https://t.co/BqLYELAmjB
26-03-2023 12:58
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RT @GazetteNGR: Festus Keyamo circulates fake video to accuse Labour of vote rigging, propaganda https://t.co/tAlTx6Yiuu
26-03-2023 12:40
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RT @AreaFada1: Happy Weekend my People. Obi all the way.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/tzqP6sCmC4
26-03-2023 12:38
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RT @AreaFada1: Reno dey apologize? Times are changing. All’s well that ends Well. https://t.co/ZAPGPOFo7J
26-03-2023 12:32
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RT @PeterObi: I am very grateful for the quiet time with the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo at the Anambra airport yesterday. We…
26-03-2023 12:31
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RT @PO_GrassRootM: May @GRVlagos continue to succeed. https://t.co/rKTNdKxBP6
25-03-2023 23:15
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RT @Dr_chazduke: There are videos of Festus Keyamo's principal telling supporters ‘snatch it, you must take it, you must grab it’ and that…
25-03-2023 22:22
RT @Fl0Jac0bs: The President-Elect we love you sir. https://t.co/gpekaJsge8
25-03-2023 22:21
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RT @opebanwo: Hello Twitter Fam, to God be the glory! My daughter Dr TemiTope Banwo celebrated her traditional wedding yesterday. It was a…
25-03-2023 22:21
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RT @OGBENI_BAMBAM: Retweet for Rufai Like for Seun https://t.co/w6BKBB2U1R
25-03-2023 21:54
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RT @ShehuSani: I have noticed that Most of the Diaspora from Europe,US and Canada have gone back after the elections;but those from Togo,Be…
25-03-2023 21:53
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RT @ruffydfire: With my dear Adams Oshiomole. OTILO! https://t.co/LsXUcC7XFY
25-03-2023 21:51
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RT @omoelerinjare: The judiciary is on trial. NBA, Nigerian Police, INEC, etc have failed Nigerians. The judiciary as our last hope for a n…
25-03-2023 21:50
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RT @UchePOkoye: Keyamo came to Arise studio today, on hearing that he would be debating with Kenneth, he instantly declined. He's such a h…
25-03-2023 21:50
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RT @ShehuSani: The FG is not interested in bringing to book those who were involved in undermining our elections either by electoral opacit…
25-03-2023 21:50
RT @MobilePunch: OPay Appreciates its Customers for their Unwavering Support and Patronage https://t.co/mdR8V6EO63
25-03-2023 19:51
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RT @chymaker: Someone should tell this clown that Defamation is not a crime and quite frankly @chude__ wasn’t charged to court He live in…
25-03-2023 19:51
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RT @ShehuSani: I’m still wondering how the elite who can only live in a mansion in this country but can fit into a small space room apartme…
25-03-2023 19:49
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RT @Sports_Doctor2: Are you guys aware that FESTUS KEYAMO is the MINISTER OF STATE FOR LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT? I’m 100% sure many of you di…
25-03-2023 19:48
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RT @VictorIsrael_: Omo! What did I just watch 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Peter Obi attended Charles Soludo’a one year in office celebration and the crowd couldn…
25-03-2023 19:46
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RT @aminazamani1: This video will nail the INEC Chairman. Please share and make it go viral. Enough is enough! Pastor B. Channels TV. BREAK…
25-03-2023 19:45
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RT @itzz_blitz1: Soludo said "it's like the former governor is coming".😂😂😂. No he's going to court.
25-03-2023 19:44
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RT @omoelerinjare: Day 5: Nasarawa women persist in peaceful protest while the youths join in mass, calling out on INEC to give them.back…
25-03-2023 19:44
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RT @channelstv: Anambra Residents Erupt As Peter Obi Arrives Gov Soludo's 'One Year In Office' Event https://t.co/XupTcyvT0U
25-03-2023 19:41
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RT @Naija_Activist: People like Festus Keyamo made some people to boldly say “School na Scam”. How did that guy get his “SAN” coz to me na…
25-03-2023 19:39
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RT @SaharaReporters: We’ll Make Nigeria Ungovernable If Labour Party, PDP Attempt To Stop Tinubu’s Swearing In — Fani-Kayode | Sahara Repor…
25-03-2023 19:32
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RT @Willy_kanga_: Precious too dey front Shettima | Supreme Court | tinubu | efcc https://t.co/NnhNEgfc2p
25-03-2023 14:17
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RT @Real_JerryN: We are happy that @JamiluSufi & @chude__ are free now 🙏🏾 The struggle continues https://t.co/VqklJoIb4s
25-03-2023 14:16
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RT @Harmless12345: First instance: Alarms raised over CJN's secret travel to UK for a meeting with... APC spokesperson: the CJN didn't tra…
25-03-2023 14:15
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RT @mindset_tweet: NIGERIA JUDICIARY ON TRIAL: The bedrock of every democracy is the rule of law and that means having an independent judi…
25-03-2023 14:14
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RT @ruffydfire: In over two years no new unemployment figure and the Labour Ministry says nothing.If Ministers were only paid performance b…
25-03-2023 14:13
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RT @LPLagosMedia: Labour Party Lagos State continues to reach out to the victims of APC thuggery. Deputy Gov. Candidate, Princess Islamiyat…
25-03-2023 14:13
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RT @ruffydfire: It is lack of reason that makes you think success is all about having money. Success is achieving purpose and CASCADING IMP…
25-03-2023 14:13
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RT @yabaleftonline: I want to meet Peter Obi – Man in ‘Eluu P’ video. https://t.co/qAfhIkgK7A
25-03-2023 14:13
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RT @ifygold21: I beg DSS to arrest Peter Obi, so that Nigerian youths will use the opportunity to show you people their anger. I dare DSS…
25-03-2023 14:12
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RT @FS_Yusuf_: In the past months, there is no single tweet from @fkeyamo on Labour and Employment in this country. This is a typically wha…
25-03-2023 14:11
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RT @BishopPOEvang: It getting bigger The protest entered its 4day today. Marching on major roads of Maitama in Abuja, the nation’s capital…
25-03-2023 14:11
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RT @NgLabourSupport: Supreme Court: CJN traveled to London for Medicals, but he never met Tinubu. Festus Keyamo @fkeyamo: CJN never trave…
25-03-2023 13:59
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RT @PO_GrassRootM: Kindly see @realFFK what a shame? https://t.co/wDnxTK8jL4
25-03-2023 13:59
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RT @ruffydfire: I think our Ministers should be given KPI’s they are obviously not busy.A Labour minister should be giving monthly appraisa…
25-03-2023 13:58
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RT @yabaleftonline: Let's build Osun together, Adeleke tells Oyetola. https://t.co/EIqjc4f8md
25-03-2023 13:56
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RT @King_Inspires: I stan this man, Rufai Oseni, he is the voice of one crying in the wilderness of pains and sorrow we call Nigeria, deman…
25-03-2023 13:56
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RT @LPLagosMedia: BREAKING♦️♦️♦️ Labour Party Lagos State Chairman, Pastor Dayo Ekong, has urged the Youths to RISE UP and SPEAK AGAINST P…
25-03-2023 13:56
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RT @VictorIsrael_: Politicians calling Reuben Abati to calm Rufai Oseni down before they arrive at Arise TV Ruffy!!! Their worst nightmare…
25-03-2023 13:54
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RT @MalcolmInfiniti: YC Maikyau SAN president NBA let it be clear that it is outside the objectives of NBA to offer free legal services to…
25-03-2023 13:53
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RT @blossommartins: This is random tweet for Donald Duke! Dear Donald, Nigeria still needs you. The new Nigeria we are building with Pete…
25-03-2023 13:53
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RT @MobilePunch: I want to meet Peter Obi – Man in ‘Eluu P’ video https://t.co/jkEnM3CXGD
25-03-2023 13:53
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RT @ruffydfire: The people that are sharing my pictures with Peter Obi to prove a point,should also remember I danced with Senator Adams Os…
25-03-2023 13:53
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RT @biodunalexa: Dear @Princemoye1, You have yet to charge this criminal officer who stole ballot boxes in the FCT during the Feb 25th ele…
25-03-2023 13:50
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RT @mindset_tweet: If INEC decides to review the Adamawa Governorship election results, it must also review Enugu, Ogun, Nasarawa Lagos, an…
25-03-2023 13:49
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RT @ruffydfire: The mind matters, so I wrote this book some years ago.I think it will help. https://t.co/TR2O4mMeFV
25-03-2023 13:49
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RT @UchePOkoye: Someone should be suing Tinubu for inciting his supporters to cause mayhem in Lagos. He was caught on tape saying “GRAB I…
25-03-2023 13:49
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RT @Shehusky: Buhari executed those three young Nigerians for drug trafficking when he was a military head of state. Now he’s about to hand…
25-03-2023 13:49
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RT @vanguardngrnews: BREAKING: Opposition planning to truncate my swearing-in, Tinubu raises alarm https://t.co/nnSZVxG8d8 https://t.co/nn…
25-03-2023 13:47
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RT @SaharaReporters: EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Police Officers Plot To Kill Corps Member, Nnamdi Emeh, Vow Not To Arraign Him Due To ‘Volume Of I…
25-03-2023 13:47
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RT @PO_GrassRootM: The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau, SAN, has called for the live broadcast of the…
25-03-2023 13:47
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RT @AreaFada1: Oya, make una dey bring out all the evidence. Der boat don dey sink. Obidient’s and the Lovers of A New Nigeria are at work…
25-03-2023 13:46
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RT @nonso_andrew: Why's this not trending Soldier recovers laptop and other items stolen from motorists by armed robbers on Eko bridge, Lag…
25-03-2023 00:29
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RT @jacksonpbn: Four officials from a Private Jet firm were seen leaving the hotel where the CJN Olukayode Ariwoola is staying on Park Lane…
25-03-2023 00:25
RT @LawrenceOkoroPG: @officialABAT After rigging elections and killing people, you want to do Ramadan in peace abi? You dey mad https://t.c…
25-03-2023 00:23
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RT @Naija_Activist: There’s something wrong with that Chude’s apology video. It screams “Under Duress” but the most important thing is, Chu…
25-03-2023 00:20
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RT @urchilla01: The man of the moment. The man they kept firing but no way. Been to hell & came out on fire. https://t.co/zR23NiTarm
25-03-2023 00:19
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RT @ChathamHouse: By selling democracy and governance issues short, London and Washington have inadvertently undermined their countries’ ow…
25-03-2023 00:19
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RT @Shehusky: Even if the CJN travels to heaven to see God on behalf of Tinubu, the certificate of return will be returned. No escape.
25-03-2023 00:17
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RT @_dinomelaye: The Judiciary can not and should not create a President for Nigerians. A certified drug baron can not be our president. Go…
25-03-2023 00:16
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RT @fiyinolubiyi: leaving Christianity https://t.co/A9aSIZaPCH
24-03-2023 23:49
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RT @jacksonpbn: CJN, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola has been a Muslim all his life. We never saw his pictures or videos praying. He is busted p…
24-03-2023 23:38
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RT @vanguardngrnews: ‘Go to court’, Nigerians tell Super Eagles after shocking loss to Guinea-Bissau https://t.co/Zv4l4M1QLF https://t.co/X…
24-03-2023 23:37
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RT @SaharaReporters: Detained Labour Party Supporter, Nnamdi Chude Released By Nigerian Police After Seven Days | Sahara Reporters https://…
24-03-2023 23:37
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RT @PO_GrassRootM: You kidnapped an innocent young man, then forced him to make a video under duress apologizing to you, may it never be we…
24-03-2023 23:34
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RT @Naija_Activist: Someone going from London to Lagos by flight will arrive before you going from Lagos to Benin by road. Don’t let these…
24-03-2023 23:34
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RT @MobilePunch: CJN travelled for medicals, never met Tinubu - Supreme Court https://t.co/LjEUyXpKxF
24-03-2023 23:34
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RT @obi_Nwosu: Social Media is an essential 21st century advocacy tool. I am glad to hear about the release of @chude__ . The advocacy for…
24-03-2023 23:32
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RT @IkukuomaC: “On 23 March, the CJN returned from his MEDICAL TRIP to London” President: London for medical checkup President-Elect: Lond…
24-03-2023 23:32
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RT @Drmopaul: This was Day3 Abuja Protest hits the Appeal Court - We matched in the Rain & Sun against all odds stood together as one - dem…
24-03-2023 23:32
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RT @Realsamosky: Breaking News: Angry Nigerian youths currently protesting in Abuja, calling for the immediate arrest and prosecution of I…
24-03-2023 23:31
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RT @VictorIsrael_: This our First Lady is so beautiful even daddy Peter Obi had to check who she’s talking with. Man no wan loose guard 😂😂😂…
24-03-2023 23:31
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RT @Dr_chazduke: BREAKING NEWS: Nigerians call for the immediate sack of Mr Festus Keyamo for neglecting his job as Minister of Labour (st…
24-03-2023 23:31
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RT @PO_GrassRootM: Kindly like and retweet for special appreciation to our @ruffydfire. https://t.co/9q56eeMH9E
24-03-2023 23:30
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RT @firstladyship: Chude IS BACK! I urge you to become more emboldened! Never let them see the fear in your eyes! There should be no penite…
24-03-2023 23:30
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RT @Naija_Activist: Supreme Court saying that CJN traveled to London for Medicals and never met Tinubu, while Festus Keyamo saying that CJN…
24-03-2023 23:30
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RT @chude__: Dear Nigerians , I thank you all for your love, kindness and solidarity while I was held in detention. I am most humbled and h…
24-03-2023 23:30
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RT @ayansoladare: Adeleke verdict reaffirms BVAS as the only source of accreditation. Mahood and so many state recs will see jail .
24-03-2023 21:18
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RT @ObidientsGM: MC Oluomo is untouchable. No @PoliceNG can touch him. No Police can touch any of Tinubu's loyalists. They are all above th…
24-03-2023 21:18
RT @abati1990: [#ICYMI] Presidential Election: Peter Obi Challenges INEC Results In 21 states (Full List) https://t.co/kd1zsuJzqg https://t…
24-03-2023 21:18
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RT @jacksonpbn: I dare the Supreme Court of Nigeria to issue an official statement denying that the CJN, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola was nev…
24-03-2023 21:14
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RT @AreaFada1: See these old fools. Na the smart children of this generation una wan play wayo? https://t.co/ckxQRGpVmd
24-03-2023 21:13
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RT @NanaKazaure: I will be on Arise News @ 3pm this afternoon. Please tune in. Thank you. https://t.co/4apORVl4Bu
24-03-2023 21:00
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RT @SaharaReporters: Nigerian Police's Failure To Arrest MC Oluomo In Lagos After Threat To Igbo Will Breed Impunity – Pyrates Confraternit…
24-03-2023 20:59
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RT @firstladyship: The CJN of Nigeria must immediately recuse himself from everything related to the Presidential Election Petition. Peter…
24-03-2023 20:59
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RT @PeterObiUSA: Ongoing France 🇫🇷 Protest 🪧 March 23rd 2023. They have good Election 🗳️ and their vote 🗳️ counts, they choose their leade…
24-03-2023 20:59
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RT @flowzpam: Hello Twitter, I made a Pencil drawing of Aunty Kate Don't skip😭 Dash my art 1 retweet abeg☝️🙏♥️ @HenshawKate Asuu timeless…
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RT @uchejombo: Ada Abia! Prof Nnenna Oti 👑 https://t.co/bIOaf51e0M
24-03-2023 20:57
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RT @SkyNews: BREAKING: Senior Nigerian politician has been found guilty of an organ harvesting plot, involving a British hospital. It is t…
24-03-2023 20:56
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RT @channelstv: 'Go to court' is an alternative to 'Come let's fight', says Labour Minister (state) Festus Keyamo. He accuses Labour Party…
24-03-2023 19:24
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RT @JaypeeGeneral: [email protected] is bold and fearless in speaking the truth. No sugarcoating, exactly how journalism should be practiced🔥🔥🔥…
24-03-2023 19:23
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RT @valentineozigbo: @chude__ has been released. I just spoke to him. I thank all those who assisted in different ways. Thank you @obyezeks…
24-03-2023 19:23
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RT @DavidHundeyin: Welcome home champ! @chude__
24-03-2023 19:23
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RT @Dr_chazduke: Peter Obi is a symbol that reflects the anger of the people and their hope for a better future. -Donald Duke https://t.co…
24-03-2023 19:22
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RT @SaharaReporters: Nigerian Government Ministry Under Buhari Caught In N4billion Contract Fraud | Sahara Reporters https://t.co/VHBHTXgGo…
24-03-2023 19:16
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RT @PeterObiUSA: Breaking news 🗞️ alert 🚨: Our brother Nnamdi aka @chude__ has been released. Thank you all for your support in this noble…
24-03-2023 19:14
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RT @SaharaReporters: Nasarawa Women Strip Naked To Protest Against Governor Sule’s Victory, Hurl Curses At Alleged Electoral Fraudsters | S…
24-03-2023 19:13